Sarah (Whitney's friend)
well hello. i'm whitney's friend Sarah it appears she's told yall about me. sounds good to me.

lol whit i love how you totally didn't mention what happened the night you guys made me crap my pants at kelly's birthday. i guess she didn't mention it because it wasn't about crap, but me and kelly put whit's hand in water that night and she peed herself when she was sleeping.

that time i made you guys poop yourselves in the car, you had it sooo much worse than you said it lol. whitney had so much poop in her pants that it looked like someone put a softball down her pants lol, and her butt was wet and it smelled sooo bad. kelly was way worse there her butt was just like completely brown and she had poop all over her legs.

but ill tell another story. i cant think of any good old one's but here is probly my favorite one.

a few weeks before we started 11th grade and kelly started 10th, we went to a baseball game, it was the braves vs the phillies i think. anyway we had been in the car for a while and we made a bet where we all agreed not to go poop all day and we had to eat a lot and see if we could make it all the way until we got home from the game. we had a big breakfast at whitney's house with pancakes, eggs and sausage, then we had a 2 hour car ride. in the car we ate chips and stuff. we got to the park at like 11:40 and the game didn't start until 1:05, so we went to lunch. we got hot dogs and french fries at a vendor outside the ballpark. we were certainly living up to the part of the bet that involved eating a lot of junk, lol. anyway we eventually got into the game and started watching. we all went pee beforehand and we timed eachother and listened in to make sure no one pooped. around about the 4th inning of the game we had been eating popcorn and pretzels and drinking coke, and that's when i felt like i had to poop. i didn't have to go bad but icould feel a little twitch and a pressure in my butt and i knew that it would only be a matter of time before i had to poop really bad. for some reason i assumed before the whole thing that i was going to be just fine, so when i felt liek i had to poop already by that time i was beginning to regret wearing light colored courderoy shorts. i guess they were off white or whatever you want to call the color. but anyway i stopped eating by then because i already had to go. at the 8th inning, i had to poop pretty bad and i had been farting a few times, and i was just praying the game would go quickly and i could settle down for the ride home. whitney seemed perfectly fine but kelly also seemed a little antsy and tense, so i figured she had to poop too. the game dragged on and on because the phillies are apparently real bad, i forget what the score was but i remember everytiem the phillies were up to bat it was like 5 minutes and when the braves were up it took forever, it was like 11-4 braves or something. anyway, the 9th inning i figured would go quickly because the braves were teh hometeam so since they were in the lead there would be no bottom of the 9th. the 9th still took long anyway because the phillies rallied and got up to 11-8, they didnt tie it or win but it still took a long time for them to catch up a little. anyway we got up and started to head out, and i had to crap so bad i was ready to go in my pants. whitney still seemed perfectly fine, but kelly was pretty whiny and was trying to hold her butt without us noticing. she might've had to poop worse than me. we decided to go pee before the ride home so we could concentrate on our need to poop without worrying about wetting our pants. the line was pretty long which just was not good for me and kelly having to poop so bad, but i don't think whitney had to poop at all. whitney got a stall first, she peed and came out still fine. kelly went in next, and as she was peeing we heard the sounds of what was obviously pooping. after a couple minutes when she got out she said "im sorry im sorry, i couldn't pee without pooping because i had to go so bad" but i think she just knew she'd poop her pants before we got home. i decided it wasn't worth it to try even though i didn't wanna be the only one to poop my pants, but i was determined to keep the bet alive and i was determined to hold it until we got home. besides, i love it when i've had to poop for a really long time and i finally get home and i have to rush to the bathroom and try and get my pants and undies down super fast before i poop them. i didn't have to pee that bad anyway so we just left. well i becamse the biggest loser in the world pretty fast. i didn't even make it out of the ballpark. we had been on the second deck, and we were getting in the elevator to the field level because we figured since there were 8 billion people at the stairs it would be too long. well, the elevators took forever too, and while we were waiting for one going down the field level, i couldn't hold on and his gigantic solid poop just pushed it's way into my shorts and made a huge bulge. it smelled pretty bad and whitney and kelly kept giggling at me. my heart was pounding, even though i don't really mind too much because we're all panty poopers, but it was the first time i ever pooped my pants in a big public place and i was about to get on an elevator with a bunch of people lol. it was a really big and solid load so it was really hard to walk, i just felt this warm solid bulge squishing between my butt everytime i made the slightest move and my panties were stuck in my butt crack in the poop, so it was really uncomfortable. kelly and whit were giggling uncontrollably and my face was super red and my heart was racing, the nthe elevator opened. there were like 3 ball park staff members in there and 2 people coming down from the upper deck to go to the field level i waddled on and the whole elevator had metallic walls so it was like a reflection, the bulge on my butt was HUGE but there wasn't a stain, i guess because it was solid poop. whit and kelly were laughing so much in the elevator, and along with my red face, the bad small and the bulge on my butt, their laughing at me made it very obvious to the people in the elevator that i had taken a crap in my shorts. one of the staff members who was this black lady just looked at us all giggling and said to me "girl you need to have more respect for yourself, that's just plain nasty." whitney and kelly just burst out laughing and and buried their faces, and i said toe veryone "i couldn't hold it in, the bathroom line was too long and i just...went in my pants" and she gave me the meanest look and said "okay thats enough cutiepie i think we all realized what yall go on home and get yaselves straightened out."

after that i waddled out to the car with them and we left. by that point it had gotten really uncomfortable having a lot of poop in my panties so we went into wal mart and i got baby wipes and a pair of panties, lol. it took me forever to clean myself and i left my filled panties on the back of the toilet. after that we went all the way home, and the whole ride i still smelled like poop.

even though i was totally the victim that night, i think it was the funniest thing ever. that was my most embarrassing accident, before that i had only ever pooped my pants infront of kelly and whit.

Eric in Chicago
Pig Boy: You aren't likely to damage anything by pooping while standing straight up. The main thing you need to watch out for is being in a position where you have to strain excessively hard to take a shit. Even then, at 13 that's not likely to hurt you (as you get older, you get more susceptible to some of the effects of straining, like having your blood pressure rise severely).

Twice shy:

Hard-boiled eggs are great for making your farts and shit stink worse; the yolk contains plenty of cysteine and methionine, both of which partially break down into really stinky compounds. They don't increase the volume of your farts, though (for that matter, stuff like beans that increases the volume of your farts doesn't make them stinkier). Some sulfur-containing compounds in broccoli and similar vegetables also make for extra stink (if you ever need to pursuade boys between the ages of 8 and 14 (or is the upper limit more like 140?) to eat Brussels Sprouts, just tell them (correctly) that it will make their farts stinkier).

I'd thought that I'd chime in with a few things. I'm still
enjoying the stories from the other women. My poop is still
hard and lumpy. The next time I see my doctor I'm going to ask
her for some Zelnorm.
It's good to see everyone her and all the new people.

LINDA FR/LG- I have a question for you. Do you and your
cheerleader friends wear panties under your cheerleader
spankies? Have you ever seen any of the others have any
spots on their spankies when they have to get up in the air?
That is all fro now but I will get back to you all later.

To answer your survey, I used to squirt pee into my pad all the time, which was kind of interesting, because it was like having an accident without any stains or messes! It was fun, and I could practice peeing while doing something else, and peeing in odd places, something I'm really bad at. Also, since I get very nervous if I don't have a toilet around, I always feel that I can reassure myself when I have my period that if I have a pad in, I can always have a back-up! :) It's a nice little pleasure, and I love doing it!

1. Have you ever done a pee into your maxi-pad? sort of. I once sat on the toilet with a Maxi pad between my legs and peed until it started leaking, to test the absorbance.

2. What kind of pad (brand & style) were you using at the time? Always Maxi with wings, the yellow kind

3. How well did it absorb your pee? I actually managed to do quite a lot before it started leaking over the edges of the pad into the toilet
4. Have you ever worn a bladder control pad (e.g. poise or serenity pads), diaper or absorbent underpants because you were going to be in a situation where you would not be near a toilet for a while (car trip, hiking, etc.)? If yes, what kind were you using, and how well did it work? no

5. Have you ever been in a situation where you whish you were wearing a bladder control pad, diaper or absorbent underwear, but were not, and you ended up having an accident? no
How wonderful to be a girl! :)

michael explosive diarrhea
I went to a restaurant with my dad and my brother. We ate tons of food such as beef,ribs,potatoes,and brisket.When we get done eating my stomach starts to feel very uncomfortable. It starts gurgling and churning and I can feel things dropping in my stomach. 5 minutes later I get an incredible urge to take a dump,but at the time I was very shy about taking a noisy dump in public. I held it in on the way home and my dad was working on something so I asked him for the keys. He gave me them and I went upstairs. I jiggled the key around and opened the door and ran inside.I threw my bags on the floor and ran into the bathroom. I quickly got my boxers and jeans down and took the noisiest shit in my life. With no hesitation I starting farting like crazy and explosive liquid diarrhea evacuated my ass and hit the toilet making loud thuds and hissing sounds.The 1st wave stopeed but I started to fart and the loose shit hitting the water made quite a sound. large masses of loose shit kept on coming out and the force of shit coming from made me have to hold the toiet. I started to let out some very rancid farts and one small wave of shit and I was done. THe smell was horendous and very disgusting but it looked much more disgusting than that. The toilet was filled with pure liquid shit right up to the rim. Please comment on this story.tell me if anyone else has ever has ever takin a shit like this and has to take huge dumps. I will post soon about my experience of taking a huge dump at school and my 15 incher I dropped.

Michael M
I havent posted for a bit, but heres some late stuff I ran into the other night.

First I have to say while in the Army, I was a member of Headquarters Company, in a large stone constructed building that was built for officers during the war thatwas for German Pilots. We had semi private rooms that were fancy, hardwood floors and nice beds.
Anyways, one afternoon I headed for the latrine, loo, or bathroom to take an afternoon poop.
I opened a stall door and what greeted me was a huge turd about 4 inches round and 12 inches long sticking up out of the toilet, would not flush. I was like shocked and amazed someone could pass that thing.

Ok that was long ago, but now the present. I was at our local Wal Mart the other night picking up some things before labor day and hadd take a pee. I sometimes will go into a stall and pee as I wear shorts without a zipper and have to drop em or fish willy out the side, not a desirable thing at a urinal when other guys might wander in.

I went into the stall and behold heres another piece of art. Here is a turd about soupcan size round and pointed one one end sticking up out of the toilet and the water. Wow.. well I thought Id do the right thing and flush, and of course the monster didnt budge.

I got the heck out of there (not wanting to be blamed for that thing) and stepped up to a urinal and fished out willy and did a quick pee thru the side of my shorts, getting a few drops on the pantleg.

I cant imagine how anyone could pass that thing or if it hurt or what.
wow, and how the janitoral people hadda break it up when they cleaned.
Dude musta been constipated for a week to do that thing..

hey Amanda B how big was that dump and how did it smell?

I am 5'7", 135 lbs, short brown hair, a recent high school graduate. Awesome site, guys. I like to take nice pees. I have done it in toilets, bushes, and woods. When I sit on the toilet, my pees are loud and noisy. I enrolled in summer college classes to get an early start. My first morning, I went to classes and I had to take a pee and #2. I found a 3 stall womens toilet. It was simple to hang my books on the stall door, undo the string on my navy cut-off sweat pants, let down my pink panties and shorts to my knees. I let out these small plops about 12 of them. I peed midway between the first and second six plops. I wiped myself and dropped the paper in the bowl from behind me. I looked and saw these little yellow pieces and the two little wads of paper. I walked out of the stall and and did not flush.

1) Do you poop every day? if not how often daily, if not six out of seven days.
2) when do you poop during the day? mornings
3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? before, at the end? maybe, during.
4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? 1>normally stinky, 2> Spray the bathroom warn the next user, >3 adjoing room clearing, 4> Enforces someones gag reflex>, or 5> house clearing 2, I have air freshener at home.
5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop? jeans, nightclothes or in my underwear. At school, it was a school uniform, a dark short skirt and a white shirt.
6) Do you think your poops are big in size? rarely.
7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense? 12 little pieces or soft.
8) When you flush, do you leave skidmarks or small pieces of poop in the toilet? skidmarks, maybe.
9) do you ever clog the toilet? no.
10) do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped, no.
11) Do you poop with the bathroom door open? no, unless I am home alone.

I finished summer school. I am in 8th grade. Last week, I met my big brother and he took off from work to meet me. He and I went to a department store. I was pulling at his arm and I told him that I had to sit on the toilet. He left me to go to the ladies room. I found a wheelchair stall, pulled down my gray shorts and white no-label panties and sat. My stomach let out a dark brown, creamy wave of #2. I gripped my stomach and another wave was released and I farted. I sat for awhile. I knew my brother would be worried about me because I would be long. I buzzed out another fart and I peed a little. My stomach and my rectum were burning. I sat and let my system cool off. Then, I wiped myself. I looked between my legs and saw my that my #2 was thick and creamy like soft ice cream. It stood up like ice cream in a dish. I flushed the toilet and left skidmarks in the bowl.

I'll answer the survey. I am new to this.
How big is the largest poop you remember doing, and how did it feel? What I just described is one of them.
How often do you find poop left in toilets where you work or shop, and what did the biggest ones look like? I do not work; I go to school. Most of us flush the toilet. Sometimes, a toilet is full. Someone forgets or does not.
What was your best experience hearing or seeing someone else poop, and did they know you heard or saw them? I have heard my mother and my aunts many times. She eats lots of vegetables like me. I recently heard my female teachers.

keep those nasty diarrhea accident stories coming

Today and tomorrow we will be getting the tropical rains from what was Hurricane Frances.

Of course I can't let a good rainstorm go by without an outdoor pee (I only do this in warm weather:o) So after work when I got back to my apartment it was raining lightly but steady.................I quickly put my stuff down and ran out to the one around so I pulled down my slacks and panties and just peeded away!!!!! I peed for about 3 minutes straight and just lingered there awhile to enjoy the rain coming down on me..........ahhhhhhhh there is nothing like a good pee during a warm, summer rain.

I hope to do it again tomorrow!!!!!

Ciao Nancy


Last night, I went to a Barnes and Noble after visiting my cousin nearby. I had eaten lots of fruits and had to take a burning crap. I went to the ladies room and took a hadicapped stall. I lowered my gray hiking shorts and white Hanes for Her full-cut briefs to my ankles. In the stall was air-freshener, which I sprayed on the seat and wiped before I sat. I released a liquid bowel movement. It was sharp smelling. I sprayed some more while, I sat. While, released my second wave, another girl took the stall next to me. She let down her her trousers and her navy blue panties to her knees. All I heard was that she broke wind. After, I broke wind twice, I then wiped myself and pulled up my shorts and underwear. As I was washing my hands, the girl came out. She did not flush, but she washed her hands. After she left, I looked in her stall. Nothing.

gracie: When I was in high school, I had two incidents with bulging stomachs. One was a girl in 9th grade, named Veronica. She had to make #2 badly. She entered the girls room, slammed the stall door, pulled up her skirt, white slip, let down her pink panties and sat on the toilet. Her bowels released in one avalanche and she peed. Also, she broke wind. When she wiped and flushed, she came out of the stall and commented how her stomach had went flat. Another day, the same thing happened to me at a summer job. I found a stall, took off my blue trousers after lunch. I pulled down my yellow panties. When I sat, four large pieces released from my bowels, then followed my 2 more medium pieces and I farted. What a relief, it was. I wiped myself good. When I stood up to flush, I looked at my stomach and noticed how it retracted. When I took colonics, my stomach went flat, but the nozzle in my rectum was murder.

cyberdolph: Your buddies, Marc and Seth had stomach viruses. They are very nasty. I had them in elementary school and I saw it happen to some of my classmates.

oldpoop: How big is the largest poop you remember doing, and how did it feel? I have done so many of them. Most were in grammar school and high school.
How often do you find poop left in toilets where you work or shop, and what did the biggest ones look like? at work, because I work in a school. Some girls at my school have huge bowel movements. Where I used to work, most women flushed the toilet, except one and we knew who she was.
What was your best experience hearing or seeing someone else poop, and did they know you heard or saw them? see my earlier posts. Recently, I was at church and I was outside the unisex toilet room and I saw a female deacon go in. I heard the toilet seat slam down and her bowels released with a crackling noise. It was loud that you could hear it in the lounge. I heard her urinate for about 20 seconds, break wind and release another wave. Then, I heard her reel off t.p. and wipe, then let down her clothes and flush. I was in school, in tennis camp, judo school, on a cheerleading squad. So, I heard and saw them all.

One time when I was 13 I went shopping with my mom. After we had bought me my shoes and stuff we went into the grocery store. We were walking around having a great time when suddenly out of nowhere the urge to poop came and it was terrible. I had these terrible stabbing pains, and my whole bowels seemed to be trying to release the poop. I told my mom i needed to poop, and she told me to go ask somebody where the bathroom was, and that she'd be by the cereals. So I walked to a person and they told me where the ladies room was. Somehow I walked to the ladies room, but there was a long line and nobody would allow me to go in front of them no matter how much i begged and pleaded. So i waited on line. The line was like 20 people to two stalls, and it was taking forever. I doubled over in pain the pain was so intense, but still nobody would let me go in front of them. I made it until there were only 2 people in front of me, though how i made it was beyond me. Suddenly I get this really stabbing pain and I double over again, but this time I feel a bit of poop come out. And then my muscles are straining to get this poop out no matter how much I stop them. The pain is terrible, and i was moaning and groaning. Finally there was only 1 person in front of me. I kept telling myself that i could make it. THen the stall door opened.

I ran in (as fast as somebody who is straining to push a monster piece of poo out can) and closed the door. I tried to pull my pants down, but my pants were kind of tight and it took forever and i was dieing. Finally i got my pants down and sat on the toilet. I spent ten minutes pushing this monster piece of poop out. Finally it came out with a PLOP noise. Much relieved, i started wipeing. Suddenly my stomach gurgled and I started shitting extremely liquidy poop. It continued like that for five or so minutes. finally i wiped, cleaned up my underpants, and washed my hands. I was not even out of the bathroom when my stomach gurgled and i felt my butt cheeks try and open for this diarrhea, but i clamped them tight becauwse the line was to long to wait in and ran to my mom. my mom said that we'd pay and go home. I was waiting in line to pay when suddenly my bowels released and i shit diarrhea all over myself. I was wearing pants, but even still it made a giant mark (the pants were white) and gushed down my leg. I couldn't stop, and my mom took me to the car (she was quite mad) and put a towel under me. Finallyl it stopped and then i got this terrible pressure from both ends of stomach and my bowels. I vomited all over myself and the car while proceding to shit myself badly.

When I was home i took a shower, and sat on the toilet with a waste basket on my lap. THe diarrhea turned into mountains of brown water, but my stomach never stopped producing more bile, food and gunk to throw up, and i threw up a good 5 times or so. Finally i put on a diaper and went to sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up, puked on myself and shit myself real bad. I had some sort of stomach bug, and it took me a week to get over it. For three days I was puking every hour, but after that I would just puke once or twice a day, and have runny poop and diarrhea. My parents almost took me to the hospital because i'd lost so much fluid, but they didn't. A week from then I went back to school. it was a wednesday, and even though it had been a week i wasn't feeling very good. Infront of my whole grade in gym I managed to puke on myself and shit my pants real bad. so bad that there was a giant puddle of diarrhea around me, and my blue shorts were soggy and brown. I stayed home for the rest of the week out of humiliation, but then went back to school. It was an expierience i'll never forget.

Just back from a week staying with friends of my mom and dad in London. Had an evening to myelf and went to the movies in Kings Road (Motorcycle Diaries, heavenly film). Huge auditorium. Just like home lately, half way through I had to pee desperately, no warning, just had to go. A light said "toilets" at the back of the hall and I went through a door, both hands on my crotch, thank God it was dark. Down a flight of lightly carpeted stairs and then another leading, it turned out, to an exit. Four steps before the bottom there was an alcove also carpeted. No second thought. I stepped out of my panties, hitched up my skirt and stooped rather than squatted. My body was more like an open "V". Then I let out a torrent. It hit the carpet and foamed. Must have been a minutes-worth, ages for me. The massive relief was shared with excitement at doing something so nice in so obviously the wrong place. Finished, wiped with a hankie and was just organising my clothes when I heard a clack-clack of heels coming down the stairs. It was a girl of about 19, red in the face and going faster than was natural, Swiss perhaps. "Is the toilette here?" "Non, c'est la sortie."
"C'est pas possible." I'd have loved to have stayed, but it really wasn't fair. I think she may have followed me down so when I got back to the film I moved to a different part of the cinema, but I kept an eye on the door. It was five minutes before she re-emerged so I think we can guess what happened! Ca va, Louise!

Now it's back to school. Looking foward to seeing Joy who is our sports psychiatrist - and the most noisy pooper on the Eastern seaboard. Love to you all. Anthea

i have 2 stories i would like to share.
i was in 1st grade at the time and felt the need to poop very badly. i asked the teacher may i plaese use the bathroom, and she let me go. my poo was very hard and long and difficult to get out. when i had finished i went back to my class, a few minutes later i had to poop again, but i guess i was too shy to the teacher for permission to the bathroom a second time and ended up pooping a hard poop in my baggy jeans. the smell had quickly spread and the teacher asked a girl(who had just come from using the toilet)if she had an accident. the girl said no.and what was really weird was that no one seemed to know who made the accident and i was able to get away with it. my next accident happened when i was in 4th grade. i was in class and had to pee very badly and asked the teacher if i could use the bathroom. she said no. i ended up peeing my pants and got sent home early.

the end

Mornin' fellow poopers-hey,it's great to see Carmelita back-Olla seniorita!Hope all is well!!Well,it's been awhile since i've posted mainly cause i've been pretty busy,but have been reading the forum just about daily-some good stuff lately-esp the stories of ladies doing some good dumps
Anyway,I had a good woods dump yesterday a.m.(labor day)as soon as I got up out of bed,i could feel that fullness of an inpending poop,so i got on my bike and headed out to the wild and after about 20 mins of riding I really had to go and found a good spot and got undressed and dug a hole to dump in and as i'm digging the hole i'm letting out some loud farts-man,i really had to poo,so I took out my mirror and put it in a good spot and as I'm squatting,i could see my anus quivering as i'm trying to hold back my morning load.Then when i was ready i finally relaxed my anus as I looked and let out 2 tight farts and saw my anus start to dome out and the turd started to emerge-It came out slowly as I moaned in relief cause it felt great and when it was out about 3-4 inches,i felt a cramp and the turd stared to come out a bit faster with some hissing gas coming out with it as it grew to almost a foot and started curling in the hole with this Thiiiiiit pfttttttt sound as my anus was domed out like an anthill-it was great as i let this poop hang out my butt and enjoyed the view for a few mins until i got another cramp and the turd stared to move again and finally exited my anus without a sound-it was a long one-very smooth and curled over itself in the hole-it must have been about 12-14 inches long and 1 inch or so thick.It looked like a perfect rope of poop s i galnced back at my anus and saw it was stiil open and I knew I had to go more,i just waited taking in the morning air and enjoying the moment.Then after a few mins I decided to get up and walk around for a while to stir things up,so I wiped and fortuntally,it was a clean poop and there wasn't much to wipe and I stood and walked around in the buff and went over and sat on a log-then, ina bout 10-15 mins,i got another cramp as I could feel my rectum filling up with more excrement,as i went back over to the hole and squatted over it and asi'm squatting I let out a hissing fart as I could see my anus open up and another long turd emerged-this one was lighter and softer than the 1st and after the fisrt few inches it sped up and my anus then exploded with all this pudding poop that started to cover up the 1st turd in the hole as I groaned in relief-man did this dump feel good!Then I ended it with a wet fart as I could see this long string of light colored mucus hanging out my open anus,as I pushed and pushed as this stuff oozed out,I know i was done.Then I got out some wet-wipes and cleaned my hole and then looked at my results in the hole-The 1st rope turd was almost totally covered with another long soft turd and a lot of pudding on top-it was one of my better dumps as I felt I lost 5 lbs as I peed for about 2 mins on top of the load,i felt great and ready to enjoy my day-I really wished i had a lady with me to buddy poop with as I'm sure she would have enjoyed the show and she could reciprocate in return-Oh well,wishful thinking!BTW to OLD POOP-yes,i get that THiiiit,pffffit sound alot as I poop cause I eat a lot of fiber and it is soft and the psyllium in the fiber seems to make me pass a bit of gas as I poop which really adds to the enjoyment and feel of pooping and yes i use the mirror alot too,like you and I enjoy the sight of watching the turds exit my butt esp with a good poop like I did yesterday-it's a real turn on for me as far as hearing it from other guys,i have heard it a few times from guys dumping at the gym when it seemes they have to go bad-i enjoy the sound esp when I'm pooing along with them!.TO AMANDA B-Boy,i'm sure your boy friend really enjoyed your big dump-I know i would have!! TO TIM-to me a large turd is anything over a foot long,and I sometimes do some really long ones that approach 18 inches,but only about 1 inch wide cause most of the time when I do those really long ones,i have a slight erection which seems to consrict my anus a bit so that's why they are not too wide,but i'm sure everyone is different!Great stories all-hope some of you enjoy my contribution-have some more stories to report when I have some time of some buddy poops with other bikers and joggers over the summer BYE

The Crank

I agree with JW, it's been such a long time. I didn't know it was THAT Linda until the word "pampies". HER TRADEMARK still stays!!!!!!!

I don't know why my last post was rejected but I guess it must have been my reference to doing something naughty in the toilet.

Anyhow, I hope I can post more stories soon, though it's never as interesting as some of you guys.

So take care guys.

Good morning--rainy here. In one recent post I had tried to see a turd of mine hit the water before entirely leaving my bottom, but failed because the poop broke into pieces that were too short. Well, yesterday morning I achieved this. Sitting on the rim, I watched in the mirror as a first turd dropped off too soon (one of the short J-shaped ones that curled out of my butt before falling). Then the continuation came out, and, while still hanging and proceding from my anus, hit the water and then the porcelain and continued coming, making a circular pile as it descended. A good viewing.
Also yesterday my wife and I went out for a brief day trip to celebrate Labor Day, the last day before her school starts (she works at a Christian school). After driving around to some interesting places, we ended up at an Italian restaurant, where we ordered (and ate) pizza. It was wonderful. I had avoided pizza for the last few years, and I vaguely remembered that it had brought on some digestive upsets; I hoped that would not be the case this time. However, as I was finishing up supper at home some hours later, I could feel the need to poop; it felt slightly crampy and gassy. I ate my last bite and was able to leave the table gracefully enough, but it was urgent to get to the toilet. I still decided to watch myself, though, and got out a little mirror. What came out wasn't diarrhea, but it was soft, semi-liquid, with dozens of tiny pieces splashing, as well as one loud fart. It took a while--four or five minutes. It made a brown pile of rather ill-defined poop. That was the only incident.
Amazingly enough, this morning I felt the urge to poop at the normal time, soon after 5 a.m. Again I sat on the rim and watched in the mirror as I pooped, beginning with another J-shaped short turd that did not reach the water before leaving me. After that came three more turds (all still fairly soft but fully formed), every one of which hit, not only the water, but also the porcelain beneath, before leaving my butt--another "butt to bowl" experience.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Whitney - Oh my God! Myself and my two closest friends have the same type of contest every year on the first of April. Their names are Lacey and Stacy (how cute, I know ^^.) I haven't much time, so I 'll skimp on the history; but the rules are simple.

1. No 'laxing' before 8A on the 1st or after 12A on the 2nd.
2. The first messer loses. The winner has to reveal their master plan and if any of the other players have an accident after someone loses, the loser must do their laundry.
3. Once laxed, you may only use the toilet or your panties.

We've been doing it for 4 years now, and tricking each other is getting tougher. Lacey pulled a pretty fancy move this year though. The three of us met at her house at 8 and she had baked a whole pan of brownies, and already sit three aside. Honestly, I was a little confused: ex-lax brownies, how amature!

Well, we sat down to eat and Lacey excused herself to use the restroom. Naturally, Stacy and I reacted. She swapped brownies with Lacey and I grabbed a new one from the pan. Little did I know. The trick was simple: the original brownies were clean but everyone on the pan was nuclear!

Next on our agenda was a two hour long hike. We got about a fourth of the way through and my insides started rumbling. I was like "Ok, who got me and how!" Lacey spilled the beans and her and Stacy had a good laugh at my expense :/.

Things were looking pretty grim, we were on a nature walk and the rules stated that I couldn't use bushes. I was getting really desperate, but luckily we came to a rest stop that was outfitted with a toilet. I ran in, ripped my shorts down and had a noisy, sloppy shit eruption. My friends were upset to see me make it through, but they had nothing to fear because neither of them had been laxed yet.

Long story short, I lost. I got through the hike just fine. Our next stop was my pad, which is where I had all my traps set, but on the way there another storm started brewing in my belly. I got in my room before I exploeded all over. It was really runny too, and I had to get the stain on the carpet removed professionally (explaining to the cleaners what happened was rather embarassing!)

I was upset that I'd lost. Second year in a row and this time neither Stac or Lac got laxed! So I had to suffer the indiginition of audible diarrhea all day while they laughed it up!

Anyway, Whitney, I just thought I'd share my little story with ya. I though we were the only crazies that did that! I'll share accounts of the previous 4 contests and how the games got started later. I'd love to hear about other times you and your friends played it too!

My mom and I were leaving for church Sunday AM. She had on a light blue suit with white pantyhose. On the way to the car she complained about how tight her pantyhose were, she'd bought "control top" pantyhose when she hadn't meant to. The good thing was that they helped disguise her disposable diaper she has to wear. Before we got to the car she paused in our apartment parking lot and said "wait, I'm going to mess my diaper". I waited and walked around while she stood there for awhile. Impatient, I asked "finished?" Apparently her pantyhose were pushing her diaper against her butt and making it difficult to poop. Eventually, though, she managed to fill her diaper and we stopped back in the apartment so she could change it before we went to church. She carried the dirty diaper right out to the apartment dumpster so it wouldn't stink up the house, but as she was getting in the car she wet her diaper, and had to change again. We got to church late.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hello, I'm new here. I hope you enjoy my posts! Please post comments on them.

I just started school again. ugh. anyways, I was in English class when i noticed the person next to me start squirming. Her legs were bobbing about, her hands moving from touching her legs to touching her crotch. She raised her hand and said, "Mrs. Smith, may I please go to the bathroom?" Mrs. Smith said, "No, Molly you may not use the bathroom." Molly stays there, but keeps squirming. Ten minutes later molly says "Mrs. Smith, may i please use the bathroom?!" and once again she was denied. Molly keeps squirming, and i figure she needs to pee. Suddenly mollly leans over the table we were sharing, pressing her hands to her crotch. Then she jumps up, and a bit of pee is coming out of her crotch. Two minutes later molly bites her lip, and leans over the table again and lets out a loud fart. Mrs. smith says, "molly, please be quiet!" Molly says once again the she really needs to use the bathroom, but is denied once again. Suddenly Molly leaned over the desk, pressing the desk to her abdomen. Suddenly she starts releasing lots of loud smelly farts. Then she says quietly, "god no!" and releases a very loud smelly fart, and with that fart lots of liquid poop came rushing out of her underpants and down her legs (she was wearing a skirt.) Everybody looks at her, but the teacher ignors her. i tell molly why doesn't she just run to the bathroom? and she says that she can't move she's in so much pain, and then emits a really loud smelly load of diarrhea all over herself. This continues for a few minutes, until suddenly molly jumped up, said loudly, "holy s??t!" and puked all over herself. i guess her puking was the final straw, as she started letting out nonstop diarrhea all over everything. She couldn't move, and just stood there pooping and puking on herself for the rest of the class, because she is an all A student (like myself) and didn't want to get in trouble for leaving the class. I felt sooo bad for molly.

another story i have envolves myself. I hadn't been able to poop the day before this incident occured, and it was uncomfortable. My best friend in the whole world named Becky and I were driving home from school. Actually, becky was driving, but that doesn't matter. Anyways, it's normally a fifteen minute drive, but there was this terrible accident and the road got backed up for miles around. Thirty minutes into the ride and haven driven less than a mile, I really need to poop. The urge was kinda sudden, and it was more of an ache than a pain. I bit my lip, and kept talking to becky. The ache steadily grew worse but i hid it well. Suddenly (still at least 4 miles from my house...but becky and in houses pretty near eachother, and mine's nearer) i get this terrible pain in my abdomen. I tap becky on the shoulder. "Becky, can we find a restroom? I really have got to go." Becky looks around and says, "Well, i can't even move in this traffic. Sorry Elvira." We continue talking. The pain was unbelievable now, and it was kind of churning too, which i knew meant that i had diarrhea...or at least some part of it was diarrhea. "Bec, i need to go badly!" i told becky. but we couldn't move. Finally becky said, "do you need to go number 1, or number 2?" "number 2" i answered. "well, you can go on a towl or something," becky told me. I said "no, it's fine. I think i can make it home." So i'm fine for another 15 minutes, until i get this terrible stabbing pain. I can feel the poop pushing against my butt cheeks to get out, and suddenly it's to much. i let out a loud fart and shit in my pant. becky starts laughing, and to my amazement, she laughs so hard that she shits her pants! "I needed to go real bad too. And mine was all diarrhea!" becky told me. We went to my house and put on clean clothes. Then we laughed about it for a while.

Amanda B
Hi guys, I'm new here. THought I'd go by my last initial too since there seem to be other Amandas. I'm 22, single, 5'7", blondish-brown hair, and blue eyes. I live in Orlando, Florida. A lot of guys think I'm really cute. I also wear a 36D bra, which gets me noticed. i seem to always be able to clog a toilet when I want to. I was chilling with my boyfriend at home last night, when I had to take a really big dump. I'm kinda open about bowel related stuff, and I always let my boyfriend watch me take a dump. I let him follow me into the bathroom, grabbed a magazine, and sat down on the toilet. I had been sort of constipated, so I knew it would be a super big dump. I let go of one really big log, about 15 inches, and then three slightly smaller ones followed, about a foot for each of those. I thought I was done, but I was sure mistaken. I dumped about 3 whole minutes worth of soft loose poop into the toilet, and to top it off, after that, I let go of some very liquidy diarrhea. I told my boyfriend, "I'm finished now," and he said, "God I hoped so. It was really starting to stink." I told him, "Thanks a lot. You know I take that as a compliment." It took about 6 wipes, and the toilet was completely shot. I seem to have to get my plumber over here at least once a month, because I take such really big dumps. That's why I like to go in public places!

Nice meeting you,
-Amanda (Amanda if you wish)

Michael -explosive diarrhea
To Zeke:My big dump smelt very nasty and my brother didn't know about it,but he knows my explosive diarrhea story> I will post it soon.

What happen to Amy?
The Girl that shit her pants at Walmart,and C V S!!!


I'm going to start my story by telling you that I have to have coffee for breakfast no matter how sick I feel. That's was my big mistake on the first of many bad days of my life. I was 18 then I know better now. Anyways. My roommate Lexi asked me to take her to the airport, which I did. The morning in question was a Saturday. She had to make a 4:00am flight. We left at about 2:00am. My stomach was feeling a little queasy and grumbling, should have been enough not to drink coffee, but of course I had to stop for coffee. Half way there I had the urge to pee but I figure I can take care of that at the airport by the time I got there for some crazy reason I needed to have a BM. I figured I would just have to wait to get home. Thirty minutes later here I am sitting in traffic with a baby blue mini skirt and only a pair of thongs for protection. A thirty minute drive has turn to an hour drive. I was dripping here and there, there and here. I kept looking down at my lap to see the damage; I had a wet spot on the car seat already. I was driving stiff as a board finally I realize I wasn't going to make it home I stop at the first rest stop I saw by now I realize I wasn't going to make it to the rest room either. I park the car as far as I could from the others cars. By now it was about 3:45am, lucky me it was still dark. I realize I was to stiff to even get out the car I figure once I can move a little I would squat pull my thongs to one side and take care of business right there and then. I got out the car and the rest was a big mess. I was unable to squat or pull my thongs to the side. I had shit and pee all over me and my clothing. Luckily I have only one roommate.

Hello Everyone,

I'm the 41 yearold female that was so constipated, but I'm alright now! It turned out to be 16 days without a BM. My husband and I were on vacation when it finally came out. We were out in our boat when I felt the urge to finally go and I told my husband to take us in, he asked me if I could hold it for a while. He obviosly wasn't aware of the situation. He knows all about my bowel habits, but he wasn't aware of how long it was this time. when I told him, he felt really bad about even sugesting that I hold it. So he took me in ASAP and I decided I would weigh myself before and after. I sat on the toilet and it wouldn't budge for about 10 minutes then I could feel it beginning to move and I knew it was HUGE. I asked my husband if he could bring in the KY from my bag(it's a good thing I always carry it). He was very nice about it and he asked if he could apply it and I told him absoluty not! I could tell he really wanted to watch me push this monster out and I finally agreed. It was very awkward at first then it got even worse, but I'm glad he was in there with me. It was so long and fat that it wouldn't fit in the toilet I had to hover when it hit the bottom, then about another 12 inches came out. It was so painfull that I was in tears getting this thing out. It finally all came out and it was one big log in fact it was so big that it was resting against edge of the seat. It was a good 20 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter and hard as a rock. I was shaking the whole time I was I was in there and it was well over 30 min. When I got on the scale afterward I weighed 8lbs. less! It took two days for my hole to go back to normal size.

Um, Im just wondering, how do the reflective tiles in the toilets work?

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