Hello. I'm F, 17yrs, Blonde, Thin.

I like camping. My Dad and brother and I go a few times in the Spring and then again in the winter. My Mom doesn't like it. Last year, we went to a campsite that did not have any bathrooms. Not even an outhouse. Once you were in the woods, the ground was the only toilet.

One morning I woke up and had to poop. I grabbed the roll of TP we brought and a shovel and walked about a hundred feet away, behind some bushes. I dug a hole then stood over it. I looked around to make sure I was alone. I pulled down my sweatpants and underpants and squatted.

I pooped a lot, then peed. I rolled off some paper and wiped my butt, then covered the hole with dirt. I walked back to camp and went back to sleep.

I don't know why, but ever since then, I like pooping in the woods. We went camping this past Spring at a camp that had bathrooms, but I just pooped in the woods anyway. Makes me feel like I'm more of a natural girl, I guess!

After reading over some posts on this forum I started thinking about my own embarassing experiences when it comes to going to the bathroom. I remember when I was 16, I had really bad constipation. I don't think I had gone for at least a week. My mom gave me some laxatives to help get things moving. The laxatives took so long to work that I just forgot about them.
I went to bed and fell asleep. Next thing I remember was waking up in the middle of the night with a unbelieveable feeling in my bowels. It felt like if I even got outta bed I'd loose control. I spon my body around with out sitting up, so I didn't put pressure on my stomach. Tried to stand up but nearly lost it.

Figured this is the place to tell about my grossest bowel-related experience. My name is close to Tabitha, I'm in my mid-twenties, in grad school.

Once, while driving home from work one night, I was having cramps in my guts. It felt like gas, so I went ahead and farted. I ended up shitting my pants. Really liquidy, stinky diarrhea. It was repulsive. I screamed "Oh God!" to myself in the car.

I couldn't stand the gross, squishy feeling in my pants, so I pulled over. I got out and grabbed a box of tissues and a towel out of the trunk and ran down the embankment.

I pulled my jeans and underpants off, both of which were full of shit. I used almost the whole box of tissues to clean off my legs and ass, then wrapped the towel around my waist and went back up to my car. I got some funny looks from cars driving by. I was in my car and back on the highway when I realized I had left my jeans and underpants down there. Oh, well.

I got home and immediately took a shower, after making up a story for my neighbor as to why I wasn't wearing pants. That was one lousy night. Funny now though.

This is about a deliberate pants pooping. I gyuess I was 11 or 12 at the time.Myself and some other boys were playing in one of the other kids yard, when his 5 year old brother had a poop accident in his pants. All of the other boys including the brother satrted teasing him, instead of helping him into the house and telling his mom that he'd had an accident. I took him inside and told his mom. When I went back out, I told my playmates that they shouldn't have teased him, and that pants pooping wasn't a big deal. Well, they jumped on that, and started dareing me to do it. I tried to back out, but they double dared me. Now back then, double dares couldn't be refused unless it was something illegal or would get the person who was dared hurt. Pooping in my pants didn't seem to fit either case, so I said okay, I'd do it. I did have to go, so all I had to do was squat slightly and push. I felt a big turd come out into my underpants. Fortunately it wasn't real mushy or anything. They all had to feel it in my pants, then they started teasing me. I went home and told my mom that I'd had an accident. She made me take a bath and clean my pants out. The other kids all called me "poo" after that.

I work at a summer camp and one of my jobs is as a lifeguard. I was guarding for one of our waterfronts, a small inland lake that has a rope swing on it. Three eleven year old girls came up and said that they wanted to use the rope swing. I said sure just a minute and went to go get the key to the chain that keeps people from using it when there is no guard.
When I got back one of the girls said,"Hurry up, Emily's doing the pee pee dance."
I looked up and sure enough she was standing on the platform, hopping from foot to foot and holding herself.. "She's been complaining that she's had to pee for twenty minutes," the one girl informed me.
I started to unlock the chain but I was having trouble with it. Emily continued her dance and kept saying, "I gotta pee. I gotta pee.I gotta pee."
One of her friends said, "You'd better hurry up or she's going to pee her bathing suit."
"No I won't," the indignant Emily responded as she continued to dance.
I finally got the swing undone and Emily swung out.
The other girls asked her if the water was cold.
SHe responded, "Yes but it's getting warmer," making it obvious that she was peeing. This got an "Eww gross" from her two friends.
Later when they went off the one girl said was complaining how cold it was. Then she hit a warm spot and yelled. "Warm spot! Gross Emily!"
When they left they all promised that they would take a potty break before they went swimming tomorrow.

i have been having really weird poops the past few days. they are much softer than normal and much smellier than normal. my ???? becomes very upset very suddenly and i start having very smelly gas and feeling a heaviness in my bowels and then i get the feeling in my stomach like i'm going to have diahrea, so i run to the toilet and have more gas and then soft and mushy poop. i have been going two or three times a day. my stomach is also queasy even when i don't have to poop. i haven't felt nauseous and i don't have a fever so i don't think it's the stomach flu. does anybody else have this problem or know of what might have caused it or a way to relieve it? i took pepto-bismol yesterday and today and it didn't help.

I am a second semester senior in college and I am finally trying to get my undergrad degree. I had many embarrassing episodes the last two or three semesters. I had a severe gastro-intestinal infection in addition to another problem: I have panic attackes, puke, and have simultaneous diahrea, and sometimes wet my pants too. After a lot of ordeals I went to a psychiatric hospital in Maryland. I quit messing myself. I got out in April. I was mostly fine through out the summer, but now that school is starting again, I've started having many emgarrassing accidents. I don't want my boyfriend to know, so I have been avoiding sleeping in the same room. Tonight I bought Depends disposable underwear. So far, so good. This is odd, but people accidently messing their pants is a bit exciting.

Jane (& Gary)
I haven't been here in a long time. When I opened this site, I was looking back and saw Rizzo's post to Meghan, Sarah S. and Annie regarding Robby. I was wondering what happened and read further back, then I saw what I feared the most - that Robby had passed away. I called Gary over to tell him the news. At first he said, "Who's Robby?" Then he realized who it was and saw I was very distraught, and he gave me a hug.

Meghan, Sarah and Annie: Gary and I send our condolences to you for the loss of your beloved Robby. We are truly saddened by his passing. Your stories were quite funny and fun to read, and I liked how you said hello to everyone who was posting. You guys even sent regards to my husband Gary, my "silent" partner on this site. We will truly miss Robby.

I don't have any stories of my own other than the fact that, over the last two days, I had quite a few lengthty pee sessions. I was drinking a lot of water, but each day I did at least two pees that lasted a couple of minutes each. On only one of those days did I have a pooping session that accompanied the pee sessions, and it was a medium load at that.

Quick hello to Rizzo, and a paging call to Buzzy, Althea, Carmalita, and a few of the other "old posters".

Hey, sorry about not posting for a long time, especially to Tiger and Maya, but I was on vacation and couldn't post. So a lot of this will be overdue replies.

Tiger, dude, thanks for the update on H&K; it's definitely a movie that I'll check out. And Maya, thank you for the non-painful diarrhea story. Most enjoyable, especially since it relieved you. I remember a friend of mine who'd come out of the bathroom after a long dump and she'd say something like "That was a load off my stomach." Just like that, out of the blue, and she'd be cool about it too.

Chelsea/Tara and PrettyPooper, that's really hot how you guys are so tight that you do the stomach massage thing for each other. One of my goals is to give a hot chick a stomach massage while she's laying cable. Hey, I aim high in life!

To those of you who have spouses/significant others/friends who have an Open Door Policy, how did you/they bring it up? Was it just a natural thing for you both to hang in the bathroom together while one's letting it go, or did one person say to the other, "Hey, I've always been curious about (guys/girls) on the toilet, mind if I join you?" or something to that effect? Or was it something else altogether?

That's all for now; I'll probably remember more later in the week.


TO DREW: To wipe, I reach through my legs and wipe back to front like you. You're right, having a hairy butt makes wiping alot more tedious. Just don't shave it, cause you will be itching like you won't believe.

Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
To AJ :o) Sorry to hear about your loss. I just lost my father last year so I can sympathize with you. Hang in there, my friend.

I have a story for everybody. Yesterday, I got home from work and soon thereafter my roommate Alison got home. We live north of Orlando Florida, not too far from where Hurricane Charley hit. We didn't lose electricity for too long or have any significant damage from the storm, but yesterday was the first day that we weren't out in the yard until dusk cleaning up debris, so we decided to celebrate with a nice dinner. We are not what I would consider "romantically involved", but after dinner we were sitting relaxing on the sofa watching the Olympics. Alison was next to me and I guess because of us feeling closer together having weathered the storm together, we were kinda snuggled up close together. I felt a little rumble in the sofa. Allie had passed gas but was trying to sneak one out. It didn't make any noise so I didn't let on that I knew. Then a few minutes later she let a couple more. They did smell really strong but I didn't let on that I smelled them so she wouldn't get embarrassed. She apologized for spoiling our "romantic moment" as she put it, and said that with everything going on and her nerves that she hadn't been able to go to the bathroom for the last several days, and excused herself. She was in there for a little while, and I heard her moaning in pain, so I asked if she was ok. She opened the door and said that she was having lots of trouble getting anything to come out, and that her belly hurt really bad. Since she normally closes the door while she's having a number two, I said "I guess I'll let you get back to work there," but she said she would like it if I stayed with her if I didn't mind. Well of course I didn't mind! So she walked back over to the toilet and took her jean shorts back down around her ankles and sat back on the toilet. I liked the way she wiggled her hips from side to side to remove her pants, rather than just dropping them like I do. I sat across from her on the edge of the tub, and began to massage her stomach and her sides just above her hips. After about five minutes, she said things were moving along. She said she would feel more comfortable by herself now so I patted her on the head and said all right, and went back out and watched tv some more. I could hear a couple of loud farts and a splash, and a sigh of relief from Alison. The smell filled our humble abode. It was amazing that such a smelly dump could come from such a pretty girl. She came out a few minutes later, obviously feeling much better. Then she said, "Um, I'm so embarrassed to ask this, but can you help me unclog the toilet? It really was a monster!" I said, "no problem, dear" and got the plunger out of the closet. A monster it was, too. The poor toilet hadn't even remotely considered flushing Alison's turd down. The turd was about 2 inches around, tapering down to about an inch at the top end, which was sticking out of the water by at least 5 inches and leaning against the front part of the toilet bowl. The toilet paper, which didn't appear to have any skidmarks on it, was wrapped around the bottom part of the turd where it disappeared into the drain. The bottom part of the turd was lumpy and hard looking. I said, "Girl, how did you possibly hold all that in?" I had to get a stick outside and break the turd into four pieces before I could get it to flush. Alison was embarrassed but I told her not to worry about it, that I would help her any time. She gave me a big hug and I can't help but think how much closer friends we became because of the whole experience. Anyways, happy pooping everybody!


Hey all, I'm new to posting, but I have been a reader for a while. after reading over some posts on this forum I started thinking about my own embarassing experience with laxatives. It's one of the few times I've had a accident that I can remember.
I remember when I was 16, I had really bad constipation. I don't think I had gone for at least a week. My mom gave me some laxatives to help get things moving. The laxatives took so long to work that I just forgot about them.
I went to bed and fell asleep. Next thing I remember was waking up in the middle of the night with a unbelieveable feeling in my bowels. It felt like if I even got outta bed I'd loose control. I spon my body around with out sitting up, so I didn't put pressure on my stomach. Tried to stand up but nearly lost it.
I had the worst cramps imaginable. After I thought I had a window of opporunity to get to the bathroom a massive cramp hits me, and I just loose control and start going in my underwear. Thank god I was wearing briefs.
It happened pretty quickly. As I started to loose it I remember farting a bunch as it was happening. It was mostly solid, and I made it to the bathroom before it started to escape my briefs. I just stood in the tub, and waited to finish. I can't believe how much I shit! It was raising up the back of my briefs!

Cleaning up the mess was horrible. After I finished, I threw my soiled pair of underwear away. I felt better, but exhausted also. I jumped back in bed, and quickly fell asleep. The next day my mom asked my if the laxatives had taken affect. I smiled, and told her "Ya they did their job."

That's only the 2nd time I've had a accident. Maybe I'll post the other inccident in the future.

Until then,
- Jason

Hi all,

RIZZO -- Magnificent account of your early morning dash to accommodate your urgency, I could really feel it as I've had a few "I'm coming out right now!'-type motions myself when I've been busy and putting off a sitting that bit too long!

SIFL -- I'm a scuba diver, and I can confirm that weeing in your suit is an excellent way to recycle body heat! Water conducts heat seven times faster than air, IIRC, which is why divers get so cold so fast, and a wetsuit is designed to trap a thin layer of water against your skin which heats up and provides a warm sheath around you. But releasing urine at body temperature into your suit feels HOT by comparison, and it's amazing to feel it moving down your legs and up your back and ????!

To the unsigned 41-year olf female who has not gone in two weeks -- it sounds like you have the 'megacolon' condition mentioned elsewhere in these current pages. Infrequent motions are the normal state for MC individuals, but when they are very difficult you *must* help them along. Perhaps one motion a week is completely normal for you, but straining and straining is the way to haemorhoids, a condition you want to avoid at all costs.

First of all (and this is my earnest advice based on years of observation of the human condition) the best thing you can do is accept that you have a problem that needs to be dealt with in an open and supportive way, and that it probably means an ongoing 'management' situation. MC people have to manage their bowels the same as 'ordinary' folks, just a different technique. Doctors are a good source of information, your GP can probably assess the situation and put you on the right track, perhaps refering you to a proctologist for an examination and a management plan. Yes, this is all very embarressing, but something you may need to look at seriously to avoid chronic constipation becoming a recurring hospital situation.

What might a management plan be? I have no direct medical knowledge, but have helped deal with patients over the years at a carer level. A carer can often be the difference between managing the problem at home and needing professional help. You mention that your husband has helped at times with disposing of your difficult product, and that this is very embarressing for you... You may need to level with him, that you have a problem and his active input might be the saving grace for you. Assuming you clear your current blockage, you could head off another episode by opting to "clean out" every so often, each weekend perhaps, using suppositories or enemas. A home enema kit is easy to use and a result is absolutely guaranteed. There's no two ways about it, a cleansing enema series will do the job.

Some say the bowel will become "lazy" if enemas do its work for it, but it's pretty clear yours is already lying down on the job and needs help. Your solution may be to make sure you deliver your contents at least once a week, but you may need your husband's assistance to get through the process (which can be fiddly, especally for a newcomer to the practice.)

Also, it's worth considering whether you are properly hydrated. Tea, coffee and sodas don't count as they contain caffeine which acts as a diuretic, shifting at least as much fluid as they bring in, so lots of plain water is the best solution. This automatically eases fluid withdrawal from the bowel, thus reducing the tendency toward constipation.

I hope this helps, and that you find relief very soon. It's a great many years since I had a chronic bought, and it was absolutely miserable, so you have my sympathies!

MEGHAN, SARAH S. & ANNIE -- Ah, heart trouble -- I see. Nothing makes it easier, but, as they say, time heals. All my best in this time for you all. Annie -- nice performanc in the tub! I was thinking of your patio contest from a way back just the other day while I dd something similar!

RANDI -- Rectal pain during or after wiping? As a matter of fact I used to experience this. I would feel a nagging, strong pain up behind my tailbone just after defaecating, it would come in a wave, then subside. I never knew what it was, but it happened from time to time when I was a teenager. Then it went away and I haven't felt it in so many years I completely forgot about it!

In answer to your previous question -- no, I don't go bare under a short skirt but yes, a thong makes it easier to go. I wear thongs all the time and it's very easy to slip them over to do your business. In my case that's usually to pee standing, with my hem simply slipped up out of the way.

JESSY -- my advice re your car is: burn it and scam the insurance! Sam probably didn't mess it on purpose (!), and likely has as little ability to pay the costs as you do... This is a classic case of "shit happens!" With a vengeance. It's just terribly unfortunate, all round, and the costs as appalling.

NANCY -- wonderful storm pee! I'm envious!

PENNY -- Wonderful memoirs of pre-dawn poops at the horseshows, and I agree, nothing beats a big, satisfying motion in the great outdoors. (You have a terrific way of putting things!) I had to smile at your story of shopping with your daughter, the "impropriety of innocence" has turned many an adult cheek crimson! It's great to have you back!

DREW -- I was surprised when I started reading this site as it semed very few people wiped the way I always have, sitting down, from the front. I've learned to wipe standing, reaching behind, just for variety, but my natural way is still between my thighs. I use two squares of paper at a time, folded neatly, and lubricated with saliva. Messy explosions just take a lot more wiping. I'm a bit hairy back there, not terribly so but not the smooth perfecion one might hope to be (smile!) but I can't say I've ever had a mess I couldn't cope with, even if I had to wet paper with a flush and mop my tail.

To the inquirer re female urinals -- I have no idea, they don't seem to be around in this country (Australia). I use men's urinals whenever I get the chance, and they work just fine!

Bye all,


This site is really cool. I feel like I can be my self here.
Man I really got to pee. BAD. I just drank a 1.5 liters of water. I am just in underwear and a shirt and am holding myself and squirming around. Squirt.....squirt. My bladder feels like it's going to explode. I've been holding it in for about an hour. I want to see how long it's going to take for me to let it all out. Another squirt. My bladder's gonna explode. I'm running to the toilet and holding myself.........
Ah......the pee is gushing out into the toilet....relief! Shucks only 30 seconds.
Well, I'll probably end up going again within the hour. I can feel my bladder starting to fill up again.
aloha I'm outtie.......

Louise (from France)
I always try to avoid using portaloos if possible, when i used them, having not alternative (at concerts, at a fair, etc..) i found them very dirty.
I'm not good at pissing standing in the urinal, but in my last experience i pissed directly on the floor of the portapotty, when i used it.
The first was at a song festival in the evening.
THe toilet where a short row of portaloos, I waited in line for long with a friend. They were the unisex kind (toilet + urinal inside), and the worst thing was tehy had no light inside. I go in and it was wet and smelly, my friend kept the door not completely closed to have some light coming inside. I neither tried to center teh toilet, I stood hoveing like if i was on a toilet but i was near teh door, the only area where i had a bit of light, and pisse dlike a race horse spashing the plastic floor. My freidn told me it seems i was missing the toilet, and i replied i didn't care cause it was too dark inside. thne it was her turn, she complained for the law visibility and for me leaving such a lake of piss on the flor, than she hovered a bit more near the small toilet but didn' center it too much, she too peedmolstly on the floor.
The second time was at a fair in full day light, sfew poratloos a and a long queque for the ladies one...I joined the onme with a shorten queque.
The lady befoire me got in, than quickly re opened teh door, to get out. She sai d the toilet was clogged by someone. Thna she looked at the long line for th enext portaloo, and said she better go ther eanyay and re-closed teh door. Surely she pissed on the floor, cause i heard a sount of the stream itting the palsit and none water sound (like when a woman pees in the toilet). She didn't flush, when she got out, she told me sorry, it is very dirty hear. The toilet was clogged to the rim and the floor was soaked in piss, with used tissue on (surely other ladies before went on the floor), so i peed almost standing on the floor, spalshing my boots a lot, the wiped ant throw my tissue in acorner. I told the younger girl next to me "sorry, but someone has clogged the toilet" she asked me if i used it anyway, and i said yes, so she got in, too. I'm sure most of the woman waiting in line used the portallos even if clogged and they pissed surely on the floor..




Niki. I think you'll have to explain to your boyfriend that Mexican food just doesn't suit your system if you find it gives you the runs. There's no shame in admitting that your digestive system doesn't cope with certain types of foods. I find, for example, that I'm best off avoiding cooked tomatoes - although I can eat raw ones without any apparent ill effects. In fact I'd be prepared to bet that most people are intolerant to something or other, whether they realise it or not. Such things are quite normal.

Farrowlani. I suffer from mild Irritable Bowel Syndrome and, whilst they're generally well behaved most of the time, they do occasionally rebel. It's not pleasant but it's liveable with. If I'm going out for the day I always try to have a poo before leaving home and take a precationary dose of Imodium. It's not something I'd recommend on a regular basis though - only if you're likely to be away from home for 12 hours or more. If your IBS is proving to be a major difficulty, I'd discuss it with your doctor. Also, I'm sure there's plenty of information about it online if you know where to look.

Ginnie. Hi. I enjoyed your post about the ???? thirtysomething blonde lady's explosive 'rotten egg' jobbies. It is possible that she could have been suffering from IBS or another bowel condition. However, on the basis of what you've said, I think it's far likelier she'd been out the previous evening and had a good time - most probably involving beer (expecially lager) and curry - and was paying the morning after price for it. I'd be prepared to guess that having had a major poo session she was feeling empty and hungry enough to tackle a full English breakfast but probably didn't realise that being in essence a greasy meal it would probably result in the liberation of yet more intestinal matter - stuff which she'd probably otherwise have passed quite naturally later on.

Penny. Hi. I enjoyed your story about that major poo you took whilst out shopping. It sounds as though you had some serious competition though!

Best wishes to all!

punk rock girl you rule i love how you not woried to go in fron of anyone anywhere love ya all see ya


I'm curious, have you seen/heard the Finance Director around anymore? I was wondering if she's still having her "big-time productions" like before?? You said some of the women leave their efforts behind on display at the office toilets. Can you describe for us what they (body, hair, eye color, etc) and their turds look like? Also if you have any more good work stories to post...


I have 2 poop storys for you

#1 I was with my boyfriend and we were playing tag, and I was having alot of fun in the big feild, then i had a stomach ache so i said TIMES and we both froze, I was wondering if i was going to start my first period that day ( Im 14 and still havent had it ) or if I was going to have direhha, so I thought maybe I will try to play more, so I said GO and he started chaceing me again, after when I wsa running I felt I needed to fart so I farted while running, but I found out it was a wet fart, I kept farting and my bf asked if I was ok, I told him I was having direhha, so he told me to clinch my butt cheeks together for a sec, so I did, it was very hard, but I managed to hold it, he brought me to a bush, and he said, I will leave you alone, but go here so he walked away to the feild and walked around waiting for me to finish, I squated and let it all go again, and i could see a stain on my pink pants, and I was very upset, as soon as I was done I wiped with leaves and took my pants and panties off and sat on the ground on my ass, and covered up my front area with grass and leaves, after that I called my bf over and I told him I cant were my pants anymore, and he said, well, the only thing you can do is go home naked, I didnt want to, then he said, WAIT, you can wear my TIGHT boxers home, so he stripped infront of me and took off his tight boxers and he put back his jeans on, then I put them on, and he told me I better not shit in them, half way home, I didnt even relize it and I exploded in his boxers, and he was so amd at me he dumped me and wouldnt walk the rest of the way home with me, after I got home I chucked everything i was wearing and cleanded up, I was very mad that day!

Hi Drew, I read your request re: wiping and asked my husband about wiping from the front. He said that as a man had never wiped from the front as their was just to much "stuff" in the way. Arch your back and wipe from the back until clean. Same with ladies always wipe bum and pussy from the back. Less chance of infection being carried from the back to the front bits.
A few tips from me may help. I usually poo first thing in the morning unless my routine is out. I lift the seat because my husband and son do not so there is often pee on the seat. This allows me to sit lower and my buttocks are then spread wider. (almost like an outside squat) Always shit like this especially in public loos as the cleaning up is easier and the bowl has most likely not been sat on since being cleaned by the cleaning staff. I often see telltale spray on the loo seat at the back. Some one who sat and leaned forward and then sprayed a bit. At home in the mornings I never wipe as I shower and wash properly there. After showering and applying cream to my whole body I push a dab into my anus and then lubricate well between the buttocks. Great for clean pooing later if needed and easy wiping. Feels nice to as the buttocks slide past each other. I always carry a little empty Vicks container with body cream to apply if caught short any where else. Use a cream with Tee Tree oil additive as it is very soothing on the bum and helps if you wipe to the point where the old ring gets a little raw. I have what they call a little bumfluff and the cream stops poo from sticking to them. Never shave as it stimulates growth and is uncomfortable during regrowth as I found out after having my children. My husband shaved me and and as is his perverse sense of humour when I looked again he had shaved my poophole!

Friday, August 20, 2004

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