FINALLY I get a free minute to write back to the board. I wanted to reply for a while but with school starting and sports practice and everything it seems like I haven't had a moment to even use the bathroom lol! Anyways I wanted to send a shout out to some new people here who seem to be in the WWLB category-that was cute Kris-but more on that in a second. Here is a quick story that I meant to post a while ago from my trip to Yellowstone in the last week of the summer break.

I have to say that I was dreading this trip because it sounded SO borrrring but I must admit that I actually enjoyed the scenery. What wasn't so fun to look at were the public bathrooms, which were basically just outhouses that looked like they may have been cleaned once a decade or so. Ew. But like a moron I woke up on this one day kinda needing to pee but wanting as much sleep as I could before setting off on another fun-filled family adventure. Though my family and I are in pretty good shape we were still not quite used to the mountains and the no oxygen thing, so we were drinking tons and tons of water to stay hydrated. Though I could feel my bladder getting bigger throughout the day I decided not to use the disgusting facilities even when they needed to stop. But as it was getting close to 7:00 and I hadn't peed since sometime the day before I was really needing to go, and made the hard decision to skip out on the umpteenth nature walk of the day and chance the rest area. My brother kinda rolled his eyes at the announcement of my needing to pee, but seemed relieved that he wouldn't have to wait for me to finish lol. So as they head down the trail, I brave the restroom fearing the worst and that is pretty much what I got. There were only two "stalls" if you can even call them that and neither had doors. Plus one was completely missing the toilet, it just had a big whole instead. The other had a toilet, but of course it also just lead to a big hole. This might have been the first time at least that I can remember that I used a toilet with no plumbing. And the smell. I don't even want to go their but I'm sure you can use your imaginiation. The toilet seat itself wasn't too bad, but I wasn't going to chance it and started in to the old hover routine. Soon my pee stream was flowing, not making the usual splashing sound of course because there was no water, but instead echoing off the bottom of god knows what. Sweet sweet relief. It was at a time like this where I truly cursed having a huge bladder, because I would have to breath through my mouth for a long, long time. Just then a woman probably late 20s or maybe early 30s came in and basically had the same reaction I did. I could barely see her from my point of view, because though their were no doors thank god their was a divider. I think she must have looked at the toilet-less stall first and not noticing me at first peered into my stall. "Oh I'm sorry" she said, embarrassed but also fidgeting quite a bit. "It's ok" or something I replied, I mean what are you supposed to say in a situation like that lol. Anyway she went out of my view I guess more toward the other uh stall but I didn't hear anything else, but then I did notice her feet under the divider. Oh great I thought she was waiting for me to finish so she could use the good one. I had barely started and didn't feel as if I would be leaving anytime soon. I guess another minute passed by with me pondering the situation before I felt obligated to speak up. "Um, miss I'm sorry but you might want to just use that hole if you need to go. I mean the way my bladder feels you may be here a while otherwise" I think I said. I'm sure she was quite confused by this, I mean I had been peeing a while by most peoples standards, but I spoke the truth. "Uh, ok, yeah I do really need to go." So I see her feet edge closer to the hole, and pretty soon there are twin streams hitting the unmentionable area below. She wasn't kidding about having to go as we both peed and peed. About a minute and a half later I heard an end to my neighbor's stream, and heard her rummage around in her purse for something, but it didn't take me long to figure out what the probably was. In my bladder's haste I didn't notice the lack of toilet paper. Just great. Uncharacteristic of me I asked my former peeing neighbor if she might have some extra paper that I could use. "Uh, yeah sure" she responded as she uneasily made her way into my stall, my bladder sending a seemingly neverending pee stream below. "Here you go". "Thanks" I replied, again having no clue what proper etiquete was for this type of scenario. I held the paper, but I wasn't exactly ready to use it yet, and I noticed my neighbor hanging around probably a bit too long. "Wow you weren't kidding were you" she said. We had said so little to each other that clarification wasn't necessary. No I was not, in fact I still had to pee rather badly. As if suddenly mortified, she turned and walked away without even a goodbye. I suspected she wanted to stick around to see when I would finish, but that wasn't confirmed until I saw her standing outside, glancing at her watch as I emerged. Some people, I mean gawd. But I was thankful for the tissue.

Whoa I didn't mean to make this so long so I'll just say a quick hi to the newcomers. Kris, I liked you story about you and the secretary and I bet she was quite shocked when she met you! Talia and Val K., I don't know if your still out their but post some more if you get a chance. Finally my dear friend Megan, what a great story about you and your friends mom peeing side-by-side on the toilet. I bet your friend was mortified about how long you were both taking. That was so funny. Love ya babe. Bye everyone, happy peeing.

where's the story about gruntly bogwell and the camp counselors?

Mister Peeper
When I was about fifteen, I had a friend who's mother was a total knock out. At that awkward age, I was infatuated with everything she did. She had long wavy brown hair and always dressed nice with skirts and heels. This is the type of woman that you think would be stuck up, but she was totally the opposite, very nice. You would never expect to see a woman like this on the toilet or any situation like that. I went over to visit my friend and met his sister at the door and she told me he wasn't at home an I could come in an wait on him if I wanted to. I walked in and sat on the couch as she went down the hallway and entered the bathroom which was in full view from where I was sitting. I could hear her talking to someone in there, but I thought it was one of her friends. She came back out and sat on the couch and I asked, "is you mother at home" and she said "yeah, she in there stinking the bathroom up", and my heart skipped a beat. She said, "I think she waits for about three days before she poops, she's been in there for thirty minutes now." At this point i tried to think of something to get her to go back to the bathroom so I could take a peek before she got finished. I asked her if she could get me some tissue for a runny nose and she got up off the couch and went back down the hallway and she opened the bathroom door and I got see her mother for the first time in full view on the toilet for just a moment. From what I could tell, she was sitting leaning forward with her hands clasped together. She looked up as her daughter entered the room and i got a good look at her big luscious thighs and hips. She came back to the living room and handed me the tissue. She walked out of the bathroom waving her hand in front of her face and laughing. Finally I heard the toilet flush and she walked out of the bathroom and it looked as though she was pulling her panties out of her crack and noticed me sitting on the couch and she said, "Well hello sweety, what are you out doing tonight." We sat and talked for a while and I excused myself to the bathroom to pee. As I entered the bathroom, there was a heavy smell of hair spray and poop. I looked into the toilet and noticed huge skid marks all over the bottom of the bowl and one even going up out of the water and along the side.

Me Tis: Thank You for your advice on coffee being a laxative.

By the way, I have always been a constipated guy and recently read in a poop website a link to an oxygen colon cleanser called ???????????. For what I read this thing really cleans your sistem with symptoms similar to diarrhea. They even warn that ?????????? causes watery and gaseous stools which could cause you to feel the urge to pass gas. If you are not able to control your bowels, you should be careful when using it. During the 7-day cleanse you have to be in close proximity to a bathroom. ????????????? will cause watery, gaseous stools similar to diarrhea but itīs not diarrhea but the by-product of oxidation as it turns solids of compacted fecal matter into liquid or gas.

Iīm really excited to using this product but first I wanted to have your opinion. Do you really think this thing is safe and doesnīt pose a risk to my health and cause addiction? Please give advice.

Happy Pooping and Take Care.

Michael M
Reading about the shy people here who cant shit or pee with others around, or in an open toilet, I have this little tidbit for you all.

Im sure many other readers here know what Im saying about Army Boot Camp. I was in the Army long ago and we got up like 3AM to get going for the day, get your GI issued duds and boots and eat breakfast at about 5AM after running around the block a few times in your shorts.
By then most everyone had to take the usual morning shit. I was a bit older having worked in the mill, and other places where I hade to shit or pee more or less not in a stall but like an open bathroom.I was in my 20's and the makeup of the recruits were about 18.

Recruits soon all go into the Latrine. Most all got to shit. Agh, lined up are like 30 toilets side by side, no partition. So you sit and shit next to a buddy whose plopping turds just as you are. When you are done, you get the toilet paper and carefully wipe your OWN ass, thats how close you are. Picture 30 guys lined up on the pot shitting.
The shit smell was like everyone smelled the same,all eating the same stuff the day before. It was like that everyday 7 days a week. Sometimes if you needed a shit and were off for the evening or day maybe no one would be in there and some guys waited until then to crap. There was a lot of 18-19 year old "kids" I call em that could not shit. They would go days and not shit and finally have to report to sick call and get something to make them go.
Then there was the mess hall dining room. You got yhour tray and walked down the line much like a buffet, only you had your food plunked on your tray by some KP workers behind the counter. You always got coffee, tea or pints of milk. The coffee wasnt real bad but made you need to shit not long after drinking it.
However some of those recruit kiddos got like a little greedy and noticed some milk left on the tables not all drunk by someone.
They would take those milk cartons to their seat and stack em up. The sargent in the mess hall would come around and see this. "And what do you intend to do with all that milk, knucklehead"? "Drink it sargent"
Sargent goes ok, you drink all of it every drop. This kid got to drink all of it.
Later that morning we are out doing some road marches as usual. This guy that drank all that milk now got the milk shits. He drops out of the marching column and the sargent yells what are you "
"Got to go and poop, sir" Sargent yells, get back in line and in step you yardbird" The poor dude marches along and you smell shit. He goes and shits his pants from drinking all that milk. That was like a lesson to everyone, dont be a piggy.
It must have been a few weeks before these momma boys could take a dump along side of another guy. In the meantime there were a lot of farting, clogged up dudes walking around.
I think this old movie "NO Time for Sargents" showed the latrine being cleaned and all the seats up, toilets in a line, all 30 of em.
Kinda gave you the creeps when you saw it and were not in the service and thinking you got to do you dump with others in the row. lol
Well thats my little story for all today--

Just a quick question or two for everyone here... But especially for those who have problems with lactose. (Like me.)

Q. #1. If you think you can get away with breaking wind (i.e. farting) in a public setting (ex. at work sitting in your cubicle, in a crowded bus or train, in a packed movie theatre, et cetera...), do you usually go for it or - if you can - wait until you can reach a handy washroom?

Q. #2. If you let a loud one off when you mistakenly thought you were all alone, do you apologize to the other people or just continue reading (or whatever you were doing) like nothing happened?

Q. #3. Growing up in your family, was breaking wind something that was secret... hidden... & dirty? Or did all of you break wind whenever you chose - as long as you said 'excuse me' afterwards. (Like a burp.)

I just had a small accident....I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad, but at the same time was filling up my cup with water. Just as the water from the filter was pouring into my cup, my bladder muscles contracted and a squirt of pee (about one second) shot from my vagina, down my black spandex pants (not tight spandex, mind you) on the right side, all the way down by my right ankle. I'm not sure if anything ended up on the floor, but now my pants is wet. It was cool. I would've continued the accident, but if my mom ever found out that I wet myself on the kitchen floor, then my butt will be really sore right now (and I'm 20 years old). After that, I went to the bathroom and had a 20 second pee. Got to get back to homework and check out the floor for any wetness.

Hello, I'm Graham; I'm in my mid-40's and new to this site. I've never had anything to post until now. Yesterday (Tuesday) I found myself in the third day of a bad bout of constipation and at lunchtime I decided to walk to the mall to get some laxatives. I guess the exercise must have started things moving because I began to feel the first twinges of needing to poop. I hurried off to the restrooms, found a stall, lowered my pants, and sat down. I felt my hole starting to open but within seconds the pressure became so great that it started to hurt quite badly. I tried to relax but the pressure kept building until the pain was almost excruciating. I could tell my hole was stretched really wide and the tip of an enormous turd was trying to make its way out. I moaned quite loudly with each straining spasm that hit my hole. Then I heard two voices returning my moans. I could tell there were two young boys having fun at my expense. I could even see them through the crack in the door, and what was worse I could tell they were trying to see me. I felt so helpless because there was nothing I could do. I had a huge hard turd slowly emerging from my hole and I was still in a lot of pain. This continued until eventually I felt the sweet relief of my turd narrowing slightly and then sliding silently into the waiting water. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and sat upright as the pain slowly died away. Sensing I had finished, my tormentors ran out with one of them calling back "Must have been a good shit". I wonder if anyone else has had embarrassing experience like this - I would love to hear about it. Graham

This site is perfect, right up my alley for what happened to me last week. The day I took the biggest dump ever in my life I am a diaper lover, BUT, this story is absolutely a 100% accident, and it happened while I was at a fall festival in the province where I live in Canada. Its a small county festival with a lot of drinks and food. Oh, I guess I should describe myself a little bit, I'm 32, 5-7 127lbs, brunette hair to the middle of my back, and I am a workout queen, and I have a black belt in ju-jitsu-its nice to meet everybody!
My boyfriend and me were driving around one day, and we happened upon this fair, I really did'nt want to stop, I wanted to get home to relax, my period was due that day, and I felt crampy all day. Feeling crampy for my period is not normal for me, I never really have a hard time with that time of the month - but, I attributed my ever growing cramps to my period.
We did stop, much to my protest, and we agreed to only stay for 1/2 hour-45 mins tops, time enough for my boyfriend to look around the flea market they had going. A short while after arriving, my cramps moved down lower and I had an enormously heavy feeling in my abdomen, and I started having these really hot thick feeling farts. Right away I knew it was'nt my period it was bowels. I had stupidly forgotten that I had drank a psyllium and orange juice blender drink I make(kinda like smoothies) a whole day before, so I forgot. I knew I had to get to a toilet right away, I had drank psyllium&O.J because I had'nt had a bowel movement for upwards of FIVE DAYS! and it felt like it too. I had 2 things working against me, my period which always makes me poop before hand + five days of constipation=HELP!!!
I went urgently over to a booth with an old lady serving cider, and asked where the public restrooms were. She shouted for some guy in the next tent and he yelled back that the service station on the corner about 200 feet away was the restroom people were using. I was just beside myself with distress, I never ever had to poop so bad in my whole life. Never. I started for the restrooms at the service center, trying to walk as lightly as I could. I was wearing tan cords that showed off my ass and legs really well and other things as I soon found out. Being an AB/DL,(boyfriend not aware of this), I am use to messing myself, but its usually in a disposable diaper in my house. I never have had the guts to do it in public!, and now was not the time to try it. I made it barely to the service center and went in and asked the young kid for the key to the bathroom, the kid said the door was open for the public. As he said that to me, I felt my butthole open, and give a little thick ooze into my panties. I sucked in my breath and walked quickly out again. I went around to the side to where the bathrooms were and grabbed the handle to open it...LOCKED!, then I heard a mans voice "hold on a minute" I could'nt, I desperately ran to the back beside an old car and before I could even decide were I was going to go, I went.
I stood there with my mouth open watching my boyfriend across the street, as I took the most gargantuan poop I had ever done in my panties and tan cords. It started and I felt the load start to satchel itself in the back of my panties between my legs, and then slowly push out the back of my pants and start to literally inflate them out with my dump. I felt it start to spread widthwise between my legs and then thickly begin to fill out my crotch, popping and squelching all the way. The waist on the back of my cords were actually pulled down there was so much poop in them. I then had a thick fart escape into my full pants and spread it out a bit. I never shit so much in my life. I heard the door open and the man leave, so I waddled into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. It looked like a toddler nerf football in my pants. I took off my pants, and my panties, and threw them into the garbage can, and the proceeded to clean myself up not to badly all considering.

this morning I had to urinate, but just a little bit and not at all that badly. but what is weird is how sometimes the smallest and most gentle " piddles" can produce more foam than the huge long " tinkles", like the one I took yesterday where I must've gone for at least two minutes into the toilet water and quite loudly, too! anyway, I got up and walked into the bathroom, then dropped my undies and sat down on the seat. as I began to urinate , I heard this gentle tinkle of urine coming out of my twat nice and easy, and gently splashing into the middle of the toilet's water for about 30 secs at most; then stopping slowly as it tapered off into a very slow bubbly piddle. it was quiet enough that after the first 15 secs I could hear that gentle "hiss" that foamy urine makes while urinating into a bowl filled with clean water[ and not somebody's left over pee!]. all the while I could smell the fresh scent of strong, fresh urine in the air; especially when I wiped at the end. as I got up, I could see the toilet bowl's water filled with foamy yellow urine, the foam still covering at least 70% of the water in one big patch in the middle as well as clinging to the sides of bowl. then I flushed the whole foamy mess away as that sweet yet pungent smell of urine still lingered in the air.

AJ :o)
Okay! A few days ago, I gave you the short-form.

Now ready to give you the long-form--ummm make that long formS!!! LOLOLOL

My average "behavior" is to have one or two BMs per day--sometimes, three, but not too often.

I would actually have to call it one-a-day--usually, in the morning shortly after I get up.

What I produce is usually just soft-but-firm, medium-sized logs or large small chunks--and what I do generally sinks instead of floats.

Usually in a range from golden-brown to medium-brown, depending on intake.

Sometimes, I do those long ones ranging in length from 10 to 18 inches.

In fact, I might do this more than I think I do but it breaks apart as it lands, because I've had it to feel as if it came out that way (in one continuous piece) but looks as if I've passed several logs when it settles.

And I don't even look at it everytime--just when something about the way it feels coming out makes me more curious than usual.

But I can tell you right now that what I passed for about three or four days in succession certainly wasn't normal--but it was still tons of fun!!!

I think I must have taken in a combination of greater-than-average fiber mixed in with a goodly amount of fluids.

I'd also discovered this snack where one of the main ingredients happen to be flaxseeds (????! Getting more on my next trip to any health food story carrying them!).

But I ended up pooping each day about every three hours--and, believe it or not, each time, I passed a snake that had to be at least 18 inches long and over an inch thick!!!

I have no idea where it was all coming from--unless I had some stuff backed up in there (lining the intestinal walls) and the flaxseed, extra fiber, etc. ended up cleaning me out.

Average color was usually golden-brown--and I noticed one time that the outside of the snake-of-the-occasion was decorated with glistening flaxseeds!!!

Anyway, I very well could have set up my own fertilizer business and laughed on the way to the bank during that three or four day period!!!

Messy clean-up, of course, but messy clean-up is usually normal for me because my texture is generally soft even when it's so solid that it stays together and slithers down the hole like a snake when I flush it.

Today, I had to poop bigtime again.

Yesterday, I'd managed not to have pooped even once, because I'd been so busy and just didn't feel like it (no urge).

But, today, it came out in a hurry.

Except for passing a sort of "blat!" kind of gas (one toot) before even arriving in the restroom, it wasn't a noisy session. Of course, being pretty quiet is also normal for me.

But I sat down, and out it came--the only telling sign that it had been in there for a long time being that I could feel mild discomfort as it stretched my ring to get out of there at one point.

But it came out very easily (not at all difficult to pass), anyway.

I was curious about how it, looked, and I saw that it was a medium-brown, and it looked like two medium-sized logs (perhaps seven or eight inches apiece) lying side-by-side in the down-the-hatch area (protruding from there).

My guess is that it had actually been one solid log between 14 and 16 inches that either bent or broke into two pieces when it sunk into the hole area.

Surprisingly, when I wiped, the paper had more of a colored water stain on it rather than any sort of messy solid residue. Just a sort of small area of what looked like a tea stain.

I wiped again, and little or nothing appeared on the toilet paper.

I followed this with two wipes cloths wetted down with very warm tap water and nothing at all showed up.

And I feel really clean down there now.

Anyway, I'm going to get some more of those flaxseed snacks and will let you now if I go back to what happened last week!

Oh yes! I was going to tell you some of my portapotty experiences, but I think I'll save that for another time and keep you anticipating!!!

Happy Pooping!
AJ :o)

Has Anyone ever been tickled so much they just let it all go out. Preferably in their a dult life but i don't really care. I was at a Birthday Party for a little girl. She was being tickled for a very long time by one of the adult guests. All of a sudden she wet herself. Id like to hear of a similar experience

Pee Stories Rock
I am new here. i found this site only today. a little bit about me. i am 14, female, from australia, long brown frizzy hair. i have 3 pee stories to tell you.

The first one was during school. i am in year 8 (im not sure what that is in american schooling.) anyway, we were in English during 6th period-last period of the day. my best friend Kirsty hadn't peed all day, and she's someone that usually pee's at least twice a day at school. we had to do 5 minute speeches on "romeo and Juliet". i could see that she was busting to go. she had her legs crossed, she was wriggling and she was using her spare hand to hold her crotch. i leant over and said to her "do u have to pee?" she said "yes". i told her to ask our teacher as he is really nice. then our teacher said "Kirsty its your go to do your speech." she got up and walked to the front of the class. she started her speech. she was crossing her legs and shifting her weight from foot to foot. i was really worried because i know how embarrasing it can be to piss yourself. she started holding her crotch. she stopped talking and leant over to the teachers desk. i heard her whisper "can i go to the toilet?" our teacher told her to finish her speech. she started talking againg but htis time her voice was starting to get wobbly-she was gonna cry. she crossed her legs and held her crotch and next thing i know i see her socks get wet and a small puddle on the floor. she started crying and ran out of the room. my teacher told me to go with her. i found her in the toilets. she refused to come out until hometime.

my next story happened just yesterday. i had heaps to drink for breakfast because i had Vegemite which makes me thirsty. i got to school and during 2nd period i had the urge to pee. i wriggled around a bit and held my crotch and the feeling went away. during our first recess break i totally forgot that i had to go and went back to class. during 4th period it hapened again. i was totally busting and i was wriggling in my seat and holding my crotch. my teacher came over and said to me "do you need to go to the toilet?" i get embarrased wen people ask me stuff like that so i said no. at lunchtime i was having too much fun and couldnt be bothered going. during 6th we were in the library. i was looking for a book with my friend Hayley. i said to her "oh my god i am so busting to pee!" i held my crotch and bent over. hayley started laughing and handed me a book caled 'toilet of doom" "thats not funny!" i sed to her. then i felt a trickle in my panties and i ran as fast as i could to the library toilets-i didnt even ask the teacher. wen i got in there i went in to a cubicle and hitched up my kilt. the seat had pee all over it but it was too late for me to go in to a different 1 so i stood there and peed on the floor. it felt so good to pee on the floor and im gonna do it again tomorrow!

I cant remember the last story so ill get back to u if i remember.

from Pee Stories Rock

NANCY -- Hi there. Glad to be of help with the enema thing.

Here goes: you can usually get a home enema kit from pharmacies, they should have a selection of types. Perhaps the most common is the gravity-feed type. Basially, you have what looks like a hot water bottle that hangs up, open-neck to the top (of course!), with a length of tubing attached to the bottom. At the end of the tube is a specially shaped nozzle and a spirng clip. The clip pinches the tube to hold the water flow back, you release it to start the flow, and clamp it once more to stop the flow. The nozzle is shaped so that once inside your bottom the natural "gripping" action of your anal sphincter will hold it in place rather than it popping it out again.

Ordinary warm water is fine, but you can add all sorts of things -- oil, glycerin, castile soap -- your chemist will probably have these things as well for the asking. You can check the water temperature by touch, if it feels just-warm to your finger it should be okay. Cold and you'll cramp painfully (besides the simple shock of the cold), too warm and it's a very un pleasant situation. But the right temperature and the problem goes away.

The nozzle should be lubricated, KY or some such is fine, many folks use vaseline. Slip it inside while lying down, and release the water flow. You'll feel the water move into you right away, and you can stop the flow as often as necessary if you feel bloating or discomfort. You'll also feel the nozzle warm up as it traps heat from the water going through it, a sensation many find really good! The idea is to take as much as you can before you just have to sit and expel. The kit will probably come with instructions too, including diagrams of a range of positions in which you can lie or crouch to help get the water where it'll do its magic. Some folks will take the full bag, then wait a while and do some exercises to thoroughly work the water through their ????. And if your constipation is stubborn, a series of enemas will be needed, just keep repeating the process until youve expelled the mass -- you'll know when it's away!

Afterward, clean the nozzle with hot soapy water -- it should be detachable from the hose for this purpose. Then dry the kit and put it away for next time.

Enemas are something that takes a bit of practice, you might have all sorts of drips and puddles at first, so it's a good idea to do them lying on a towel on the bathroom floor. I always say, as to whether having an enema is a good or bad experience, that how it's accepted is as least as important as how it's given (at an emotional level, and assuming you have help, or are helping another). Communication is important, talk to your sweetie while you're helping him, ask what he's feeling and if he's coping, and be ready to slow things down if he's uncomfortable. You may find that after a little hesitancy he finds the experience not disagreeable, and the relief of the constipation is its own reward. If he has developed a "lazy bowel" he may appreciate a regular cleaning out, as indeed you may yourself! Many folks would tell you that mutual cleansing is one of the more amazing bonding experiences of the human condition. There are folks who use them every day, but I can't help feeling that's overdoing it, as it washes friendly bacteria out of your gut along with the poop.

I hope this is helpful, and I look forward to hearing how things go. If you need extra advice, just ask!

Keep making rainbows in the ravine!


Linda from Australia here again. I've been a bit busy lately so I haven't been able to submit any good poo stories. I have a few good ones that are worth a mention:

Last week my house mate's brother and Mum stayed here for a few days. On Thursday night, after I got home from work, I went into the toilet to do a wee and to take a dump. I had let out some hard turds that morning but I could still feel a big log in my anus. Before I sat down on the toilet, I noticed something brown sitting in the bbowl, under the water. I had a closer look and there was a gigantic turd sitting on the bottom of the bowl. It was about the width of my wrist and it looked like a brick - it had a rectangular shape to it. It was very long too, although I couldn't see the entire length of it because some of it had disappeared to the back of the bowl. It was a light brown colour and I could see a few bits of corn imbedded in it. It looked like it was rock solid too. I sat on the toilet and did my wee, then I pushed out some soft turds, wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I could still see the huge turd sitting in the toilet. I flushed the toilet and waited for the water to settle, the big turd didn't even go down, it just stayed in the same place.

I'm not sure who it was that had to squeeze out that massive log. It definitely wasn't me!! My house mate is a big girl so maybe it was her - she never talks about her toilet habits and I never ask her about them either (we never discuss our toilet habits with each other). Whoever it was, it would have been a marathon pushing that monster out - I never did hear anyone groaning or grunting as the toilet isn't exactly sound proof at my place.

Here is another poop story:

Last night I had lots of vegetables with dinner and all night I was farting in bed. When I got up in the morning, I went into the toilet and pushed out several small turds. Then about an hour later, I pushed out several more turds, the toilet bowl was full of small, skinny logs. About 20 minutes later, I squeezed out several more skinny turds. This happened all before I ate breakfast and usually I have to eat breakfast to get my poop moving.

Me Tis. I've certainly had plenty of experience of the diuretic effects of caffeine and coffee certainly makes me need to pee. However, I've never really found it to have a laxative effect - although it may affect some people in that way. If you're a bit bunged up a hot drink or two of any kind, not necessarily tea or coffee, is likely to loosen things up a little and make going easier.

Niki. The symptoms you describe - wind coupled with constipation - are quite normal and they're not something I'd worry about unduly. Have you made any changes to your diet recently? Dietary changes can sometimes cause those symptoms. Occasionally I eat dried fruit as an alternative to less 'healthy' snacks and I invariably find that it causes constipation for a day or two until my system's got used to the idea and I also end up being able to fart for England without being able to pass anything much in the way of solids.

Ann. Hi. Liked your post. I can understand you being reluctant to go for a #2 at someone else's house. For what it's worth I'm not keen on doing #2's away from home and try to arrange things so that it's not necessary most of the time. However there are occasions when it's a case on 'needs must' and given a choice between going for a poo on someone else's loo and doing it in my pants I'd always do the former.

Best wishes

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Me Tis
Fernando -

caffeine is a laxative. Some people have had serious intestinal problems from trying to stay up all night when they aren't used to drinking huge amounts of caffeine. It does have a few diuretic effects (tannic acid, I believe?), but they're usually outweighed by the laxative effects. Especially since you're drinking a liqiud to begin with ;)

I nearly had a bad accident today. It was cool! The thing is that I ate too many slices of pizza (more than my lactaid can handle I guess) last night, so I've been having a problem with diarrhea today (doing much better now). I had had two explosions in the toilet, one this morning, and one a few hours later. Then, I was talking to one of my friends on the phone, when without thinking, I began to let out a silent fart. But, instead of just the fart escaping, I felt liquid diarrhea begin to escape so I quickly grabbed my butt cheeks with one hand, phone in the other hand, and interrupted what my friend was saying, and said to her, "Sorry to interrupt but I gotta go. I'm having stomach problems." She was like, "Oh really? Ok. You better go and take care of that." So I quickly hung up the phone and ran into the bathroom. As soon as I sat down, I noticed that none of the diarrhea had touched my panties yet. Then it all exploded into the toilet. It was somewhat liquidy and brown.

Last night just before I went to bed, my stomach started to feel a little full and I felt a slight urge to poop. I went to the bathroom and had a small poop, and my stomach felt better so I went to bed. This morning after I ate breakfast, my stomach started to feel weird and rumble like I needed to go again. I tried to poop but didn't really have to, and went to work anyway even though my stomach was still uncomfortable. I had been there for an hour or so when I started having cramps and my ???? was making noises again. Thinking I was going to have a day of diarrhea, I took the rest of the day off and came home. All day I have had cramps and gas and pressure in my ????, but no poop! I don't really feel constipated and since I went last night, I don't think that's the problem. Does anyone else have this problem with lots of gas and a stomach ache?

Jimmy T
When I was about 15, I spent a lot of time at my best friend's house, just hanging out. He had two older sisters, Leigh, 19, and Emma who was 17 then. We never saw much of Leigh, since she was a college student and seldom home. Emma was home a lot, and I saw a lot of her, but I don't think she saw much of me or her brother (Sonny). To her, we were mere children, barely worthy of her notice. Of course I had an insane crush on her and thought she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen.

One Sunday afternoon Sonny and I were watching the Dodger game on TV when I suddenly had to pee. I jumped up and headed for the house's lone bathroom only to find the door closed and locked. A light tap on the door triggered an angry outburst in Emma's voice: "Get outa here! I'm going to the bathroom."

I didn't answer, and started to walk away, but I really had to go -- bad. To give myself a head start, I ended up creeping back down the hallway until I was standing just outside the bathroom door, silently shifting my weight back and forth as my need became more urgent.

Emma must have thought whoever had knocked on the door was gone, as it wasn't long before I heard a series of low moans (ladylike grunts?) followed by the unmistakable plopping noise of turds dropping into the toilet. A little later, she farted twice -- each one lasting at least three seconds. Finally, there came the sounds of the toilet paper roller, the soft repetitive shushing as she wiped herself, and the slow gurgling of the toilet. I don't know if it was just because all of this was coming from the object of my unrequited affection, or if it just meant there was something wrong with me, but listening in on Emma's BM had me more aroused than I could ever remember.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Emma stepped through it and into the hall. I ran past her into the bathroom, tugging at my fly even as I reached for the door to close it behind me. To my surprise, Emma jumped back and held the door, preventing me from closing it, and she began to scream at me. "What are doing here, Jimmy? You can't go in there right now! Get out of here."

Emma may have been older, but I was bigger and stronger than her, and managed to push her back and close the door in her face. "I'm sorry, but I have to go!" I yelled.

I lifted the lid on the toilet and got my fly open just in time to avoid wetting my pants. The toilet hadn't done a very good job of flushing Emma's BM, and two substantial turds were bobbing in the bowl. The air in the little room was heavy with her odor, and as I added my liquid contribution to the porcelain cauldron, my erection returned with a vengeance. I was so hard, it was all I could do to keep my urine stream flowing in a downward direction.

Two minutes later, I'd finished and opened the door to leave. I'm sure I must have gasped when I saw Emma standing there, her hands on her hips, glaring daggers at me.

"Why did you have to go barging in there?" she demanded.

"What? I had to go really bad. What's the matter?" I could see she was angry, but I was totally in the dark as to why.

"What's the *matter*?" her voice rising. "Couldn't you at least wait until the air cleared out a little? Were you in *that* big of a hurry?"

"Well I really had to go, but I'm sorry if I made you mad, Emma." And then, perhaps because she was really upset, and without even thinking about it, I added, "But gosh, don't worry about the smell. I really like it."

"What? You like the smell of poop?" She wrinkled her nose as if I was the one who smelled.

"Well, not anybody else's," I confessed, "but I like yours."

In the space of a few seconds, her face reflected a whole range of emotions, finally ending in an amused smile and a shake of her head.

For the next three years, until I joined the service, Emma teased me about that day every chance she got. If she would go to the bathroom for any reason and I was at their house, she never failed to call me, "Jimmy! I'm done! Better come check it out!" Me, I would laugh along with her, but every time, I'd come and take a big exaggerated sniff. Yeah, I suppose there *was* something wrong with me. Still is.

To Michael explosive diarrhea:

The reason you shit like you do is because your diet does not agree with your system. Rent the movie "Super Size Me" so you can see what a McDonald's diet will do to your system. Anytime you eat something that your body cannot process, you will have a shit attack like that. Try to eat healthier.

Ferret Girl what an awesome name I am a huge fan of ferrets

Recently in my new school I have always waited until gym 5th period to use the bathroom. I never was shy before but there isn't even a divider between the urinals that are only about 5 inchs away from eachother. I really enjoy your new bedwetting stories. I always sort of wish i could just piss my pants without consequences. Like if the world around you was frozen in time. Last year I had strep throat. I was to weak to even easily get around the house. I had to go to the bathroom at around 1 pm because I was too weak to hold it in. When i got to the toilet, the urge stopped. So I tried to push it out. I grunted and moaned in agony. It took me about half an hour to finish. When i was done i was really tired. I've never had sucha painful dump before.

Wireless girl
well i just got wireless internet, so i thought i would give you a real time play by play. I havent gone to the bathroom all day, and i havent shit in like...3 days...and...right now i have to so just sitting here on the toilet...trying to get it out....

im gonna push a little, here comes a nice soft it comes....trying not to but im peeing a little to...ohhh........there it is splash......peeing some more now...this feels so good...I can tell the rest isn't going to be that easy....

im pushing harder, straining...and its coming really having to strain for this one....i can feel it finally coming...its been about 3 mins....of pushing...the tip is out..i can feel comes some of it...plop into the water....oh wow my stomach just gergeled and then out splahed this none stop amount of so glad you guys are here for this one...I think I just dropped 10 pounds!! That felt so good....

Well here I am. Tight nylon panties full of wet poop. Tight jeans to help hold it toghther. I dare not sit as it is as being held in my panties quiet well.

farrowlani would've been cool if I really did have an accident....

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