two quick things:
-i got to history class a bit early today and was reading a book when i happened to look over and notice that the girl who sits next to me was looking very uncomfortable and had both of her hands on her stomach. about ten minutes after class started, she had a fart just loud enough for me to hear and then a few minutes later, she suddenly jumped up and ran out of the classroom clutching her stomach. i think she had started to poop her pants because i turned around to look at her as she was leaving and i'm pretty sure i saw a bulge in the back of her jeans!
-why do our stomachs bulge out when we are constipated? my ???? was swollen up yesterday during my constipation, and i have experienced this once before. it is the actual poop that causes the bloating or is it just gas?

I love this site! Finally i've been looking for a place like this forever...I have SOOO many stories to share about me and my two best friends, who i am gonna tell about this place so they can tell some of the stories too, because we make new ones all the time. anyway my name is Whitney and i'm 19, a little short but slim and i have light brown hair. My friends names are Kelly and Sarah. Kelly is a tiny bit taller than me and she's really pretty, she has reddish-brown hair and she's 18, and Sarah is my height and is also 19 and she has the prettiest hair it's dark brown. Anyway, you might think we're all really weird but ever since we were around 13 and 14, we've had sort of a "poop" club so to speak. We're all just fascinated and amused by it, not really in a sexual way, but none of us are grossed out by it and over the years have had some fun experiences and i have so many funny stories. I'll tell you how it all started.

On Kelly's 13th birthday the three of us slept over at her house. We were just being typical teenage girls i guess, we ate a lot of cake and talked about people we know and laughed at everything and stayed up late. At that point none of us had ever mentioned having any fascination with poop to any of the others, but i noticed the Kelly seemed to make stupid poop joke references once in a while, so i had an idea that maybe i wasn't alone. Anyway, we were having so much fun and at one point Sarah said she was gonna go to the bathroom. She got up and went over to her bag to put her pants on first, and Kelly nudged me and then whispered in my ear "go block the door, let's tickle sarah until she pees her pants!" i looked at her like she was crazy at first, but i did like the idea so i got up and stood in front of the door with an evil grin. Kelly grabbed Sarah around the waist and pulled her down on the floor and the giggling and screaming ensued. she held Sarah's hands down and Sarah was kicking like crazy but i managed to get off to the side of her and i started tickling her armpits. She was laughing like crazy and had tears in her eyes and she kept shouting, but all she could get out was "STOP! STOP! IM GONNA-..IM GONNA!" and everything else was laughter. All the sudden she started really crying more than laughing and me and Kelly were laughing hard to, so we stopped for a minute. Sarah sat up and just glared at us, and i looked and saw that her pants weren't wet at all. It was dissapointing...until she got up. Sarah stood up and shouted "YOU MADE ME GO IN MY PANTS!" and she waddled out of the room holding her butt! I was surprised and covered my mouth. As soon as she was gonna Kelly just burst out laughing! We looked at eachother and i just said "OMG SHE POOPED HER PANTS!" and Kelly said "I KNOW THAT'S EVEN BETTER!" It was sooooooooooooo funny, but Sarah was sooooooo mad! She was gone for a long time and me and Kelly couldn't stop talking about how funny it was. About a half hour later Sarah came back in with a towel around her waist, and she was obviously trying not to laugh. She walked over to her overnight back and got out a clean pair of underwear and looked at us and said "you guys are jerks!" then we all started laughing really hard! she put her underwear on under the towel then took her towel off and sat down and we all laughed for the longest time. it was so cool that she found it funny.

I'll tell one more story for now, but i can't tell too many at once, plus I want Sarah or Kelly to come here and tell some of the early ones too.

This is about the first time Sarah got revenge. After that night we still never really had a discussion about poop, but it was clear to all three of us that we found it amusing and fascinating. We never really expected anything like that to happen again. Sarah turned 14 two months after that and the weekend after her birthday we went to Six Flags. Her older sister drove us there, and we had a really great time. On the way home, her and her older sister seemed to be acting really weird and kept whispering and grinning to eachother. We pulled into 7-11 and her sister asked us if we wanted anything. We didn't suspect anything fishy at the time, and we each asked for slurpees and gave her some money. Her sister went in by herself and Sarah seemed quiet but content sitting in the front seat. We could see her sister inside through the windows when she got to the cash register, and she had a small white package of some sort that looked like tylenol or something and she kept smiling. she had the slurpees too, but after she paid she walked away from the counter but didn't come out. when she came back out she didn't have the little box anymore, and gave me and kelly our slurpees and a mountain dew for Sarah. Everything seemed just normal, and just for the record i never thought anything of the box and the walking away until after the following events..

We had about 2 hours left to get home and we just sipped away on our slurpees. After about 20 minutes Kelly kept squirming around and looked like she felt sick and she put her slurpee down in the cup holder. She then just looked out the window and looked like she was really miserable and had her hands on her ????. I was gonna ask her if she was okay but i didn't want to bother her. I figured she was car sick or something. Anyway, about 3 minutes later i got a really bad stomach cramp and i felt a gurgle, and i suddenly had to poop really bad! i clenched my butt together and i started to feel like i was gonna panic because i had to go really bad. I turned and looked at Kelly and that's when i figured out she must've had the same problem...I looked at her and she was still looking miserable, and i said quietly "Kelly i have to go to the bathroom really bad, do you?" and she just said "i think i'm gonna have an accident..."

i heard sarah snicker a little bit and that's when i knew something was up! i said to her and her sister "we have to go to the bathroom are we gonna stop soon?" sarah didn't let her siser say anything, she just turned around with this dumb grin and said "nope you're just gonna have to wait until we get home, it will only be about an hour, maybe more."

that's when i knew we were in trouble. i was in denial that they were up to something i said to her sister "please? i really really have to go and i don't think i can make it all the way home." kelly said "me either please i really can't hold it!" her sister just said "well can you go another 20, maybe 30 minutes?" i could see her smiling and sarah was covering her face. i got so mad then. I was about to start begging and getting really irritated when i heard a really nasty sound! i turned and looked at Kelly and she had her face in her hands and her knees pressed together really tight and she started farting like crazy! she was obviously crapping her pants and within seconds it really started to stink. we all rolled our windows down and Kelly went on crapping her pants for nearly 5 minutes and just kept saying "you guys are so mean!"

Kelly crapping herself was the least of my worries though, because i was still desperate to poop and Kelly not being able to hold it in long enough to keep from going in her pants was NOT at all encouraging for me. I managed to hold it a lot longer than her, but it was only a matter of time. I eventually got a really sharp pain in my ???? and i leaned forward. I didn't fart or make a lot of noise like Kelly, i just suddenly lost control and felt this really warm, soft poop filling my underwear really really fast and smoothly. i gotta admit, it felt really good to let it all out and i was glad i didn't fart like crazy like Kelly did, that would've been way more embarrassing. I think i probably pooped a lot more than her though, i was pooping my pants for like 5 minutes and it would come out in long spurts like every 10 seconds and it was really mushy and gross. it felt good though, at least it wasn't solid. by the time i was finally done it just felt like a big warm mushy cushion under my butt, but it still felt a little gross. To my surprise i wasn't as upset and embarrassed as i thought, and i don't think any of the others even noticed i pooped my pants. like i said i didn't make any noise and the smell from kelly pooping her pants was already present so it's not like my poop was a new smell to notice. I said there with poop in my pants for another 10 minutes before Sarah's sister asked me "do you still need me to stop for the bathroom or do you want to be a good friend and take some of the attention away from kelly if you know what i mean..." then sarah started laughing. at that time i knew i had to report, so i said "well..i kind of already pooped my pants a few minutes ago." sarah and her sister both started laughing their butts off. kelly finally looked away from the window and looked at me and said "you did?" and for the first time actually smiled. then we both started laughing too, and they told us they had put laxative in our slurpees and that tied everything together!

well it was a good laugh, and i guess we deserved it after making sarah poop her pants that time at Kelly's house. It was so funny when we got out of the car, kelly had gray shorts on and they were COMPLETELY brown and even wet on her butt and they were all clumped together up her butt from sitting in the poop, lol! there was poop smeared down her left leg too, almost to her knee, it was SO GROSS but we laughed really hard. i had on tight capri jeans, so it wasn't a major mess like Kelly, Sarah just told me that my butt was wet and i had a big bulge in my pants with a slight brown stain. omg none of us could stop laughing. it felt really gross when i walked though, i couldn't bend my knees because it was really squishy on my butt and i kept getting scared that poop was going to run down my legs and come out of my pants at the bottom. i walked bowlegged all the way up sarah's driveway, lol. anyway, sarah and her sister snuck us in and we used separate showers to clean up, then we spent the night and had a lot of laughs...and a long poop discussion! no one pooped their pants that night though.

so those are really the two stories that started it all, once you and both of your best friends have pooped your pants, you can make memories lol. anway, i hope no one thinks we're total freaks and would like for us to share more.

A lot of people here talk about public peeing. Although I've written about my experiences here, I really try to avoid it at all costs. When I am outside I usually stand or squat really low to avoid going too close to my shoes. This last time I bent over at the waist. I didn't realize it was so common in public restrooms - no wonder the seats are wet. I hover 1 inch about the seat when in a public restroom. I also try to use any available container and dispose of my waste properly, so I don't leave a giant puddle and keep my feet dry. Once I relieving a full bladder next to my car in an inclined parking structure. About half way through a family got off the elevator and walked to their car about 4 spaces downhill from mine in the same row. With great effort, I quickly stopped, but heard the child yell out that "water" was running from under their car. I quickly got in my car in left without making eye contact. I had an urgent need to finish, so I parked and used my imitation leather purse. Now I carry a large wide-mouthed drink bottle in my car. While in college it was useful for parties. Other girls were bursting, but I made a quick trip to my car and came back refreshed feeling a lot lighter.

THE MAGE- Awesome story! I showed all my friends!!

I never thought I'd enjoy watching a girl shit herself but i did. A while ago I was at the beach with my friend, Amy. She had to go to a wedding so i decided to go hang out at the beach. There I met this really pretty Hispanic girl named Zoe. We got to talking when all of a sudden she let out this loud fart. "Oops," she giggled. "I guess I have to do a number 2!" She asked me if i minded. "Go right ahead, I'd love to watch." I replied, slightly aroused. But instead of pulling down her panties and squatting, Zoe laid down on her stomach and started pushing. "Do you plan to poop your swimsuit?" She nodded and said she did it all the time. Since i share the same pastime, I asked if i could watch. She nodded and started to push this mushy log. I started doing my specialty stomach massage for her and she moaned before releasing a ball of mush. Her swimsuit bottoms were bulging with the poop and Zoe showed them no mercy by pushing a nice, 6-foot turd in them. She peed a little bit then her face scrunched up and she moaned a little before releasing a final blob of turd. Zoe smiled, thanked me then asked if i would come into the water with her to help clean up. I said yes but then she did a strange thing: Zoe sat up Indian style and moved her pelvis in little circles and smushed the turd pudding around in her suit bottoms. I asked her why and she said in her sexy, Latin accent "It feels so good!" We giggled and ran to the water. Before we aproached the water, Zoe pulled off her swimsuit bottoms revealing the poop caked from her crack to her pussy. She laid down in the water and scrubbed herself clean while I took a long piss in the ocean. Tell me if you wanna hear about what happened in the sand pit-two words:monster shit!

Happy poops!

Kerry....That was quite a story!!!!! I can imagine what a challenge that was!!!!!! big was your log? How long were you bound up?

I look forward to hearing more of your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao Nancy:o)

Hi everybody. I haven't posted in awhile 'cause I didn't have a real interesting story to tell, but this last weekend I was at the Mall and bumped into one of my girlfriends Breanne and her Mother shopping. She's one of my friends who knows about me taking really long pees in the restroom but I never dreamed she'd ever think about telling anyone much less her Mother. We all ended up at this store shopping for sunglasses when her Mom revealed that she really had to find a restroom. My girlfriend turns to her, then to me and says, "oh great. There goes any hope of shopping. I'm with the two longest pee'ers around." We all started giggling and the rest of the store probably thought we were nuts. Her Mom told her she could wait some more so we went to two more stores and then to a fast food place where we had some giant sodas. In the middle of our sodas Breanne piped up that after this we should probably find a restroom since her Mom and I were probably holding gallons. After all this pee talk I have to admit I was getting curious about what kind of pee Mrs. S----- could take.

We went to the restroom off the center courtyard and all of us went into adjacent stalls, Breanne's Mom on the corner, Breanne in the middle and me on the right. I skipped my morning pee so I knew I was holding a pretty good amount. Breanne started off with her usual tinkle that I remember from school, then her Mother started up with this gushhhhh- taper-off stop, gushhh-taper-off stop like a hand pump. Then I started up and kinda tried to be quiet and polite and do my thang. About a half minute later Breanne finished, and that's long for her, and quickly reached for a tissue and left the stall. Anyway, the whole thing was just getting started. I was peeing and peeing and hearing this thunder gush draining of to a stop, only to start up again a few seconds later. Meanwhile some lady went into the stall between us and took a regular 25 second pee and left.( Both of us were still peeing away like crazy.) Then Breanne, who was done washing her hands got bored or something and walked over to her mom's stall and said, "what's wrong, got some competition for once Mom?" I was stunned and called out "Breanne, gawd, shut-up." Her Mother started to chuckle, then myself and Breanne did the same. We peed for about another minute before her Mom called over to me sarcastically if I wanted to stop and call it a draw. I told her the truth, that my bladder had a lot left. To my surprise she came back with, "good, because she was just getting started." Anyway, the two of us peed and peed, and I started to draw it out and copy her Mom's peeing start and stop style which really made my pee looonng. We were peeing so long that it drove Breanne crazy and I know some of the other girls and women in the place really took notice of us when we just didn't come out of our stalls. I heard some titters and whispers.

I was still pushing and dribbling when I heard her Mom finally finish. We had been at it forever, I mean long, and not five minutes long, I mean LONG! I deliberately came out of my stall at the exactly the same time as she did, much to the great relief of Breanne. She told us that we probably set the all time record in that restroom for the longest twin pees. Now I think I may have a new peeing buddy with Mrs. S-----.

'Till next time.

just reading all you people's stories about pooping in the great outdoors reminds me of my childhood days (5 years old and younger). My family and I used to camp a lot on the beach and this was before most of the beaches had bathrooms, so we had to use the ocean or the bushes or nothing.
When my older brother and I were younger, we would just dig a hole, sit on it, and take a dump right in front of everyone who would walk by (this was not a crowded beach anyway). I could even be having constipation and letting out loud grunts at the same time. But nowdays, I'm too afraid to take dumps out in the wide open. I like to go in private restrooms.
When I was younger, to help my poop to come out, I would say, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...." just like the "Engine That Could". LOL.
Another thing I remembered was that one time, when I was around 5 years old, I had bad constipation while visiting my grandparent's house. So, while I was saying my "I think I can's", my grandmother got out a tub of vasoline and rubbed it around my butt hole and my crap that was poking out. Then with her hands she grabbed my crap and attempted to pull it out while I was straining. After a few tries and some vasoline, we got it out. BTW, I don't remember if she was using gloves on her hands or not.......gross!

I have another's the preface to the story:
August 10, 2002 (don't ask me how I remember the exact date). No, make it the 11th. I left on the 10th for a missions trip to Ecuador with three adults from my church--a doctor (woman who is one of my good friends), a dentist (man), my church's dude who does all the welcoming (brother to the dentist), and me--a 10th grader girl with just one year of Spanish to my background. It took us 24 hours just to fly to our destination. Anywho, right before our last leg, we had an 8 hour layover in Miami, and I began to feel so sick that I almost threw up in the airport. But then I felt better that is up until the next day...
Right after breakfast, I began to have a stomach ache and had diarrhea. So, my doctor friend gave me some Pepto to take and I felt better.
A few hours later, we were on the road with another missionary whom we were staying with. We were sight-seeing when the cramps started to hit again. Then they went away but I started to feel nauseaus. I didn't say anything to anyone because I thought it would go away, but it didn't. They decided to pull over to a restaurant to get something to eat. When they asked me what I wanted, I told them I wasn't feeling well so they ordered me a Sprite. I headed towards the restroom for a good pee. It was located kind of outside the restaurant and was dirty and the toilet had no seat. When I came back, my friend went to use the bathroom. Then I got my Sprite and took a sip. As soon as it hit my stomach, my stomach began to turn over so I quickly ran back to the bathroom. Now, this bathroom is just a one-person, so since my friend was in there, I couldn't go in there. So I stood by the bathroom, facing the concrete wall and knew I had no choice but to puke on the concrete floor. So I began to heave dry heaves. Then the toilet flushes and my friend comes out. She didn't see me until I called out her name and told her that I'm going to throw up. She helped me into the bathroom where I puked out here Pepto she gave me earlier. I was shocked because the last time I had puked was when I was in the 2nd grade.
I felt better for a few minutes, but when we went back on the road, I began to feel sick again. We finally made a stop at an outdoor market. As soon as I got out of the truck, I knew I needed a bathroom again, so I asked if there was a bathroom nearby and the dude from church says, "No, why you have to use the bathroom?" I looked at him and said, "No, I'm going to throw up again."
So, the four adults agreed that I should go behind the truck (there weren't many places that were private). So I did and began to heave. My doctor friend was encouraging me to let it out and I was thinking, "I don't have a choice! It wants to come out!". It all started coming out and I began to feel so weak that I had to sit down on the curb and finish puking. My entire breakfast plus the other Pepto I took all came out. The missionary went over to the farmacia to get some medicine, which tasted like ice cream (???!) and helped me feel a lot better.
I had a lot more diarrhea and a few more puking adventures during those two weeks in Ecuador!
P.S. The bathroom that I had to use for five days while doing missions work there was made out of wood that was moldy. One door had a shower (funny story if you want to know about what happened to me and the shower on the first day there), and the other door had a toilet (just a porcelan bowl with a pipe going outside). I had to ask one of the Spanish speaking people (with my little knowledge of Spanish) how to flush the toilet. It turns out, there was a "well" next to the outhouse that was filled with water, so you take the HUGE bucket, fill it with water, and pour it into the toilet and it swishes like a real toilet does. It was cool. Then the poop and pee goes into the river behind where all the kids play.

I am 18 year old guy from Australia. A few minutes ago, I let out some noisy farts as I watched TV, then I needed to do a poo. I walked into the bathroom and sat on the stall. Immediately my anus stretched open and three thick logs came out and splashed in the water. They were floating on the surface as I used a bit of effort to push out the remaining turds. I was sitting there for about 7 minutes. I then wiped until there was no more brown on the toilet paper, then flushed. My poo had left some skidmarks on the porcelein so I used the brush to clean them off. I stunk up the bathroom so I sprayed air freshener and switched on the exhaust fan as I walked out.

KERRI: To answer your question, I eat foods with lots of fibre and drink plenty of water which results in me pooping out long turds. Fibre and fluids are a great combination. I hope my advice works for you.
Best of luck.

HI my name is Rudolph! This is my first time writing in and it feels kinda cool.
ill start by explaining my habits. eversince i was a kid ive only ever gone poo about once or twice per 10 days. i used to hate the feeling and my body just tenses up anytime i have to go anymore and any time i take a poo any more i always think of this one time i had gone to the store with my mom. she told me to tell her if i was going anywhere so that she would not feel afraid (she is a bit of a controll freak). well i wasnt in the store 5 minutes when i needed to go uncontrollably. well this time i hadnt pooed in about at least 2 weeks. i couldnt find my mom and i could feel this MASSIVE load pushing its way out. i was struggling so hard i couldnt see straight. litterally. i was sweating and so i thought screw it just go so i ran (well more like hobbled) down the sidewalk sweating and tipping over holding my stomach and groaning passing everyone nicluding some girls selling cookies. i finally got to a store with a bathroom and tried my best to find it. when i couldnt find a toilet i seriously considered pooping in a garbage pail. after what seemed an eternity i finally found a toilet. i rushed in whipped off my pants and sat and as soon as my bum hit the seat the poo started to flow. it burned and smelled so bad within the first 30 seconds i almost threw up! liquid poo started shooting from my bum as if my butt were a squirt gun. i pooed for a total of about 14 minutes of pure diarrhea and it felt so amazing i wanted to leave it in the toilet for the next person to see but i was afraid that they would asphyxiate so i flushed 2 weeks worth of food away.

just to let anyone know who is interested... i have a fart and poo fetish. im a guy and i am so so so amazingly into all of that. since i was a little kid ive been fascinated with the prospect of pooing and farting women. if any girls out there have any excellent stories... i would be wicked grateful.
hope you enjoyed!

Dear Nancy,
It will be a very simple thing to give your BF an enema. I,m sure he knows what solution to use and how much. If you are using a bag, hang it somewhere in the bathroom and have him lie on the floor on a comfy towel. I am sure he will tell you how to insert the lubed nozzle and how to turn on and regulate the flow. If he cramps just stop the flow until it subsides. You can also rub his ???? to relieve the prissure.
He will tell you when he is ready to sit on the toilet and if you stay with him until he is done, he will probably ask you if ha can give you one too.

Johnny Half-Pint
Penny -- Know exactly what you mean about a low squat emptying your bowels better! My own experiments using a rubber mat and paper towels pretty much confirm this. Of course, it also depends on what you've been eating .....

Kerry - Any opiate, whether it's morphine, heroin or DF118, will leave you constipated. Ever seen the film "Trainspotting" ? It's worse for long-term addicts, who don't tend to eat properly anyway.

Now to the story. A childhood incident left me *very* shy about peeing ..... Now, I'm working on that (another story -- if you ask nicely!) However, I *can*, and sometimes do, take a leak totally un-self-consciously, in my own toilet, whilst on the phone -- to selected people. Not, for instance, my mother; just those few friends from whom I have no secrets.

Well, just recently, I was on the tellingbone to a close friend, with whom I'd recently been on a camping holiday (and who therefore had come to find out, and delighted in teasing me, about my Trouble Getting Started -- not fair, *her* pissing apparatus hasn't got a mind of its own!) when I felt The Urge. So, I went -- being careful to aim for the porcelain, so as to keep it quiet -- while still chatting away. (I can't do that for love nor money, if a person is actually in the bathroom / by the hedge with me, or even talking from some distance away out of sight! Go figger.) I was really careful - didn't disturb my rhythm, didn't hit the water.

So the first she knew about it was when I pulled the chain ..... in fact, even I had hardly been aware of how free-and-easy I had just been, up to that point, until she asked me, "Have you just been to the toilet while you were on the phone to me?" Cue even more ribbing .....


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

This is the 18 year old Sifl once again here to bring you my last shitting adventure....I had to majorly crap yesterday...I hadn't gone in about a week maybe...Anyway I was afraid that it would be painful (and I've had some pretty painful ones in the past, which I will gladly post later) I took a comic book in with me because I knew it would be awhile...I pushed really hard to where I was peeing as the this massive turd came out of my ass...Now usually I wipe standing up (Anyone else do this?) but I thought I'd try wiping while sitting...I did so about 5 times...each piece of TP covered in shit..the turd had broken off towards the end..meaning I would be wiping for quite awhile..(Any remedy for this?) I got frustrated and uncomfortable so I stood up to prepare for my usual wiping habits. I look in the bowl and I see about a 14 or 15 inch turd curled up must have shot out at light speed..because it only took a few seconds to get it out..I began wiping...maybe around 15 times before I gave up. Once again I'd have to take a shower to be fully clean...this happens about 40% of the time I'm on the toilet. (Anyone else go through this?) As I took my shower I washed as usual leavng my ass for last...I peed a little while I was in there because it actually feels really good...I washed my ass...leaving my cloth covered in shit about 3 times before there was no more..I got out and dried of then powdered my ass which also feels good after a good shit and a shower..I slipped some undies and a t-shirt on went in my room and feel asleep...

SUSAN: I read your post about finding that you need to go to the bathroom whenever you're on the phone. I have the same problem. Now i don't know if you're talking about having to pee or poop, but i have different ways of dealing with each. My boyfriend lives far away and i only get to talk on the phone with him every few nights, so when our nights to talk come around we talk for a very long time. Well eventually i need to pee, and i can't hold it until the end of our long call so i just go. I wouldn't recommend going while on the phone, i tried to just sit and pee while i was talking but he asked what the noise was and i cleverly and casually told him i was running the sink, lol. So i never did that again. Now when i have to pee i simply just say i'll be right back. put the phone down, go and pee, then return. that simple. no hanging up and calling back and no peeing while on the phone.

as for number too......therein lies a problem for me. it seems when we talk really late at night, i have to poop about a half an hour into the conversation. that has always been a major problem for me because i don't want to poop in the toilet while on the phone but also pooping takes to long to say be right back like i do when i pee. so i always need to decide whether i can hold it in for a couple hours or if i want to come up with an excuse to get off of the phone for a little's hard to make an excuse to get off the phone because it's not easy to discontinue a long distance call and then reconnect again, because that gets costly. most of the time i hold it in until the end of the phone call, or at least until i feel we've been talking long enough and i'll say i'm ready to go to sleep. you should see me run to the toilet holding my butt as soon as i hang up the phone, lol.

now i have a related horror story. about a month ago my boyfriend had been away in ireland on a trip with his friends for 3 weeks. the first night he was back we finally got to talk on the phone for the first time in a while. we had only an hour to talk because he got in late and had yet to unpack and spend a little time with his family. well, right at the beginning of the phone call i had to poop really bad. i held it and held it, and i couldn't disconnect and then call back because of the short time. i figured it wasn't a very long call so i could hold it. well, when we finally decided to start saying goodnight my butt finally decided it didn't care too much about my panties and my jeans. well, i got kind of distracted and stopped paying attention to him and i couldn't really speak, so he knew something was wrong. i clearly wasn't thinking straight because i actually told him i had to get off the phone right away because i was pooping my

the next night we got on the phone and the first thing he asked me was "did you really poop your pants last night or was it something i said that made you rush off the phone..?" lol. poor dear must have been up all night wondering if i was mad at him all because i had a 3 years old moment and went poopies in my jeans!

well anyway, if i don't stop typing now it's gonna happen again. lol i was going to tell a few more of my poop stories but ironically if i get into anything more i'm going to poop my pants now. so that's all for tonight, but i'll post later! bye!

Hey guys and gals!!!!!! Nothing really happened to me these past few days. At school, I drank 2 bottles of Pepsi, and a bottle of water. I was in my English class working on an essay due Wednesday. I felt the urge to pee, but I ignored it whish wasn't a very good idea. I was really desperate by now and the teacher didn't let anyone go to the bathroom so I was in deep shit. I had a really big dinner last night so that turned to crap by now. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom but he said no you can't. I was pretty pissed at him since I was in a desperate situation and he denied permission. Somehow I managed to make it to the girls' bathroom. I quickly rushed to the girls' bathroom, went to the farthest stall from the door and yanked my thong and tight jeans down to my ankles. Then I released a huge stream of piss which lasted for a minute long and my poop started edging its way to the toilet. The first log opened my ass so wide that it was painful. The rest of the load came down smoothly and by now my ass was so sore from all the stretching. I wiped my ass, and pulled my thong and jeans back up, flushed and walked to the next class.

long pee
I have read here about some people having large bladders and long pees and it seems my new girlfriend does too. We were driving and were approaching a scenic overlook. She asked if I could stop at the overlook because she really needed a bathroom stop. I didn't expect there to be restrooms there but I pulled in anyhow, and, of course, there weren't any restrooms. Jill said she really had to find someplace here to pee. There was only one other car there and we got out and looked over the railing down towards the water and could see a couple standing out by the water just admiring the scenery. There were two sets of stairs on opposite ends of this overlook, both leading down to the water below. Jill took my hand and I followed her to the one set of steps furthest from the couple below. It was quite a long stairwell, with about 5 landings in between the steps. She and I went down to the first landing and she took her panties off, sat on the edge of the one landing with her legs spread wide, she let about 2 or 3 spurts go and then she had an outright gusher! She let out a quiet sigh of relief. I didn't time her or anything, but I know she was going for at least a minute, it might have been even two minutes. And she was gushing a powerful stream all this time! When she was done she stood up and put her panties back on and then we headed back to the car. Before we left I asked her if she usually pees that long and she told me that she has a large bladder and if she holds it until its full (like it was this time) then yes she does pee that long. She said she doesn't use the toilet that frequently and she can last for hours without going, but when her bladder gets full then she gets a very strong urge to urinate and she needs to take care of it pretty quickly. I left it at that but I was really shocked to see someone urinating that forcefully for that long.

Hey everyone. It's me again. Sorry i disappeared for so long but i was on vacation and internet cafes, while convenient, are very expensive, especially in CA. anyway, i dont have all that much to say that would be very interesting, just one short story to share.

a few years ago, my dad was dating this woman named helen. helen... well she was kind of prissy, and though she was nice, i simply didnt like her for i guess the first six months that she was with my dad. so one day my dad had her watching me, or just in the apt with me, and i think we were watching the simpsons or something, and she was eating a green apple. something on the show made her laugh, which was weird because i didnt think she'd be the type to laugh at that show (one of my faves), but laugh she did, and a little squeaky noise came out of her. so first she looks at me awkardly, then runs off to bathroom, and, because she mus thave been embarrassed, quickly turned on the faucet, but i still heard about the ass explosion ive ever heard from an adult in real life. she was in there for a while. when she came out she said "it must have been the apple." i laughed at her and she sneered and went into the living room. sure, laughing was mean but i was 13.

peace and love people.

JPBG, the Tiger

Has anyone here ever tried to take a dump standing up?

One time, a few years ago, I broke my knee. This was right before Thanksgiving and my boyfriend and I had already bought tickets to fly out to spend the holiday my parents and my brother.

So, I got an aisle seat and just let my leg stick out in the aisle, I was able to pull it in just enough for the drink cart to get by, and I thought I had it made. I had been on morphine for a few days, but had just switched over to Vicodin. The morphine had given me really bad constipation. I had to push like I was crapping out a grapefruit to get anything to come out.

Well, about halfway through the flight, my bowels decided it was time to loosen up. I asked my boyfriend to help me to the lavatory. We were almost all the way in the back, so getting into the bathroom was no big deal.

Sitting down was another story. I can't believe it didn't occur to me! How am I supposed to even pee standing up, much less take a shit. I asked my boyfriend to bring me a Snapple bottle, which he did. I pulled my sweat pants and underpants down and stuck the bottle over my urethra and peed. Okay, solved that problem. I emptied the bottle into the toilet and threw it in the trash.

Now, a challenge. I carefully positioned myself so my ass was directly over the toilet. I lifted the seat to increase the size of the hole. With all my might, I pushed and a semi-soft load oozed out, squeezing its way between my buns. I prayed that the shit was go into the hole. Thank goodness, it did. A few more chunks came out after that, all successfully entering the hole.

By this time, I had been in the bathroom for at least twenty minutes, and my knee was killing me. Actually taking a shit was bad, but attempting to wipe my ass was even worse. After three failed attempts, my frustration and my pain finally overcame my sense of hygiene, and I pulled up my underpants and sweats without wiping my ass. I could feel quite a bit of shit squashed between my buns, but I decided I'd rather deal with butt mud than spend the next half hour wiping my ass, no doubt smearing shit on my fingers and butt cheeks in the process.

I exited the bathroom and hobbled back to my seat. I felt shit squish against my buns as soon as my ass hit the seat. Luckily, it didn't stink.

Three hours later, I was in my parents' bathroom. When I pulled my pants down, I saw that my underpants were completely smeared with shit. Turns out I had a big chunk of shit squashed between my cheeks. Nasty. I wiped my ass for fifteen minutes and had to flush the toilet six times. Then my boyfriend helped me get a bath. At least that was nice.

The trip home was much moless eventful. A word to the wise for those traveling while in a cast: take a shit BEFORE you leave!

I was sitting on an outdoor toilet with no door down at the beach, when two elderly ladies walked past. I clearly heard one say to the other "Ooh! Hasn't he got sexy undies! I wish he'd pull them down for me."


Definitely. My GF is doing the same bend over trick over public toilets all the time. She doesn't want ANY contact of her body/clothes with the toilet. So she backs the toilet up to a safe distance (about a foot or more, she leans forward until her head is almost between her legs and she sticks her butt up in the air as high as she can...and let go. Normally she shoots directly to bowl a perfect 1/2 inch thick golden arch without dripping or spraying...


Hey Kerri how did that dump smell?

How big was your poop that you did at Jessica? Tell us about it please.

Jan, thanks for the advice. I talked to mom but she just smiled and said "I didn't bring you up to think your poop doesn't stink." She says it keeps me humble. Oh well, I guess I'll have to live with it.

Hi. I've lurked here for a while, but didn't feel I had anything to say. My bowel movements aren't very exciting I'm afraid. But I did have an interesting experience when I was in college a few years ago.

I signed up for a trip to Central America. We went to Belize and were staying in a little village for two weeks. The only bathroom facilities were latrines, which were three bucket-style toilets in a row, with a roof, a wall in the back and two posts holding up the roof. No side or front walls. In other words, anyone waiting to use the latrine or just walking by could see you on the toilet.

Well, one day, I couldn't hold my shit any longer and went to the latrine. It was free, though there were people mulling around. With all the nerve I could muster, I pulled my pants and underwear down just past my ass and sat on one of the toilets. A few of my classmates kind of looked at me, but most everyone else didn't seem to notice.

One of the girls who came with us walked up. She saw me on the toilet, and said, "Oops, sorry." I said, "It's okay, this is it." She said, "You mind if I go, too?" I said, "It's a coed latrine, everyone has the right. It's for everyone."

She pulled her pants and underwear down all the way, which surprised me, and sat down. I heard her fart and heard shit hitting the compost heap underneath us.

"This is kind of weird, huh?" I asked her. She said, "Yeah, it takes some getting used to."

I finished shitting and wiped my ass with the toilet paper hanging from a rope over my head. I got up and pulled up my pants, and poured some lime into the toilet. I said, "See you later," and she said the same. She was sitting there grimacing as she pushed, with her elbows on her knees and her pants and underpants around her boots. She looked very cute.

I never quite got used to shitting in full view of a crowd of people, but it definitely got easier after that. The same girl and I took a shit together again the same time the next day, and after that starting hanging out. I've heard of meeting people at a bar, but never on the toilet!

Hi everyone
I was about to switch on TV today to watch the Grand Prix when I felt a fart about to come. I was a bit suspicious about it but I let it out because the race was about to start. My suspicion was correct and out came some liquid poo into my pants. Now I am quite happy with solid ones but this runny stuff is no fun. I walked out to the toilet, pulling the seat of my trousers away from my arse hoping that I could save the trousers. In the toilet I removed my pants which I chucked in the dustbin, but I also found that there were a couple of spots on my trousers, which unfortunately are pale blue in colour, so I had to run upstairs and put them in the wash and put on a pair of jeans. I missed the warm-up lap but managed to catch the start of the race proper.

CD: re your little survey, as someone who likes to poo outdoors whenever possible, the answer is definitely A. I leave it there. Something to do with marking territory? Or wanting to escape asap? Maybe this is antisocial, although usually I go somewhere kids aren't going to fall over in it while playing etc. As for C, I thought it was only the SAS who did that?

DONNY: re your story about your friend's wife and how you helped her with her constipation. As they say, a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

SUSAN: re being on the phone and needing a poo. I did once do a bad thing, when I was living alone I was on the phone to a girl who wasn't my girlfriend but I really had the hots for, and I had the urgent desire to shit but didn't want to hang up so after jumping up and down a bit and trying other techniques to put it off, I pulled the rubbish bin over and sat on it and did my business in the bin. She never guessed, good job we don't have smell-o-phones yet.

Happy plopping all.

Louise (from France)
Hi all,

fisrt my last expereince :
You all know that I'm used in peeing in showers, not only at home, but everywhere it happens (pool, gym, changhing rooms, etc..); My last expereince confirm that it is quite a common habit.
In fact last sunday, one of the laste weekend at the summer house, we were invited fomr firneds to spend a day at a nice small beach resort. My freinds have a small beach hut there. We spent all teh day at the beach and we had to have dinner there too, so I went to have a good shower in the late afternoon before getting dressed for the evening aperitif and thena the dinner. There isn't a shower in the beach hut (very usefull to pee too), so I went to the shower buildning of the resort. The lady shower stall was separate from men and well clean too. SO I went topless to the shower and removed my lower bikini too, for a ggod shower. nobody was inside at the moment and I took the advantage to empty my bladder int shower gutter while sopaing my body. When I was naked and shampooing my head Two women with a girl and 2 small children ( a boy and girl) came into th eshower stall. WHile I eneded washing my hiar and then pull my lower bikini on, I herad that the younger woman (surely the mother of the children) siad to the small boy, "didn't u say u need a wee? so do it here) Nd teh naked small child peed while her mother washed him, proabbly the child gilr peed too but i didn't notice. The biigger girl that could be aged between 11 or 14 , proabbly seeing the kids peeing, said to the other women (about my age) that because of the running water and she felt she was really bursting for the pee herself. Her mum told her "why didn't you go to the bathroom before?. the girl didn't started to answer, that the maother told her that if she needed it so badly she could pee ther ein the shower drain, and added to hurry up. The girl lowered her swimsuit and squatted between the two owashing woman. I was impressed because she peed very much and very long, my be over a minute. When she was done her mother told her that she wasn't lying when she siad she had to go badly...and passed her the bathfoam to wash..At the moment I was washed and done so I took my towel to dry and wento out from the shower stall. while going out I heard that the younger women told to the other that all teh water and her daughter peeing made her need to go..they didn't say anything. Probably she was pissing throw her swimsuit at the moment, or waited for me to go out before lowering her swimsuit to pee...
Anyway I was happy to see that peeing in shower was a more and more opened habit for women..


I pee high overing often where I don't have to necessary squat low (for eample to hide behind a bush), It is easyer for me, even ifi don't lean so much formarda as you did. Did u pee in this position in other circumstances, please tell

cyberdolph - Randy
My wife and I will not close the doors usually but sometimes do if it may be a nasty dump or if she doesn't want the children (toddlers) to bother her. One thing she always does is arch and tippy toe her feet while sitting on the toilet, no matter whether peeing or pooping.

James: Nautical term Head: The term comes from the days of sailing ships when the place for the crew to relieve themselves was all the way forward on either side of the bowsprit, the integral part of the hull to which the figurehead was fastened.

Susan: I too for many years couldn't deal with taking a poop anywhere but my house. I grew out of that after starting to work. When you have to go sometime there was no recourse but to use the facilities, sometimes even to the point at cleaning them yourself. This happened several times at a grocery store I worked at (yeah the same as in my back of truck story) but there it was easy to filch a bottle of cleaner and new paper towels off the store shelves to clean the mess someone else had left. This did prep me for changing the diapers of my children as I had experienced far worse from other people leaving their logs.

As for pooping while on the phone some people do it if they are intimate with the other person while others do it no matter what. A couple of examples:
As a college student living at home with my parents I checked the telephone answering machine messages one day. One message was from a mid-aged female coworker of my mothers who I also knew. She leaves the standard message about something (calling you back, bla,bla,bla) but what was AFTER she said goodbye was the zinger. She must have had a cordless handset and she thought she had hung up. Next thing you hear is a muffled "Where are you?" from her husband somewhere else in her house. She responds by yelling back "Eddie, I'm in the bathroom going poops. Let me finish up and I'll be out in a second." A muffled "Yeah" from her husband then you some rustling and the phone finally disconnects. I about lost it laughing at the situation. Of course I kept the message for my mother and told her that it appeared her coworker was doing two things at once. When my mother and father listened to the message they cracked up too. To my knowledge my mother never let on about her phone mistake.

Recently after wife and I were married, I came home after work to our rented house. I entered through the small almost galley-like kitchen where we had the only phone in the house which had a short cord (wife and I were poor). I walked in the kitchen and several cabinets were opened and there was a section of newspaper opened on the floor with a section of aluminum foil spread in the middle. A little odd I thought. Announcing myself to my wife, she yelled from the bathroom to say she was taking a poop really badly. Turns out she had been on the phone with a good friend Mary who had called her long distance. My wife really liked that person plus the call being on Mary's nickel (did I mention we were poor at that time?) my wife didn't mind talking to her. She said that about five minutes into the conversation she realized she had to poop real bad but didn't want to hang up. She held her poop for a while and then figured she might have to drop it on the kitchen floor. She first had thought to use a plastic bowl but didn't want to throw the bowl out. She figured on the aluminum foil next but though she might miss the small width. We didn't have a garbage can in there that she could use as we hung plastic shopping bags under the sink. Then she remembered the newspaper in the garbage bag which she fished out, opened up and put the foil on top of in case of liquid shit. She said she had pulled her shoes and pants off and was preparing to take the dump when her friend ended the conversation. After the friend hung up, she raced into the bathroom and took the dump. This was about 5 minutes before I walked in. I still don't know what I would have done had I walked in on my wife taking a dump on the kitchen floor while talking to her friend on the phone- probably laughed, enjoyed the sight, and not let her live it down.


Yes. it's been awhile-been a busy summer and the weather here in the N.E.has been rainy and kinda un-summer like and even though I read the furum almost daily,I noticed a lot of the regulars were gone and the forum was being dominated by accident stories and I, myself am NOT into having accidents-they pnly bring back unpleasent memories of my catholic school days-hey whatever floats your boat-Now i notice a lot of the regulars are back-i want to say hey to JANE,PUNKROCK GIRL,MIKE,PENNY,OLD POOP,ANNIE and some others I can't think for at the moment--
Yes, I have been biking ( had a pretty bad fall in early July,but made it back)and have had a few great woods dumps this summer,but not quite like the last few summers,but it's still been fun,but still haven't had a co-ed buddy poop yet-met a few joggers and fellow bikers and took some dumps with them,but not with a pretty lady!
anyway the reading on the site is getting more interesting with all the outdoor dump stories-I love,em keep them coming!(Penny had some good ones!)
I thing it was old poop that asked the question about the longest poop-well for me, it was about 2 feet long and about 1 inch wide and i've done that a few times and boy ,did it feel great-most of the time when I poo,it is usually started with a good pre-poop fart and a couple of long ones(10-12 inches)but never more than an inch wide and usually feels great coming out-I'm rarely constipated cause I eat a lot of fiber and watermelon and it really does the trick! anyway,it's good to see the regulars back and when I have more time,i'll post some of my poop stories of summer "04--More outdoor poop stories!!I'll post soon! BYE

Drew - Tales from the Thunderbox
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses from you re my wiping post. Glad to see that I'm not Robinson Crusoe because I wipe by sticking my hand down between my legs from the front.

Guess that some of you from foreign countries (eg the US) are wondering about the title "Tales from the Thunderbox" - a thunderbox is Australian slang for a toilet, or dunny as we sometimes call them. In particular the bush toilets which are basically a hole in the ground with a metal can and a wooden seat over it and more often than not some sort of shelter around it. Of couse, after a while it would fill up so they used to pour some kerosine down the hole and light it to burn all the crap out - with the kero down there plus all the methane, throwing a lighted match down would result in a bit of a bang, hence the word thunderbox.

Anyway, I have just returned from a bushwalking trip on the weekend where we all went bush with our backpacks. Toilet facilities were a little plastic trowel, toilet paper and a tree. I was surprised that I had only one dump on the whole weekend but I went on Friday morning in a service station dunny before we set off, once on the Saturday on the trip and the next on Sunday night when I had returned home, so I suppose that one a day isn't too bad a batting average. The Saturday dump was at about lunch time - we had finished our lunch and nearly all of the group had shouldered their packs and set off - I felt like it was time for a dump so I told the others to go on ahead and I would catch them up. I grabbed some bog roll and the trowel and went looking for a nice spot. I found the perfect spot and dropped my pants and undies and squatted down after first having dug a little hole. At first, it didn't want to move but after a bit of pushing the first log came out - it didn't feel to big but it did feel solid. Straight after that I felt the second one slide out. That was it no more, so I looked down to see what I had done, both were about 4 inches long and an inch in diameter and were a dark browny colour with a sort of greenish tinge. They were also a pebbly consistency - I got a few pieces of paper and reached down through my legs to wipe but my bum was almost as clean as Snow White's! I had another wipe with the same result. I guess that with all the walking, my body didn't have much excess moisture left, so the stools were firm and dry. I stood up, pulled up my pants and then making sure that the whole lot was in the hole, buried them. I washed my hands in the river and then set off after the others.

Catch you all later

Hey Everyone,
I need some advice honey wants me to give him an enema in a day or so since he's been plugged up. I've never done this before.........I told him I'll try but wanted to ask some advice from experts (all of you) first. Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks...Nancy :o)

I was lucky and found a restroom with high partitions while I was up at a campsite in the mountains. They were high enough to see the leg and butt of your neighbor next to you. I went in and saw one guy on the toilet. He had his shorts and white briefs all the way down around his feet. I could even see a tan line on his butt. He left right after I had a seat. Another guy came in and sat in the next stall. He wore blue bikini underwear whith dots on them. He crapped noisily and I was even able to tell that he wiped from behind. I just leaned down a little bit and I saw him lean over to his left and wipe back there. Another guy came in and pulled down some white briefs and shorts. He was a quiet crapper, and wiped 3 times. We both exited the stalls at the same time. he was probably in his 20's, slim, bearded, attractive, looked like a hiker.

Adriaan, I feel that I do empty completely when down a little lower so if I have to use a toilet I sit on the porceline, if it is a public loo the porceline is going to cleaner as the other ladies sit on the seat. If they hover they splash the seat so the porceline is cleaner. Bum is open wider less chance of serious foulinf. I love to poo outside so enjoy a deep squat. I am sure that the japanese and continentals that use a squat loo feel better afterwards. Try it.

Monday, August 30, 2004

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