Mary kate
the worst kind of accident is when you like, almost make it but at the last second you lose just completely demoralizes you like "omg i couldn't hold it 2 more seconds..." it's happened to me 3 times in the last couple of years. when i was 14 i went out on halloween with 5 of my friends. well most of the night out i had to poop kind of bad. i was dressed like one of the dancers in moulin rouge. well we finally got back around to my friend amy's house and i went in to her house quickly trying desperatley not to go in my underwear before i got to the bathroom. well, i made it into the bathroom but as i was trying to get parts of my costume off i totally messed up my undies..i was horrified and i had no idea what to do! i wound up taking my undies off and dumping the poop in the toilet then just slipping them back on real qucik even though they were dirty and so was my butt. then i sprayed bodyspray on my butt and put my costume back on and prayed no one would notice. i think i did okay but my friend jenny i think saw the poop stain on my underwear when i was going up some steps and she saw up the skirt/sash thing.

later on like the following may, i had to go pretty bad at school. well no one lieks going at school and im no acception, so i was holding on. after school i had to go to a key club meeting that i forgot about, and i wound up holding it in for another 45 minutes. i had to call my mom and wait for her to get there to pick me up which was another 10 minutes. then there was the whole ride home, and while i was in the car i was just pressing my hand against my butt and squeezing my cheeks together and hanging on for the sake of clean panties!! we got home and itried to casually sneak in and head up stairs. i darted into my bathroom and i struggled to tear my belt off. i got my belt undone and threw it onto the edge of the bathtub, then right as i was unbuttoning my jeans, my butt erupted and i completely pooped my panties! i was so upset that was the second time i pooped myself while i was about to get on the toilet!

it wasn't the end though. i'm 16 now btw. earlier tonight i was at work. i bus tables at a restaurant. anyway i had a pretty strong urge to go about 20 mins before i left work. at 8:40 i finally got out and head home. i was soo desperate when i got home and i rushed upstairs, but i started filling my underwear with diahrrea as i was walking into the bathroom......once again, i couldn't hold it in for just a few more seconds!

has that ever happened to anyway? i mean how frustrating is that? inches away from the toilet and i go in my pants...

i had kind of a weird poop today. i hadn't gone for like two days, but that's not abnormal for me and i didn't consider myself constipated at all. after eating dinner last night i felt unusually full and a little sick to my stomach. by the time i went to bed i didn't feel like that anymore but this morning i woke up with a horrible ???? ache and the immediate urge to poop. i hurried and sat on the toilet, expecting to have diahrrea. my ???? started to cramp but nothing would come out! i leaned back and massaged my stomach and finally a bigger cramp came and a huge, solid poop came along. i thought i was done but then i started having gas and then soft poop poured out. my ???? was hurting so bad that i didn't want to get up because i thought i was going to have more diahrrea. i sat for a few more minutes until my stomach settled down a little, then i wiped and flushed. my stomach ache has come and gone all day, but i haven't had to poop again. i thought it was weird because i've never had solid poop and diahrrea in the same sitting.
also, what are some ways to relieve a stomach ache besides rubbing your ?????

My little sister is 15 and she craps herself in bed.

I just discovered this occurance recently, i have no idea how long this has been going on. Last week we woke up a little late for school. I went into her room to get her up and she looked up from her bed but didn't get out from under the covers. I stood there and yelled that she had to get up and she jst yelled "okay get out!" i stood there and said "get out of bed i know you're going to lay back down if i leave!" she screamed again "i won't, get out!!" i left and shut the door. i then stood and waited by the stairs to listen and make sure she was getting up. A moment later, her door opened very slowly, and not noticing me i watched her sneaking out. She was holding a pair of underwear and walking kind of rigidly toward he bathroom, still wearing only the t shirt she slept in. Well as she was going into the bathroom i saw up the t shirt and her underwear was jsut full of crap...i couldn't believe that my 15 year old sister crapped her underwear in bed.

now i went on to discover it wasn't just that single occurance! Last night i went into her room at around 4 am when i came home from a concert and i needed to get a little key that works on all the bedroom doors in my house so i could get back into my room. when i was in her room looking for the key, i noticed something smelled got awful. I looked around and then i could hear coming from the bed a series of soft, but continuous rumbling farts. she didn't have the blanket over her and i walked over by the bed and looked down, and i just saw a big bulge growing in the back of her underpants! i was shocked and grossed out and i just stormed out before i found the little key, and i opened my bedroom door with a precision this morning i was going into the mud room to get my car keys to go meet my friend Cassie. Well i walked past the laundry room and the door was shut. i could hear my mom in the laundry room and i stopped for a second. i heard her saying "this isn't normal sarah. you can't continue to do this, you're too old you need to do something about this." i waited for a second and i heard my sister weakly say " i know i just can't help it i don't know why it happens" and my mother said "well i got you those diapers. at least use them so you don't keep ruining your underwear." Diapers?? my little sister even has diapers that she's supposed to wear to bed. I can't believe that. I mean i remember when she was 9, she pooped her pants in the car when we were going to niagara falls, but i thought it was an honest accident. i didn't realize she had an ongoing struggle with poop. now i know that she poops the bed a lot and as soon as i need to you know i'll use it to blackmail her..she won't let me use the phone when i'm waiting for my boyfriend to call? simple, i'll threaten to tell whoever she's on the phone with that she poops her underwear!

Ferret Girl
Im 26 blonde hair, brown eyes anyway, heres my story.
This is seriously true. My husband and I just recently moved to CA. Any way In the bathroom there is a double shower with doors so two people can take a shower in the same room without seeing each other. One day when we were taking a seperate shower I heard moaning noises comming from him. I asked him if everything was okay. He said yes and didnt say anything else. 2 minuites later he screamed and let about a gallon of smelly poop out!!

Diaper woman
Started reading posts on this site and started thinking of the embarrassing moments of me and my restroom stories. So, I thought I'd share my twisted pooping story. Although none really stand out between everyone else's here, I have one thats a little awkward. One day I was driving home from work and I had to go make a BM really bad. I was in thick traffic and knew I wasn't going to make it. So I got off the highway and pulled into a grocery store parking lot. I walked really fast to the restroom area, and the women's was out of order, so I tried the men's and it was occupied. I waited about 10 minutes and asked the guy up front if anyone was in there. He knocked on the door as I did and no response came within. Well, there was a little keyhole and I asked if he had a key. He says, "no I think we lost the key, someone probably locked it from the inside and left." I thought, "this is great", but even worse my bowels were thinking about letting loose their cargo. I could barely walk at this point and I knew I wouldn't make it out of the store, so I walked into the back thinking the employees would have a bathroom. No such luck, so I thought oh well here it comes. All of a sudden I looked up on the store stock shelf and saw a box of huggies diapers. I quickly grabbed it, ripped it open, pulled out a diaper and pulled down my pants. I held it up to my krauch(it didn't fit too well because it was for babies), squatted down in the corner and let mother nature take it's course. Wonderful how those things work because there were no leaks or hardly any mess despite how much I pushed out, but it sure did fill up that diaper. I had to grab two more to wipe myself with, then I found a trash can and left.

Nicky from Ontario
Hey everyone, hows it going?? I just wanted to say I really enjoy all your posts! My favourite posts however are by Fatman. Hes so descriptive its awesome!! Where are you from Mr. Fatman?? Keep up the good job hun!

To: ashley (on page 1300)
Don´t worry sweetie:-)
That had happened to the best of us!
To me, to The president and maybe to your mother! She shouldnt have yelled at you for doing it. nothing to be ashamed off.

And to all the other parents out there: Dont scold your child! We are not doing it to harm you! THINK ABOUT IT!

i have 2 stories to share that is about my little sister`s friend, happened about 3 months ago. Meka and my sister had a contest to see who could eat the most jalapenoes.Anyway, i guess Meka won but had some weird side affects. it gave her diarrhea. she had went home to shower when the urge came while she was in the tub. she proceeded to poop liquidy poop 4 more times that day.

i heard her talking to my mother about it but she obviously didn`t know what caused it.but they were mostly just talking about how her poops are usually big and hurts to come next story is one Meka told my mother.

she had been out somewhere playing when she got the urge to pee. she rushed home but it was of no use. she didn`t make and was dripping wet when she came to her house, bagging to get in the door before anyone noticed.that`s it for now. see you guys later

Punk Rock Girl. I was interested in your post about not wiping. All my life I've taken it for granted that everyone wipes after a #2 unless there's no paper to hand. My education is coming on apace.

Kerri Anne. It was an interesting account you gave of that accident you had on the bus. I'm not in the least bit surprised by it though. If you hadn't been for a motion for several days, sooner or later a BM would almost certainly force itself out - whether you had access to a toilet or not. Accidents happen and they're part of life's rich tapestry. I remember an occasion years ago when I was about 14 and my year had been on a school trip which took all day. On the way home a girl called Anne started doing farts and I thought she was going to have an accident as there was no toilet break planned despite it being a longish journey. In the event she didn't and managed to get home without messing herself - more due to luck than judgment. Whilst we were on the trip she'd playfully teased me at one stage about needing the loo, which made matters all the more interesting. I strongly suspect she went straight to the loo as soon as she got home - either of her own accord or at the behest of her parents. When I saw her the next morning she was fine. I think it had been a close run thing though.

Conroy. I liked you bit about toilet history. Getting his political opponents to transact business with him whilst on the throne sounds like one good way of dealing with them quickly.

cyberdolph - Randy)
For those in college/university here is a good recommendation. If you do not like pooping in the class room building bathrooms, you should target the administration only buildings. Buildings with only administrators and very few students usually have cleaner, better maintained bathrooms. This is especially usefull if you live in a dorm with gross common bathrooms.

When I was a student a classmate hooked me up on this idea since we both worked in a "studio" (architecture type) class environment in our major building. The men's room stalls could get rank as people worked for many hours and sometimes overnight. He had found a basement bathroom in a marvelous old administration building that was the centerpiece of our campus. The building dated from the 1850's with the bathroom sink fixtures/ floor/wall tiles from about the 1930s, toilets from the 1960s, real varnished wood panel stall dividers, and always very clean and with great air conditioning. The best part was that the building was open until about 11:00pm-12midnight and nearly disserted after the usual 5:00pm work day.

Once he hipped me to the deal we'd joke with each other when we'd inform each other that "I have to take a walk to _________ Hall." This was a signal that the dumper would be back in about 15-20 minutes and for the other to maintain watch the design/drafting supplies laid out on the dumper's studio desk. Otherwise the expensive supplies might be stolen by other students.

I especially liked the administration building not only for the cleanliness but also for the solitude to crank one out and not worry about loud farts or an occasional grunt.


Lily S.
I'm sick :-( I came down with it last night. I had not felt well all monday during school, and my stomach felt sicker and sicker. finally i decided to go home early, so i left school at noon, because i felt so sick. I walked home (parents were at work) and walked to my house. I live in a suberb of NYC. Anyways, I got home, and lay down on my bed to watch TV. Suddenly my stomach gurgled, and i go the throw-up feeling, so i ran to the bathroom and barfed really loudly and painfully. Then i felt my bowels gurgle, so i quickly got onto the toilet seat and had a bunch of diarrhea into it. I groaned, feeling sick, and went back to lying on the bed. I fell asleep on my bed. so, i woke up at about 8:00, felt the need to puke, ran to the bathroom, puked my guts out. then i had to get on the toilet and have more diarrhea. I've already puked twice today (4 times overall) and had a lot of diarrhea. I'm kind of scared. What do you think i have?

I decided to see how long i can hold my pee, because i haven't really REALLY needed to pee since i was 6, and i'm 12 now, and i want to know what it feels like. So i'm holding my pee in. I've been holding it in for roughly 12 hours now, and i'm starting to REALLY need to go. I wanted to "have an accident" while standing in the tub with my jeans on to see what it is like to actually have one, but my parents and little brother are home :-( I guess i'll have to just go in the toilet. or perhaps i'll go into the shower and turn the water on and try it out there. I want to be at the point where i'm doing the pee dance, and i start going because i can't hold it any longer, and i have to be clutching my crotch to stop it from flowing. i don't know why this is, because i'm not interested in the bathroom in any way, i just want to see what it feels like.

OMG, i need to go really really badly now! And suddenly i need to shit. perhaps i'll see if i can shit without peeing, and if i can't i'll just start holding my pee again later. i'll tell you how it ends.

I know this site doesn't permit links to other pages, so you'll just have to find out for yourself where I got this info.
Use one of the more popular search engines to do a search on toilet paper histoy

>What people used before TP

*Newsprint, paper catalogue pages in early US
*Hayballs, Scraper/gompf stick kept in container by the privy in the Middle Ages
*Discarded sheep's wool in the Viking Age, England
*Frayed end of an old anchor cable was used by sailing crews from Spain and Portugal *Medieval Europe- Straw, hay, grass, gompf stick
*Corn cobs, Sears Roebuck catalog, mussel shell, newspaper, leaves, sand- United States
*Water and your left hand, India (A technique still in wide use to this day.)
*Pages from a book, British Lords
*Coconut shells in early Hawaii
*Lace was used by French Royalty
*Public Restrooms in Ancient Rome- A sponge soaked in salt water, on the end of a stick
*The Wealthy in Ancient Rome-Wool and Rosewater
*French Royalty-lace, hemp
*Hemp & wool were used by the elite citizens of the world
*Defecating in the river was very common internationally
*Bidet, France
*Snow and Tundra Moss were used by early Eskimos
*Nothing (in some of the smellier times in Europe & elsewhere)

>The invention of TP in various societies

*China…AD 1391 - The Bureau of Imperial Supplies began producing 720,000 sheets of toilet paper a year, each sheet measuring two feet by three feet. For use by the Emperors.
*USA…1857 - New Yorker Joseph C. Gayetty produced the first packaged bathroom tissue in the United States in 1857. The Gayetty Firm from New Jersey produced the first toilet paper named "The Therapeutic Paper". It contained an abundance of aloe, a curative addition. The company sold it in packs of 500 sheets for fifty cents, and Joseph Gayetty had his name printed on each sheet!
*USA…1890 - The Scott Paper Company is the first company to manufacture tissue on a roll, specifically for the use of toilet paper. Faced with the consumers' resistance toward the "unmentionable" product, Scott came up with the idea of customizing rolls for every merchant-customer they had. Under this private-label arrangement, Scott purchased large "jumbo" rolls of paper from various paper mills and converted them into packages of small rolls and stacked sheets.
*Great Britain…1880- British Perforated Paper Company


*In 1935, Northern Tissue advertised "splinter-free" toilet paper (YIKES!!! Thank God I was born near the end of the 20th Century.)
*In 1942, St. Andrew's Paper Mill in Great Britain introduced two-ply toilet paper
Personally, I'm thankful they eventually got rid of the coloured stuff. I had chronic constipation as a kid. My mother took me to the Dr. and we found out (after I was 'forced' to donate a stool sample the week earlier) that I was alergic to the coloured stuff she so enjoyed to see.

to punk rock girl, eew, thats gross about your friend not wiping her ass when there was enough shit on it to get on her fingers. how did she not go around smelling like a turd all day and leaving a major racing stripe in her panties? i sometimes wipe my butt with a quarter roll of toilet paper and then still if i squat down i can smell the stink of poop coming from my buttcrack. i worry about other people smelling it too so i hate to poop at school. i would rather hold it till i get home then i can use wet toilet paper to make sure my ass is clean. i cant imagine walking around all day without wiping my ass after taking a gooey dump. peace out, dylan

Lil Dave
Hi everyone this is my second post
Well anyways once I was at a summer camp in first grade and I dont know why but I didn't use the bathroom when we had a chance, and sometime in the afternoon, I had a strong urge to piss. well i really couldn't hold it and I really couldn't make it to the bathroom so I went in my pants and piss went all over my pants and dripped down the sides. some kid saw it and said aw dont worry i wet my bed all the time. that day nothin much really happened

Hey, 'sup guys! Sry I haven't posted in a while, busy with school and stuff.

A few days ago, my history teacher made a funny comment about the new bathrooms they put in our school. He says this:
"So, whats the deal with the new bathrooms? All green and white tiles? And so shiny! It's like "ahhhhhhh (gospel-style)" what a place to take a crap, huh?"

Outdoors Guy
I've been reading all the great posts and I really like the outdoor dump stories. Yesterday, I was out running and I felt a sudden cramp, but I kept running. It got clearer to me that I was going to have to go poop soon so I rushed over to the woods by the side of the river (the area I was running in was heavily wooded) and found a nice secluded spott. I looked around to see if anyone was there and no one was there so I pulled down my pants and relaxed. First came a real nice solid log, followed by a little mush. Just as I thought I was done, I had a squishy fart and let out some really liquidy yellow diarrhea. This lasted for a few minutes. When I was done, I found some leaves to wipe with and continued on my run.

Some of you girls can poop so much--like Kate from post 381! How do you do it?

Outdoors Guy
I've been reading all the great posts and I really like the outdoor dump stories. Yesterday, I was out running and I felt a sudden cramp, but I kept running. It got clearer to me that I was going to have to go poop soon so I rushed over to the woods by the side of the river (the area I was running in was heavily wooded) and found a nice secluded spott. I looked around to see if anyone was there and no one was there so I pulled down my pants and relaxed. First came a real nice solid log, followed by a little mush. Just as I thought I was done, I had a squishy fart and let out some really liquidy yellow diarrhea. This lasted for a few minutes. When I was done, I found some leaves to wipe with and continued on my run.

Some of you girls can poop so much--like Kate from post 381! How do you do it?

hi, new hear, just wanted to share a story a bout a public parks restroom, on the mens section, the outer door is always wedged open. and i have tried shutting. its wedged good. all the stalls facr the outside, so anyone walking by can see the stalls and whoever is in them, heres the thing, they have doors, but no lucks, and the higes have been painted over several times so you cant even close them.if you pull it shut, it springs open leaving a 1 foot space. as I walked the other day for my daily hike thru the woods, I had came to the conclusion i had to go number 2, so alas I had to use this restoom. as I sat on the toilet, I pulled the door shut several times but it kept springing open, there were no other guys in the room, , but all of a sudden i hear the sounds of girls talking/ giigling, and I could see thru the gap, they had assembled right outside the main door of the mens room, there is even a bench set out there, where if you were to sit on it, you would be facing the stalls, a mere 12 feet. as Im sitting there hoping these girls would keep walkinh, they stayed there, one of them glanced my direction and clearly noticed me sitting on the toilet, i held a paper up so she would at least not see my face, every time i glanced up, i could tell she was watching me, or trying to watch, a moment later another one saw me, and then, all three girls clearly saw me, they appeared to be talking about me though i tried not to hear, they were fairly young, maybe 18-20. i heard one of them say "wow, im glad i dont have to go to the bathroom", another one said "thats sooo funny, you can see him on the toilet" they kind of slowly walked away. i was embarrassed, but at the same time kida liked it.

after drinking my " morning" cup of coffee , 2-20 oz cups of iced coffee ; about an hour later I had to pee badly . I hadn't peed since the middle of the night , about five hrs. ago. anyway, I " went to the bathroom" , closed the door and put the light on. again , so I could watch myself pee, I grabbed the hand held mirror . then after lifting the lid, I pulled down my shorts and undies and sat down on the seat. I quickly began to pee fast and hard in one big steady stream about 1/4 inch wide; which tinkled loudly as it splashed into the toilet bowl's clear water for about 35 secs . in the mirror, I couls see my intense pee stream jet into the water right about in the middle , about 4-5" behind the front water line- which is only 2" back from rim. as I " tinkled" into the bowl, bubbles of foam were quickly forming and spreading toward the back and sides, as the clear water quickly turned yellow. after 35 secs, I stopped peeing , the began to tinkle a bit more in 3 short, 3-5 sec each, thin streams; all of which shot about an inch or two toward the right and left. the final pee splashed a little toward the front , and after 55 secs I was finished. then I took a wad of paper, wiped my twat,and as I got up, dropped the paper in the bowl and went to pull up my shorts and undies, I looked and saw the bowl water filled with golden yellow pee, paper, and a few streaks along with some foam. there was 3 patches toward the back/middle of the toilet's water covering maybe 35% of the water's surface, right before I flushed and it all went down the hatch.

Shy dude: Yeah, Zip's advice about your question is real good. If you are taking a shit in an open stall or in a situation where the urinal and shitter are in the same open situation, you've just gotta act as if there is nothing unusual about it. Young guys are particuarly open in these kinds of situations. I remember once needing to shit at a beach in Florida. There were two bathrooms one for males and one for females. The male bathroom was just a small room with a door that didn't lock. It had a toilet in the corner but there was no urinal. The shitter was just out in the open (without a stall). The room had a sink and there were benches around the wall for guys changing. So I went in that day and there were like 5 teenagers changing in the restroom. They obviously knew one another and were kinda laughing and fooling around. I asked them if they minded if I used the facilities while they changed. They said: "Sure dude, go right ahead." I guess they thought I was just gonna take a piss. When I pulled my swim suit down and sat naked on the shitter, one looked kinda surprised, but they didn't say anything. Soon I was included in their conversation. Fortunately, I took a good solid shit without much smell or farting so there was nothing much to gross them out although I guess they might have heard the usual plopping and shitting sounds. I even wiped (sitting down) and inspected the TP for shit smears, but it all went real well. I got done before they'd finished changing and just thanked them and left the bathroom. They were real friendly about it all and wished me a good day. Incidentally, I guess it helped that I was only 3-4 years older than them at the time.

In response to Punk Rock Girl:
When I was a kid, I became intrigued by pooping and then not wiping. I used to intentionally wear dark colored underwear sometimes so that stains wouldn't be less detectable. When I wore white briefs I tried not to get them messy, so I'd either just wipe or put some toilet paper in the seat. It wasn't all the time that I went without wiping though, just when I felt like it. When I started to grow hair in my crack, I had to keep it clean more often than not, but I still pull up without wiping sometimes just for fun. Somehow it feels more natural, dumping a load and then pulling up when done. Also, I pooped standing up on a few occasions. It didn't seem to get my butt any messier unless a turd got stuck in my crack.

Anyway, keep on posting.

first pee of the morning. having not peed since last night, I went to the bathroom this morning, closed door , then lifted lid. then I pulled down my undies , sat down on the seat, but could not pee immediately. it took at least 20 secs to begin at first, but then I could hear the gentle " tinkle" as my urine began to emerge from my twat and make this sprinkling noise as if it was dripping out into the toilet bowl's water. it must've continued to dribble out slowly , as all I could hear was this slow, easy tinkle for the first 25 secs at least, which sounded like it was splashing a little toward the bowl's front and sides, then back into the water. it almost stopped, but every time it did almost, the tinkle sound would pick up for about five secs and sound like my urine was hitting the sides of the bowl a bit, in a few quiet but hissy blasts which would again dribble back into the water every time. this it did for at least another 30 secs and maybe more after that initial 25 sec tinkle, taking at least 1 min and 10 secs to finish almost. then I paused for about 10 sec. before leaning a little toward the front to completely empty my bladder. all the while I could smell the distinct odor of fresh, strong pee as it kept gently tinkling out my vulva's lips into the water, making a bubbly foam as it turned the water all yellowish with streaks of urine scum swirling. I peed for another 20 secs steady at least, this time it tinkled louder as it splashed directly into the toilet's water more toward the middle before again stopping, starting, and after probally 1 min and 45 secs at least, I was done. as I wiped, then got up to pull up my undies, I looked and saw the bowl's water completely filled with deep golden yellow urine and about 3 small patches of foam floating toward the front of the water with the wad of toilet paper I used to wipe in the middle. then I flushed as the golden water and foam circles went down and the bowl re-filled with clean water.

JJ -- The techniques you describe your GF using when bunged up are pretty much what I do, especially the stretching and rocking back and forth (though I do it sitting). I can appreciate your old GF's phobia of bathrooms, I needed a wee and a softish poo today when I was out and didn't like the firast bathroom I went to, I held on until I reached a familiar one that I knew would be clean. But a week -- I'd dump anywhere when the pressure gets too much! I might not enjoy it, but I'd do my best to control the situation and get through it clean and comfy. As for your old GF's anus, I agree, that's quite an unusual degree of distention. Hmmm, I must get a mirror and have a look at my own as I go, just for comparison!

NANCY -- what a terrific ravine pee, I always love to visualise it! As for the enema advice, certainly -- if you're up for trying a liquid clean-out, just say the word and I'll talk you through it.

Bye all,


My mother in law visited last spring and spent the night. On a Friday morning, my wife had left for work, the kids were in school, and it was just my mother in law and I at home (I was working midnight shift). After eating breakfast I called out to her to let her know that I was going to be gone for a while running errands. Just after getting on the highway I realized that I had left my checkbook and got off at the first exit and returned home. I could hear the water running for the shower upstairs. I walked into my bedroom to get my checkbook and herd a noise comming from my bathroom. The door was left open and I quietly peeked in and saw my mother in law nude, bent over and squatting over the toilet. Hanging about four inches out of her anus was a blunt, dark brown turd the diameter of a small orange juice can. She was having great difficulty with it as she was grunting loudly and you could see a thin blood streak down the side of the turd. After about five minutes she was able to push out six inches of the obviously very dry turd when for some reason she glanced in my direction and saw me. She let out a small shriek, covered her breast and genitals, and walked into the walk-in closet with the turd still hanging out of her anus, and grabbed a towel and wrapped herself up. After appologising for using my toilet, and explaining the reason for her being nude in my bathroom was because she was about to take a shower when she discovered that there was no towels upstairs, she walked out and started to walk up the stairs when the turd dropped out of her anus onto the stairs with a thud. Her face beet red with embarrasment, unwrapped herself, picked it up with the towel and went upstairs. After returning home, she called to appologise and begged me not to tell my wife.

I was on my way to get my car's oil changed, but before getting on the highway, I figured that I'd better pee first and knowing that they have a clean M/F restroom at this convienence store in town, I stopped in to first "go the the ladies room" before getting something to drink. anyway, after first knocking to make sure no one was in there, I walked in, closed and locked the door. the seat was allready down, so I pulled down my shorts and undies, then sat down and quickly began peeing-as I had to go really bad! [ the toilet bowl was small and round, and had a small seat with the entire bowl filled with water, and being a little " plus-sized" I had to lean just a bit foward to make sure my twat was over the bowl!] all of a sudden , the silence was broken by this somewhat loud, intense tinkle sound as I urinated into the toilet bowl's water; my urine obviously splashing and spraying directly into the middle of the bowl for what had to be at least a minute and 10 secs or more in one big,long, wide gusher which, by the sound of it, had to be at least 1/4 inch wide or more I bet !

then I stopped for about 3 secs before pushing harder to urinate completely in one, spraying, 20 sec long splashy tinkle and about two more dribbles; all of which also completely hit the water and lasted 3-4 secs each. finally , after about 1 min and 45 secs I was down at last! I took some paper, wiped my twat good; then got up , dropping the wad of paper in the bowl before I pulled up both my shorts and undies. beofre flushing, I looked in the bowl and saw the water turned yellow with paper but no foam at all this time. the urine did smell a bit like the coffee I drank earlier, though as it was coming out!

today I drove more than 90 miles from new britian, CT to sleepy hollow, new york and hadn't needed to pee since a while before leaving; at about 5:30 pm . anyway, right before getting to the hudson valley writer's center , where I read my short stories/poetry monthly; my bladder began to feel full and I was like " please! just hold it till I get there!" . anyway, so here I finally get there at 8 PM after leaving at 6:20 and as soon as I walked in [with my legs slightly crossed]I went straight into one of the two unisex bathrooms; the first open one. [ it had one of those "water saver" type toilets, sort of oval shaped with the water filling only 2/3 of the bowl]. quickly, I shut and locked the door, pulled down my shorts and undies in a hurry, and at the same time, put the seat down. then I sat and immediately began to pee straight down into the toilet bowl's little water spot right about in the middle of the bowl; my pee making a splashy " piddle" sound for what had to be at least a minute steady before slowing down somewhat, but continuing. the air began to fill with that distinct aroma of fresh pee as more came out for another good 45 secs or so; this time in splashy sprits which casted a few spraying droplets of yellow urine up against the dry porcelain in the front of bowl while mostly still piddling into the water in about 3 pulsating, seemingly endless vibrating dribbles which felt so good as they were coming out of my pussy lips. finally , after at least 1 min and 45 secs, it completely stopped, but I leaned a bit foward and pushed out another 15 sec dribbly tinkle which shot like an arrow straight back into the toilet water, and after 2 long mins I was finally done!

I wiped dry and as I got up to pull up my undies and shorts, I looked and saw the bowl's sort of spade-shaped, shallow waterhole filled with intense, yellow, urinated into water and the back half covered with white bubbly foam. the foam must have covered at least 70% of the water's surface and the dry part at front of bowl had drops of glistening yellow pee all over it. as I flushed, I could still smell that fresh pee in the air.

Hi all, hope you are all keeping well and having satisfying dumps. Must tell you all about an interesting last Saturday. My hubby has taken up canoeing and we went off to his first event last Sat. Early start with breakfast at this remote dam. I was not phased re loo facilities as I am happy behind a vehicle or a bush but am sure some of the smarter entrants from the big cities out here were in a right tizz. We got there at dawn and the pressure had been building for a good pee and poo from the early morning coffee. As we arrive I note a line of porta loos but also see a thicket of bush to one side which was going to be my choice of course unless there were rules and regulations. While we got organized I noticed people going up to the porta loos but returning very quickly and assumed that there was no loo paper. I grabbed our quarter roll from the cubby and hid it in my jacket pocket. I am not shy but also am not about to advertise to 1500 odd people what my immediate intentions are. I wandered off towards the bush and was told by a young lady coming from the loos that they were all wired shut. I said that the bush was fine with me and she could share the loo roll if she wanted. I noticed a rather stiff walk and the sure signs of an imminent bowel movement. She said ok and we entered the thicket together passing men and woman obviously returning from their business. I found a small clearing and proceeded to get my kit off and squat. My new friend was a little hesitant at first but then the urgency got the better of her. She was a canoeist by her dress and just needed to get her ski pants down. She said that I would be finished before her and to leave a little paper for her. I asked why are you stuck to which she replied just stick around and see how hard it is for me to shit. By now I had peed like a horse and was dropping my normal plug followed by a windy wet mush. I glanced across to her and noticed that she had also peed and that she was holding onto a small tree and just waiting. I said to her are you pushing. She said no just watch underneath. I now was a little intrigued at her actions and watched. Her bum opened to about 2.5 inches and I now expected a large compacted log to emerge. Nothing stuck it's head out but little round balls of poo started to drop out of her bum. About the size of a fingernail these things fell out from inside her rectum. Never did a turd ever emerge but this constant dribble of I suppose what we would call sheep droppings. This must have gone on for about ten minutes and as it was not cold I just squatted there watching. Suddenly she peed again and with one wipe got dressed. I said to her that is amazing. Any one passing by would think it was a buck or sheep that had pooed here. Only giveaway was the paper. And the pool of pee. She said that she had never actually dropped a log but always took a shit like that. She said it was painful to stretch for so long but doctors and diets could not help her. The only relief is when she gets the runs. Different horses for different courses but how unsatisfying not to be able to drop a large slippery log or have the agony of almost daily childbirth from the rear compartment.

Punk Rock Girl.: You must have missed a post I did a while back re: wiping. I always shower in the morning so never wipe after the first shit of the day but a good wash then gets it sparkling. The problem was always later in the day if I needed to take another shit. As we girls sit to pee I would sometimes have what I call an ambush shit. It would creep up or down unexpectedly as I was peeing. All is relaxed down there so a little poo would sometimes just slip out. It was normally wet and because I like spicy food was inclined to give me ring sting. A lot of wiping would get me a little raw down there so the easiest is after my shower I put body cream on all over and a generous helping in my crack and some actually in my arsehole. A little applicator would be nice but I have not found one yet so just work it in with my finger. Problem solved. I normally have a dry plug that I need to get out first when I have a shit. This now just pops out and the rush of runny poo behind it is no problem. It does not burn and is easy to wipe as the paper does not snag and pull my bum. I can get nice and clean and if you do wipe yourself a little raw I carry a little pot in my bag so I can reapply during the day. It is actually a nice feeling to have your cheeks rub together with a little lube in between. You mentioned about a hundred pages back that your boyfriend is allowed at the backdoor. Likewise, I may be 49 but am no prude and this makes it easier.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Punk Rock Girl

When I was little, I wiped my ass whether I felt the need or not. Even if it was a nice solid dry dump, I'd wipe at least once to be sure.

One of my girlfriends and I were recently talking about our bowel habits. She told me when she was a little kid through junior high she rarely wiped her ass at all. When I asked her why, she told me that every time she wiped she got shit on her fingers. Finally, she got so frustrated she just stopped wiping.

She'd wipe if she had diarrhea or if it felt extremely messy, but when she had a "regular dump, she never did. She started wiping in junior high when she started wearing thongs, plus her pubic hair had grown in and some had found its way between her butt cheeks.

Even I was kind of grossed out. I mean, I'll deal with butt mud if I take a shit and don't have anything to wipe with. What can you do? But if there's a nice big roll of TP right there, why wouldn't I give my cute bottom the royal treatment?

Anyone else here have a habit of intentionally not wiping their ass? That was a new one to me.



Greetings Fellow Bathroom Folk,
It rained a bit over the weekend due to the remnants of Hurricane Ivan...........the weather was humid, with some gusty winds and rain.

When the rain let up, my honey and I took full advantage of the situation to pee in the ravine..................once outside no one was around (we figured who would be on a day like this except us...LOL)

We helped each other pull our jeans and underwear down and get situated .......we decided to make a contest out of it to see who could pee the longest...well I won!!!!!!!!! he was done in 10 seconds and me in about 22 seconds. We decided to linger there as the winds were picking up it felt good!!!!!!!

We went back out in the evening for another pee........a moonlit pee as we like to call it. I'm really going to hate to see summer end and cooler weather get here..................well there is my apartment with the broken bathroom door that you can't close or you'll be locked in.......................I'm not getting it fixed on purpose tee hee hee.

PV: I just may take you up on that enema honey seems to be getting constipated a lot lately.....I have my moments too.

Ciao All,
Nancy :o)

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