Just dumped a huge load the other day. I was at the town festival, and I had purposely been holding my poop in for several days now so I could do it in the porta-john there. A short time after arriving at the fair, I had a sudden and strong urge to pee so I headed for the porta-johns. There were two of them, and one was occupied so I headed for the other one. I stepped in and saw why it was unoccupied-the toilet bowl was fillled to the very top with pee. I decided to go for it anyway. I pulled my panties down(I decided to wear them that day) and took them off. Then I hovered over the urinal in the wall with my crotch and started pooping on the floor. In the end, I pooped two 12" logs and one 6" one, while peeing so much that the toilet bowl overflowed onto the floor. I put on my panties and left.

northern chick's survey:
1. Yes
2. the same, what a coincidence!!
3. absorbed all of it
4. no, I like peeing in the bushes
5. no

See you later. Roberta

Hi again,
Does anybody watch a british cop show called 'The Bill?'
I always watch it on TV here in Australia and there was a toilet related scene last night. It showed detective Neil Manson taking a leak at the urinal in the bathroom at Sun Hill, then a few seconds later Rob Thatcher walks in and occupies the urinal next to him as they start chatting. It shows them from a close distnce, but only their upper body.

Good morning--cooler here. I just had a satisfying bowel movement. After feeling my rectum fill up, I went, took a large hand mirror to watch, and sat on the rim of the bowl. Pushing slightly, I saw a fairly thick turd come out and start to curl. This time it did not break off, but remained intact as the whole thing came out smoothly, entered the water while still emerging, and continued yet for a time. One turd--that was it. After I wiped, I looked, and it must have been a good 10 inches long, and over an inch thick. Very nice.
Anthony asks about reflective tile. Most public bathroom walls (the rear wall behind the toilets) are dull finish, but a few have shiny finish. If there is also a gap behind the partitions between toilets, you can lean back and get a dim image of the occupant of the next stall. That's it.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Ryan. M
I need some help with this problem I have. I am 14 years old, been lurking a while here. yesterday, I put on a speedo, and then a shirt. We had to go out and do some errands, so I left the house like this. You could see I was obviously wearing something, not nude. Now, I do have accidents now and then, and this day was no different. We went to a mall, with alot of people walking around. I felt fearful, and then my parents bumped into some old friends. When I was introduced, I started sweating, and then I proceded to fill my speedos with poop. I have left the house wearing a speedo before, and my parents don't ban me from wearing it ever again out in public like that, even thouogh I have had accidents in them before. What could be causing this? I have also tried different clothing, like shorts, jeans, etc, and even just put a pair of boxers on, and still have this problem. Do I fear human contact? Could I posibly have fear because of what I chose to wear? Should I wear my speedo with shorts/pants? I do see other boys out there wearing very short shorts, and even a few that looked like they just wore speedos also, and they didn't seem to have any problems. Am I unnormal? :( will I do this for all my life?

I do have some stories I could post, but I am unsure of what to do about my situation.

I guess you could call it black friday or wet friday. I left for school
a little late in a hurry and didnt do a morning pee as I had about 5 minutes to get dressed, grab my pack, put on my shoes and run to the bus stop. I made it and when I got to school went to our homeroom. The teacher at the homeroom had several announcments to make and this took up time that I could have hit the boys room. We all had to skip and get to the first class. The first class being math, like you are fresh and awake in the morning? right? Ha.. ok so here we are reviewing yesterdays last few minutes of the class to get up to speed and I notice I had to pee now after settling down.
It was only 8;15 and the class would last until 9:05 when the bell rang for the next one, history.
The need to pee built and built until Im pinching my peter and trying not to show it, I finally put up my hand and asked Mr. Moore to be excused. I knew he was like a real jerk and usually turned down everyone but I asked anyhow. Yep, he says no, got a short quiz and we didnt have time to wait till I got back.
I held on and squeezed my legs together under my desk, then stretched out my legs and held on, with my hand between my legs in my crotch.
My bladder felt numb and was past the point of pain. Just like a huge lump in my groin, my peter like limp and felt like filling up with pee.
I was wearing dark blue cordroy pants and black sox, black Nikes and had a long sleeve shirt on that morning. I alway wear underpants like BVD's and the likes.
Soon I felt a warmth between my legs, a little leak of pee. It had soaked the front of my underpants. I was starting to sweat now and got a bit red. No one wants to piss their pants in class in front of all the guys and of course the girls, no one will live that down.

I felt a second leak and a little spurt again, and held on for dear life. I felt then if I did leak a bit that the pressure would be off and I might make it to the end of class. I then let a little more leak out into my undies. Big mistake, I couldnt stop it and it kept flowing out until I felt warmth up the crack of my butt and felt my undies getting real hot and wet. I felt the pee starting to soak into my cords and the back of my legs. Finally I was able to stop it and sat there stil holding my crotch even wet and smelly with pee. The pee sorta wicked up my pants and they sorta soaked up most of all my pee, showing nothing much as the pants were dark blue anyhow.
I sat there for the remainder of the class in soaking pissed in pants and as my pants had soaked up the hot piss, it started to cool off now and felt cold and wet.
Im glad there was no puddle onthe floor as least maybe I got away with it. I hate that teacher as he could have let me go, the boys room was across from the classroom door.
Finally the class was over and I headed to the boys room and peed out he rest of my load. I used tons of paper towels to try and soak up the wetness in my jeans. I tossed my undies in the trash and put paper towels inside my cords. I had to spend the whole morning sitting in wet cords and a faint smell of urine.
What helped me out was this one girl also had to go and pee and she tried to hold on too. She made a small wet patch inher crotch and held it pretty good but everyone noticed it.
Im glad I wore cords that morning too, they soak up a lot of water if you get wet.
Finally by lunch time they had dried up a lot cept for a little smell. I borrowed some after shave stuff from a buddy and splashed it on to held hide the smell. Im sure he musta known why too. No one said anything, but I sure made it my business to do a pee anytime I left home afterwards, late or not.

Anyone out there have a similar experience? I know there is some class
room accidents that go on according to the some sites Ive read. If one searched the web for just that keyword you find them. Its sorta wrong thought to make a student wet his pants especially if you are in high school.
PS I passed the test, it wasnt that tough, got a 95%....
any thoughts?

I've been lurking here for awhile, and I thought I'd finally say something. I'm a female, 15. I'm mainly interested in peeing, not really pooping at all. This past weekend I went camping with some friends, and on a hike we all had to go to the bathroom. It was kind of cold where we were, and all of us were wearing jeans and sweatshirts. We (there were three of us) were down at a watering hole, and of course other people were there too. It was slowly becoming an emergency for all of us, and we could tell if we didn't find somewhere to go, our jeans would be soaked. We wandered off, trying to get away from everyone, and about a half hour later we were still around other people. As much as we had to go, none of us wanted to go around strangers. It was becoming too much for one of my friends, and there as already a visible spot on her light jeans. She just couldnt hold on anymore, and after letting go a little more into her jeans, she just decided to let go of her shyness, and she dropped her pants right there and let it all out. my god did she have to go.. she peed for a good minute or two. when she was finally done there was pratically a river around her. seeing her relieve herself just made the agony worse for my friend and I, and pretty soon we squirting a little into our jeans. The place we were at was a big attraction, though, and we just couldn't get away from all the people there. It eventualy became too much for my other friend though- stubborn as she is, she absolutely refused to go if people could see her. a few minutes later, her jeans were absolutely soaked. all along the inside, down around her crotch, up around her butt- it was everywhere. her shoes were full of pee, and the ground around her was just as wet. so I was the only one left who still had to go. After accidentally letting squirts go into my jeans a few times, and realizing that it was starting to show, I knew that in a matter of minutes I would be like my second friend, and had to do something about it. I could n't take it anymore.. I had to go, and I hd to go NOW. With everyone around, I dropped my pants and it just gushed out. I didn't pay attention to where it was going, and some of it my shoes. my friends were staring at me in shock- I peed a lot longer than they did, and they definetly didn't expect me to go then and there.

That was definetly a memorable day.. I felt bad for the friend who wet herself.. she was definetly embarassed walking home. boy did I feel better afterwards though. I felt bad for the people who had to walk by that area where I peed.. it was soaked everywhere.

Hey, I just want to comment I weird bathroom experience I had today in Paris. At about midday I had to take a leak and was near the "Hotel de Ville" in the very heart of town. It's more than known that France has one of the world's worst public toilets not to mention you have to pay to use them. So there is this huge department store called Bhv which is nearby. I glanced at the store directory to find the toilets and found they were on the fifth floor. When I finally made it I discovered that the restrooms were in fact coed bathrooms. There was this huge room for both men and women with an attendant. To the left it was the men's toilets and to the right the women's. However urinals were in full view to everyone and even the toilet stalls had a large gap below. So a guy in a stall could be noticed by the women and viceversa. I decided to take a shit with the presence of lots of women. It was really an experience. Hoped you like my story. Take Care.

Well I had to poop at the store today....I went into the ladies room and feel my anus opening... Another women was in the next stall pooping also. I heard here grunting and a splash. Meanwhile I'm pushing and i can feel the poop coming out out. The women next stall flushed washed and left. I finish pushing out two turds and a small piece. Flushed, washed, and finished shopping.

hi im malory, 15 f. i have had a bunch of accidents and some were more embarrassing than others so i just wanted to know some other peoples opinions on the most embarassing place to poop your pants.

these are a few of the situations in which i've had an accident pooping in my pants.

-on the bus going to school in 4th grade
-in line to go to the bathroom at an amusement park
-on the bus again, while on a field trip with my 6th grade class (diahrrea)
-in english class in 8th grade
-at lunch in 8th grade (diahrrea)
-in the hallway while trying to hurry to the bathroom in 9th grade
-in the movie theater with 5 of my friends this past summer
-at my best friend's sweet 16 party in the pool like 4 weeks ago (diahrrea)

so as you can see i've had several extrememly embarrassing accidents. defintiely the most recent one was the worst, i had on a light blue two peace bathing suit and we were swimming in the pool and there were like 70 people there from my class. well her house is big and they have a lot of land and the pool is pretty far from the house, and i suddenly had to shit really bad while me and two of my friends were on a raft and some guys were trying to flip us over. my stomach got really knotty and uneasy and i got nervous because it felt like diahrrea, so i was about to get off the raft and hurry to the house. just as i was getting off, this guy josh pushed up on the raft from underneath to flip us, and during the whole moment i somehow totally lost control and got the runs in my bikini bottom while i was in the water. this brown cloud just appeared in the water behind me and everyone started freaking out and rushing to get out of the pool. i got out as fast as i could and ran all the way up the walkway to her house while shitting my bikini and it was running all down my legs. it was the worst moment of my life, starting school this week was dreadful for me just because i was afraid of how many people would still be talking about it. not many high schoolers shit their bikinis at their friends pool the pool. and it was recently.

anyway, besides that accident, i'd be interested if a few of you who read this post would just include in their post

I had an accident earlier today. I'm an eleventh grader, and I was taking the bus home from school. I hadn't pooped even though I needed to during school because I didn't want to poop at school, and because I didn't want people to hear me if it was loud, and because I didn't get around to it. So I got on the bus and sat down, thinking that I could make it the fourty five minutes until I'm home. About half way there I started getting desperate. I was pressing my hand to my butt without people seeing me, and I was biting my lip against the pain. My bowels start grumbling and I know that it will be a nasty poop. I don't get off the bus because I really wanted to get home as soon as possible so that i could start my homework. Suddenly right as the bus pulls up at my stop I get this pressure in my bowels and i can't hold it any longer and I start pushing a turd out. It's hard, and it hurt, but I walked off the bus as if nothing was the matter. Now it's five block from the bus stop to where i live, so I started the walk. After a block I had finished pushing that log out, and managed to get a grip on my bowels again. I was so embarrassed...a 17 year old pooping in her pants?! After another two blocks the pain became unbearable, and i lost it again, this time letting out a squirt of diarrhea before getting a grip on my bowels. Somehow I made it to my building and up the elevator and into my house. my parents and brother weren't home. I walked to the bathroom, and then as, as if seeing the toilet affected me in some way, my bowels released. Somehow i managed to step into the bath tub, and I had nonstop diarrhea waves for five minutes before i could stop. My skirt and underwear were so wet with poop that i just walked to the toilet, sat down on it in my skirt and underpants, and let go again. I spent another five minutes on the toilet, releasing alot of diarrhea. Then I pooped out two really long liquidy logs, and a nother rock solid giant log. THen, with my clothes on, i hopped into the shower and washed myself. I managed to get my skirt and undies clean. I got out of the shower and was fine, and did my homework, but i was so embarrassed. I've had accidents before, but none this bad.

TO SARAH AND WHITNEY: I've read from this message board for 5 or 6 years roughly and I've only posted twice before this i think. The reason is i really don't have any interesting stories as far as bathroom habits and incedents go, but I've come out of my toilet website shell for the first time in years to say that yall's stories are frickin' amazing. This is a great site and there are a ton of good posters on this board and a lot of people with great stories that are good, but yall wipe the floor with anybody. So many times in past years people who have great stories or appear to stop for whatever reasons. PLEASE keep the stories coming. I really enjoy yall's posts.

Anyhow, i feel like i'd be a punk if i didn't leave the board with a little something. Im athletic, 21 year old male, about 5'7" and around 150. I was on a trip this summer to a Latin American country with some people from school, and we were at this guys house who we had become friends with. And to let yall know, the food down there is really good, but it can do unheard of things to your stomach even if you're careful. So we were at this guys at house and there's a lot of people there, and i don't remember what i had eaten that day, but it was really hitting me when i walked in. I waited for the bathroom to clear which was right in the middle of the living room. Odd, but nevertheless headed in there not too urgently, but i was hurting for a bathroom. So I flush the toilet while sitting to cover up some of the sound, cause i know this is gonna be real bad. I had no idea. I relax and let out the (I don't think i can describe this justly) loudest fart with some crap totally louder than the flush. I stop it a little bit, cause i know if im not careful everyone wil be able to hear it. And the walls in this room are like tile or something, so it had this mad echoe in the room. Well, I still have soooo much left to go, and the flush has all but stopped, what do i do? I tried very hard to be quiet but it would not be so. As quiet as i could, i Let out more of the loudest farts(I have never in my life farted like this, and i can do pretty good for myself) ever and more crap for like 5 minutes. The whole time the sound is just bouncing around the room and i know it's gotta be heard outside. So, i finish up, clean up, and walk out. I sit down by my friend, who is half way across the room from the bathroom. He immediately asked if i was ok. Right then, at that moment, i knew everyone knew what hell i just went through. Im pretty laid back, so i asked him how bad it was. He told me at first he thought it might have just been the toilet flushing, but then as i continued for ages it was more than obvious. We all had a pretty good laugh about it, but everybody was cool with it. Cause pretty much everybody has to go through it eventually if you stay down there a while. It was crazy though, cause i had been down there for almost a two months and had no problems too bad before, definitely not like that. Oh, yeah, the worst was after we had the conversation, i had to go again. So i gave a repeat performance, and i was finally done for the night.

hope that wasn't too long for a lame story


Oh yeah, i got say ELVIRA i also enjoyed your stories. Very descriptive. That's awesome.

Here's one to share.

I'm doing physical therapy for my arm and today was my second session. I got to the doctor's office this afternoon about 15 minutes before my appointment. There was no one else in the waiting room and I let the receptionist know I was there. I asked her if they had a restroom I could use. She said yes but her co-worker just went in a minute or so ago and she might be a few minutes. She said to go through the door on the side and go down the hall and the bathroom is in the alcove on the right. So I went down there and saw the door marked restroom (it was obviously a single-occupant bathroom). It was very quiet and even though the bathroom ventilation fan was running I could distinctly hear a few grunts from the other side of the door while standing there. After about two minutes I heard the lid on the toilet drop and then flushing sounds and then the sink running. Then a phiff sound (probably deodorizer spray) and then the door opened. This 26-ish woman comes out (cute and a little chubby). She was surprised to see me standing in the hall and said "sorry, I didn't know there was a line". I said "that's ok, I just got here". She walked down the hall and I went into the bathroom. Although she had used deodorizer spray she didn't use much and it still sure smelled like a BM had just been done in there. I went to the toilet and lifted the lid and I just stopped short. Even though she flushed the toilet there was a large turd still in the bowl. I guess she just assumed it flushed ok after she closed the lid and didn't check. I stared at the solid brown turd for like a minute. It was just one solid piece of pretty uniform thickness, and quite thick (no wonder she was grunting!). I took a quick pee and closed the lid again, washed hands, and closed the door behind me as a left. When I got back to the waiting room, the receptionist and her co-worker (the one that was in the bathroom) were behind the counter. I just had to say something. I went up to the counter and the receptionist said "yes?". The co-worker looked up and I looked at her and I just said "it didn't flush down". It took her a few seconds to register what I meant and then she turned bright red and her jaw dropped down. She said "Oh, I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean for you to see that". I said "don't worry about it. I just thought I should let you know". She got some disposable gloves from a cabinet and headed back down the hall. I guess she knew what she needed to do. The receptionist looked at me like she wanted to ask some questions, but she didn't. I sat back down and a few minutes later the co-worker came back and she apologized again to me from behind the counter. She said "I'm so embarrased". That was it. My appointment was five minutes later. When I went to leave and to pay my co-pay with the receptionist, the other girl wasn't there. But I will likely see her at my next appointment.

Lizzie (Becky and Elvira's friend)
Well, I didn't really want to post here now i wanted to finish my homework because in our "threesome" i'm the best student, but Becky and Ell are pressuring me over three way calling, so I'm writing a story here. Appearently Becky just posted...and Ell posted something earlier, but whatever. Anyway, I have to say a story, but since I'm not feeling that well now (my feels gooey and disgusting) I'll just write two short ones instead of one long one.

Well, the first one is a pee story and not as good. One day I drank alot, and i mean A LOT! On the bus home I really really really needed to pee, but somehow I made it home. I walked in the door, where my dog ran up to me and put it's paws on my bladder. It made me loose control and I urinated on myself really badly. It went for about two minutes, which for me is forever. I was kind of embarrassed but I cleaned it up, and nobody (except my dog) ever was the wiser.

Now, the second one involves Ell and Becky. One day we went to a musical. I had been constipated and not pooped for like a week, and so it wasn't surprising when during the musical I needed to poop. During the musical I kept releasing really loud smelly kind of wet farts that made Becky and Ell giggle. Towards the end of the musical my stomach started to cramp, and I really wanted to run out of the theater and to the bathrooms but i didn't want to have to suffer the embarrassment, so I didn't go. Finally, after what seemed like hours and hours, the musical ended. I ran to the bathroom, but there was a line that was really long, and I needed to go to badly to wait. I went to the car where becky and ell were, and I told them to drive me to the starbucks three blocks away, and Ell drove me there. I ran in, but there was a line there too! Desperate, I ran back out to the car and told Ell to hurry and get to the grocery store down the street because they have a bathroom. I ran inside the grocery store, but that bathroom was out of service. I needed to go sooo badly, and my stomach was starting to gurgle and fart and cramp all at the same time, and i kept releasing a really smelly farts. I told Ell to go to the McDonalds 5 blocks away, and she did. I went in, and they said i had to buy something before I went to the bathroom, so i just handed the person a 5 dollar bill, got a small soda and told them to keep the change, and ran to the bathroom. There was ONE free stall, so i went into it, and sat down. I really didn't want people to here me have my nasty poop and i didn't want people to smell it, so I didn't poop, although it was agony not to. Finally my bowels protested to this treatment and (luckily just as the last person left) they started rather loudly pushing out a rock solid turd. It hurt as it left my butt, and it took me five minutes to push out. Then with 5 seconds I released two giant liquidy turds, and then had severe diarrhea, complete with loud farts, a terrible pain in my abdoman, and a terrible smell that made me gag. After thirty minutes on the toilet over all (probably twenty of those having diarrhea) I wiped and got up and went back to the car, even though my bowels were still feeling queezy. Half way home I demanded that Ell pull over the car, and I had to crouch down and have brown liquid water pour out of my butt and the passing cars saw it. It was very humiliating, and I still blush if you mention it.

You know, this took me thirty minutes to type, because I puked (mostly musus, but it filled up the whole entire bowl and took me seven heaves.) and then had severe diarrhea. I wonder what I have...I've been sick like this all day, only it was at school and i managed to make it to the toilet every time, grabbing a trash can on the way to puke into. I hope it goes away, I'm feeling very sick right now.

Shoot, after posting that I promptly turned grabbed a trash can, puked and soiled my undies. Ell and Becky don't know what i have, but do any of you guys? I'm really scared and I hate vomiting more than anything else in the entire world!

Last year I was at a movie with four friends. Something I had eaten must have disagreed with me, because about half way through I needed to poop pretty badly. I didn't want to leave the movie to go to the bathroom because then all of my friends would know that I needed to use the bathroom badly, so I sat there. I tried to fart silently, but somehow I knew that if i tried to fart silently I'd get more than i wanted out of me, so I didn't fart and sat there really unconfortably. It felt to me like somebody was punching me in the stomach trying to get me to release my load. Finally the movie was over. I told my friends that why didn't they go home with out me, because I wanted to check something out, and luckily they agreed. So after they left I went to the bathroom. I got a stall, sat down and pushed, but nothing would come out! the pressure got worse and worse, and no matter how hard i pushed or how much i relaxed it would not come out. So I wiped, and left the bathroom to begin my walk home. Five blocks from my house I needed to go REALLY badly again so I went into a starbucks, went to the bathroom, and tried to go. But still i couldn't. So i continued walking home. I was two blocks away from my house when suddenly I felt like somebody had punched me really hard in the bowels, and I doubled over in pain. I was in so much pain that i was beyond caring if i messed my pants, and I even tried pushing but it would not come out. So (in terrible pain) i walked to my house. My parents were gone for the weekend (thank god) and my sister was at a sleepover, so i had the whole house to myself. Just as I walked into the door I felt my bowels push, and I slammed the door shut and ran to the bathroom. I hurried to pull down my pants but wasn't fast enough and my undies got kind of messy. I sat down on the toilet and exploded. Liquid poop, undigested food and soft poop exploded from me, and within 2 minutes i was all done. I wiped and then i got a call from my friends. I was talking and suddenly i felt like my stomach was trying to get rid of something else so I ran to the bathroom, dropped the phone on the floor, and proced to have a very loud bout of diarrhea. to my dismay my friends heard, but didn't give me a hard time.

I've had an interesting day today. Soon after I did my normal before school poop at around 8:15 a.m., I had another urge to go. I guess I hadn't finished it off the first time, but I had to head to school already so I thought I'd wait till I got to school. Well, by the time I got there, class was supposed to start, so I thought I'd hold it until my break (we have about a 10 minute break during the three hour class). But we had a quiz today and I finished early so I decided to head for the bathroom. It was closed again like yesterday (my last post). The nearest bathroom was the one that I used yesterday, but it was pouring cats and dogs so I decided to stay in the building. When class was over, the bathroom in the building was still closed. I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. But the sun was out, so I walked to the other restroom just to find that it too was being cleaned. I decided to go to the cafeteria to eat a sandwich. At first it was hard to eat because my bowels were moving and making me feel uncomfortable. But then I felt ok. So, before I left the cafeteria to go to my on-campus job, I decided to go to the bathroom by the cafeteria. No luck. People were in there and when I poop, I NEED my privacy. So, I walked over to the other bathroom, and it was still being cleaned. The other two bathrooms I passed by had people in them too. So I figured what the heck, I'd already waited about 4 and a half hours, why not just go to work, then when I can take a break, just go to the bathroom.
By this time, I could feel my poop hardening inside me, so I thought, "It's a good thing I'm using the bathroom at school. I may plug it up and it may be a disaster!" I was going to take a break, but I was just too overloaded with things to do, that I didn't get to the bathroom until 4:15 p.m. As soon as I relaxed on the toilet, I pushed, and my poop just slid out and into the toilet hole. It was the best feeling ever! I didn't even have to wipe my butt that much--just one time, but I did twice just in case. As I looked into the toilet, I could see about six inches sticking out of the hole. It was awesome! I felt soo much better after that! Anyway, thanks for reading my story. I've really got to pee right now! Bye!

Does Anyone have any really good accident stories. I haven't heard one in a really long time.
I have one of my own. When i was in first grade I had a neighbor named Jacob. One day I had two friends come over. We were playing outside when one of them asked if Jacob could come over. I really didn't like Jacob but i still said ok. He came over and we played inside for a while and Jacob started to fidget. He asked me where the bathrooms were so I pointed him in the right direction. He took an awfully long time. That night i went ot pee in the same bathroom. Under the toilet i saw a sopping wet yellow glob. They were briefs with little racecars on them. So i babysitter brought them to Jacob's house. His mother told her that I should not say anything about this incident. Since then I've had some good material at sleepovers and such.

I had an awful accident today.

I'm 20, female, brunnette, 5'5" 115 or so. I have a really long day on mondays and wednesdays, i have 2 morning classes which go from 8-9:30, then 10:30-12. At 12:30 i have work, and that goes until 6 or 6:30 sometimes, then i have an evening class from 7:30-9. It's difficult to find time to do things like, well, poop, because it doesn't always come when i have free time. today i had to poop kind of bad toward the end of work, but i had only 50 minutes left so i was holding it in as best i could so i could go when i got home. 50 minutes went by, i punched out and got in my car to go home, and i was really desperate to poop! i've never had to poop so bad in my life. i don't know why i didn't go at work, but i was struggling no to go in my pants before i even got to my car. i've only ever pooped my pants before two times and neither time was recent, so i guess i was rusty on the warning signs of a potential poop accident. I got in my car and sat down, and i had to go so bad that when my butt touched the seat it actually felt like i a lot of pressure was being put on my butt. my stomach was aching and i could feel the poop trying to push out, there was so much pressure and a tingling sensation in my butt. at that point as i was about to start my car, i just thought to myself "what am i thinking? there's no way i'll make it home before i crap my pants.." i decided then my only option was to go back into the restaurant (where i work) and rush to the girls room. it was a futile effort though, because as soon as i started getting out of my car i felt my lower abdomen tense up and my butt spread and i had to bend over a little bit, and i lost all control over it and lots of poop just started pushing it's way out into my panties with a crackle and filled them up rather quickly. i was leaning out of my car for nearly 2 and a half minutes, just leaning on my left thigh with my left foot on the ground and my right foot still on the car floor and my butt raised off the seat, while pooping my pants. it was so much poop, it was semi-solid at first then got kind of soft and spread around easily. i could just feel this really uncomfortable solid peace of poop right on the middle of my butt, and warm mushy poop spread all through my panties, a big bulge on my butt and going pretty far up my butt and close to the top of my panties and some slightly into my crotch. it was really warm and mushy. after i stopped pooping my pants, i didn't know what to do next. i slowly lifted my left leg back into the car, then carefully tried to ease my butt back onto the seat. i know it was no use trying to take it slow, but bear in mind that iwas a little shocked that i had just pooped in my pants so i wasn't thrilled about resting my butt on anything...well i slowly but finally sat my butt down, and the feeling of all the poop spreading in every direction as i smooshed it down was awful. some went up the back and was practically coming out the top of my panties in the back, a lot went into my crotch and was even in the front of my panties and i could tell a lot came out of my panties and got in my pants. it was the most disusting feeling in the world...i drove all the way home with my windows down just thinking to myself.."i just took the biggest crap in my pants..." it honestly would not have been THAT bad if i didn't have 2 little brothers and a little sister to try and sneak by when i got home. also a futile effort, but brother kyle who is 7 immediatley announced loudly "ewwwwwwwwwww suzy poopied in her pants!" THAT didn't go over well with the parents..but what are they gonna do? they just scoffed at me, they had no comment. i went upstairs and thoroughly cleaned myself in the shower. i trashed the panties, they were light yellow and had white flowers on them so they were gonna be poop stained for eternity. i had to keep the pants though, because they are part of my outfit for work. i just tossed them in the wash, they're black so they souldn't be poop stained when they come out.
well naturally i wound up being late for me evening class, and my friend Jill interrogated me as to why. I told her i took a long shower, and well, she's very pushy so i eventually wound up telling her about how i had accidentally crapped my pants...she was quite disgusted with me, but she's been my best friend for years so she won't tell anyone.

I figure i'll be asked about my other two accidents, and i've got plenty of time so i may as well tell them now. the first time was one i was 8 and i was in third grade. it was late in april and i had this outfit with a pair of short cut overalls for the warm weather that had sunflower buckles and i had a pale yellow t shirt to wear with it that had a sunflower on it. my mom had me where it that day since it was a nice day, and just for the record i'm pretty sure i had lime green undies on. partway through the day, i had to poop. it's a big deal for a third grader, so i was real nervous about the whole ordeal of even having to go in the first place. well i waited a little while and then i knew if i didn't go to the girl's room right then i was gonna have a really unpleasant accident in front of my whole class. i raised my hand and asked permission and the teacher told me i could go to the girls' room. i walked down the hall and went in, and there were two fifth grade girls in there. it made me even more nervous that they were there, and i for whatever reason hesitated when iwas going into the stall. that was not good, because i would need all the time i could get for my next obstacle. i got into the stall ready to start pooping my undies, and i couldn't undo the buckles on my overalls..i struggled and struggled, but i couldn't stop thinking of the two other girls in the bathroom for some reason. it was only a matter of seconds before i failed completely. i kept struggling to undo my buckles and iwas beginning to panic and whimper a bit, when i let out a sound that for some reason always stuck in my had....i had just about figured out how to undo the buckle, when all the sudden..."BRRRRMMMP"...i farted really loud, and laughter immediatley ensued among the two girls. i started shaking and panicking more and i couldn't concentrate on getting my overalls undone, and as i started to cry i filled up my undies with a pretty big load. it all came out at once and was pretty soft. i had no idea how to react, and i turned around and started to waddle out of the stall. the two fifth graders started laughing harder and talking about how i pooped my pants. before i could leave the bathroom i felt more coming on, and i had to stop at the doorway as i started pooping in my pants even more and crying even harder. at that point the two girls left. i finished pooping my pants and i tried to wipe my face with paper towels, when 2 minutes later a 5th grade teacher walks in. she looked at me and said "what's going on in here dear, are you alright?...oh no, what did you do.." she obviously knew already from the girls outside, and i probably had a big bulge on my butt. she said "well calm down sweetie, get your hands on your face washed and i'll take you downstairs, ok?" i nodded and i sniffled, and i washed my hands in teh sink and wiped my face with wet paper towels. she took my hand and walked me down to the nurse's office, where she tried to give me pants from teh lost and found and a really thing training diaper to put on and wear for the day, but it just made me cry more. she wound up having to call my mom, who had to leave work to come pick me up. the nurse wanted her to just bring me clean clothes and underwear since i didn't want to wear the training pants, but someone from the main office said she could let me go home. my mom was nice to me when she got there, and we went home and she helped me get cleaned up. it was weird because she just cleaned out the undies and put them away in my drawer later, and i remember for years after that i would always open my underwear drawer and push those aside. they still had a faint poop stain in them. sometimes i've have barley any underwear in my drawer because it would all be in the laundry, and i still refused to wear that pair. nothing big happened at school, no one in my class knew and the fifth grade girls didn't know me so the best they could do was tell their friends that "some little third grader" pooped herself in the bathroom.

i also pooped myself when i was 14. definitely the most puzzling accident...i don't know why it happened, but this one night i woke up at like 4:00 am because i had pooped my panties in bed. it was diahrrea, the mess was pretty bad. i remember just opening my eyes and it was just pitch dark, and my butt was just wet and warm and my immediate thought was "omg i think i wet myself.." but when i found out what i really did i WISHED i had wet myself.... i sat up to turn the light on and i just felt the squish, and i knew the worst had happened...i did the hershey squirts in my undies. i had to creep out of my bed slowly and kind of hold a towel under my butt, because my underwear was wet from teh diahrrea and it was kind of making them hang down a little and i didn't want poop falling out of my undies all over the floor as i waddled to the bathroom. it was gonna be awful, i had white undies on...i went into the batrhoom and turned on the light, and i got one look in the mirror...the site is actually really hard to explain, but if any girls here have ever had diahrrea in white might recognize what im saying. they were just stained like a...dark yellowish brown color on the lower part of my butt, and they were wet and sticking to my butt partially, but then there was like the actually load kind of sitting there in my panties hangin down a little away from my butt, and my panties were really dark brown there. it was really gross. it took forever to clean up and it was impossible to get my underwear off without getting poop anywhere, so i had to clean some of the bathroom too. by the time everything was cleaned up and i threw away the panties, it was about 6 in the morning and i had a half hour before i had to get up for school. that was a really bad night...

so, has anyone else had any similar accidents to those last two i talked about? i've read a bunch here that are like the accident i had today, that was just plain not being able to hold on any longer and going in my pants, but has anyone ever had difficulty getting their clothing undone and wound up going in their pants or just woken up in the middle of the night with a mess in your undies?

Hi this is my post for the day. I hope that you all are doing great.
My classes began at 9 a.m. and ended around 9:15 p.m. I had a poop before I left the house this morning. Then I felt like I had to go during my first class (three hour long class), so I went during my five minute break. There were two bad things 1. the bathroom in my building was closed for cleaning so it was a minute and a half to the nearest toilet, 2. My poop had a hard time coming out. I had to strain a few times. So by the time I got back to class, class had resumed. But at least my butt was satisfied.
Now, at midnight, as I prepare for bed, I will retreat to the bathroom for my third poop today. There is a pressure in my butt that must escape. And surprisingly, it's not diarrhea!

to the unnamed 41 year old poster who was super constipated and did the 20 inch turd - how come you made your husband take the boat back in to do the poop in a toilet? y didn't u just hang your ass over the side of the boat and drop that sea-monster into the ocean? i think that would have been cool. peace dylan

Welcome aboard, Sarah
Your story was amazing! Have you guys ever pooped yourself in public on any other occasions?
I'm a big fan of pooping myself discreetly in front of my friend, and I'm not sure if he ever knows what's going on.
Thanks for sharing.

A while back, I posted to this board about the damnable condition of constipation while taking blood pressure control medication. What I didn't tell you is that I was also taking allergy pills (Allerex-D). Well since going off the allergy pills in favor of nasal sprays, the condition has improved greatly. I am also eating more fruits like grapes and raspberries and that seems to have had an excellent effect. I usually poop every second day. Just this morning, I simply walked into the bathroom, sat on the bowl, pushed hard only once and let loose with one massive continuous log. I felt like I could run a marathon when I was done! It was that quick. And barely a mark on the toilet paper! I'm not kidding! Those are the most satisfying poops of all! I wish all of you well.

To chen cool story i know what u mean ice cream
from the ice cream pooper

Yesterday at the beach i saw the funniest thing. A teen girl who looked about 15 was holding on to her boyfriend and crying that she had to goo to the bathroom really bad. I tried to stop looking but it was just too good. Just then she stopped crying for a moment and i saw the seat of her bikini bulge out. She screamed and ran behind a rock to hide. I watched as she finished pooping her panties. She got up and felt her bulge and then shyly headed back to her friends. I wish I could have seen more, but I was feeling the urge to poop my own bikini. It was great!

Buzzy, Dude!! Your last story was a trip! I wish I had been there to witness that one. I've never seen the mucous stuff though. How long have you been buddy dumping? I've got a couple of friends who dump in front of me. But I like the "woods" thing you got going there. Anyway, thanks for the great story.

nothing like having to go real bad and then when you get there just explode all over the place chatch ya later

I was at the community center today and I took a HUGE, smelly dump and just left it to steep in the bowl for some one else to find.

Whitney/Blair/Sarah: You guys are awesome! I'm sure you guys are cautious enough to not overdo your little pranks, so I won't give you a lecture about that. I'll just give all the stories you guys have a big thumbs-up! Blair, if you have more time next post, why don't you tell us the back story of all this fun craziness?

Tiger, where are you? I liked the story you told a while back about your stepmom; hope you still check in from time to time.

The other day, this really gorgeous girl came to the door of my apartment and knocked. I answered, and she asked me if I had a plunger. I couldn't believe it, so I immediately assumed that she'd just tried to flush something that shouldn't be flushed. But no; later I checked in to see if everything was all right. She didn't even open the door all the way; she just poked her head around it. When I asked, she kinda looked sheepish and said that everything went down okay. I also caught a whiff of perfume of some sort. Since she didn't immediately explain that she'd dropped something in the toilet accidentally, or anything like that, she'd probably just tried to use the bathroom normally, and dropped one of those greasy thick ones that come out in half a second (due to their size and need to escape) but smell like the depths of Tartarus. All in all, it was a day-brightener.


grand parymio uno NYC
ya um..i dont no about most of you started emptying the trank a brand new way...One day i decided to see what it would be like to lift up the toilet seat and dump....i can honeslty say that lifitng up the toilet seat when i shit is a very easy comfortable way to clean the tracks...i will never sit on the toilet seat again...

michael explosive diarrhea
I went to a restaurant with my dad and my brother. We ate tons of food such as beef,ribs,potatoes,and brisket.When we get done eating my stomach starts to feel very uncomfortable. It starts gurgling and churning and I can feel things dropping in my stomach. 5 minutes later I get an incredible urge to take a dump,but at the time I was very shy about taking a noisy dump in public. I held it in on the way home and my dad was working on something so I asked him for the keys. He gave me them and I went upstairs. I jiggled the key around and opened the door and ran inside.I threw my bags on the floor and ran into the bathroom. I quickly got my boxers and jeans down and took the noisiest shit in my life. With no hesitation I starting farting like crazy and explosive liquid diarrhea evacuated my ass and hit the toilet making loud thuds and hissing sounds.The 1st wave stopeed but I started to fart and the loose shit hitting the water made quite a sound. large masses of loose shit kept on coming out and the force of shit coming from made me have to hold the toiet. I started to let out some very rancid farts and one small wave of shit and I was done. THe smell was horendous and very disgusting but it looked much more disgusting than that. The toilet was filled with pure liquid shit right up to the rim. Please comment on this story.tell me if anyone else has ever has ever takin a shit like this and has to take huge dumps. I will post soon about my experience of taking a huge dump at school and my 15 incher I dropped.

bathroom viking
wazzup everyone!
I've come across some movies which I've heard contains nice bathroom scenes:
* Bongwater
* Eyes wide shut
* Fast times at Ridgemont High
* High risk
* Boomerang
* Caged heat
* Car wash
* Denise calls up
* D.O.A
* Empire records
* Indecent proposal
* Jane Austen's mafia
* Jungle de ikou
* The missing
* Nothing but trouble
* Operation condor
* Porky's 2
* Salo: 120 days of sodom
* Senseless
* Spun
* Sugar and spice
* Tart
* Kings of the road
* Willard
* Amelie
* Fun with Dick and Jane

Hope you people will enjoy this.
PS: Isn't there supposed to be some sort of gallery on this site? I've seen lots of people mention it in their posts. Anyway: Have a good time!

Mr Hankey
You may have received a version of this before.
Two toilet incidents recently:

First a reprise of an earlier scenario. I'd been a little constipated for the previous four days, still managing to do something but never doing a proper big lump of shit. Perhaps, because I was considering resorting to an enema or suppositories, my bowels reacted and everything that'd been building up just shot out. So, two days ago I found myself doing a mega-dump. At the end, I got up from the toilet having wiped my ass - thoroughly, so I thought, only to find the seat covered in shit, as were my ass-cheeks. I don't know how that happened - I didn't have diarrhoea and the shit didn't feel unusually soft as it was coming out, but somehow it spread over vast areas - perhaps it was just excremental matter that got farted out in the early stages.

As before, because straining and constipation are almost the norm for me, I spent the next day and a half worrying about losing sphincter control and shitting my pants without knowing it. And, as before, my fears have proved unfounded - luckily.

A couple of weeks before that, a similar scenario - stopped up for several days, and then I was reading this very board. It's often said that reading this board induces the urge to visit the toilet - I didn't have to dash to the nearest convenience, but I decided to do a doodle in the toilet of the train going home. Train toilets are notorious for running out of water and losing the ability to flush, but I didn't consider that, only thinking of how the nearby sink guaranteed there'd be a bit of soap handy if I needed stimulation. I didn't - when I reached that train toilet I did a big doodle, huge lumps of shit curling their way out of my ass. So huge they couldn't possibly flush. Even after I went so far as to wrap toilet paper round my hand and try to push the shit in the general direction of the s-bend - that's how anxious and embarrassed I was. It could have been worse - at least the toilet mechanism never ran out of water. I washed my hands (repeatedly) and ran to the other end of the train where no-one had seen me before - but in my paranoia I still thought I overheard someone talking about the disgusting toilet with the massive turd blocking it.

I don't like taking a crap when someone else is close by. Especially in small apartments or restrooms that are right next to the living room.

Hi all,

Been offline a while but now I'm back -- thanks to those who replied on my posts a few weeks back. Annie -- I'm thinking of you and glad you're getting back to sorts. Penny -- always a pleasure to hear your stories and loved your beach experience!

NANCY -- You've probably had lots of advice already but I'd be happy to give you my two cents worth as well. An enema is a cleansing wash, but it's good to remember when using it for severe constipation that the mass of the matter s going to obstruct the water flow, so several small enemas may be preferable to a large one rght off -- let the mass break up and pass a little at a time until its ready to come en masse. Beyond that, follow the instructions and be gentle. Where temperature is concerned, it should be just above body temperature, this is to avoid the awful cramps that will occur if you shock the body with cold water. And no matter what you hear, *hot* water is unnecessary, it's just a torment. I hope things work out for your guy and that the experience is a positive ne for you both!

JJ -- your description of your GF's technique is amazing, though I can't help thinking she's overdoing it a bit as far as contact goes. Perhaps the pubic toilets here are a bit cleaner than in your part of the world, but I've rarely had a complaint that would make me adopt so radical a technique. (Um, okay, my prefered technique would be to pee standng *facing* the bowl!)

KERRY -- I've shat standing a few times, often smply for curiosity, but (in contrast to the paragraph above) I once found myself using an old beachfront lavatory that was far from enticing, and did the whole thing from the standing position, poop, pee and wipe. I was very pleased with myself for doing it without any mess, though I admit I didn't have broken leg at the time!

JOHNNY HALF-PINT -- "Tellingbone" is a nice word for telephone, and I know where I first heard it. But I never thought it was in common usage!

PRETTY POOPER -- Sand pit, definitely, please do tell!

CARMALITA -- hello, my friend, it's good to see you back. All my best to Nu as well -- hope you swing by more often!

PENNY -- Loved your honeymoon story, what a fateful way to be caught!

DONNY -- Hey, that was great, teaching your GF to wee in a men's urinal! Please do post your adventures, this is wondeful stuff!

TIM -- For me to classify my product as large it has to be over my regulation eleven inches x one inch thick. Anything above those dimensions is a plasurable plus.

41-YEAR OLD FEMALE -- Glad you moved the monster, what an experience... And what a spectacle for your hubby! Ah well, all's well that ends well. But 16 days is brutal.

NANCY -- glorious pee in the ravine, I wish I could join you!


Monday, September 13, 2004

Punk Rock Girl

I went with Colin to a family reunion of sorts in the wilds of Pennsylvania. It was at his uncle's farm. It's a real working farm, and also has no indoor plumbing. There's running water, but no toilet in the house. There are several outhouses around the property.

I have no problem taking a shit in front of people, never really have. But taking a shit in front of inlaws who I don't really know? That's another story!

Well, Colin walked me to one of the outhouses and I stepped inside. The door was barely a door, people coule see your feet and the top half of your body! So, I pulled my shorts and underpants down and sat on the toilet.

I dumped a nice load and then noticed there was no TP. Colin ran to get me some, leaving me on the crapper with everyone able to see my face.

A group of Colin's cousins were walking by and looked in and saw my face. "Hey!" one of them yelled. "It's Denise, how are you?" Like, I'm kinda busy right now! She was acting like I was just sitting at the table or something. I said, "Okay, I'm stuck here with no TP. Colin ran to get me some."

She said okay and they moved on. Rather humbling experience! But, they're all very non-judgemental people, so neither my goth appearance nor my bowel habits seemed to faze them!



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