Today i accidentally set myself up to have a humiliating accident. It was pretty bad...

Anyway, i was at school and i sort of had to poop. It wasn't that bad though and i didn't even think about it, i just knew i'd go when i got home. Well, sixth period i had study hall. I'm a smoker, and sometimes during study hall i get a hall pass like i'm going to the bathroom but i sneak outside and cross the senior parking lot to go have a cigarrette in the woods. So i went out to the woods and had a cigarrette. Well i don't know why but while i was smoking my cigarrette i suddenly had to poop worse and worse. I got a little worried and put the cigarrette out early, and i started to rush back to the school. Well, it got so bad so fast that while i was in the middle of the parking lot, bad bad cramps just rushed right into my butt and i clenched my cheeks and put my hands on my butt. i had to waddle because i had to poop so bad. i tried to move fast, but it was hard. i got back into the building but before i got very far into the hallway, i had to stop and lean forward and i farted pretty loud and started to shit my pants really bad. luckily there was no one in the hallway to hear me or see me, but i was still horrified being a senior in high school and standing in the middle of the hallway farting and shitting in my undies. i kept holding my butt and trying to get to the bathroom, shitting my pants more the whole way. by the time i got to the bathroom i had totally shit myself bad. my mind was racing and my heart was pounding. i've never shit my pants before until today. i couldn't decided what to do so i left the bathroom and started to go back down the hall toward the parking lot so i could ditch school. well to my dismay, as soon as i was leaving the girls room the bell rang, and the hallway started to fill. there i was, standing in the middle of the hallway (which had the smell lingering throughout) like a deer in headlights with a gigantic bulge and a dark stain on my butt!! a lot of people walked by and pointed and laughed, some people looked away disgusted, and some kids even gagged. i was so humiliated. i pushed my way through trying to get out to the parking lot so i could just get to my car and go home and cry!! i heard two people call my a panty waste, too. it was the most humiating thing i've ever done in my life!!

i still can't believe it, i'm 17 and i pooped my pants today at school!

Cheryl - I have really enjoyed your very descriptive and well-detailed accounts of your peeing episodes! Please keep them coming! By coincidence, I also had to stop once recently at the Woodbury Shell, while enroute from Connecticut to New York State, to relieve a very desparate call of nature of my own. Next time, I will definitely think of your story!!!

your name whizzer

I have had the same problem with unintended erections but never in the same setting that yours was in.

mine happens sometime when I have to wait for toilet facilities for a while and it is irritating when you have to urinate and can't. It does not happen that often but when it does its bad.

you did not say in your posting if you had to pee or not.

as to the girl that held her pee for over 12 hours, when i have a BM i always pee first, I cannot hold it.


I am very shy about peeing, I don't even like people to hear me, any suggestions??

hey guys,
this is my first time ritin though ive read some of the pages.
well i thought i could share this with you though i am quite shy about it. this happened like about 2 or 3 yrs ago. i was doing this thing where i see how long i can hold it till im bursting to pee.well i started last night and kept going the next day. the next day i didnt even poop just in case i relaxed and you know. so the next day me and me bf, we went to a concert. coz i was like soo into it and everything, i didnt feel like going to the bathroom. well in the middle of the concert i got this urge but i decided to hold it till it finishes and i get home. well i forgot all about it till we were in my bf's car. i relaxed a bit while we takling bout this new tv show(i think). i suddenly got the biggest urge to piss. i told my bf. we're all ok about talking about this so i wasnt embarresed. he couldnt even stop coz we were like in the middle of so many cars and there was a traffic jam. he asked me if i could hold it any longer and i said NO....
at the end i took my jeans off and pissed in the spare coke 1.5 litre bottle. i filled it all up and my bf was like so amazed. i let out some really gassy farts. and they sure were loud!!!
sorry my story's so long. bye

Greetings Fellow Bathroom Folk,
I'm still recovering from my cold and I'm pretty congested..............My honey was so sweet to bring over some homemade chicken soup...........and since it was a bit chilly today we didn't go out to the ravine like yesterday.......he doesn't want me to get sicker.

Well after the soup......he had to go.........really he ran into the bathroom and started peeing a river then after about 10 minutes he was moaning in pain...I yelled out "honey are you ok?"

He said he has constipation in the worst way and I didn't have any enemas left so I ran into the bathroom and he asked if I'd rub his ????. I did and we talked for a while. After about 15 minutes and several farts later he was able to have a partial movement...he's still slightly constipated but hopes the rest will come out later this evening. I hope so too :o)

Yesterday was so nice as we got into our bathing suits and headed out to the was raining lightly and just perfect for our "business". I knocked on the other couple's door but they weren't home so it was just the 2 of us.......we stayed out there for about 45 minutes.

I think I'm going to bed very early tonight.........I'm just not feeling very well :o(

Ciao Nancy

" amazing pee, how sweet the sound. that whizzed on out of me"[ that would be a good church song ?] LOL wow! after not having peed in over two hours or more and drinking all these vodka and tonics[ love em!] and watching football [ go USC trojans.] game, finally after waiting until the exciting end I had to pee badly! I went to the bathroom and was just lucky enough to get my shorts and undies down in time! I quickly sat down and let her fly , my pussy just opened up wide and sprayed pee in all directions ! my pee sprayed out in about four streams at first, then. after the first 10 secs this wide spraying and splashing tinkle just blasted into the toilet bowl's water, splashing all over the bowl's inside and even getting the front of the seat wet with a few drops! it was wild to see this wide, and I mean WIDE as in at least an inch wide spraying splash hitting the toilet's water and spinning around like a " propeller" or a loose firehose! it quickly came out and after maybe 35 secs. at most, I was finished. I grabbed extra paper from the toilet paper roll, a huge wad; and must've wiped my wet vulva and ajoining legs for at least 45 secs after this extremely splashy pee. I could see it make bubbly foam when it first splashed into the toilet's water; but after finishing up ; the foam quickly faded. all that was left was a bowl full of slightly yellowish water and lots of urine droplets from my spraying up against the 2" section of dry porcelain; this even though all of my pee had completely "piddled" [ loudly!] into the water. then, I flushed it all away, pulled up my undies and shorts and washed my hands. what an AWESOME pee! wow! it was totally killer!

Hi guys,

I use to write often but it has been a while since my last post. I have a chronic constipation problem however Im doing better now. The thing is, I have read coffee is a diuretic and makes you loose water through urine. If you loose water your bms will be harder so why does coffee have the opposite efect with me and acts as a laxative. Can someone please explain. Oh, by the way I was the one who posted the Paris department post some days ago but forgot to put my name when submitting the post. Thanks for your advice. Take Care and Happy Dumping to all.


I haven't posted in a while, because not much has happened in a while. Until yesterday, anyway.

In the office where I work, there's one bathroom. It is right off the kitchen. The door comes about an inch or so off the floor, so little if any sound is muffled. Well, yesterday, my lunch came back to haunt me and I felt a massive case of the shits coming on. I rushed to the bathroom, only to find four of my female co-workers sitting in the kitchen eating their lunch.

I smiled at them and entered the bathroom. I quietly unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pushed them and my boxers down. I sat on the toilet and tried to slowly ease my way through my predicament. Instead, as soon as I relaxed my ass, my bowels exploded and a huge wet fart followed by a huge splash came bellowing from within the toilet!

There was no way in hell they didn't hear it, and I knew it. A few more farts and splashes later, I was done. I sprayed air freshener, wiped my ass and flushed the toilet, then washed my hands. I swallowed my pride and exited the bathroom.

The four women simply went about their lunch, though all of them were very obviously avoiding eye contact with me and trying not to laugh. I walked past them and back to my desk. Not my best day.

had not peed since 9:30 am today and drank a 20 oz cup of water, 2-20oz cups of iced coffee, and also , a 12 oz cup of diet root beer. it was 4:30 PM when I finally had to pee-7 hours later! anyway, I walked in and closed the door. then I pulled both my pants and undies down to my ankles, sat down and began to pee. all of a sudden , this wide stream of coffee-scented golden yellow pee began to shoot out of my vulva; making a hissy sounding loud tinkle as it splashed into the water about 1/3 of the way back from the front edge of the toilet seat. it " gyrated" around a bit in different directions, but basically hit the the toilet bowl's water right about in the front-middle; about 5-6" from water's front edge. it " burned" a bit as it came out and I could see my pee making lots of foam as it mixed with the clean water for about 35 secs until it abruptly stopped. one more drip for 3 secs. and I was down. I wiped and got up and could still smell that coffee scented pee as the foam quickly fizzled, making a " sisssy" sound as it faded from covering at least 60% of the toilet's water down to just 3 patches of white foam covering only 20% near the front of water! the entire bowl's water had turned a deep golden yellow color with lots of spots of "urine scuzz" in it. then I flushed and still , the smell of strong pee remained in the air. I've often wondered if the reason that most toilet bowls are at least 80% filled with water is to " soften the impact" of a woman's pee so it does not splash all over?

tonight , after not having peed in at least 4 hours or so ,I finally had to pee. anyway this was a quick one. I walked into the bathroom , pulled down my pants and undies and sat to pee. again, I used the mirror trick to watch and all of a sudden this splashy ribbon of pee came out from my twat shooting for the first 5 secs toward the front of the toilet bowl's water; immediately making foam in the water and this " splunking-tinkle".then, for the next 20 secs it began to taper back into the middle more, turning the water more yellowish and giving off this sweet " pissy" smell as it continued to splash out, making even more of a tinkle sound as it splashed around in the water, finally tapering off and stopping. one more small drippy tinkle and wham! I was done. the strong scent of pee was still in the air as I took the toilet paper wad , wiped good, then got up dropping the paper wad in the bowl. I looked and the bowl's water was all bright yellow with 3 long swaths of foam which covered at least 40% of the water's surface. then I flushed and watched as the foamy pee went down. all that pee in less than 35 seconds, kewl.

Tonight at work a co worker of mine suffered a humiliating incident. I was in the breakroom having my dinner when suddenly a co worker of mine who i think is about 19 named Suzanne rushed into the breakroom looking very stressed. she stopped short right after entering the room and her whole face scrunched up, and she pressed her legs together with her toes pointed inward and she leaned forward slightly. i was concerned and shocked and didn't know what was the matter, and as i was about to stand up tears started streaming down her face and she went bright red. she then just started apologizing, and i was very confused and had no idea what she was saying sorry for. she then straightened up and put her hands behind her and walked awkwardly past me, and i turned to look and she was going into the ladies room and her pants were bulging out greatly on her bottom, which she was attempting to cover with her hands! then i noticed the smell! i couldn't believe she just walked in and stood right infront of me and pooped her pants...i can only imagine how humiliated she feels and i felt quite awkward myself. what do you say to someone who you just watched accidentally poop her pants? i know i'll feel very awkward myself next time i see her...probably not as awkward as her though.

Michael explosive diarrhea
I took a nice dump today. I read the newspsper on the toilet and made a nice 14 inch log with a nice booming fart and I only ate a hamburger.

Amanda, where are you?

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hello everybody, this is my first post. Oddly enough, I have been a lurker here for about a year, one of my friends showed me this site and I thought it was funny. Well this isnt so funny what happened to me, thats why I'm posting. My name is Myranda, I am 100 lbs, brown haired and I have big blue eyes. I am 17. I was at school one day, and it was about 1. My stomach started to cramp a little, and I started feeling a little uncomfortable. I was in class but tried to ignore it. That worked for awhile, until the last period comes along. Gym class! I go to gym class, my stomach felt a little queasy. I had a taco and some ice cream for lunch, but I can't see it being that. Well we went to the locker room and a fair size cramp hit me while I opened my locker. It stunned me, but I was alright after awhile. I always hated having gym last period cause I had cross-country practice after school and it was just too much. I ignored the cramp and started changing, and I pulled my pants off and looked in my cross country bag for fresh underwear, but there was none. I always changed underwear before gym and cross country cause I wear thongs and they are very uncomfortable to run in. But I didnt have any extra underwear, so I was pissed off. Its not like I was going to ask another girl to borrow some. Well I shrugged it off and put on my gym shorts and my gym shirt. We went out and I figured I would just be fine even though I had a little gas. Well, beleive it or not, our teacher wanted us to run a mile today!! I couldn't belevie it, I was so pissed. I couldn't refuse tho, cause I would've flunked, cause everybody has to run. So I started running. It was horrible. It was the worst day imaginable to run it. It was real humid and real hot, but our teacher didn't take mercy on us. We ran, and I am a good runner, being on cross country and all. But I suddenly got some major cramps while running, and I had to slow down considerably, which was abnormal for me. I was going to fart, but I let go and almost pooped my shorts! Its a good thing I stopped it cause it would've been nasty. I figured, well I'll just not fart. I can wait until I got home." Well gym class ended, and by that time I had a huge wedgie that actually hurt, and I was drenched in sweat. It sucked! Well great, now cross-country practice rolls around. By this time I'm already tired and hot, but I had to go. I changed out of my nasty p.e clothes and into my running stuff. Some more cramps hit me, but I refuse to go to the bathroom in our schools, they are just disgusting. Well we went out side, and the heat just hit me. It was so hot! I don't know how I was going to do this, I was already so tired. Well we started running. It was so hot and I was already just drenched with sweat. It was awful. We were running, we ran for a good half-hour. During that time tho, my stomach started cramping up something awful. I had to slow down, then I had to fast-walk. SOme girls kept asking me what was the matter, and I just said I had cramps real bad. They left me alone. I was miserable and I didn't know what I was going to do! I was over a half hour away from school and we were running down the road! I decided to turn back. I had to. Then I had to do the unthinkable. I had to poop in the school toilet. I started walking, but every step I took my cramps got worse and worse. I soon started having to run again, cause I knew a monster shit was coming on. Well about 10 blocks away I started having real trouble. I didn't think I was going to make it! Plus I was in the middle of the city surrounded by houses and roads, there was no where for me to go!! ANd the worst part about it besides the heat was my clothes! I was wearing a thong!! And I was wearing some cute red shorts! And white shoes!!! I was in deep shit. I was still running, but I suddenly had to stop. I stopped in my tracks. I was pouring sweat, feeling sick as a dog, feeling a humungous shit at the edge of my ass forcing it's way out. Then it happened, a cramp hit me like no other and I was FORCED to let go. I remember the hot feeling of shit just shooting out of me, flowing over my thong, seeping into my shorts and running down my legs into my shoes. It was god awful. It was just as hot and nasty as I was which made it that much worse. Well I ended up shitting myself once more by the time I got back to the school. I was mortified, my coach saw me and I told her I was sick and had to go home. She was understanding. Meanwhile, my shorts are disgusting. I had to put an old coat on my seat to ride home cause I was so messy. My shorts were totally ruined, I had shit all over the back of them and some in the very front. My thong was hopelessly shot. My legs were covered and I had turds in my socks. and I was drenched in sweat. It was a horrible day. I got home, took my ruined shorts off, threw em away, peeled my thong off(that was the grossest part) and my socks and got in the shower. I had more diarrhea the rest of the day and night but I was fine the next day. No girls found out thank god. Thats my story guys, it's all true. hope you liked it and i want to stay in touch!

Yah. The other day I tried peeing standing up. it was fun. I missed, though.

A few posts back I read a question from Jill about looking at turds in portajohns. I must admit that I am curious myself. This past year we (myself, my daughter, and sometimes my husband) ran a vendor booth at a flea market which runs on Sunday's from June through October. Depending on the weather we can get a large crowd (and likewise more sales). They have provided 4 portajohns, two of which are of the handicap type, all of them next to each other, in a somewhat secluded area next to the market area. They are cleaned mid-week, so on Sunday morning they are all like new. They do get used a lot though during the day (especially if the weather is pleasant) and come mid-day they typically have mounds of tp. I've noticed that people will tend to use the larger portajohns for doing BM's (probably because there is more leg room in them since they are going to be in there longer; that's why I do at least). So I have seen quite a number of heapin'-high mounds over the past few months, not to mention some heapin' big BM's on those mounds! It really amazes me sometimes to see the size of some people's BM's. At first I thought they might be holding it until they got here, but I think that people probably eat larger meals on Friday and Saturday nights and end up having to take care of nature at the market (or where-ever they may be). I've also noticed that if a BM is softer that they will cover it up wit tp but if it a nice solid "log" that they won't cover it (which is good because it is the big logs that I like to see). I've heard a fair amount of grunts and groans from the occupant next to me when I'm in one too. Also sometimes the vendors will hold their waste (if they are able to wait) in until after they pack up for the day and then visit the portajohns before they leave. I've done that a few times myself, especially if I have a BM that I know can wait a bit; it feels so good to be able to finally relax and get relief, especially if it gets to the point of really needing to happen.

Hi all...25/M, first time/long time, as they say in radio...LOL. Been reading this site on a regular basis for well over 5 yrs now, but this is my 1st exciting! :-)

Rachel: Sorry to hear about your drunken poop mishaps, but at least you came out relatively unscathed...this is why I don't drink, LOL

Niki: Good that you were there for your sister after what must've been an upleasant often does she get those, anyway?

Michael Explosive Diarrhea: That really sucked...who would spike a muffin w/a powerful laxative like that, anyway? Hope you're OK now, man.

Megan: Sucks that your mom's being so hard on you about something you have no control over...have you considered bringing some spare panties in your bag? You could just do an "inspection" towards the end of the day and change if necessary, then you'll avoid a daytime diapering and your mom will be none the wiser. :-)

Now for a little something from earlier tonight: Had a decent dump around 7:30 tonight, before dinner...had to push a little, but it came out fairly easy after that...was 3 medium-sized pieces (about 6" each). Better than those dumps where a small portion doesn't wanna come out, forcing me to get back on the bowl and push a little more.

Hopefully I'll have more to post within the next coupla days...until then! ;-)

I just got back from a long business trip to the West Coast so I have not been posting for a while. I used to post , actually only a few times, as Shy Dumper but since I am no longer shy about taking a dump,I need to come up with a new name. Well, we'll worry about that later. I was on my back from Philadelphia tonight after being at a Phillies game and indulging my self with beer and Philly cheesesteaks. I was just getting out of town when the major urge to shit came upon me and was getting worse by the minute. I knew I wouldn't make it home and I needed gas so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and stopped at a small gas station along Route 1. I pumped my gas and went in to pay for it. The attendant was a middle aged woman quite good looking and wearing a really good smelling perfume. I asked her where the rest rooms were and she pointed to this door right behind her and said it was the only one that was in order. She said it may be a good idea to wait a minute before going in and gave me a weak smile. I told her it was necessary for me to go immediately due to the fact I was pinching a nasty fart. When I got in there I realized what she was talking about. I was greeted by a strong combination of her perfume and a fresh dump. To make matters the fan did not work and the door was paper thin so when I got my shorts down I let go a big loud fart and released a big load of mushy shit. The odor was instantenous and I proceeded to dump about three more loads before I was finished. At least there was plenty of TP in there to wipe. After flushing I went out and she was standing there laughing and said it looks like we were both in the same situation tonight. I told her to put up an out of order sign for awhile until that funk wore off. Since the fan was not working and the door was next to nothing I said I suppose you heard everything which she replied she did but said no one else was in the store. She said next time I was passing by to stop in and she would treat me to a coke or whatever I wanted and we could shoot the shit so to speak.

I didn't realize this until recently, but I realy enjoy peeing outdoors. I've never had the opportunity to try pooing, but I might if I ever DO get the chance. Yesterday my parents said they were going to the store for an hour or so, and decided to use that opportunity to go outside. Beforehand I drank two glasses of water, and about 10 mintes later I was absolutely desperate. My parents were taking forever to leave, and I kind of thought I might have an accident then and there, sicne it was starting to squirt into my panties/shorts. Anyways, to make a long story short, they finally did leave, and as soon as I thought it was safe I rushed outside and squatted. I'll tell you, I've never peed so much in my life. My feet ended up getting soaked, and there was a small river flowing in my backyard for awhile after I had finished. That was definetly fun though, and I wish I had more opportunities.

I feel kind of weird about this, but lately I've really wanted to try pooing in my pants; I'm just afraid it will make a mess and my paretns will find out. Any suggestions?

I also wanted to add that I love this site; I'm starting to feel like I really know some of these people, and it seems like a nice little community. Anyways, thanks again for any advice or comments!

about me: I have red hair and green eyes, fair skin, and not to many freckles. I'm 5 foot 4 inches, and 110lbs. I'm also 26.

The other day my boyfriend and I were going out. On the way back on the train, i suddenly got the urge to shit. I knew that the shit was diarrhea too. I started crying as the pain got worse, and James asked me what was the matter. I started crying harder and told him that i had to shit terribly, and it was diarrhea. He hugged me and told me it was okay and that i'd make it home. Well, I made it off the train because I was sitting down and not walking much, but once i was on the way home my bowels suddenly released, and hot diarrhea came pouring down my legs. I started crying and James hugged me and told me it was okay. So I made it home and then i ran to the toilet and had another bout of terrible diarrhea, and puked in a trashcan once. I was feeling sick. Suddenly my stomach rejected the rest of the food, and i puked and had diarrhea terribly, with james watching me. I was very upset. But james just held me and told me it was okay the whole time.

Afterwards, James and I had sex anyway, and I didn't have any more diarrhea until the next morning!

To PV:

So did you try to look at yourself in the mirror? It would be interesting to hear :)

I think that her anus produdes so much because of the pressure of the humongous amount of poo that she stores inside inside her body which keep on pushing her back door. When she evacuates everything, then it comes out really thick and hard. I guess that all of it just streches everything down there and make it looser and this is the reason it protudes so much..

In your previous note you said that her fan/sheet form of pee is because of the shape of her lips..I can agree to that though I don't see anything unusual. You said also that her stream will change if she opens her lips more? How can she do/control this? she just sits/squats to do her business and this is the way it comes out...


My mom once told me, "just do it in your pants if you can't wait." We were in a big crowd at a 4th of July concert, and I was 7 years old. We were getting ready to leave, but I had to poop really badly. The portable toilets had all been used so much that they were really discusting. It seemed to me like our van was miles away, but it was really only a couple of blocks to walk, and we did have a porta potty in it . My 2 year old sister already needed her diaper changed and we were all on the way back to the van, so mom could change her before we left for home. But, I had to go so badly that I was having to stop and clinch my cheeks together to hold it. Finally after stopping like that a couple of times, mom said, is you really can't wait, just go in your pants and I'll change them when we get to the van. So, the next time it hit me, I just let it go and pooped in my pants, then I peed also. It felt funny walking the last block with my pants wet and full of soft poop. When we got to the van, mom changed my sister before me, so I had to wait until she was finished. Then she halped me lay on my sisters disposable changing pad and changed my pants too. She had to pin one of my little sister's cloth diapers on me for the ride back home because I didn't have a change of clothes

tO mARY kATE........... HOW i FEEL FOR YOU GIRL........ I've done the exact same thing as you, been busting for a shit, just made it to the toilet only to actually shit my pants in the actual toilet. The other day I was at home when the urge to have poop came on me all of a sudden. I left what I was doing & walked quickly to the outside toilet, I live in the country & still have an outside loo, but with a septic system. I went from doing a quick walk to the loo to a shit shuffle , you know when you are desperate & you're walking with your cheeks held together to stop shit coming out. I was wearing track pants that had a cord tie, so mentally I was relieved that when I got to the loo all I had to do was pull 'em down , sit down & let it all happen. How wrong I was , I made it to the toilet okay , shut the door, backed up to the bowl, pulled one end of the tie really hard & knotted it . While I was trying to undo the knot , I had that unmistakeable feeling of soft poo squeezing between my cheeks & making its way to my underpants. I was also aware that my underpants were old & saggy & that I had not pooped for 3 days. Containment could be a problem. I was still frantically trying to undo the knot when I could feel the poo getting a little softer therefore overflowing my underpants runningdown the isides of my legs. Then I just stopped trying to hold it back , the knot really needed to be cut with a knife, so I just stood in the toilet facing the door, relaxed my anus & completely shit myself. I felt the poop completely fill my underpants, work its way through tomy balls then run down my legs, thank heavens for elstacised ankles on my pants. I went inside , jumped in the shower & had a 20 minute cleanup.

I have similar story , a few weeks on a MOnday morning I ventured out to the loo to have a regular morning poop, got inside the toilet when I heard a truck coming up the street. Suddenly I realised I had forgotten to put out the wheelie bin , it was garbage day. But I had at that point having reached the inner confines of the toilet physcologically relaxed my bowels when all of a sudden I had to come to attention & regroup. I was dressed in a dressing gown & jox & slippers. I hurriedly left the toilet, raced to shed where the the bin is kept, wheeled it down to the curb side then then raced back to the toilet.As I turned the corner to the back of the house I could feel the turtles head emerge from my bum , it was huge it even spread my cheeks , as I made my way up the path to the toilet I could feel the rest of the turd make it way into the open air & my jox, so I just stood there & shit myself. Fortunately it was all hard so I was able to tip it out of my jox quite easily.
Happy pooping allllllllll AR

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

k so in second grade i had to poop and iw as in school working on a prohect about saturn and i had to wait for the kid in there to come back so when he did i ran there and then when i got mah pants down
<3and theni took mah undiez off and wiped them all over the walls of the stall inside and out and put them bck on i paniced!gord i didnt know wat to do! and the next day they made an announcment saying there was an incident in the boiz lav yesterday and they introduced the sign out sheet i CAUSED the signout sheet i made history
im so proud of myself

Hey, Its Taylor, the long haired shitter. I have one quick question. Does anybody know any way to have good solid shits without the straining or it just being lumps?

Cheers. Taylor

This is my second message today. Just so you know, I haven't had an accident (As y'all call it over in the States) in months. The last time was in February, but I had the ten-twenties, and I ended up following through in my underwear. Unfortunately, I ONLY ever wear white briefs. Plus I just want to know, if anybody actually reads this message, what's the longest time you've EVER held in your piss. Mines 24 hours. And I still made it to a toilet. Oh yeah, and remember, listen to Cradle of Filth.

Cheers. Taylor.

concerned younger brother!
Hi, I have been reading these posts for a long time and I can't help but be amazed some of the things you girls come out with (no pun intended there). Have any of you girls had the courage to let your boyfriends wipe you after peeing... Just curious.

Anyway, for the more recent posts on bedwetting etc. My brother had a bedwetting problem for a long time and it took him awhile to admit it and three or four years ago he found out his kidneys were failing and he is soon to have a bowel augmentation operation and he will have kidney transplant.

For all you young kids who still wet the bed, don't be frightened to go to a doctor and get checked out. You never know what you might be faced with later in life.

I have my own brief story. I was in Wimbledon (London) and waiting for a bus at a bus stop. The girl I was with was really gorgeous and she said, "I am just going to the toilet". On the other side of the road was a large verge with long grass. She was wearing a short dress. So she walks over into the grass, lifts up her dress, pulls down her panties and squats.

Are there any blokes out there who wish to be a girl for two or three days?

Another aussie here. and heres my story.
in year (grade) eight, my year went on a five day four night p.d.h.p.e camp on the south coast of n.s.w. We were all really excited cos it was our first long stay camp. I go to a private all girls school in sydney and some of the girls can be real snobs. Anyway on the first day we got there and were given mini muffins and cordial, i had had the flu for a few days before we went by the way but was feeling alot better then. all of a sudden while in the middle of a mouthfull of muffin i could feel my ???? lurch and my throat swell and then i threw up everywhere. I couldnt go home because we were at least 5 hours away but i wenet into my cabin and slept. i vomited about twice more. Anyway i felt alot better that night and the next two days. On the second last day we went for a 3 hour bush walk/hike. i had a hade ache but took a nurofen and some water and it went awway. But not all was good i could feel the need to go to the toilet getting worse and worse and my ???? was hurting alot... i tried to hold on for a while but couldn't i told my best friend hannah and she told me to go in the bushes, we were completely sorounded by them. well i really had to go so we discretely walkd to the end of the pack of sweaty girls and i ducked bhind the trees to do my business, hannah keeping guard. i had a long mushy crap when all of a sudden i heard this burst of laughter and twogirls called alanna and sarah(total snobs) appeared. well obviuosly the whole year found out about my ordeal and soon the whole school. i will never do that at camp again

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