Just wanted to mention that I posted the story about when I was out with two of my friends hiking and all three of us were desperate to take a pee.

I thought of another story that I thought someone might be interested in reading..

Sometimes my family only has one car that's working, and when my dad needed to get to work he took the car, leaving my mom and I stuck at home with to chance to go anywhere. (We live in AZ, and in the summertime it's too hot to walk anywhere). My grandma has a car, and my mom made plans with her to go out somewhere.. which left me with nothing to do and no way to get anywhere. About an hour later I was going crazy with boredom, and decided to just ignore the heat and walk down to the grocery store. In the summer I drink a LOT of water, and before I left I made sure to drink a bottle or two, figuring if need be I could just go when I got to the store. So I walked to the store, looked around for a while and read some magazines, and then bought a bottle of water for the walk home. Now by the time I had left the store and was about 1/4 of the way home, I had to go BAD. I could barely walk straight, and with every step I could feel a little bit squirt out. I debated walking back to the store, but it was the middle of the afternoon and it was burning outside, and mostly I just wanted to get home. Being outside made me thirsty, despite my growing need for the bathroom, and within a minute or two I had finished the bottle of water I bought. Bid mistake. Each step was agony, and I thought there was no way I could make it home without having an accident. I was determined to try though, and I kept on walking. Phoenix is a big city, and the route to and from the store is either on heavily populated residential streets or along the main, busy roads, so the option of stopping and going then and there wouldn't work, at least not without embarassing myself a great deal. I continued on, slowly losing the battle with my bladder. I small wetspot appeared, and I knew I didn't have much time. Finally I made it to my street, and I guess the sight of my house excited me,because as soon as I saw it a burst of pee gushed out for a second or two. I gained control of myself, though, and walked slowly and painfully down the street. A few minutes later, I had made it to my house, and since no one was home I had to let myself in. As I was standing at the doorway, I could not find my keys.. I kept looking, but I couldn't see them. I was getting frustrated, and my bladder couldn't hold on much longer.. in fact, there was a slow, steady stream of pee dribbling out of me. And then it happened.. my bladder let go. I was wearing light blue capris, and within second they were soaked. It flowed down my legs, into my shoes and socks, around my butt.. it was going everywhere. I stood there in absolute shock; I could not believe that at 15 I had just wet myself. The area where I was standing was just covered in pee, and from the waist down I was just drenched. I peed steadily for about 2 and half minutes, and when it was all out I tried to hurry up and find my keys before anyone could see me. Turns out they were in a little pocket on the front, that, in my desperation, I hadn't thought to look in. I let myself inside, and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I jumped in the shower to rinse myself off, and I had to put my clothes in the washer so my mom wouldn't find out. That was definetly a close one.. my mom got home about 20 minutes later.

Lily: 1) How old are you? 2) Keep up the good stories.
Lola: I loved your stories, please keep writing.
Rick: I loved your story as well. If she ever does it again or you ever see another female accident please be sure to post.
Blair: I loved your story too. Please do not stop writing them-especially the accident related stories.

Jin--can you tell us about specific incidents at your hospital?

Kelly A., you shouldn't worry too much. A lot of people have had accidents. Yours will be big news for all of five days and life will return to normal. (I remember when I started my read-the-old-posts-from-the-beginning project {I'm up to the 300s} there was a girl named Blake who was high-school age. She didn't know she was lactose intolerant, so what happened to you was pretty much an everyday occurrence for her, presumably all her life. And she still had friends and had had several boyfriends {once it was found out, there'd been a truth or dare game. She was to drink a lot of milk. After that less-than-lovely experience, she said next time she'd gladly tell about 'all her boyfriends' rather than go through that again.} If frequent accidents don't doom a person, then there's definitely life after *one.*) I'm sorry your brother was such a jerk about it, though. I'd be kind if it happened to anyone I knew.

My name is Layla and i have a story from a few years ago about an accident.

When i was in 10th grade, i was on the cheer squad. On one friday we had a pep rally, and the cheer squads had to go in early that day to practice and get ready, etc. i had to get up pretty early and i felt really mooky, and i had coffee with a lot of sugar in it. well about an hour after i had gotten to school, we were through practicing and were finishing getting the gym decorated, when i really felt like i had to poop. i didn't really have time to go, we had to finish setting up for the pep rally to start second period. 20 minutes later, we finished setting up and we went in the small corridor outside the gym and had to wait in formation until the whole school got situated in the gym then our squad would come out first, before the A squad which was 11th and 12th grade. As we were standing out their waiting to make our entrance, all i could think about was how i had to poop. i was not comfortable at all. after a few minutes everyone was ready in the gym and some coaches were making announcments and the A squad was throwing candy and little pom poms into the stands just as we were getting ready to do our opening routine (the A squad was always used for the finale and things in between we both did.) Anyway, i supressed my need to poop as much as i could, and decided i would just go out and cheer my best. we ran out and everything started out okay, things seemed to be going off without a hitch and i felt perfectly fine. it wasn't until halfway through the routine when i faced a serious problem....i was one of the supports for the girl who was the flier to climb up on. well, as she climbed up on me, a lot of my energy shifted to holding her up and it was putting the extra pressure on my whole made it very difficult to control my bowels, and then the worst i was standing there holding her up, my knees kind of started to shake a little and then i pooped my came out fast, but it was still fairly solid..thank god it wasn't diahrrea. i just filled my panties with a bunch of soft logs. it wouldn't have been so bad, except that our school colors are blue and white..and my skirt was what color would that make the panties? yep, you got it. i pooped in white panties, and i was in a situation where i was going to be flashing those panties to hundreds of kids a few times..i couldn't exactly run off the gym floor at that point, but i was starting to panic. i couldn't remember what we were going to do next, i just kept thinking "oh my god i pooped my panties!"
i tried going with teh flow of the squad, and things were not good. even though the poop was well contained in my panties, there must have obviously been a bulge or a stain. after the first tiem we came up and my line had to spin forward and kick, obviously making my skirt fly up a few times, a lot of cheering stopped and a significant amount of kids said "ewww" and stuff like that, and ther ewas face turned dark red, and i tried to just continue but i couldn't. i burst into tears and ran off the gym floor! that was the worst day of my life, i pooped my panties in front of my entire school, and people still talked about it even in my senior year. it wasn't until a few weeks before i graduated when there didnt seem to be anyone talking about it. but whenever there was a new kid that had a class with me, someone would point me out to them and say "she crapped her panties while cheer leading in a pep rally." it was the worst and unfortunatley most defining moment of my high school life...high school sucks, majorly. another bad part is, i had to pay for the cheerleading uniform because it belonged to the school and i stained it when i pooped my panties.

well I don't we
ant to seem like a " pedofile", but in that new movie " JERSEY GIRL" [ with both ben affleck and george carlin, they show this little girl peeing on the toilet three times. [ in the movie, she is ben affleck's[ the widowed father's daughter] why, i dont know but maybe it has something to do with george carlin being in this movie? anyway, it is not like you'll actually see her piss . the cute joke is how she is told to, but often forgets to flush her pee.

James R
I am male, 17 years old, nearly 18.
Today I had to take a dump, so I sat on the toilet and let out some smelly farts. After a few seconds, 4 large logs of poo came out. A couple of minutes later, I pushed out 3 more turds with a bit of affort. Most of them floated in the water. I then wiped my arse until there was no more brown stains on the toilet paper. I was finished so I flushed the toilet and I realised that I had left skid marks on the porcelain, so I used the brush beside the toilet to clean them off. My poo had stunk up the bathroom so I switahced on the exhaust fan as I walked out.

TO BRITTINAY: I liked your story. I've also been in situations where I speak on the phone when I feel the urge to do number 2. I always use a cordless phone so I just sit on the toilet as I talk, then my mates hear the usual toilet sounds, so I tell them that I am pooping. If someone else is calling I tell them i'll call back later as an act of disrection.

Let we know soon your next pee adventure. I like to pee outdoor, even if i'ma na adult woman. I don't like peeing devices (I found them not useful nor confortable), so I suggest you to pee "naturally" nex time.

I've problem with my PC so I post more rarely...I lived a similar situation at a mart with a friend and her daughter years ago..we followed many indications to reach the toilet area, until we reached a closed corrdior, quite dark without any we relieved ourself there tacking turn in watching if someone was coming...
I think the swiss girl learn by you that that exit was a sort of "emrgency toilet"...nice ancedote dear, post more soon




I have seen a few other Linda's on this board so I thought I better identify myself as Linda (Aussie).

I had a fantastic dump last night. I had to take a shit in the morning, it was only a small one and while I could still feel more up there, I couldn't push any more out. I went to work and felt the urge to do a poo several times during the day. I hate taking dumps at work but I almost did because the urges got really bad. I managed to ignore them and held onto my poo all day until I got home last night. As soon as I got home, I got changed out of my work clothes and went straight to the toilet. I closed the door and locked it. Then I pulled down my pants and sat down. I did a big wee first and then I started to push. I had to push for a few minutes before any turds came out. I was able to squeeze out some very small, hard turds - they came out quite easily. There was still a big load up there and I had to push really hard to get it moving. After a few minutes, the head of a gigantic, thick log poked out of my arse. I pushed some more and the turd slowly slid out of my anus. It fell into the toilet and then another gigantic turd, probably about the same size, came sliding out quickly. My anus hurt after that but there was still more poo up my arse. I pushed again and a smaller, skinnier turd started to slide out slowly. I really had to push and strain to get this last bit out. The turd broke off and I tried pushing again but I couldn't squeeze any more of the turd out. I still had a small amount of shit in my anus but it was stuck there so I wiped my arse. I had to wipe several times because the last part of my load was quite messy. I had a look at my job in the toilet bowl. The water was dark brown and I could see two enormous logs sticking out of the water. They were very thick and extremely long ( about 20 centremetres long). There were also some smaller, round turds floating on top of the water and some bits of corn. I felt so much better after that dump, it took a good 20 minutes to complete. I especially enjoyed squeezing out the long, thick logs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hello everyone. My name is Mar, I'm 17, and I am female. I'm thin and short, African American, and I wear glasses. I just did something really exciting. I peed standing up (using a standtopee device) under my porch. I had to pee REALLY bad (My bladder was about to explode), so I had a long pee. My pee was clear and it didn't really have a scent. It was so much fun. I was kinda scared that I would get caught, but the porch stairs kinda hid me. I could hear my pee hitting the leaves and stuff, and it left a medium sized puddle. Now I know why some people like to pee outside. I would like to pee in a urinal next. That would be REALLY cool. Adios! ^_^

Lily S.
I'm new here. My name is Lily, but i decided to put my last initial because there are probably other Lily's on this board. I am sixteen, female, and if you want more details, feel free to ask.

Malory - Could you please tell us some of your previous stories? I am particularly interested in the ones with diarrhea, but all sound good and entertaining!

Well, I have had quite a few accidents in my life. I'll list some of them.

- In "social studies" when I was 10 (4th grade)
- On the school bus (5th grade)
- In the cafeteria (6th grade) (diarrhea)
- On a roller coaster (6th grade)
- During a class trip to an art museum (7th grade) (diarrhea)
- In a pool (7th grade)
- On the public bus (8th grade)
- At a sleepover (7th grade)
- In the Cafeteria (9th grade) (diarrhea)
- At the movies (9th grade)
- During History (6th grade)
- During spanish (9th grade) (diarrhea)
- On the street (last thursday) (diarrhea)
- On the beach (this summer)

I don't know which was worse, and i'll tell them all (plus more) but for now i'll tell the one that happened on the street last thursday. I needed to take a shit leaving the grocery store, but they didn't have one and although it is a quite long walk home I figured that I could hold it. The pain got worse, and my stomach started gurgling, which is a sure sign that i have diarrhea. I started walking faster and faster, but i didn't see a bathroom and i knew my best bet was to try and make it home. I got until five blocks from my house, when suddenly I lost control and diarrhea started filling my undies. Pretty soon there was a giant brown spot on my crotch and my butt. worse yet i couldn't move, and stood there parylized, while people watched me shit my pants. When i was done i walked home, and many people gave me strange looks. It was soo embarrassing.

A pre-wedding bathroom event:

My friend Ellen was getting married this past Saturday. It was an outdoor 10 am wedding at a park. Fortunately we had nice weather, but it was held under a sheltered pavillion so it would have been ok even if it was wet out. I was one of her bridesmaids and I drove her in my car from her house to the park (about 20 minutes). We were both already dressed for the ocassion. As we approached the park (we still had 15 minutes before we had to be there), Ellen asked me to stop in at the restrooms because in her nervousness this morning she hadn't been able to have her usual morning BM and she said it was sure ready to happen now. Although it is a beautiful park for a wedding, Ellen had forgotten that they only had two portapotties for the restroom facilities that were at the entrance to the park. One of them was the standard size and the other one was the larger handicapped one. She was a little (actually a lot) embarrased to admit this, but she needed my help and I said no problem. As is typical of most portapotties, they're not the cleanest and this one wasn't an exception, but what are you gonna do. So I helped Ellen with lifting the dress up and I said "Ellen, you're gonna have to hover for this." And she said she knew. So she got into position and I was on the side of her holding her dress up. She spent about a minute just relaxing and waiting for her bowels (she doesn't like to push if she doesn't have to). Then it started happening and she did a somewhat long stool (I was able to look down from where I was standing and saw part of it coming out, which was interesting). After about a minute or two that dropped and Ellen relaxed again for about 30 seconds and then she started dropping stools one after the other; there must have been a dozen little plops and then she was done. She needed to take a wee too so she did that. I continued holding her dress as she stood up to wipe. I couldn't help but to look inside the pot; it sure needed to be cleaned out, which probably was a good thing because the mound of TP (and excrement of others) prevented the water from splashing when she dropped her stools. She had a nice little pile there! We got her dress repositioned and she thanked me for helping and said "I needed that BM more than you can imagine. I don't know what I would have done if I had to hold it throughout the ceremony."

The wedding went well after that and it was wonderful.

Question: Any other pre-bathroom event stories, in particular wedding-related?

Question: Am I the only one who is curious about seeing people's turds in a portapotty? I know that it can be kinda gross, but I think its neat if you go in to a portapotty to go and you see a nice whopper staring up at you!


I've only had one or two accidents in my life, but i have seen many (and i mean MANY) other people have accidents! And I've also been told many stories of other people having accidents. So i'll post some here.

I was in the grocery store buying food, and there was this mother and about 14 year old daughter. The 14 year old daughter kept complaining about needing to use the bathroom, but the mom said no. Suddenly the girl says "No" softly under her breath, and suddenly there is this giant bulge forming in her pants. Her mother slaps her, and they go into the car.

Last year (i'm in 12th grade this year, and was in 11th grade when this took place) my friend and her bf and me and my bf went to a dance. My friend keeps clinging to her bf, and whining about how she needs to go to the bathroom soooo badly. Suddenly during the middle of a dance she farts extremely loudly, and a little liquid poop dribbles down her leg. My friend starts running towards the bathroom, and i run after her to make sure she's okay. I cought up with her easily, in time to see her shit her skirt badly. SHe started crying, and left the dance.

MIchael explosive diarrhea
Heres my story of my dump at school. I woke up in the morning and ate a dish of cereal with milk. I was in the car on the way to school when i got a urge to take a dump. I ignored it and shook it off. My first class was gym. I got dressed in the locker room and started getting the urge even worse. I went to the gym and starting shooting hoops. I got another urge and couldn't ignore it. I had to take a major dump but I have always been scared of using public and school restrooms because I have very noisy and loose bowel movements. I had a chose of shitting my pants or using the toilet. I chose the toilet. I went to the bathrooms and I was a one person bathroom about the size of a closet. To my dismay the lock was broken. I couldn't risk someone coming in so I dropped my pants real fast and sat on the toilet. It was one of those constipated shits. I pushed and pushed and a loose amount of shit hit the water with some farts. THe door was being opened so I jumped off the toilet and grabbed the knob.I had to wipe standing up and I flushed the toilet. It was full of skidmarks and the bathroom stunk very bad.The kid knew I took a shit and told another kid. THe kid almost threwup when he heard it and I was very embarresed.please comment on this story and I will post soon about some my 15 inch dump that reeked.

I'm 27, female, a little heavy. Anyway, I was watching my friends house while she was on vacation. I was on the phone one morning and I had to poop all of a sudden. I said i had to go and rushed up to the bathroom. I pulled off my night shorts to my knees and sat down. I pushed and gas came out of me. I gave a shove and I could hear that crackling sound and I knew poop was coming out. Im assuming it was one long turd but broke into pieces coming out. First push was one medium turd, second push two final medium pieces came out. A little more gas came out and I wiped. I flushed and got back on the phone

I was at the beach and in deep water and suddenly i got the urge to shit. badly. I tried to get out of the water in time, but i didn't make it and in about four feet water pooped myself badly. I pushed out two long liquidy logs, and sprayed diarrhea out. My bikini bottom was sagging terribly, but instead of getting out of the water and having people see that i'd crapped my pants i went into very deep water and took my bikini bottom off and cleaned it out that way and put it back on. i hope that nobody noticed, but i really don't know.

i did see something that made me feel better that day. there was this girl (19 years old, about) and she was sitting next to her boyfriend and they were talking and she was squirming a lot and she keeps saying that perhaps she should use the bathroom and he was like "nah, lets stay and talk" so she stayed and suddenly she jumps up and pee is streeming down her leg. The poor girl blushes terribly, and then farts loudly three times and her hot liquid shit starts gushing out of her bikini bottom and down her leg. The girl starts crying and runs into the bushes. Ten or so minutes later she came out of the bushes, grabbed her towel and ran to the bathroom. i didn't see her for thirty minutes and when she came out she was bright red with embarrassment, and there were toilet seat lines on her butt. Her face looked relieved, and i guessed that she had gone diarrhea again in the bathroom.

Living in an apartment, you can sometimes hear through the bathroom walls. There's a girl that lives next door. Shes's nice looking, about 20. One day I happened to look out the window and I saw her coming home. She ran down to the door.I could hear her coming up steps through the wall and the bathroom door shut. I listened....I heard peeing almost immediatly. Then silence. I could hear feet tapping and a uggh pushing sound. I hear feet tapping again. Now I could sort of hear a fffff sound of poop coming out. This is going on about 15 minutes now. Then I hear a fart and the toilet flush. Then the bathroom fan goes on and stays on for like 10 min. This must have been one constipated girl or she takes really huge dumps! Then, i saw her leave again so she must have rushed home to take a huge poo!

I am a older lurker for a while here. I will finally try to post here. As I said before i am 58 yrs. old American male. I have had a few experiences with his subject. I am married and my wife and I have a real open policy concerning poopin. She leaves the door open while she is doing her job and so do I. My wife always poops rather noisy and hardly ever does any hard poop.
She usually does a lot of farting also.
I am not sure if I did a very good post so I will go for now

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