Once when I was 8, I had to go pee real bad, I went into the bathroom and closed the door and tried to lock it, it wouldnt lock, I twisted and pulled and it would not lock, the whole time I was potty dancing. Then i just couldnt hold it in anymore and i stopped playing with the lock and ran to the toilet, I reached down to unzip my jeans and they felt wet, I was peeing my pants already, Instead of hurrying to get my pants down I just tried to hold my pee in and ended up wetting my pants pretty good. The bad thing was is I was not at my house, I was at my friends house and his mom let me use the bathroom. I grabbed handfulls of toilet paper and tried to dry my pants, and silly me I through it in the toilet. I opened the door and my friend was standing there, he was 7 1/2. He didnt even see or look at my pants and said hurry we gotta go now, mom is waiting. I ran downstairs and his mom was at the bottom, she instantly saw my wet pants and said what happened, I told her I had an accident and she said that s ok. She took me upstairs and took themoff and gave me a pair of my friends pants, they were real tight, I barely could get the button buttoned, there was not a loose spot on those jeans. Later at the park I had to go again cause I never finished going after my accident, there were no bathrooms around so I pretended to look at stuff while I tried to hold it, I jumped up and down and squatted and held my self. I started peeing my pants again while I was pretending to dance. This time it all came out as I started running over to the slide. I was soaked now and fell down into the sand and let it cover up my wet spot. It was obvious I wet becasue the sand was covering the wet spot only. I got spanked when I got home, Not fun.

I feel very young even though i'm 41, which still is not that old, however some parts of my body are getting much older much quicker than the rest of me....namely my bowels.

Well, i'm 41 and i have an 18 year old daughter. She is very much into fashion and such and she always makes sure i'm still looking young and "stunning" as she puts it. She does a good job too, because a lot of people do not believe me when i tell them that i'm 41, and i need to make sure my engagement ring is noticable enough for men in search. Anyhow, one of the things i do to stay in good shape and remain looking good is running. Three nights a week, i go for a jog around the town for about 45 minutes to an hour. About a month ago, i went for a jog one night, and i think i had my first real sign of aging. In the middle of my jog, my stomach churned vigorously and i was overtaken by a powerful cramp, and i needed to put my hand on my bottom. I needed very badly to have a bowel movement. I started to walk into a parking lot where there is a grocery store and a pharmacy. I went into the grocery store, and i asked a clerk where i could find the rest room. The girl gave me directions and i started to head that way. I tried to keep my hand on my bottom the whole time, partially because i needed to go badly and partially because i was wearing light gray sport pants that stretch and fit very tight, and i'm a little embarassed about how well it outlines my bottom and shows a very distinct pantyline, so i try not to be in crowded places dressed that way. (i'm just shy.) Well i must have misunderstood the directions i was given, because i found myself not able to find the restroom. this made me very nervous because i felt as if i had no ability to hold it in, i was afraid i was becoming incontinent and feared greatly that i was about to have an accident. suddenly, as i stood there in a panic, i couldn't hold on anymore and i had a soft bowel movement in my pants. i was shocked! i covered my bottom with both of my hands and stood up straight, and my fast must've been like i just saw a ghost. i couldn't believe i had suddenly felt the need to go and was unable to make it to the toilet! i'm 41, not 2, not 90, but i guess even if we feel young, getting old can be tough someplaces. Unfortunatley i'm 41 and my bowels are already on the go. I was humiliated for soiling my pants in the grocery store, and in such a tight pair of pants at reflection in freezer door showed me that my pants were slightly sagging in the bag and there was a very bumpy bulge in them. i just kept my hands covering over my bottom and snuck out of the store. the worst part was having to walk home with the mess in my pants. when i returned home i was mocked and laughed at by my own daughter, but it was in good fun and we both had a laugh about it later.

That wasn't the end though. I thought my qualms with lack of bowel control that night were just one unfortunate incident, but 2 weeks ago i was reaccquainted with the problem. I was working as a volunteer for the red cross at a local blood drive. About 25 minutes before i was set to head home, i felt an unnerving build of pressure in my bottom, and a red flag went up right then as i remembered the accident i had weeks prior. i didn't need to go quite as bad, but i needed a bowel movement none the less. about a half an hour later, my husband came to pick me up, and as soon as i got in the car i sat down on one of my hands and said "hurry home i really need the toilet!!" he said "i'll do my best" with sort of an amused, as well as irritated chuckle. we made it two blocks, and then were caught up at a traffic light turned red. i was very desperate to go, and i could feel my bowels trying very hard to make a movement into my pants. i felt something poking out constantly, but i would use all my effort to force it back in. thankfully i had on a tight fitting pair of jeans that afternoon, so it made it so there wasn't much room for anything to move into my panties. we passed through the red light, and still 13 blocks from home, i felt that even though having the tight jeans on and sitting with my bottom on my hand and pressed into the seat, it was very uncomfortable and somewhat painful everytime my bowels would be forcing to relieve themselves and couldn't move from everything i had pushing back. 8 blocks from home my bowels convulsed and i had to lean forward awkwardly, and my bottom was filled with an insanely intense pressure. my bowel movement needed to come out, and despite the carseat, my hand and he tight jeans pushing back, i absolutley could not hold it in. by reflex i lifted my bottom of the seat and inadvertantly released my bowels. it was a struggle, but they pushed and pushed a rather solid load into my underwear, which seemed to just smash immediatley between the tigthness of my jeans and my bottom itself, and a very uncomfortable bulge was forming right in one spot in the back of my jeans and barley spreading out. i tried hard to keep it from continuing but my body also fought hard to keep pushing it out, and i didn't stop going in my pants the whole way home. When we pulled in the driveway my husband got out of the car, and i couldn't stand up because i just still had so much pressure and my body couldn't push anymore out. i openeded the door and put one leg out and lifted my bottom even more, and i undid the bottom on my pants so they became slightly looser. that worked fairly well, as i quickly finished my bowel movment into my pants. those were the most uncomfortable moments of my life...just imagine not being able to keep from going in your pants, but it can't get into your pants because there isn't enough room! Well it all got in there anyway, making a significant bulge, and my husband was not thrilled with the incident. Once again, i was 41 years old and lost all control of my bowels...two BM's in my pants in 2 weeks!

...So why not go for three? Yes, it happened yet again. Tonight, infact. This one must have been my easiest, yet at the same time most pathetic accident. I didn't make it to the toilet while i was in my own house! I had been cleaning all day long, and around 7:30 pm i had moved all of the furniture in the parlour to vacuum behind and dust the walls. While doing so, i felt the same cramps in my bottom and this time i took no chances and i got up to go to the toilet. I had blocked off the path to the doorway with the coffee table, end table and sofa, so i had an obstacle course first. i pulled the end table back and pushed it against the wall, and then as i was moving the coffee table i cramped intensely, and clutched my bottom. i was wearing plain white underwear with a loose, leisurley pair of dark blue sweatpants, so my bottom was feeling loose and i knew there was nothing holding back. i had to go badly and i was afraid to take my hands off of my bottom, but i had to move to coffee table and the sofa. i decided to go to plan be, and while keeping my left hand pressed against my bottom i attempted to climb over the coffee table and the sofa. well i made it, and i proceeded down the hall. just before reaching the bathroom, i winced and loudly said "no god not again...!" as i doubled over, and with my hand still on my bottom felt my pants bulge out as i filled my underwear! it was very soft and filled my underwear quickly, and i had to walk bowlegged into the bathroom very carefully. it was horrendous! Again! I'm a 41 year old woman and it was my third BM in my pants in less than a month..

I'm dreading when this starts to happen more often in public situations! The grocery store was bad enough with a few strangers witnessing my accident and people seeing the bulge in my pants as i walked home, but what if i didn't even make it to the car at that blood drive? what if i had a BM in my pants infront of all those people at the blood drive? what if.....oh screw it you people don't talk so formally all the time, what if i.."crap my pants" when i'm out to dinner with family???

So i've set up a doctor's appointment. As embarrassing as it was, i told him it had been a month and i made three messes in my pants on three separate occassions. He told me right over the phone the likely possibilites are IBS with diahrrea, but i told him two of the times it wasn't very much like diahrrea, and he also said it could be an early onset of adult incontinency, but he would wait until the appointment to make an official diagnosis.

I'm not looking forward to this, but i certainly hope i don't need to start wearing Depends! My mother wears those, but my mother is 76! I'm weird as this statement sounds..i'm too young to be in diapers!


laid another big turd at work last night. wanted to wait until i got home where i could stretch out and relax, but abdominal pressure was intensifying. ate tons of v????s, fruits, half a bag of prunes (love the suckers); now was cutting huge silent farts like crazy; yeah, was gonna have another big bm and it was gonna be pretty soon. fortunately, i was able to hold on until my break, and with awesome pressure at the spinchter level, carefully, slowly walked into an empty mensroom, quickly taking the second of two stalls, with toilet facing partition of first stall, placed paper down, drop trousers, briefs to the floor (for maximum leg spreading), mounting the seat. without prompting, another silent hiss escaped. then i grunted, pushing slightly as the turd head started crowning fast. then, bearing down hard, i pushed, and winced as i could feel this solid - and i mean stiff - bm passing outta my stinging, painful shitter - and with authority. 15 seconds later and three grunts later, i exhaled, pull off some tp, wiped, then stood up to look and sure enuf, there was another mansize bomb. just one big, solid, uniform brown turd, about 10 inches long, 1.5 inch diameter, knobby head, smooth sides, tapered end. still a little tender in the backside, i flushed, zipped up, washed and left, feeling proud (and much lighter). would've left that masterpiece for others to enjoy. but there are only a few of us there, so the culprit would be easily identifiable by reason of deduction.

am normally a regular dumper, usually going immediately after awakening each day. but lately, with certain medications, my dumps have been intermittent, sometimes nothing for two days then two and three - or one gigantic one. still, my biggest dumps are usually on monday, after that first cup of coffee.

Lily S.
I'll tell you about my expierience in the caf. when I was in 9th grade. All day I hadn't been feeling very well. Suddenly during lunch I got this terrible cramp. I tried to get up to use the bathroom but the pressure was to strong and suddenly really noisily i shit my pants. It was so embarrassing because it was diarrhea and stuff, and I walked out of the room crying to the bathroom, where i spent an hour on the toilet, before goibng home early.

Hi all,

JJ -- Well, the least than can be said for your GF is that she's turned a daily fact of nature into an adventure and somethingto get a kick out tof, which is more than most of us do! Your old GF's techniqe is pretty severe, I absolutely couldn't hold my poop for longer than a day or so, I'm sure... Yet if she could poop with an audience in the great outdoors, it's hard to understand why she'd have difficulty using a bathroom elsewhere. It sounds like an anal equivalent of avoidant paruresis, in which without one's most familiar surroundings the urethra just won't open up (yuck, tell me about it!) The out-pouching of the anus, yes that's a spectacular fact few people are probably aware of, since seeing one's own or another's anus in the act of expelling is so rare in this world. Her wide, flat sheet of pee is due to the architecture of her lips -- if she held them open she'd get a narrower, more uniform stream.

NANCY -- Glad to be of help re the enemas, if you ever need to use a liquid bag enema for your BF or yourself I'd be happy to give you the guidelines. Nd oh how I envy your ravine adventures -- there's no place like that around here or I'd be sure to be indulging when the warm weather comes!

MAR -- Hi, welcome to the message board! That's a really exciting pee you took, doing it standing up is great fun, isn't it?! I've used urinals for years, I use the device-free method, and it's been probably the most liberating thing I've ever done.

Movie scenes -- there's some fun scatty stuff in Mel Brookes' Robin Hood -- Men in Tights, including a blind guy sitting on a toilet while reading a braile edition of Playboy, without realising the castle has been towed away and he's sitting in the great outdoors... Here in Aus the media's toilet fixation continues. A recent catalog pictorial for men's shoes and socks was photographed under toilet doors!

Bye 4 now,


My mom (who if you'll remember earlier posts wears diapers for incontinence) and I went to the mall today because she's been saving up to buy a new dress. The mall is a ways from our house, and by the time we got to the mall parking lot she said her disposable diaper was soaked. She was wearing a bluejean shortish skirt with tan pantyhose, but her diaper was so wet it ever so slighly leaked through her hose and onto her butt, visible on her jeans. Mom said she had to change her diaper right then, in the car, or it would leak when she walked. So I guarded the car and stood outside (not looking in) and watched for people while she somehow got into a fresh diaper. When she got out of the car, she tossed her wet diaper under the car (I know she shouldn't litter, but she thinks by paying for disposable diapers she can dispose of them wherever). The white plastic crotch of the diaper was completely yellow it was soaked so badly. While in the mall she wet another diaper before lunch, which she changed in the bathroom, and after lunch at the food court we were walking and she had to stop and poop in her diaper. she had had a upset stomach after lunch and the resulting messy load leaked through the elastic leak guards and ruined her pantyhose. She waited by the bathroom while I went into a department store to buy her new hose. The only ones I could buy with the $5 she gave me were some pink ones on clearance. She put them on anyway, but looked pretty funny the rest of our trip wearing pink hose.

About half an hour ago my friend and I were going to have a contest. a few minutes later I forgot about it and went to the bathroom. I told him u could still win if u make it interesting for me. He said ok. We sat down for awhile and he started to fidget. He started to rub up against a wall to calm it down. It only made it worse. I told him that if he made a wet spot on his pants that he would get the prize and win. So he tried not to dribble. A few minutes later he said he felt a warm drop in his pants. So I started to see him make some medium small spots and told him he could go. He said that the pee burned tremendously. If we weren't next to the bathroom he would have let it all out before he could make it.

Rick, the story about your cashier/co-worker crapping herself was the best I have seen in here in a long time. You're a good writer, I enjoyed the style. Made me laugh out loud.

Good morning--drizzling here. I'm trying an experiment to see if I can poop while sitting at the computer. I got a plastic bag (as from a grocery store); first I tried putting my legs through the handles, but they wouldn't fit. Now I have the bag tied around my bottom with a belt through the handles. I can feel the urge. I'm pushing. Nothing yet. Position is awkward, as I'm side-saddle on the chair. Now I'm off the chair, in a squat. Urge has sort of gone away as I moved. Here it is again. Push. Anus opening. Soft poop emerging. First piece drops in the bag. Two. Three. Four. Five through twelve. A longer one. Now I'm done, but some is hanging. Ah, here come another small one. Really done this time. Let's see what I did. Just a nice soft pile of poo. Time to wipe. . . . I went into the bathroom and wiped; since the poop was soft, it took three sets of paper, each used twice, with the final use being augmented with Noxzema for cleansing. The poop formed into an approximate ball shape in the bag, and I was able to turn the bag over and dump the ball (about softball size) into the bowl, from which it flushed cleanly. I was disappointed that the poop was so soft, and not like the nice log I passed earlier this morning. It was an interesting experiment, but not one I'm likely to repeat.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Johnny Half-Pint. Both are words derived from the Greek. The prefix,
para, the prefix, literally means by, or beside, implying something different. Paruresis has nothing to do with the mental illness or the negative defensive attitude known as paranoia (literally, "beside the good use of the mind" i. e., very suspicious of other people.

Paruresis means a different way of disposing of the urine: the normal way is "letting it go". Parauresis is a social problem (like the neighbor telling you how bad you were to piss outside in full view of others). No wonder you can't "let it go"--a different way (meaning no way you can go unless you start first, or count to yourself (a very good distraction) when you are near a stranger. I think that when someone is talking at the end of a telephone line it is no threat to you so you can let it go, i. e. urinate.Although your bladder seems to have a large capacity (how much does it hold, a pint (normal), a liter (remarkable), etc.?) If the latter amount, I guess you can wait about 8 - 10 hours without too much discomfort.

So the different way for you is to hold on, tighten up when anyone is near, and go when you find some privacy. Why not look up ?

I have a question for the girls and women here who have really large bladders. Are you shy or proud of them? Here's what I mean. I'm 19, kinda tall (5' 9") but slim, and for most of my life I was always embarrassed when my bladder was full because when I peed I would always just go and go for the longest time. Because of that I suffered a lot of teasing and began to feel that I had a freak bladder or something. Now however I feel kind of proud almost.

About a year ago after high school graduation, I started working at my mother's small company full time which is located in an office park. One day just to get a work break, I went into the ladies'restroom at the same time a secretary from an attorney's office across the quad walked in. While I settled on a couch got a magazine and opened up a Diet Coke, this woman went into a stall and I have to tell you, took a pee that you had to witness to believe. That sound just went on and on and on! As I was sipping my Diet Coke I was thinking to myself why the heck I should be embarrassed by my urinations when this woman was taking a pee that would have put a dozen drunken sailors to shame. She went and went before thinning out, only to gather strength and go some more minutes. And the entire episode went directly into the center of the bowel. She either did not care or was proud of her enormous bladder and was issuing a challange to any other woman within earshot- can you top this?

Maybe I'm demented, but for some reason I held my bladder until the wee hours of the morning when it was throbbing for relief. Then I went into my bathroom, sat down on the toilet and tried to duplicate the incredible peeing performance I had heard that afternoon. It was very long pee, but one I honestly felt was much shorter and inferior to the utterly interminable one the secretary had taken. That seemed to make me frustrated and furious, determined if possible to make my large bladder even larger, and to meet and break the record pee-time that woman had set. And so for the next couple or three months I quietly worked on holding my bladder, enlarging it, and in the middle of the night, sitting on the pot taking the most prolonged pee I could. Call me nuts if you want.

Recently I spotted this same woman walking across the quad at the same time my bladder was screaming for relief. I followed her and sure enough she made a right turn and went into the ladies' restroom. This time I went right after and entered a stall a couple down from her and took a pee that I wouldn't have dreamed of taking in public before this. I aimed in to the middle of the water and just let go for as long as I could. This time I think she perhaps hold as much as before but she was still fantastic, yet I outlasted her by a good minute and a half. When I came out she was at the sink looking at me out of the corner of her eye. I felt so fantastic and superior! She had taken a good four or five minute pee but I sill peed longer by a good margin. We exchanged looks and smiled, so much non-verbal communication taking place I can't begin to analyze. 'Till next time- the gauntlet has been tossed.

Does anyone like Lexi or Megan or any of the other women here with large bladders (hence forth to be kown as WWLB's) have any similiar stories?

Saturday, September 18, 2004

First post here. Just found my nitch with some Old Posts on toilet bowl design. When a kid growing up in London
(UK), my dad worked as
home improvement contractor, and I often
tagged along. The houses we visited were usually
Victorian or Edwardian
and built when the
"water closet" was a
new thing. Thus there
were lots of companies
in the business, ready
to meet every variant of impirial fantasy. The
best was the bowl in the
shape of a lion's head,
and another with Chinese
mosaics both in and outside the rim. And the
seats were similar works
of art. My girlfriend's
home had one which went
from wall to wall (this
being a typically narrow
London row house loo).
It was of polished oak,
so that anyone sitting
there (an especially a
lady in a dress) could
just as easily be on the
bench in a railway station waiting room!
On moving, found US
toilets really blah.
Most interesting here
in the men's room of
a Wisconsin bar: the
seat was spring loaded
to keep it semi-upright
(45 degrees) so only
body weight could force
it down. Needless to say, getting up was a
new experience, as the
seat went up with me!
Bartender explained it
state law, to keep men
from pissing on the seat. After years in USA, however, have come
to see a certain aesthetic in the cold
utilitarian comfort of
American toilets. Like
good art, they focus
attention where it belongs. When you're on
the toilet, you're on
the toilet... not on a lion's head, or pretending you're waiting for a train (though sure would have
liked just one glimps of
my proud and prudent English girlfriend looking that way!).
Well, the great thrones
of England are little
doubt gone by now, and
my girlfriend, a few
years older, splendidly
seated on a modern toilet and revealing exactly what sh's there

Hi all my fellow defecators, I must tell you about a funny incident that happened last Wednesday. My husband dragged me off to a Farmers Day at our local country club. Speakers and presentation about farming etc and we also had a woman's section. Things like interior painting, fertilizing your garden etc. Cut a long story short I noticed that there were guests from the next district with their wives. After lunch I went off to the loo just behind a lady visitor that I had been chatting to at lunch. Pleasant couple herself and her hubby. Now for some unknown reason the loos at this club have never been signposted Ladies and Gents but the locals know where to go. This other lady luckily just went into the first door which was the ladies. This is a 3 cubicle loo with showers etc, loos open above door height and great sound effects. She went into the first cubicle and I took the far one. After closing quickly and getting my kit off I sat and peed quietly not expecting anything else. I listened to her putting down her bag and then pulling off some loo paper first to wipe the seat as she muttered "someone peed on the seat" then some more paper I think to line the seat. I thought she is obviously fussy and is going to drop a load. I felt a little pressure and decided to just sit and let nature take its course. I heard her unbuckling her belt and zipping down her fly. Then the sounds of jeans, stockings and panties being pulled,by the sound of it all the way down to her calves. I could hear the creak of the seat as she got comfortable and a sigh as she settled. I pushed a little log out that plopped into the water and dribbled a little pee. The silence settled as I waited for any thing else too come down the poop chute. From next door I could hear the action starting. A small wettish bubbling fart followed by a short hard blast then silence. I thought here is a 20 minute shitter. She peed a little followed by an audible push which got more wind going. This was a long wet fart followed by about 6 little plops. I heard her move and open her bag and the rustle of paper which I think must have been a tampon. I thought she must have be finished as tampons get put in last. I heard the paper tearing and then the plop of the applicator and then all hell broke loose. A long wet quietish fart followed by 2 large splashes and then a torrent of wind and wet runny poo just poured from her lower end. I just sat and listened to this very sexy little twenty something dropping the world out of her bum. There was no exclaiming so this must have been her normal motion. By now the rotten smell was thick in the air as another wave poured out of her. She was silent for a minute and I heard someone coming in from outside. They walked into the cubicle between us and without shutting the door there was a pause and then a strong pee stream started. I reached for loo roll to start the paperwork and nearly fell off the pot when this person next door commented that something must have crawled up someone's arse and died and was being dumped here now. This was the same guy I had had lunch with which meant that it was this lady's husband. He then flushed and walked out. Strange that she said nothing but then she knew that there was another person, in the loo too and did not want to embarrass either one. What is funnier is that the guy had walked into the ladies (no signs) and had a pee in the next cubicle from his wife and had not recognized her possible habit of after meal shitting nor the smell. Maybe she was having a bad day or he was band from the bathroom. With that smell the latter was possible. Either way I thought it very funny and cleaned up and left before she even started to wipe.

Linda (Aussie) here.

To the 41 year old female who was constipated for 16 days. I read your story, it sounded like that monstorous load was very painful. 20 inches for a turd is quite impressive and I bet it was absolutely rock solid. I actually read it a few times because I get very excited reading about people taking long and laborous dumps. It sounds like you put on a fantastic show for your husband - was there plenty of grunting and groaning going on? Do you often get constipated? Have you ever gone 16 days without doing a poo before?? Please share any more stories that you have about being constipated or any dumps that took lots of effort to push out.

I have had a few memorable pooping experiences, as a child I suffered from a very severe bout of constipation - I had it on and off for about 6 months. I can remember sitting on the toilet for long periods, trying to squeeze out rock hard turds that wouldn't budge. I had to take medication daily which didn't really help much. As I had a huge mass of turds impacted in my rectum, liquid poo would force past that mass and soil my knickers. When I did manage to sqeeze out the big logs of poo, I had uncontrollable bowel movements for a few days afterwards, as I had gone so many days without doing a poo. This caused me to have lots of pooping accidents. Fortunately, I recovered from this chronic constipation but I still got bunged up several times during my childhood.

Well surprisingly yesterday whilst sitting on the computer i felt the urge to go but my mum was in there (washing her hair) i couldn't wait for her to come out as i was nearly shitting myself finally after 10 minutes my mum came out and headed for downstairs. I thought here's my chance so i went in and sat on the loo it took me a good 10 mins to get it out of my system. I then heard the phone ring (my mum answered) the she shouted your mate is on the phone and without thinking i ran downstairs (without flushing the chain) my mum called me upstairs i hadn't a clue why then she showed me the mess in the toilet i didn't even know i had diarrhea as it was really yellow. I was really embarrassed i went bright red and flushed the chain immediatley i got a little upset and cried for a bit not to know my mum was watching me from the door she then gave me a hug and said it doesn't matter i wont tell anyone i felt a little better. The next day my mum bought me some diarrhea tablets which got rid of it.

Hey all, I'm 26, female, and a middle school teacher. On a recent day, I had a late start in the morning and didn't have time to poop in the morning. So off to a day of teaching. About third period, I really had to go. I was giving a lecture at the time so I went over to my desk and pressed my butt on the chair in hopes of keeping the poo in. I thought the urged I stood up and went over to the blackboard and I farted! I'm fairly good looking and I saw some of the boys laughing. At this point I had to go. I asked another free teacher that passed by the door to stand in for me. I literally ran down to the teachers bathroom. I went into a middle stall and pulled down my pants and underwear. Pressure was so intense I didn't even have to push and the log started to slither out on its own. A fart made it way out and the log stopped moving. I tried to get it moving again and it broke in half. I now had half a log poking out my anal opening. Now I had to push and the remainder came out. I wiped my butt and threw the poopy toilet paper into the bowl and flushed. I quickly washed and returned to class as if nothing happened. Some students asked what happened. I said I had to go to the bathroom. I knew they knew I had pooped be cuase it took like 10 minutes. I resumed class like nothing happened and someone(not gonna say names) acted like a jerk and yells 'have a nice dump' while my back is turned. I blushed. turned around and said 'Yes, I had to poop. Everybody does it. You do it. What's so funny?' Nobody said anything for the rest of the class

the other day I had to " go to the bathroom " but not real badly. but since I stopped into the woodbury shell station to get a soda , I figured that I may as well pee now before having to go shopping later.
anyway, so I went in and got the key. then I walked around the outside to the one unisex restroom; 2nd door on the left. after unlocking the door, I walked in , closed the door, locking the top latch. I went into the toilet stall on the right and closed the stall door. [ this restroom had both a urinal and , of course toilet, which had a bowl filled with water from front to back]. since the seat was allready down and quite clean[ how convienent:)], I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled them down with my undies. then, I sat down and began to pee, my urine making a dribbling tinkle as it came out of my snatch straight down into the middle of the toilet bowl's water. it basically came out straight down, but splattered around a bit in different directions slightly; still basically hitting the water in the middle for about 45-50 secs or so. I could see the water in front begin to turn yellow from my urine and saw foam bubbles form, spread toward the front, then streak off toward the sides of the toilet bowl water. then I stopped for like 5 secs, then began peeing some more for about 20 secs in lke 4-5 slow splishes and splashes; which sort of " danced" from the left side of bowl to the right while I continued to " piddle" into the water. finally, my pee sort of dribbled along the length of my twat toward the back of the water before finally stopping completely. I took a piece of paper, wiped: then got up and dropped it into the bowl. as I pulled up my undies and shorts, I looked and could see the toilet's water, which had turned a light yellow color and had a few patches of bubbly, white foam in the middle; which covered about 20% of the water and had scuzzy streaks in it. then I flushed the toilet bowl and watched, as the wad of paper, foam, and yellow-peed in water all went down.

Punk Rock Girl

I took a massive dump at work yesterday. We were in a meeting and I slowly felt the urge to dump a load getting more and more intense. I shifted in my seat and clenched my buns for another half hour until the meeting ended.

I, along with several of my co-workers, headed straight for out unisex bathroom. I had to wait for a couple of people ahead of me, then I entered a stall, dropped my pants and thong and sat on the crapper.

BLAM! I dumped a monster load of shit into the toilet, causing a huge splash. It was accompanied by a very loud fart. My buns were splashed with water. I dropped a few more chunks, peed, then wiped my ass. It would have been a nice, clean dump were it not for the water that had splashed on my ass!

I pulled up my thong and pants and exited the stall. I know everyone in the bathroom heard me, as well I know they probably thought, "How does a girl that tiny take a dump that loud?" My ass is capable of amazing things!




I would love to hear some more accounts of your witnessing accidents.
Thanks everyone, for sharing your stories.

Dave from Upstate NY
To Buzzy: Great outdoor buddy dump, wish I could have been there with you two. Keep the good stories coming.

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