I had an accident, but not a traffic accident, recently while driving on the interstate. I'd had to pee for the last hour, and now I needed to poo as well. I tried to have a BM before checking out of my motel, but I just couldn't do anything. Now I really had to do both. I had just passed a sign saying rest area 3 miles. Then there was a squeal of brakes and ahead of me I saw a tractor trailer trying to stop from hitting a small car that had cut him off. Then the driver lost it and his rig jack knifed and went off the side of the road. A pickup crashed into the guard rail, trying to avoid the jack knifed semi. Between the two of them the road was completely blocked and traffic came to a full stop. In a matter of minutes, traffic was backed up for miles. Now I was right in the middle of a thousand or so people and had to pee and poo so bad that I was about to go in my panties, and I had nowhere else to do either. I knew I was in trouble. I started to make preparations for the inevitible.I had a box of trash bags in the back, so I got one out and managed to slide it under myself. Then I got my beach towel, folded it and slid it under my bottom too. It was none too soon, as the movement made me lose control and I felt warm pee squirt into my cotton panties for a several seconds. I looked down and saw a sizeable wet are speaading across the crotch of my jeans and felt the warm wettness as it spread across my bottom. Oh well, I thought, I've already wet my panties, i might as well finish, so I relaxed and let the pee flow. The towel got soaked as I peed in my jeans. I was still managing to keep from pooing in my panties, but I was having cramps now and releasing some really silent but deadly farts. Then it happened, a fart escaped and brought some sticky wettness with it. Another wet fart escaped, then I felt my anus start to open. I couldn't stop it, so I lifted my wet bottom off of the seat, and the poo came out in a mushy rush as I filled my panties. I eased back down carefully, trying to keep the poo towards the back of my panties so it didn't get into my vagina. The whole accident from the crash ahead of me until I'd messed my panties had taken about an hour. I gad to sit there in my mess for another 2 houirs before the accident (the traffic accident that is) was cleaned up enough that traffic started moving again. I knew I was a total mess, and I was less than an hour from my home, so I bypassed the rest area and drove the rest of the way home. Fortunately, I live alone, and my house is back from the road, so I was able to park and get inside without anyone seeing me. I took off my shirt and bra before getting in the shower with my messy panties and jeans still on. I finished underessing and washed myself thoroughly.

Hi Everyone! This is my first time posting, I started reading a few weeks ago. I'm a 21 year old female. about 5'4" and 130. However I haven't had anything that I thought would interest you until now. Earlier this evening I finally had a nice dump. I had just finished a round of golf with my ex (we are still best friends) and I really had to pee before we left. By the time I made to to the toilet and I pulled down my jeans and my panties I realized I had to do more than just pee. As soon as my butt hit the seat I pissed out a steady stream for about 30-40 seconds, and at the same I could feel the poo starting to poke it's head out. In a matter of less than a min I had passed two logs that were reather large for me but by no means the biggest ever compared to what some of you do one was about 6 inches and the other about 8, both of which I'd guess were about an inch and a hlaf thick. When I got up to wipe I felt more on its way so i sat back down (don't you hate it when you think you're done but you aren't) and then about 15-20 little hard ball shot out-- they were coming to fast to keep count. Again a got up thinking that was all-- but again I was wrong. So again I sat.... adn then the monster came -- I strained and pushed and grunted for about 2 min to get it out .. it was prolly a little over 2 inches fat but only a disapointing 6-7 inches long. It made my butt really hurt. Then I wiped and tried to flush. It wouldn't go down, I tried again- and again no luck. So I gave up and left it for the next lucky person to admire.

Also to everyone I was wondering how you get your poo to be really long.... I cannot every remember a time when mine was ever long enought to curl up and around. It is what you eat or do you just have to relax more so it doesn't get pinched and broken off??

I was at the beach yesterday...
Right behind there was a group of bushes. I went there because I had to pee, and I already changed clothes. Right before I finished, I noticed a motion in the bush next to me... I peeped throught and I saw a young girl in her 20's...She looked around suspiciously when she decided that it is safe enough she pulled her shorts to her thighs and bent forward and start squatting slowly.
While in motion she let out a strong gush of pee and a banana shaped turd. Her stream stopped while she reached a full squat position and her turd grew 6inch and broke. She shook her butt and pulled her pants without wiping. She walked few steps forward looked around.. then pulled her pants and squeezed another 6inch banana turd in the same way. At this time she spread her butt wide to help it out...She pulled her pants up and went away.


good boy
brooke that was some good peeing there,you should talk more about your peeing storeies.

Today I remembered an interesting story I heard on the radio a few years back:
A female politician (this was somewhere in the Midwest, by the way) was having a debate on an issue she felt very strongly about. At some point, she requested a bathroom break, but was denied. After about 45 minutes, she had her aides surround her with a curtain or something and a wastebasket. When asked, she claimed that she didn't pee in the wastebasket, but it seems very suspicious. Anyone else hear of this? The DJs made fun of her, and then they had people call in with all their interesting bathroom experiences, which was cool.
To Tyler: I suggest you just talk to your mom about it, an tell her how embarrassing it is for you. Make sure she's in a serious mood, and she's not busy, though.
To Samantha C: I sort of have the same problem, but not as bad. I find if I have to wee really bad, and go, then I usually don't finish the first time. But it sounds like you might have a bladder infection, although I really don't know much about it.

How did the bathroom on a ship come to be called the "head"? Is there
a story behind this?

While I was in college I went on one of those hauted hayrides out in the farm fields. After a couple hours and lots of beer, my bladder felt like a painful rock. I was with some guys and girls and was really embarassed to announce my need, so, I finally I got a chance to sneak off to a barn and find an empty horse stall. There was lots of straw, so I really didn't want to squat. I lowered my jeans to mid-thigh, bent over as if touching my toes and pushed out a gusher. I couldn't see, but I could tell I was getting some good distance. Any other women opt to pee in this position over squatting?

Samantha C:
You may have what is known as residual urine in your bladder after peeing. Some things may help with this problem, such as posture while peeing (sit up straight or stand if you know how). Put some pressure with your hand against your bladder while peeing. Don't hold it too long - Once you have a strong urge to go, don't put it off. Measure how many ounces do you normally pee versus your second attempt. If 5-10 minutes after peeing you can squeeze out more than an ounce or two, sounds like you should question your doctor. You may just have an infection, which makes it feel like you have to pee when there is only a couple of ounces. Let us know what happens...

I was at work and I felt the urge to poop. I went to the ladies room and pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I farted and pushed. I felt the poop slowly coming out. I farted again and pushed and pushed. With a final heave and a fart, I pushed it all out with a splash. It felt good.

to samantha c.

i'm 17 and i have the same problem as you. i think mine might be a little more serious because i actually wet the bed a lot. i guess it's overactive bladder but i've never had it diagnosed by a doctor or anything, i just deal with it and i never even told my parents, but for the past couple of years, i have gone pee right before bed, then like 10 minutes after i got in bed i would have to pee again. This still happens too, not every night but like every few nights. So i get up, go pee again, go back to bed, then before i can get to sleep i have to pee yet again! so i get up and pee for the third time, then go back to bed. after the third time i usually can doze off without having to go, but sometimes i'll be like halfway asleep then i feel something warm and tingly spreading on my butt and i get up and rush to the bathroom. that doesn't happen a lot though, and when it does it's usually a little bit of pee and i can get away with not changing my underwear. every few weeks or so though i fall asleep after the third time i get up to pee, then i wake up in the middle of the night with soaking wet underwear, or i wake up having to pee so bad i start to wet my underwear while i'm getting out of bed. it's a huge pain, but i found a pretty quick way to deal with it if i wet myself in the middle of the night. i put a plastic sheet under my regular sheets and i keep a box of baby wipes in the cabinet in my nightstand, so if i wet my bed or wet my underwear when i'm getting up i just take them off, wipe myself with the wipes, put on dry underwear and put a thick towel over the wet spot on my regular sheet. it only takes like 5 minutes then i go back to sleep and in the morning i wash my sheet, the towel and my underwear. my mom doesn't live with us and my dad would never touch the washing machine with a 10 foot pole so i can get away with tossing my wet sheets and undies in the wash then going to school.

so yeah just so you know it's not just you.

the only time i find it to be really hard to deal with is when i'm sleeping some place that isn't home. i'm scared to death of going to hotels or sleeping over relatives' or friends' houses..

i had the worst accident ever 2 years ago. when i was 15 me, my dad, my aunt and uncle and my cousin cynthia went to disneyworld, and me and cynthia got our own hotel room. cynthia was 17 then so they trusted us well enough, we weren't babies or anything. well we got to our hotel late on the night we were traveling and were getting ready for bed. i didn't even consider my little pee problem until right before bed..i went to pee and then i just thought to myself "oh my god i hope i don't wet the bed tonight.." because obviously no one in my family knows about it, plus it's the hotel bed..i managed to go the first night only getting up once to pee, and i was dry in the morning although i had to pee extremely bad and cynthia was using the shower. i almost started to cry then because i thought i was going to pee myself outside the bathroom but then my aunt came in from the adjacent room and she let me use their bathroom, so i was okay. then we went to disneyworld and it was awesome. anyway, we got back to the hotel that night and were dead tired. i went pee before bed, prayed that i wouldn't have an accident and got in bed. i fell asleep almost right away. the next morning cynthia woke me up by singing loudly at me. i opened my eyes and looked at her gathering a couple things to head into the bathroom. i could feel cold sogginess under my sheets and i was in terror. she didn't pay me too much attention, but i guess she was weirded out by me just laying there looking terrified and not moving or taking my covers down. she said "whatsamatter sleepy? get up!" then she started to walk to the bathroom. i thought i was going to get off okay, but as she was going into the bathroom she said "something smells funky in this room. kind of like pee." then the bathroom door closed. i felt totally overcome with embarrassment. i had NO IDEA what to do. i was completely soaked, like i had never peed myself so badly. the only dry part of my panties was like 2 inches of the waist band on my hips..the wet spot on the sheet was the size of my pillow and even my shirt was a little wet like on the bottom on my back. i slowly started to pull the sheet down but every movement was horrible because it was freezing cold. the room was air conditioned and i had obviously wet myself a couple hours before, so the wet coldness was horrible. the whole room reeked like pee and as i was sitting up and trying to get out of bed in my freezing wet underwear that was like sticking to my skin super tight, my aunt decided to walk in right then to see if we were up. the second she came in she takes one look at me and says "oh my goodness what happened.." my heart was pounding as she just gazed at my in soaked panties and i didn't even think for a second and i blurted out "cynthia put my hand in water overnight!"

OMG what an episode that caused. of course they all tried to yell at her and she denied it and it was just awful....worst thing ever


I have a short and sweet story tonight.

While at work today....I slipped in the ladies room before heading to lunch and all 3 stalls were taken.......after a minute in line one stall became availible and I dashed in....I only had to pee but while in there I heard this one lady ask her friend if she was alright......she moaned yes then farted and farted and farted.......then I heard the most explosive Diarreah (sorry can't spell it :o( coming from her....I decided to sit for a few more minutes after peeing.

The bathroom really reaked by this time and I heard a mother come in with her young daughter. The little girl said "Mommy it really stinks in here.........someone had to go poopey real bad". The mom quickly took her out of the bathroom and all was quiet.

I decided to finish up and while washing my hands the lady started farting again....her friend looked at me and said she gets the runs from coffee but just can't give it up.............poor dear I wonder how long she would be in that bathroom.

Ciao Nancy

Heya everyone!
I've been enjoying reading some of the old posts on this website and of course the new posts!

Over the years, I have made several observations about my toilet behaviour and I just wondered if anyone else was the same.

Most annoyingly, I always seem to need the toilet when I am speaking on the phone to someone. My question is, what is the proper etiquette in this situation? Should you make your excuses and hang up or should you just carry on with the call?
I usually say I'll call whoever it is back.

Also, I rarely take a dump anywhere but in my own home. In the six years I spent at secondery school, I can count on one hand the number of times I took a dump in their toilets. Strange or no?

Casey:Loved your story. Keep up the outdoor poo/pee stories coming.

Well, I had two movements today. Actually three, and none of them were diarrhea. One came this morning (my usually morning dump), and then after sitting for a few more minutes, I had another movement. Then another one came during school, but I held it in because I had to go to class and then to work right after. I held it from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. which is when my next class starts. I knew that I just had to let it out regardless of whether or not I'd be late to my first day of my 5 p.m. class. It was making me feel uncomfortable. I guess that's what happens when someone has IBS.
What's the longest any of you have held your poop? (when you felt the urge to go)
I think my longest was about 8 hrs. Migh have been slightly longer. When I was in elementary school, I had a problem with constipation. Therefore, my parents would try and monitor my movements. They didn't want me to go in school or any public place when they weren't there which didn't bother me because at that time, I was frightened of taking dumps in public restrooms. So, if I had to go as soon as I left the house to go to school, I had to wait until I got home. From 6:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m......ay yay wonder why I have diarrhea these days. Too much constipation and too much holding it in!
So, yeah, I'm just curious if anyone who has had the urge to go has beat my holding in record.
Aloha, farrowlani

I found these lyrics to be very funny! It goes to the tune of "Part of Your World" from Disney's The Little Mermaid

She's Really Gotta Pee
Composição: Desconhecido

Look at me
Ain't I neat?
wouldn't you think the driver's completely out of his mind?
wouldn't you think I'm the girl
the girl who has to pee?

look at this van
there's no toilet
how many hours can one person hold it?
looking around here you'd think
sure, she's really gotta pee

I've got toilets and sinks aplenty
I've got toilet paper and towels galore
(you want bathrooms? I've got 20!)
but who cares?
There not here
Can you stop?
I wanna be where the bathrooms are
I wanna see wanna see 'em flushing

driving around on those
(what do you call 'em? oh, tires)
screaming at the driver you don't get to far
toliets are required for peeing, pooping
strolling along down a
(what's that word again?) oh, highway

up where they pee
up where they poop
up where they sit all day on the pot
wondering why
wish I could be
part of that group
what would I give
if I could pee
right in those toilets!

(Listen to the song in the Little Mermaid: Part Of Your World
and sing along with our new version!)

I really love this place. I have been reading this forum for the last three or four years. It really is the best.
I really envy a friend of mine because just after he eats he has to go and do his duty, usually number 2. Me, its usually 25 minuts and counting. If I sit and relax my system does too, however as soon as I get up I can feel things gurgling and about 25 minuts later I have to go. I try not to stray too far from a bathroom as I have had too many close calls. I start to fart and they become stinkier and stinkier then I feel as though if I do it again I will poop my pants. Fortunately I have had only minor accidents and have had to remove my underpants and go the rest of the day without them. My system is pretty predictable but it has caused some pretty desperate situations. I don't know how you girls can hold it in as long as you do. Boys systems don't work the same I guess. When you gotta go you gotta go.
Another problem I experience during the summer when shorts are the norm is the problem of peeing on them while standing at the urinal (or not if you are outdoors) right at he end when the stream turns to a trickle. I don't know why but when I open my fly the pant legs tend to move forward just far enough where you have to be really careful you don't get wet. Maybe that is the reason us guys wear dark shorts? They don't show those dribbles.
Another one and I'll bet this happens to girls too. You have to pull down your shorts to go and you find out that you just dropped them into a puddle where somebody missed the toilet. Boy I really hate that. How do you explain that great big wet spot half way up the back of your pants? How about when you sit down on the toilet and you have to pee so bad and forcefully you wind up spraying right over the edge of the rim and get yourself and everything else wet? When you are alone its not so bad, but what do you do when your with your friends? Or worse, at owrk?
Inquiring minds would like to know.

one crzy pooper
too mage

have ive remember seeing ur story on pages 1246 and it was great im glad that ur freind like enjoying seeing the show of her life dude please keep the coming i would like too hear more story and let me know how ur doing with her

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