Punk Rock Girl
Hey everyone.

When I was little, I was quite the little brat. While spankings weren't too common, and bare bottomed ones were ever less often, I did occasionally go to bed with a bright red ass if I got too fresh with my parents.

One night, I was having bowel troubles, but it didn't stop me from being a little shit. I remember getting extremely angry at my mother over something (I don't even remember what). I was drinking a glass of milk, and I threw it across the room. It smashed into a table with little knick knacks on it and smashed everything, and milk went everywhere.

My mother screamed at me, and I started to run for my room, but she caught me. She picked me up and carried me kicking and screaming into the living room.

As I said before, I had been suffering from diarrhea that evening, which is maybe why I was in such a lousy mood. My mother sat on the couch and forcefully put me over her lap. As soon as my stomach hit her knees I felt my guts churn and my rectum fill up.

"I have to poop!" I yelled.

"Don't lie to me!" she yelled back. She yanked my pajama bottoms and my underpants down and started spanking me. The pain being inflicted on my buttocks was nothing compared to what was going on up my ass. I was really trying to break free of her grip and run to the bathroom, but she thought I was faking it.

"Mom, I'm gonna poop all over you!" A few more whacks to my ass and she let me go. I sprinted to the bathroom, which was just off the living room. I didn't even close the door. I yanked my bottoms down to my ankles and sat my sore butt on the toilet.

A geyser of diarrhea blew out of me and I groaned in pain. I let out a monster fart as well. My mother leaned in and I just glared at her.

"I told you I had to poop," I said, just as another stream of chunky diarrhea gushed out. "You never believe me about anything."

She said, "I'm sorry I didn't believe you, but that's no excuse for your behavior."

I finished crapping my guts out and wiped my ass and went to bed. My mom and I were pretty steamed at each other for a good week after that, but we both got over it.

I kind of wish I had shit all over her. That would have taught her.

Just an old story I may not have shared.



i'm kayla, i'm 17, 5'5', 114 lbs. i've pooped myself a lot over the years, i guess i'm just prone to pooping myself.

i had a bad accident just the other day.
we had a field hockey game at a school 45 minutes away. i had to poop pretty bad about halfway through the game. i managed to hold it in the whole game, then we finished and we got on the bus to go home. i sat by myself because i was scared i might fart or something. well teh urge got too hard to control and when we were about 5 mintues from my school, i had something soft and warm filling the seat of my gray was really really embarrassing!

when i was 13, i was at my friend's house and i had to poop. i didnt wanna go there and it was only a little while before my mom was coming to pick me up, so i held it. when my mom came to get me i really had to go bad. on the way home in the car i pooped my pants really really bad. my mom yelled at me. the poop was solid but there was a lot so it really filled my panties and made a mess. my mom was mad because since i was 13 i shouldn't have pooped in my pants.

i was in ballet until i was 11. The reason i stopped is because when i was 11, i had and emergency and accidentally pooped in my tights and leotard at ballet practice and the girls in my class made fun of me.

when i was 16 i had a dream where i was standing outside the girls bathroom at school and i really had to poop but i couldn't turn the handle to the door because there was grease all over it and my hands would slide off. i got really desperate, and i wound up pooping my underwear inthe dream. needless to say, when i woke up my panties were filled with poop.

when i was 10 i was at the grocery store with my dad, and in the check out line i told him i had to go to the bathroom. he said i could wait until we got home. i told him i had to do #2 so i couldn't wait that long. he told me i was going to have to try, but right then i pooped in my panties in the checkout line.

A while back I was at the hospital with my 1st wife while she was in the labor room before giving birth to my daughter. In the bed next to her was a rather attractive sister also in labor. Both beds had the privacy curtain pulled around them. I heard the woman mention to the nurse that she had to use the bathroom. I watched as the nurse brought in a large bed pan for her. After a few minutes with her the nurse left to allow her to take care of her business. Apon leaving, the nurse failed to fully close the privacy curtain, so I positioned myself where I could see the woman from right below her breast to her fully exposed shaven vulva and anus. I could hear her grunting quietly as I watched a weak stream of urine dribbled out and flowed down the crack of her ass into the bed pan. She continued to grunt for about five minutes when I saw a large blunt nobby light brown turd peek out of her anus. She started to push harder and emitted a very loud fart, and her anus gripped the turd in an attempt to hush the fart. It took her about 15 minutes to push out the 10 in. long by 1.5 in. dia. turd. You could hear a crackling noise in the ultra quiet hospital room as it slowly moved out of her. The turd was very stiff and about 5 in. out of her anus it broke and fell into the bed pan with a thud. When the last 5 in. dropped out of her, her anus closed rather slowly. It was so dry that she wiped with one swipe and the tissue was just lightly stained. When the nurse entered to check the dilation of her cirvix, she set the bed pan on the table in full view of me. It was a big'n!

Hi, this is my second time posting, im carly im 14 years old, im pretty skinny, hott, brown hair with blonde highlights nice butt. Ok well i was at my friends having a sleepover. There were like 8 of us girls. We wernt near a bathroom, the closeset one was in my friends house and we were in a little tree fort she had in her back yard. I was wearing blue jeans tight ones. I had to pee after a while in the tree fort, the tree fort had a little deck u could walk on outside of it and my one friend gave me a cup and told me to pee in it. Well after that i did go out on the deck but i didnt feel like peeing in the cup. So i pulled down my jeans and underwear but not all the way down, just enough, sat on the balcony thing railing, and peed off the tree fort. What i realized after a few seconds is that my pants were not far down enough, i realized this when i felt a little wet in my white panties. Then i was peeing my jeans. I went back in the tree fort and said "guys i had a little accident" everyone cracked up.

Being one of the only women I know that enjoys potty-related humor and stories, this site is a real treat for me. I wanted to start a thread, if that's allowed (this is my first time posting).

What is everyone's most humiliating bathroom related experience while in college?


At one of my first college parties, I got very very drunk. Something I had eaten was disagreeing with me as well, and I started to feel my bowels cramping up. Some other girls and I staggered to the womens room. Every stall was occupied and had a line. A couple of girls decided to use the sinks as a toilet and had dropped their pants, hopped up and stuck their ass in the sink. However, they were just peeing.

This is where alcohol imparing your judgement comes into the story. Since I knew it was going to be diarrhea, I figured it would go down the drain, so I did the same thing. I pulled my pants down and stuck my ass in the sink.

I let out this huge rip of a fart and diarrhea exploded out of my ass. However, it splattered off the sink and back onto my ass. It also dripped down over the sides. So, there I was, my butt cheeks covered in my own shit, and shit oozing down the side of the sink. Every girl in there looked at me like I was a crazy person. Not to mention the awful stench.

I turned on the faucet and hopped off the sink. I pulled my panties and jeans up over my shit covered buns and used my hand to distribute the water in the sink until most of my shit was gone.

I then rushed out of there and walked back to my dorm. When I got to my room, I peeled off my underpants and the entire seat was dotted with little splats of shit. That was a horrible, mortifying experience.

Can you top it???

michael explosive diarrhea:
I have that problem with cereal too. Make sure that your cereal isn't bran or anything with bran in it.
Have you ever been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrom-Diarrhea (IBS-D)? I've been diagnosed at the beginning of the summer. I have attacks like mostly every other day.

Here's my diarrhea story of the day (actually last night):
I was cashiering in my store's Garden department with another cashier and a door greeter was there also. Came back from dinner @ 7 p.m. Hour and a half later, began to get stomach cramps. I was ringing up customers. As soon as my line was gone, the greeter and I went for our last break. I told her I was having a stomach ache. We were in the break room just chatting when my cramps got worse. It felt like someone took a knife and was sawing through my intestines. So before we left, I tried to go to the bathroom...and guess what? Nothing came out. As we were walking back to Gardens she asked me if I went earlier and I said, "No, but I did go before coming to work." And she says, "And something came out?" So I said, "Yeah. A whole shit load." I filled up the toilet before work. She just laughed at the way I described it. And I said, "You know, I'm not used to talking to people about this. It's kinda cool." And she says, "It's ok. I take a shit too. Everybody does it. Some people call it shit, doo doo, the Filippinos call it take (tah-kay)." And we go back to our positions in Gardens. I feel a bit better.
Then the other cashier goes for her last break. A long line forms by my register and guess what? My cramps return. Off and on through out the line. I would feel better, then sore. Finally the cashier came back and opened her register. I began feeling naseus. After the line was gone, I told the cashier and greeter I felt nauseaus. After another line of customers, I told the cashier and greeter I was going to the bathroom. It was 9:15 p.m. and I wanted to try again before one of the members of management comes out to close Gardens and put me somewhere in the store. Nausea was gone. So the greeter says, "Okay. Doo doo hard now." I said, "Nancy! (not real name)" And we both laughed.
I go to the associate's bathroom and it all exploded out like a rocket and smelled the tiny bathroom. Good thing there was spray. As soon as I leave the bathroom, I feel nauseaus again. Luckily we hardly had any customers. At one point, I was so sick that I was leaning forward, hands on my face, saying, "Oh no....I think I'm going to throw up!" The other cashier was like, "Are you scared?" I didn't get to answer her because Nancy was telling me her stories about how she threw up at work before and felt better after that. I thought about running outside and puking in the parking lot. I should've done that. It would've been cool to puke in the dark. But I began to feel better slowly. Just had to burp it all out in small, silent burps. I traced it all back to the Mountain Dew Pitch Black (good soda by the way)....too much caffeine.
Sorry for the long story! Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night

the other day i was on the way to my aunt's house(long trip) and i got the urge to take a huge crap . well i finally found a small gas station i pull in and park and the urge got so bad i thought i was going to load my pants, so i started running and the toilet was unisex in the back corner i quickly rushed back there and flung the door open and i was like no!!!!!!!!! there was i woman about 20 or so sitting there with her panties around her ankles and the smell, my god i told her to finish up she said it was the runs she would be a while, but what could i do it was the only station for miles so i waited and waited and waited some more and i opened the door agin i guess the lock didnt work, i told her i was going to poop in the trash can if she took another minute longer, well she finally finished up and i ran past her and quickly got my pants around my ankles and the bottom fell i was in there a good while i forgot about the lock not working all of a sudden the door flyes open there is a guy about 20 or so holding his stomach and there i was panties around my ankles with my legs spread apart still have waves of soft mushy dirareah spewing in the toilet he just aplogized and closed the door. well about 10 more minutes i was feeling better so i finished up and walked out and to my suprise the guy was still there waiting on me to finish he ran in and didnt even shut the door he just dropped jeans and exploded, hell i think that was the funniest thing i have ever seen.

Emely its just SO HUMMILIATING :( I feel so sorry for you but cheer up we will listen and help ypu

PV: Thank You!!! Thank You for all that advice!!!!! Since today is Sunday a day off for both my sweetie and I, we are going to the drug store and buy an enema.

I can't wait to try it out..............I'm going to give it to him first and then I'll let him give me one. We could both use a good cleaning especially after having bad colds.

It is a mild day today so we are going to start off with a pee in the ravine before our shopping trip :o)

The couple next door said they'd like to join us for a pee so that will be fun and I'll be sure to post that expereince here.

Thanks again and I'm sure others will benefit from your advice too.

Ciao Nancy :o)

I'm a cop, A few weeks ago we went to a house
where a man had his g/f and her girl & boy held hostage.
After about 8hrs. of talking he gave up. When we went in
we found them laying on the floor tied together & nude.
The woman was laying on her side trying to shit she was
pushing hard but it stuck to her butt. Both kids was peeing
and laying in their own shit. It smelled awful.

nicky B
Hey everyone, I've posted a couple of times but never actually written a story.
Yesterday I had my first outdoor pee, not once but twice!! I had to watch a vacant building and there was no washroom, i called for a relief so i could go pee but no one was coming. it was pretty cold out and walking back and forth made it worse. I couldnt hold it anymore so i went over to the bush and peed. It was weird but kind of cool. it was a long steady hard stream of pee. The same thing happened awhile later and again i had to resort to the bush, only this time a groundhog watched me do it, lol!!

TORONTO ROB~ too bad we couldnt exchange e-mails on this board, I live in hamilton, and it would be totally cool to get together with you.

GRAHAM~ I really enjoyed your posts, ignore those immature kids, dont let it bother you. If I was there with you, I would have loved to have been holding your hand and rubbing your belly for you, trying to make your pain go away!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY FELLOW CANADIANS! I hope to see some good turkey pooping posts soon!!

To Michael Explosive Diarrhea:

Thanks for the note. I really do think you're eating something that you're allergic to. With your cereal it could most likely be the dairy (milk) or the wheat. I got tested and found that dairy, wheat, tomatoes and nuts were what set me off. I thought I was eating healthy foods. Then I'd have bad gas and the shits. The food I was eating was nutritious, but my body couldn't break it down. Start with cutting out dairy and see how you do. I had the same problem you did. I thought I couldn't eat breakfast, it turned out the milk (cereal, oatmeal, buttermilk pancakes, etc.)were killing me. Ice cream, creamy gravies and sauces sent me running to the john in a hurry. Hope you figure it out and get it together. Take care.

Though I am sorry that you were so embarrassed, I must admit I greatly enjoyed your story. If you have (or come to have) any similar ones-either with you or someone who knew/witnessed-then please share them.

Jimmy T, I liked the story about Emma, I can identify with it because I'm embarrassed about how it smells in the bathroom when I'm done pooping. I'm 15 and just live with my mom, so it usually isn't too bad when it's just her, but when people are over I hate using the bathroom.

hey, i liked the story about all the army guys pooping together. i was wondering, is it the same for women in the military:big open latrines with no dividers, and all the women pooping together? anyone got any female military pooping stories?


Linda from Australia here again. I've been a bit busy lately so I haven't been able to submit any good poo stories. I have a few good ones that are worth a mention:

Last week my house mate's brother and Mum stayed here for a few days. On Thursday night, after I got home from work, I went into the toilet to do a wee and to take a dump. I had let out some hard turds that morning but I could still feel a big log in my anus. Before I sat down on the toilet, I noticed something brown sitting in the bbowl, under the water. I had a closer look and there was a gigantic turd sitting on the bottom of the bowl. It was about the width of my wrist and it looked like a brick - it had a rectangular shape to it. It was very long too, although I couldn't see the entire length of it because some of it had disappeared to the back of the bowl. It was a light brown colour and I could see a few bits of corn imbedded in it. It looked like it was rock solid too. I sat on the toilet and did my wee, then I pushed out some soft turds, wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I could still see the huge turd sitting in the toilet. I flushed the toilet and waited for the water to settle, the big turd didn't even go down, it just stayed in the same place.

I'm not sure who it was that had to squeeze out that massive log. It definitely wasn't me!! My house mate is a big girl so maybe it was her - she never talks about her toilet habits and I never ask her about them either (we never discuss our toilet habits with each other). Whoever it was, it would have been a marathon pushing that monster out - I never did hear anyone groaning or grunting as the toilet isn't exactly sound proof at my place.

Here is another poop story:

Last night I had lots of vegetables with dinner and all night I was farting in bed. When I got up in the morning, I went into the toilet and pushed out several small turds. Then about an hour later, I pushed out several more turds, the toilet bowl was full of small, skinny logs. About 20 minutes later, I squeezed out several more skinny turds. This happened all before I ate breakfast and usually I have to eat breakfast to get my poop moving.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Well, I went in the stall that had the two toilets today. i think it's my new favorite place. My stomach was giving me problems during class. Finally, after one hour, the teacher lets us take a break. I ditch class and hurry over to the bathroom, cramps getting pretty bad. When I sat down, it all rushed out of my butt hole for about half a minute. Then stopped for a few seconds, then began flowing again, this time my stomach and intestines felt like someone was grabbing them and twisting them. Again, stopped for a second. Then the pain came back and more crap rushed out. My face became very flushed and the pain was so bad, I almost started crying. Finally, after a minute, it was done for good. And I felt so good after that. I looked down at the toilet and it was filled to the rim with just my crap. It was amazing. I should've left it there for the next person.
Vernica--Interesting story. Yeah, your aunt sounds very cruel.
Buzzy--Hey if you come out to Hawaii, just let me know and we can go buddy dumping!

i have another story that involves my sister`s friend, meka. i had taken them to the park for the day and at around 7 o`clock we decided to head home, with meka complaining that she had to poop. it was sort of a long walk home and she was getting desperate, saying that she couldn`t hold on much longer. finally, after about five more minutes meka moans, 'oh no', softly to herself and then i hear a farting sound and liquid poo is coming out of her ass into her pants, staining them. she pooped gallons. she pooped so much that it even made a small puddle by her feet. she was in tears and looking embarrassed when we got to her house.that`s it for now, see ya

hey Wireless girl how big was the turds and how did it smell?

Toronto Rob
Hi all. After reading some great posts I was interested in the concept of buudy dumping, and would like to know if anyone has has experiences regarding buddy dumping with the opposite sex just as friends and not as a sexual thing or maybe this is not possible. I am not talking about married couples or people that are dating but friends getting together to buddy dump just cause they like it even if it is a turn on...but with no sex involved or expected. any thoughts?

Hiya! I have a story about buddy dumping. My best friend Jodie and I were jogging through the park after lunch when I felt that distinct nature that I needed to take a dump pretty soon. So I asked Jodie if we could find a bathroom. She said sure since she had to go too. We found a ladies room except to my horror the bathroom didn't have doors or partitions. In the room a girl was already there and was taking a quick piss. She wiped and left. Jodie and I took toilets right next to each other. I had never seen Jodie on the toilet before so I was excited. We lowered our pants and panties. when Jodie lowered hers I saw her blck pubic hair. We sat down and she started to piss. I just sat there and hoping I could hold it until Jodie left but no such luck. JOdie stayed on the toilet. I couldn't help so I let go of a loud fart. Jodie relaxed and said that you had to do it too. At that moment I heard a crinkling noise followed by a round of wet farts coming from her. So I let go too. I finished at the same time so it wasn't so bad. We both laughed and we found out that we had done a lot. We left since we clogged the toilets.

michael explosive diarrhea
To Joeljack,You are saying that I have to eat healthier to stop taking such explosive disgusting dumps.I only eat mcdonalds about once every 2 weeks and my parents buy healthy foods like fruits and pastas> The other day I ate cereal and about an hour later I had to take a huge shit which ended up being explosive and gurgly.I Don't think that there is a problem with my bowels because occasionally I drop 15 inchers but most of the time my dumps are liquidy and very very explosive.

omg i'm sooooooo embarrassed! i just got done cleaning myself after i got back to my dorm just now because i just had a humiliating accident!

i had to pee really bad after 6th period, but i didn't have time to go because my 6th and 7th period classes are pretty far apart and i would be really late if i stopped to pee. i got to a private catholic boarding school, and they're very strict about tardiness and such. so i just prayed i'd be okay til the end of the school day(after 7th period)and we were given time to go back to our dorm rooms for a little while before evening mass and dinner. On I went to 7th period. I got there and i immediatley sat down and pressed my legs together. i started to bounce my leg up and down lightly and i bit my lip and just tried to ignore it as much as i could..but i had to pee soooooo bad! we're not allowed to go during class at my school, and i was afraid to ask sister elise if i could go because they always jsut get angry if you ask to go during class, even when it's an emergency. i pressed my hands down in my lap and kind of bunched the front of my plaid skirt up between my legs. it felt a little better having it bunched up there pressed against my thighs and my private area. well i must have been exposing my undies because sister elise got very upset and told me to fix my skirt, and threatened to write me up. so i fixed up skirt, and the slight comfortable control i had over my need to pee was gone. again i could feel it tingling right "there" ready to come out and it felt like my bladder was throbbing. i was just about ready to give up, i had accepted at that point that either my bladder was going to explode or i was going to pee myself.... i carefully slid my hands down between my thighs and up my skirt and pressed firmly on *myself* through my undies, carefully as in a way for sister elise not to see. i did this to try and help control it, but the urge got too intense. a strong tingling sensation overcame me and i felt a long warm squirt moisten my underwear right under my hands and my hand also got a little wet. i slid my hands back out from under my skirt and i shut my eyes tight, and the flood gates opened...warm tingling wetness just began spreading down the middle of my underwear and underneath me onto my bottom, and it felt hot underneath me. then it began to drip off of my chair into a puddle under the chair, and pee began to run down my legs and into my socks. my underwear was completely soaked between my legs and on my bottom, and the back of my skirt was drenched too. it felt sticky and sort of itchy where it had run down my legs, and unlike the wetness on my bottom, the pee on the edge of my socks around my shins felt cold. i had wet myself for a good 40 seconds, and no one had noticed right away. since my skirt is a dark plaid pattern, no wetness on my skirt was visible to anyone else, and any puddle that had spread from beneath my bottom onto my chair was just absorbed by my skirt. the only thing that could give me away was the small puddle under my i acted quickly and i casually placed my messenger back under my chair. i felt terrible having to put it in a puddle of pee, but it seemed better at the time than someone seeing the puddle and realizing i had just wet myself. it seemed then that as long as the pee smell didn't get to thick for anyone in the room to noticed, i was completely off the hook. but there is quite a twist to this story...

you think it's bad that i wet myself in my seat in class? that's not the worst that could happen. As i sat there incredibly nervous and in horror, a familiar pressure built up quickly and strongly in my bottom and i felt a cramp deep in my stomach. the alarms went off in my head then, and i just said to myself "please god no!!" it wasn't fair! i just wet myself and now out of no where i had to have a BM really bad too! i held my stomach and i closed my eyes tight again as i felt them get hot on the verge of tears. another accident was inevitable, the urge was too intense. suddenly, a cramp forced me to raise my bottom slightly off the seat, and i felt how wet my underwear was when i moved as they were stuck skin tight to my bottom and the warm wetness was starting to feel chilly like on my socks. the cramp began to relieve my dismay. i began having a particulalry solid BM into my already soaking wet underwear. it made a faint crackling sound and formed an enormous bulge. the feeling on my skin was awful, with the wetness from my pee accident making ti feel cold and sticky and now something warm and soft against it. i couldn't hide that one...immediatley from the horrid smell people began to gasp and gag, and people looked my way. they all knew i had just soiled myself! tears began to stream down my face as i was humiliated, but sister elise just became more furious and didn' allow me to leave the room. i had to sit in my seat for the rest of class with wet and soiled felt so disgusting to be such a mess! the class finally ended and i went to my room sobbing. i just finished cleaning myself and putting on fresh underwear and a new outfit. my dorm mate told me that sister elise was going to have my confined to my dorm during evening mass and dinner because i had messed myself in her class, but that doesn't bother me because frankly i really don't want to leave now!

this is the worst day of my life, i just want to go back home and go back to public school..


Hey all. I'm Michelle and I guess I'm new here, but I've been reading for awhile. I'm 16 with light-brown hair, and I'm sort of skinny yet I'm curvy and I've been told I have a nice ass. I have a story that happened at the end of the summer. I was at my best friend's house at the time. She's the same age as me, and has a younger brother that was 14 and close to turning 15. We've been friends for awhile, and her brother has always been the one that teases me and his sister, but I think he has a crush on me.

I don't know what I ate that day, but it definitely wasn't settling with me. I was fun for the whole day, but my stomach was just grumbling. A lot different from when I'm hungry. My friend's house is by the lake so her parents wanted to take the boat out to some kind of sand-bar that's out there. None of us wanted to go, so her parents decided to go alone. By then it was getting dark. I was in my friend's room upstairs and we were just watching TV, when her brother came in and asked where some Epsom Salt was. I guess he was soar from the little workouts he does from time to time.

My friend said she didn't know, and that was that. While we were watching TV, my stomach growled louder than ever. We both heard it and glanced at each other laughing. She said "Are you hungry, or do you need to let something out?" I told her to shut up and that I was going to the bathroom. She just nodded, picked up her phone, and started to call somebody.

There was a bathroom in the hallway, but when I walked in, I was so happy that I remembered the toilet did not flush. That would've been horrible. I placed a hand on my butt when the urge got incredibly strong. It just seemed to have perfect timing. I actually had to bend over with my hands on my knees for awhile to hold everything together. A few silent farts slipped out, and I could smell how horrible they were.

I quickly dashed to the bathroom downstairs. I had to clench my buttcheeks tightly, because the poop was just pushing to come out. I remember having to push the tip of one back in. I finally made it to the bathroom and rushed in. I think I silently cursed to myself when I saw her brother laid out in the tub soaking.

We both shouted and I turned my head and said "Sorry!" while he said "What the?!" My stomach grumbled again and I softly asked if he could get out real quick, but he said there was no way he was getting out right then after using the last bit of Epsom Salt to soak in and that he just started his bath.

I told him I really needed to use the bathroom, but he said to just wait a second, and leaned his head back while trying to cover himself. I thought for a little bit, and said "It's just him" to myself, and did something I never saw myself doing. I quickly shut the door, made sure it was locked, and rushed the toilet. I'm a pretty open person. I'll sometimes announce that I have to pee when he's around, but I've never done anything like this.

I got a small glance of him resting in the tub, and all those work-outs seemed to be doing something for him, but I didn't even have time to notice that for too long as I sat down and pulled my jeans and panties just a bit past my thighs. He immediately said "Whoa! You're really gonna go while I'm still in here?" My stomach grumbled again, and I managed to say that I just really really had to go.

The bad thing was that the toilet is position beside the tub, and with the way he sitting, he had a perfect rear-view. By this time, I didn't care if he saw me, I got over it surprisingly quick. I looked at him and noticed that his eyes were glued to my ass. I asked if he had to stare, and he simply said "I can't help it!", and still glanced at me sideways. I had no time to say anything else. My load was ready to come out.

I tried my best to ease my poop into the toilet as quiet as possible, so he wouldn't at least hear everything, but I could tell this would be one of my firm ones. I felt a piece of poop push out and I began to hate how wide and deep this toilet bowl was when it felt with a loud "Plop!". His eyes got even wider. I don't think he realized that I wasn't in her simply to pee, but I had to let this burden out now! To my dismay I started letting out LOUD and LONG farts.

I was so embarrassed then that I just leaned my head into my hands, but that just gave him an even better view. My farts kept making long "vvvvvvp" noises. I felt my face burning when I let out an incredibly long "vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvp" fart. That one must've lasted 15 seconds. I could tell by the way he was lying that he was completely turned on. He laughed and said "Girls fart like that? You?" I told him to shut it, and more poop started to push out.

This one was actually very wide, and I had to strain to push it. He seemed hypnotized then and was just staring at my ass while listening to all of my sound effects. I tried to ease this one out but it felt with a loud "PLOP!" and splashed water everywhere. He whistled and said "I hope I get to see this side of you more often!". I told him to shut up and ended up letting out a loud fart that sounded like a horn. A lot more just like it followed.

This just had to be one of my gassy dumps. Even worse was when my usual type of dump started. I was surprised I let out even one big turd. I usually let out small or medium pieces of poop extremely fast, and that's what started. I gave up trying to make noises when the constant farting started. There wasn't any rest during this load. It was just constant "plop! plop! plop!" over and over. He shook his head and said "You really did have to go!"

He had completely forgotten about soaking. Now it was about getting a better view of what was going on in the toilet. Unfortunately he's tall, and I guess he finally got into a position where he could see perfectly, because he whistled and said "Does it ever stop? Is there an off button here?" He bodly poked and pushed in one cheek with his finger, and I gave a swift punch to the arm, but I think I hurt myself more than I hurt him.

I don't think I even cared at that point. My stomach was still growling, and my poor hole wasn't getting a rest at all. I started to make even more noise when I started farting while I was emptying my system, and these were nasty farting noises. The ones that make it sound and smell like something is wrong with me. This had to go on for about 8 or 9 minutes! And I'm sure he didn't want me to stop anytime soon. By then, the mood was more relaxed.

It smelled so horrible in there, though. He even said that I smell ten times as bad as he does. The flow of turds finally stopped, and my stomach grumbled louder than ever! I actually doubled over and leaned almost down to my knees and let him see much more than I was willing to. He even said "Uh Oh! Is that a butthole I see?!" but I was almost in pain at the time.

He stopped talking when I soft and strangely hot turd just basically shot out and splattered the side of the bowl. It was a big one too. I immediately squirted out more just like it. I think they were actually sizzling!

Embarrassment creeped back up on me. Not did I completely expose myself to him, but this was one of my worse dumps ever. I couldn't even remember what I ate. To make it worse I started to moan and strain to get some of these out, and they just continued to squirt out and sizzle loudly. It only got worse and worse! These were actually sort of burning my hole as they came out, and I think they were the source of my stomach problems.

I started to let out nasty farts again during this nasty process. The sound effects were just aweful! I was just me moaning and getting rid of these troublesome ones. It was just "NNNNNNN! *sizzlesizzlesizzle* *splat!*" over and over. He had gone incredibly silent a little bit after this started, but I could tell he was staring right at my ass still, and was seemingly captivated by it.

I'm sure he still couldn't believe that the girl he had a crush on was emptying her bowels right in front of him. The smell was simply the WORST now, and I was worried I would fill this entire toilet bowl up because the pattern still hadn't stopped!

He finally spoke and shouted "What the hell have you been eating?! Dog Food?!" and I managed to get out "I don't know!" in between my pushing. I started to notice that my turds weren't making as much noises and it took more effort for me to push.

It still wasn't much better though. I felt his hand reach over and touch my butt again while he said "I didn't think this fine ass could do something like this!" I didn't even care, though. I just wanted to get it over with. Finally the turds stopped making noise completely, but the farts were still going strong.

I was just pushing out this very long but very skinny pieces of poop now. It felt like it took forever for these to drop down. I felt my cheeks turn red when he started coughing for a bit, because it did smell THAT bad in here. I was still pushing out these unsually annoying, long turds, but I felt that the most of my load was finally over! I wanted to cheer! My stomach stopped making weird noises too.

I was hit by another load of small turds, but it wasn't nearly as bad as what I just went through. I swear they were falling like rain drops though! He was still just staring like always and ran out of things to say as I could just feel his eyes staring into my crack and into the the rather large bowl beneath me. I didn't even want to know how the toilet was looking now. FINALLY the load of small turds gradually stopped which wasn't the best way.

By now there was barely any water just a lot of poop in the toilet. So all you heard was "thud! thud! thud! thud.......thud......thud". I was happy that it was at least slowing down and could've danced when it finally stopped. I was still doubled over and had my hair covering my face. I didn't even care when I started letting out LOUD "VVVVVVVVVVVVVP!" farts. He seemed to love it, though. I was so exhausted that I just leaned there resting.

He finally spoke again and said "Do you ever stop farting? You fart like a dude! Hellooooo". I was just leaning there rested. I felt him touch my butt again trying to get me to move, but I just didn't care. He got bolder and started squeezing my cheeks asking if I was done.

I was still letting out quite a few farts here and there. He whistled and said "Are you dead? You know I can see your tight butthole? Helloooo" He finally stopped talking and just squeezed my ass while supposedly staring straight up my butthole which had just recently stopped adding more farts to the horrible smell in there.

I looked over in the tub and said "Your equipment is showing". He was completely turned on. He looked down and said "Crap!" but didn't even stop touching my ass. I finally sighed, got up, smacked him in the head, and told him not say anything about what he just saw. I told him it's the first and last time it'd ever happen, and that he better hold on to the fond memory of it.

He finally covered himself, laid back, and said "Aren't you going to wipe? I'll do it for you if you need me to." I stuck my tongue out at him, mooned him, and let out a loud fart towards him. Not very lade-like at all, but none of that really mattered at that point. I think I only turned him on even more, though, because he simply smiled and flicked some water on my ass. I finally pulled up my jeans and panties back up, and said he could handle the flushing.

I was very embarrassed, but I also didn't feel like bothering with it. I was still exhausted. He finally seemed to notice the smell and said "Jesus Christ this smell is aweful!" He then looked into the toilet and his mouth almost dropped. I just smiled and strutted out the door.

I peaked through the door and saw him with a huge grin on and face, he must've been recalling everything. He even stared at his hand for awhile. He then stared into the bowl and I saw all kinds of emotions flash across his face as he stared at the stinky monsters I produced in there. He was still grinning and staring in the bowl when I finally left. When I got upstairs again, my friend was STILL on the phone. I don't think it was the same person, though. She simply looked up at me and shook her head when I sat down. I simply rubbed my stomach and said I felt much better.

After that, her brother really didn't say a thing or act as if anything happened unless it was just us two. Then he would tease me like hell to make up for all the times he said nothing. I'd blush or attack him every time, but he loves bringing up my huge dump. Looking back, it was actually kind of fun taking a crap in front of a guy. At least it was someone I knew well, and he did keep his promise not to tell anyone.

Well, that's it. I know it was long-winded, but it was a loooong dump too, and this is really the only story I have. Hope to hear my stories from you guys! I'm out of here!

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