Samantha C
What is the deal with having to pee every five minutes? Does this happen to other gals? I pee a nice big bladder-emptier into the toilet, but then five minutes later I have the urge again, and when I sit back down, there's a bunch more pee spraying out! I'm like that every night, always have been. It drives me crazy, you know? I'm trying to get ready for bed, settle in and all that, and don't you know it -- I got to get up four or five times in the first hour to pee before I can finally stop having the urge.

Sometimes, of course, I'm really tired, so I don't get back up, and I just hold it. Those next mornings are usually the ones when I wake up wet! I don't have anything against bed-wetting at all, though. I do it on purpose quite a bit. I've got a waterproof mattress cover and all that, so no worries, etc.

BUT, it DOES annoy me that I can't get my bladder fully, totally emptied when I need to. It's like I don't have enough pressure in there to physiologically suck all that urine up into my urethra to void it from my body. Is that possible? Are there any other gals out there who have this same problem? I'm wondering, really, if maybe I shouldn't go see a doctor about it.


Thanks for listening while I bitch!

Samantha C

Good morning; humid here. Yesterday I had three nice b.m.'s. Early in the morning as I sat in front of the computer I felt my rectum fill, so I walked to the toilet, stood on the rim, and squatted. Holding a mirror I was able to watch as three long smooth light brown turds slid smoothly out and splashed heavily into the water. I wiped with Noxzema on the last set of toilet paper. At work I had to go again, perhaps 3 hours later than the first time. This time the poop was darker, thicker, and broke off into maybe five pieces; again good splashes. At work, of course, I can't get up on the rim and squat, so I sat normally on the seat. Back at home, after supper, I again felt the urge and had two good-sized, thick, medium-brown turds. A good poop day. This morning I am starting to feel full in my rectum . . .
I enjoy reading about other posters' bathroom experiences, especially pooping. Here is a short survey:
How big is the largest poop you remember doing, and how did it feel?
How often do you find poop left in toilets where you work or shop, and what did the biggest ones look like?
What was your best experience hearing or seeing someone else poop, and did they know you heard or saw them?
I shall arise and go now; I feel a poop coming on.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Anna you may be really nervous if you are a student or just starting a new job or something, I know a lot of students are going back to class and if you are nervous this can really effect your GI tract. If this is the problem just try to relax and take a nice walk alone if you can to clear your head and maybe write poetry or something or take a nice relaxing bath.

TO anna:

You haven't mentioned what you've had to eat recently. Can you recall anything that may have been undercooked perhaps?

There are common foods that are notorius for producing gas & smelly pooping sessions. A common one is cabbage.
Somewhere in the site archive you can probably find a list of them, but I'm sure someone here could post them again.

Any milk products? (cheese, yogurt, icecream, et cetera...) When I was younger, they didn't bother me at all, but when I entered my 20's, they began to give me bouts of gas - lasting a couple days at times.
I still like milk stuff.. Now, I just remember to be carefull about how much I consume. (I realize I could take a number of things to stop my gas attacks, but I really just can't be bothered.)

Just wanted to check in. I had seen this site a few years back and wanted to contribute. I am a 6'1' 180lb average looking married white male 35 year old in the southern US though I didn't grow up in that area. Taking a dump has been something of both a bad thing and good thing to me over the years. I had trouble as a youngster and had to undergo laxitive therapy and clogged more than several toilets. Actually I wasn't shown to safety flush and probably wadded them with the paper more than the poop. But as I got older I gained better control of the function and methods of dealing with it. I still clog a toilet on occasion but it is usually one with bad water pressure or low flow.

Stories from my past:
As a youth 5-8 years old another thing I didn't do at school other than poop was pee in the hall bathrooms versus the class room single bathroom. This, of course, got hold of me one time at lunch and I ended up peeing in my pants and mopping it up with a couple of napkins. I put them in my lunch box ( the old metal kind with cartoon characters on it) and promptly forgot about them. I ran around the school yard to dry my pants as best as possible. When I got home later my mother found the napkins and had my father talk to me about that. He said not to be embarassed but to ask a teacher next time - which is what I did. It did take me a long time to get used to the hall bathrooms though and I always favored the class room one if there was one.

I also remember being in first grade and the little girl next to me losing it and peeing all over the wooden seat and floor. The teacher wouldn't let her go to the bathroom because the little girl was usually bad in class. Well this was a case of the girl "crying wolf" and boy did she pee. I remember specifically the janitor coming in with the big old rag mop and bucket to clean up and taking her chair out to clean it off.

When I was in junior high (7th grade) I was privy to one of those gross experiences that you don't want to have but is forced on you. And it happened in just a couple of minutes but it seemed to take years. The school I went to had a multi-use gym/auditorium and they had the gym class dressing rooms off either sides of the stage- girls on one side boys on the other. The main dressing room was open and had some benches and then there was a smaller separate room for a stall and urinal (on the boys side) and a gang shower. We dnever used the shower so myself and two good friends Marc and Seth always got dressed for gym there and left our clothes bags there as the main room was too crowded. Our gym class that year was the last class of the day - way after lunch. This day Marc was not feeling good during gym class and as we started to dress back in our street clothes he hit the stall and started to have explosive liquid diarrhea. Right as Marc started then I decided to go into mouth breathing knowing that in the small room it would be nasty. Seth and I raced to put our clothes on but Seth didn't make it on time and tried to exit the room to get away from the stench. As he went out the door into the larger room Seth blew chow all over the floor and several other kids gym bags. I heard the commotion from outside the room from all the other boys as Seth puked. Then poor Marc was still having having such a bad go at it that he puked on the floor of the stall and started to cry. All the while I am mouth breathing and telling Marc that he'll be okay and I'll get the gym teacher. I managed to get my clothes on and exited the room with my gym bag stepping around Seth's puke as he sat crying on a bench. By then most of the other boys had cleared out and I met the gym teacher on his way in and told him about Marc. I was able to get back to my home class room and later heard that the school nurse had come to help Marc and Seth. Needless to say Marc was out sick the next few days. Yech!

My worse personal poop accident was during high school. It was winter with ice and snow on the ground when me and my friends went to an abandoned motel and got wasted on a couple cases of beer. We all had long underwear on and heavy boots/coats/etc. Walking back through the urban area I lived in I got that stomach punch that I wasn't going to make it home before the gate of hell let loose. There was no woods or places to hide and shit but I saw an open truck trailer by the grocery store down the street from my house. I had worked there for the summer before and knew the trailers were nasty dirty inside already from the food cartons that sometimes got smashed during transit. Well, I thought, it will have to serve. I climbed up and went past the stacks of pallets and several huge bundles of recycled card board. Undid all the pants and clothes and let loose with a nasty semi-hard semi-liquid beer shit. Then next up was how do I clean up as this was pretty bad. Fortuneately I had regular cotton brief underwear on under the long thermals so I basically half undressed in a freezing cold semi-dark trailer. I used the underwear but they didn't get it so my socks went next. That got me a least clean enough to move again. I redressed with the long underwear and boots without socks and then hung out with my friends for about an hour more. After I got home I found I still had stained the thermals so I tried to wash them best as possible after I had washed my butt off. My mother asked me about the accident in them the next day and I lied and said I only had the thermals on and had a wet fart.
Best part was a year later I worked at the grocery store again and when me and my coworkers were hanging out and drinking, I found out about how the company management had read the riot act to the idiot store manager about finding human feces in their trailer and the manager should have been locking the trailers to start with. Apparently the poop was pretty much intact since it had frozen in the trailer and there was no mistaking what it was since there was a pair of briefs and two socks with it! If you knew the store manager you would have known that this incident could not have happened to anyone more appropriate.

Later, Randy- cyberdolph

A silly question:

why do we all clutch our ???? when we get diarrhea? clutching increases the pressure and makes the cramps worse and the poop harder to hold!!!!

Good Sunday Morning, All:

Well Friday night wasn't such a pleasant experience for me......My beau invited me to a dinner party one of his friends was having and I agreed to go even though I hadn't pooped in 3 days (a long time for me). I was feeling bloated and a bit sore inside.

He picked me up at 6pm Friday night and then got to the party by 6:30pm.

We mingled and had some appetizers before I excused myself to the restroom.....glad there were 2 bathrooms in that hosue since I spent the rest of the evening in one of them :o(

I got into the bathroom, pulled my slacks and undies down and grabbed a magazine from the rack in there since I knew this would take a while.

I peed then just sat and sat and sat and sat...trying to push out something from that cement factory known as my bowel...........nothing!!!

An hour had passed and I was now almost done with the magazine when I felt a twinge ........I was on cloud nine!!!!! Just as I was about to push something out there is a knock at the door and it is my honey asking if I was ok...I said sort of.....he wants to come in so I say ok......I tell him I've been plugged up and I'm so uncomfortable....he comes over to me and asks to rub my belly saying it always helps him.... I'm ready to try anything at this point. After about 10 minutes of this, I feel my bowel loosening up and finally a loud KERSLOOP!!!!! We both look in the bowl and see it is indeed a whopper!!!! He helped me wipe and after pulling my pants and undies back up we stare in disbelief that this monster poop came from me!!!! Now the question is will it go down or will it clog the we try and you guessed it the toilet was clogged and it flooded a bit beau went to tell his friend and by this time I was teary-eyed.......he comes in and says...."don't worry, Nancy........I'll call a plumber and this will be fine...I'll tell him I did it." I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek saying what a great friend he honey and I left after this and went back to my place.

The next day his friend calls to say he'd be very interested in buddy dumping with the 2 of us sometime.........well I'll have to think about that one!!!! LOL

Cheers....Nancy :o)

Hello, I would like to relate you my recent experience on my way back from my holidays in Turkey. I am 38 years old and was traveling with my husband and 16 years old daughter. We were one week in Turkey and everything went well with the food except on the last evening. We left after dinner to the airport. On the bus to the airport my stomach started to hurt. My bowels contracted continously and did pressure on me to go to the toilet. We were driving endless and I was thinking I wouldnīt make it to the airport, but somehow I managed it. At the airport we were waiting for check in when I simply couldnīt hold it any longer. I ran to the nearest toilet. There was a long line. I was crying as i was afraid I would go right there. Finally I reached my stall, quickly lifted my skirt and lowered my panties. Even before I sat down there was an eruption of diarreah out of me which I never had in my entire lift. Liters of water splashed out of me into the toilet. One cramp came after the other and each cramp made me splash tons of diarreah into tht eoilet. This first wave was 20 minutes. Then I thought I was done and started wiping. But then came the next wave which was 10 minutes non stop. Finally I was done and joined my family. We were waiting for departure. I was very concerned as I felt my bowles gurgeld again. I couldnīt hold it and ran again to the tiolet. The pressure was even bigger. The relief was unimaginable when tons of liquid water splashed out of me. I simply was unable to leave the toilet. Finally I was nauseous. Now I felt hat not only my bowels, but also my stomach would erupt. As a reflex I stood up from the toilet, quickly turned arount and vomited into it. Then my daugther came down and told me our flight was leaving. I was on the toilet for 40 minutes. I wiped as far as I could and tried my best to board the aircraft, knowing that once on board, I would have to continue my diarreah session. On board I quickly ran to the toilet and the brown cascade continued. I was in big trouble as the air hostess told me I would have to take my seat for take off. I explained her my situation and she gave me a remedy against diarreah. This helped me as my bowels were silent for about an hour. Then it started again and I ran back to the toilet. It seemed to me that I emptied all food and liquid which I had taken in the past week into this small airplane toilet. I filled the toilet so fast that I had to flush against 10 times. I was on the toilet for 2 hours, releasing just brown water. If you never had such diarreah (like me before) you canīt imagine it. Finally I had to vomit again. I kneeled down and vomited into the airplaine toilet when a new wave of diarreah came out of me at the same time! My skirt and panties were back in the normal position so I soiled both of them and the floor. I was crying. It took me another hour to clean up myself and the small toilet as fast as I could. Finally the hostess gave me more medecine so I could hold it until landing. In the arrival hall we were waiting for luggage. I had to go again. I ran to the toilet and had worst diarreah with just brown water, nothing else. We went home and I had diarreah all day. My husband took me to the hospital as I lost so much liquid. They told me I had picked up a severe case of food poisoning. It took me 5 days to recover from it. I just wonder why my daughter and husband did not get this food poisoning although we ate the same food on the last evening in Turkey.

Mr. S
Rather shocking experience this morning.

I woke up at probably 4:40 in the morning to a very offensive odor in my bedroom. I got up and looked around for a bit, to see if the dog had done anything on the floor. I couldn't find any trace of anything, and just when i thought i had no clue where the odor was coming from, i looked back at the bed and eyed my sleeping fiance Rachel for a moment...she was laying on her side still fast asleep, but there were small beads of sweat on her forehead. I thought to myself "it can't be.." but I was determined to find and eliminate the odor, so with a hesitant look under the covers, the front of her pale green panties seemed clean and unharmed, but i think i was only trying to kid myself with my complete disbelief in that she would do anything so i got real and i silently admitted to myself that if she "did", then i would need to look on the other side. so i took a look, and sure enough a bulge of significant size with several faint brown marks on it on the back of her panties closed the case, the smell was obviously coming from a mess my fiance made in her underwear. i knew i should have woken her up and informed her that she was in immediate need of a change of underwear, but i couldn't bring myself to...and i instead went in the living room and slept on my couch. i woke up later on and she was already up and in the kitchen making coffee (yes, in clean underwear) and as soon as she saw me her head dropped slightly and her face turned completely red. i felt terrible for not waking her because she obviously knew that i knew since i had gone to sleep on the couch, so i just gave her a hug and told her not to worry about it. neither of us said anything else about it.

i just had to tell someone about it and this seemed like the place to do it. thanks.

Dear Sarah S, Meghan and Annie: We are so sad and upset about the passing of Robbie. Although we already had some fears, it still hit us as a bad shock. We send you our deep sympathy and our thoughts are with you. It is very good though to see how you are pressing on with your lives and try to see the fun moments as well. It would be great to hear more from you and maybe even see the return of Annie, when she feels like it. Sorry, I haven't expressed my condolensces earlier, but it took me a bit to digest the news and then we were traveling. We are curing at the baltic sea at the moment, which is very nice and brings some good opportunities for some outdoor pees and poos. I have a funny little story from our journey here, I hope, you'd like to hear:
When we started our drive north, we left rather early and our little Loewie was thrown out of usual routine for his post breakfast jobbie. Somehow he was so moody about it, that he refused to try doing his motion on a rest stop toilet or in the woods. When we arrived at our night stop, it was already quite late. Next morning after breakfast we sat him on the toilet with his favourite book and his toy lion, but he was already constipated...Nothing helped: no leaving him alone, no sitting with him and rubbing the ????...the turds were stuck. Boy, was he in a bad mood about it ... (it was entirely our fault of course,lol). We tried a few more stops during the day, but no success. About an our before our destination we had dinner at a lake. Having had lots of fruit during the day and after some vegetables and some rye bread sandwiches at least MY digestive system announced it would need some room for the food that just got in. I quickly deceided for a stroll into the woods and indicated to Sarah that I was going to find some relieve behind a bush. She suggested to take Loewie with me; maybe it would give him some „inspiration". So we got into the woods, found a spot and made ourselves comfortable: I helped Loewie to take his pants of and pulled down my own. I squatted and peed and immediately started to release a soft, but still firm, easy to pass, nice, long rope of poo. Loewie spread his legs and peed standing, his hands on his hips. Then he also squatted and watched with interest how the pile underneath my bum continued growing. He grunted a bit, but no success. I finished and cleaned myself, while he still tried, but it would not work. I covered my big, stripey pile: a result of blueberries and other fruit. After a while he gave up and told me rather sulking that he had to leave, cause my poo stank so badly. I said I was sorry, but I thought he would like going with me. He sulked a bit more and we went back in silence. After a while he said he rather did like going with me. „Maybe I am just jealous, cause I can't go and you made a big pile..." I smiled and kissed him and promissed he would make one very soon (not knowing how soon...).
About an hour later we arrived at the place, where we rented a house. We parked nearby the rental office and I went inside to pay and get the keys as well as a description of the way. When I returned, I was rather puzzled: Sarah stood next to the car with Loewie's pants and some tissues in her hands and our little son squatted by a tree next to the car...squeezing out some turds. My wife greeted me with an embarrassed laugh, while she covered her face. She explained that Loewie had woken up and announced he had to go to the toilet rather quickly. Sarah had assumed that he just wanted to wee and as she did not know were the toilets were and it was nearly dark already, she told him to quickly go by the tree. She was putting her shoes on and when she looked next, Loewie was squatting with his bare bum next to the car with a turtle neck already sticking out. She tried to stop him, but our little one was too tired and unnerved and (quite rightly, lol) by now just wanted to poop! So she let nature take it's course and we introduced ourselves to our new holiday neighbours by letting our son take a nice big dump on the car park. We told our friends a few days later and Peter nearly peed his pants laughing. An elderly couple passed and we said hello with some forced smiles. They still give us funny looks, when we see them. I guess, you can't blame them. Of course Loewie had to do a good one and he took his time, while we suffered in embarrassment, but we had to laugh really. After he finished, I cleared as much as possible away with a plastic bag; of course only after I thoroughly admired the big pile and told my son so. Our daughter wasn't amused at all about her brother's bad behaviour, lol, but we explained it was a misunderstanding...she still is embarrassed. Hope you had to laugh as well. As they say, shit stands for luck, so I guess we will have a good time here ;-).
Take care with lovexxx and hugs!
PV: So great to hear from you again. Hope you will forgive me if I'll answer you next time. The story is so long, you know, but I hope, you also had a laugh. Lovexoxo from Sarah and me

Adrian: IBS
Yep I've already discussed it with my doctor and devoured books and websites. She was the one who diagnosed me with it. I take Lactaid whenever I'm going to eat a diary product that normally upsets my stomach and if I do start to get diarrhea, I'm supposed to take one capsule of Bentyl (no more than three a day). But I don't always take the Bentyl because last time I took it (for stomach flu), I didn't like the side effects. Besides I'm finding that if I take Bentyl, I have a chance of the stomach ache coming back, but if I wait until I can take a crap and let it all out, then usually it doesn't come back.
Have you ever been to the doctor about your IBS? Feel free to

Poop for the day.....
I went into town today with my family this morning. I started to get mild cramps while we were walking through wal-mart, mainly because I hadn't pooped yet for the day. It wasn't too bad. Then we went to the mall and the cramps became more frequent and a little more hard, but bearable.
We decided to go to Taco Bell for lunch. After ordering my food, I told my stepmom I was going to go wash hands, but when I went in to the bathroom, I knew I had to unload myself. So I did. There was a nice, soft log broken in half when I was done. But I had the feeling in my stomach that i wasn't done yet even though nothing else would come out. And not to mention my butt was sore.
So I went and sat down and began to eat some kind of spanish rice steak salad thing without the beans. My stepmom was kind of appalled that mine came with the dressing on and hers was separate. Then she said, "But it looks like your dressing has cheese in it. Mine does. It has blue cheese." I said, "It doesn't taste like it. But it is spicy." Just as a precation, I swallowed two Lactaids, even though I had already taken more than two bites (for those who don't know, you're supposed to take Lactaid with the first bite of dairy, otherwise it ain't gonna work). Shortly after, another set of cramps came. I held my stomach and said, "Oh no. I gotta use the bathroom again." I made it, and when I sat down, it came out like piss comming out of my butt. It wasn't very much though. I felt a little better so went back to eating as if nothing had happened. A few minutes later, the cramps started to come back and my stepmom said, "Are you feeling sick?" I just said, "Yeah." because I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.
After that, we went home. Although the cramps were gone, I decided to sit down on the toilet. As soon as I sat down, the cramps came back, but this time it was really hard. The pain was so bad that I was almost crying. Then more diarrhea poop came out, and I felt better for the rest of today except for a horrible rumbling in my ????. I've been letting out some loud farts...........brrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaappp!
It's no fun having IBS-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH :-( !

Seth: Hi dude! It sure was a gutsy thing to take a shit right out in the open like that. I guess you never knew any of the guys in that restroom and that must have made it easier. It's a bit more difficult shitting in the open like that when you know a lot of the guys taking a piss right near you. When I was at High School all the stall doors had been removed because of dudes smoking in the stalls and because of vandalism. I used to take a shit there most days and naturally I'd get a lot of smart aleck comments from guys I knew. Usually, there were other guys shitting too so it wasn't a problem. However, I've never taken a shit in such an open situation as you describe. At least with a doorless stall, you've got partial privacy. I'm not shy about other folks seeing me taking a shit, but, as you say, it's the looks of amusement, disgust or shock on others' faces that are a bit off putting. Also, if you are just pinching off a nice big solid log you could be sitting anywhere. When, on the other hand, you are taking a noisy, stinky shit with a lot of farting and plopping it attracts even more attention and often guys jokingly covering their noses. Also, I've always stood and faced the toilet to wipe my crack (thereby exposing my crack to viewers if I'm in an open stall) and that's a bit difficult to do in an open shitter. Hey enjoyed your story. I've got lots of stories about my shitting experiences and I'll start posting again real soon. Let's hear from all the other guys who hang out here too. Thanks, Justin

About 4 months ago I had very bad diarrhea for about a week. It was quite yellow and the smell of my farts was unbelievable. I poked around on the internet and thought I might have somehow contracted giardia. Does anyone have any expertise on this?

Hi, Iīm Iveta, 29 years old. Lately I had a stomach experience. It was a very hof Sunday afternoon, my day off, and we went out for an excursion with my daugthter and one of her friends. We were walking at a hill. It was extremely hot and we drank lots of water. Later we had ice cream. Obviously the combination of ice cream and all that water had a very bad effect on my stomach. We were still walking when I suddenly felt a sharp ache in my stomach. Furthermore my bladder was about to burst from so much water I drank. We were returning to the bus stop where there was a toilet. I went in and had a long pee. Furthermore I had horrible stomach cramps, but nothing else for the moment. So we went on the bus. At this moment I felt a very sharp stab in my stomach and in the next second my stomach gurgled and was about to empty itself in my panties. I told the girls: sorry but I have to go back to the toilet immediately. I left the bus, and rushed back to the toilet. I had hardly time to unzip and lower my blue jeans and panties when the most horrible wave of diarreah splashed out of me. The first wave was 10 minutes non-stop. Brown liquid came out of me without control and splashed behind me into the toilet. I couldnīt remember so much brown liquid coming out of me in my life. Later my daugther came to see me if I was ok. I had spent about half an hour on the toilet.I told her I was having horrible waves of diearreah. Finally I felt I was done. So I went back on the bus. I just had one wish to get home as soon as possible. I thought now I would make it home, but big mistake! The bus was driving at a very low speed and only after a few minutes of the ride my bowels called that they would want to empty again! I felt very unconfortable and was fidgeting in my seat, trying to hold in. I had no choice but either to get off at the next stop or go right there in my panties. Luckily after five more minutes the bus stopped. I told the girls I have to go again. It was still in the middle of the woods and I had no other choice but quickly squatting down behind a bush, lowering my panties and blue jeans and let if flow again. Torrents of brown water came out of me and splashed behind me on the ground. It was like a waterfall. All the ground behind me was brown. I was so weak and tired from all that squatting. Finally we took the next bus. After another quarter of hour of riding the same: My bowels were about to explode and there was nothing I could do against it. I had to leave the bus again at the next stop but this time I was lucky, as there was a public toilet behind the bus stop. It was a very old toilet with just one door. I ran into it but was unable to lock the door. I ripped off my pants and panties, sat down and again I exploded into the toilet. I released brown liquid for at least 20 minutes non-stop. The toilet was do dirty that I avoided sitting on it but was hovering somehow over the seat. I shouted to my daughter to stand before the door to avoid that someone else would come in. I felt so humiliated as my daughter and her friend heard all my noise. Finally it was just brown water that came out of me. With my last strength I wiped and left the toilet and somehow made it home. Finally I had the next diarreah attack at home and I was having diarreah practically all the evening and night. It was a horrible experience.

This week, I took a dump at work a few times. I had the early shift all week, which meant I had to start at 6.45am each day and finish at 3.30pm. I didn't get time to do a poo in the morning before work so by lunchtime on Monday, I could feel a big turd moving down. I went into the toilet, closed the door and pulled down my pants. I sat on the toilet and did a big wee. Then I had to push a bit and a small, hard turd came out. I pushed again and another turd came out, simuilar to teh first one. My arse was buring after the second piece of poo and I could feel more turds up there so I pushed again. I pushed as hard as I could but I couldn't get anything out. There was a turd sitting in my anus but it wouldn't come out so I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I went and bought some lunch and about 10 minutes later, I went back to the toilet to try again. I sat on the toilet and pushed out a small, hard pebble. I felt better after this so I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants.

I had a fantastic dump later in the week, I had to hold onto it all day because I didn't get time to do it at work. I got home and went straight to the toilet. I closed the door and sat down. I did a wee first, then I waited for a few minutes. I could feel a huge load slowly moving down. I closed my eyes and pushed really, really hard. I tried to let my anus open up by itself and stopped pushing but this didn't work. I had to push even harder to squeeze out several stubborn turds. I wasn't finished so I pushed again and squeezed out some more hard turds. I could feel a rock solid turd sitting in my anus but it was stuck. I pushed and pushed but I all could manage was a few farts. Then after about 10 minutes, the turd slowly moved out of my anus and I had to push again to get it all out. My anus was buring after that but I felt so much better.

Hi all, two funny incidents came to mind this weekend. My hubby wanted to go to the national footup (Motorbikes without seats) championships this week end and seeing portaloos there brought back one memory and a real life happening.
The first was 28 years ago when I was at university. The male students used to play rugby on a Wednesday and Friday night. We all used to support and much merriment used to take place. At the one end of the field was a row of porta loos and the famous prank was for the students (males) to wait until a girl went to the loo and they would then push it over and down an embankment. Only the new students used the loos and only once. I met my husband there as he was about to push a loo over. I emerged unscathed gave him a withering look and married him shortly afterwards.
At the foot ups there was one solitary loo mounted on a trailer. I watched it being brought in and the driver unhitched it in the car park. The loo was tied down with wire and was soon being used by the ladies.
About mid morning I decided to go for a pee and with no real cover around opted for the porta. As I approached a young lady was ahead of me and stepped up and entered the loo. I thought I would give her a minute as I was not going to stand around telegraphing my intentions to all. I slowly wandered across and at the last minute saw two guys also going for a wee jump up into the trailer. Well that is when all hell broke loose. The loo was obviously not ahead of the axle and the weight of the two guys was enough to tipthe trailer over. To make matters worse the door faced the side it tipped to and the door had not been latched. End result one young girl jeans and panties at her ankles, loo roll in one hand being shot out of the loo and landing on the grass bum in the air. Luckily she was not at full throttle with any function and was, I think, about to wipe. Wiping was forgotten as she dressed and scuttled away. I lost my urge to pee and went back to hubby. Funny afterwards to say the least. One lady cured for life of Portaloos.

The Mage
Hey, all. You might not remember, and probably don't, but I posted a story about a girl I used to play with. She walked on me while I was crapping in the neighborhood park. Well, I do have a few more stories to share, like I said earlier, and I plan on sharing them. Well, it seemed that girl REALLY liked watching me take a dump, because she walked up to me while I was hanging around outside. She giggled and asked if she could watch me take a dump again. I had a pretty...different mindset back then, and said "I don't care, if you want to". Now, I would be A LOT shyer about it, of course. I said "I think I have to take a dump, anyway." She just laughed and said she wanted to see. The girl was kind of thin, had long, straight hair, and light-skinned, but very curvy for her age. I did sort of have a crush on her. She told me to just go in the park like last time, so we walked there. That walk seemed to just make me have to go even more. I didn't even notice the urge until she asked me about it. We walked into the woods, and I decided to find a nice stump. I made SURE to steal some toilet paper from the nasty park bathrooms before I did my business.

I said "Here I go!", and she just laughed and told me "Get started already!".I pulled down my the boxers and jeans I was wearing and actually tossed them to the side. She immediately started laughing and said "Your butt looks even cuter than last time." I got on the stump and squatted down. Just like last time, she kneeled down directly behind me. She giggled and said "I want to see everything! Get in a better position!". I gave her an eyebrow and said "You're really into this." She smacked a buttcheek and kept her hand there and said "It was a lot of fun last time! I've never seen a boy poop, and I've never seen anyone poop like that!" I smiled and said "Do I get to see you poop after this?" She giggled and simply said "Depends!" After that, I decided I would give her the best show ever, if I got to see her poop. We were both VERY curious. So I leaned forward as much as I could without falling and placed my hands forward to sort of brace me. Before I even started she was already laughing and talking about my "Tight, butthole". I felt her finger make its way down my crack and poke my butthole just like the last time. She seemed even more amused than last time. I said "You better move your finger, because it's coming". She poked my butthole really hard and made me yelp. She laughed and moved her finger, and placed her busy hands on my buttcheeks and spread them a little. I could tell that these turds would need pushing so that's what I did. She said "Your butthole's moving!" as I pushed and pushed to get started. Of course, I started farting like usual. She didn't care, and that just seemed to turn her on even more. I grunted loudly and felt the tip of a turd poke out. She also informed me about it by saying "I see the tip of your dookie!" She giggled and kept on squeezing my spreaded cheeks while the turd eased out. I looked back and saw a permanent grin fixed on her face as she enjoyed the whole show she wanted. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping her entertained.

I made some fake grunting noises mixed in with real ones while I pushed out this turd. She giggled it said "It's a smooth one!" as the turd slithered out and fell with a thud. For a smooth turd, it came out very slowly, but that's how my dumps are. I pushed again and felt my hole stretch more than last time. She still had a look of intense interest as I pushed my next turd out. GOD, it was LONG! She couldn't say anything but "Damn!" and giggle as the turd just kept on moving out. I didn't know when this thing was ever going to stop moving out my hole. She finally managed to say "Wow...that's like a snake of poop!" I felt the turd coming to its end, but it wouldn't fall. I was very afraid to try shake this one off. So I just kept trying to pinch it off. I just had this long turd hanging down from my ass. I'm sure it looked like I had a tail, and that's exactly what she called it. She was REALLY into it now, and just kept talking about the turd and saying how it was just hanging from my ass like a cat's tail. She just stared and giggled as I still tried to get rid of this thing. I took a chance just to entertain her more and shook my butt from side to side while barking. She thought that was the most hilarious thing and loved it. I only did that for a little bit, though. The turd didn't even snap off. She let go of one cheek and patted it while saying "Good, dog!" I said "Hey, don't take that too seriously!" She giggled and placed her hand back on my cheek. I felt the turd move a little bit and noticed that there must have been a little knot or something at the end, but it finally fell. Wasn't much of a drop. It was already close to touching the ground. I felt another turd move out. I could tell it wasn't going to be long but it was HUGE! Surprisingly, it moved on its own for awhile and then just stopped. This was the farthest I'd ever felt my butthole stretch in awhile. She just giggled and said "Whoooo!". The turd actually started making crackling and popping noises once I started pushing as hard as I could. I had to grunt and push with all my might. She was really enjoying this. She couldn't stop laughing. The turd finally thudded to the ground with the rest of its buddies.

After that, came the usual storm of small and medium turds. I always fart a ton anytime this happens. This was probably the nosiest part of my dump, especially with her giggling and laughing the entire time. I looked back at her, and she managed to get out a "Hello!" as she turned her attention back to the eruption of turds. She laughed and said "We really need some Lysol back here!" as the turds thudded out. There wasn't even a break in between any of them. Her grip on my cheeks got tighter and tighter as she got more excited. She vented some of that excitement by squeezing my cheeks over and over like usual. Her fingers kept trailing the safer, top part of my crack. The eruption finally slowed to a halt. I could only say "Man..." as I finally got a rest, but not too long of a rest. I felt a turd force its way out. She gasped and said "Wow! It's sound round and smooth!" The turd simply dropped to the ground. More just like it began to plop out at a steady pace. While I was pooping, I heard her say "Hey! You might top your last pile!" I couldn't manage even a word when I felt another HUGE turd poke out and SLOWLY move. The slowest one yet. She laughed and started give the turd a pep-talk. Telling it that it was almost free. She then said "Hey! This turd is a lot darker than your other ones!" She continued to talk about the turd as it moved slower than snail's pace. I made some fake grunting noises as the turd eased out little by little. She still seemed completely turned on. Her hands had been on my cheeks so long that they felt attatched. The turd finally managed to drop with a LOUD "Thudthud". It bounced and rolled a little, but thankfully it didn't roll in her direction. I couldn't help but pee out a small stream while I tried to push that monster out. She found that very interesting. Immediately I just started letting out a lot of LOUD gush-noise farts. She playfully mimiced the noise saying "Shhhhhhhh". I tried pushing for more, but that was it. I was finally done! I looked back at her and said "I don't have anything hanging like last time, do I?" She burst into a fit of laughter and shook her head "No". I leaned forward just a bit more and told her to go ahead and wipe me. She started clapping and said "Yaaay! I get to do it!"

She playfully took the toilet paper and casually spread my cheeks. By now, she had to have been a pro at it. She just wiped up and down my crack and giggled the whole time. She kept doing the same motions while saying "This is fun!". She was having a blast, now. There was nothing I could do to stop her, and I didn't care. She was just going crazy. I think she got a little too excited, because she tore some toilet paper and it was stuck in my crack. She giggled and said "Oops!" I playfully asked "What did you do?!" She giggled and said "I'll fix it". She squeezed and spread one cheek while picking out the toiler paper with her other hand. She sighed and said "Feels nice!" She didn't hesitate to keep a deathgrip on my cheek as she eagerly picked pieces of toilet paper out my crack. She playfully started rubbing my cheeks up and down. Of course, my butt started jiggling around everywhere. I was turned on, myself. I had a crush on her. She could play with my butt all she wanted. She giggled like crazy and said "Look at that booty jiggle!", and started moving my cheeks in differents ways just to amuse herself. She finally finished picking out all the pieces of paper and then tore a small piece of toilet paper and told me to bend over even more. I was in a weird position, now. I had to put my hands on the ground in front of the stump, and my butt was just hanging in the air. She laughed and started poking my butthole with the paper until she was satisfied, which was LONG after my hole was clean. She smiled and said "Oooh boy! That's a nice pose! Glad I brought THIS!" I looked back as best as I could and saw her take out a old-fashioned Digital Camera from her mini-purse. I was shocked. Completely. She laughed and said "I need SOMETHING to remember this by, right? I came prepared for this!" I was feeling REALLY awkward as she position herself at a good angle and took a picture of my completely exposed ass in the air. Butthole and all showing. She smacked a cheek and said "Thanks much! Now just two more!" She took one more picture of me in that position, and then made me get back in a half-lean,half-squatting position. I was just as turned on as her, then. I turned my head a little, and pointed down to my pile. She burst into laughter and took a picture of that as well. I felt awkward again and said "You never told me about PICTURES!" She just giggled and started kicking my butt lightly telling me that I never said she couldn't take pictures. I finally stood up. My butt felt weird after she had her hands there for so long. I bent over to pick up my clothes and heard the snapping of another picture. I just smirked while she laughed and said "You got me, there." I was finally finished, though. She was still laughing and said "Well, thanks for the show!" I crossed my arms and said "Don't I get to watch you after all that?" She started giggling and said "You took it THAT seriously? I only said 'Depends'". I smiled to myself and said that's the last time you ever see me take a dump, and quickly snatched her camera. She screamed in surprise at first, and then looked at me, and finally caved in, and said "All right! I'll try, just for you, but I don't really have to go!" I was REALLY hyped up, then. I watched squat her cute butt on the same stump as me, but she didn't lean over like me. She pulled down her tight shorts and her cute, tiny, pink panties. I was turned on to the max, then. She giggled and winked at me saying "So this is how it feels!" I couldn't even talk. I was just staring at her cute ass, and was intrigued by her pussy. It was the first time I'd really seen anything like it. I kneeled down real low, and saw her cute, tight butthole. She laughed and said "Heeey! You can't be like me!" But I could tell she was just as turned on. She screamed in surprise when I grabbed her round cheeks like she did me. I was just as bad as her, then. She giggled and playfully said "Stop it!" as I squeezed her cheeks and stared at her tiny butthole. I saw her hole bulge and push and a very light-colored tip emerged. She actually grunted and a skinny, little turd slithered its way out on my huge pile. I stared as another turd just like it slithered out, and then ANOTHER one. Her turds were really soft, and just curled on top of each other. But the bliss didn't last long. The turds finally stopped, and she just pushed out a few small turds before saying "That's the best I can do!". I didn't really care, though. I was satisfied when she exposed her cute ass, which was really curvy for her age, then. She said "I guess I can let you wipe me a little..." I didn't give her a chance to hesitate. I said "Of course!" and immediately started wiping her in the same way she did me. Her paper was really dirty at first, and it actually took a few wipes. Just what I was hoping for. She giggled and shivered in excitement while I wiped her. I finally stopped wiping and poked her cute butthole through toilet paper. Just like she did to me. She giggled and started swiping at my hands. I rubbed her soft cheeks and said "All finished!". She laughed, and said "I'm sure". I sat in the same spot as I watched her bend over and pull up her panties and shorts. I got a nice view from behind. She looked at her pile and said "That's nothing compared to what you did!" But I was thinking "It was enough!" in my head. She giggled and talked about my dump for a little bit, before we finally walked off due to an army of flies. We finally split off, and she told me to let her watch next time I had to go. I just smiled and said "Depends on you!" and ran home with my head in the clouds. I rememeber thinking about nothing but her cute ass pushing out those thin turds for the rest of the day.

Well, that's one of my most major experiences from my earlier days. I still remember that day perfectly, and I'll never forget it, either. I have a few more stories, but it might be a LONG time before I ever post again. That's why I made sure to get this one out at least. Well, I'm off to do Mage-like business, or something like that.

To Louise(from France)
Whenever I have to use a portaloo I always put one leg on the wall at the back so I can pee into the 'loo' without getting my fet wet but I have to force the pee out or it just drips down my leg.

Miss Piss
Hi Louise! Sorry I haven't came here for so long! I have never gone in a phone box. I don't have any more stories right now. So, I guess I'll go now. Bye!

anna. I think you've probably had a ???? upset by the sound of it. Matters usually right themselves in a day or two when that happens. If the problem persists I'd have a checkup with your doctor in case it's the onset of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) which can be unpleasant but is usually manageable in the long term.

Jane (& Gary). Hi! Interesting to hear about your long pee seesions.

Penny. The conventional advice given to women is to wipe from front to back as that reduces the risk of infections. Many men also wipe from front to back as a matter of habit although it is less necessary in their case. I was interested in what you said about lifting the seat and sitting directly on the porcelain. It's not something I'd think of doing. Does it help you to achieve emptier bowels do you think?


Hi Casey! This weekend (Aug 20 - 22nd), I went camping to a provincial park here in Ontario, Canada (near Lake Simcoe, if you're somewhat familiar with this part of the world...)

For more than a month I had been waiting for this trip because I too wanted that lovely, natural feeling you get in the outdoors. Where I could pass a good load & not have to worry about etiquette - i.e. making loud noises while pooping... odours... or whether I should leave the seat up or down. (However, I do respect the environment and try to leave it in a good state not only for the creatures, but for other humans to continue enjoying the area. Anyways... to carry on.)

My wish didn't come true unfortunately. The trip was with a couple of friends who were there last summer too and I thought it would be a reasonably isolated area. Turns out it was more of a family camping area - with public bathrooms, showers, souvenir stands, and so on. Not exactly roughing it in the great outdoors.
There really wasn't anywhere isolated enough to for me to enjoy pulling down my pants & dropping some logs without worrying about the neighbouring campers 4 or 5 meters away.

On the other hand, I really didn't have to poop anyway. The urge to go didn't strike me until early this morning when I arrived back in the big city and walked through my front door.

TO All others who frequently like to go in the outdoors!:

I was just curious... When you produce an open-air jobbie, do you just A) leave you job there? B) Do you bury it? Or C) do you perhaps take it with you and dispose of it elsewhere?

-If A) or B), how long have one of your jobbies remained where you left it until Mother Nature works her magic?

-If C), do you it because you like to for sanitary/environmental reasons?; because you simply don't want anyone to see what you have left behind (even if they don't know it was your doing)?; because you have another spot you've designated specifically to for this task.. (say, in your garden along with compost, as fertilizer!)


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

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