hey everyone. I gotta story i will share. Ok, so i walked into school one day(i was wearing tight blue jeans) and i was sitting in my homeroom, waiting for the bell to ring(in about 15 minutes) and i had alot to drink that morning and i suddenly really had to go pee! I asked the teacher and he said no that i can wait.So i waited a few minutes and then i really had to go! i crossed my legs and after that it got so bad i started holding myself, it got so bad i almost started to cry, some other kids in my class realized i had to go but just laughed. after a few more minutes, i felt a little bit of pee run into my panties. i got up and told the teacher i really needed to go but by the time i got up, i was still holding myself but i started to pee my pants.
My panties were soaked, you could see it through my jeans, it was running down my leg, and through my pants and panties onto the carpet. I got sent to the office dripping all the way down the hallway, i was still going and it was all over the carpet in a puddle, i was soaked, i had to call my mom for a change of pants and panties, everyone who seen me laughed it was so humiliating.

Hey, has anyone ever seen the short film "Restroom"? I watched it yesterday. I don't think I'm allowed to advertise other websites, so I'll just say it's not too hard to find online. On the whole, it's kinda trippy, not yellow-submarine trippy, more like Alice in Wonderland trippy. The music creates a lot of that feeling though.

Rachael: Sorry, you're the only girl in existence who has _ever_ crapped her panties as a result of drinking too much.

Seriously, though, there's tons of old posts here of girls who were despairing over ruining that hot new thong, or those panties with the fire pattern on the back, due to alcohol-induced diarrhea. Countless, probably.

Niki: What you get to do is very close to a fantasy of mine. My scenario, however, would involve a girl with loads of sticky poop to get out, and in need of someone to rub their stomach to help it all along. Or maybe if a girl had semi-bad gas, I'd help her with that too. That'd be nice.

So yesterday, I was over in one of the academic buildings on campus, and I needed to take a leak, so I went into the bathroom, and what do you know, there's this toilet that won't stop flushing, so of course I used it. It was like this eternal vortex, and the funny thing was how powerful the flush was on this sucker, no pun intended. The water didn't change color at all as I went straight into the eye of the storm, and the toilet was so kind as to flush for me so I wouldn't have to. This morning, however, they'd fixed it, so alas, the eternal toilet vortex is no more.

Where's my prankster gal Blair at? Like I said before, that stuff's really cool. Don't be shy!


hey linda. Have you ever let one of your logs just sit in the toilet for a while after you let it out?

Hello All,
It is a warm day, raining lightly at the moment (hurricane Jeanne's remnants) and all is quiet.

My honey just walked in the door and before we have dinner I suggested we get into our bathing suits and go for a pee in the ravine..............he's delighted and changing as I type this. I'm already dressed for the occasion :o)

I'm also getting over a terrible cold so it will be a quick pee.........I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

Ciao Nancy

To Lily s. you probably have food poisoning or something. do you remember anything you ate the day you were sick?

anyway, the sickness will go away if you get plenty of rest.bye,damon

Many messages deal with premature bms on school buses and in classrooms. I was thinking the other week of an experience I had on the jitney, the bus that links the Hamptons with Manhattan. It must have been ten years ago. I was a very shy student teacher going home after a few days with friends. I was sitting on the aisle which I prefer when a really beautiful girl climbed over me to sit by the window. She was wearing a caramel trousersuit, thick silk scarf (Hermes?) and several heavy gold bracelets clanking on her wrists. Straight out of a Southampton mansion! She looked like the daughter of the house. I looked like the daughter of the help.

She had a look of acute anxiety. I buried myself in my book. When the jitney got onto the freeway she got up to go to the bathroom. I had noticed that there was an "out of order" sign but thought she could find that out for herself. She was soon back in a state of agitation and soon a strong sweet smell of you-know-what came across. I thought she was going to cry. She turned to me, "what am I going to do. The bathroom is closed and I've had an accident." Perhaps she hadn't picked such a bad person because I had deliberately done a poop in my pants when I was about 12 - and immediately regretted it. "Is it really big?"
"No, just a squirt but it's so uncomfortable and I am afraid it's smelling." "Have you got a hankie?" She brought out something just big enough to cover her nostrils. I had a man's hankie which I'd pinched from a boyfriend I really liked. But this was a moment for sacrifice! "Can you slip this down the back?" She took it, squirmed a bit and sat still. "Now undo the zip and bend forward." I took out my little atomiser of L'Air du Temps, my absolute fave perfume since my days in France, slid my hand behind and gave two massive squirts. Wow, I think I overdid it. After a few minutes a male head came over the seat in front. "Hey, that's beautiful but did you break the bottle?"
Oh well, better too much perfume than too much poop.

We got out at the same stop and while we were waiting for our bags she said, "I don't know how to thank you." "Don't worry. I just hope you never have to the same for me!" Then we kissed and hugged and I've never seen her again.

everyone does embarrassing things when they're drunk...but the most embarassing is definitely POOPING YOUR PANTS!!

let me hear it from all the girls out there who pooped in their panties on the drunken adventures!

it's happened to me three times, and i've got plenty of friends who weren't as drunk as me to always remind me...

when i was 17 a kid in my class had a big party in the summer to celebrate graduation. well a bunch of 17-19 year olds having a graduation party obviously calls for underage drinkig, you know because it's "cool". well i had never gotten drunk before, but i drank a lot of screwdrivers my friends kept making, and i got pretty tanked! i don't remember a whole lot of what happened, but i remember sitting on a couch and laughing real hard at this guy who was playing with my feet or something. i remember just feeling like i was sitting on something really hot, and i stood up and put my hand up my skirt and felt a big squooshy warm bulge in my underpants! i don't remember a whole lot from that point except my friend Fi pushing my through a hallway and laughing, and then getting put in the back of a car. Well, all summer long before everyone went off to college, the thing to remember about high school for my entire class was "when rachael crapped her underwear at greg's party." the more embarassing thing is when i woke up the next morning i was in my own bed and i was clean. i never had enough courage to ask who cleaned me up but i obviousl assume my mom did...she wasn't very fond of me for the first few weeks of summer needless to say.

the following spring break when i was 18, those of us who couldn't afford to leave town just partied like hell around town where i go to college. one night there was a concert for a few local bands, one of which was pretty huge. well obviously all us college folks got drunk and/or stoned ahead of time. the thing was supposed to be outside, but it was pouring rain that night so it got moved into a nearby cafe. since they kind of got in there on short notice, the people in charge of the cafe were pretty uptight about who they let in. well my friend matt had dropped off me and my friend jen at the cafe, and we were both really drunk. they people in charge of the cafe wouldn't let us in, and we had no where to go. we wound up sitting on a curb outside the cafe under a very small overhang. i don't remember any of the next stuff i'm going to tell, it's just how it was told to me. according to my friend jen, a little while after we had been sitting there i said i had to find a bathroom and i had tried to go into the cafe once or twice but jen stopped me. jen told me to go in the woods, and isaid "i gotta find a bathroom." she apparently couldn't get me to go to the woods and eventually i shit my pants pretty bad. i remember the next morning though, i woke up on the floor of my dorm room to a very rank smell, and i had 10 hour old shit in my underpants and jeans, which were practically cemented together with shit. god that was fun to clean...

the most recent drunken accident i've had was last week, the first one where i'm of age! (turned 21 last month!) Last saturday me, jen, my friends matt, ron and dan all went to a party a couple guys who lived in an apartment a few blocks away were having. i didn't know the guys personally, so i didn't know there names or their apartment too well. a while into the party i wasn't incredibly drunk, but fairly tipsy, and i had to crap. i had trouble finding where the bathroom was even though the apartment was small, and when i got there i had to wait for several people to get in and out first. i don't remember how long i waited for the bathroom but it got the the point where i was bouncing up and down holding my butt. i finally got into the bathroom, and i had to go so bad that when i pulled my jeans down i immediatly starting crapping my panties. i was drunk enough to not realize at first and i sat on the toilet in my underwear and kept crapping in them. it took a minute before i felt the warm mush caking against my butt, and i jumped up in horror. i put my hands on my butt and just felt the soft layer of fabric with a bulge under it and i just started laughing and crying at the same time. i couldn't believe i forgot to pull my panties down! well, they were a light mint green type color and stained really bad, i remember when i washed them that night they still had a really bad brown stain.

let's hear it i wanna know that i'm not the only girl who's messed her panties after some party fun!

I'm a 19 year old who as far back as I can remember has loved to watch women taking poops. In 2nd grade my girlfriend and I would go to the bathroom together during school and go into the same stall since it was an enourmous handycap one, to watch eachother pee and poop, the best part used to be when we got to wipe eachother clean.
I've visited this site now just about everyday for about a week reading and skimming through all the stories, I love to hear about women desperation,panty,and just regular pooping. I hope to hear more stories soon and to post my own.

One time, when I was 3 (yes, I was actually potty trained), but we actually had a little problem. I was playing out in the backyard, and I haven't pooped for days, 'cause I didn't like my potty. My stomach rumbled, but I didn't go. But a few minutes later, my cousin asked me to dance with her and she put on her radio and I started moving, and suddenly BLAT! Bbbrmm! Pip! I went poop all over myself. When my other cousin saw me she talked to my mom, and she said that the IT was happening. But then, my butt went Blat! Bum! Brrmm! My other cousin told my mom to change my clothes and asked her what was happening, saw my face, and I was straining. The end.

A short tale from my childhood.I was 6 years old and playing with a little girl.She was 5.We were in this old shed in the woods and she said she had to pee.We found this old metal pot.I watched as she pulled up her skirt pulled down her pants and squated down over the pot.She pretty much filled it with her pee.When she had finished i went outside and poured it onto the ground.This happened several times that day.Each time she peed into the pot i had to empty it outside for her. This experience has stayed with me ever since even though i \am now 35 years old and have never seen that little girl since. Love this site,hope you enjoyed my story.

scott from wisconsin
well im fairly new hear, been lurking like a year, anyways when I have time I have lots of obs and stories of my travels, heres one of interest that happend two yrs ago. I went to Costa Rica on an assignment (im in ecology) anyways as I got there, I noticed it was pretty quiet at all the camps,other than a couple groups of college students and other workers and stuff. our camp was sorta by a rainforest. anyways after being there a good 5 hours, I needed to find a bathroom, I had been holding it in for a good hour. mostly out of shyness. i was surprised when I found the only toiletsin the area, basically a structure about 4 feet long, kinda like a bench. that had two toilet seets on it, sort of low to the ground, and the two seats were in close proximity to each other. there was a roof that protected you from the rain, and sides, but no front, you basically just sat watching over a huge beautiful vista, there was also a torch of some sort lit, maybe to keep bugs away?. anyways i reluctantly sat on this toilet bench. it made my ass look and feel huge cuz it almost felt like this thing was desiegned for kids, anyways, after sitting there two minutes, all of a cudden this girl appears outta nowhere, she looked latin.or brazillian (I later found out she was actually cuban) but born in the states, and she was a professor, pretty hot too, she was wearing shorts and a white top, sandals, i sorta jumped as she approached, i expected her to turn around, but much to my surprise she said "im hijackin this baby' in reference to the other seat. I sorta replied with "im almost done" although i was not, sort of out of politeness I guess. she said. "hey this is nature. when you gotta go. "she pulled her shorts down to her knees, which fell to her feet, exposing a pair of white frilly panties still tightly around her knees. i instantly new this was going to give me an erection, her tan , smoothe thigh at times reubbed against mine seeing it was such tight quarters, i also notiiced her butt looked imensly bigger than mine even, she was in great shape, kinda had that jennifer lopez booty. she carried a backpack, opened up and pulled out a roll of tp and a guide of some sort, she sat quietly reading her guide, i heard her fart a cuople times as well as a few grunts. i kinda just stared forward in sort of awe and shock over this whole situation. I was shy, i was afraid to continue my bm thinking i too would fart. but nature was too strong so i proceeded on, at one point we both farted almost simultaneously. we both sat there about 12 minutes, I was done i think, but was afraid to wipe in front of her, that and the whole erection thing was there. I kept hoping her thigh would stop rubbing up against me although it was kinda neat. than all of a sudden, two girls, i think they were italian, college students also walked up to the toilets, they sorta stood there watching us for amoment thinkin perhaps one of us might be done, and eventually they just walked off.suddenly i also realized there was no tp provided. i think the girl next to me noticed, as I appeared to be looking for something, she chimed in" should always bring your own paper' she held it up and sort of held the roll on her lap. she said "help yourself" as I took it from her, i tore off a bit and handed it back to her, i sort felt hear thigh with my hand in doing so. upon this she was quite not shy, she began to wipe, very discreetly i might add. she than sat there for a bit, i noticed her sandals, and her plum painted toe nails. and i noticed how nice her legs looked .semi musculay, and a mere two inches from my legs. if i would of sat the way i normally sit,our knees would of been touching. anyways she got up, said 'thanks' and rambled off. all in all it was a unique experince, me leaving here in the states i guess am exposed to this stuff , less or never, while its completly normal in much of the world. i guess less time i wont be as uncomfrtable. but as I said, i have much more observations i will gladly share in the future.

I meant to post earlier about my poop that happened the night I posted about my constipation (as I was posting I got cramps), but it ended up being just a large amount of poop with no interesting story attached to it. I do have a story about my younger sister Lena, who is five years younger than I am (she's 16). Lena is lactose-intolerant and has been since she was like 12 or 13. It was a problem for her in middle school because she would go to her friends' slumber parties and would want to stuff her face with pizza and ice cream just like all the other girls, and my mom would always have to go pick her up an hour or so later because her stomach would react. I would always rub her ???? to ease her cramps or sometimes go with her to the toilet to do so if her ???? was hurting too much to get up in between bouts of diarrhea.
Anyway, she came over to stay the night with me last night because our parents were going out of town and she didn't want to be in the house alone. She was getting dinner with some friends and then driving over to my apartment, and she didn't get here until maybe nine o'clock. She was holding her middle when she came in and said almost right away "oh my gosh, I'm having such bad cramps, will you rub my belly?" She stretched out on the couch and I started on her lower stomach. She was really bloated and kept moaning a little while I massaged. "What did you have for dinner?" I asked, knowing she must have really overeaten dairy stuff because her belly only ever bloats that much when she's eaten a whole lot. "Everybody wanted to go for pizza and I was so hungry and I haven't eaten any cheese or anything like all week so I thought I'd be okay," she said. I asked how many pieces she had and she said four and then she said "Oh no, I think I have to poop." She got up and ran to the bathroom and made it just in time to have lots and lots of diarrhea. She said she knew there was more coming and so I kept rubbing her belly. About five minutes later, she started to have gas and was almost crying. " cramps are so bad," she said. She had another wave of diarrhea and then finally felt okay enough to go lay back down on the couch. I gave her some soda and about twenty minutes later she was complaining of cramps again. We were up until almost three in the morning because her stomach would cramp every twenty or thirty minutes and I would massage her until it went away. This morning she felt okay but she said she thought it might have been the worst stomach ache she had ever had.

Kerri Anne

Accident on bus (part 2)

I laid on the seat sideways for the remaining 55 minutes of the ride back to the church. The odor from my load stunk up the bus bad enough that people opened up the windows to air it out in November when the temp outside was 30 degrees Farenheit. When we got back to the church, I stood up, walked down the aisle and got off the bus with my butt waddling like a duck. After getting off the bus, I began to walk towards the church. Approximately 20 feet from the bus, a chunk of poo worked its way out of my underpants and rolled down my right leg and stopped just above the elastic band on the right leg of my sweats. This happened again inside the church approaching the bathroom. I went into the bathroom, and pulled down my sweats and panties. There were two poop marks down my right leg with an accumulation of poo at the bottom of my pant leg. Panties were totally trashed with a lot of poo in it. Maxi-pad was 3/4 covered. I cleaned the poo out of my pant leg. I took my pants off and dumped the poo in the potty. I began wiping myself down. The clean up took about 35 minutes and I went through 4 rolls of toilet paper. My friend Cheryl brought in a clean pair of panties and jeans. I put the pants and panties that I shit in in a small garbage bag and went outside where my parents were waiting. They already knew about my tinker. I was grounded for 2 weeks and was forced to scrub out and wash the panties and sweatpants that I did my tinker in.

someone had asked the question about how long a person has held their bm. i sometimes get constipated and could easily go without a bm for 2 weeks or more. cya, DR

Daniel (Danny)
Sorry i have not posted recently but i broke the computer and i had to buy a new one. Lets continue with the story (parts 2 and 3 here):After that we went to Mcdonalds to eat. There we were talking about videogames when i felt again the need to poop. I asked everybody if they needed to use the bathroom and they said yes.4 of my 5 friends went with me. There were 3 stalls and i took the one in the middle . my friend Peter took the first stall, the others peed.I sat down and pushed out one soft log. Then i pushed 4 little logs.I heard Peter pulled down his pants(possibly to the knees) and poop three logs.(i suppose because of the PLOP sounds). Then we went to the movies.Later that day we went to one of my friends house. We played videogames until 3:00 am. Then we went to sleep. When i woke up everyone was sleeping except for my friend Mike. I needed to pee so i headed to the bathroom. I found Mike there. He was on the toilet with his pants to his knees pooping. I said "sorry , i needed to pee and i found you here" he said "no problem". I waited five minutes and he came out. I came into the bathroom and peed . While i was peeing , Georges little sister came in and said "are you going to finish soon? i need to poop" i said yes and as soon as i finished peeing and flusing the toilet she sat down and pulled her skirt down and started pooping. While i was washing my hands she strained and i heard a PLOP. I went out of there and went to talk to Mike until everybody woke up.Two hours later Georges parents took everyone to their homes. That is all the story and i hope it is not boring for you. I will post sooner again.

To Elizabeth, with the 15 y/o sister:
That is downright cruel if you are going to

I have been a lurker here for a while & enjoy the site. My interest in toilet activities started when I was young & caught my mom & sister 'on the toilet' several times. Over the past few years I have talked several women friends into letting me video tape them as they used the toilet, they seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. What caused me to post this message is the recent stories being posted by Cheryl, I thank you Cheryl for the very descriptive and honest accounts of your peeing activities & want to hear more of the same as well as some of your BM activities.

Heeeeellllooooo All,
I have a bathroom story from work today I'd like to share:

It was around noon and I went to pee before goimg to lunch..I get into the bathroom and I'm joined by a lady who works upstairs from me. There are 3 stalls and she took the far left and I took the middle one.

I sat and peed for about 40 seconds (I was bad and had 2 cups of coffee this always makes me pee a lot)..........the lady next to me started farting like crazy.......................and then grunting and was she loud!!!!! I guess she doesn't mind an audience. After I finished my pee I wanted to sit and listen to the show next to me.

After about 5 minutes of silence........more farts and then a huge torrent of pee.................she must have peed for a minute..damn!!!!! I'd love to invite her out to my ravine for a peeing contest..tee hee hee

Another fart after she stopped peeing and then the grunting started up again followed by 3 loud plops!!!!!!!! More silence then she was pulling off toilet paper..................I wiped myself, washed my hands and left at this point...............That was enough show for me!!!.

PV: Looks like another tropical storm may head my way know what that means!!!! Another pee adventure in the ravine..maybe my honey and I could invite that nice couple that lives a few doors down from me to join us. They were with us once before................we could have a peeing contest and I'd be sure to drink coffee so I'll stand a better chance at winning :o)

Ciao Nancy :o)

Mary Kate. I know what it's like. It's happened to me too.

And Elizabeth, you should be nice to your sister. I have to wear diapers to bed too, and it bad enough without your big sister ripping on you.

I'm 13, and I started wetting the bed almost a year ago. After about a week of wet sheets, my mom got me diapers and started putting me in them every night. It's total humiliation.

I've also been having problems making skid marks in my panties. She says I don't wipe myself good. It was bad enough when she started using baby wipes on me, now she checks my underwear every day when I come home from school. If I have even the tinyest little spot in them she says "you pooped your pants again" and puts a diaper on me. I wish I could figure out why it's happening, but it's beyond my control.

The one bright spot in my family is my big sister. She's always been really nice to me and now we're really close. Maybe you should try being the cool big sister and you won't have to blackmail her to get her to do things for you.

Just my opinion,though.

Guys - Thanks so much for the advice, and especially for the understanding and compassion. I should point out that since I was about 18 I could take a dump in a stall with a door, no problem. And about 13 years ago, I started to work on my urinal shyness, and I can now go in most urinals, as long as the bathroom isn't too busy and I can take my time (more on this later). As to the weird bathroom with the urinal and the can in the same stall, yeah I decided it would be best to say nothing, for fear it might be interpreted the wrong way. The reason I originally wanted to say something was because even with the door open, you can't see the urinal (it's one of those huge handicapped stalls). Anyway the whole thing may be a moot point, as the whole stall structure is falling apart. Pieces of hardware are falling off, and the bolts holding it to the wall are coming out. I think if someone leaned against it, the whole thing would collapse in one big crash (great comedy scene!!! :-).

Anyway last weekend I did an "open can survey" of all the malls and municipal park restrooms in the general area. I can now say with all honesty that the county I live in is the most tight-assed in the region regarding toilets. Not a single open can anywhere! The county to the north has the weird one mentioned above. The county to the south has two open cans. One is a very nice clean one on a river island park. It has two sinks, a partition, two urinals separated by partitions, and one toilet separated by a partition which used to have a door. When the door was there, the lock and hinges kept getting vandalized, people were drilling "peep holes", and the place was filthy. After they took the door off, the place has been spotless with no vandalism. I prefer it this way. I'll get over my shyness eventually, and I'd much rather have a clean open can than a dirty private one. The other can, located in a town park, is even more "open", with the toilet appearing right as you enter the open door. It would be ideal, except that it's located in a somewhat rough neighborhood, and is dirty, with a lot of graffitti and vandalism. I think I'll pass on it. I found two open cans in the next two counties south of there. Both were in parks, and both had not only no doors, but no stalls. One had a wall structure about 5 feet high separating the toilet from the rest of the room, the other had only a short partition about 2 or 3 feet high. Both were very clean and well kept up. Incidentally, all the malls had doored-up cans, even the J.C. Penneys :-).

Anyway, in closing I'd like to address why I am wanting to get over this stupid shyness. It is because I want to feel comfortable using whatever toilet facilities are available at any location. I don't want to be like the old guys at Ryan's Penneys store and not be able to go in the store's bathroom. I don't want to be like those sports players who found themselves having to use the gang facilities at an old stadium they were playing visitor at, and were cussing, griping, and dying of embarrassment. Lastly, I just want to be as cool as the guys at my old college dorm, who could use the open stall toilets which faced the sinks and showers, and acted perfectly calm and natural. Boy did I envy them!!!

Shy Dude

P.S. Donny - I will post a separate reply to your comment, as it will be dealing with a sensitive issue, and the moderators may reject it.

today I was down in westport and stopped in this small market to get something to drink and try some of their pizza. I had to pee and was about to ask the clerk if I could use their restroom, but then I noticed they had one in back after seeing the sign above the door in back. so, after ordering two slices first, I figured that I may as well pee first, being that I had to wait anyway. I walked back and opened the door, but did not see the bathroom at first. so I walked back, closed it behind me, and not sure where it was, opened the first door I saw in front of me just a little to the right and there it was. it was real small and had just a toilet and sink, with the toilet directly in front of the bathroom door on the right. I walked in, closed the door, but the door's lock did not seem to work. the seat being down allready , I quickly pulled down both my pants and undies, sat down and began to pee. being that the toilet bowl was almost completely water-filled from the back almost all the way up to the front rim; my pee made this awesome, echo-like " tinkle" sound as I peed into the clear water,quickly turning it yellow. I must've peed a steady but splashing stream for at least a minute before stopping; but being a little nervous about the door not locking obvoiusly, I paused a bit after the first 20 secs or so while making sure one one walked in by holding the door with both my left hand and knee.[ my legs were spread apart and bent at the knees like I usually do while sitting on the toilet, and so I realized that the door was blocked anyway!] having still to go more yet after stopping for 5 secs or so; I began peeing for at least another 20 secs, paused maybe 3 secs, then peed a little more for another 15-20 secs pausing twice. all the while I heard myself " tinkling" as my coffee scented urine came shooting out of my twat into the toilet bowl's water like music to my ears. LOL again I stopped for like 5 secs, but leaned slightly foward and peed the last few dribbles out into the water for another 5-7 secs, and finally, after 2 long minutes was done. I wiped myself dry, the got up to pull up my undies and pants, and while buttoning/zipping them, had to look. the toilet's water was now a birght golden, deeply yellow color and had a few spotty small foam circles floating on it with many streaks of pee scuzz all over it before I flushed the toilet and watched it go down. I washed my hands, opened door, and walked out.

You're not the only one who likes to see how long you can hold your pee for. I find it very interesting myself too. And just because we are females in America, doesn't mean that we have only one way to go to the bathroom. We can try many ways. I enjoy standing in the shower or standing above the toilet (if no one's home). Feel free to try whatever way. Take care.

I have been a lurker here for a while & enjoy the site. My interest in toilet activities started when I was young & caught my mom & sister 'on the toilet' several times. Over the past few years I have talked several women friends into letting me video tape them as they used the toilet, they seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. What caused me to post this message is the recent stories being posted by Cheryl, I thank you Cheryl for the very descriptive and honest accounts of your peeing activities & want to hear more of the same as well as some of your BM activities.

blackmail your sister with something that she can't help. You would have to be the worst sister in the world if you were to do that. I know some people who still mess the bed, once a week or so, and they can't help it. Deal with her hogging the phone another way, don't embarrass her like that.

To Punk Rock Girl:

A habit? No... But on rare occasions, if I'm feeling especially naughty I'll get up without wiping. A Dump-&-Go was something I enjoyed doing more frequently in highschool & in university, but around '96 I had to make it a much more infrequent indulgence. Eventually, it irritates my hemorrhoids and I end up with 2 or 3 days of misery putting ice & Anusol on my anus to get the swelling down.

Personally, I don't buy your friend's pretext that she stopped wiping because she got her fingers messy every now & then. It's not that difficult to wrap the TP around your hand so you don't get it poopy.
I think your friend just liked the feeling it gave her squishing between her cheeks!

It's cute when children can't hold on.

I was working tonight (at Strawbridges) when I saw a girl of about 12 shopping with her mother. They were at the cash register (ironically paying for a few packages of undies for the girl) and i was nearby taking empty hangers off the racks, when the anxious girl said to her mother "mommy is there a bathroom here?" and the mother impatiently said "sweetie we're leaving right after this we'll be home shortly." the little girl bounced around as she became irritated and whined "but i gotta go now!" the mother partially ignored her and just blandly said "we'll be home soon" as she carried on rifling through her purse, i guess for a credit card. the little girl crossed her arms, stamped on of her feet and made an angry and strained expression on her face. She stood quietly for the next couple of seconds. I looked away at that point as the scene had ended and no longer had my attention. About a minute later, i heard the same mother go "oh goodness amy what is the MATTER with you!?" and i looked up to see the mother angrily taking the girl by the arm, and as they walked on i saw a very large bump on the girl's bottom in her little blue shorts. i thought it was adorable for some reason, i remember being that young when going to the bathroom was usually an urgent issue. i know it was for me at least. i remember several accidents in my childhood up to my pre teenage years, perhaps a few in teenage years that were triggered by more stressful circumstances, but still.

i had a little problem of my own as a girl. some children wet their beds, but i had a little bit of a messier problem. for some reason, up until i was 13 or so, i really hated long car rides. not because i got car sick, but because for some reason, EVERYTIME iwas in the car for an extended period of time, i pooped in my pants. my brother and sister called the very back seat in our van the "poopy seat" after a while because it was wear i sat when we had road trips, and also where on many occassions i pooped myself. it was tough, i think i got some sort of different effect from motion sickness. whenever i was in the car for a while my ???? would churn a bit and i'd get the poop cramps, and before we were in a good enough place to stop i would end up doing it in my pants. thank god that stopped before i got too old. when i was 13 we drove from pittsburgh to the new jersey shore, and i pooped my underwear twice on the way there and once on the way back, but after that i never pooped in the car again.

i figure perhaps my pants-pooping experiences as a youngster are related to why i for some reason think it's cute when children have accidents.

Elizabeth--Don't blackmail your little sister. She can't help pooping her pants. Making fun of something she can't help isn't a good idea, because you never know what she knows about you.

Okay, so you remember i was holding my pee for 12 hours and then got the urge to shit badly? Well, i went onto the toilet, and locked the bathroom door. Then i pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I crossed my legs, and started to push out some poop. It was quite liquidy, and luckily once i got it going it was impossible to stop. somehow i managed to not pee at ALL while shitting. I then wiped myself, and got off of the toilet. I was kind of annoyed because after shitting the urge to pee had become about half as large, so i drank seven glasses of water before dinner, and another four at dinner. After dinner i had to go soooo badly, and i knew that if i didn't go to sleep instantly i'd loose my nerve and just go to the bathroom normally, so i hopped into bed. The next morning, having been over 24 hours since i last peed, i needed to go sooooo badly. my brother and parents weren't up, but i didn't want them to find me with soaked jeans later today, so i got into the shower and locked the bathroom door. Within an hour of just standing in the shower, i started doing the pee dance. within another half hour, i was clutching my crotch. finally the time came. I couldn't hold it any longer. (i was naked, remember) so i put my hands onto my crotch, and suddenly my pee just started going. It was going so fast i couldn't stop it, even with my hand. I peed for over three minutes, which is a ton for me, because normally my pees take within 15 and 30 seconds. 1 minute if i have to go semi badly. Then i got the urge to shit, and i figured, why not? so i shit myself. unforctunantly, it was diarrhea, and it splattered all over the wall. then i turned the water on and washed myself completely. it was an amazing experience.

Elizabeth--Don't blackmail your little sister. She can't help pooping her pants. Making fun of something she can't help isn't a good idea, because you never know what she knows about you.

Okay, so you remember i was holding my pee for 12 hours and then got the urge to shit badly? Well, i went onto the toilet, and locked the bathroom door. Then i pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I crossed my legs, and started to push out some poop. It was quite liquidy, and luckily once i got it going it was impossible to stop. somehow i managed to not pee at ALL while shitting. I then wiped myself, and got off of the toilet. I was kind of annoyed because after shitting the urge to pee had become about half as large, so i drank seven glasses of water before dinner, and another four at dinner. After dinner i had to go soooo badly, and i knew that if i didn't go to sleep instantly i'd loose my nerve and just go to the bathroom normally, so i hopped into bed. The next morning, having been over 24 hours since i last peed, i needed to go sooooo badly. my brother and parents weren't up, but i didn't want them to find me with soaked jeans later today, so i got into the shower and locked the bathroom door. Within an hour of just standing in the shower, i started doing the pee dance. within another half hour, i was clutching my crotch. finally the time came. I couldn't hold it any longer. (i was naked, remember) so i put my hands onto my crotch, and suddenly my pee just started going. It was going so fast i couldn't stop it, even with my hand. I peed for over three minutes, which is a ton for me, because normally my pees take within 15 and 30 seconds. 1 minute if i have to go semi badly. Then i got the urge to shit, and i figured, why not? so i shit myself. unforctunantly, it was diarrhea, and it splattered all over the wall. then i turned the water on and washed myself completely. it was an amazing experience.

Linda from Australia typing again. I was thinking about some good pooping experiences and I remembered a good one from about 6 or 7 years ago. My Mum and I were in Sydney for a few days (I live in Western Australia) and we were staying with some relatives (my Mum's brother, his wife and their 2 daughters). I felt very uncomfortable taking a dump at someone else's house (I didn't know these relatives very well) so I didn't do one for about 2 days. On the 3rd day, I decided I should try and squeeze the turds out. We all went out for the day and we didn't get home until about 7pm. I went straight to the downstairs toilet when I got home and closed the door. I pulled down my pants and did a big long wee. Then I waited for the log to start moving down. First I did a few farts and then my arse started crackling. I could feel the head of a huge turd stretching my hole open. I pushed for about 10 minutes and the poo came out very slowly. It was extremely wide and it was burning my arse. The log broke off and landed in the toilet. I felt embarressed about spending so much time in the toilet and I was trying to do this poo as quickly as possible. I wasn't finished, as the rest of the log was stuck in my butt. I pushed as hard as I could, this time I was pushing so hard that I couldn't hear anything for a few seconds. This turd wasn't even going to budge so I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I felt very uncomfortable with a big turd still stuck in my anus so I decided to run upstairs and use the toilet up there. I ran up stairs and went into the toilet up there. I closed the door and pulled down my pants again. I pushed hard but the poop came out much easier this time. I managed to squeeze the rest of my massive turd out of my arse. I had a look at my job and it wasn't excessively long, just very wide and almost black. It also looked like it was rock solid. I felt so much better after that and nobody even noticed that I had used the toilet downstairs and then snuck upstairs to finish my job in another toilet.

Santas Little Helper
Here in Australia where the sidewalks melt at Christmas time, the suburbs are filled with these things called "Carols by Candlelights".. or as we like to call them "Candles by Carollights". For decades one of our jobs (for which I am the company director) has been to provide sound and lighting equipment to many of these outdoor, public, free events, usually on a limited budget.

In particular there is one we have been doing for 20 years now which is run at the top of a very remote grassy hill. Unlike all the others, they have never had public toilets there, so the 1500 or so people who attend need to make their own arrangements.. and there aren't many trees around.

Anyway we're talking about 6 years ago for this particular show. It was a hot night, and as usual the work was hard. So me and the team were in nothing more than footy shorts only (Footy shorts in Australia are more like soccer shorts elsewhere - they are a very short, nylon cut and rugged male pant popular anywhere free movement in hot conditions is required).

Over the years beforehand there had been a few close calls, but these were always dealt with by slipping down for a whizz behind the generator sets or something. Not this time. I could feel the distinct call of a #2 coming on as the last few carols indicated the end of the show. I took a calculated gamble that I would be able to make it through packup and back to the yard.. I was wrong.

Suddenly it happened. The heavens opened, and everything was awash with rain. A rig that should have taken 2 hours to pack and load took 10 minutes. Stopping to relieve the call of nature was definitely out of the question - there were dollars and gear at stake. As the truck painstakingly filled with soaked gear, my bowels introduced that they simply wouldnt wait any longer. The other guys could see my distress and knew what was happening.

"Just do it, we wont tell". they said. Since the entire crowd had gone and even the organisers had bolted for their cars, I figured what the hell. Having just enough time to get out of the back of the truck I stood there and filled those shorts with a warm, soft kind of crap that could only have come with being forced to wait for 6 hours beforehand. Fortunately the underpants contained most of it.

Again the others (still sheltering in the truck) knew what had happened and gave me that wry look as if to say "yeah.. but we didnt means really DO it..". Unfortunately for me I had to drive the truck back to the yard. Fortunately by now someone had broken out some "garbage bags" to use as rain coats.. and one was quickly put to service in the front seat of the truck to safeguard it before it's driver "got in"..

Within another 2 minutes we were all gone, charging down the slippery hill as if there were no brakes at all. Seemed strange that none of the other guys had chosen to come with me in the truck. The ride home well and truly pushed all that crap around.. out the legs and well up my bum crack and on to my back. By the time I got back to the yard it was cold and it stank. And.. it had stopped raining.

Out came the bag which had thankfully protected the seat very well. Open were the doors to try and do something about the cab.

Mind you, I wasn't finished yet. We had the entire truck unpacked and the wet gear under dryers before I finally did something about my predicament. The guys were going on continuously about the smell, I just told them "You told me to do it, so I did, so now you can stick it.".

In the end it was only a 10 minute shower that solved the situation.. but I was amazed that I had been able to unpack the truck without getting a single bit of it on anything.. such was the stickyness of it - it just wouldnt let go.

We still do the job every year, and on at least one other occasion one of the other guys has had to lay a #2 down the back behind the gennys.. but this time we're prepared with spare toilet paper, and (in my case) a second pair of shorts!

My mom and I were putting the breakfast dishes away in our apartment before she went to her waitress job this morning. Her skirt was still in the dryer downstairs, so she just had on her blouse and a pair of tan pantyhose she had sent me to the store for that morning, underneath was her disposable diaper. As we were standing there, I heard a fart then the sound of poop coming. I saw a huge bulge appear in the back of her diaper then drop into the lowest part of her diaper, then another. I pretended not to watch or notice, but she said "I'll be right back" and went into the bathroom, soon emerging from the bathroom adjusting her pantyhose over the fresh diaper she'd taped on with her dirty diaper sealed in a plastic grocery bag for the garbage. I offered to take it out to the dumpster for her, she said "wait, I'm peeing this one..." She changed again, and I carried two diapers to the trash

Michael Explosive diarrhea
The other day boy did I have the shits.I was at my dad's house and I got a slight pain in my colon. I knew what it meant,it was time for a dump. Im quite shy about shitting at my dads house because the bathrooms right in the livingroom and I take noisy shits. I was trying to walk around to keep from going when I remembered that outside was a porta potty for these workers,but no one was around. I told my dad I was taking out the trash and would be back.I ran to the dumpster and went into the porta potty. It was not that dirty and didn't stink much,but this shit was going to stink it up. I quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down and sat on the toilet. I farted very loudly and a mass of mussy lquid shit rushed out of me and a nonstop wave of diarrhea evacuated my teenage ass. I just kept on shittin and shittin and couldn't stop. When I finally did stop,I pushed more and more spurts of diarrhea and farts came out and I continued with this watery diarrhea. To make sure I was done I strained one more time and a huge rush of diarrhea exploded out of my ass and into the toilet.The smell was horrible.I pinched my nose,wiped my ass and looked into the toilet and said,JESUS! it WAS COVERED WITH DIARRHEA AND SPURTS OF IT WERE ALL OVER THE BACK OF THE TOILET AND ON IT.Went upstairs and watched television. After a few minutes I felt uneasy again and had to rush to the porta potty again. I got in and made some diarrhea again and slimy turds. I looked back to see what I had to eat for lunch. A chocolate muffin. I found out that I was spiked with a very powerful laxative?colon cleanser called colonblow.

To LInda from Australia........... I'm a Victorian by the wayI'm a 33 yo male, about 200cm with average build who obviuosly has a keen interest in toilet habits of women, apart from other things such as footy. I have always found watching women pooping & pissing very attractive . However why don't you tell us a little about yourself. What I iniatally was gonna say I noticed you had a bit of difficulty doing a hard poo. If you have read my earlier posts you will read I often stand to poop. I got into the habit of that from peeking at a friend of the family, she used to just pull her thong to one side open her cheek. I asked her one day the reason why she pooped like she did. She said often her poops are very hard & the turtle's head is huge. And unbeknowns to both of us we suffered same problems in that when we both felt the urge to shit we when to the toilet sat down , but nothing would happen as if the act of sitting down was cutting off supply.

So as to keep the momentum going she said what she often did was when she felt the urge to poop she would wait until she was desperate ( if she was in the right place say at home , shopping centre or ina park where there was toilet) she would then go to the toilet . Having made it to the toilet she would enter the cubicle ,pull down her jeans or lift her skirt pull the thong to one side.Then she stands over the bowl with one cheek pulled aside then, then as she says has a Clayton's accident, the turtle's head comes out naturally but slowly followed by the other turds. When she first started pooping like this she put her fingers to close to her hole & got poop on her knuckles , so did I but you soon learn how to spread . I found also the benefit of standing is that you don't have to wipe as often, also if you don't have time for a leisurly shit , you can shit & run without wiping if you're in a hurry , the skidmark is not nearly as big
Hope I was of some assistance Linda

Hey. My names Taylor. This is my first and possibly only posting on this site. Let me briefly describe myself. I'm a 15 year old male with long, I'm about 5 feet 7 and 157LBs and relatively well built, so I'm not small for my age. I know how much detail you want, so hear I go, ladies and gentleman. It was in the middle of the night in August, and I felt the huge need to go. So I get myself out of bed (Mind you, this was at bloody 3 in the bloody morning, and I'd just got to bed) and headed to the bathroom. Thank god it wasn't taken. So here I am sitting on the shit house, trying to push out a solid load, and out comes my usual supply of lumps. Well, I can tell that I'm not done, so I keep on pushing. Next thing you know out comes a semisoft log. I crap out a bunch more of these when blam! Out comes some very loose shite. Whew, it stunk like hell. Well, now came the SECOND worst part. I started to crap out loads of really loose, smelly and hot shit. They were really stringy and mushy. But they really did burn my arse. Well, it stunk so bad that I put a flannel to my face cos it would have made even me throw up (I have a record for never throwing up. So far, I've only been sick six or seven times in my life, and the last time I puked was when I was six or seven, I forgot). Well, I just didn't want to smell this anymore so I gave the bog a courtesy flush. But I knew I wasn't done. I push again, and out comes a squirt of lumpy diarhhoea. Now I really needed to keep the flannel at my face. I pushed out one last squart of runny, lumpy shit and wipe. Now, whenever I wipe, I usually take a sniff at what I've done. So I sniffed this and whoa baby, I let out a dry heave. I wiped several more times, and then stood up, pulled by boxers back up (Yes, I sleep in my boxer shorts, not PJs), flushed the toilet, washed my hands thoroughly and staggered back to my bed. That shit really made me feel weak. Unfortunately, I took loose dumps three or four times a day for about three days afterwards, so that crap really took it out of me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot tos say something. Punk Rock Girl, your stories really are something else.

Cheers. Taylor.

A great day yesterday! My wife and I went walking in the hills, the first time since we got married that we've walked for such a long time without coming to a public toilet or cafe or something. Anyway, on the way down we were walking along this path which kept zigzagging, and my wife was dying for a wee. She kept saying "I'll have to go in the trees by the car park". I started looking out for places like bushes where she could go, but to either side the ground was too steep and was just grass. Then she said "I won't last till we get to the car park". I had a good view along the path and told her that it was safe, so she pulled her trousers and pants down and squatted right on the floor. She was worried about wetting her trousers. She was too low for me to see yhe wee coming from her but I saw the puddle growing. Her shoes got wet! Then she wiped with some tissue which she threw on the floor which I wish she hadn't done because I don't like litter.
When we got to the car we had a picnic. I went behind some trees for a piss but then realised I could use a poo as well. Not that I couldn't wait till we got home but I really fancied doing it, having seen my wife have a piss on the path. I dropped my trousers and squatted. I could actually be seen from the road but it was fairly quiet. I grunted and pushed and then my wife called out "What are you up to?" I asked her to bring me some tissue, and as she came over I pushed out a plop then another couple. "Are you doing a poo?" she asked. I had finished so I took the tissue from her and, still squatting, wiped my bum.
Then she said that she wanted a number two as well but not there, it was too open. I said that she could walk into the woods a little way and so that's what we did. We went into the woods a little way then found a bit of cover behind some bushes, and I watched her doing her poo. I must say that this got me quite excited but I managed to drive home. (PS I carried the dirty tissue to the waste bin).
All the best

Bedwetter Dude
Interesting stories. Yes, I am new here and never posted before, but I did notice the posts written by a couple of bed wetters, and I am definately in that predicament. I've been there pretty much all of my life. I wear diapers every night to bed, and even during the day time if I am going to be in a situation where I can't get to a toilet, I have to wear diapers then, too.

I am allways being ripped on by my older and younger sister, and my parents even make me go to bed at 8:00 pm (Central time) on week nights. My older sister can stay up as long as she likes, and even my younger sister can stay up to 10, and she's only 9. I'm 15, and I have to be in bed at 8.

It is a very humiliating problem, especialy since I am presently a Freshman in H S. I am also very small for my age, so I am usualy physicaly humiliated by both of my sisters as well. Thankfully my olde sister is going away to college next year, but I will still have to deal with my younger sister, who literaly towers over me.

The Bed Wetter.

Emmorton P. Tudball
I'm applying on line for a number of jobs at the moment--but I'm also sitting here with no pants on. It's a wonderfully free feeling to let your schlong hang loose, and not have to get up to go whiz: I have a large plastic bottle (used to hold laundry detergent) into which I whiz whenever necessary. I also placed a paper towel on the seat of the office chair to catch any shrapnel from periodic farts (yeah, I've been blasting off from time to time; usually it sounds like a truck using the jake brakes, but not a lot of stink).

Time to grab that bottle again: been drinking a lot of coffee.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

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