It was time for me to poop again....I made my way to my bathroom, pulled down my pants and panties and sat. My anus opened and a log started coming out. I pushed and the rest came out. It was about 5 inches long. I pushed and another chunk came out, this one about 2 inches long. After wiping I flushed and washeed my hands

Carl - I had something like that happen to me once. Only it was ME it was happening to, not the person sitting next to me. I was sitting next to the cutest guy....oh my, i'm still not completely over him and it's been...what...10 years? lol. anyways, i had had diarrhea earlier this period. it was about to come though, i was positive about that. anyways, so we hit some terrible turbulence, and the guy next to me looked a little annoyed and sick, but me i started puking my guts out. i get car sick and air sick pretty easily, and this was BAD turbulence. Anyways, while I was vomiting and spitting and vomiting again into the barf bag i managed to have diarrhea in my pants. once the plane got less turbulent i excused myself to the bathroom. the guy next to me realized what had happened. anyways, i went to the bathroom and wiped myself over and over and splashed water on my pants until most of the stain went away. then i took off my underpants and threw them away. Then i sat on the toilet and had a bit more diarrhea and went back to my seat.

I was talking on the phone with Lynn, in our disc. she said that she was backed up and had not gone poo in almost a week. I told her to come over and we could get dinner,ice cream then go for a walk. before dinner I went in my bathroom and peed it was a nice long pee then flushed i got abig wad of tp. and clogged the toilet. we went to dinner after ice cream we got back to my place. we went for a walk after 15 min i told lynn that i had to poo lynn said she felt some pressure we kept talking pooping lynn thought she would have a huge poo. keep pushing lynn i will help you get that monster out as we walked toward my place she kept pushing but it was stuck.we goy back and lynn sat on the yoilet for 20 min. nothing came out. she took some lax and we watched tv. for an hour.I told her to come to the kitchen and sat her on a chair backward so her but would hang off, i placed a newspaper under her but.then lynn pushed and I saw a huge tip of alog try and poke out,but it was soo big it was stuck. i put two fingers in to try and help out but no luck it felt as big around as an orange.we left the chiar and paper in place. and went back to the tv. and tried to think of something else to help. cont.

Lil Dave
Sup everybody ok i have a little sumthin to tell
One day my friend's parents forgot to pay the damn water bill so the damn company shut off like their toilets and everything. Well my friend had to take a big crap so there was no choice except to crap in the cellar. Anyway he brought a big thing of toilet paper with him and crap an average load until suddenly Annoying little Josh (one of the neighborhood f?????s) came right next to the cellar. Well my friend was real nervous and prayed that Josh wouldnt see him. Luckily, Josh smelled the aroma of fresh crap being served up and Josh ran away :) So my friend buried up everything including the toilet paper and burned his crap (just kidding i made up the last part.) anyway u can still see some of the toilet paper around today
if any of u never heard of the

Kerri Anne
When I was a senior in high school, I had a major accident in my pants (#2 that is)on the bus home from a church youth mix.

I had to go BM for several days and figured I could hold it until I returned home. We left for home in midafternoon which was a 2.5 hour ride away. Approximately 45 minutes I began to feel cramping in my lower abdomen. As time went on, the cramping became stronger and more frequent. I figured I could make it until we got back to our church where our parents would be waiting and I could use the toilets in the church.

The bus that we were riding on was a school bus. Twenty minutes later, I did several pre-pooping farts and the cramps were becoming very strong and it became apparent that I was not going to make it and would do a major stinker in my pants right there on the bus. I got up to move to an empty seat 6 rows behind me. I got halfway there and I farted again & had a very strong cramp. I tried to hold my sphincter muscle shut but to no avail. As the cramp peaked, I felt the head of a large semi-soft log rush its way past my sphincter muscle out into my pants. I stood there and turned red while all this was happening. As the BM was coming out, I could feel it dislodge the Stayfree extra-long maxi-pad that i was wearing for my period and tent outward the underpants and the meduim blue sweatpants I was wearing. After all the poop was out, I continued on to my seat. My butt waddled like a duck as I walked. I then reached down to touch my butt to see how big my load was. I felt a lump that was shaped like a cucumber about 12" long and 1.5 inches wide I then noticed the smell of my BM, which was rather strong. Several others noticed the smell also and one of them said "Kerri has a poopie". One person who was nearby gagged as i walked by on the way to my seat. One guy who was sitting 3 feet away from where my accident occured saw the whole thing and got very excited to the point where he had a hard on and ejaculated in his pants. When I got to my seat, I laid on my side for the remainder of the ride back so I would not squash the BM and make the mess in my pants worse than it was.

more to come......... part 2 to follow soon!!!

Theresea. I think you handled that situation when you were teaching and your bowels rebelled, very well. I remember an incident when I was at secondary school when a teacher started doing farts during a lesson and it was fairly obvious to everyone what she needed to do. If I remember rightly no-one laughed or sniggered whilst she was in the room (I don't think any of us would have dared - it was the 1970's) but there was a certain amount of mirth once she'd headed off for the staff loo which, luckily for her, wasn't far away. My memory of the incident is a little hazy but I don't think she was gone all that long so it must have been a fairly easy dump.

Rosie. Accidents happen - even at 41! All it takes is for an unfortunate combination of events/circumstances to come together. Experience and the accounts I've read here have led me to the conclusion that most people have the occasional accident during adult life - although many prefer not to admit it. For what it's worth I wouldn't worry too much. It could just be a case of your bowels being a bit wilful. I'm glad you've made arrangements to be checked by your doctor though. He or she should be able to reassure you. It is possible that you may have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) but it can usually be controlled by diet and, in some cases, medication. I'm sure everything will be alright.

Penny. I enjoyed hearing about your experiences at the country club.

Petey. I wouldn't normally advise for going for long periods of time without a pee. On the occasion you posted about, how long had you held?

Well, I seem to be constipated again. I haven't had a poop since Monday afternoon and for the past two days I've had a full and achy stomach. I ate a lot today hoping it might get things moving, but it only made me feel sick and now my ???? is bloated. My boyfriend knew I was hurting and gave me a ???? rub last night, and I was able to pass some gas but nothing else. I don't have to work tomorrow so I think I'll take a laxative if I still haven't gone by morning. I guess this is kind of a pointless post because I don't really have a poop story, but I probably will tomorrow after I take the laxative. Actually just now my stomach started to cramp--okay I need to use the toilet, will tell the rest tomorrow

really gotta go
so.... i really love this site... girls keep it up with the panty pooping stories (the ones who like doing it) or not ... but i really gotta poop right now im holding it as long as i can... see how long i'll last

To JW:
What tricks does she do to get things moving? She holds her butt cheeks wide apart and rock up and down few times.. thats enough to gets thins moving in most of the time..If it doesn't work, she lubricates her anus opening..If that doesn't work, she may use deeper lubrication. This makes things move 99% of the times...

To PV:
Hmm...yeah, It took her time to admit that she gets the kick out of these activities..:)

As for the previous GF...
She would feel very sick after holding her stool a week or so, but she still wouldn't go elsewhere. I asked her how come she has no problem doing it in the outdoors, she said that the public toilets are her problem and this is a phobia that her mom put in her since early age. Sounds like it's hard to break old habits...She doesn't have this trauma doing it outdoors since it is considered "cleaner" and "natural" by her. So when we travelled, I used to stop for her in secluded areas where she can do her business..
As for her anus :)... It is nothing I've seen before. I've seen my current GF go and her anus domes abit before it opens up. The previous GF's anus used move out an inch or so before it opens up like the zoom lens when you turn on your camera, and would retract back to normal when she finished her business...


Hey Shy Dude!

Just want to say that I was like you, really shy when I was young. But I did the same thing, I started out by making my self use public bathrooms, some with doors, some without. I did the same thing, just got used to sitting there and not freak out when someone came in and saw me on the can. Now I hang with a bunch guys who are really open, and we all pee and poo in front of each other. I will say, if you are with people who are "self conscious" then you will be too. If they are relaxed and immodest, then you'll pick that energy up also. Keep up the good work, you'll be fine!

Hey this post is for Rosie,
Causes of early bowel incontinence in women are linked to anal sex and tearing during childbirth.

In high school, there were no stalls around the toilets, and you could see them when the door was open. You could also see the urinals, but the toilets were more obvious to see from the outside. Normally we only used the urinals. One day I had to shit really bad and had no choice but to use one of these toilets. It was during the busy time of day so boys were constantly coming in and girls were outside watching. So I gave them a show. I was on the toilet with a hard on. I was shitting and didn't bother pushing my dick into the toilet, and pissed out onto the floor. It was hilarious.

Shy dude: Hey, it's not usual to talk to strangers in a restroom through a closed stall door. My suggestion would be to leave the stall door open (outwards) next time so that who ever comes into the restroom can easily see that there is a urinal next to the shitter. I guess that most guys will be reluctant to use it if they think you are shitting out of respect for your privacy. If, however, you see them hesitating at the entry to the stall you could smile and say something like: "Hey if you need to piss, you can go ahead." You'll find then that about half will gladly accept your invitation. You could then go ahead and take a shit while the other guy is with you in the stall. Hey, let us know how this works out for you. Justin

I was wondering, whats the longest anyone on this board has gone without taking a dump?? Can anyone beat that 41 year old woman's 16 day bout of constipation? That sounded like one stubborn log she had to squeeze out - what a marathon, squeezing out a 20 inch turd!! And her hole took 2 days to return to normal size! Quite impressive!

Linda (Aussie) here again.

Somebody asked me about how it smelt after pushing out those long, thick logs. It stunk really bad and I had to use lots of air freshner. I always use air freshner after taking a dump, even if its just a small one. Most of the time I produce big amounts of poop. If I eat curry the night before, my logs are usually long, thick and rock hard - these ones burn my arse too. If I go a day or 2 without eating vegetables, my turds become quite big and hard then aswell. I mostly do one BM per day, sometimes 2 and very occassionally I will do 3. I can go all day sometimes without doing a poo, no matter how hard I try to squeeze one out. In these cases, I have to wait until the next day to push it out and that is always a marathon.

Today Ive had to empty my bowels 5 times. The first time was this morning, I felt the urge to poop when I got up but I decided to hold it and just do a wee instead. About half an hour later I needed to do another wee, so I went to the toilet and although the urge to poop was as strong as ever, I managed to hold it. I ate 2 bananas and about 10 minutes later, decided it was time to do a poo. I went into the toilet and pulled down my pants. I had to push a bit and then a nice thick log came out quickly. Then I pushed again and some smaller turds came out. After this, I squeezed out a few more turds but a bigger turd got stuck in my anus. I tried to push it out but it wouldn't come out so I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. Half an hour later, I was on the toilet again, squeezing out another turd. This one took a bit more effort than before but it came out after about 5 minutes of pushing. I had a look at it and it was a large round turd. I did another wee and wiped my butt. About 20 minutes later I was on the can again but this time I only managed to push out a skinny turd. My arse was burning now. Half an hour later, I had to push out yet another skinny turd. Then this afternoon, I squeezed out another skinny turd. Ive never had to do 5 poos in a day before. I can even feel another log slowly moving down towards my hole.

My post on late 19th century English toilets a lot of fun to write. Here's a bit from American histor: Lyndon Baines Johnson (US president 1963-1969) got his way in politics by sitting on the toilet (pants down and all) when meeting folks who disagreed with him. The unsuspecting guest would be so bent out of shape after being escorted into the bathroom and seeing the president sitting on the throne that he'd agree to anything just to get out! But LBJ was a good
friend folks needing to use the john. Back in the 1930's, while campaigning in his native Texas, he'd often have to take a roadside wiz. Well,after enough citizens had seen their candidate with his fly open, he pushed for and succeeded in getting America's first network of "roadside rests" built in Texas. But here's the hitch: the stalls in the guys' half offer no more privacy than 3' tilded brick partitions! When travelli

Shy Dude-As for overcoming your shyness, I would just keep using the public restrooms. Maybe start in a restroom in a department store during a weekday when there probably isn't much traffic. Choose a stall furthest from the door, where you might not be noticed. Move on to using the stalls closer to the door and during busier times. Maybe taking some fiber may help move things along while you are in the stall. When you do finally dump in a doorless stall, be confident and act like it is the most natural thing in the world. Good luck!

I dumped in the swap meet stall this weekend. It has the high partitions and I chose the one easily visible by everyone in the restroom. It's cool to take a crap while everyone can see me sitting on the can. Of course, I had my shorts and black briefs all the way down. The guy next to me had his pants all the way down and I could see that he was wearing black and white bikini-style briefs. After he left, the guy who took his place also dropped his jeans and blue bikini briefs down. Alot of Hispanic guys wear briefs and bikinis. More so than other cultures, anyway. This guy was on his toes and had his heels resting against the base of the toilet. The guy next to me leaned forward to wipe and I could see his knees peeking out from under the partition.

Shy dude-I've been in many restrooms where the lock doesn't work and the stall and urinal are in the same enclosure with no partition. I wouldn't invite someone in to use the same stall, unless they said something first. One restroom I was using was at a busy gas station. Most guys would open the door, see me on the can, and excuse themselves right away, leaving very quickly. A few guys would say, "sorry, dude" and I'd always reply "hey no problem". Some of them would then ask if they could take a piss. I would always say "sure" or "go for it" and they would take a leak. One guy was really friendly and after he took a leak, he talked to me while he was washing his hands and I was wiping. He was just passing through town and was asking about directions. I remember looking up at him as I was wiping and he was looking at me. He was still talking to me as I checked the paper and wiped again. He was standing by the door, talking, as I stood up and pulled up my briefs and adjusted myself. He wished me a good day as I pulled up my pants and he left.

Another time, I was in a restroom with no partitions or locks and a guy came in as I was at the sink, getting some wet towels. I use them to clean myself up. Much better than plain, dry paper. He saw me going towards the toilet and paused for a second. I told him I was going to use the toilet, but he could use the urinal if he wanted. He decided to take a leak. He went to the urinal, and I went to the toilet, dropped my pants and briefs, and sat down.

With a good buddy of mine, we stopped at a fast food place in the morning and I said I needed to use the bathroom. He said he did, too. It was a single toilet and urinal in the room and he walked in right behind me. I guess he thought I was going to take a leak at the toilet and he would use the urinal. I just went ahead and sat down on the toilet and starting dumping away. He turned around and looked surprised. I just said that I really needed to go. He just laughed and washed up. He waited for me outside.

I guess the key is to act like taking a dump with someone else seeing you is the most natural thing in the world. Don't get weirded out or act weird by inviting someone to join you in your stall. Make it seem like you are just doing them a favor by letting them use the urinal.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Today I was really really desperate to pee while walking to my dorm (i'm in college). I was desperate to the point where I was in tears, and was cursing myself for not using the bathroom at the lecture hall. I wanted to go into a restraunt or something but there were none near by. I was really upset, I knew I couldn't make it home. Suddenly I had an idea. I went to lean against a building, took out a book and held it in one hand. In the other hand I pulled my thong away and when nobody was looking I let out a squirt of pee. I was about to start going really hard, when somebody walked by. I had to stop peeing and it was agony. The second they had walked by I pulled my thong back again and started peeing full fource. It felt so good, but i was peeing so hard that I splashed my sandles a bit (but that was okay). When i was done i put my book away and walked the rest of the way home. It was a really interesting expierience, and next time I'm desperate to pee I'm going to try doing it that way again.

Once when i was younger I needed to pee really badly, and we were on an interstate highway with no pull over place for 30 miles. I was extremely desperate and knew I didn't have much time until I went on myself. Finally I was at the point where I had hardly any time until i would go on myself, so I took a plastic bag, shoved a blanket under me, pulled down my pants and squirted some pee into the bag. it hurt so much not to go completely that i just went full force into the bag. It felt amazing! Now every time I go on a long car ride I cary a bag with me just incase.

During college at the end of last year I had drank alot and not used the bathroom, so during my history class I was in agony. I kept holding onto myself and jumping up and down in my seat, and accidentally squirted a bit into my pants. Everybody knew i was so close to having an accident which was worse. Suddenly ten minutes from the end of class a girl stands up and has an accident (poop) which diverted everybody's attention from me. I managed to make it through the class, ran to the bathroom and peed for over two minutes. I had a pretty large spot of pee on my pants, but I put a sweater around my waist so nobody could tell.

At a party about two months ago I drank alot. Some of it was achohol, but most of it was just soda and stuff. My friend drank more achohol than I did and was in worse shape than I was. Halway through the party she was pretty drunk; not at the vomiting stage, but at the stage where you feel like you are going to vomit and feel just terrible, dizzy, etc. I needed to pee badly and so did my friend so we went to the port-a-potties. there were lots of people in line throwing up and stuff and I really couldn't hold it. SUddenly my drunk friend dubbles over and shits and pees on herself, and the urge for me is just to strong and I start peeing in my pants. I was really embarrassed, and almost started crying, but my drunk friend distracted me by groaning loudly and saying that her stomach hurt alot. When it was my turn i went into the port-a-potties and tried to clean myself up but it was hopeless, so i went out of the port-a-pottie and helped my drunk friend back to her dorm. SHe was feeling very sick now, and pooped in her pants one more time but never actually puked (although she did heave alot).

I have only had two accidents with poop, and i'll tell only one of them now. I'm in my last year of college now, so when I was in my third year this accident happened. I had been constipated for the past week but had not expected anything. About 40 minutes from the end of my math class I was dying to shit, practically having to hold myself to keep from shitting on myself. I made it through class, ran to the bathrooms, but they were out of service. I started walking back towards my dorm, but halfway there I cramped and started releasing a hard turd into my pants. I kept walking home. I walked up a flight of stairs, and went into the bathroom. i pulled down my pants, and although the turd felt hard my underpants were COVERED in liquid poop, and so was my pants. I sat on the toilet, pooped hard turd after hard turd, and gradually my poop eased until it was like liquidy. I then groaned and diarrhea exploded out of me. And then i was done. It only took me about 3 minutes overall. The toilet was completely full, and barely went down, and only went down ater 15 flushes (can you believe it?!?!)

Today started out normal. But when I had to poop, thngs changed. I was at home so I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down. It came out really easy. One push and two semi-soft logs came out with a crackle. Well I should've known....I hardly ever have semi-soft logs so I should've known what the day would hold. About four hours later my stomach and bowels started hurting bad. Though I didn't quite feel the need, I went up to sit on the toilet just in case of an accident. I sat and I felt a gurgle in my lower bowels. Witha gugle sound and plop of soft poop came out. Then another gurgle and a plop of soft poop. This continued for about five minutes. I started to feel better. Did some cleaning up and now I felt an urge about an hour later. Went up to the toilet again and within a second of getting my pants down a blast of soft poop complete with disgusting gushing and gurgling sounds rushed out for about 2-3 min. Wow

Hey Linda, What did it smell like squeezing out the long, thick logs?

How many of you adore the PC game, The Sims? Well, I do very much. Today, my friend and I bought the new version, The Sims 2. Anyway, what I noticed is that when you make the Sim (person) use the bathroom when their bladder level isn't completely empty, then they will pee (otherwise they will poop). Anyway, what was different about this version is that there are sound effects when they pee (it's not like that in the first version). Like for the female, it sounds like a small stream of water gushing out of a faucet, but for the male, it sounds like someone actually recorded a male peeing into a toilet. I found it rather ammusing!

I once peed my pants on stage, infront of perhaps one hundred people. Do you think I am making this up? Nope... It was during a choir performance, and I was part of the drama down in front of the choir. A member of the choir accidently passed gas, and it echoed through the auditorium. I tried to continue the drama, dispel my laughing. But then I realised I was peeing my pants. On stage in the middle of a concert. I'm not sure the audience could tell, but the entire choir behind me sure could. CAn anyone top that story?

THERESEA - Don't feel bad about what happened; it happens to everybody. Anyways, I've seen much worse happen to a teacher. I'll tell it so that you feel better. So, i was in sixth grade, and i was in history. i had the best teacher i've ever had that year in history...she was smart, funny, knew the matterial, easy to understand, challenges you depending on how well you do in her class...everything you ask from a teacher plus more. Well, I was in a very hyper section, and one day my teacher comes in to school looking a bit uncomfortable. I wasn't the "teacher's pet" because my teacher didn't play favorites, but i will admit that she favored me in the way that she understood that i was good in history, that i was calm, smart, and in many ways (including the fact that she was socially awkward) i was very like her. Anyways, one day my teacher was looking "unconfortable." I said "how are you, ms. f?" ms. f (i won't say her real name out of kindness for this teacher) "I'm fine, thanks," she said, but it was clear that she didn't feel fine. anyways, suddenly during class she lets out a fart, and blushes bright red. like crayola red. they she says "watch the class for a few minutes, will you, adriana?" and runs out of the classroom into the bathroom. If it was any other teacher my calss would have made fun of her, but everybody loved her, so nobody did. Anyways, she came back twenty or so minutes later, looking a bit drained, and kind of green. five minutes later she rushes off to the bathroom again. Somebody who wouldn't listen to the other people snuck into the bathroom, and reported that ms. f. was having violent diarrhea. anyways, after another ten minutes ms. f. comes back, tells us that we are dismissed early (it was last period) and runs back to the bathroom, farting all of the way.

Before toilet paper was avaiable cheaply and in plenty, say 100 years ago, what did people use? Leaves? Or like animals did nothing?

has anybody here ever had an accident but acted really calm about it and nobody noticed? I did today. I had drank five glasses of iced tea, but hadn't gone at the restraunt. I was walking back, and becoming very desperate very fast. I knew I couldn't make it home, and had to try very hard not to panic. Finally i knew what to do. I sat on a bench (i was in the park) and carefully while nobody was looking pulled my thong off. Then I carefully pulled my skirt up far enough so that while i was sitting on the bench my butt and stuff were touching the bench. Then, in front of everybody (but nobody was looking) i started peeing. the pee went through the hole on the bench, and made a very large puddle. When i was done I slid back on my thong and walked the rest of the way home.

Another time, walking home from a restraunt, i had the urge to shit. i thought i could make it home, so i didn't head back to the restraunt, which was less than a block away. Most of the way to my house I knew i couldn't hold it until i got to my house. I started panicing, and had to sit on the sidewalk so that i wouldn't shit myself. I continued walking home. When i was really really close to my house the urge got sooo bad that i was in tears. suddenly the shit exploded out of me, but i tried to act calm and walked home the rest of the way like that.

shy dude
Hi! Found this site a while back and have been reading all the old posts. I need to find a way to get internet access on a PDA so I can read it while in the can :-). Anyway I had a slightly weird experience today. First I want to say that i am a 48 yr old male and for nearly all my life have been very toilet-shy. I could not use urinals at all (went into the stall and locked the door), and could not dump in a public restroom no matter how nice the facilities. (some interesting stories on that, but for later). Anyway, this site has given me the courage to try to overcome my anxieties, if for no other reason, so that I can be relaxed when faced with "gang style" bathrooms. So I have been trying to find a restroom around here with doorless stalls (or better yet, no stalls, why not go cold turkey (pun intended :-)), but they are awfully hard to find in this part of the country. Anyway I found a restroom that sort of qualified but was really weird. The main door had no lock, so it was not a "one-holer", but the inside had a sink and one large stall which housed both a urinal and a stool!! The stall had a door, but no lock, and it swung both ways like an old west saloon door, and its default position was full outward. So I thought "well this is pretty open. I don't have to go, so I'll just drop my pants, sit down on the stool and rest, and try to get used to the openness". Someone did come in, but just to wash his hands. He couldn't see me because the door blocked his view of the inside of the stall (otherwise he could). Now my question: If someone had entered the room, saw my legs and thought the place occupied, would it have been OK to say "there's a urinal inside here if you want to use it", or would I have been thought of as some kind of pervert or weirdo. I of course would not do that if it were a child, but how about an adult? Also does anyone have any recommendations for getting over shyness? I really want to get rid of this as my left brain says "this is really silly" but my right brain is saying" yuck that's grosss, dirty, shameful and people will laugh/scold/mock/jeer/etc. you for doing that". Also what would you call that bathroom ? Was it a one-holer, and if so, why were there no locks?

The largest turd I ever shit was one 16 inches long, very hard and as big around as a coke can. Can any of you men beat that? I sure would love to hear about them.

West Coast Piss Watcher
I must have gone to the most sterile high school in North America, judging by what I'm reading on this site. In 3 years I don't remember even one person desparate to use the bathroom. My high school was in a pretty upscale So Cal suburb and the kids may have had a little better planning, or at least more control. Once late after school a rather heavy-set individual who was a manager with the football team came around where my locker was located, wanting to know if there was an open bathroom in that part of the school. From the way he was cluthing his crotch it was evident he was bursting. He then told me (and another kid he was with) that he also had to take a dump. The bathrooms at the boy's gym were closed when he finished his responsibilites there. His friend finally decided to head for the administration building. In just about any public high school this is beyond being the "court of last resort." I check this site regularly and I'm finding high school kids either having accidents or on the verge of them. I feel like I missed the party.

On the other hand, in junior high I witnessed a number of kids in the throes of desparation. One day about an hour after class let out (I was a member of a couple of clubs and always seemed to be there late) a kid named Kirk started pulling on a locked bathroom door. He screamed out "I need to go so bad" and started pulling on his crotch then reached back and put his hand on his rear end. He told me he needed to go #1 and #2 and was having trouble holding both in. His recourse was to head for the gym and hope for some relief there. I was going to follow him but didn't have the time. I'm not sure he made it.

Another kid named Robert came flying out of band practice one day in the school auditorium, yelling "that bathroom better be open." I'm guessing he had to piss pretty badly becuase he came out in just a few minutes. A kid named Keith in my homeroom had just gotten into the classroom and was very red faced and nearly out of breath, pleading with the teacher for permission to use the bathroom. Luckily for him the teacher said yes. I dread to think what would have happened if he didn't. I've got to think that at that hour of the morning you most likely have diarreah to be that desparate.

There was also a kid who was getting dressed after p.e. one day down the row from my locker. I watched him look in his briefs and even from a distance I could see either a HUGE skid mark or he had begun to take a dump in his pants (it's a good bet he had to rush through wiping and ended up with some of the leftovers in his underwear.) He pulled a face and put his shorts back in his locker, dressing without them.

I only once, in jr. high, came close to having an accident in school (diarreah after hours, when all the bathrooms were locked) and never in high school. Was it just me or the school I attended? It seems from what I'm reading that accidents happen to kids I'd least expect it from.
Please keep the accident stories coming!

Lily S.
During lunch in sixth grade, suddenly my bowels gurgled and I needed to go terribly. I tried to stand up, but knew i'd shit myself if i did. So i sat back down and pressed my butt against the seat. my friends were like "are you okay?" and i was like "yeah." Suddenly my stomach gurgled, and I felt a bit better so i stood up to get to the bathroom, farted extremely loudly, and diarrhea started pouring down my leg out of my skirt. I was extremely embarrassed and started to cry not only because i was embarrassed, but because it hurt so much! i went to the nurses office and then my mum picked me up.

About 30 years ago I got on an airplane. I got on and there were two attractive young women in short skirts sitting next to me in the window and the middle seat. They didn't pay much notice to me so I fastened my seatbelt and assumed the attitude of sleep. As I was trying to drift off I could overhear typical female quiet hushed conversation. I picked up little tidbits like " it's my second day and I bleed like a stuck pig" and "I had diarhea this morning before I left".
After we took off the ride was a little turbulent so they kept the seatbelt light on and that kept me awake as I usually doze off before we get up to altitude. Then I overheard "Oh God I've got to go to the bathroom". Then we hit some bad turbulence that sat me up but had the women next to reaching for the barf bag. She was throwing up, coughing and spitting in the bag. As soon as we leveled out and the seat belt light went off, she folded over the top of the barf bag and took out from her handbag a large belted sanitary pad which she tried to palm unsuccessfully due to its probably hospital size. I was getting up to go to the bathroom myself due to the large coffee I had before boarding. "Excuse me" she said and seemed grateful that I graciously let her go in front of me. Already a line was forming at the restrooms in the back. I noticed she was walking carefully as I got in line behind her and noticed her looking down and figeting with the hem of her skirt. As I smelled a slight poop smell I realized she probably had involuntarily pooped her panties and pantyhose with diarhea while throwing up. That happened to my girlfriend once time when she drank too much. After she came out of the restroom I notice she was no longer wearing any pantyhose. When I got in there curiousity got the better of me and I looked in the trashcan. Inside was a set of panties, pantyhose, and belted-style maxipad definitely hospital size. The maxipad was extremely soaked toward one end in red and toward the other end with diarhea. Miraculously only a little stain was on her panties and pantyhose so the pad did its job and saved her skirt. When I returned to my seat, I was amazed knowing I was sitting next to a beautiful woman wearing no panties and only a pad under her skirt.

I was on a long school bus ride going to a two day overnight sleepaway fieldtrip in seventh grade. Our bus didn't have a bathroom, and the ride was six hours long. A lot of people had to use the bathroom pretty bad, but we were NOT allowed to pull over. The person next to me keeps whining and saying how they need to go to the bathroom, and how they don't feel good, and how their abdoman hurts, and all this junk. Anyways, she is fidgiting, and going into our third hour she's kind of clutching her crotch and biting her lip. I asked her if she was going to get sick (she looked that way) and she said no, but she needed to pee. badly. She held it for about another ten minutes, and then suddenly she flooded her pants. I was amazed, and so were the teachers. she had to sit there in her wet pants for the rest of the bus 3 hours! nobody else peed in their pants, but somebody was so desperate that the second we got off of the bus they pulled down their pants in front of everybody and shit really loudly a TON.

I was walking in the park when this really pretty young woman comes up to me and asks me where the nearest bathroom is. I told her it was roughly five blocks away. The woman was like "oh shit." So i continued to walk with her because i was going that way as well and suddenly she bursts into tears and farts loudly. "I think i'm going to shit my pants," she whispered to me. I said, "oh, i'm really sorry. is there any way i can help?" she told me no, and then farted loudly again and was like "i can't stop it! I"m shitting my pants!" and suddenly diarrhea comes pouring out of her ass. "i'm wearing a thong" she muttered miserably, and ran crying away.

Once I was walking around the city when i saw a girl and her boyfriend. they both looked like they needed to pee pretty badly. Suddenly the boy goes "I'm sooo sorry about this, sarah. i know it's just going to make you need to go more, but i'm about to pee in my pants!" and he sticks his penis out of his pants and starts going. THe girl starts crying and saying that "it's burning down there! it hurts soooo much!" She was leaning against her bf for support and jumping up and down in pain and because she was desperate. suddenly she whispers "nooo" and starts peeing. the pee is running down her leg, and clearly visible to EVERYBODY. She was so embarrassed that she started crying. "i need to shit sooo badly too, but i really don't want to shit myself." she started moaning. Suddenly she farts and liquid shit is pouring down her leg. I felt really bad for the girl...especially when suddenly she turns and projectile vomits pink spew everywhere.

Lily S.
I'd have to say that in general the stories with diarrhea were more embarrassing. one i didn't mention in my list comes to mind particularly strongly at the moment, so i'll tell that one. I was in eigth grade, and hadn't been feeling extremely well all day, but it was exam day, so i went into school. I took all of my exams, and throughout them i kept passing silent potent farts. I needed to use the bathroom, but there was no time. SO finally exams ended, but the school bathrooms had closed, so i got on the public bus. My stomach was gurgling like crazy and i knew i was going to have diarrhea. I had to stand on the bus because there were no seats left, and...i dunno, half way to my house, somebody elbowed me really hard in the stomach and my bowels released. luckily i was wearing pants because it was really fast and really bad smelling and really watery, and i couldn't stop. i had to stay on the bus until it was my stop, because i didn't have a transfer. the people around me kept looking at me, and one of them said, "girl, you need to learn how to control your bowels, baby!" and burst into laughter. I wanted to kick them and see if they peed their pants, but i couldn't because it hurt to much.

I ended up getting out of the bus at my stop, and getting home as fast as i possibly could...but it was a terrible expierience because there were like 15 kids in my grade on that bus.

JJ You Wrote:

She tends to be constipated because she hold things until she gets home, so she always need to push hard and use some tricks to get things moving...

I have hard poops myself, I'd like to here what "tricks" your gf uses to get the poop moving.- jw

I've read the stories from the girls with huge bladders who can piss forever. I'm the same way. I can usually hold on for very long periods of time but then I take forever to piss. My buddies tease me & hate when I have to go.
Yesterday I was running late for school (I'm 17 & a senior) so didn't take my morning piss. I managed to hold it without problem for most of the day. When my last class started is when I really started feeling the need. By the time class was over I had to go but I had to hurry off for football practice. I made it to the locker room with the intention of taking a piss right away. The coach was in a hurry to get us onto the field though so I still had to hold it. We did our warm ups & started tossing the ball around but the sky was getting dark & the weather was turning bad with lightning so the coach cancelled the rest of practice. Lucky for me because I now had to go so bad I was squeezing onto my willy (hard to do with a cup I quickly headed back to the locker room toilets. I freed willy (heehee) just in time. I stood there pissing for several minutes when my buds came along for a ride home from me. They said "damn are you still taking a leak?"
I wasn't near finished yet so they just had to wait since they didn't wanna walk home in the rain. After 5 full minutes I started to taper off & just had a small stream going for another full minute...a 6 minute piss! No lie! I dropped my friends off at their houses & headed home. Before I got there I needed to shit badly--came out of nowhere. I hurried home & luckily no one was home so the toilet was free. I dropped my jeans, took a HUGE crap & pissed again but just for a minute or so. Whew what a day.

can anybody tell me what pages Gruntly Bogwell's posts are on?

Hi folks. Someone (sorry I forgot who) asked for more info about myself so here goes. I'm single & 28 years old, 5'10" & still about 340 pounds.
I went on a binge last weekend & was eating like a madman. I had an 8 piece chicken meal from kfc & ate it all myself..the next day I was out & stopped for a couple of double whoppers/fries & a double banana split. All this time i had no urge to take a crap. Then Sunday I ordered a pizza for the football game...large meat lovers. That afternoon I began to fart almost non-stop. I was just about to hit the can when the phone rings. It's the lady friend I mentioned last time. Her name is Helen. As I'm talking with her I'm still farting & know I can't last much longer before I gotta shit. She'd just finished shopping & wanted to know if she could come bye for a while. I told her to come & we said good-bye. I raced for the bathroom as fast as my fatass would take me. I could feel the turtle head poking out already. I yanked down my sweat pants & plopped down just in time for the first turdlet to drop. I started to piss a bit & farted again bbbrraaaaaaaaapppp. Another turd was slowly emerging. I bore down & grunted as I pushed. ggggnnnnnnnnn then with a loud fart it exploded out of my ass. I took a breather but felt more was to come. After a couple minutes I crapped out a load of soft poop & farted some more.
I flushed to make room for more. My toilets pretty good but I don't like to take chances. I got a stomache pain & leaned forward to poop out some banana type turds. I peed some more & wiped a lot. 5 minutes after I finished up Helen showed up. Luckily I had used some spray in case she went in so it wouldn't blow her over.

PRG: I'm convinced that some girls just have some sort of pocket dimension in their rectum that allows them to hold all that crap without much trouble. It's the only theory that makes sense, and it's not going to be disproved anytime soon, what with the overwhelming evidence for it.

Jenny: What a kind roommate you had. Please share more about when you weren't actually sick, but set of your LI and your roommate helped you out. Did you ever both accidentally get the runs at the same time and end up having to rotate shifts?

Blair: Cool story; I am such a huge fan of your stories now. Since you came up with the competition so long ago, I trust you'll have more stories, right? I'm looking forward to them (especially one where you end up winning, I'm still rooting for you)!

The other night, I guess I had way too much soda to drink (I'm a huge Dr. Pepper fan) because when I was heading back to my apartment, I had to piss like you wouldn't believe. I generally pride myself on never even being close to going in my pants, but this time I had to hold myself to make sure, and even then I wasn't sure. And the main problem was that I couldn't even find any back alleys or anything. I eventually had to go behind a dormitory and go there. After I finished taking the best leak of my life, I pulled up and started on my way - only to realize, too late to go back to the same spot, that I also had to crap! Luckily, closer to the apartment, there's this car dealership with this overhang on one side that shadows a good portion of it. I knew it was going to be messy, so I held everything open and let loose. No one was around to hear the loud sounds or anything, and I'll spare most of the details, but suffice it to say that walking home required extra care. I made it without skids, though, and everything turned out all right.

All in all, a good night.


When I was twelve, my parents toom my brother and I to Six Flags. We had a lot of fun, but on the trip home I had really bad diarrhea. I almost shit my pants. My Dad had to stop the car and I had to get out and pull down my pants and shit on the side of the road. It was horrible.

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