Good morning--humid here. I had my early-morning poop just a few minutes ago. For a change of pace I sat on the rim to see if, using a mirror, I could watch my poop enter the water while still coming out of me. Not this time: it broke off, maybe a 4 or 5-inch turd, then continued with a second turd that dropped in just about as it was hitting the water, maybe an 8-incher. Nonetheless, a good, clean poop, after which I wiped once and was done.
My main reason for writing today is to ask about the sound of poop actually emerging. So many of the posters here refer to the crackling sound, which I hear only if my poop is quite soft, with a lot of gas trapped in it. While in bathrooms with other men pooping, I rarely hear that sound (though occasionally, of course, it happens). Most often, my poop emerges in total silence except for the plop as it hits the water. But sometimes there is a sound of emergence--a soft hiss, like the "th" sound, prolonged for the length of time it takes the turd to exit--"thhhhhhhh." I like hearing that sound--it puts another dimension on an already enjoyable action.
Please tell me--is there anyone out there that also hears your poop come out with a soft hissing thhhhhh sound? The room has to be quite quiet to hear it.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Any girls here have any stories about waiting in long lines for the ladies room?If you do I'd love to hear them!

meef us
so im male, 19, from New York and out of all my stories I figured i'd tell the best. The last few summers I have been working as a counselor at a local summer camp. There is usually about 70 kids there, co-ed ages 10-18 plus about 20 counselors. I'm sure you can see the direction this is going. So in the camp there are certain areas for the different sexes and age groups. The boys are back farther into the woods and have their own bath and shower house as do the younger girls who live a little farther up the creek. Well the older girls and hence the older counselors live right on the water so due to septic needs their outhouse/bath house was located in between the boys and younger girls areas. So whenever these girls or whoever was down at the waterfront, needed to relieve themselves it was a short quarter mile trek to the bathroom. Because I was a counselor and also one of the youngest ones I usually got stuck on patrol which meant watching the bridge over the creek to make sure no girls/boys passed. This was regularly a very dull job but i suppose fortunately for me It was right near the outhouses the girls needed to use. Because all the food for the camp was prepared on site you could usually tell what kind of traffic would happen that night. I remember my first night we had a big turkey dinner as it was sunday and sure enough one of the girls probably ate a little too much because that night around 11 I see this shapely brunette go into the small house. Ive got nothing to do so I go around the other side into the boys area very quietly. Because this thing was built for little more than basic use the walls are only plywood, so i lean twoards the wall and hear her already bearing down. nnnnnnnuuuuuunnnhhhh was what she was moaning quietly and panting as she was already out of breath... uhhhhh uh nnnnuhhhhuhGHHHH. A small plop came next followed by a trio of very large splashes and another coulple grunt pushes, louder this time as she finished out the rest of the movement, mmmmUNHHHHUGGGH as the sucession of smaller turds finished out. THis wouldnt be the last of this pooper though and man she must have been holding a big stomach full of poop. A few days later we had sloppy joes and shredded beef/ pork burritos for dinner and I was sitting at the same table as that chick, Lilly and she didnt want to touch the burritos for i suppose obvious reasons but i saw her put down three sloppy joes! which i thought was real hot considering how most girls act in public with food nowadays, Now I had two joes and a burrito and I released most of it before even 830 that night and by the time I was on watch there was a good amount of foot traffic to that bathroom. IT was some younger girls for a while until i saw a blonde girl named jen go literally sprinting into the stall and slammed the door. I was about to cross the bridge to see what the commotion was about when i see Lilly come running up the path almost as fast, she knocked on the door and seemed to be in a hurry. C'mon Jen really I need to get . in . there she said in an exasperated tone. I stopped and waited on my side of the bridge, after two more pleas and no response Lilly seemed to be getting desperate. She had begun holding her stomach and was pounding on the door harder, it seemed jen was either playing a nasty trick or had the same bowel problems, either way she was not opening up. Lilly began to exclaim, Jen! if you dont hurry up and let me in Im going to let it go right here, IM SERIOUS this isnt funny my guts are about to burst. I figured what was goiung on so i just sat down and waited to see if this hot babe was actually going to have an accident in her cute little pj bottoms. after about 45 more seconds lillys hands went to her bottom as she still hadnt gotten in the bathroom, she cursed her friend for a second and then began frantically looking for a spot to let out her three day supply of poo plus some soft spicy sloppy joe, all the while she struggled to supress her groans of release which came as the beginning of some diarreah squirted out. after this she ran to the bridge, the only object of any privacy and yanked down her skimply little pjs. i could even hear her pleasure as she immediately literally exploded wave after wave of somewhat chunky liquid stuff over the side by the bridge. UhhHHuhggghhh oh yehhhuuhhhhh push out a wave unghh uh oh my gohuhhhhuh mmmmrnnnnuhh a couple of gassy wet farts then a few more waves umnhhh ug ohhhh uhhhh OHHHHHHH i thought all of this was greatly funny and as i saw her finish up and wipe with some leaves i decided id go grab her and see what'd happen as i knew the girl. well she started to walk back twoards her friend and the bathroom and must not have heard me coming because as i touched her on the shoulder she spun around to look at me and emitted a quite loud fart which definitely brought some wetness with it. moments later jen opened the door laughing quite hard at her friends embarassment as lilly ran off into the bathroom to finish off the rest of her bowel movement. IT was good fun, well got to run for now, ill keep y'all posted on a few more stories i have. peace.

It's me again, I'm really glad I got such a good response, this place is great!

I'm sorry I don't have much time to post right now, I just wanted to let everyone know that Sarah will be posting soon, but I don't think Kelly will because she shares a computer with her roomates at college and she doesn't want them to know she visits a site like this. Maybe i can get her to post sometimes from my computer when i see her, but until then it will just be me and Sarah, who i think is going to post tonight or tomorrow so look for one from her in this set of posts. It might even have been before this one, depending on how they get posted, i don't really know the system that well.

anyway, i don't want to abandon telling the history first, but most of the original stories are pretty long and detailed and i don't have much time, but i also don't want to post without giving you guys a story. this one is from a couple weeks ago in the summer time. It was like 5 days before Kelly was leaving for college so we only had a few days left to spend a lot of time together. This is a thing i didn't wanna talk about yet bet i guess it doesn't matter if you know now, but for a few years we've had laxative contensts, and we had a good one the day before kelly left. It's not like a few contests i've read about on the net where friends all take it and see how long they can hold it, we just go throughout the day hanging out and we try to secretely slip eachother laxative and see if anyone has an accident. It's gotten very hard over the years because no we're always onto eachother but it's still fun! i had a pretty good plan that morning. We were gonna go to the mall and help kelly pick out some new clothes, and i wanted to buy us all coffee and bring it when we met up, but that would be way too obvious. so i stopped by the coffee shop and took a couple of the little creamers then left. in the car i poked tiny holes in the creamers and emptied a little bit of the cream out and used a little needle to put some liquid lax in. i did it with 3 or 4 creamers, then i met with sarah and kelly. we met up and i waited a while and then suggested we get coffee. i wanted to do it before we ate or drank anything else so i would be the first to slip any lax. we got to the coffee shop and ordered, then we sat down. i secretely replaced a few of the creamers o nthe table with my "special" ones and made sure i knew which they were so i wouldn't get them. we got our coffee and my plan was underway, and we all kept eyeing eachother. it wasnt too suspcious though becuase we all saw when we got the coffee, so they both felt lax free. i happily watched sarah put two of the laxative creamers into her coffee :) kelly was about to but she noticed the creamer was leaky and took a couple legitimate ones. damn, but at least sarah got it. i left the lax ones there for another innocent person, lol. we had our coffee and got going. we were going into Forever 21 when Sarah just said "oh god how did you do it!? who did it!?" and she clutched her stomach and shook her hand around a little. She had to shit terribly and started to leave the store. Kelly said "omg you didn't get me too did you?" (she obviously knew i did it because it wasnt her) and we both went out and watched her rush away awkwardly. I burst out laughing when she was out of ear shot. Too make a long story short, i failed. Sarah made it to the girls room to have a noisy and uncomfortable shit in the toilet, and i eventually wound up the loser. Kelly managed to avoid getting laxed, which sucked because she was the one leaving. I don't know exactly what got me but Kelly somehow got lax in my milkshake from Steak n' Shake on the way home and i exploded in my panties in the car. It was such a mess lol. I'm still pretty bitter about losing that one because i had such a great plan but i still the first one to crap my pants.. anyway i gotta get going. Sarah will post some of the older stories which i personally think are the best. bye now!

Hello Everyone................I just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Florida.
I gave my honey his first enema last was awkward at first....we bought fleet enemas since he said they should be easy to use. That is what his parents use and they work for them.
I looked at the instructions on the box and after fumbling a bit (my BF was such a good sport about all of this), was able to do the job.
It wasn't long before he was ready to sit on the toilet and he insisted I stay with him and rub his ???? and just keep him company. We did this at his place.
After about 20 minutes of sitting and pushing...a very long 7 inch log came out with a was it a whopper!!!! he was sure drained after that.............he sat for 15 more minutes before calling it a night.
We crossed our fingers as we flushed hoping the monster poop would go down without a problem and it did. Barely though.
We went out to the couch afterwards to watch a movie and the poor thing was so exhausted from his ordeal that he fell asleep in my arms halfway through the movie.
You know I may just let him give me an enema next time...................I've never had one before.
Ciao Nancy :O)

No Longer Constipated
I had my first experience with Magnesium Citrate.

I bought the bottle last night and went home. I ordered some pizza, and debated whether to take it then or to wait until today (Saturday) to try it out. My stomach has been backed up all week, but had been gurgling on Friday, but still nothing.

So, after eating most of the pizza, I decided to take it anyways. It was now midnight. I drank it and two glasses of water. Then the cramps started coming, but I was determined to see how long I could hold out. After three hours, being 3am, I decided that it just wasn't going to happen. The cramps weren't anywhere near enough to cause me to go, and I wanted the feeling of being unable to hold back. I figured it was only a matter of time before it would happen.

So, I went to sleep. I slept until 11am, and woke up with the similar cramps I had the night before. Nothing really worth noticing, and very easy to hold back. So, I finished the pizza, and had a glass of water. That started to really help the gurgling, and the urge. But still, I was easily able to hold it in.

Which was disappointing. So, I gave up drinking water and had a Pepsi. That really helped the pressure. It got to the point where the moment I drank one it quickly turned into heavy cramping, but still I was able to hold back. It was now 1pm, and I decided to really test it.

Whenever I drank water or a Pepsi, the cramps would come almost instantly, then subside, and then come back one last time just a little bit worse. I decided to drink two Pepsis as quickly as possible and see if I could hold off the first cramps, and then just relax when the second wave came.

I didn't want to just poop, I wanted to be unable to stop. So, I drank two pops and went to the bathroom as the first cramps started. I held back, and then returned to the living room to get on the computer. I then felt the second cramps starting. I rushed to the bathroom and took off my pants and decided to get into the shower and doing it standing up still at least wearing a shabby pair of underwear.

Big mistake. Just as I got into the bathroom the second cramps were very very strong, but it still wasn't being forced out by itself. So, I decided I should start it. I just stood still and tightened my abs.

Immediately, I felt this really warm wet bulge push back against my underwear and spread out across my butt and through my legs. I truly couldn't stop. My underwear stretched further down, as more and more liquified poop filled my underwear. In just a few seconds since I started my underwear had sagged enough and it started spraying out of the leg holes to the tub below. Splattering all over the wall and coating my legs.

This all happened in the first four or five seconds. I still couldn't stop. I was scared at just how big of a mess I'd have, that I tried to stop, but this was truly uncontrolable. It paused for the briefest of moments while I was still gaping at the growing mess at my feet when a gas bubble released even more crap, this time a little thicker.

In all, it took about ten seconds for my bowels to empty. Standing in the middle of the bathtub, the entire sidewall to the left was speckled with poop, the sidewalls to the actual tub were coated, and the bathtub floor two feet wide and three feet behind me to the back wall was coated with a smooth thick layer of this. Not to mention my legs, as and everywhere my underwear touched were coated.

To think, this morning I was thinking of going to the store. Once it started, it was unstoppable and amazingly quick and runny. I'm definitely going to use Magnesium Citrate again the next time I'm plugged up a bit, but will definitely be more careful. Cleanup was a pain. And next time I may do as recommended and try it on an empty stomach.

Hi Linda FR/LG,

Its been soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since we heard from you I thought maybe you got snatch by an alian or something!! How ya doing kiddo? How are the babies? Bet there getting big. I've been so consitpated lately I've really had to struggle to get stuff out. About a month ago I had to resort to an enema. I cna't understand why enemas have so fallen out of favor. Its such a relief when I finally pass that first big turd and then everything starts to flow. Please tell us somemore poop adventures. I'm courios, do most of the cheerleader try to poop before practice, or before a game? Have you heard and of them straining to try to get it out?

How big was the turd you did in front of Brenda Linda? and how did it smell?

ugly girl
last night i had to take a huge dump so i ran to the bathroom asfast as i can and went in and pulled down my undies and went number 32

hi im ashley im 12 and i just found this place. today i had a accident at the store with my mom. we went grocery shopping i was wearing a white t shirt and a black skirt down to my knees and i had on white underwear with pink flowers. anyway my mom takes a super long time in the store and i had to poop the whole time and i was shy to ask where the bathroom was and before we got to the check out i pooped my panties really bad! my mom yelled at me when we got home.

Samantha C. I'm glad to hear that your bladder emptying problem isn't due to anything serious and that you've been able to cure it by taking a wee in the shower instead. What actually caused it though? Were you sitting too far forward or at an awkward angle? Have you had dry nights since you've been able to pee properly? Even if you have it might be worthwhile having the mattress protector and towel 'in situ' just in case nocturnal wetting recurs.

Penny. In view of the symptoms you've described, my guess is that you've had an infection of some sort, maybe of the gastric flu variety or related to it. It could be down to something you've eaten or drunk but if you've been passing undigested food I'm inclined to suspect not. Anyhow I hope you're soon better. As for not wearing knickers with your jeans when around the farm that sounds eminently sensible to me as you're better placed to deal quickly with urgent calls of nature should they arise. I've not been brave enough to try putting the seat up and sitting directly on the porcelain yet - I'll have to take your word that it yields better results.

Carmalita, Linda etc. Glad to see you back again.

Annie. I'm glad you felt able to post again. After what you've been through it must have been very difficult. I enjoyed your post about the B A flight. Hope you enjoy teaching in Cambridge.

Best wishes to all!

JOHNNY HALF-PINT: Congratulations on making progress on your bashful bladder or stage fright (medical term, paruresis) using the telephone and peeing while talking. Don't be discouraged. Very many, many men (including myself, beginning when I was 13)have this problem. I too have a long time getting started and very often no matter how bad I have to go usually can't when anyone is in the men's room. There are also women with the problem. Look up any search engine on the internet paruresis, the medical term, or bashful bladder, to find out more.
MEGAN: The story of your friend with her small bladder and her mother and you having a contest that went on and on as you emptied your massive bladders was funny and exciting. Let's hear more. Many men like myself have large bladders. (I am 6'5" with a large frame and 22 years old.) I only pee when I get up in the morning and then about 12 to 14 hours later in the evening. They are copious amounts when I drink normal amounts of liquid. Only when I have a few beers do I pee at bed time too. I usually only pee at home because of my shy bladder which is sometimes a nuisance.

northern chick
I've been lurking here for a while, but I figured that its time I shared one of my stories. The other day, I was out shopping when the urge to use the toilet came over me. Unfortunatly, the shopping center I was at didint have any facilities, and I was turned down at all the stores were I asked if I could use their toilet. Fortunatly, I was wearing a maxi-pad as my period ended that morning, and as I normally do, I'll keep wearing a pad for a little while afterwards, just in case. Anywho, I went back to my car and got in. I relaxed, and gradually, little by little, I began to do my pee into my maxi. It felt very awkward, as I felt like I was having an accident in my panties. I could feel my maxi-pad get heavier, warmer and weter, but nobody around had any idea what I was doing. I finished emptying my bladder, and thankfully, my maxi absorbed most of my pee. My pad must have become a bit too saturated, because I did notice a small wet spot on my pants, but it would have been alot worse had I not been wearing a maxi-pad.
I'm curious if any other women have had similar expiriences, if you're female, please take my survey I made below. I'll provide my answers to the questions below as well:

1. Have you ever done a pee into your maxi-pad? (yes)

2. What kind of pad (brand & style) were you using at the time? (always super maxi with wings).

3. How well did it absorb your pee? (it absorbed most of it, but it did get saturated, and I got a small pee stain on my pants)

4. Have you ever worn a bladder control pad (e.g. poise or serenity pads), diaper or absorbent underpants because you were going to be in a situation where you would not be near a toilet for a while (car trip, hiking, etc.)? If yes, what kind were you using, and how well did it work? (no)

5. Have you ever been in a situation where you whish you were wearing a bladder control pad, diaper or absorbent underwear, but were not, and you ended up having an accident? (yes, because I wouldint have gotten that pee stain on my pants in my story above)

Thanks for taking my survey!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Bryian-Glad you liked the story. Unfortunately, I didn't find the restroom until the day we were leaving, or I may have had a few other sightings.

This past weekend I was lucky to be able to crap in 2 doorless stalls. One was at a park and the stall with the door was occupied, so I had to use the other one without the door. It is behind a partition, but anyone who is at the sinks can see me in the mirrors. I dropped my shorts and blue briefs all the way down to the floor and had a seat. There were about 6 guys that came in to use the restroom at the time. I finished dumping after the 5th guy left and I was standing to wipe when the 6th guy came in. He walked past me and to the other stall. Seeing it was occupied, he went to the urinaland took a leak. I wiped and pulled up my briefs and shorts and washed up at the sink.

At the beach, I went into the unoccupied and doorless stall and wiped the seat. I put paper down on the stainless steel and had a seat. I always crap with my clothes all the way down so I was virtually naked on the can. The restroom floors are usually pretty gross, so I had to carefully drop my grey shorts and bunch them up around my ankles. Then I pulled my black briefs down to my ankles before I sat down. I'm pretty slim and in good shape, so I don't mind being seen this way. By my tan line, one could easily tell I've been in the sun. A couple of guys walked past the stall to check the other stall or use the shower. One skinny, pale guy needed to use the stall, and seeing that the other one with the door was occupied, he stood outside mine for a few minutes before the other stall emptied.

This question is for everyone to answer.

How big does a turd have to be in order to be classified as a "large" turd?

How many inches width and length?

Twice Shy
Nasty, but delightfully putrid

It always has been a curiosity to me, the way we humans have such a strong tolerance for, and even appreciation of, the horrendous stink that is in fact issued from our bungholes, with the movement of our bowels and the expulsion of alimentary products.

Yesterday morning, I was party to a truly great display of butt-eruption, when the old tunnel leapt into life and decided it had reached its tipping point. I was laying in my GI Modular Sleep System sleeping bag, down on the sofa, when I was prompted to blow those sweetest farts of all, the ones that inevitably precede an even nastier-smelling dump. At such times, it is the treat, I find, to capture what is silent but deadly, and get a good, solid whiff, as by closing the bag over my face. The nearest I can tell, this stench is primarily due to species such as hydrogen sulfide, but I'm not sure what puts the best dose of its precursors into one's system. This particular time, I'd chowed a whole 8-biscuit roll of Pillsbury Flaky Grands (which had evidently become "poopin' fresh" as well), the night before. Other times, I derive bewitching stink from delivery pizza with lots of bacon, italian sausage and pepperoni. It could well be that these products are prepared with yeast species that do a major job, by the time they've entered the main stretch of the descending and sigmoid colons. When the dump came after this particular morning's attack, I crapped a number of loosely-associated turds; the log-dumps do not seem to be as nasty, as far as my own butt is concerned.

Anyone cath The Green Wing on Channel 4 Saturday night? It's a new, slightly bizarre, comedy. One plotline had a guy letting a girl stay at his place planning to come back later and seduce her. She went to the toilet and did an unflushable monster, you saw her shouting down the toilet 'Go away!' then she tried poking it away with a coathanger, then a ski, then a whisk (the mind boggles) then a ski pole. When the guy came home hoping to score with her she waved the ski pole under his nose.
I have had similar experiences but they weren't as funny!

pig boy
I finally get some internet acess and im gonna spend it here.Not that much going for me in bathroom intrest right now, except im really startinng to get into pooping standing up.I mean STRAIGHT up- not bending my legs a liitle or nothing. the only thing is is that i might be damaging my rectal passage.Is this happening to anyone else? well, it sure does feel exhileratin!I think it's because i havent pooped in that exact pattern since i was in diapers.(age 2, 3 maybe.)
if no one caught my first post, im male, 13 and intrested in pooping.I's hard to try to explain my feelings about the bathroom without getting a, "you sick f@#*!!" by anyone. Parents? Forget it!!Friends? slim chance... so, i gotta go (leave) now, so i'll try to post in a couple of weeks when i get a chance.I don't have my own internet.keep it intrestin' till then! =@)


Michael-explosive diarrhea
To deke: My brother didn't see my shit but it smelt very bad.Soon I will post my explosive diarrhea story.

Taking a leaf out of Louise's book, I've added from England to my name because scrolling through recent old posts I noticed another Susan.

Thank you LoggerMan and Emilie for responding to my question.

To Dylan...
I can completely understand why Emilie would not want to go to the bathroom whilst on the phone to her boy friend. Not all guys want to know their girlfiends' that way.
I once went out with a guy who didn't even go in for toilet humour. Needless to say that relationship didn't last...

A follow-up to my other I said, I'm 15 and my mom and I live in a small apartment, and it kind of embarrsses me when I stink up the bathroom (or the whole apt.) and she talks about it, especially in front of people.

Well, last night my cousins spent the night, they crashed on the living room floor. Kelly is 14 and Adam is 10. Well it turns out Kelly is a lot more embarrassed about the whole bathroom business than even I am. She was surprised that we only had one bathroom, I guess they have 2 and a half at their house. Anyway, after dinner she went in the bathroom and had a really loud poop. We had the tv on but we could hear it anyway, and because of the small size of the apartment, we could smell it. When she came out she was just totally blushing like mad and didn't talk much for the rest of the night.

Adam on the other hand didn't care when it was his turn to poop, he even joked about how he was going to gas-bomb the house, lol. Anyway, I was glad to see at least one other person get even more embarrassed by the smell of their poop than I am.

Linda FR/LG
HI ALL!! Sorry I've been gone so long, been very busy and without internet for a spell but I'm back. K, now down to some business(No not that kind.. well not yet anyway. Hee hee)

No that's another Linda it seems. I'm the one your looking for. I used to be Cute Linda (Now I'm just pretty hee hee) And then I chnaged my name to reflect the new names of my favorite game: pokemon.(Like right now my name is for Fire Red and Leaf green) how've you been?

It's a little bit of both, not so much as poop that's backed up in your ????, DYING to come out your tushie but then blaoting cause by gas trapped and caused by the poop that's sitting there too. Glad you were able to finally poop and get it all out. Sounded like you made it just in time. Me, I usually get ???? massages while still on the pot,no running involved. heh.

cyberdolph - Randy
heh bet you would have enjoyed that site too huh? HAHA. My cousin once caught his wife Elena doing something like that. Her mom had called and went on too long and se was dying for a poop and just went in a nearby trashcan. he says he walked in and witnessed the whole thing. If anyone is interested I'll ask him to fill me in on all the details or have him post it here.

Punk Rock Girl
Long time no chat. LOL That sounded like one heck of an ordeal you had there girl. Man!! It is too bad your boyfriend Collin missed it, I know I would have not missed it, just to see the biggest poop in the world being taken. LOL.

K story time so gather round folks. Well this is my 2nd year as a cheerleader.(yeah..I got over my problem with wearing a skirt so short everyone sees your pampies, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna be giving ANYONE a free show!!)Anyway I had to poop so bad after lunch, it wasn't funny!! I held out the rest of the day.. oh man it was NOT easy!! Then it was afterschool and practice time. OH I could NOT hold out, I felt my tushie spread open and try to let it out. Trust me it was like I had a cruise missle in my tush, ready to launch at any minute. Finally i broke down and told my friend Brenda to come with me. She laughed and teased me but agreed. The nearest bathrooms were being remodeled and to my horror had no doors, but I had a door.. her name was Brenda. LOL. I told her to stand infront of the stall and play door and NOT to peek. She threatened me with doing so but she didn't. Down came my bloomies and I sat... the minute I relaxed it just forced it's way out all I did was moan and groan for the whole 3 minutes it came out slowly nonstop. It was kinda spikey and hurt but man it also felt sooooooooooo good. With no sound it finished coming out into the water. Brenda joked about it sounding like I was having a baby. I reached out my foot, lifted her cheerleader skirt and kicked her behind. Anyway with no fanfare I wiped and got dressed and.... eh heh I clogged the toilet, We both saw water pouring out of the toilet and we ran out of there. Later while we were stretching I saw up brenda's skirt and she had my show print on her tush. LOL. Ann she went through practice that way too. Oh well folks, friends and family..I must leave for now..but I promise not to be a stranger. Later

Hey every one....i haven't had any thing really intresting to say untill now. I get up this morning and i remember during the night feeling a gassy urge..i got up i didn't have to poop or any thing
then i get some food..and i get on like and im like oh man i gotta poop.
i go to my bathroom. i sit and i pushed really hard and i hadn't pooped in like 3 days either...i push and push and it hurt a little. out came a nice log it was in the shape of U but upside down and the hump was sticking out of the water. It must have been 8-9 inches long and 2-3 inches thick
and plus i had a few smaller chunks
i wiped like 10x maybe..and i flushed once

To Michael-explosive diarrhea: Loved your story

To JamesR: Liked your story

To Zip- Loved your story

To Micky: My biggest turd was 18 inches

I guess this is just about it...i really wanna just say Hi to every one
and i hope to check back again soon

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