Hi everyone, I'm Nellandra and this is my first time posting, although I've been a lurker for about five months. For a quick description, I'm 15, 4'11", rather slender, with long, dark brown, wavy hair and blue eyes.
I have a few stories, but since I am on a library computer, I'll only post two short stories.
The first takes place nine years ago, when I was six. I've taken ballet since I was 2 1/2, and am a very serious dancer. Anyway, there were about 9 little girls in the class, and we had a standard 'dress code' of a white leotard and pink tights. Well, I particularly remember one girl named Judee, who was very bratty and selfish. Even the instructor didn't like her too much. One afternoon, we were working on plies in fifth position when Judee (at the front of the barre, like always) lets out this MASSIVE fart that everyone heard clear as day. We all looked at her, she tosses her little blonde hair and says petulantly, "I didn't do it!". So we continued exercises, and at one point the girl behind me, McKenna, elbows me in the back and points. I followed her finger- and what did I see, none other than perfect little Judee with a large brown lump in the back of her leotard. Then the whole room began to smell. We actually had to move into a different room for class while Judee's mom came to take her home. She showed up for two classes or so after that, then stopped coming all together. Can't say I blame her.
The other story was two years ago, on the way back from a visit to my aunt's house. As I have two minutes left, I'll make this one quick. My little brother Daniel, then eight, was sitting next to me when all of the sudden there's a loud (and I mean LOUD) hissing sound, and his pants are totally soaked. My mom got really mad at him for not saying he had to go.
I'll post again soon, love ya! *Nellie*

during english class today i needed to pee so i was walking to the bathroom and there was another friend there, and in the hall there is this 12th grader who i HATE. she is talking to a teacher i like about an essay she wrote, and suddenly she throws up on the teacher and starts having terrible diarrhea in her pants! I was laughing so hard that i almost had an accident myself, and my friend DID have an accident, and it was poop!


I had a pretty humbling experience over the weekend. I was at a club, and I really, really, really had to take a shit. I rushed into the mens room, and it was packed with guys. To make matters worse, the toilet was out in the open, no stall or anything. But I was about to shit my pants, so...

I waited my turn, as most guys were pissing. I prayed that the seat wouldn't be covered in piss, and, amazingly, the seat was up and guys had pretty good aim. I did notice, however, there was no TP. I really, had no choice at this point, so I just hoped it wouldn't be too messy a shit. I lowered the seat and started unbuckling my belt, and pushed my jeans down, just far enough. As soon as I sat on the toilet, the other guys in the bathroom looked at me like I was about to set off a hand grenade. They could not believe I was going to take a shit.

I pushed and a massive semi-soft load oozed out of my ass. I averted my eyes, as I had no desire to look into the eyes of guys starting at me while I was on the toilet with shit coming out of me. Finally, I was done. I flushed the toilet, then stood up. My ass felt pretty gross, but by then I just wanted to get out of there. I washed my hands quickly and went back to the bar.

When I got home several hours later, I had forgotten all about not wiping my ass. When I took my underpants off, I was briefly surprised to see a big shit streak on the seat. I think my girlfriend was pretty grossed out. "Did you shit your pants?" she asked. I said no, I took a shit at the club and there was no TP.

I hopped in the shower and got wahsed off. Pretty humiliating, shitting in front of ten guys, then displaying my dirty underwear to my girlfriend.

Shy Dude
Hi... Haven't posted for a while, and wanted to provide an update on my progress in getting accustomed to using open toilets. Well, I've had a number of opportunities to go in and sit down on an open can, and am now much calmer and more comfortable with the more "spacious" environment. On several occasions people came in to use the urinal, and to my surprise they seemed more embarassed than I was. We never spoke, but it seems when they saw me they hurriedly did their business and left. Last Sunday I was finally able to have a sizable dump in a toilet that had no door, and no real stall to speak of, just a partition between it and the urinals. I was surprised that I didn't feel any shame or embarassment at the time, but it felt really weird though, kind of hard to explain. Afterwards, when I went for a stroll through the park I was in at the time, I did feel a sense of shame for a while. It was like the very trees and bushes were scolding me for what I had done. This sounds silly now, but that's how it felt. I did recognize this feeling, though, as just a symptom of first breaking free from an old childhood "taboo", as I had experienced similar feelings when freeing myself from other such ridiculous social fetters (e.g. wearing a white T-shirt in public). The solution, I know, is to do this again, and again, and again... until it just becomes second nature and I don't even give it a thought. Anyway sorry for the tract and thanks for all the emotional support. Take care.

Shy Dude

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Uriah Heep
New post name. Prior tish-tish. Comes from Charles Dickens. Well, to story: years ago had a 17 year old step daughter who loved to discuss her BM's in public. She attractive tom boyish brunette. Once she warned dinner company of "vapors" from her bathroom event. Another time she asked roomfull of guests why cigarette smoke caused her to have loose stool. But best was when she needed to use bedroom loo reserved for wife and myself. Loo two stages removed from main house: by master bedroom, and my office. Sarah (her make believe name) scampered into office while I at work with hands clutched behind her back just above ass and rocking from foot to foot. "I have to have a BM and mom is sitting in the other bathroom...she said she may be awile, and to use yours." I said fine, but to let me check room for grub and stuff. Took five seconds to put seat down for Sarah and as quick afterthought straighten toilet paper roll. She
more desparate than I knew, and careered round corner from office just as I called okay. We side stepped as I exited loo, and she shoved door half closed. This left me only a foot or two outside the loo (eg, in the bedroom) with half open door while Sarah dropped her pants and got on the toilet. She didn't seem to care!! Right, I couldn't see much with door still hiding most of toilet bowl, but still enough that my feet felt nailed to the floor. Shadows & slip shots let me see the right flank of her nice creamy butt settling on the seat and her blouse pull up to expose more of her flank as she leaned forward and sighhed "ahhh...". All this happened very, very quickly; certainly less than eight seconds. Like I said, I was trapped by the speed and intensity of it all. I reaaly wanted to be somewhere else, but somehow the duel passion of knowing my lovely looking wife was sitting on the toilet there, and my step daughter here, was just too much! A lot of reality hit in those short moments. First, Sarah didn't really need to go; second, she had the timing down pat to make a BM ritual into erotica; third, she knew she had me trapped. It was a game. But I had to play (at least for the few seconds she had planned). The give away was the silence after that "ahhh..." No keplop or splashes; just two seconds worth of piss, then no sound at all. She was listening for me, like I was listening for her. I coughed a bit
and fumbled with a lamp. It said "just tidying up
on my way out...". She
sighed a bit, and russled her unbuckled belt as if to say "...fine, but I may be awhile". I got back to work in the office. Five minutes later Sarah came back through. "Thanks!" she said with a big smile. I nodded. I heard
the toilet flush from the other bathroom. My lovely looking wife came in to give me an exceptionally big kiss.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say something with my survey. I forgot my f???ing catchphrases.

A few months ago, I think it was in August or July, forgot which, I'd just been shopping with my mum in Leeds. It was just a few days after my Birthday. When we were heading back to the car i felt the enormous need to shit. So we had to run to the car because I knew it was going to be very bad. So then we rushed home. Its a half hour ride from Leeds to my house, but I'm gonna dissapoint all of you by saying that I didn't crap myself. I made it, but I only managed to crap out several very stringy turds (this was before my constipation) which stunk bad. It took a bit of wiping.

Oh yeah, and listen to cradle of filth. Add that to my other message

And a double cheers, Taylor

Well I had an interesting poop experience two days ago at school. See, this one building, the women's bathroom had one stall (plus a shower stall). But here's the thing, when I went into the stall, I was in for a surprise. Instead of one toilet, there were two side by side a little about four feet apart with no wall in between. I think there used to be a wall because could kind of see marks of where the stall wall would've been. It was cool. It was like my dreams where there are no stalls, just toilets. So, I sat down on the one that was closest to the shower stall and proceeded to take a dump. I gave a few pushes and out came my poop. I pulled some tp, wiped my butt, stood up and looked at the poop...not too big yet not too small. It went down the toilet hole. I looked at both toilets to capture the memory of me taking a crap in a stall that had two toilets. It was awesome. I wish I had a camera.

Hi I'm Ann,17, black hair. I was at my friend's house for her birthday and I felt a poop urge. I said I had to go to the bathroom. I went it. I never pooped in my friends house before it was kinda wierd. I pulled down my jeans and underwear and with one push it all came out in three pieces with a crackling sound. I estimate all three pieces put together would equal about a 6" log. The main turd was about 4 inches and two little ones each about 1 each.

AJ :o)
I'm going to give you the short-form now--which is that I went through two or three days of producing some very amazing poops during this past week.

Today, I have to leave, and the rest of the weekend, I'm having some work done on my computer, so, sometime Sunday night or Monday morning, I'll be back with all of the details.

I've been noticing a lot of porta potty stories around here and can hardly wait to share some of my own--not just about porta potties but, also, about some filthy and/or difficult NON-porta-potties.

Don't even get me started now, because I don't have time.

Just wanted to warn you that the long-form details will be coming--and, though this wasn't originally meant to be a pun, there will be some very long forms involved (will let you guess what the forms were formed out of--LOLOLOL)!!!

AJ :o)

Hey Tim: great story about your friend taking a shit while you were in the bath tub. He seems like a really cool guy. It's great that he stood up to let you see that giant turd. Hey did he wipe his ass while you were watching? You didn't mention that. Hey let us know if you get to see him using the shitter again during his stay with you.

Morning,fellow poopers-Had a GREAT co-ed poop experience yesterday morning that was really fun-I was out biking and it was a bit cloudy and cool out so when I had the fullness of my morning Bm coming on,i went to this bathroom out by a public park-now i've used this restroom a few times before and they are very clean and is not frequented by any weirdos or anything.Anyway,i get to the bathroom and by now i really gotta go pretty good, so i go in to the stall(there are 2 stalls)and I take the one over by the wall cause it's ight next to the ladies room and in the past when I've used this bathroom,i've heard thru the wall the sounds of ladies doing their thing(peeing mostly-i only heard a BM once)anyway,i get undressed and sit on the bowl and I had to go so bad that as I was sitting,i let out a long hissing fart as i could feel my anus opening up top let out my morning stuff.Man it felt so good as a nice long rope of poop exited my domed anus into the bowl that I let out a moan of relief!It came out pretty fast and in a few seconds, it was out as I looked between my legs and saw a nice long,smooth turd that looked like one of those Italian sausages wrapped around the bowl-god that felt super and just as i started to pee,the door opened and I heard someone say"hello,Hello,Is anyone in here?"and i realised it was a ladie's voice and I'm wondering why she is opening the door to the men's room and then i heard her say when she realized someone was in there"listen the ladies room is locked and there's a sign that say's it's out of order,would you mind if I use the other stall"i thought WOW,this is too good to be true as I responded by saying " sure,if you don't mind,I dont' mind-you see there's something about being in a stall and keeping your idenity hidden that made me feel "hey what the hell"So,she comes into the bathroom and she has a bike with her-now the stall i'm in is and bigger stall and I bring my bike in with me,but the stall she goes to is smaller and she say's "excuse me,could i put my bike outside your stall,ther's no room for it in this one" I say"sure,i'll just be careful not to knock it over when i open the door"so she puts the bike in front of my stall and she goes into the stall right next to me-Now I'm going nutz about this cause whan she put the bike in front of my stall,i looked out and saw she was about 30-35 and pretty and looked like she was in great shape-This was a dream come true for me!!so as she is in the stall and starts to clean off the seat,she starts talking to me and she says"I so sorry to burst in here,but i can't believe the ladies room is locked and it's kind of an emergency" and just then i start to feel part 2 of my BM filling up my rectum and I'm thinking should I hold it and wait till she leaves,but then I decided to see what she was going to do,so she finally sits on the bowl as she pulls down her biking shorts all the way to her feet and right away she starts to pee like a racehorse as she lets out a slight moan of relief and of course,I'm loving every minute of it!Then I decide to just let out my BM to join in and I let out a wet fart and I decided to just let it come out on it's own without pushing to minimize the noise. Just then I heard her say in a laughing tone"Oh Good,i'm glad to hear you do that cause that's what i have to do next and I would have been sooo embarrased to do that by myself"Then I heard her shift on the bowl a bit and then I heard her grunt a bit and then let out 2 tight farts followed by a hissing one that went on for about 10 seconds and at that point I decided to let out the rest of my BM as my anus opened up and I let out some soft turds that Plop,plop plop ploped into the bowl and she said"That dunkin donuts coffee does it to me every time-sound like you had some too"and we both snickred a bit.Then i heard from her the crackling along with some hissing gas and this went on and on as I could hear her grunting slightly-Boy,i thought-this girl is doing a good one 2 feet away from me,so i decided to join in and let out another wet fart and both our buttholes were in harmony!Now you know I'm in nurvana over this whole thing!!i can't tell you guys how long I waited for a moment like this!!Nothing like buddy-pooping with a pretty lady!!Then I felt done as I just sat there enjoying the whole experience!then I heard her let out another fart and then i heard a lot of loose stuff come out of her butt as she grunted into what sounded like relief and then she said"Oh man, I really had to do that-i'm so sorry about barging in on you lie this" I said"Hey I don't care if you don't,but I have to admit this is a first for me,but it was kinda fun" she laughed and said "you know, you're right,it was kinda neat"now I'm thinking hey maybe she enjoyed this almost as much as I which really turned me on!Then I started to wipe myself and she says"Are you done?"I said"yup.I feel 5 lbs lighter!" and she laughed and then I heard her let out another wet fart and let out what sounded like the tail end of her wonderful BM.Then she starts to wipe herself and she says"don't you hate those messy wipes after a coffee shit? I said"well i use those wet-wipes and they really help to clean up things nicely"then she say's "hey Can I have one of those?"So I say "sure" and I lean over to my right and hand one over to her under her stall and she takes it out of my hand and as she is doing that she kinda hold my hand for about 3 seconds and I loved every second of it!!then she opens it and I hear her wiping and she says"wow these things ARE great-i feel totally clean!"I said "Yeah to me they are the best"Then she starts to get herself together and just before she flushes the bowl she says"God I hope this all goes down" and laughs and I say" hey,if this bowl can handle mine,it will handle yours' and she flushes the bowl and says"hey you're right-it all went down-so you did a good dump too?"i said "I always do a good dump in the morning"then she says"hey that was fun-too bad they don't have Co-ed bathrooms like they do in Europe-I've used the ones over there and that's probably why I'm sort of at ease doing this with a guy"Then she opened the door and came over to get her bike and looked in at me and glanced right into my eyes as I'm sitting on the bowl and says"Hey have a great day-it was great talking to you in a bit of a strange moment -hope you didn't mind too much" I said"No not at all-it was an interesting experience for me as well-have a great day"and she walked I finished up my wiping and looked in the bowl and saw a bunch of stuff and wondered if this would all go down-it was one of my good morning loads-then finished cleaning up and along with a few other things(you guys figure it out!)And then got dressed and headed out and as I was biking down the trail,i looked for this girl,but she was gone with the wind!I should have asked her out-imagine someone saying "where did you guys meet-?"In the toilet!! ( lol)-MAN.that was a truelly great experience for me_I thing she enjoyed it as much as I did which really made the meeting even more fun!!Well,i'm a happy guy now!Hope this wasn't too long but i wanted to get all the details-All I can say is WOW!--hope you guys enjoyed the story! !Have a good day and great stories,all esp the outdoor pooping stories from all you ladies!! BYE

Any stories about girls watching their guys take a dump? Watched and listened?

hey i'm miguel. i've kind of had an interest in girls having accidents since i was little, but i've only been a witness two times, but they were good.

when i was in ninth grade there was this girl Lindsay who sat behind me in math. a few days a week she used to raise her hand and ask to go to the bathroom during class, and when she left she never came back sooner than five minutes. no one really talked about it or said anything but occassionally someone would mutter a comment like "did you fall in?" or "have a nice dump?" well one day we were taking a test. we only had 40 minute classes that year (55 now) and we usually had to get started on tests right away. Well about 15 minutes into class, i could hear Lindsay behind my fidgeting around, and occassionally i felt her lightly kick the back of my chair. At one point i got a little irritated and i turned around and looked at her. She looked very miserable, when i looked her face was scrunched up and she was leaning all the way over her desk and her free arm was in her lap. I turned back around and continued on my test, but i had this fear that she was about to throw up all over my back or something. Anyway, i carried on and she continued fidgeting and kicking my chair, and then even making short little grunt-like sounds, but they were just like quick breaths. when there was 5 minutes left in the period, i suddenly heard her pencil drop down onto her desk and i turned slightly to look at her again and her hand shot up. The teacher walked to her desk and i heard her urgently say "can i go to the bathroom???" with almost no breath. he said "did you finish your test?" and she went "YES i'm finished!" and he said "okay hurry up" and right when she stood up, she ripped this very loud, bubbly fart. everyone looked up from their test and looked at her and she was turning red all over. she put her hand on her butt and started walking out of the classroom, but she didn't stop farting the whole way and there was a wet spot on her butt and a little bulge. after she left she never came back to class, but probably just because there were only 3 minutes left, and then she wasn't in school for the rest of the week. no one really said anything to her when she got back, but the word got around and some people had told other people that she crapped her pants on the way to the bathroom. it was pretty obvious to everyone in my math class that she did though, because of the farting and the stain on her butt. i don't know if the wetness was because she peed herself too or because it was diahrrea. but in any case, that girl definitely messed in her pants.

The other incident was last year in 11th grade. I was on the Ski team (which was also for snowboarders) but we called it ski team anyway. I snowboard. Anyway, we took two trips a month during snowboard season to mountains and resorts not too far away, but in early march every year there is a weekend long trip to somewhere really good that's kind of far away. We went to Whiteface that year in Lake Placid. I live in Maryland so it was about a 9-hour drive. Only about 45-50 kids went because it's an expensive trip, so we took one chartered bus. well unfortunatley it wasn't a very good bus and the rest room on it didn't have a latch, so the door swung open when the bus was moving so they had it bolted shut and we couldn't use it. to compensate for it, we were to have two rest stops instead of one. they figured high schoolers can control their bladders and what have you well enough to handle it. well, most of us could. 3 and a half hours into the trip we had our first Rest stop somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania. It wasn't bad, we had 45 minutes to go to the bathrooms and get food and buy anything we might need at the shop and get snacks for the trip and to have in our hotel rooms if we hadn't packed enough in the first place. well as it usually is, the girls bathroom line was a lot longer than the guys. infact the guys didn't have much of a line at all. the line at the girls bathroom was already long when we got there and 15 of the 20 or so girls who were on our bus just made it longer. it wasn't so bad for them, i think most of them got into the bathroom except for two or three girls who gave up waiting and decided they could hold it until the next rest stop when we got into New York state. One of the girls was this pretty girl named Tara who was a grade below me and she was sitting in the seat across the aisle from me on the bus. I took notice that she had to go to the bathroom and had given up on the line and planned to hold it until the next stop, so i was praying for signs of desperation during the ride. she was wearing a light colored pair of courderoy pants, like a beige or off white color and she were tight on her butt and she looked great in them, so they added to the excitement. after a while we got back on the bus, and got going. for most of the time you couldn't even tell she had to go, she was jsut fine and carried on, which was boring for me. it wasn't until about 2 hours after we left the rest stop and had another hour and half until the next one. at that point she really started to sit tight and not talk to the girl sitting with her and she was looking somewhat concerned. i just kept trying to subtely keep an eye on her. every few minutes or so she would bounce her left leg up and down impatiently for a few seconds then stop. i could tell she really had to go. it was great. the best part was though was when i heard her turn to her friend and say 'omg i really gotta pee how long until the next stop?' her friend didn't know, so her friend yelled up to the ski club advisor and asked. he talked to the driver for a couple of seconds then he got on the intercom thing and told everyone on the bus that it was about another hour and 20 minutes until the next stop. the two girls looked at eachother and Tara looked more upset, and her friend said "are you gonna be okay?" and Tara said "i hope so....i really gotta go." it was great. i was too impatient though, i wished she was at the end right there and was having and accident, but i carried on and just listened and watched. the same thing happened for the next 40 minutes or so, she just whined every couple of minutes about how bad she had to go and she wiggled around in her seat. then it got good. i had looked away for a couple of minutes, but then i heard her whimper and sniffle. i looked and she was crying and had her hands in her lap. her friend kept saying "Tara come on we only have a half hour left you'll be ok" and Tara kept crying and said "i don't think i can hold it.." my heart started to beat a littler faster than and i got pretty absorbed int he whole thing and i'm not sure i was being very inconspicuous as i gazed at her. she started crying a little bit more and she pressed her knees together and lifted her feet off the floor. i looked and wondered if it was happening, and then i saw it. her pants were turning a darker color right along her thigh and under her butt and the dark stain was spreading down her legs and pee started to drip on the floor. she cried hard and her friend tried hugging her. it was amazing. it was so much better than when Lindsay messed herself in 9th grade because i didn't even realize what was going on then, then it just happened and was done. But i was there since the very beginning of Tara's problem, and now i got to watch her lose her control and completely pee her pants. when she was down she relaxed a little bit and then just cried quietly and she put her legs down and relaxed her body. the dark wet stain covered her lap and i could see it far down on the inside of her thighs, and coming up onto her hips from under her butt on the seat. it was also down the back of her legs all the way and on the insides and her feet were in the puddle she made which was starting to run down toward the front of the bus. all i could think was "god that's a lot of pee, and she did it all in her pants!"

that was the best moment of my life.

My aunt has to be the cruelest person on the face of this earth. I stayed with my aunt this summer while my parents were on vacation in Europe. Its pretty cool because my cousin Matt is the same age as me (14) so we hang out. One Friday night Matt and I went for pizza and we slipped out with out paying the bill. We went home watched TV and went to bed. Seven O'clock the next morning my aunt pulled me and my cousin out of our beds and yanked us to the living room. Much to our surprise there was the owner of the pizza place sitting on the couch.. What we didn't know was he and my aunt were good friends. My aunt was furious. She asked us to pay the man the $25 we owed him but we spent all the money last night on a bunch crap. My aunt got her purse and paid the man then she come over yanked down our shorts and gave us three swats each with a wooden spoon across our bare butts. I was totally humiliated both the pizza guy and my cousin saw my bare ass.

But it doesn't stop there. As our punishment we were to stand in the corner all day till dark and then go to bed. After about an hour or two I really wanted to sit down but worse than that I had to pee, I didn't have a chance to do my morning pee and it was wanting to come out. I yelled to my aunt I had to go and for a while she just ignored me and went about with house cleaning. After another hour I pleaded with her I needed to pee. Just as she was going to let me go my cousin started crying out "its not fair, its not fair, She can sit down and take a break but I can't" Well I thought to myself too bad too sad you can't change nature, I sit to pee, he stands that's how it works, but my aunt saw it different. She came back with a mason jar and a box of tissues and said I could use this. I told her she was crazy, I have only peed sitting on a toilet. She told me I lost my privilege to sit on the toilet when I walked the bill.

I refused to go in front of my cousin less into a jar. I pleaded with her to let me go to the toilet. She said what ever I had to do it was going to be in that corner. Then my aunt said if I peed my pants I was getting 10 swats with the spoon. I waited another hour and that was about all I could take I told my cousin not to look but he just smiled with anticipation. I pulled my shorts and my panties down to my ankles and held the jar between my legs There I was bare bottom in the living room with Matt's eyes burning a hole on my ass. I started to pee and I was going down my leg, I quickly pressed the jar next to me to stop the leak, but I filled up the jar in a matter of seconds, I called out for my aunt or anyone to help me I needed something else and quick . It started to over flow a little and I tried so hard to shut of the flow and I managed to for a little I cried and pleaded for another container and my privates were burning because I needed to resume the rest of the flow. My aunt never answered my calls for help and I couldn't hold it the pee went everywhere on the wall down my leg back to my butt. I peed all over my shorts and panties crying in the process, While I peed my aunt came in and screamed "what are you doing, my carpet my carpet' As I was peeing she was spanking me with the spoon
I finally finished and it was a mess. She told me to step out of my shorts and undies. Then she gave me a washcloth to clean my legs and told me since I cant pee like a big girl I was going to stand there without any pants or undies.

There I stood all day, Uncle Matt came home along with a few of my aunts friends and there I was in all my glory. When it was all over 9pm My aunt told us to get ready for bed I had to pee again but so did Matt. We both raced to bathroom where he beat me and what does he to but sit on the toilet and smile. I said c'mon Matt I need to pee, he said too bad this is OCCUPIED. I was tempted to sit on his lap but I opted for the tub instead. God it felt so good to sit and pee, but what does he do to me but get up and take the TP with him . I had about all I could take for one day. I took one of aunts decorator towels and used it to clean myself, walked out still naked from waste down and into our room , farted on Matt and climbed into my bed. I spent the next day scrubbing the carpet. I did however get my revenge, a couple weeks later we were packing boxes of winter clothes up in the attic, I opened up one of the boxes which held my aunt's expensive fur coat. You guessed it I hiked up my dress and lowered the panties and sat my ass on that soft fur and let loose. Just wait till this winter is she going to get a surprise.

Gina: About your last post, keep trying. i tryed yesterday AND i wasnt to sucsessful. but today i held it in and tryed in the tub, YAY! I ONLY DRIPPED A LITTLE DOWN MY LEG! i figured i needed to keep pushing pressure and i wouldnt taper down. need advice? im still working on my aim but im not giving up.

ever noticed how there sometime seem to be people who have accidents, but just act casual and hope no one notices?

there was this girl i went to school with from kindergarten until 7th grade named maggie, and she was like that. she was a cute little fairskinned girl with brown hair and blue eyes. i remember in 4th grade one time, she was wearing a little light blue dress that was short. it was raining that day and we had indoor recess, and a lot of kids were drawing on the chalkboard. i was standing next to her, and for a few seconds she stopped drawing and i heard sort of a rumbling and like..clapping sound. i looked at her and her face was all red and she looked at me, then just carried on drawing. then there was a smell. i thought she had just farted, but a few moments later she had knocked the eraser on the floor, and when she leaned to pick it up i saw up the back of her dress, and she had white undies on with a bump on her bottom and a brown stain. she actually pooped her underwear and just acted like nothing happened for the rest of class. a few other times throughout the day when i was near her i could smell the poop. no other kids seemed to say anything until toward the end of the day, a girl named natalie told our teacher that maggie pooped her underwear, and a lot if kids laughed and maggie said that she didn't. the teacher asked her to go out in the hallway with her. i guess the teacher looked up the back of her dress to check her underwear, because she came back in and told us she sent maggie to the office.

in 6th grade we went on a field trip to the museum of natural history in new york. maggie sat across the aisle and one seat ahead of me on the bus going there. about a half an hour into the ride, i saw her with her butt raised off of the seat and a big bulge was growing in her pants. i turned my head away quickly and i said to my friend kyle "god maggie is crapping her pants!" kyle looked again and said "ehh!" and turned away too. i looked over too her again, and she was still raised off the seat and the bulge was still growing. i thought she was going to get up and go tell the teacher, but instead she sat back down and mooshed the poop in her pants! it was disgusting! she never said anything to anyone, but everyone knew she pooped her pants. she walked around the whole museum like that, acting casual. everyone could see the big bulge in the back of her jeans too.

finally, in 7th grade, i went to a school dance one night. at the dance there was a thing we did called "mix and match" where all the boys put their nameso n blue slips and put them in one bin and the girls put their names on pink slips and put them in another bin. at the end the chaperones would pick names from the bins and match up pairs who had to dance together. a lot of kids did it. anyway, my friend TJ got paired with maggie. after the end of the dance, TJ came up to me and our other friends Kyle and Christy and said "god maggie smelled like crap, literally. i seriously think she crapped her panties." it was all believable to me and kyle who knew about her incidents in 4th and 6th grade, but 7th grade was the start of the high school and we were all from mixed junior high school's, so TJ and Christy didn't know about Maggie's history of pooping herself. We told them the whole story, and TJ looked like he was gonna throw up. We concluded before the end of the dance that Maggie had in fact crapped her underwear once again, someone saw up her skirt following her up some steps and reported to everyone that her underwear was full of poop.

I'm feeling better.......not 1oo% but better....well enough to pee in my favorite ravine tomorrow if we get those storms being predicted :o)

PV: I need some enema sweetie is still constipated...he's been getting that a lot lately and I'm not sure what to do. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :o)

I'm really enjoying the posts in here.......lots of interesting bathroom tales.

Ciao Nancy :o)

i am fairly new at this posts and will give you a breif description of myself. i`m 5`8, dark short hair, brown eyes, 124 pounds.
i have a story to share that happened fairly recently. i don`t usually use the school restrooms but on this particular day i was forced to.
i had been in ist period when i felt the urge. now,usually i could hold my bm for a long time and didn`t really put much thought on it. but the urge just got stronger and stronger and i had to rush to the bathroom after first period.
once in the bathroom, i began to poop soft, smelly logs into the bowl. i really stunk in here! a few minutes later somebody walks in and i here him comment on the smell. i immedeately got embarrassed and rushed to get finished.
that was embarrassing but i dont think the guy(the guy who came in after me) knew who caused the stinch and i was saved from total embarrassment

I haven't had one of these days in a while...

My ???? was cramping from about 1:30 this afternoon onwards. At first I thought it was just a bit of gas from some yogurt I ate earlier (I'm lactose intolerant and easily 'balloon' up after consuming some milk products.) But this turned from the usual gassiness to stomach gripping cramps within a half hour.
By a quarter after 2 I just couldn't play the brave soldier & finish the important assignment sitting on my desk. The mens room was the only thing on my mind and that's where I dashed off to while trying to maintain the calm businessman's exterior. It took almost every last ounce of strength to keep my composure of an average afternoon pit-stop.

I dashed into my usual washroom cubicle (I favour the one for the disabled since it's higher), and in a near panic - undid my belt, yanked down my pants & sat down. Cramping in my stomach had me bent over, staring between my legs at the floor. It took a short while to realize that this was actually a constipated poop... So no matter how badly my abdomen cramped, nothing would be coming out (for a while anyway.) The knots in my stomach were so tight I could barely even make a strong effort to push my load out.
After 20 minutes of this, the pain finally subsided... And it was totally clear that nothing would be coming out for a long while. I was still in some discomfort but took a chance, pulled up my pants (didn't wipe though, nothing came out - not even gas) and headed back to my desk.
I tried to concentrate on my PC monitor, but I don't think I completed even 1 sentence in the report I was trying to write during the hour or so I was back.

Around 3 or 3:30 the pain came back with another piercing stab and I took another dash to the john, spending a new 15 minutes pushing w/o accomplishing anything...

Once more I pulled my pants up & made another vain attempt to get some work done...

All together, I made 2 more 'dashes' to the mens before FINALLY getting relief on the third try.

On that third trip I put in a minor push and then everything came POURING out... First a wave of 3 or 4 solid logs... None unusually long for me (about 5" or 6") but rather thick at 2" or there abouts. It's hard for me to give a good description since the second wave wasn't nearly as solid and buried most of the 1st. None of it was liquid diarrhoea (i.e. the actual colour of the water didn't change), just a yellowy-brown, semi-solid mush.
Ten minutes or so passed by as I pushed out as much as I could. When I was done, I got up and took a good look at what I had created.

The clean-up was surprisingly quick. Four wipes of my ass with the TP and it was done. Not even any stray water splashings...

After all that, most of my afternoon work time was gone. I saved what I had managed to do and decided to pick it up on Monday. The last 1/2 hour I just spent surfing for weekend plans.

Hi all,

JJ -- I think you're right, your GF's anus being moved outward by the sheer mass waiting behind it. As to how she would adjust her lips to change her pee stream -- just with her fingers. I guess it's become so automatic for me tat I don't thnk aboutit any more, I've got used to peeing standing up which by necessity means I must adjust my lips as surely as males hold their penis to direct it. I still wee sitting down of course, certainly if pooing, and can do some relaxed splattery gushers, but the feeling of a clean, symmetrical stream leaving me is a pleasant one and I'll often slip my fngers down below to open my lips for a "pure" stream no matter if I'm sitting or standing.

Actually no, I haven't used the mirror yet -- I keep forgetting in the mornings, which is when I go, and by the time I'm plopping my load I realise I forgot to grab my little mirror!

MEL -- Hi! Yes, peeing outside can be so much fun! Just take your opportunities as they come, and enjoy them one at a time. Pooing your pants -- that was something I did a number of times as a teenager just for the hell of it. I'd always do it at home and clean up again right away, I was never caught or suspected of doing anything I shouldn't. It was fun, but the impulse to do it just faded away in time. Just take things easy, be real cool about it, and above all minimise any risks you take. Have fun!

GINA -- Keep practicing, one day before long you'll hit the target and practice makes perfect!

NANCY -- Sorry to hear you and your honey aren't feeling well. Sounds like you both might benefit from a cleansing enema! The ravine adventure sounded lovely, though -- warm with a soft rain, and bathing suits for the drawing-over of while nature is answered!

ANNONYMOUS POSTER -- To be "pee shy" is VERY common and it's a condition that can ruin your life (like you need me to tell you that!) It's called "avoidant paruresis" and I suffered quite badly from it until about five years ago when I got on the web, found out about the condition, and met nice folks who so abslutely enjoyed their peeing that I felt I wanted to join in and have some fun to -- that's basically how I beat the condition. I learned to enjoy the act and created new "feedback arcs" so that I could start in situations where there were people nearby, even actually in sight of me, or situations where I may be discovered. Starting can still be difficult at times, but once I'm going I can actually urinate casually even if fully exposed. It really turned my life around, and I hope you can learn to conquer your problem too. Hey, post again -- let me and other folks help!


Good morning again; my second post of the morning, since the first, though apparently complete, was actually interrupted. I just returned from my second b.m. of the morning, which was even better than the first. I'd been working in the yard, completed a strenuous project, and felt the beginnings of the urge. I came into the house, where my wife was preparing to go to the store. As she left, I was getting out of all my sweaty clothes, and the urge built to a definite immediate need; indeed, I could feel the first turd beginning its outward journey as I walked to the toilet. Getting a small mirror, I sat down on the regular seat and watched. The first turd had begun to come out; it came out about four or five inches and broke off, falling into the water with a splash. The continuation was immediate; the second turd came out about 6 or 7 inches and stopped for a few seconds; I bore down and drove it out. After a couple more inches it dropped silently, and a third turd, another 4-incher, followed and plopped into the water. Most satisfying, quite urgent, but, once started, fairly leisurely. I wiped twice, the second time with Noxzema on the paper for cleansing.
Last night we ate out, then went to a big bookstore. While I didn't have to poop, I did have to pee, and the bookstore has a nice restroom. The two stalls were unoccupied, but I went (as always) to check whether the last occupant might have left something. One was empty, but the other held what was obviously a large b.m., partially obscured by toilet paper. I used my pen (which I always wash with antibacterial soap afterwards) to pull the paper aside, and I saw five or six turds; flushed it and saw skidmarks. Happy pooping!

Michael explosive diarrhea
Yesterday I felt awful.I went to Mcdonalds and ate chicken nuggets and fries and a large coke. When I got home my brother went to the bathroom
and my dad.THey take dumps with the door open. I felt a little churning down in my stomach and gurgling.My dad was in the bathroom and had to go but I am very shy about taking dumps at his house because the bathroom is right next to the livingroom and you can everything.I started cramping very badly and I had to hold my but so the shitwouldn't come out so I told my dad I was going to take a shower.I went into the bathroom turned the shower and rushed to sit on the toilet.Out of me came the most explosive diarrheas I have ever had. I came out with continous farts and exploding shit and gas out of me which continued for about a minute straight.I kept on pushing more and more and more liquid shit came out of me.I got my self in the shower and took a very long one so when I got out the smell would be gone.After my shower I felt another large urge and sat on the toilet.I let out a loud fart that sounded very funny and then a couple more and then the waterworks started up again. LIquid shit came out of me and I flushed and went to bed.Every single time I have to take a dump Its always loud, very liquidy and explosive,but once in a while I drop 13 inchers.Can anyone tell me why I have such explosive bowel movements similar to explosive diarrhea constantly. PLease comment on my stories and answer my question.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

First a little bit about me. I am 20 years old and have long curly brown hair and brown eyes. This is a story of an embarassing accident. Last week my mom was expecting a package to be delivered by UPS and I was home so that I could sign for her when the package was delivered. This is when it gets embarassing. I knew that UPS usually delivers in my neighborhood around 2pm. It was 12:30 and I just finished eating and I needed to poop. Well, I went to the bathroom and pulled down my tight blue jean shorts and thong and let out a mass of poop with some gas. All of a sudden I hear the doorbell. "Ding Dong." I thought this couldn't be the UPS man could it. Well it was and here I am on the toilet. I am wiping my butt and "Ding buzzzzzzzzzzz dong." I pull up my jeans and thong which is now poop stained as I went to the door. I was able to keep my composure when I signed for the package. When I closed the door I went back to the bathroom to fully clean my bottom. how embarassing !! thanks!!

just a short one...

a few nights ago me and 8 of my friends, were on a night out, we had to catch a train home, we all needed to pee desperatly but the train only had a small, disgusting bathroom, so when we got off at our stop, we all went into the waiting room and had a big gruop pee, we all peed for at-least 40 seconds when we had finished the whole room was flooded with pee.

I went back a few days later, my train was late and it was raining so even though I didn't want to I had to go inside the waiting room, and there was a really strong smell of pee and some stains on the floor.
It was a great night!!!

Well it must fall. That's why I see all the porta-johns/janes.
There's been lots of fairs and festivals here in southern Indiana.
That's the reson for all the porta-john/janes. I don't know if will
use any though. I never do very much.
There is a company named Rumpke here in Indiana that bought lots
of them because they use them at alot of festivals.
I'd like to hear a story if any high school girls wore short skirts
to football games and pooped,peed of the top of bleachers.

A fan
Did anyone hear Rachel Perry on the radio? She was talking about her bathroom habits. She said she sometimes takes pictures of her doodies with her cell phone camera and sends the pictures to her friends. She says her friends are amazed at the amount of doody she produces. And she only weighs 108 lbs!

When I was ten my parents took me to Disneyland. I started to feel sick about halfway through the day, but didn't want to say anything. I wish I had. While on the Space Mountain coaster I shit my pants. Walking out of the park with my panties full of shit was not pleasant. Luckily, we had tickets for three days, so I still had two full days of fun, though I had diarrhea pretty much the whole weekend, but at least I made it to a restroom each time.

Hi everybody. I just thought I'd tell you all about something that happened that I thought was pretty cool. I have a friend staying with me for a couple of weeks. He's 23, I'm 22. The way my bathroom is set up is if you are taking a bath in the tub you can anyone sitting on the toilet head on. Well, one day I was taking a bath when my friend came in and asked if it was alright if he came in and took a dump. I said sure. He went over and sat down and started to pee. I was wondering if he would show any nervousness to doing it right in front of me but he wasn't showing any. He peed for quite awhile then seemed to readjust himself on the seat. I guess it was to get in a better position to push in because right after that he took in a deep breath and pushed. His whole body seemed to be tensed. He let out a grunt and pushed again. When he grunted again I asked him if he was alright. He said that he had been backed up for a few days and that he just had to get this turd out. He took in another deep breath, spread his legs apart wider, and pushed hard. He was getting red in the face when all of a sudden he said in a strained voice here it comes. I heard a crackling noise like a big, hard turd makes when it's starting to come out. He grunted again and said man it's big and pushed again. I could practically hear his turd crackling out inch by inch. It seemed like he had been pushing forever when all of a sudden I heard this pretty loud plop in the toilet. After that he leaned forward and caught his breath then stood up and looked in the toilet. He said man that was big. He had me look too. I looked and saw what really did look to be about a 12 inch, hard, knobby turd. I told him it hurt just to look at that. Then he just laughed, flushed the toilet, and let. I just thought it was kinda cool that he felt that open with me to take a dump in front of me. It'll be interesting to see if anything else happens before he leaves.

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