Punk Rock Girl
Hey all!

I managed to avoid shitting my pants by about three seconds yesterday on the way home. I hadn't taken a shit in several days (damned constipation), and didn't have the urge all day yesterday. As I left work, I had decided to break out the enema kit when I got home and irrigate my bowels, but I wound up not having to.

About halfway home on the train, my rectum filled up. I literally had to clench my buns together because the load was pushing its way out of my asshole. I got to my stop and walked the ten blocks to my apartment with my cheeks clenched and my hand planted firmly on my ass.

I made it upstairs, got my door open, made it to the bathroom. I undid my belt and zipper as quickly as I could, yanked my pants and thong down and got my ass on the toilet. A MASSIVE load of shit blew out of me and splashed my bottom with water. I think I dumped a total of ten or twelve pounds of shit in the toilet. Lots of trapped gas escaped too, which led to some interesting noises and aromas.

I sat on the crapper for over half an hour, exhausted by the time I was finished. I wiped my poor, sore ass (which was a major mess) and sprayed air freshener generously.

Too bad Colin missed it. I think it's the biggest dump I've had since he and I have been together!



Hey Seth and Justin, liked your posts. Last spring break me and my buddies were in Key West. We traveled there by car from Missouri. As usual, a long car trip made me constipated. So when we got there in the morning, one of my buddies gave me a laxative to take. Anyways, we were having such a great time that day checking out the babes on the beach and stuff that I forgot all about my constipation and the laxative. That night we headed for a bar after dinner and started drinking big time. We were chatting up some chicks when the laxative I took earlier in the day started working. I made a rush for the bathroom and found that there was one stall that was vacant. Only downside was that there was no door on the stall, but I was in a big hurry. As I sat down, I started unloading before my ass even touched the toilet seat. That's how close I was to shitting my pants. By the way, I didn't even have time to put down one of those toilet seat covers. I know it's sick, but I rationalized that shitting my pants would have been even sicker. Happy to be finally unloading about 3 days worth of shit, I was just minding my own business when a group of about five guys walked into the bathroom--all completely lit.

To this day I'm still not sure why a group of five guy friends all went to the bathroom at the same time, but unfortunately for me, they did. Four of the guys headed for the trough urinal, but the fifth headed straight for my stall. He was busy yelling stuff to his friends and looking behind him so he came right into the stall and started unbuttoning his jeans apparently not knowing I was there. I thought for a minute this dude was gonna piss on me, but then luckily he finally saw me shitting there. So this drunken moron yells out to his buddies: "Guys there's a dude in here taking a shit, check this out." Soon four of his meathead friends surrounded my stall and were looking down at me shouting things like "Hey shit guy what did you have for dinner Jesus Christ!" One of them asked, "Dude do you know how many people have puked on that toilet tonight?" That question hit me hard especially when I remembered that I wasn't using a seat cover. The situation was really getting out of hand. I dare anybody reading this to think of a situation more uncomfortable and more random than having big drunk guys standing around you ridiculing you while you are taking a shit.

I had post-traumatic flash backs for several months afterwards every time I took a shit. Luckily for me the ridiculing and shouting was short lived for the odor of my huge dump became too much for any of them to bear. One clown did manage to turn the lights off as he left, leaving me alone in the dark bathroom to ponder, in disbelief, the random events that had just taken place. Luckily someone else did come in after they left and turned on the lights so I was able to find the toilet paper and wipe my ass. After convincing myself that none of these bad things just happened I made my way out of the bathroom. Unfortunately the meatheads were out there and happened to be standing in between the bathroom and where my friends were hanging out at the bar. As soon as one of the meatheads spotted me, he yelled, "Hey shit guy you made it out alive" and "Uh-oh, shit guy opened the bathroom door, we might have to evacuate the entire bar." I tried to play it off at first and pretend they weren't talking to me, but it was no use, so I just lowered my head in shame. I had now become "Shit Guy." Unfortunately my friends picked up on the fact that the meatheads were calling me shit guy and wanted to know why, thus I was forced to recount to them the chain of events that had just occurred. My friends found the story very amusing and decided that my new nickname should be SG (short for shit guy). So because of one horrible spring break night in Key West, all my friends will forever know me as shit guy.

Hi all,
Adriaan, I may have misunderstood the term wiping from the front as being putting your hand in from the front and wiping but it obviously means from front to back via the back!! Am I right? Yes I agree with you and I taught my daughter that she must wipe whatever from front to back for the infection thing. My husband also misunderstood as he thought it was from the front past the "wedding tackle" which he says would get in the way!!! HA HA

Been away, pretty baby.
Vanessa: I am glad that it is out of the way for your sake. Four days without a bowel movement? I know you must have been glad to get release. We'd like to hear from you.

Shayna F.: Drink lots of water and, lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Take plenty of Vitamin C and your troubles will be over.

Brian: My British and West Indian cousins have these huge bowel movements called jobbies. See my earlier posts. I have seen them look like carrots, shotgun shells and torpedoes. My cousin, Wendy is a year younger or 3 months. I was 1959; she was 1960. We were playing when we were 8 and she said, "I have to make jobbie." So we went in the house to the bathroom. She lifted her dress, pulled down her white panties to her knees and stuffed her skinny behind on the toilet seat. Immediately, I heard two loud plops. She said, "I have more to make." There was silence in the bathroom. Then, one more piece released and plopped into the water. She sat for awhile like any kid would. Then, I gave her toilet paper and she wiped herself. Wendy pulled up her panties and flushed the toilet. One of the pieces that did not go down looked like a carrot.

Anna: My cousin, Esther came to visit us from the U.K. One ordinary afternoon, she had to move her bowels. She farted a couple of times before. She said, "Love, time to drop the big one." I was 20; she was 39. She was wearing these white gym shorts and pink panties, which she tugged down as she walked the hallway. She went in the bathroom and slammed the door. I heard a loud fart and four ker-splonks. She called me and asked to for one of my mother's magazines. I brought it to her and she opened the door to let me in. She said that she was going to read awhile while more "jobbie breaks." Then, 2 more small pieces evacuated. With her shorts and panties at her knees, she read the magzine on her tip-toes and broke another wind. Then, she reached for toilet paper and wiped behind her good. I saw 3 large pieces 6 inches long and then 3 more that were very short and thick. She pulled up her panties and shorts on her sexy behind and flushed. It took two flushes for it all to go away.

Linda: Are you the Linda that lived with your male cousin and his wife? If so, you have grown up. My British cousin has similar frequent bowel movements. She has 5 a day. Midafternoon and evening is the big one. Early morning she will evacuate little pellets. See my earlier posts.

Gracie: 1. Do you have a stomach ache, cramps, gas, bloating, or queasiness before a BM? gas, sometimes
2. If so, are you able to hold it or do you need to go right away? I can hold it or unless with the gas comes a partial release.
3. Have you ever felt nauseous before or after a BM? only, if I have a virus, which is rare.
4. Do you hold or massage your ???? in order to feel better (before, during, or after BM)? no.
5. Does your stomach hurt more when you are about to have a BM or when you are constipated? no.
6. When you feel constipated, do you massage your stomach and if so, does it help? no.
7. Do you generally feel better after pooping? yes.

As for enemas, I do not like enemas. One of my radio doctors does not like them, either. They serve no purpose. The rectum was made for expelling, not for taking in.
To that kindergarten teacher: We used to wet ourselves. We never shit ourselves. Once, I entered a classroom after a boy had vomited on the floor. I wet myself once in kindergarten. After that, I always knew to go to the bathroom. The toilet was in a closet with a curtain in the classroom. Once, I was on the toilet urinating when a cute boy spied upon me. The curtain was ajar. My jumper was up around my waist and my white panties were at my knees. His name was James. When I was finished, I sat on the floor next to him and I saw through his beige short pants and the outline of his white briefs that he was hard. We giggled at each other.

Hi all, as promised some happenings from the beach. Christmas is when all the corporates from the big cities in South Africa come to their beach houses and go on a fitness routine. I think they eat and drink in excess at night and then try to walk or run it off the next day. Last Christmas we were there for our annual break and as usual I walk or jog early in the morning on the beach. I had noticed a lady in her thirties, I suppose, very in shape with I would assume designer gear jogging each morning and we had got to the stage of saying hi each day. I was walking one morning and about 3 kilometers along the beach felt the old familiar rumble in the tumtum. I know the beach well and have certain spots marked where a lady can drop a load behind a small dune or in a gully blown by the wind. I headed off over a little dune to an old spot of mine and must have been day dreaming because I did not hear anyone behind me. As I crested the dune and was about to slip down the other side I hear someone calling from behind. I look and it is my designer shorts friend. She wants to know if there is a loo over there. I say yes there is a sort of loo. Good she says she is bursting from a little bit of a party the night before. I go on down and she comes over and by the look on her face was obviously expecting an ablution block. I tell her that it is out of sight and that there are little bushes to crouch behind. By her expression she is not used to this type of thing so as I pull off my shorts and crouch I ask her if this is a first. She says yes so I tell her to do as I do. I am busy already as my normal plug, a little scratchy from muesli pops out and is followed by my normal soft rush. She is pulling off her joggers and crouches. I tell her to get her ankles apart or she may crap on her feet. She does so and asks if I do this often. I say yep a little bit of an expert on the outdoor shit. She says she is the MD of a company upcountry and mostly shits in the corporate shitters at work. The sound proof air conditioned booth. I am peeing nicely as she closes her eyes and proceeds to drop a wet spluttery mess for at least 20 seconds. This pool flattens out underneath her as she grits her teeth and pushs out another yellow coloured sausage at least 9 inches long. She sighs and I ask if she feels better. She says the best she has had in a long time. Feels great to be really empty almost better than ***. She lets go a wet fart as I wipe with a tissue. She asks if I have more but I tell her sorry only one which I am sure she does not want to use but I tell her that the mess will be minimal and we can wash our bums in the sea. She says ok as she pees and then jiggles her bum to shake off any hangers and stickies. We both dress and go down to the water where we pull joggers to our knees and crouch in the shallow water. I tell her that if she looks up at the dunes as she is running the most likely place she sees I normally safe to take a shit in. A sort of human instinct. One or two are sort of blind alleys but if you are quick no one will see. She jogs off as I follow behind.

does anybody have any stories about women massaging their stomachs, when they have the runs?

Message for Samantha C. Oh sweetheart I do sympathise. Lately I've been in the same situation -unable to empty the bladder properly though I press and strain. Twenty minutes later I have to go again. In my case I had to have radiology on my bladder when I was in my teens. They never told me that 20 years later the wretched thing would lose part of its elasticity. (End of medical details). Do you ever have involuntary drips? It's always worse in summer because one drinks so much liquid. There are tablets you can take. One small bonus. My boy friend came round the other day and he couldn't believe how often I peed. He found it excited him and (if you get my English) because it did, it did me!

love you all Anthea


How big was your biggest turd?

When I was 14 years old, I was a cheerleader. One day after practice, I had to take a crap. I had no idea it was going to be gigantic. I didn't go for like a week and when I finally finished pushing it out, it was at least 14 inches long and 3 inches wide. I never pooped anything bigger than that since then.

To Drew

No, you're not alone in sitting down to wipe and doing it from the back to the front. I have always done it that way and in fact your technique sounds about the same as mine. When I was a little kid and just toilet-trained I think I used to stand up to wipe but I'm sure I remember being taught to do it sitting down, that that was the correct way to do it?

As for the hairiness problem back there, if you don't have access to a bidet, try those moist wipes that most stores carry these days next to the regular toilet tissue. Failing that, spit on the tissue works just the same.

Question for those who stand to wipe - why? And have you tried it sitting down but preferred it the other way?


I work second shift at a small (about 50 employees) company; I'm the only one in the evenings in our building. Yesterday the assistant supervisor (Debbie; 40-ish, average looking but attractive) for our department had worked until about 6 pm and had used the only single-occupant bathroom in our building. I had noticed she had been in there for awhile. She came out and got ready to leave. Before she left she came over to my workstation and said that there was a problem with the toilet and asked if I could let the evening janitorial crew know about it so they could fix it. I said I would and asked what the problem was. She blushed and admitted that she had clogged the toilet because she had been constipated for a few days. She said that I should use the bathroom in our next building if I needed to. She left and I was really curious so after about a few minutes I went into the bathroom. It sure smelled like someone had pooped. I lifted the cover and, wow, 1 huge turd, real thick and long. No wonder she had been in there for so long! I closed the cover and then closed the door. On Thursdays and Fridays we usually have two asian young women cleaning and they were due to arrive shortly. The one girl (Sue) came in to clean. We usually say hi to each other but don't talk much. I went up to her and told her about the toilet being clogged. I explained that > I < had had a large BM and it wouldn't flush. We went into the bathroom together and she lifted the cover and she said "oh gosh". I apologized and I said I knew it was going to be a large one but I had no idea it would clog the toilet. She said she had unclogged toilets with both large BMs and also with too much paper and that she would take care of it. I apologized again and left the bathroom. She brought in her cleaning supplies and closed the door. She was in there for a few minutes. She came out a said it was useable again. I asked how she unclogged it and she said she had used a stick and also gloved hands. I could tell by the look on her face that she was not pleased with having to deal with a shit-clogged toilet but she did and I thought it was neat that she thought it came from ME !!

Hey every one i been very busy latly and i haven't had any time to check in. I hadn't even logged on here in a good month to 6 weeks
seems like theres alot of good stories on here..

no time to mention names..

i really don't have any decent stories...i got one...

Latly at work i been sitting in the back where theres A/C going cause its hot and the bathrooms are back there. I noticed the people i work with don't even knock before entering the door and not too long ago i saw like 2 people(ladies get walked in on).

Thats about it...i haven't had any good poops really or any thing of that nature..

hope to check back soon..


Good morning; warm here. Yesterday I pooped twice. First, soon after getting up, I felt the fullness, went into the bathroom, picked up the hand mirror, squatted on the room, and watched as several moderate turds exited my anus, splashing as they hit (wet my butt and the mirror). Later that morning I felt the urge again, perhaps more strongly. I was driving, so I stopped at a large store and went in to the men's room. There I sat down in a middle stall and let loose a strong wave of fairly soft poop, which made several splashes (I had attended a party the night before and eaten some unusual foods). No one else was there at the time, but as I was finishing up, a man came in and entered the stall to my left. Leaning back, I was able to see in the reflective tile as he lowered his pants. It was obvious he had been "caught short" and had started defecating before he came in. There was a large dark stain on his left buttock and upper thigh; the rest of the view was obscured by his hand, which he had filled with toilet paper and was using to catch a large dark lump of feces which was already there. He dropped that into the toilet and used more paper to clean himself as best he could. Then he sat on the seat and ejected two more fairly long but soft dark turds that plopped into the bowl. He continued to strain and pushed out two more small soft ones, then wiped several times, flushed, and left. Quite a dramatic "action shot" of a human predicament.
Last time I wrote, I asked some questions, but I never answered them. I'll answer one now: how big was my own largest turd that I can remember, and what was the circumstance? I had been attending a meeting at a local hotel, and had had lunch there (don't remember what). Finally the meeting was over, and, in spite of a mildly full feeling in my rectum, began the drive home. Ordinarily under such circumstances the urge will simply go away, to reassert itself when I am home; but in this case, it simply got stronger, to the point that, when I got home, I headed immediately for the bathroom, feeling that I might defecate before I got there. I made it, however, and sat down. Immediately the log started out. It felt very thick and hard; I could feel the bumps and knobs on it as it pushed past my anus. It kept coming and coming; the relief was exquisite. Finally it dropped, quite silently; it had obviously hit the water long before it left me. I wiped; the paper was clean. I looked down into the toilet; the turd (one only) was huge, probably an inch and a half thick, dark brown, and partly down into the hole. I wanted to know how long it was, so I soaped up my hand, reached in, and pulled it up to where I could see it. It was two hand-breadths long, which I later measured on a ruler and found to be about 17 inches! That was probably ten years ago, and I still remember it vividly.
I am feeling full in my rectum now; I can push my finger up in it quite easily, which means I am ready to defecate. I can feel the hard beginning of a turd. I am leaving now . . . Happy pooping!

Gary again
A solution to bathroom odors. Any time anyone goes to the bathroom at my house the smells usually travel out to the rest of the house. My solution to this delema is to have a scented candle (the little ones in glass jars) and light them when guests arrive. The flame gets rid of the odor and the scent is appreciated by almost everyone. Buy the ones that aren't too overpowering as this can have just the opposite effect. I think they work a lot better than those cover-up sprays any day. You can put them in a decorative container so they don't get knocked over and away from things that can burn. Your friends will love you for it.

Hey Brooke

Love the story please post some about you releaving your self of a turd.

My friends wife came over with two of her friends the other day. Once in a while they will do this during the day when I am home. They like to use my bathroom, it is very clean and I have a unique toilet seat that is very comfortable. Jody mentioned that she had been unable to have a bowel movement for several days, so everyone was throwing out suggestions. First we gave her a large glass of ice water. We rubbed her stomach and boy, it felt full. I suggested that I put some vaseline up her butt and insert a laxative suppository. After a little embarassment, we all went into the bathroom and she agreed to let me help. She pulled her pants down and I lubed up my finger and gently poked her hole. It opened up and I pushed my finger in all the way. Then I put the suppository in and worked it far up into her butt. I then told her to lie down for a while so the thing could work its magic. After about twenty minutes she said that she had a strong urge to go so we put her on the toilet and waited. She peed a lot and then we all watched as she sat on the edge of the toilet seat. Her hole opened and her shit started piling out. Three long turds, we estimate weigh ten pounds. All done and a big relief. I wiped her about ten times as it was messy. Sometimes she just likes to be taken care of like this and I am willing to help.

Diva. What a story! Hitting the loo whilst the seat was still down. Obviously your guy needs training to leave it up at all times (joke).

Samantha C. I don't really know what the cause of your problem might be although I suspect it may be muscular. If in doubt, I'd discuss it with your doctor. If you're finding you need to a wee a lot during the day it could indicate an infection or diabetes so it's best to get those possibilities checked out - and hopefully ruled out. As regards bedwetting I'm glad you don't find that too much of a problem and take sensible precautions to limit the damage when it happens although I can well understand you wanting to empty your bladder before going to bed.

Elena. I was sorry to hear about your food poisoning on the way back from Turkey. It sounds as though you picked something nasty up. Were you constipated during your holiday though or were you having normal, regular movements? You would feel very weak after that bout of ???? bug as it would rob your body of fluids and nutrients amongst other things. Hope you're feeling better.

Farrowlani. Thanks for your advice and comments on IBS. I did discuss matters with my doctor when it was a real problem. Since then I've limited my intake of dairy produce, substituting other things where possible and I've generally avoided cooked tomatoes which tend to set it off. I don't want to tempt fate but it's fairly well under control at the moment.

Eveta. It sounds to me as though that ice cream you had didn't suit. hope you were soon over your ordeal.

Nancy. Glad you managed to find relief after your constipation. It must have been hard going.

Penny. I enjoyed your account of the fun you had with Portaloos at university - oh the things students get up to!

Hello Everyone. It has been awhile since I wrote anything on here. Rizzo, Tim and Sarah, PV, Jane and Gary, Adrian, and all of our good friends. Thank you for your condolences. It has been like a dream and I feel sort of lost writing without Robby. He would want me to keep up the frivolity in the toilet. I am teaching at Cambridge and Meghan is here with me. The is what happened on British Airways flying over to London. I was in the business section and there were two loos in that area. I had gone to one and sat myself down for a nice wee. The liquid had just started running out when there was a great commotion outside the door. I wiped, got up, and pulled my pants back on. I opened the door and there was a man with his trousers down weeing in the floor. Well, I was sure surprised and felt so sorry for this gent. He ran into the loo and shut the door. This is the first time I have been met at a loo door by a gentleman weeing on the floor(except for Robby). I sat in my seat and started laughing and then howling. Yes, Robby would have seen the hilarity of it all.
TIM AND SARAH: Tell Loewie he had a right to poo when he needed to. I enjoyed the story. Take care, my dears! Love and hugs, Annie
RIZZO: Dear friend. I so enjoyed your story. It made me laugh.I needed that!! Take care. Lots of Love, Annie
JANE AND GARY: I have loved all of your adventures. Don't be sad. Take care!! Love, Annie
PV: My dear Aussie girl! What a time! I have enjoyed the stand-up wee I have done. I have told Meghan to start again. It beats sitting down. I wee in the shower every morning. Take care! Love, Annie
ADRIAN: Thank you for your support. I will be on here from time-to-time. Oh yes, I have a rather small toilet and the girls were used to a large one. Only one person can get in there at a time. Take care, Annie



Louise (from France)
I am happyu to read a bit more about peeing this days...

I don't know your "peeing ability" but if I'll try to pee with a lego na wall facing a loo (in portallo or in a common bathroom) I think i'm not able to control my stream and will mess everywhere, expacialy if i have to go badly and my pressure is high, so the pee will come out in a gusher...funny way to pee anyway, do you use it in other palces too?

Miss Piss,

I'ma happy to see your reply anyway, so try to pee somwhere unsual so that you can post your expereince here!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

I remember one summer at summer camp. We went on a very long canoe trip, and one girl, Gina, for some reason, had to go when she was on shore, but didn't. I wasn't in her canoe, but towards the end, her canoe got stuck in some bushes, and as my canoe partner and I paddled over, she yelled, "We're stuck, and I have to go to the bathroom really bad!' Finally, we unstuck her, but as we were heading back with another canoe, she decided to go in the water! Then the other two girls in the other canoe wanted to go, too! I headed out, because I though they might like some privacy, but there was a huge commotion and all three girls went in the water and peed! Very exciting! One of them even left her pants on over her bathing suit when she went, which struck me as odd.

I'm 15 and live in a small apartment with just my mom. When one of us poops you can hear it, and usually smell it, all through the apartment. That's no big deal, but when people are over she will say embarrassing things like "Damn, Tyler, you really stunk it up in there!" She thinks it's just funny, but I don't like having it brought up. Kinda embarrassing :( What can I tell her?

Hey guys and girls, my name is Brooke. Let me tell you a little about myself: I'm 17, 5'6", 118 lbs., brunette with blonde highlights and I love pissing cuz it's so relieving. I was at the Wisconsin State Fair and I drank a lot of water there cuz it was so hot. After a half an hour waiting in line for the rollercoaster, I felt the urge to pee really bad. I ignored it for a while but the urge came back. I released a little pee cuz I was wearing a miniskirt that day. I got on the rollercoaster and did some flips and sharp turns but I still held on. After the ride was over, I was bursting for a pee and ran full speed to the girls' bathroom. There was a long line there and I thought I was never gonna make it. But somehow I managed to make it to one of the stalls. I pulled my skirt and thong down and started to release a long and relieving stream of clear piss into the toilet. The long stream lasted for about a couple minutes. Then I ripped some toilet paper and folded it and wiped my pussy. I pulled up my skirt and thong and flushed the toilet and walked out of the bathroom.

I did something I haven't done in a while on Saturday night. My husband and I went to dinner and a movie with our friend Dave. We left to pick him up and hang out for a bit around 6:30 and I peed right before we left. We got to the restaurant around 7:30. At dinner, I had 2 glasses of wine and 2 of water (as I'm a singer I always match my alcohol intake with water to avoid drying out my vocal cords) and two cups of tea. We had a slow, five-course meal and hung out in the restaurant talking until almost 9:30, and when we got up to pay, I noticed I had to pee and contemplated going to the bathroom, but decided to wait until the movie started. The movie began at 10:20, but there was a long line for tickets and popcorn and so by the time we had everything, it was almost starting. I thought that after we got our seats and got settled I would run to the restroom as I could definitely feel a need to pee though it was manageable, and the movie was about two and a half hours long. However as soon as we sat down my husband popped up and said HE was going to the bathroom. By the time he came back, the movie was starting and so I decided not to go.
I didn't focus on my bladder for a while because the movie was very interesting, and I was eating my popcorn and sipping on my large iced tea, which was maybe not such a good idea, but the popcorn made my mouth so dry. After a while, it began to feel very full and I was squirming a little in my seat. I looked at my watch and we had been there for an hour. Another hour and a half to go. A little later, my husband noticed me squirming and asked if I was OK. I told him I had to pee. He asked me if I wanted to leave and I said no. I had to go pretty bad, but I knew I could hold it.
For the rest of the movie, I sat with my legs crossed tightly. When it was over, my husband expected me to go straight to the bathroom, but we were only 15 minutes from home and I decided I preferred to wait until we got there. By the time we reached our place, I was desperate and had been holding it for several hours. Dave was with us, so before I could go to the bathroom, I had to get him a drink, trying not to dance around. Finally, I ran to the bathroom. I was in such a rush that I didn't realize until I sat down that the toilet seat was down, but I was already peeing, and in such a desperate flood that there was no way I could get up. There was a huge amount of pee all over the bathroom floor and all down my thighs and legs by the time I finally got up. I had to clean everything and was in there for ages with the guys wondering what was going on. I haven't done that in a while, but it was my fault for waiting so long that I had to be in such a big rush to not look at what I was doing.

Im a female and im 16 years old. I was chilling at home and i had to poop and i had white tight pants on. I went up stairs to use the bathroom but my brother was in there takin a shower and the other bathroom was broke. I tried to wait and i had to double up and as i tried to get up I pooped my pants!

To Anna:

You'd better go to your doctor and get yourself checked.
You might have Girarditis, Campilobacter, Heliobacter or one of these bacteria in your colon that gives you this bad feeling. It is nothing that you can't find with labworks of your poo and can't be fixed with 1 week of treatment of the correct medication.


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