This is my fondest poop story even though it was probably the most miserable poop of my life. My first year in college I was depressed. I was a little overweight, felt ugly, and consequently didn't get out and meet many new people. Sometimes I would binge - I mean really binge. One Friday night I had totally stuffed my face by myself in my dorm room - a large pizza, some greasy left over fried chicken, a whole large bag of cheetos, brownies, candy bars, sodas, you name it. I fell asleep and woke up later with a horrible aching ????. It didn't help that I am somewhat lactose intolerant so cheese will give me gas and sometimes too much will give me a little bit of a ????ache and diarreah. But I had never eaten a whole large pizza and this time I was hurting so bad that I was literally bawling. I was holding my ???? with both hands, and rolling around on my bed trying to get comfortable. I thought if I laid on my ???? it might help but the pains only got worse and worse. Then, I heard a key in the door and cursed. My roommate Elizabeth and I had been thrown together by chance - she was everything I wasn't, tall, beautiful, popular. She wasn't usually home at all on Friday night. I sure didn't want her to know how I had pigged out. When she came in I tried to sit up and play it off like nothing was wrong, but I got another horrible cramp and ended up doubled over, clutching my belly and groaning in pain. She was immediately at my side. "Do you have a stomach ache" she asked me gently, putting her hand on my shoulder. "uh-huh" I moaned. "poor thing, here let me help you". She eased me back on the bed and lay down beside me. She started to rub my ???? in circles, gentle, but also firm. Inside my ???? was still churning, but it did feel good to have it rubbed like that. And it felt good to finally have her undivided attention. I had worried that Elizabeth would be disgusted by my behavior, but in truth she seemed fascinated and kept asking me questions. "tell me all about it - how does it feel" she whispered. "Oooooh it just hurts so bad" I answered miserably. "tell me what all you ate today" I was embarrassed but I told her everything and she said "no wonder your poor ???? is hurting so much, do you think you could poop?" It had occurred to me that my ????ache was beginning to feel more like diarreah cramps and that I would need the toilet very soon. The problem was, the dorm we lived in didn't have private bathrooms and I didn't know if I could make it down the hall. I told her I thought I was going to have diarreah but I didn't know if I could walk to the bathroom because my ???? was hurting so bad. It was strange, because she seemed to know just what to do in this situation. She sprang into action. She jumped up and grabbed the plastic trash can from her side of the room and put in a fresh plastic garbage bag. She told me to sit sideways in a chair with my bottom hanging over and she would hold the trash can under me. I really, really didn't want to do this but my belly was in agony and I could already feel a little wet poop starting to slip out even though I was doing my best to hold it in. I did what she said and doubled over in the chair with a cramp. Immediately, a huge quantity of watery liquid poo gushed out of my bottom. The room was filled with the most god awful stench. I started crying again, as much in embarrassment now as in pain. I don't know if it was the smell or if all that food had really done a bad number on my ???? but, very suddenly, a wave of nausea hit me. I couldn't speak for fear I would spew but Elizabeth must have seen my put a hand to my mouth because she quickly grabbed the other plastic trash can from my side of the room. No time for a clean trash bag, because I immediately began heaving into it. It didn't help that all the wrappers and trash from my binge were in there - every time I looked I heaved again. I must have been there like that with sick coming out of both ends for at least 15 or 20 minutes - but it seemed like forever. When I was done, Elizabeth went down the hall to get a roll of toilet paper for me to clean myself up with. She tied up the dirty trash bags and put them out in the hall, being sure to replace them with new ones. I was weak and shaking as she helped my to the sink to brush my teeth. Then I laid face down on my bed, holding my poor sick ????. "Ooohhhh, I want to die" I told her. "Are you embarrassed or is your stomach still bothering you" she asked. "A little of both" I admitted. "Roll over and I'll rub it some more". While she rubbed my still queasy ????, she told me that she sometimes ate too much and that she would make herself throw up or give herself a laxative to make her belly feel better afterward. She had done this in secret in her room all through high school and that is how she knew the trick with the trash can - she hadn't wanted her mom and dad to hear her being sick in the hall bathroom of her house. She said that during these times she had always wanted a friend there to rub her ???? and help her while she was sick but she was too afraid to tell anyone, even her best friend. She described some of her grosser poops in detail to me and told me how she would sneak the garbage bags outside to a dumpster after her parents had left the house. She told me my poop had been a greenish brown semi-cloudy liquid with brown chunks in it - lovely. All during that night, I didn't barf anymore but my stomach would cramp up with the same horrible pains. It would come in waves. After pooping, I would think I was better but then within 15 minutes or so my ???? would start to rumble again. It probably happened five or six more times. Elizabeth stayed up with me, rubbing my ???? when it would start aching, and helping me when I needed to poop. It was understood that I would do the same for her the next time she binged. By morning, my poop was still very soft and runny but not liquid anymore and more of an orangish brown in color. I could make it down to the toilet when I needed to but I had loose stools that whole day. After that episode, I ever didn't ever make myself vomit or give myself a laxative like Elizabeth did. But now that I knew her fascination with all things poop related, I could just pig out on milk products and give my lactose intolerant ???? the runs - which was enough to make Elizabeth come running. Even though I hate ????aches and being sick to my stomach, I have to admit that I liked the attention enough to do it every other month or so.

Hi, I'm new around here.

My unusual toilet experiences started when I was a child in a long-stay hospital many years ago. The toilet area was a small room off the ward. There was a cubicle for the girls, but the boys had to use a small pan at the side, in full view of anyone entering or leaving. The pan was only ten inches high with tw built in wooden pads for the seat.

I then became interested in WC pan construction, and public toilets. I would like to mention two unusual ones I have encountered. One was in the Cotswolds, in the early 1970s, I think in the Worcester area. It had a long narrow pan, only about nine inches wide but about 24 inches fromfront to back. The seat again was built in wooden pads. I've never seen anything like it before or since.

The second was in what had been a private house. The front was about 16" high but it sloped from front to back, and the wooden seat had two six inch high lugs on it to stop you sliding backwards. This construction meant you were almost in a squatting position, but your backside was supported, so it was not as uncomfortable for squatting. It was certainly effective in encouraging evacuation. Again I've never seen one anywhere else since.

Does anyone have any stories related to epilepsy and loss of control of bladder and bowels during seizures? I've heard stuff about it, but no real confirmation.

I remember a few years ago, I was going to the local pool, and when I got there, the entire place had been shut down. A few young girls were standing outside, and they told us, (shrieking with laughter!) that some kid had done a "dookie" in the pool! They described that he had started grunting, he got a strange expression on his face, then, "he did a dookie in the pool!" It was kind of funny, although we couldn't go swimming for a while!

Kelly A.
Wow there are a lot of Kelly's here. I wish i could think of a good nickname but i'd rather i'm just Kelly A. Anyhow i'm 15 female, 5'3", 106, light brown hair. I have a weird story from the other morning...i got up and i showerd and got dressed for school. I had on a shortish khaki skirt with a light blue shirt and a thin sweater, oh and i was wearing white panties. i brushed my hair and went down from breakfast. i was in the kitchen and as i walked to the fridge, i got a little tingle in my butt followed by a little pressure, and i realized i had to take a crap. well i only had 10 minutes before i had to leave, so i knew i didn't have time to go take a crap and then have something to i decided i could hold it in for a little while and the feeling would go away and return later. i poured a bowl of cereal and sat down and started to eat my cereal. my brother who is 17 came in a minute later and started to pour a bowl of cereal too, and sat across from me at the table. i got about 2 bites out of my cereal when suddenly the pressure in my butt got a little worse. i decided to myself, okay i need to go to the bathroom now..i pushed my chair out and went to stand up, and the second my butt left the chair, i crapped my underwear...
it was really soft and warm and came out easily, but it was a lot and completely filled me underwear. i actually felt my face turn completely red. i looked at my brother and he was still absorbed in his cereal so i figured he didn't notice. i tried to sneak away carefully, and trying to walk away without acting weird is a little tough when you just crapped your undies..i got out of the kitchen and i started going up stairs to go in the bathroom and deal with what i just did, when i heard my brother coming..i was partway up the stairs when he walked up to the steps and started to come up, and my heart began pounding and i tried to suddenly reach down and pull my skirt against my legs so he wouldn't see up my skirt. i stopped and tried to stand off to the side. he came up a few steps then stopped behind me. he said "what's your problem? move.." i couldn't think of what to say, and i just said "i don't want you to see up my skirt.." he looked at me strange and said "you're my friggin sister it's not like i haven't seen your underwear, hell i do your friggin laundry. move." i couldn't think of anything to say, so i just tried to move on while holding my skirt. well, he saw up my skirt, and shouted "ahh sick!! you crapped your underwear!!??" i started to cry and i shouted "i didn't mean to it just came out!!" he looked freaked out and said like "shut up that's sooo disgusting you baby i can't believe you crapped in your underwear..." and i rushed into the bathroom and started crying. i didn't come out of the bathroom for a while and i didn't go to school. i eventually changed my underwear after cleaning myself off, and went to lay down. later in the day one of my friends called me around when school ended and said "your brother told me why you didn't come to school..." i couldn't believe it! i got so upset and asked her if he told anyone else...she said "i think he told his friends, but you know how they are, needless to say a lot of people know you pooped your panties." after she told me that i just hung up the phone and i laid down and cried. i couldn't believe he told people i crapped my underwear! the worst part is tomorrow is monday, i'm gonna have to go to school and just hope no one brings it up..

i can't even think of how awkward it's going to be...i'm going to be around god knows how many people who know that i shit myself at the age of 15..

Hello,all-been having some great weather here in the N.E-not like Florida,thank god!TO OLD POOP-I ,too have done the kind of dumps like you describe where i get a mirror and put it in the front of the bowl as I sit down and very often,i do long turd that go halfway into the water of the bowl while still coming out my anus-it's fun to watch and feels great!I just have to keep my anus relaxed and it usually doesn't break off-Cool stuff-Speaking of cool stuff,I had a nice woods dump a few days ago with some unexpected company-I was biking out @ around 8am or so and felt the fullness of my morning dump coming on,so i started to look for a spot to unload my stuff and finally found a nice secluded spot and started to dig a hole and then got undressed(i like to dump in the buff-it's more fun)It was the kind of dump I could hold for a bit and as I walked around waiting for the urge to build,I heard what sounded like a bike coming down towards me,so I quickly put on a shirt and then i saw this guy on a expensive mountain bike(Trek,I think it was)walking down the trail that was right nearby that I didn't notice-he saw me and was a bit surprised and said"hey,good morning,I thought this far out,i'd wouldn't see anyone else" and he saw what i was about to do and said"Oh,I see you are probably out here for the same reason I am" and we both kinka chuckled.then he said"Listen ,do you have any toilet paper you could spare" and he must have seen an apprehensive look on my face and he said"Listen,i'm not a weirdo or anything,i just need to take a dump and I have just these small keenex that don't work too well" I said "Oh sure and pulled out a roll of toilet paper from my backpack and as i gave it to him he said," i gotta go bad and i don't want to take off with you paper,so if you don't mind,i'll just go over here" I said"yeah i got to go pretty good too,so we'll share it" and the guy went over to a spot about 6 feet away and started to take off his biking pants and started to talk about our bikes and then when he has his pants off he just squats down and almost right away he lets out a loud fart and says'Ahhhh,this is relief" and then starts to pee and then I decided well i might as weel go too and at this point,i had to go pretty good too,so I squatted over my hole i dug and let out 2 tight farts and looked over at this guy and he's finishing off his peeing and as he's looking over at me and he is sideway to me and i could see the first part of a turd coming out his butt which inspired me to let out my load and I could feel my anus start to open up and both of us were letting out the 1st part of our Bm's and at one point we both had poop "tails" hanging out our butts.then he said"Boy,I guess we both had to go' and I was just in the middle of pushing my load out,i just kinda grunted back a "yup' answer-Now I'm 100% heterosexual,but there 's always (with me,anyway)a really cool thing about buddy-pooping with another guy out in the woods-it's like a male bonding thing-i really can't explain it,but over the years I've had to do it with another guy,i can see i'm not alone in my thinking either.Now here we are about 6 feet apart and i can see this guy is enjoying the experience as well as I as I see him looking over at my butt as I push out my load and I'm looking over at him,too(i'm not going to say how i knew).Then my turd started to move out and started to curl into the hole,but his poop was still hanging out his butt as he said"You must have had a good dinner last nite"and I could see he was enjoying waching me poop and I enjoyed it too.then he closed his eyes and let out a hissing fart and I could see his turd move and drop down on the ground and it was about 12 inches long and pretty hard and then right away,he started to poop some more only this time it was soft and came out pretty fast like soft ice cream and started to pile up on the ground and I said to him"hey,you better move over a bit or you're going to get a messy butt cause it looked like it was going to touch his butt-this guys was really doing a good load!The he looked down and said"you're right' and moved over towards me about 2 feet or so and then let out another fart and let out some more loose stuff.Now at this point,i started to let out part 2 of my Bm and let out a tight fart and for about 10 seconds we are both letting out a lot of soft turds with a lot of farting between us and he says"Sounds like a symphony here" and we both laughed and I said'hey we're in the right place to do it"This guy was about 40ish in good shape and he,like me had a hairless butt,so when he started to wipe,it was a pretty quick cleanup and I still had to go more and just stayed squatted as he cleaned up he said" hey thanks for the toilet paper-it really makes things so much better than those stupid Kleenex and as he's talking to me,he turns his butt towards me to finish up wiping and i could see his anus as he cleaned up.Then i had to go,and let out a small fart and let out a buch of loose stuff and I could see him looking over at me again and he said"you know i go out to the woods often to do this but i've only done it in front of a few friends of mine and I kinda enjoy it,don't you?then I said"yeah i feel the same way since I can't seem to run into a pretty lady to do this with" and we both laughed and he said"Yeah now that would really be fun huh?"I said "Ohhhh yeah it would,but i think with my luck,if I ran into a woman doing what we' just did,she'd probably scream and I'd get arrested or something bad,but i keep hoping I could run into the right kind of lady,it would be great fun"Then i felt done and said"Can I have my toilet papaer back now,i'm done"then he came over and gave my the rool and I saw him glance into the hole I dumped in and said"nice load-that's a good idea to did a hole,i guess I should have done the same thing" I said "yeah,a few times,I've almost stepped in someone's load,so i decided to dig a hole from then on.Then as I'm wiping my butt i could see him watching me and when I used one of those wet -wipes first,he said" hey,you're a real pro at this-that's a great idea" I said" I feel much cleaner with these things'then we both started to get dressed and he says"Do you do this thing often?"I said'A few times a week,i find the experience a lot of fun"he said"I should do this more often,it IS fun and i don't mean that in a strange way cause I'm married and have 3 kids and the bathroom is always in use and that's how I started to do this thing in the 1st place"i just said " it started with me some years ago when I ate something bad and had to dump inthe woods or dump in my pants and after the 1st time i did it,i found out I really enjoyed it" then he was dressed and got on his bike and said"hey have a great day and it was fun-maybe I'll run into you again,see ya"and he disappeared down the trail and I got dressed and as I'm going to get on my bike,i look over at the load he left-it was a load as big or bigger than mine with 1 long turd partailly cover with a lot of soft poop-this guy had to go-i hadn't buddy pooped with someone in awhile and it was fun and a turn-on in a certain way and I could tell he enjoyed it too as we both pooped at the same time and it never got strange or weird-it was cool well enough rambling-Great stories,all esp the ladies-hey,next time maybe this guy will bring along his wife!!BYE

I set the timer to tape my favorite soap opera, General Hospital. Well this past Friday's episode had one of my favorite characters staying in a hotel room with his wife and after she goes out you see him go into another room and emerge minutes later after a toilet flush!!!!!! Man I could just imagine what kind of dump he must have!!!!!!!!!!!

PV: Thank fot the advice regarding the enema.................things did go well that day but I do apprecaite you letting me know about the hot water....I did no know that. Also I just love peeing in that ravine and will probably do it this afternoon since I took the day off work...............most everyone will be at school or work so I will pretty much have the ravine to myself....yipeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao Nancy

Once, when I was in sixth grade (I was eleven), I was sitting in class and all of a sudden my bowels churned up and I depserately had to take a shit. I asked the teacher for the hall pass so I could go to the bathroom and she said to wait until our break. I said it's an emergency, I was going to be sick. She said I didn't look sick, and to wait. I sat there for another five or ten minutes clenching my butt cheeks. I couldn't hold it anymore. I got up and rushed toward the door, but she grabbed my arm. I tried to pull away from her and yelled I have to go! She told me she was taking me to the principal's office and started dragging me down the hall. We were passing the boy's room and I pulled free of her and ran in the boy's room. I ran into a stall (there werren't any doors) and yanked my pants down and sat on the toilet. Diarrhea squirted out of me like a volcano! But she followed me into the bathroom! So, I'm sitting there with my pants and underwear around my ankles, liquid shit squirting out of my ass, and my female teacher standing there looking at me furiously. I said I told you I had to go! I was about to poop my pants! She said that's no excuse for your behavior, I'm taking you to the principal's office. She told me to get up and come with her. I said I wasn't done and she said yes you are. I said I need to wipe myself, and she said no you don't, let's go. So I pulled up my pants without wiping and flushed the toilet. She led me down the hallway to the principal's office. She made me sit on the waiting couch and my butt felt all sticky and gross. She told the principal what happened (her version) and he made me sit in his office with him for the rest of the day. He called my Mom and she left work early to pick me up. At first she yelled at me until I told her my side of the story. The part that made her the most mad was the teacher not letting me wipe my butt. She called the principal and told him what happened and the teacher got a reprimand. She and I never liked each other, but it was worse after that. Luckily, it was my last year at grammar school, and I went to junior high after that. I never saw her again. What a bitch.

One time in third grade, I got a really bad ????ache at school. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. She let me go and I had some diarreah - not much - and then I felt ok. I thought that was all that was bothering me was that I needed to poop. I should have known better, but I went on with my day including eating the regular school lunch of fish sticks and mashed potatoes about 30 or 40 minutes later. After lunch my ???? started to feel bad again in the line on the way back to the classroom. When we got back to the room, I went straight up to the teachers desk and told her I didn't feel good. I had both hands on my stomach and she said "Is your belly hurting you?" I said yes. She said to go back to my desk and put my head down and if it didn't stop hurting in a little while I could call my mom. I sat down put my head down on my arm on my desk while holding my ???? with the other hand. It hurt so bad I was groaning and the kid on the other side of my asked what was wrong. "My ???? hurts" I wailed. I knew I was going to be sick but for some reason I didn't think I could ask to go to the bathroom twice in one day so I was desperately trying to keep from throwing up. Finally, I felt so sick that I sat up and started crying and doubling over in pain while clutching my stomach. This got the teacher's attention and she came over and said "Do you think we need to go call your mommy?" Of course, now all the class was now looking in my direction. I opened my mouth to say yes but at that moment as I doubled over, my ???? rebelled and I projectile puked all over the desk and the floor. I was so humiliated to have vomited in front of the whole class! The teacher quickly called for a custodian to come clean up the mess and escorted me down to the office to wait for my mom. My school didn't have a nurses office so they put me in a back office room and let me lay down on a rubber mat on the floor. I lay there on my stomach holding my still aching ???? and crying, partly in shame and partly in pain, til my mom got there. At that point, I just wanted to get out of there even though my stomach was churning again. I ended up having diarreah in my pants in the car on the way home and puking again in the toilet as soon as we got there.

Once, my friend Kristie & I got a pizza. Something on it must have been spoiled because we both felt sick after eating it. The only problem was that I had been constipated for about a week before so I couldn't poop but I had this wave of diarreah coming on behind it. I have never had a stomachache like I had that night! My ???? started to hurt first with these very sharp pains. I told Kristie I wasn't feeling too good and she said her ???? was cramping too. She went to the potty and let out this stream of very liquid dark brown poo. I was sitting there trying to go but I couldn't get anything out. I was doubling over and crying. The pain would come in waves, I would get ok for a minute, then it would cramp up again. Kristie told me to go lie down and asked if I had ever had a ???? rub to get things going. At that point I had tears running down my face and I was ready to try anything. She rubbed my ???? very hard for about 5 minutes. Finally, I got up and shat a huge long log then the liquid diarreah followed in about 5 more minutes. We both had ????aches on and off for the rest of the night but at least that terrible feeling of not being able to go was over.

Hey folks, me again. sorry it's been such a long time btw posts for me, but sophomore yr just started and so ive been trying to get settled in again. ive been reading but i've been too busy to post. (btw Tyger, Helen and my dad never did get married, so she was just his girlfriend).

so, speaking of school starting, i dont have that much to say that's happened so far this year, but i'll say, that here at my school in jersey, i have a room on the third floor, which is nice, and it's a big single, but, unfortunately the bathrooms are in the basement. what the first week consists of here is, understandably, a lot of partying and hooking up, so mos tnights i tended to stumble home at about 4. the problem with that is, onc ei got all the way upstairs, i had no desire at all to leave my room, yet drinking makes you have to pee. so, i had a decision to make. and of course, i chose the laziest thing in the world, and i peed in two coke cans. but then in placing the cans in the trash, i tipped one over, which wasnt so bad, except it alerted the janitor of my actions. her response was to take my trash can without warning and not return. so now i have no trash can. damn.


I witnessed an accident today, it was female. I think she is 17. Anyway, she started working in Kroger (supermarket) a few weeks ago as a cashier, we're i've worked there for a couple of years. All night she was at one register ahead of me, so i kept watching her as much as i could. She wasn't a knock out but she was fairly good looking, and her butt looked good in the tight khakis colored pants she wears to work. the don't have pockets on the seat, which i love too. anyway, whenever i didn't have a customer, i'd make sure to get a look at that cute butt moving about. After a while it got really busy, and neither her or i had yet had a break. I noticed her shifting from leg to leg a lot and every few minutes she would rub her hands down her thighs and then subtely across her butt. i figured she needed to pee pretty bad or something, and it was making it a big distraction for me, but i've been cashiering for so long that it comes pretty easily. we got hit really hard again with the evening rush of people on their way home from work who need to pick up things to make dinner and people who didn't do grocery shopping over the weekend. about a halfway had gone by and i was so busy, i hadn't looked over at her. At one point i got a slight breather in my lane, and i looked over to her still rushing through a couple of customers, and at this point her legs were pressed together and she was so slightly leaning forward, and right in the middle of her butt where there is that little indent where her tight pants fight into her butt crack, there was a very very slight..bump! i thought to myself "this is too good to be true..that can't be...poop starting to push it's way out!" i was hit with another pretty long stretch of about 6 customers with medium orders, and i took another peak up at her, still rushing, and now the bump had expanded and there was clearly a slight bulge forming, and there was a very faint wet sort of stain coming up onto her left but cheek from between her thighs. that's when i knew it was really happening; she was slowly pooping her pants as she struggled to hold on and work through her line. it was only 7:20ish, and the dinner rush doesn't really let up until about quarter to 8. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her butt as i worked, it was just too distracting. over a span of about 5 minutes i watched the bulge in her pants grow very slowly and slighty. my heart was pounding, i couldn't believe i was watching a girl as she pooped her pants. it was amazing to me that she didn't just abandon her line and run to the bathroom if she was losing control. things were slowly starting to let up, when i watched her completely lose it. she suddenly leaned forward pretty far and kind of stopped ringing groceries for a few seconds, and i watched the bulge grow enormous very fast. it went from a bulge the size of a golfball to a bulge te size of a softball in seconds. she still didn't walk away or stop working, even though she had just totally crapped her pants! a dark stain then began spreading up her butt and down her thighs and the back of her legs at the same time, and i totally lost all my focus on my job. it was one thing i just watched her crap her pants, now she was totally wetting them too. in seconds the back of her pants wear completely soaked halfway up her butt and down her legs to a little past her knees....and she still wasn't moving. the wetness also brought out the brown stain from the other part of her big accident...i couldn't stop stairing at her, soaked pants with a big brown bulge in them. surprisingly there wasn't much of a smell in the air. a lot of customers in my line could see her accident too and kept looking at me all shocked. moments later, the place finally calmed down, and she turned around with her cheeks as red as anything and she waddled back to the breakroom and never came back to her register. it was the coolest thing that's every happened in the years i've worked there, haha. think i should ask her out sometime? I'm only 2 years older than her, not too bad.

To Amanda B...Plese post more..Verry nice..
To the lady on the boat..We would love to hear more about your experiences...

Hi PV :)

The GF has wierd relationship with toilets everywhere including at home. To her opinion, no toilet is clean enough for her butt, so she hovers at home as well. The only exception to the rule is when she has a bad stomach, (which is rare) but then she uses a roll of TP to pad the seat. She tends to be constipated because she hold things until she gets home, so she always need to push hard and use some tricks to get things moving...Besides, she's abit on the kinky side so I suspect that she gets the kick out of doing it in an unusual way...

BTW...I used to have a GF that used to travel alot, but would go BM only at the toilet at her home... luckily she wouldn't travel longer than week, so she holded it for 5-6 days until she got back home. Then she would sit for hours until she got empty. The only chance that I got to see her was while we were hiking in the mountains for couple of days... Her logs were somethings else..I mean huge, and she was a skinny girl. When she was straining to poop, her anus would protude out like a finger an inch or so, and then open out...Her stream was something that I never saw was
completely flat like a fan/sheet and about 2 inches wide...


To Tyger:
Hey, thank you for the comment! Means a lot to me. But, yeah, Lacey, Stacy and myself understand the risks of laxative abuse. That's why, fun as it is, we only hold our competition once a year. I'll be sure to tell you guys all about the past contests, as well as any other interesting stories I have.

Incase you're curious, we're all 20 years old and Sophomores in college. Lacey is the tiniest of the group and has long, black hair. Her complexion is a little darker than mine and Stacy's though, because she has a bit of Hispanic in her blood. Stacy is slender too, with short black hair and the cutest freckles dotting her cheeks, just underneath her eyes. I'm a little smaller than average size and weight and have shoulder length light brown hair. We've been friends since like we were seven, and have been really open about pooping / peeing with each other for a while. Together we've sit through dumps of all consistencies. From great, solid logs to full blown liquid. Prior to the start of our contests, we'd all had at least one accident in front of the others.

Well now, I guess since Tyger wanted to know how our little contests started, I'll start with that story. It was five years ago, we were all 15 and April 1st (April Fools day for those who celebrate) happened to land on a Friday. Lacey invited Stacy and myself for a sleep over, which we of course accepted.

Now, interesting thing is; we all had the SAME prank planned! Dope the other two up with laxatives and watch the fun. Since no one was watching for it, planting the trap was easy and by 9 PM we'd all fallen for each other's pranks. So basically, we had three teenage girls full of Ex-Lax and only one toilet. Yeah, things ended up a bit messy ^^.

At around 11 P we were sitting in a small circle on Lacey's bed, her room was in the basement of her house. Sound proofed and with it's own potty/shower even! Anyway, we were hanging out, playing cards and talking like fifteen year old girls do. Our topics ranged from movies to boys and even touched on poop a bit. Well, I noticed Stacy was rocking back and forth and looking a bit uncomfortable. Lacey and I were both grinning evily, and watching the show with wicked smiles. In fact, I barely noticed the camping and gurgling in my stomach. So our conversation continued for a few minutes and Stacy leaned forward to relieve a little pressure by passing gas. HUGE mistake.

She let out a soaking wet fart and that was followed by an odd 'whooshing' noise. We could tell by the sounds, smell and the look on her face that she'd just shit herself. Me and Lacey just start bursting out with laughter and what followed was a rather confusing talk that went something like this.

ME: "I slipped laxatives into your drink! I got you too Lacey!"
LACEY: "What, I got her! You too Blair!"
STACY: "Well, I got both of you; and unless I'm wrong you'll start feeling it reallllll soon. And I think I'm going to take a long, long shower."

Well, me and Lacey paled pretty quickly as Stacy waddled oddly off to the bathroom. Sure enough, the water started running and me and Lacey started to feel a bit queasy. We talked a bit about how funny it was that we all did the same thing, and developed the idea for our contest while waiting our turn for the can. Well, eventually talking failed to take our minds off the need to go and after an eternity, Stacy finished. Lacey and I both dashed for the restroom, but she beat me and slammed the door. I heard her ploppd down on the seat and MAN was she noisy! Volcanic, liquidy farts followed by a rush of splashes and more of the wet eruptions. Well, the sounds were funny and all, but little to help my plight and even though I tried, my bowels were just to loose. I unleashed a torrent of wet mush right into my panties and I had a lot built up. It made a softball and a half sized lump in the seat of my pants, and squished through the legholes of my undeies. Stacy was laughing so hard I though she might have another accident, and pretty soon I joined her. Lacey stepped out, seen me in my embarrassed state, and started laughing too. Even though I was the butt of the joke, it was a good time.

I cleaned up and started drying off. Stacy came pounding on the door, needing to go again. I let her in, and while she was unloading we conspired against Lacey. As soon as Stacy finished, we left the bathroom together and sure enough, Lacey was standing there waiting her turn. Rather than let her by, we tackled her. Stacy held her shoulders down and I pushed her legs back as far as I could. She was screaming "PLEASE GUYS NO!" and we were all giggling. Well, needless to say she didn't last very long and had another noisy poop, this time in her pants! It was kinda cool for me though, since I had a view of her ass when it happened. HEr pants just kinda balloned out. It was funny. Anyway she cleaned up, called us bitches and we set the contest pact.

In conclusion, from that point forward we left the bathroom door open so if the toilet was taken the other two could use the tub. I had one more accident; just couldn't get those dern panties down in time! The washer/dryer were in the basement, so her parents never found out. It was an interesting night! Well, that's all I got for now. Cya!

Good morning--humid here, with a potential tropical storm coming. Yesterday at the office, after lunch, I had to defecate, so I went into the men's room, which has two stalls. One was occupied, and I heard newspaper rustling. I entered the other stall, closed the door (it doesn't lock), pulled down my pants, sat and pushed. I was leaning forward, so my bottom was up off the seat a bit, giving a good drop distance for my poop. It came out in two nice solid turds, each making a nice plunk as it landed. I wiped, flushed, and left with the other gentleman still in place, and without having heard him do anything but read the paper. An hour or so later I returned to pee, and I looked in both toilets, as I often do. Where I had gone, there were two turds--my flush had failed! I wonder who else saw them. I flushed again, making sure it worked this time.
This morning I pooped twice. First time was soon after awaking; I squatted on the rim and watched myself in a hand mirror as I pushed out three quick, long, inch-thick, light brown turds that plunked satisfyingly into the water. I wiped once, flushed, and left. A couple of hours later, after breakfast, I went out to the garden to do some weeding, when I felt the urge again. I didn't wish to go back inside, take off my heavy gardening shoes (quite an operation), and use the bathroom inside, so I went to a small group of trees on the property, lowered my pants, squatted, and pushed. What came out was a very long, continuous strand of poop, again about an inch thick; the long feeling of successful pushing was most satisfying. Finally it dropped, forming a roughly circular pile a few inches wide and high. I hadn't brought toilet paper (which in any case is hard to dispose of outdoors), but I was wearing rubber gloves that I use for gardening. I used one of them to wipe my anus, coming away with only a small amount of poop. I wiped my glove off on the ground, pulled up my pants, buried the poop with a spade, and went back to work in the garden.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Drew - Tales From the Thunderbox
Hi Guys,

Just got locked out of my flat recently and had to wait for my girlfriend to come home from work before I could get back in. As luck would have it, I need to do a poo - the feeling wasn't too bad, so I thought I would be able to hang on without much drama. Anyway, about half an hour later - I sensed that I wasn't going to be able to hang on much longer and my girlfriend was proably about 3/4 of an hour away. What to do! The garage was unlocked so I went in and shut the door and turned on the light. I was going to have to dump, but the big problem was how - what was I going to dump in? I was starting to get desperate when I found a plastic shopping bag. I emptied it out, and dropped my pants. I squatted down holding the bag under my bum ready. It was one of those dumps where the whole lot comes out in about 2 seconds. It was huge and sloppy, when it hit the bag it just lost shape - it looked like a bag full of mud - except for the smell that is! I managed to find some clean rags and still squatting, wiped myself and put the rags in the plastic bag along with the poo. I tied a knot in the top of the bag to stop the stuff escaping and found a small cardboard box that had had brake pads in them, and which took the bags and its contents nicely. All I had to do was close the lid, go outside and drop the box into the wheelie bin. Fortunately, the garbo came the next day so it wouldn't smell and alert the neighbors. When my girlfriend came home I went inside and washed my hands. She was none the wiser about my secret crap.

cheers guys

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I had quite an accident last weekend. I was swimming at my best friend's house and noticed I had to poo poo very badly. I was wading towards the exit of the pool when a sharp cramp hit me and I strugged to gain control. I ended up dropping a nice sized poo poo in my bathing suit. It was a white two piece. When I got out of the pool, red as a beet, my friend saw my bathing suit sagging a couple of inches and saw the big brown spot. She immediately knew I soiled myself. She laughed a little, but didn't really mind. Her parents never let me swim at their house again and I always feel embarassed just to be around them.

My wife has been pregnant for almost a month now and she is finding the urgency to urinate is becoming a pain. Apparently this is a fairly common problem with pregnant women, especially early on in the pregnancy. She does customer service work and is on the phone a lot, often for long periods of time especially when a call involves getting three of four persons together on the phone at the same time for troubleshooting issues. She has never really had any problems "holding it", but it is now becoming an issue and she finds she is rushing calls a bit so that she can make a quick dash to the restroom. She fortunately hasn't had any accidents at work, but I witnessed her first accident earlier today and I knew about this forum and and just needed to share it. We had been out shopping today (Saturday) and were on our way home. I was driving and we had about a 30 minute drive to our house. We were about half way there when she asked me to hurry because she had a full bladder. She was unusually figidty and about 5 minutes away from the house she had her hand between her legs so I knew she had to go quite bad. We pulled into the driveway and she was the first one out and was heading towards the side door quite fast. Then she realized I had the key and said to hurry up. Our neighbor and her 8 year old daughter were on the side yard just a few feet away from our side door and noticed that there was a problem. She asked if everything was ok and my wife said "I have to pee like right now." I was walking towards her with the keys and she had her hand between her legs and she said rather loudly "No!! Hold it, hold it! Gosh NOOO !" And with that she moved her hand away and she was facing me and the neighbor and a wet spot was very quicly forming on her light-colored pants. She just stood there practically on one leg and pissed herself for almost a minute! And right in front of not only me but also Liz and young Kelly! She was SOO embarrased and I helped her inside (after stepping over the puddle!) and helped her change in the bathroom. That was interesting. I hope this doesn't happen too often.

Are there any other pregnant peeing (or pooping) stories out there?

Wow, Sarah and Whitney! Great pooping stories. Keep em coming!

Johnny Half-Pint
PV - I call it that because it's shaped a bit like a bone, and you use it to tell people things! Obvious when you think about it.

FULUP - would you (or anyone else with a keen interest in etymology) happen to know if "paruresis" and "paranoia" have a common origin? It certainly sometimes feels like it. But the prefix "para-" seems to have many different meanings.

Anyway, how come I'm not fazed by talking on the phone and peeing at the same time if I can't pee in the same room as another person? Well, seeing it as a mild form of mental illness, you'll never get anywhere thinking along the normal rules of logic; so you have to work out exactly what distortions you would have to make to ordinary logic to fit that situation. Now, in my childhood -- which is where it all began -- the telephone was tethered to the wall; there were not even such things as modular jacks that would allow you to plug and unplug extensions ad lib. The phone was wherever the phone company put it, and peeing and phoning would have meant taking a receptacle to the telephone. Since then, of course, phones have become liberated. But my great hang-up had already been established at a time before it was even conceivable to use a telephone in the bathroom; so in my mind, there could not possibly be anything "wrong" with that.

Anyway, when I was about four years old, a neighbour caught me pissing in a plastic container in my friend's garden. And, unfortunately for me, it was the front garden. Had my friend's parents seen to lock the side gate (but there were no such things as paedophiles in those days), or had I confined my activities to the rear of the house (but I was enjoying it so much I got carried away), or had the weather not been so hot, none of this might have happened. Social norms have changed a bit, but in those days it was roughly like this: in someone's own home, the parents' rules applied; but out in the street, any adult could discipline any child. And oh, boy, disciplined is a euphemism for what I got.

I know now that she was just over-reacting; but, to a four-year-old kid who has just discovered a way to make the by-now-mundane act of going to the toilet more fun, being told that it was DISGUSTING and IMPROPER and how I was GOING TO HELL for behaving like an ANIMAL would have scared the piss out of me -- if I hadn't just been already. And the worst thing was, I had even *enjoyed* it. So, to my young and impressionable mind, it must have been some pretty powerful sin I had committed.

So began a childhood deprived of the simple pleasure of peeing out in nature, afraid that something unspeakable would happen to me if I dared do so, no matter how desperate. I had forgotten the actual words of the bollocking, but the severity stuck with me. I was just barely able to manage to go in my own toilet at home -- after all, no punishment could possibly be worse than my bladder bursting. It would be nearly fifteen years before so much as a drop of my doings would wind up anywhere except the place appropriately sanctioned by that obnoxious prude of a neighbour. Although I often wondered -- with the same part of my brain that was also used for wondering what it must feel like to go barefoot in town [not particularly special, as it happens; nobody even said anything] or to wear no underwear under my jeans [about the same as wearing underwear] or what dog food tastes like -- what it must feel like to take a leak outside!

My curiosity finally got the better of me one morning, while I was away from my parents' home, at University. I woke up at about 4 o'clock, with a nicely full bladder, my roommate was sound asleep, there was nobody else about and it was not raining. Conditions perfect for an experimental tree piddle. I strolled down to the woods, chose a tree -- as carefully as I could manage without the benefit of experience -- and tried to piss against it. It seemed to take forever to get started (quelle surprise), and the cold and damp of the small hours took some of the enjoyment out of it.

I have since found I can "get started" most easily if I think about other things; counting backwards often helps. When I have stayed in places where there simply have not been proper facilities, I have sort of adapted, but tend to fall back into old ways once I get back home. My back garden is not the world's most secluded; I live in the middle of my street, so my house actually shares two walls with my neighbours, and the back gardens of the next street reach all the way to those of my street. Although there is a large Buddleia tree at the far end. And I do have my (original?) outside privy complete with high-level cistern and swinging chain! Sometimes, if I'm feeling really daring, I will use it with the door open; but it's opposite a particularly high bit of fence, so nobody is going to see anything they shouldn't.

If there is a positive side to all this, it is that -- by performing holding exercises and waiting for a "proper" toilet rather than getting a quick leak somewhere else -- I have developed a healthy reserve capacity which is rather greater than my nickname would suggest.


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