Hey, what's happ'nin?


Phillipe: I'd probably do either 3 or 4. First off, it'd be an excuse to see a chick on the toilet, and secondly, why go in the woods if there's a perfectly good bathroom right there?

My choice between 3 or 4 would be dependent on the girl, however. If I had a crush on her or something, I might do #4, in order to hide certain things...eep. If I knew her very well, like a really good friend, I'd probably do #3, simply because she'd be cool with it (especially considering that she's going in this unisex bathroom to begin with). If I knew her slightly well, I'd do #4, and perhaps ask first.

If I didn't know her at all, this would further depend on age. If she was older than me by a substantial amount (27-40) then I'd sit next to her. If she was around my age (15-26) I'd ask if she minded if I used the bathroom there, since it's urgent, then if she ok-ed it, I'd stand. If she was much older (40+) I'd just go in and sit next to her. If she was much younger, I would wait for her to finish.

However, this would all be moot if she was crapping. If she was taking a dump, I'd just go right in and sit next to her, unless she was in the younger age range. If it was a really good friend, I'd probably do something like cough slightly as if the smell was getting to me, just to be funny.

Barb: Most humiliating bathroom experience: Definitely would have to be a time last year in my dorm. One of the guys on my floor had a g/f who stayed the night a lot of the time, and she would use our bathroom whenever she needed to. Well, one morning I was at the urinal, first thing, and she came in to brush her teeth, looking hot as always. Now, for those of you who don't know, guys have a certain condition in the morning that is usually solved after taking a piss, but this girl wasn't helping any, due to her relative lack of modesty. We knew each other pretty well, but not well enough for me to show her...stuff.

However, she thought differently, because she immediately started talking to me. I was having trouble starting due to the "condition" and she kept accusing me of doing something else, as guys were walking in and out. Then she came right up next to me and continued, and I had to sort of lean up on the urinal to preserve my modesty. Finally, she went into one of the stalls, giving me peace to urinate. I finished not a moment too soon, because it turned out that as I was washing my hands, she started taking a crap, and that would have given me all sorts of problems in terms of going.

Thinking about it now, and in terms of Phillipe's question, if it had been her sitting on the toilet, crapping away, I would have probably sat right next to her and joked about it.

Michelle: WHOA! That was quite amazing. I know I would have given nearly anything to see one of my sister's friends on the toilet, plopping away like that. As it so happened, I actually did see one of them once, but it was for a split second, and I wasn't old enough to appreciate it (back then, girls were weird...what am I saying, back then?) and even now when I think about it it's not really all that thrilling. But I can definitely think of some of her friends that I would love to see now!

PRG: It's funny, I don't think I have a food that I eat even though it would give me diarrhea, because not that many foods give me diarrhea. In any case, when you mentioned the sauerkraut thing, I pictured this image of you sitting on the toilet, munching away on some sauerkraut, and plopping away at the same time! The image was in a cartoony context, though. It'd be the sort of thing that would be fun to draw.

Has anyone ever seen the movie Cheerleader Ninjas? I heard it's got a funny scene where one of the bad girls takes a dump, and her friends go and admire it, take pictures, and have to break it up with a stick to flush it. That'd be hot if it happened in real life.

Whoa...long post, I guess it's because I've been away for so long. Keep the girl poop stories flowing in, please!


During spanish I really needed to pee, but my spanish teacher told me i had to ask her in spanish and until i remembored how to say it i could NOT use the bathroom. Well, i couldn't remembor and no matter how many times I asked her in english she would not let me go!!! Then all of a sudden I couldn't hold it any longer and i completely flooded my pants. My spanish teacher told me that I could NOT go to the bathroom and clean myself up until I remembored how to say it in spanish, and I couldn't so i had to sit there. a bit later I felt a terrible pressure in my abdoman and concidered running out of the class to shit but i didn't want to get in trouble so I stayed there. Suddenly I got a terrible pressure and I filled my pants with diarrhea. It was sooo embarrassing, and the teacher got mad at me and grabbed me and started dragging me to the principal's office. I was about to explode again and I knew it, but the principal was talking and no matter how much i pleaded he told me i was lying!!!!! So suddenly I exploded again and ran out of his office, and he ran after me, into the girls bathroom, and right as i realised another terrible load into my pants he told grabbed my arm, told me to pull my pants up, wouldn't allow me to even wipe my dirty ass or finish having diarrhea, and put me in his office and suspended me for a week! My mom had a fit when she relized what had happened given I have been having the runs all day even when I was at home, and she called the principal, and yelled at him and now i'm not suspended anymore but I don't want to go back to school. Everybody will laugh at me.

Well, I'm lactose intolerant and I have a "mega-bladder" and I have a few BM indusing foods, so I hope somebody will like my post!

Punk Rock Girl: I'd tell you about cheese and stuff that doesn't agree with me because I'm lactose intolerant, but K. did it already, and I don't think you need to hear another. So, I'll tell you about a different food. Pickles. If i eat a pickle within an hour I either feel sick or have diarrhea. It's annoying, but I love them so much!

So once I forgot that I shouldn't eat pickles and ate three whole pickles at lunch in school. And I was in sixth grade, if I remember correctly. So during my next period I started to feel sooo sick to my stomach, so I asked to go to the nurse. But i'm shy about having diarrhea, so I went to the bathroom on a not often used floor, and sat on the toilet. I felt sooo sick and I swear I thought I was going to get sick. Suddenly I groaned and had completely explosive diarrhea. I spent the next period (like 45 minutes) on the toilet, then felt better and went back to class.

I don't know if anybody likes stories about people with mega-bladders, but I have a mega-bladder and there's nothing I can do about it, so i'm telling the story anyways. It happened recently (like last saturday), I'm afraid to say given I'm a woman age 22 and pretty. Anyway, so I work part-time and go to college. I go to Yale University (I dunno if anybody has heard of it) but it's a good school.

I was in a REALLY big hurry because I got up late and so I didn't use the bathroom, and ran to class. I went through all of my courses of the day. Normally I have time for lunch but since my car broke and is at the repair shop I needed more time to get to work. So I just grabbed a can of coke and ran to work. I'm currently working in small grocery store, and my hours on fridays are 1-8. It was sooo busy in the grocery store that I didn't have time to pee, and by four o'clock, haven been holding my pee for like 15 hours, I started to need to go pretty badly. From one o'clock to eight o'clock the store was so busy that I didn't have time to pee, and at eight I needed to go pretty badly. But i know I have a large bladder, and I had something to do afterwards that I was late to, so I just didn't go to the bathroom. So I went out and went to the movies with friends and had some popcorn and some diet coke, and when it I finally got home at 1 o'clock in the morning I was to tired to do anything but go to sleep. I hadn't used the bathroom since 9:00 the night before!

Saturday morning came, and I needed to pee badly but I overslept and ran to my job again. On saturdays I work from 10:00 to 3:00, and by 1:00 I was squirming and holding myself at every opertunity I had. I whispered to my friend who also works there that I needed to use the bathroom REALLY REALLY REALLY badly, but i still couldn't go because there were still people in the store. Suddenly I started leaking, and right as I was helping some dumb woman find some dumb cereal, I had to bend over and suddenly I started peeing full force. I was only wearing a thong and a short skirt, so it was really embarrassing. I ran out of the store and finished peeing on the street, for an almost record time for me of 00:3:40. I then ran home, changed, and went back to work. My friend wanted to know if i was okay...I told her i was, just i had been holding urine in me for like 36 hours almost.


Your problem with lactose sounds a lot like mine. Growing up, I would always get a lot of ???? aches. I seemed to get diahrrea and throw up a lot more than other kids too but we didn't really know why til I was older and realized I am lactose intolerant. I didn't really like milk and I still don't - I think maybe I always somehow knew I couldn't handle it. But when I was a kid, birthday parties or school parties where cake and ice cream were served usually ended up with me being sent home with an upset ????. I pooped my pants in school more than once and also threw up at school a couple of times.

Now, if I eat something with a lot of dairy in it, within about an hour, I will get a really bad stomach ache and then I will start having diahrrea. Sometimes, if I eat too many milk products within a short period of time, especially a lot of cheese, it will make me feel nauseated and sometimes I actually throw up.

The last time I overindulged, I was out to dinner with a guy. I had some sort of chicken in a puff pastry that was covered with a ???? sauce. I wasn't really thinking about it being a cream sauce but now thinking back I think it might have had cheese in it too. Then I had pie with a scoop of ice cream. I wasn't thinking about the chicken, I thought I would just eat a little bite of the ice cream but it was so good I ate it all. I guess it was all just too much, because we were in the movies after dinner when my stomach started to cramp. I hated to ruin the date but I was scared of what would happen if I tried to stay - believe me, I have had more than one embarrassing situation as a result of my problem. So I told him my stomach was hurting and that I needed to go home.

One the way home, my stomach felt soooo bad. I was squeezing my butt cheeks together, praying I wouldn't lose it and poop all over the seat. I also felt nauseous and was trying not to throw up in his car. The stomach pains were coming in waves and when it would get really bad I would be totally doubled over and crying out in pain.

When we got to my apartment, I had to run straight for the toilet. I got soooo sick. I sat down on the toilet, got a bad, bad cramp, then doubled over and had an explosion of very, very liquidy diahrrea. It was dark brown and very smelly and went all over the sides of the toilet because it came out so hard. I felt a little better but still very queasy and went out to find that my date was still there. He was saying something about how I must have had some undercooked chicken at the restaurant when a wave of nausea hit me and I had to run back in the bathroom to puke. At this point, I just wanted him to leave. I don't really like people around me when my stomach is upset, I think it brings back memories of being embarrassed so many times as a kid when I would get sick in front of people. Now, I just want to be left alone until I am done. So I went back out and told him I would call him later and he finally left. I had a little more diahrrea, then after that, my stomach did feel a lot better.

Debbie--It sounds like you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I know I have it, but mine is diarrhea all the time. I do know that some people who have that syndrome get constipation instead of diarrhea. It is also a medical fact that women are more susceptive to constipation or diarrhea during the time of the menstrual flow. You may want to research this on the internet and talk to your doctor about what you're going through.

I am wondering---for all you diarrhea sufferers, what upsets your stomach the most? For me it's cheese, milk, too much sugar, caffeine, and beans. But I have a feeling it's more since I have diarrhea and gas every single day now, so I just want to get an idea of other stuff that can cause diarrhea and gas. Thanks for your help.

northern chick

I was just wondering, what brand of overnight maxi pad were you wearing on your trip? I had a similar exprience when I was at a shopping center with no ladies room and did a wee into my maxi pad (but it was not an overnight maxi, I was wearing an always super maxi with wings). Also, how well did the goodnights pants work for you?

-northern chick

I just realized that in my last two posts i forgot to tell you about my most recent lactose intolerant expierience.

So, I don't remember if I said before, but I'm eighteen now. Well, I'm a strong student and so I'm applying to (amoung other places) Harvard and Yale. So this friday my family (my younger sister and my parents--my older siblings are away at college and grad. school) driving to Harvard so that I could check it out. I had had my lactase tablet before lunch, so I thought I was safe to have a slice of pizza. I mean, I'm thin and it was don't have to worry about my weight and all, and I really thought I'd be okay because i was taking my lactase tablet. After lunch my family got back into the car and started driving. At that point the drive from the lunch place was like three hours because the traffic wasn't great.

So, about an hour later I start getting cramps and feeling nauseated. I told my parents, but I thought nothing bad would happen because the cramps weren't very bad. But about a half hour later I had these absolutely terrible cramps and felt extremely nauseated. My parents said that they would stop at the next rest stop, and I agreed. My sister Katie told me I'd be okay and stuff, but I felt to sick to believe her.

About two miles from the rest stop I got this terrible cramp. I had to squeeze my legs together so that the diarrhea would not excape. My parents and Katie told me to just hold on one more minute. Suddenly I get another very strong cramp and scream at my dad to pull the car over because I was about to have terrible diarrhea. My dad couldn't, though, because we were on the highway. I tried to hold it but suddenly it became to much and it started leaking out. Suddenly I exploded and diarrhea came pouring out. I felt a bit better but absolutely mortified. And anyway, I still felt nauseated. So when we got to the rest stop I put a towel around my butt because it was all brown with diarrhea, and ran to the bathroom. When i got into it it was a one stall bathroom, and I brought Katie in with me to help me get out of all of my now disgusting clothes while my mom got me more and my dad cleaned up the car. So Katie and I went into the bathroom and I pulled off all of my clothes and sat on the toilet. I instantly had a terrible cramp and shit out a ton of diarrhea but i still felt really neaseated.

I felt so sick i was crying and Katie was trying to comfort me. Suddenly I feel my stomach reject what I had just eaten, but was to weak to get off the toilet and puke into it. So i vomited all over myself. But for some reason I couldn't stop vomiting for like five minutes, and when I did was naked and covered in vomit. Suddenly, right as another wave of diarrhea and vomiting hits me, there is this knock on the door, and this woman's voice came through. According to my sister, she said "Can you open up? I'm about to have an accident...I need to pee sooo badly!" according to my sister (you got to remember, i'm busy throwing up and having diarrhea) she said "I'm sorry, but my sister is sick. We'll be here for a while." By this time I had finished having diarrhea and throwing up, and was feeling slightly better now.

I heard the woman say "oh shit, I really need to go! Well, I'll wait. You hurry, please!" THat's all i heard, for then i started having diarrhea and vomiting again. After about another 20 minutes of that i was completely done, and just soaked. I washed myself using the sink while my sister cleaned the floor and toilet. My mom got me new clothes and I put them on. I felt wonderful now! So, i finally left the bathroom to find this extremely pretty woman clutching her crotch and jumping up and down! The woman said "Oh, thank god! I can't hold it any longer!" Took a step into the bathroom, and started having an accident. Katie and I, completely mortified, left. the rest of the ride was uneventful.

K. -- I'm also lactose intolerant. The annoying part is I love ice cream and cheese yogurt and stuff like that. I don't really drink milk because I don't like it that much and i'm lactose intolerant and all. But yeah, when I eat ice cream and cheese and yogurt or any dairy product for that matter after like an hour i start feeling terribly nauseated and get terrible cramps. Sometimes I have diarrhea, but other times I throw up, and sometimes both happen.

well, your story reminded me of something that once happened to me. I was in seventh grade and thirteen years old, and I went to my best friend's birthday party. Well, at her party there was, amoung other things, cheese pizza and ice cream cake. I wasn't really thinking, and I forgot to take my lactase tablets. Also, I pigged out...I had two pieces of pizza, and two pieces of ice cream cake. Then the party ended and I went home.

So, it was like 11 o'clock when I got home, and it had been about an hour since I ate all of that stuff. I started feeling reallly really nauseated and getting absolutely terrible cramps. My parents had gone to sleep right after they brought me home, and I didn't want to wake my siblings. Incase I didn't say before, I am one of four siblings. I have one older sister (at the time 17), one older brother (at the time 15), me (at the time 13) and my younger sister (at the time 10). I didn't want to wake up my siblings because I was embarrassed that I had been so stupid.

Anyways, I started getting really nauseated, and getting terrible cramps. I lay down on my couch and tried to feel better, but I couldn't. I got so nauseated and dizzy that I could barely stand, but somehow I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed a trash can on the way. I sat on the toilet and waited for diarrhea to come, only it didn't! Suddenly my stomach heaved and I started throwing up into the trash can. When I was done I still felt terribly nauseated and I still had cramps. But I couldn't seem to get anything out (at that point i felt so sick i would have rathered just thrown up really badly and felt better--I was in that much pain) so I lay down on my bed. I guess I fell asleep, because at one o'clock in the morning I woke up, felt like I was going to be sick out of both ends at once, ran into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and started having terrible diarrhea while puking all over myself. After I felt much better and I took a quick shower and went back to sleep. It was still one of the worst expieriences I've ever had, though.

I was wondering if anybody else has any stories about being lactose intolerant. I was wondering because in my family I'm the only one who is lactose intolerant, and none of my friends are. Are lots of people lactose intolerant, and if so, do they have as violent reactions as I have? My doctor told me that I am more sensitive than lots, which is why if I have a bowl of ice cream even if i have my lactase tablets I'm likely to throw up or get bad diarrhea. If anybody can answer me, I'd be very glad.

I had a difficult experience yesterday. I still hadn't been able to do a BM after about 6 days and to I had to give a sales presentation the next day and that day I was due to start my period. So I took an overnight laxative but it by the morning all I got for it was a few little cramps. I put on my only business suit (miniskirt and jacket) suitable for a doing a presentation and I was so bloated it pulled at the zipper, and at the hips and waist. Looking at myself in the mirror, I looked as if my clothes judt didn't fit. So I tried a suppository. I had some breakfast and coffee hoping it would kick in but I was running out of time. My only remaing choice was to give myself an enema. So in desperation I filled the bag with warm water, lifted my skirt, lowered my panties and pantihose, put the tube in my rectum. I had to hook the bag high up to get enough pressure to get the water past all the poop in my bowels. I had to hold the tube and clench my spincter with all my might and even then it took awhile to empty the bag. Just after I take the tube out the phone rings and I have to pull up my panties and answer it. It was my boss with no time to call back with last minute instructions. I'm taking notes and rocking back and forth bursting to defecate holding by butt together and squeezing my legs at the same time. I was so close to letting go I held my skirt up with my elbow so it would be saved if I let go. Ever since I had a operation to remove hemeroids my spincter muscle doesn't make a tight seal against liquids and with every cramp a little bit would leak out.
I was wearing an overnight pad that covered my rear as well as I was expecting my period. The phone call over I raced to the tiolet for sweet relief. Lots of water and a huge diameter 16 inch long dark log followed by a large "snake" and lots of globs and some looser pieces. The water was so dark I couldn't real tell what I did. Then I flushed, squirted some more and wiped using a lot of paper. My pad was saturated so I changed it with another overnight pad but at least my clothing was untouched. Now I'm runing late but a least my clothes fit better. I'm heading down the interstate and I got to poop again. I've got that urgent feeling and no rest areas and no time for rest areas. I forget about the afterwaves. I pull over, open the front and back doors, and squat between them with my panties and pantyhose down my thighs and my skirt just high enough not to get soiled. Not the most dignified postion but at least no one can see my face. I have to put my butt as close to the ground as possible so as not to splash into my shoes and ankles. Also I see red in my pad and know I'm getting my period right on time. I get to the meeting place and I've got to go again, now it's full blown diarrhea + pee from morning coffee and I'm bleeding like a stuck pig. No time to change my pad and glad its a large one. I'm at the meeting and I'm about to do my powerpoint presentation and I realize what's happening. The laxitive is kicking in as well as the suppository as well as my usual loose bowels I get during my period. I have to go again and as I excuse myself I get that look from my boss across the room. I pee again and poop liquid BM. I hurry back to the meeting and halfway through my presentation I get the feeling, the urge to go and cramps. Another ten minutes, I'm almost done, the urge is getting worse and the cramps are getting stronger. Since I'm almost done I figure I can hold on. Then this guy up front has questions that lead to discussion.
Now I'm clinching my butt and trying to cross my legs and lean over but not be oblvious. Oh my God I start to feel it leaking into my pad. The cramp goes away and it stops. My pad is starting to feel damp and I have to pee again. I'm the only female in the room about to have an accident in front of 12 businessmen. Men just wouldn't understand what problems a female can have around the time of her period. Another cramp and I'm leaking again. I don't dare cross my legs too hard because it would sqeeze and reduce the capacity of the pad that is only thing saving me from leaking into my panties and down my pantyhose and the floor and horrible embarrasement. The cramp subsides and I don't dare look at the floor. "Excellant presentation as usual" "thank you" my boss says said. You seemed as little nervous this time he added as I stepped down. I made my way to the back and slipped out again to the ladies room for relief again. My pad was totally saturated which I changed and there the hem of my panties stained brown. I left the panties and had to stick my pad to my pantihose which is problematic because pads don't stick to pantihose very well and pantihose doesn't hold a pad close to the body forcing me to walk and sit carefully the rest of the day. Oh well another day in the (women's) life.

what happened to Blair, Whitney, and Sarah? All those stories were frickin awesome. Seriously, please post some more. yall are great.

Jason S.
I remember this one time I was in second grade, it was near the start of the school year. My mom had an appointment of some sort in the afternoon and so I had to go over to a friends house after school. My friends mom, Mrs. Wagner, had come to the school to pick me up, since I couldn't take the bus since their house wasn't on the same bus route. Their house was about 20 minutes away from the school, but it seemed longer. After driving for about 5 minutes, she told me she needed to stop at the gas station up ahead because she needed to use the bathroom very bad. She pulled in along the side of the gas station and said she hoped that it wasn't occupied because she really needed to go. She also said she didn't want to leave me in the car unattended and said I should come in. So it is just a single person bathroom and very clean. She goes over to the toilet and starts pulling down her pants and does a few farts even before she gets her pants all the way down. She sits on the toilet and almost immediately I hear two splashes one right after the other. She then starts pushing and I can vividly remember looking at her face and seeing that she was really straining. She kept pushing and relaxing several times. I'm obviously watching her quite closely and she notices and asks me if I have seen my mom going to the bathroom and I said no. She continues to push faster now (and she said "come out already" once), maybe she is embarrassed for me for going in front of me when I'm not used to it. She finishes up, pees a little and then wipes a few times. I remember I really wanted to see what was in the toilet, and as she was pulling up her pants I said I needed to pee and she said go ahead and that she wouldn't watch and she turned around and started washing her hands. I went to the toilet and peed and could see almost all of Mrs. Wagner's poop except for some of it that was covered up with toilet paper. I couldn't believe how big (and thick) her one piece of poop was! I peed a little (I really didn't have to go). I then flushed and watched her poop flush away. She was drying her hands and I went and washed my hands and then we left and went back into the car. She said she should have gone at the school but didn't and said it wasn't going to wait until she got home. My friend was at home with his grandmother and we went to play and I didn't mention the experience to him, but I have often thought about it even to this day.

When I was 10 years old, my best friend Eric convinced me to join Boy Scouts. He told me all the activities they do, and how fun the camping trips were. My family never did anything like that, so I joined. I enjoyed earning the badges, and looked forward to the coming camp out. Eric and I were tent mates, and had a lot of fun with the other kids playing in the woods. It was cool cooking our own food over a fire, hunting for wildlife, and even peeing in the woods. I was never allowed to do that with my family. Seeing who could pee the farthest, and who could hit the bug crawling up the tree, were treats I had never experienced. After the scout master fixed us all a big breakfast of eggs and bacon Saturday morning, Eric and I went exploring. My stomach was very full and I began to feel the urge to poop. This was a primitive camp, without even an outhouse. I hadn't thought about what to do when I had to do more than pee. I had never done my business anywhere but in a toilet. I didn't even bring any toilet paper. I decided I would just wait it out, and hopefully be home on Sunday before it got real bad. I didn't eat much for lunch because I didn't want my make my need any worse. After lunch, the entire troop went on a hike, to earn badges. We had so much fun exploring, but it was getting obvious to me that I would never make it to Sunday. I had to take a dump right now. I was scared. I hadn't seen anyone else have to go, and I certainly couldn't let anyone know how bad I had to go. I began to panic, no longer thinking about toilet paper, but only how to get away from the group and find some privacy. I told the scout master I wasn't feeling well and was going back to the camp. He wouldn't let me go back alone, so he told Eric to go with me. Now I had to get rid of Eric. He asked me what was wrong. I told him I just needed to rest, and once we got back, he could go back and join everyone else. He insisted he would stay with me. I started to cry a little. Eric noticed and asked me what was wrong. I confessed, "I have to go #2 real bad!" He laughed and said, "Come on, let's take care of that problem. I have to go too." I cried, "I've never gone outside before. I don't even have any toilet paper! Oh man, I can't hold it anymore. Help me Eric." He calmly took us deeper in to the woods, away from the path. He told me how we were looking for a nice tree to sit on because it was more comfortable than squatting. I didn't care about the comfort. I didn't even care that my best friend was going to see me poop. I had seconds before I was going to have bigger problems. As I could feel my hole being forced open, I pleaded with Eric, "I can't wait anymore. It's coming out." Eric calmly told me to drop my pants to my knees and bend down. My face was red with embarrassment and pain, but I had no choice. I fumbled with my pants, but quickly got them and my underwear down around my knees. He told me to squat so it wouldn't get on my pants and hold my dick down in case I peed. Just as I began to squat, my butt opened up, and I lost control. Eric stood behind me watching a steady flow of firm poop leave my body, crashing to the leaves below. As one fell, the next one followed. My fear and embarrassment turned to grunts of relief as I pushed out the biggest load of my life. It seemed to go on forever. As I finished, Eric laughed and said, "That's the biggest dump I've ever seen. Your butt is a mess." Now I had a new problem and asked, "How am I going to clean my butt?" Eric rounded up some nice leaves, handed them to me while I was still squatting over my pile, and told me to wipe. He watched to make sure I got it all, which again, was embarrassing, but I was enjoying the relief so much, I didn't care anymore. I finished wiping and pulled up my pants. We both admired the pile I left on the ground. It was huge! Eric said, "I better go too." He walked a short distance to a stump sticking up from the ground, and dropped his pants, turning so his butt was facing me. He sat on the stump, and began to push. I could see his hole push out and his poop begin to seek daylight. It was obvious he wasn't as desperate as I had been. His poop moved slowly out of his body as he grunted and pushed. But man, was it long! It just kept coming, finally breaking off and falling to the ground. Another shorter piece made it's way out. He pushed his hole out a few more times, to make sure he was done. Now I had to find him some leaves. I gave him a nice handful, and he cleaned up. We admired his long one, then happily made our way back to camp. I had so much fun that weekend, earning many badges. But the most adventuresome thing I did was pooping in the woods. And you don't even earn a badge for it! Eric and I did it again Sunday morning after breakfast, just because it was so much fun doing it the day before. Now today, I enjoy every opportunity I get to experience the pleasure of pooping in the great outdoors.

Hey PRG -

My friends and I eat a lot of M & Ms when we party. We would describe it as eating so many that you think "If I eat one more, I'll either puke or shit". Then you have to have a couple more anyway just to improve the taste in your mouth.

I have 3 toilets so no problem.

I fell asleep after one party, and had the "Hershey Squirts" while I was sleeping. But I was home, and all my friends had left. So no prob. I got up the next morning and had a nice long hot shower.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
To AJ :o) - Loved to hear about that coiled poop you did. If you didn't have it bronzed, you should have at least taken a picture of it.

I just had a good poop about 20 minutes ago. When I have a good poop it's usually just one big turd, and tonight's was the best one I've had for a couple of weeks. The turd was about a foot long and about 1.5 inches around. It was curved like a sausage and got wedged in the toilet without going down into the hole in the bottom. It was solid but had some air pockets in it which gave off bubbles after it went into the water in the toilet, and it did smell pretty bad. My butthole is still tingling.


AUSSIEROD To girls poop2.Linda I really enjoyed reading your post, I do similar to you in that I like to have a reminder of my poop. I really ,like alot of the posters here enjoy pooping. As i have mentioned in the past I often stand to poop. But when I sit I sometimes end up with soem residual poop on my inner cheek, I think because of the way I wipe, that is from the side. My back problem will not allow me to turn around far enough, however I don't mind the feeling of skid marks................

To Penny , your story was delightful but somewhat reminiscent of a story I posted a fair while back about my sister. She & I come from a very open family & toilet tales were not a big issue.We often discussed our bowel motions . However when she left

Oh yeah, I'm back baby. I just remembered something that happened about3 or 4 years ago. This was my second shit at my High School. During art, I was letting out some really smelly farts. Trust me, they stunk. So I asked if I could be excused. Mind you, I was in a Porta cabins, and the toilets in their get blocked easily. So I went into the boys bogs, and took a seat. Back then, my shits were usually dead easy, but I really had to push to get this bastard going. So, after abouta minute or so, out came a log. It was pretty soft, but I knew I wasn't done at all. So I continued to strain, pushing out poo which got softer and looser, but it still took ages to get it out. I thought I was done, so I wiped, but I was wrong. I just continued to push and push, and about halfway through my shit, one of my mates came in. I can't remember what he said, but he said a few days later, and if he wants to take the piss out of me, he just says that I was, and still am, and always will be, really constipated. Now, where was I. Oh yeah. So here I am, and I continue to push out loose shit, and I think I nearly bust a veign in my forehead it was that bad. So, after a total of fourty minutes in the toilet, I felt safe to go back up, so I wiped myself, and tried to flush. None of it went down. I have only blocked a toilet once, and this was that time. I hightailed it back to art. That was my second and second-to-last shit at Brigshaw. I haven't crapped there since, but I sometimes piss at school.
And Remember, Listen to Cradle of Filth.

Hello all

To you mega pee-ers like Lexi and Megan: please post more! I enjoy the mega-bladder tales. I once had a girlfriend who would tell me about such similar events. Unfortunately, I never got to witness them! Anyway, please keep the posts coming.

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi there!
My sincere apologies to PV, Annie (Sarah and Meghan) and Rizzo, who took the time to write to to us and did not get a reply in ages. Sorry for being so rude and please accept my pathetic apology that there was just too much stuff coming our way...

PV: Hi there! It's good to see you have become quite a regular again on the site. I hope you still have fun with the occasional standing pee, well aimed at some wall or a taken over urinal. I miss those stories from you, but I am glad to hear you still grin, when you do one.
Unfortunately I can't answer you how female bikers take a leak during a race. All the news coverage I heard about it was concerning the guys, which somehow seems to be a more acceptable topic to talk about (very I guess they either stop or let it run through the pants. I have a female friend who is a triathelet, with whom I ran quite often in my more sportive days. She has this technique of squatting by the road in front of a bush, facing the road, without exposing too much of her bum or anything else. This way she still has to stop but at least not look for a loo. I carefully tried to introduce the topic of females peeing standing, but she said, she would not feel comfortable with that, so I shut up.
The other day I had a sweet talk with my little girl. We usually watch „Gilmore girls" (an American series) in the afternoons and have a cuddle in bed. In the commercial breaks we talk about things like school and friends and life in general. It's a nice bonding between me and Josie. This time she told me about her friend, whose father said men with pride don't sit down to pee. She inquired why I would do that, cause she has walked in on me while I was on the toilet and knows I sit down at home, cause I like it. We don't think much of it if the kids see us in the bathroom. I explained that I don't feel like having to prove anything and I would find it more comfortable, clean and relaxing to sit down at home. She knows though that her little brother pees standing at home cause he likes that. She said she would also pee standing if she was a boy. Then she asked if I had heard that in Africa some women pee like boys. „Really?" I acted a bit like stupid, well remembering the little lie we told her, when Hannah showed her the trick. „Interesting..." She waited for me to inquire more, but I wanted her to make the pacing on the topic. „Don't you wanna know how they do it?" „How do they do it?" She came very close and whispered in my ear: „It's a girl's secret..." Then she giggled and said sorry, I was not allowed to know. I also laughed and thought it was a cool idea for her: Girls can also pee standing and they know even more than the boys, cause all the girls can figure how the boys do it, but most boys don't know about the girls. I liked her attitude, cause she seemed a bit jealous when me and the other guys had a pee with Loewie sometimes. Nice idea, I wanted to share with you. Take good care! Love Tim

RIZZO: Nice to hear from you again! I was already thinking that I had lost more than one friend on this site. You were mentioning Loewie on the toilet with his toy lion, which reminded me of a little incident about a year ago: At that time the toy lion was going everywhere with him. Literally everywhere! So I was already suspicous when I came into his room and found Loewie on the bed and the toy lion sitting on the heating. I asked him about it and Loewie just shrugged his shoulders, but I could tell that he had something to hide...I picked the toy lion up and noticed it was wet from underneath. A sniff verified my suspicion that it was pee. I asked if it fell into the toilet, but it turned out that it had been on Loewie's lap during a poo and been sprinkeled when he peed, obviously cause his little man had pointed in the wrong direction. I explained that guys need to check that the weener is pointing into the toilet (especially after a satisfying poo). Loewie just rolled his eyes and said: „Gosh, what a hassle...I don't know if I can promise to remember all that when I am busy pooping..."
He had to wave his friend goodbye for a little while and I think the toy lion also rolled his eyes when I took him for his ride in the washing machine...
Hope you are ok. All the best, Tim

Love to Annie, Meghan and Sarah! We hope you are fine and coping ok. Share an adventure with us now and then, please! We would miss you very much otherwise. Peter saw the most outrageous toilet in Brighton the other day. I hope he will write about it soon. We peed into bottles in the car and on the car park during our holidays. I'll write about it next time. It was funny. Love and hugs from Sarah and me!

MAR: I liked your story. I can imagine you like the thrill. Women peeing standing has often been a topic on this site. Unfortunately some of the loveliest ladies have stopped to visit a few years ago, but if you look back at some old posts from Louise, Ina or our PV, you'll see there are quite a few who like to do that. My wife also uses a device sometimes, when the toilet is dirty or squatting is uncomfortable. I think it's cool for her to have that choice.

Buzzy: I liked your story about that buddy dump with that lady. That's a cool thing that happened to you there and it was nice to read about it. I also like your outdoor stories. When we renovated our new house we often pooped in the nearby woods before the toilets got installed. It's fun to have a buddy dump with someone. I hope you see her again someday.

Loggerman: I also like your stories. I personally would not dump on a graveyard, but I don't want to be judgemental, don't get me wrong. I lived in London when I was younger and had this girlfriend who lived in Knightsbridge. She had this old toilet, which was not flushing reliably, so I did not dare to poop there. Harrods was just two bus stops away and they had really cool, clean restrooms. So nearly all the time I stayed at her place I went there to take a shit. Your story reminded me of that. It was good fun.

girls poop 2
hi im new here. my name is linda. i am 20 year old female,5'11,110lbs.
just a another day at school. went to the bathroom at 6 and i sat down. there was nobody in there...i thouht good. i was just getting ready to let loose and 3 girls came in and all started to talk. well just as i tried to hold it it came out. i farted so loud it echoed and was wet it lasted for about 20secs. the 3 girls said gross. the smell was dread full. i then let out 2 6inch not hard but not soft turds that were really slimmy..i wiped left a little hanging..i love the feeling of slim on my anus and panties. well at about 7 we were still in class i was sitting there and i let a little fart and it was kinda wet i felt it between my butt and run into my panties just a little bit. then he let us out i ran to the bathroom and pulled my panties down and just farted for about 3 to 4 poop just lots of wet juicy was bubbling sounding wiped a little bit and pulled up my wet stained panties to get a little bit dirtier!!! thats all for today...ill report tomorrow.

Hi. Can anyone poo without peeing? i love to pee. i am 14 year old. I am a girl and i love to pee in the shower standing up and tring to aim. sometimes when i laugh i pee but i try not to. i like wetting my pants. please e-mail me at.

I'm upset. I just had a very humiliating accident. Well, during school i must have eaten something that disagreed with my stomach, so during last period i started really needing to take a shit. And i would have at school, only this kid had had puked all over the floor that the bathrooms were on, so i didn't go there and just left school. I was walking home like always with a friend. we walk through the park sometimes, but sometimes if the weather is terrible we will take the bus or something. So my urge steadily got worse, and pretty soon I could barely hold it! When the pain got so bad that i was crying I told my friend. She was like "well, if you are in that much pain just go in the bushes!" but i didn't want to so i just kept on walking. so we were walking and then i needed to go so badly and wanted to go to the bushes to release my shit, but i couldn't. I tried to move but I ended up having extremely explosive diarrhea in my pants. But the worse part had not come yet. So suddenly i get this feeling in the pit of my stomach, lean over and puke all over myself! My friend SWORE not to tell anybody....but you know, now that i think about it i probably have a stomach bug or something.

well that former friend told everybody she knew, and within four hours of it happening it had gone around the whole school, even people i did not know! And then my other REAL friend called me and was like "are you okay? I heard from so in so who heard from blah who .... and she said that you threw up and had feeling better?" omg, i'm soooo upset! I don't think i'll go to school tomorrow...i mean on monday, because i'm beginning to feel really sick again. but i'm crying, it was so embarrassing!!

i made a big mistake the other day.

i'm 18 and i play girls travel basketball for my county. the other day we were on our way back from a game in ohio (i live in new jersey.) well we had won the game, and there was a lot of celebrating because it put us ahead in our division. with the celebrating came a lot of eating. well the next day we had a long bus ride into pennsylvania. during the ride, i took a long nap. i woke up sometime later and i had an awful cramp in my abdomen and i knew all the junk i ate was starting to work on me. i had to crap really bad. i could've gone on the bus because it was a coach with a bathroom, but i really didn't fancy doing that. instead, i figured i could sleep it off...i mean my body wouldn't let me "go" if i was asleep, right? wrong..i went back to sleep, and i woke up when my friend daisy was viciously shaking me. i looked at her, alarmed, and i said "what???" and i noticed the look on her face was a mix of shock, disgust and amusement. a lot of other girls were staring at me too. she said "what the HELL did you do?????" and then i realized..........i felt a sudden sense of horror as i noticed the outrageous smell, and the warm squishy feeling in he seat of my face turned red instantly...."oops...i think i pooped my pants..." they all started laughing and daisy kept yelling "gross!" i was so humiliated but we had a really good laugh.

it sure was a lot of fun sitting on a bus for a couple ours with my poop filled underwear! next time i have to poop, i'm definitely just going to go and not put it off, because obviously if i try doing that i'll go in my pants!


Philippe, Jeez. Since it is a rudimentary outhouse in Costa Rica, whatever you excrete into it is eventually going to soak into the earth. So if you pee on the side of a tree makes no difference. Environmentalist or not. In fact, I would say that most guys in the US, out in the jungle or woods or any other wilderness would just urinate on the ground. Why bother with the outhouse?

Punk Rock Girl

I haven't shared any stories for a while. I visit every now and then to catch up but that's it. Anyway, I wanted to answer your question about BM-inducing food.

I'm lactose intolerant. About 1 1/2 to 2 hours after I eat cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc., then my stomach will start hurting. So painful. I get really nauseated and start getting cramps. Then the diarrhea starts. I feel so sick until I finally release all the diarrhea, but once I'm done, I'm almost all better.

Anyway, I don't like milk, but ice cream is another story. I love ice cream. I would probably be tempted to eat it if it didn't make me so sick. Luckily, I have lactase tablets that I can take and they really help.

I'm pretty sure I've already told this story, but your story reminded me of this.

There were a couple of nights that I been constipated. I didn't want to take a laxative and I didn't want to tell my mom about it, so I decided to eat some macaroni and cheese. I figured that the cheese would help move things along since dairy gives my diarrhea, but I figured that there wouldn't be enough milk in it to make me very sick. Boy, was I wrong. I don't think my stomach has ever hurt that bad before. Or my butt. I ate it so I wouldn't be constipated anymore, but that's not how it worked. I was constipated and I had diarrhea, at the same time. It was horrible. The diarrhea part seemed to be pushing on the rest of it that wouldn't budge. Only a few little drops of the diarrhea came out, but I could feel these hot rushes down there. I know I cried through most of that, it was so bad. And the whole time I was so nauseous. I had to put a trash can in front of me, because I was afraid that I would throw up and not be able to get off the toilet in time (I never did throw up, though). I finally just took a deep breath and pushed it all out. Talk about being sore. Whew. I'll never ever ever ever ever do that again.

And something else:

When I have to pee, I'll suddenly have to pee really badly, but if I suppress it, then the urge goes away for a few minutes and then I feel like I don't even have to at all. But if I do that too long, then a real urge will suddenly hit and it will be all I can do to get to the toilet in time.

I did an experiment the other night to see how long I could hold it when that happened. When the urges started getting really bad, I took off all my clothes and stood in my bathtub. I carried a book in there with me and just stood there, reading until the urges came back. When an urge hit, I'd hold it back (usually with my legs crossed and sometimes with a hand between my legs), and then I wouldn't feel like I had to go. So I'd just stand there a while longer, waiting. Finally, a really bad one hit and I tried to hold it. I had my legs crossed as tight as they'd go and I was using both hands to hold myself. But it just started dribbling out and I couldn't get it to stop. So I just relaxed. I expected it to explode out of me, but it was a slow, steady dribble. I couldn't speed it up or slow it down for quite a while. I guess that's just what happens when I go from desperately holding, to not having to do anything, and back to holding, etc., etc., etc. Sure was fun to do that experiment, though. I plan to do it again tonight if I can.

I had a humiliating experience last Saturday while I was out getting a few groceries. I've been dancing a lot more lately, so I've had to drink a ton of water. It goes right through me, but there's nothing I can really do about it. I had also been constipated for a few days, and I was just kind of waiting for something to happen. Anyways, my mom needed a few things from the store, and I said I'd walk up and get them for her. I had drank about 4 or so bottles of water that morning, so I made sure to go to the bathroom before I left. I made it to the store just fine, and I looked around for a bit, reading the magazines, and just kind of hanging out. I started to feel like I needed to restroom, but I don't like public ones, and I thought I could make it til I got home with no problems. I finsihed up, and went to go stand in line. My need was starting to get more urgent, and I was becoming slightly desperate. The line wasn't too long, but the lady in front had quite a bit of groceries. Since it's a new store, it's not very crowded, and that was the only line that was open. I waited as patiently as I could, but it was getting pretty bad. I felt a little bit of pee come out, but I controlled it, so nothing more made it's way out. When it was finaly my turn, I was close to tears. It hurt so bad, and the pressure was so intense. Little spurts kept coming out, and it was all I could do to hold it back. I finally finished paying, and was making my way out of the store. All of sudden I felt my bowels move a bit, but I didn't worry too much. Since no one was around, I was juggling the three bags or groceries on one arm, so I could hold myself with the other. There was a little wet spot, but nothing to big yet. I was in the parking lot, but unfortunately there wasn't a lot of cars around, so I felt weird squatting behind one. When it gushed for a few seconds, though, I realized I had to. I squatted on the side of one car, since there was none around that I could squat between. I lowered my pants and before I could get my panties off it started to stream out. I must have peed for about a minute and half, steady. God it felt so good to get it all out.. until I looked up and saw a couple just kind of staring at me in awe. I quickly pulled up my pants and started walking away.

That's not it though.. I was about 1/4 of the way home when my stomach grumbled, and I knw the poo was finally ready to come out. I had nowhere to stop, and nothing to hide behind, so I just started walking faster so I could get home. I must have relaxed my muscles back there for just a second, though, because the next thing I knew I had a HUGE load of soft, mushy poo in my panties. I had the biggest buldge, and it was really obvious what I had done. It smelled really bad, and a bit came out and slid down my leg. I'll tell you, walking in my house and having my mom see what my accident was the worst thing ever.. it was so embarassing, I could have died..

Katie M.
This incident happened last april. I am 13. It happened during a little league softball game. The league that I was in played 6 inning games. I drink allot of water during games but I usually can hold it throughout the entire game. This day I was in the outfield and in the top of the 4th I noticed that I needed to go a little. The half inning was over and we batted but the urge to go had subsided a little so I thought I could hold it until the game was over. In the top of the 5th inning the other team scored like 5 runs so it was like 20 minutes long. By the time the 3rd out had been gotten, I was jumping up and down in the outfield. In the bottom of the fifth I was due up 3rd, so I figured I could hold it a few more minutes. The two girls in front of me usually swung at everything and made outs very quickly. So I figured I would just go up with two outs and strike out. Not today though. The 1st girl singled and the second girl made it to a full count and fouled of a few pitches before finally walking. As she was batting I was jumping up and down and doing stretches and clutching myself hoping for her to get it over with and hoping that no one saw me. So then it was my turn to bat. Im a left handed batter. So the first pitch came and I swung, than the pitcher through to first base a couple of times and im pounding the plate with the bat like come on throw the ball home already. The next pitch came and I really really had to go. So I squeezed my legs together and started kind of swaying side to side. Then the next pitch hit me so now I had to run the bases rather than go. At 1st I was so desparate to pee I was clutching myself and doing a potty dance. The umpire came out and stopped the game so I could run to the bathroom. It was absolutely humiliating.

Hello all

To you mega pee-ers like Lexi and Megan: please post more! I enjoy the mega-bladder tales. I once had a girlfriend who would tell me about such similar events. Unfortunately, I never got to witness them! Anyway, please keep the posts coming.

Just thought I'd share a something with you. My boy friend and I were out on a bush hike in the mountains recently. It was a gorgeous sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, and we were just surrounded by these beautiful tall trees. After a few hours walking, I felt the need to take a dump. My stomach was full and I wasn't quite comfortable and needed to releive my load. I went behind a tree and took of my shorts and then my panties. I left my walking boots on. My boy friend followed me. I have often let him watch me poop and pee, so this was no big deal. I squatted on the ground and let my ass hole open up. Within a few seconds, I pushed out quite easily, some very large turds and there was a huge mound of shit on the ground a few inches from my ass. I could tell from the expression on my boyfriend's face that he was loving it. I then took out some toilet tissues from my back pack and gave them to my boyfriend. He then wiped my ass for me. I put on my panties, my shorts and we then completed our hike through the bush.

today , after stopping at the woodbury shell to get gas first, I had to pee before going to the liquor store to pick up some mudslides. anyway, after paying, I took the key, walked around to the M/F restroom on the side, went in and locked door. then I went into the toilet stall, shut door, dropped my jeans and undies and sat down for a quick pee. I began to pee slowly at first and could hear this " splunking" tinkle; which after maybe 10 secs picked up and came out faster for the next 40 secs before pausing. I could smell that sweet scent my my strong deeply yelow pee as it tinkled into the bowl's water after the first 15 secs real good. then after pausing, I felt the need to pee some more and began to tinkle into the middle-front of the toilet bowl's water in a series of non stop splishes and splashes, almost all of which[ of course!] hit the water but casted a few stray yellow droplets against that 1" dry porcelain area near the front rim. during this time [ maybe 25 secs more] I really could smell that " pissy aroma" in the air! I finished up, wiped my pussy and as I was getting up and pulling everything back up, I looked at a bowl filled with deep golden yellow stinky pee as I turned to flush it away. no foam this time, just peed in water and toilet paper!

Once i was walking down the sidewalk and i got a serious case of stomach flu i had to poop in a old ladies garbage bin.

one night i was doing a little studying on the bed, and my boyfriend comes up to me and lays on the bed saying he has a stomach ache. so i'm like go to the bathroom and he says he cant. i started to feel bad for him and took my books off the bed and layed down with him and rubbed his ????. i looked into his little asian eyes and he's like i'm feeling a little better now. so we just stayed there for a while and i rubbed him and held him for about 30 minutes. then he got up and kissed me and a funny look was on his face and he ran to the bathroom. after a few minutes he called me in and he had me rub his ???? some more. right when i started rubbing he started crapping so freakin much i thought the toilet was going to explode! smelled pretty bad too..yikes. just when i thought he was done, since he was smiling at me, his little eyes scrunched up again and more shot out! i was like damn how much can there be out of a 5'8 170 lb guy????!! he finally finished and he was pretty tired after all that work..needless to say!

RP. I agree entirely with your view that 'accidents happen' and no one should be ashamed if it's their misfortune to have one, a point which I try to drive home whenever I can. However for some people, because of the way they've been brought up, having an accident is a big deal and the only thing you can do with them is try and be as sympathetic as possible. My guess, based on experience and what I've read here, is that most people have an accident or two (or perhaps several) during the course of their adult lives. Few admit it though and the brave souls who own up to it here are in the minority. If anything I think their courage and honesty need to be applauded.

Anthea. I enjoyed the account of your experience on the beach. It sounds to me as though the young woman was clearly enjoying having a wee there. However it's definetly not an experience I'd share with the class. I've seen one or two guys doing a wee in public before now. One was over 20 years ago on a railway bridge in Edinburgh, and the other more recent one was on a quiet day in a local shopping precinct. In the latter case the guy had access to a toilet less than 500 yards away so I was rather amazed at his choice of a wall instead!

farrowlani. Hope your appointment goes well and they can sort out your bowel problem. Good luck.

Punk Rock Girl. I don't know of a specific foods which gives me the runs badly although I try to stay clear of cooked tomatoes as earing them has been known to precede a dose of the runs. Also I try to avoid eating a lot of fresh fruit before I go on a journey of any distance but that's just a precaution really.

Best wishes to all!

Bill. It sounds to me as though you've got a good lady in the form of Mary Ann. Look after her and do your best to look after her well. You're one lucky guy. I wouldn't have minded being you.

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