My new girlfriend shares accommodation with two other girls, and who are usually there when I go round to visit her evenings. The bathroom has no lock on the door and most of the time I go into the bathroom with the intention of having a pee; there is one of the flat mates either in the bath or on the toilet. The toilet is too far away from the door for anybody to quickly close it with his or her hand. At first I found this shocking and did not know where to look, it was in innocent circumstances, as I would not know if they were in their bedroom or elsewhere. They just don't seem too bothered who walks in although I generally turn around and walk quickly out and close the door. I was a little bit worried in case I was ever there and needed to go #2 myself, when last night I did. I had got to the stage where I was needing to nip up all the time and could not really wait until I got home, so I decided to go and just hope that nobody else needed to use the toilet for a short while. I went into the bathroom pulled down my trousers and underwear, and then sat down on the toilet seat. I did a pee and them started straining a little for a few minutes before getting the feeling of it getting near, when I heard the door handle move and in walks one of the flatmates. She just smiled and said she was sorry, but I am sure she had a good stare before leaving, and as she was walking out I did my jobs and had a great feeling of relief. I wiped myself and returned to the lounge, it had surprised me how erotic it can be when a girl see you sitting on the toilet.

I was reading not too long ago about a story of a girl in boarding school. It was her first day, and she didn't know the rules, which was once you got into bed, no getting out. She drank too much water, and had to go to the bathroom. But she couldn't get permission to go. So, she had to hold it in for an entire night, which she sucessfully did. Another story is of a girl in boot camp in the middle east. They can only go three times a day, at set times. But sometimes the lines are too long, and at the night time, she was unable to get relief. So she tried to sneak out and was caught. So she had to hold an entire day's worth of pee through the night, and into the next day. I can't imagine how desperately she needed to go by then. She probably peed for at least 5 minutes..... Any similar happenings around?

Wednesday, March 04, 1998

Yesterday's post were quite enjoyable, especially those of Lynn and pooping girl. They remined me of a visit from friends of ours last summer. We had returned from a day in the mountains and eveyone was a bit sleepy and taking naps. Well my friend's wife got up and went around the corner to the downstairs bathroom. I noticed, and since everyone else was napping, I went over and peeked under the door. She is of medium height with a nice figure, large bosom, and a pleasently wide, but shapely behind. She was wearing a one piece outfit that she unbottoned and was now resting crumpled around her ankles. She immediate pulled her feet in to the base of the toilet and up on her toes and began to grunt softly. Must have been a big one as the grunting got louder and a large bust of several farts and several poos could be heard leaving her and slpashing into the toilet. There was a brief silent period immediatley followed by another burst of grunts, farting, and several more poos splashing again. The oder of her BM began to come under the door and I was quite eroused by this time. Well the show was not over, another loud single fart, a grunt, and then a crackling sound of another poo leaving her behind. Another period of silence followed by a hissing sound continuing into another fart. She then said, 'Oh my oohh' softly. She sat there with her feet on tip toe for several minutes grunting occasionally followed by a couple small plops into the toilet and then a long pee. She sat there for about five minutes without a sound before wiping her behind several times. Well with that performance I went to the upstairs bathroom to seek relief.

Further to Jun's question about wiping habits, as a nurse I can shed a little light on the varying importance of this to different people. My experience is that in the age range 10-60, perhaps 75% do the job properly most of the time, 15-20% are sometimes a little careless and the remaining 5-10% either have a problem or just don't care. The biggest proportion of messed/smeared pants is boys of 10-15 or so. My experience is that 20-30% have slight to moderate smearing and a further 10% mess themselves quite frequently. If anyone is particularly interested, (I must admit to being interested in the subject myself, from a professional angle, of course!) I would be happy to answer any questions.

Hey all, Been meaning to post for a while, but I keep finding new things to say. Last night I waas at a club checking out this band, when suddenly the unmistakeable odor of farts wafted my way. Now, although I enjoy smelling all gaseous releases from my girlfriend's rear, I must admit, that when I catch wind of a "Public" fart with no knowledge of who the deliverer was, I get somewhat sickened. Maybe it's just my pessimistic nature, but I just picture the foulest, greasiest old man letting loose cheap beer farts, and I get grossed out. Well, last night, to my delight, I looked around me and, no joke, I was surrounded by 20-30 year old women on ALL sides. Dancing and shaking, and at least one of them was farting...Wow! Hope she felt better. Anyway, I originally wanted to post to tell a story, but before I do, my girlfriend woke up last week and told me that she had a dream that she was on a city sidewalk, naked, among all sorts of clothed people, and she was seated on a toilet, having a poo. She didn't soil the bed, or anything, but I have had similar dreams in the past, and wanted to gather some responses from other forum members. Tell us about dreams about being on the toilet, your feelings, the sensations, and result(If any). Okay, now for my story. I have never had an accident in my adult life, but I once came close, and was put in a compromising position all the same. I live in a major metropolitan area in the US, and although I don't live "downtown" I often find myself in the city for all sorts of reasons. One morning, I was on my way back from dropping a friend off at the airport at, like , 6 AM. The early flight time demanded an early rise, so with 2 cups of coffee, we headed off for the airport. After the departure, I had some time to kill before any of the city stores opened up, and since I didn't feel like returning home more that 30 minutes away, I decided to walk around the city until 9:30-10:00. At about 7:30 I knew that I had to take a shit, but with nothing un-sleazy open in the neighborhood, I decided to just hang. I drove around, half looking for a good establishment, but I couldn't find one, and as 8:00 approached, I was quite uncomfortable. Soon, I was just looking for a place to park, figuring I'd just run into whatever store was nearby. Well, parking in a resedential area in a city before waking hours is a daunting task, needless to say, by the time I found a spot I was sweating from the need to relieve my bowels, and I ended up parked in some way out of the way small cul-d-sac. Now I faced a dilemma. If i left the car, I had no idea where to go first. Stsying seated with my heel firmly lodged into my butt was the only thing keeping me from pooping in my pants. It was a quiet morning, The cul-d-sac was quite deserted, and I had an idea. I have a large car, with a back seat that folds down. I crawled over into the back seat, and partially folded it down, creating a sort of "block" from the rear window. I had some beach towels in the back, and I hung one over the hanger hook to obscure the side window as best a I could, but my need was so great, the cover was shabby. Three windows were still uncovered when the urge became too strong. I couldn't really believe what I was doing, but I had a plastic bag in my car that a newspaper came in. I put the bag on the small floor space between the partially folded rear seat and the front seats, quickly pulled off my pants, and positioned my anus towards the bag...and it came...a huge, piling, stinking shit, oozing from my hole, to this day, I know that if anyone happened to walk down the alley or if any of the local residents looked out their windows, I would've been unable to stop the massive shit escaping from me. It felt SOOOOOO good, I wiped with one of my socks, and in a half daze, I dropped the sock into the bag, and crawled to the front seat and started my car. On the way home , I tossed the bag into a city street trash can. Okay, this has been long enough, but if you can check the movie Senseless, it's a horrible movie, but it has a scene of an attractive woman sitting on a toilet ripping these really loud farts. Media moves on, folks. (Maybe the site administrator can find a screen shot and use it as a masthead. ) See Ya'

To Caroline: Well I did wear a small white carnation, but nothing happened! I suppose, given the thousands of trains that must converge on London from all directions, the chances of the two of us being on the same train are fairly slim. There are two types of trains on our line; the newer ones have sliding doors and that includes the loo doors. I have been caught out in one of these and I agree with you, locking the door isn't immediately obvious. The older trains have slam doors and there are more loos although they don't all work. Sometimes you have to go in search of a good one. I usually take a pee in the morning on the way in to work. I have different leaving times in the afternoon, and sometimes if I get away early I will hold my poo and do it on the train, otherwise I go at the office, (that's most days). Yes the train does bump around a bit, and I do remember an occasion when it braked hard while I was on the loo, and I had to stop myself from falling forwards. (I found out afterwards that someone had jumped in front of the train!). On the line I travel on, the smoothest ride is the bit closest to London, so that is the best time to use the loo. If I have been holding on after work, I sometimes go before the train has left, but you have to be careful in the station. Someone once told me that you can see through some of the loo windows from a platform! Hope your constipation is better this week. Love Jill

Did anyone watch the series "The Practice" Monday night at 10pm. One of the cases involved a man refusing to pay a fine for flushing his toilet 3 times everytime he took a dump. As it turned out he ate a lot of carbohidrates and his turds floated. He needed to flush the toilet three times to get the turds to go down. Even then sometimes one would sneak up and float. Man can I relate to that. I know the feeling of having flushed the toilet numerous times and still had a floater. Has anyone else had this problem. Steve I too like hearing other guys dump and hearing them and smelling them. After all taking a dump for a man is the closest he will ever get to giving birth. I know it's not as painful and the gestation is less. But you do produce something and carry it inside you for a while and then you must let it out. Just like giving birth how soon it comes out depends on how long you've been carrying it and sometimes it becomes an emergency.

I am getting an additional degree at night. After work I go directly to school to do my studies before class. The classroom building is an old refurbushed house with a few additions. In the basement there is a small lounge with a couple couches and a unisex bathroom. the bathroom is small and the is no fan to supress the noise.I am usually the only one in the lounge until it is closer to class time. Thursday night I went to use the bathroom and when I opened the door there was a young college girl sitting on the toilet reading a book! I was shocked and so was she, she screamed oh, oh its occupied, but I froze for a second, then quickley closed the door. Her jeans were pulled down to her knees with her white panties showing. I sat on the couch and opend my book, and she emereged about 5 to 7 miniutes later after I heard two small kerplunk sounds and a lot of wiping. Iam sure she was hoping I would be gone when she came out, but I was on the couch and apologized for not ! knocking. Later I found out the the lock on the door was not working. That is my favorite spot to take a dump especially if there is a girl on the couch, I usually strain a little louder and make sure there is a loud kerpluck. It is fun to see a persons reaction when you know they herard everything. More stories later see ya,

Kevin L

To Roger or anyone else out there, could you please disclose the title of th movie where Selma Hayek did a toilet scene. Thank You.

Well, since I have been busy with my Graduate class, I haven't taken the time lately to visit and post. I was in the library at school and I had to take a good shit. I went into the bathroom which has stall walls and doors. There was on one in there but I sat down anyway since I had to shit real bad. As I was shitting and almost finished, someone else came in and sat down as well. I stayed in for a little while longer to listen the other guy take a dump. It sounded good :).
I am heading down there tonight after work and I hope I have a good turd to let out.
Another item, I have this "plan" I would love to execute. I go out camping in the woods some college guys who I know but yet, don't. I would take along with one of those fold down chairs with a toilet seat . It would be fun at the site to walk upon someone taking a crap and the same to me :).
Besides school toilet experiences, I would like to hear of shitting and camping experiences.

I am getting an additional degree at night. After work I go directly to school to do my studies before class. The classroom building is an old refurbushed house with a few additions. In the basement there is a small lounge with a couple couches and a unisex bathroom. the bathroom is small and the is no fan to supress the noise.I am usually the only one in the lounge until it is closer to class time. Thursday night I went to use the bathroom and when I opened the door there was a young college girl sitting on the toilet reading a book! I was shocked and so was she, she screamed oh, oh its occupied, but I froze for a second, then quickley closed the door. Her jeans were pulled down to her knees with her white panties showing. I sat on the couch and opend my book, and she emereged about 5 to 7 miniutes later after I heard two small kerplunk sounds and a lot of wiping. Iam sure she was hoping I would be gone when she came out, but I was on the couch and apologized for not knocking. Later I found out the the lock on the door was not working. That is my favorite spot to take a dump especially if there is a girl on the couch, I usually strain a little louder and make sure there is a loud kerpluck. It is fun to see a persons reaction when you know they herard everything. More stories later see ya,
Kevin L

These toilets that wash your arse-hole after shiting sound like a combination of a toilet (western-style) and a bidet. Exactly how do they work? It seems a very good idea to me. I must prefer to use a bidet after shitting, but at home I use lots of TP, followed by a hot soapy flannel and then rinse with hot water. Not only does anal cleanliness prevent skid-marks in your underpants, it also prevents anal soreness and that most embarrassing problem of anal itching.

When I was in high school I was in the band and witnesed a girl in the band have a diarrhea attack in her white band pants at a game one night! Halfway through our number she did a big number,2 that is right in front of me.She played the flute and just stopped in front of me unexpectedley,I bumped into her and immedeitly noticed the darkening streams of poop that was running down her legs!She started crying as I helped her off the field.I can never forget that sight of her white pants filling with dark brown diarrhea! I certainly got a charge out of it!

I'm suprised at the descriptions by the people who post here. A lot of people have posted info on school bathrooms. My school had many bathrooms and none of them had any stalls or doors on toilets. It never bothered me. I took craps almost daily there, as did everybody else. I've never had a problem crapping or pissing around other people. Also. Is there anybody else here who dosen't use TP? Sure, it leaves you with a little smell, but wiping can be such a chore. E-Man

Hi, Phillippe,
I havent posted lately but I have been lurking all through the last part of my pregnancy and now I am working to get back in shape again. I learned to straddle the toilet and pee from the forum, it was a lot easier when I was big as a house to not have to get down on our very low pot. If Dora hasn't mastered this trick yet, tell her to start practicing now, so that she can be an expert by the time she needs it. Just straddle the pot, spread feet, and squirt. All through pregnancy I had gas from both ends, even while sleeping, and sometimes I had hard, dry poos. Since then, I'm much looser, they are all soft and slippery, and I get a lot of gas that smells like really rotten eggs, sometimes every few minutes.

Now that the baby is here, I am very busy and it is so much quicker to pee without getting half undressed that I don't think I'll ever go back to the old way. I learned to do it wearing blue jeans. Just today I got the urge to pee while nursing, I managed to walk in and unzip my jeans, and pee quite nicely without Nancy even noticing. Not that it matters, I can tell you right now how we are going to toilet train her when the time comes. I spent half my life around filthy public toilet seats, I don't want that for her. Besides, we can all agree now on keeping the darn seat UP around here. ;)

Anyway, what worked for me when I was pregnant to keep from getting too constipated, was to eat a lot of fruit. I ate oranges and honeydew melon and mango and just about any fruit of that kind, plenty of beans and whole wheat bread, and tried to walk as much as possible, and kept the liquid intake high. As your bladder gets smaller, it is natural to drink less to keep from peeing all the time. Resist that and drink plenty. I found that the more liquid I had on a given day, the easier it was to take a poo.

Are there any other people out there who have been desperate to pee in school but had to hold it for a long time before relief came?

I haven't had anything of note to send to the site for some weeks now. Until I read the entries here, I didn't realise how much males are aroused by feminine toilet visits. On reflection this might explain incidents which occurred to me when I was a youngster. I sometimes visited a cousin in another part of the country during school holidays. He was an only child and didn't get much close exposure to girls. He was about three years older than me. When I was about 12 or 13 I knew he was interested in me physically because he was always trying to see up my skirt in a surreptitious way. I did let him have a glimpse occasionally, but was quite embarrassed about it. I realise now that he must also have been trying to catch me 'going' in the bathroom. His bedroom door was almost opposite the bathroom, and I now realise that whenever I had been paying a visit, he was in his room. I didn't pay much attention at the time, I think I would have been quite upset if I had realised he was getting some kind of erotic 'high'. I think I may have overheard some rhythmic movement and noisy breathing one time when I had been constipated and trying to rid myself of a troublesome mass.
You might all be interested in an incident that happened here last week. My friend Carol, who has recently had a traumatic time in her personal life came to stay to recuperate and recharge her batteries. During the first evening of her visit she revealed that with all her problems her attention to eating had not been what it normally was and she was as a result quite constipated giving her some discomfort. She is dark, early thirties, tall and quite attractive. Well I undertook to give her a change of diet over the coming week, with plenty of roughage and fresh fruit etc.
Well I was successful, within a couple of days regularity had returned, initially with vengeance. Carol was a late sleeper and given her reasons for staying with me I didn't waken her. One particular morning I was in the bathroom putting on make up, the usual morning routine, when there was a rapid pad pad pad down the corridor. Carol appeared at the door saying, "quick Lynn I HAVE TO GO NOW". She pushed through the door, lifting her nightie to her waist as she came in and grasping her knickers to pull them down. There were sounds of little farts as she moved. I only just got out of the bathroom in time. There was a loud wet sounding fart and steady plop plop plop and a sigh as she relieved herself. Urine in great quantities was also gushing out. This went on for so long I had to go about some other tasks. Carol didn't finish for 20 minutes and then had her shower. Later she confessed to having felt very much better with her bowels cleared, and this helped her confidence. Carol made a resolution to maintain a more healthy diet in the future. The laundry later that day suggested that some accidental discharges had occurred leaving dark brown stains in her knickers. This was so unlike her since she is usually so neat and clean. As this site testifies it can happen to anyone.

Hi everyone,i love to watch,hearand smell guys going to bathroom,Yesterday I was at wrestling match,had to take a dump badly,went into the locker room and walked in and saw 4 commodes,no stalls,walls or anything else. There were 3 wreslers sitting and taking a dump. I asked if they minded if i took one too,they all said go for it. I felt funny at first but they all talked as we went. I blasted some gas and then 3 big fast turds plopped into the water,we all laughed over thet, It was a hot experience. Does anyone who might live in Pennsylvania know where thereare public toilets with no stalls or walls. Please let me know where if anyone knows where I can go or look,really love to hear from people about the places they go to see guys crap!!! Later all

pooping girl
I was out driving yesterday and started to get stomach cramps. I let a little gas go and realized that I couldnt do that anymoreor something else would come to. I got to a rest area and got to the ladies toilet, there were 6 stalls and I went int one of the middle ones with one person on the toilet next to me. I quickly pushed my pants and underpants down (navy blue} and got my fanny on the seat. I took a deep breath and pushed and a loud wet long fart came, I grunted again with the same results The third try a mushy load came out of my fanny it wasnt the runs but just like mush. I tinkled and I had more cramps and strained and pushed out more smelly gas and mushy jobbies. I relaxed as 2 other ladies came in and one said oh my! and I knew the smell was really bad in there. The othre person laughed and said that it wasnt going to get any better when she was done.I felt more coming so I grunted and more came out wit a little gas. The person who was next to me was still on the toilet but I heard nothing not even a tinkle come out of her. The other2 went into stalls and the one lady started pushing out gas as soon as she sat down, she was a grunter and started pushing a big load of jobbies out as I heard it splashing into the toilet, her friend just tinkled and said she would meet her outside which was met with a strained ok. I did one more little fart and tinkle and wiped myself and pulled up my underpants and pants. As I was washing my hands I looked at the feet of the one lady who was still sitting on the toilet it didnt even look like her pants were down. The other lady had jeans bunched around her ankles with white underpants just above them. I left the toilet and I felt much better and had a pleasant ride home.

I have been going out with my present girlfriend for 2 weeks. Yesterday I was at her apartment installing a new light fitting in the hallway, which happened to be right near the bathroom. She was helping me by passing me screws and screwdrivers when I needed them, when she then said, "wait a minute" and then went into the bathroom. She never closed the door completely and it was left slightly open, I could not see directly the toilet but I heard her lift the seat lid and a few seconds later start peeing. When she had finished I expected to hear the toilet flush but it didn't, a few seconds later I heard a couple of plopping sounds then silence for about a minute, this was then followed by a large plopping sound. She called out to me to get a new toilet roll from the kitchen cabinet, which I then did and when I returned just put my arm around the door with the intention of placing it on the floor. She told me to bring it in to her, and when I walked inside the bathroom I could not believe how exited I got. She was sitting on the toilet with her trousers and underwear pulled down to just above her knees holding her hand out for the new roll of paper. She started talking to me while tearing off strips of paper and wiping her behind, I asked how she could do that in front of anyone when she replied, " Don't you ever need to do this?" She said she hoped I was not shy or anything. I have got a very strong urge to do that in front of her, so much so that I am tempted to hold back to make sure that I will need to go when I next see her. But I feel I may be too embarrassed if the situation actually occur.

JILL: I try and limit my toilet visits on trains to just peeing, as it is a little awkward doing #2 with the train jolting about over the joins in the track, especially so when the train rides over points. I don't know why they sometimes design the toilet compartments on trains with the toilet facing sideways. This can be annoying when you are sitting down and the train brakes, you have to brace yourself to lean one side and when the brakes are released you have to quickly brace yourself to lean the other way. I don't know if you've travelled on trains with pneumatic door opening and closing mechanisms, this is where you just press a button to automatically open or close the door (for the benefit of readers in other countries). I find it surprising how many people cannot figure out how to lock the door once inside, like myself just get misled into thinking if it was closed by an automated devise from a button on the inside, this would then make the button on the outside! inoperable. I frequently open the toilet doors on trains only to be faced with a very embarrassed man or woman on the toilet with their pants down.

JUN: Just reading your question concerning the extent that people clean themselves after going #2. I can only assume they keep using paper until it appears clean and then possibly an extra couple of wipes to be sure. I always use paper first, and then rinse over a sink afterwards with soap and water. If I'm using public toilets with a cubicle and no sink, I always use much more paper than I really need and then when I am able to get to a toilet that does have a sink, rinse there. I am very clean in this department. How about you?

BMG & Young
to Roger, from BMG : It's Salma Hayek. thank you for telling us. I hope you know what the movie title was. If you read my old post, there I listed several movie that have "potty scene", complete with girl who doing it, and I saw them personally. Yes, it used to be extremely rare, but I saw the best one, from the movie Twenty One, starring Patsy Kensit. I bet you already seen it. I used to have the Twenty One tape but DAMN!! it's missing. Girls sitting on the pot are sexy.... to Jun, from Young : Yes, it's took a practice to use it, and when you mastered it, you may ended addictive. I have the electronic toilet seat installed in my bathroom. It's present from BMG when he go to Japan. He..he.. I won't have to go far to Japan to try one, 'cause I have mine.... to Jun again, from BMG & Young : You clean your bum after doing jobbies are for hygenic reason and they SHOULD! We clean our bum using soap and water. Toilet paper is just not custom for us. It's better and more hygenic. Besides, we are human, not animal.

Well, this is the first time I've posted on this forum, since I found it about a month ago. To answer Jun, I've had experiences where I only had to wipe once (only to find a clean piece of t.p., or 18 times (like the other day when I had a nice, runny poop). I live in a college dorm with a public restroom, but the toilet stalls have doors on them. Usually, I have the restroom to myself, but there are times when I have to do a #2 with others. Even once, I was doing a poop when someone's GIRLFRIEND came in to pee! She sat down in the stall right next to me. Needless to say, I was somewhat excited by that experience. Even though, lately, in the past several months, to finish, I have to echo Jun's question, how much do people clean themselves after shitting?

Why not pee in shower? I agree and have done it a lot. This probably is easier because I am a guy. Do not imagine women have as easy a time. But it can be a problem in that sometimes water from the shower somehow makes its way inside the canal. Or soap. You guys know what I am talking about. Women feel free to comment on what your experience has been too.

Some Guy
To Hello: 8 and a half hours!?!?! That can't be right. I'd wet myself after 4 probably To Roger: In Doc Hollywood the girl and MJ Fox pee in the woods to throw some hunters of the deer's trail.

Monday, March 02, 1998

Moira and I are going on a touring holiday of Europe for the next few weeks so there wont be any posts from us for a little while. we will tell you all about the various toilets we encounter on our travels and other interesting happenings during that period, but wont have access to a computer for that time. All the best to all and happy landings till we return.
George and Moira

Well I admire you for continuing with your studies, I do hope it is worth your while. Since finishing University more than five years ago, I confess that I haven't felt the urge or need to study further, although I have sat some professional exams. I believe it is important to balance work and leisure, and I try to make the most of my leisure time. When I am commuting, by train I find I can use the time for work or leisure, but usually work. Getting round more to the subject of this forum - do you ever use the train loos? They are a bit variable in the trains on which I travel. Some are downright un-usable, some are about ok, and others are really quite clean and comfortable. There is something quite exhilarating in sitting on a loo while the train is bumping along - do let me know what you think. I have been known to hold on deliberately, so that I can have a poo on the train - I get a special thrill from this, strange as it may seem! I missed your post until today (Saturday) so I shall try to wear a carnation on Monday. This could be interesting!

I pee in shower too.... Why not?

Something that has not been discussed frequently in this forum is the effect of pregnancy of women's pooping habits. Probably because most of the female friends who post here regularly (Steph, Alex, Jodi...) do not, presumably, have any first hand experience of the condition. My wife, Dora, is 3 month pregnant, expecting for the first time (we got married in July). I had an opportunity to extratemporaneously watch her poo from time to time, before and during pregnancy. She used to be a regular bathroom visitor in the morning, before, during (!!) and shortly after breakfast and her poos were consisting of very small chuncks, almost pellets, falling in loads. So to say, never those large turds that people gossip about.. Since the beginning of her pregnancy though, she has a little bit of constipation, in that she would only go to the bathroom every other day. Most of the time, I have to assist her (I derive a certain pleasure from doing it and she definitely knows it..). Only the very tip of the material would protrude and stay hanging there for what seems an eternity for my wife, who, usually, never spends alot of time on the throne. She is afraid of pushing too much for fear of herroroides. Given her condition, the Heimlich manoeuver, which has been talk about at length here not so long ago, is unadvisable. Rather, I would caress her back, sometimes scratch it gently and, you know what, it seems to be working. Try it out. Mind you, it cannot achieve the impossible. Today was the third day my wife hasn't gone. She had a mild urge yesterday, but, for some reason, never went to the bathroom. This evening, we were invited at her parents for dinner and, shortly before leaving (I was getting dressed), she calls me in distress: I found her sitting on the toilet, visibly annoyed "I had an urge, but nothing is coming out". She strained, strained, strained, I massaged her back. In vain. She got up, showed me her anus. There was nothing to see, except for a large bulge that indicated that the poop was close to the surface. She walked a bit in the apartment with her trousers down, hoping to trigger the so much desired BM, then sat back...strained, strained, strained, pushed, pushed, pushed....again, to no avail. Since we did not want to be late, she readjusted herself without flushing (there was nothing to flush...). We got into the car for the 20 min. ride to her parents. her mother supplied Dora with a suppository and she was back in the bathroom ten minutes later. As an hour before, I heard a loud "Philippe !" and I dashed. here she was, sitting again.... She showed me a piece of material that she had been able to collect from her anus. It looked like a small ball of wet sand. She sat again and I started my massage again. Something was starting to move know, but excruciatingly slowly. To confirm that the bowel was now acting, we got up, like at home, to show me her anus....I was almost terrified...I had never seen an anus open that large. There was this stoney brown material that, if one was unaware of the circumstances, could have been mistaken for the head of a baby coming out of the mother's body. Absolutely huge. After I confirmed to me concerned wife that things were now moving, I went back to join my party when Dora called me 15 minutes later to (proudly) show me her work... There were, in the pan, 4 turds, that impressed me more by their width than by ther length..Once was at least 2 inchs thick. What an experience ! Philippe

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