Samantha C
TO ADRIAN, ALYSSA, AND BRENDA (and anybody else I'm forgetting): Thanks a lot for helping me figure out my "endlessly repeating pees" problem. I did go see a doctor, but I don't have urinary tract infection. Nor, apparently according to her, is there an overactive bladder problem. The positioning thing when I sit on the toilet is probably the culprit -- and I have had some time to think about it, and it makes a lot of sense. When I piss outdoors or in the shower I'm in a totally different position, and it's definitely a lot more satisfying piss those times. I used to think that it was just because I was peeing in a more unconventional place and so I was just turned-on. Now I'm thinking I was more satisfied also because I was actually fully voiding my bladder. Solution: now I'm pissing in the shower before bed every night. And guess what? It might just be mind-over-matter or whatever (power of suggestion?), but I do one big shower piss and then I get in bed and don't have to get back out anymore to squirt-squirt. THANK YOU for this relief, right? I can't ever tell you how great a change this is. It's like I've won the lottery or something. Really!

TO THE MAGE: your story a while back rocked. Rocked!!!

There was this other thing I thought about sharing, too. It's more of a question than a story, because I honestly don't remember anything to go with this experience of mine....

Here's the experience: It's happened twice in my life that I've gotten SO drunk that I've utterly, fantastically drenched my jeans with urine and not noticed it at all. I mean not one clue as it was happening. The only reasons I ever knew it happened, both times, were because (1) friends of mine ragged me about it for FOREVER after both instances. (2) From one of those times I do have a Polaroid of me lying passed-out under a pool table in my soaked clothes, and it's actually kind of a fun treasure to me now, even if I don't remember one bit of it ever happening. (3) Both times, by the time I was able to be aware of my surroundings, it was well into the next day, and my friends had helped me to change clothes and had put me to bed. But of course I stank all to hell, and neither time did they bother to wash my clothes for me, just left the dried-up pissy-smelling stuff lying next to the bed I was in. Like to prove it to me what I did. Bitches, they were! ;D

Anyway, I do remember some drunken pissing times where I was in distress and managed either squat somewhere safe or else just had an accident, but it does sort of freak me out that twice I've been so blasted that I wet myself that badly and then just went on being drunk and unaware. Maybe that's silly, but that's the way I feel.

My question: anybody out there have a similar problem? Have you been so drunk you pissed yourself real badly, publicly, and never even knew you did it until after you sobered up and somebody told you?

To Whitney, Kelly, and Sarah!
I'm Chris, a longtime viewer of this site, and more and more of a frequent poster! I'm more turned on to women that can bust a toilet with a huge, solid, log but I have a story you might enjoy?
At the local mall after work today, I headed straight to the Men's room to deliver my huge Fri. Afternoon shit into their toilet. Well, I sat down and unleashed the log I was holding for the whole afternoon at work, and it stretched from well inside the hole to nearly the rim!!!! I'd say about 1 and 1/2 feet(18") long and 1" in diameter!!! If I was alone I wouldn't have flushed!!! I normally have my biggest shits on Friday Afternoon for some reason??? Hope to 'tickle' one of you with my reply???

Tonight I met some friends for pizza and as I was driving home, I felt the beginnings of a stomach ache and the subsequent feeling that I was going to have to poop soon. I was kind of happy because I hadn't gone in a few days, and my stomach ache wasn't really even a stomach ache, just kind of a full feeling in my ???? and bowels. I was looking forward to going home and having a nice, relieving poo. Well, of course, it was rush hour and I had hit the road at totally the wrong time. Not only was I hitting every stoplight red, but traffic was just generally bad. What would normally have been a fifteen-minute drive turned into a half-hour one. The feeling in my stomach began to build and I started having some gas. My jeans were a little tight, and I unbuttoned them at the top to relieve some of the pressure on my lower ????. Immediately I had more gas and could really feel the poop trying to get out. I was determined to make it home, but I still kept having to stop at every light. I began to have pains in my lower ????, the kind I have when I really, really have to go, and so I pulled into the next gas station I saw and ran inside to the restroom. I must have looked really funny because my jeans were undone at the top and I was holding my stomach as I hurried in. When I finally got to the toilet, I let out two massive farts and then my stomach cramped and I felt a gush of diarrhea come out. I hunched over holding my ???? and had diarrhea for probably another five minutes. When it finally stopped, I was feeling very sick and just sat for a minute to let my stomach settle. I thought I was done, and I got up and had just flushed the toilet when my insides churned again and I quickly undid my pants and sat back down on the toilet to have more waves of diarrhea. It smelled very bad and was almost liquid. Finally, I was able to leave the bathroom and get back in my car to head home. I got home without anymore incidents, but my stomach and butt are kind of sore and I'm still feeling fairly queasy. My boyfriend is on his way over to give me a ???? rub and back rub.

My girlfriend accompanied me into the mens' restroom at the mall right after it opened when no one was using it. Hardly anyone was around at all on this weekday morning. Neither of us had gone to the bathroom that morning so we really had to go. She just wanted to play with the urinals. She held my dick as I peed and got a big kick out of it. I would guess that if you're a girl it's quite a trip. I finished and she was like wringing out my dick. She then headed to a stall to pee and I'm like, girls can go in urinals too. So I pulled down her shorts and underpants and opened up her cunt a little with my fingers so that her urethra was aimed toward the urinal and told her to let go. A very good yellow stream, almost perfect, with a little splatter due to her giggling and not holding still. Then I directed her stream into the trap creating a lot of foam. More giggling because she never saw it foam up like that. It smelled differently than boys urine, also. We will do it again sometime.

Hi all,
Just spent three days with what you could call a case of the straight through shits. I never felt sick or had any accidents or puking but about an hour after eating would feel a little pressure so would go off to the loo and as I relaxed pure water interspersed with undigested food would just pour out of by bum. Lots of wind water and chunky stuff. Even saw carrots and potatoes floating about. Looked like puke but smelt worse than a septic tank. Must have been a change in the water as we went to Cape Town for a few days and I got quite a strange perverse feeling about going to smart shopping centers and then really fouling the ladies loo. Some of the comments from some of the prissy shitters next to me were things like "Oh God how gross" and "Poor girl" and "Heaven help us' or "Who just died?" The best was a little girl who said to her mom "Mommy that lady is having a big wee" to which mommy answered in a stage whisper "That is not a wee but a very runny poo darling".
On honeymoon 28 years ago we had lunch at a little country hotel and I had chicken. Well at about 2am the next morning I felt a little uncomfortable so went to the loo in our hotel room thinking that I would sneak a little shit and be back in bed in no time. Still very shy with hubby so I shut the door and sat to quietly do my business. Well after the initial quiet fart out came a rush of foul smelling shit followed. Wind after wind woke my new husband as I was trying to be as quiet as possibly. He opened the door to ask if I was OK so I said not really but I won't die. He then leaves the door open and goes back to bed and made comments about each offering that I blew out. After a while it stopped and I went back to bed. Needless to say it put a stop to any other activity as I warned him that I may leak as I was not very good at identifying what was causing the pressure. Wind or solid. Later after a light breakfast we went sight seeing and got to a place called God's Window where we stopped and looked at the view from a grassy patch. While watching I felt a cramp and looked around for a loo. None. Hubby said to just go to one side of the grassy viewing patch and squat as there was no one around. I walked off to one side and hitched up my dress and slipped my panties to just under my bum. I squatted and arranged my dress so it looked as if I was looking at the flowers. The cramp went away and I had a short wee. As I finished a car pulled up and a whole family got out to come and see the view. I thought I would pull up my pants and get on but the kids were too quick so I stayed as I was and as Murphy's Law will have it the cramp came back stronger that ever. I realized that I would have to let go and hopefully the family would move on before I needed to stand up. I let go but it was only wind and no poo. Very relieved (bad pun) I now waited for a chance to pull my pants up but now the mother comes over the rise with a pick nick basket. What now? Well only one thing for it just get up as if I had been admiring the flowers and hope that my panties do not fall down. They luckily stayed up just below my bum but it was a little weird walking around a family with my bum bare but covered only by my dress. Thinking back I get a little thrill as I often go without panties under my jeans around the farm.

I was reading with some interest about some of the stories where a student arriving at school late having to pee or having to go to the restroom during class and are denied by teacher to leave the room.

I remember this cute girl, long light brown hair, blue eyes,wearing a peach color long pleated dress. She was always very well groomed and real quiet sort of person. She was also very smart in the top of our class.
I noticed her figit a bit one morning about 11AM before lunch. She was constantly shifing around in her seat and stretching her legs out and was quite restless. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and she knew it and gave me a real frown look for just looking her direction.
I figured she hadda pee or something as the one boy next to me did a few times, wiggled, squirmed and acted the same way before he pissed in his pants. Wow, to see this gal make a puddle would be a real turn on.
She finally put up her hand to be excused and this mean old maid teacher who had a reputation of being a bitch said no.
She continued to figit and squeeze her legs and was holding her dress at her crotch area. I pretended not to see all this as I know she was embarrassed.
She puts up her hand a second time and softly said,"may I be excused to the girls room?" Teacher gave her a nasty look and shook her head no.

About 20 minutes of this went on and I think all the boys around were getting excited. Then with no warning she just jumps up out of her seat and ran to the door with her hand on her crotch and walking stiff legged. We noticed a small wet spot on her dress on the butt where she sat. She went out he door and the teacher said nothing.

About 15 minutes later she came back, and that teacher said for her to stay after everyone left for lunch for a few words.

She got detention, but the next day her dad showed up at the principals office and it was obivious that he raised hell about it. The teacher still was real strict and would deny the students the restoom but not as often as before.

This wasnt the first time though thru school I sat next to a pants wetter or a poopy pants. The latter being the worst with the poopy smell all day.
Anyone got a similar story to compare?

i had an xtra large poop today. when i looked at it in the bowl i saw it really looked like pres. george bush. maybe tomorrow i can do a chaney.

Well, i havn't had a good shit all day, and i'm laying in bed here with my laptop, and I really feel the urge, im getting a little cramped....and letting out some pretty wet farts... so i decided why not make it got a plastic bag and a towl on my bed, and im just laying here naked on my side...on the towl and i can feel it starting to come out a little, but this one is gonna be tough... I just peed a little while i was going to push again a little more pee came out with another fart...its gonna be a wet one i can tell.... ooohhh alot more pee came out on that push i can feel it starting to poke out a little... I just decided to let all the pee flow out all over everything...its so warm, if felt so good.....oh here comes another big push, its sticky and it doesn't want to come going to lay on my back, and put the laptop on my stomach..thats better...its coming out all over the towl and its so warm and sticky, it feels so good....4 huge baseball sides clumps.....i better go clean up now....

To Michael-explosive diarrhea:
How badly did that big dump smell? Did you tell your brother about it? If you did, how did he react?

Hello--cooler here today. I awoke and got up just a few minutes ago. Coming to the computer, I dialed up the Internet and waited for it to come up. While waiting, I lubricated a finger and stuck it up through my anus into my rectum to see if I could feel my poop coming down, since this is the normal time of day for my first dump. Sure enough, after a minute or so I felt a hard lump come down against my finger; but then it drew back slightly so I could hardly feel it. I stretched my finger up in toward it slightly, but then a puff of gas escaped with a brief hiss, and the turd slid right up against my finger. I got up, still holding my finger inside, and walked into the bathroom. The turd moved a bit further up inside. I got the hand mirror, squatted on the rim, and watched. The poop started out as a thin, pencil-like sliver for maybe three inches, then suddenly thickened into a normal turd, dark brown with a greenish tinge from some salad I ate yesterday noon. The first turd was about 8 inches long, followed immediately by another of nearly the same length; they fell cleanly, with no visible residue on my anus. I wiped once.
Yesterday I had 4 bowel movements, all normal, of which the last was the best--three nice big splasher turds, the biggest at least an inch and a quarter thick and several inches long. I was in the men's room of a historic site, and I took advantage of reflective tile to watch some pooping on either side of me. First a man came in, sat well forward, and shot a continuous stream of diarrhea into the bowl; not pretty. Then another man, fairly young, sat well back so I could not see anything come out, but when he leaned forward to wipe I saw under him, and there were two long skinny turds floating and slowly moving in the water. A third man came, sat on the rim, and farted three times; finally, after a wait, he pushed out a thin, very dark short turd. Suddenly his butt exploded with a very loud noise, but the result was not diarrhea. In one swift shot he sent out several long thin dark turds. He waited a bit, wiped, and left. In all, a nice set of sightings.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Oh my girls!
I finally came back and read your post!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dear, sweet angels.
I am soooo sorry! Robby! I cried and cried. Nu was with me and we lit a candle, and I prayed: "Hear me God, some people live forever. They walk in the fields of our hearts. Please welcome my dear friend."

Nu stayed with me. She cares like me. We are soooo, soooo sorry. He was a wonderful man. Such a precious angel.
Annie, I love you.
All my love,

Hello ANNIE, dear, I am trying to imagine what you are going through. If I made you laugh, then that's just fine. I send you my special hug!

TIM and SARAH, your story of the cyclist peeing en route and spraying a journalist in a car was great.
And little Loewie taking his toy lion to the bathroom to try and get things moving was very touching. And I, too, can just see your embarassed faces at your destination when Lowie had to drop his jobbie in front of everyone. I wish you all the best for your stay on the Baltic shores, hugs, Rizzo.

A few days after that a friend told me of a similar encounter.
They were a group of friends travelling by train to the South of France several years ago. It was hot, the train they boarded was packed with migrant workers and holiday makers. They also found their reserved seats in a compartment occupied by a large family that wouldn't budge, so that they had to stay in the corridor in front of the open door to the compartment. After a while my friend observed a matronly woman in the compartment producing a chamber pot from the baggage and seating one of the children on it. I wasn't told if it had been a little boy or girl, no matter, the result in the lemon yellow plastic potty would have been the same. When the child had finished, had been wiped clean and the woman had picked up the potty, my friends began to move away from the compartment door, to make room, expecting her to take the potty to the toilet at the end of the carriage. But she did not. With an elegant swing of her arm she flung the contents of the lemon yellow potty out of the window of the fast-moving train. Caught in the slip stream everything disappeared immediately, only to be swirled back into the next ‚down-wind' compartment and showering its occupants. It took a few moments for the hapless travelers there to realise what they had just been showered with. I leave it to you to imagine the ensuing commotion!

Hi Meghan, how thrilling for you to be in Cambridge now! Try not to get caught peeing in alleys! And good for you to pick up playing the cello again. If you are considering playing in a ‚fun' orchestra - they go to the pub after practice; plenty of pee stories could ensue - try the WCSO. Hugs Rizzo.

Hi Penny, your story of the girl in the porta-loo being tipped over really made me laugh! I always enjoy reading from you.

That's all for today,

I was in a public restroom recently having a shit. It didn't feel very special, I only knew it was going to be big. When I got off the toilet I was surprised to see perfection! The turd was about 15 inches long, perfectly straight, smooth, no imperfections whatever, and it only took two wipes to get clean. It was so perfect, I didn't want to cover it up with the TP, so I tossed that on the floor. I left the turd in the bowl for the next person to look at. It looked like a 1.5 inch brown dowel rod with rounded edges.

Whitney,your story was one of the best stories I've heard in a while,and if the rest of your stories are like that,I think they'd be a great addition to this place.

Besides,I totally think you girls aren't freaks,as if your friendship is in such a level that you can make each other shit in your pants,and laugh about it,that's a beatiful thing IMO.

To Whitney:
Please give us more stories!!!! We love hearing about girls farting and pooping, accidents or not!

Whitney, I really enjoyed your stories about you and your friends accidently pooping your pants. Keep up the stories, please!

poopy stevey
whitney 2 excellent stories i enjoyed them

I need to know how can you tell if a girl is into the natural body-functions thing but is just scared as I am about sharing the love?
It's like a dream to meet someone like me on this one. All others haven't been down to earth yet.


Though you probably grow tired of my responses, I feel obligated to do so, if only to encourage more such bladder-rich tales. I'll try and not reply from now on to every great story of yours, but please note that this does not mean a lack of interest in your terrific posts. Please keep them up. Regards, -Bubba

I loved your story. There are a lot of us out here who love pooping in our pants. I would love to hear some other accounts of you pooping.
Welcome to the board.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Jerry, can you please describe what the women that took shit next to you looked like? Thanks

after being constipated for about a week, i finally was able to poop this morning. i hadn't gone since last tuesday night and that is a very, very long time for me. my ???? began feeling sore two nights ago, and i tried very hard to go but could only pass a small amount of gas. yesterday i felt very full and my stomach was achy and uncomfortable. this morning i woke up with a bad stomach ache and my lower ???? visibly bloated. i told my mom i had a stomach ache and wasn't going to school, then i went into the bathroom and tried again to poop. i sat sort of leaned back so that my stomach would relax, and i started to lightly rub my ????. nothing would come out, and i was having pains in my lower ????. i went into the kitchen where my mom was and told her that i had been constipated for a while and my stomach was a little swollen and asked if she would give me a ???? massage. i laid on the couch and let her rub on my ???? and after about fifteen minutes, i felt some movement in my bowels. my stomach made a loud gurgling noise and i ran to the bathroom just in time to push out two large, thick turds and several small ones. it felt really good but unfortunately my stomach is still a little uneasy.

Michael-explosive diarrhea
Im 15 years old, Today I took a big ol dump. I stayed home with my brother and the night before I ate fried chicken and potatoes. This morning I ate 3 slices of toast,a pepsi,milk,and 3 huge dishes of cinnamon toast crunch,which has a lot of fiber.2 hours later I felt the need to take a huge dump so I grabbed a playstation 2 magazine and went to the bathroom.I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my boxers down and sat on the toilet. I opened my magazine and let loose. I let out a loud thud of shit accompained by some soft watery shit. I continued To read and let out some more stools. I sat reading and didn't feel quite empty so I continued to read and five minutes later and let out some watery and squeeky farts and quite a bit of watery diarrhea. Every 5 minutes I would do this and suddenly I got a sharp cramp and exploded some more of the dump. I finished with some watery farts and a soft log. I couldn't help but look and in the bowl was a clump of soft shit with a log sticking out of it and under that was diarrhea which covered the entire bowl. THere was quite more under that because the diarrhea was 2nd to last. WE have a big toilet but in any other toilet it would be full. I just flushed away the nasty dump and went on my computer. This was the 2nd biggest dump I have takenin my lifetime. Number 1 was explosive diarrhea.

Brooke: How big was that turd??? You should not have flushed it, just leave it for some one else to see.

Hey Brooke and Sifl how did your shits smell?

Louise (from France)
long pee,
Very nice anecdote, do you have more of her?
Staircase are a very confortable solution to pee, I've done it some time, mostly on emergency stairs of parking garges. I too seat on the step, spread lega and flood the staircase down me...
If I have to pee badly I have a powerful gusher, expecially if I pee in a position like that (sitting leg spread on a stair); but i haven't a large bladder, in fact i have to pee quite often, so my gusher usually doesn't last longer than 30 secs, even if very powerfull.

thanks for postinf, hope to read you soon



Good morning--cooler and a bit dryer here, after heavy rain Monday. That night, while we didn't lose power, we did lose water--none at all. We went out into the storm to some tubs which had collected water, and got buckets and filled them with water to flush toilets with. I slept well as the storm wound down, and woke up around 5 a.m. As usual, I soon felt the urge to defecate, but didn't want to use one of the toilets and have to use up a bucket and make noise. I therefore went outside into the dark, taking a small digital camera with me, as well as two pats of toilet paper (3 sheets each). Entering a small copse of trees, I pulled down my pants and squatted, holding the camera behind me. When I felt the log beginning to exit, I took the picture; the flash was brilliant but brief. After that first log, there were several more, soft but still formed. When I was done, I wiped, using each pat of paper twice; still not really clean, but I could finish up inside later. I then took a picture of my pile--not easy in the near-total darkness. I looked at the pictures: my first shot had been a little too high, getting mostly my back, though I could see my bottom and the turd coming down out of it perhaps a couple of inches. The picture of the poop was a little disappointing as well, since the poop was almost the color of the pinestraw into which it fell. I erased both pictures. That was my only movement that day.
Today I have had three b.m.'s, as if to make up for poor production numbers yesterday. My first was soon after getting up; I squatted on the rim and watched myself in the mirror as I dropped, first, about a 4-inch log which was hard and pebbly on one side and slightly smoother and softer on the other; then two more turds, maybe 6 inches each, fairly smooth and hard. I wiped twice, then used the Noxzema on the last wipe to clean more thoroughly. After breakfast I had to go again, this time two nice long turds about an inch thick; I wiped once. Just a few moments ago I felt full for a third time this morning; again doing a squat, I placed the mirror in front of me and down; I saw my anus slowly descend, then open to admit out a single turd maybe 8 or 9 inches long, solid and smooth; again one wipe.
Happy pooping everyone!

This toilet website should be known as the Brown & Gold website.
Real school spirit and color will be displayed. While near Western Michigan University. The restrooms were marked "The Men's Brown & Gold Room" and "The Women's Brown & Gold Room."

When marked they were quickly erased. The stucco shows two washed out spots near the Women's Restroom in the lower part of the Bernhard Center at WMU.

to emilie,
why don't you just pee and poop while youre on the phone with your boyfriend, and be honest with him about what the noises are instead of having to think up some lie to get off the phone with him or about the noise of you peeing being the sink running? did you ever think that he might not mind hearing you going to the bathroom, or might even like hearing it?

Has anyone come across unusual peeing positions? I keep walking in on the managing director of the company I work in while he is having a pee. He's around 60 years old. He uses a stall to pee in. They are fitted out with doors and everything but he always pees with the stall door open. Now here is the unusual thing - he stands sideways in the stall while he is peeing!
I guess he doesn't like having the back to the door - too worried he's going to get back stabbed or something!

But it's very disconcerting to walk into the gents and see the big company boss standing sideways in the stall with door wide open having a pee! To make it worse he always says "Hello! Good afternoon! How are you?" etc while he stands there holding his penis and peeing!

Even more annoying is that he seems to pee like 20 times a day! No matter when I go in there chances are about 1 in 4 that I'll walk in on him! This is freaking me out!

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