Wow. I had an accident today. I haven't had an accident since I was in elementary school.
Last night my boyfriend insisted on going to a Mexican restaurant. Mexican food really bothers my digestive system, but he had been suggesting going to this place to eat for a few weeks and I had kept putting it off, and I felt bad about doing that. So we went, and though I didn't eat much, by the time I got home I felt queasy. I tried to poop, but couldn't get anything out and decided to just go to bed. I woke up this morning with a very full feeling in my lower stomach. I had been at work about an hour when I started to get very gassy and feel a slight stomach ache starting. My farts don't make much noise, so I wasn't worried about anyone hearing them, but then my stomach rumbled very loud and I knew a few people had heard it. I waited a while to get up to use the bathroom so as not to be too obvious, and by the time I finally did get to the bathroom my stomach ache was getting very bad. I knew I had to poop very urgently, and of course when I got into the bathroom, both stalls were taken. I felt a lot of pressure in my ???? all at once, and I started clenching my butt cheeks together. I was wearing a skirt and was standing beside the sink in the bathroom with one hand on my lower belly and one hand holding my butt. The women in the stalls seemed to be having some trouble too, I could hear one of them grunting and the other one was having what sounded like waves of diarrhea. The pressure in my ???? was getting much worse and I was having very bad cramps. It felt like my intestines were twisting around, and then I got a cramp so bad that I doubled over holding my belly with both hands--nothing was squeezing my butt cheeks anymore, and I couldn't hold it. I said "Oooohhhhhh" and felt soft poop start to fill my panties. Just then, the woman who had been having diarrhea came out, and tried to help me into the stall, but there was no point. I was already going in my panties and my stomach hurt too much to move from my bent-over position. When I finally finished, I felt nauseous and turned right around and vomited in the sink. The other woman (the grunting one) had come out of her stall by now too and they were both just standing there looking at me, and then one of them clutched her stomach and ran to the toilet and vomited as well (I guess my accident made her sick?). The other woman asked if she could help me clean up somehow and I said no, I would take care of it. I took my panties off and threw them away, cleaned myself up, and left without even bothering to go back to my desk. When I got home, I called my boss and told her that I had gone home after being sick in the ladies' room. I've pooped twice more since then today, both times preceded by stomach pains and both times very soft and liquidy poop. I am still feeling very sick to my stomach though I haven't thrown up or pooped in a few hours now. Is it possible I actually have food poisoning? I'd almost hope that's what it is rather than think that's what the food from my boyfriend's favorite restaurant does to me.

Well one day my friends and I went on a camping trip. We were on theis trip for a week and there were no toilets there. So after a week we were all pretty constipated. SO we went over to my friend's house for the night. When we arrived my friend went into the bathroom and she came back with a bottle of liquid laxative. She poured each of us a huge glass and we made a bet. Whoever could hold the laxative the longest would sleep on my friend's bed. At the same time we drank the laxative and we waited. One of my friends, Christina had a pained expression on her face and then all of a sudden she squeaked as liquid poo started filling her panties and staining her skirt. another friend Jodie started to laugh but then a worried expression came over her face and then she pulled down her pants and went outside. Jenny, my other friend and I went to look. Jodie was squatting on the deck spilling out waves of poo. Well then anyway I felt the laxative taking effect and I noticed Jenny had the same expression on her face. Then plop at the same exact time we filled our panties. When Jenny's mom came home and saw our soiled panties she pulled us over her knee and spanked our asses. Unluckily for her we each still had some laxative left....

Brittany poo poo
hi, my name is 16. and i have alot of accidents, i mean ALOT! yesterday, at the park i was on the marry-go-round with my boyfriend. Well, the marry-go-round was going really fast and i felt a ???? ache. it was hurting alot so i wanted to get off of the marry-go-round. well, i felt a diaraeah poop coming on, so i wanted it to stop to ride. well i figured it would jump off, and as soon as i jumped off, when i was in the air, it went everywhere. it was all over my boyfriend, because i was wearing a bikini. when i was on the ground i saw a brown tiny puddle, and i was covered in my own feces. it was all over my legs and i was crying to death! all the kids on the marry-go-round were laughing at me and my boyfrind broke up with me cuz hes a dick. he cant take accidents. well at school the next day not 1 person said anything, but they did look at me in a weird way, the counsiler even talked to me. bye! :( :(

A funny experience I had to share. I was keeping my wife company in line while she waited to pee in a porta potty at a local outdoor fair. The young woman (18-20) ahead of her was very desparate and dancing around. As we got closer to the porta-potty I noticed it was a men's model with a urinal that had been re-signed as a women's restroom. I also noticed that the plastic hose from the urinal was detached from the holding tank and was poking out from under the door. The hose and pavement under it were dry meaning no women had used the urinal. The woman ahead of us entered the porta-potty and shortly we heard the loud sound of splattering on plastic instead of quiet tinkling into liquid. In seconds pee started pouring out of the hose and onto the street. The woman was obviously using the urinal. My wife and I had to take a few steps back to avoid the forming lake of pee. People in line behind us were both horrified and laughing. This girl had quite the bladder. When she finally stopped there was a puddle about 1 meter square right in front of the door. When she opened the door and saw the puddle, she realized what had happened. She hopped over the puddle and ran off very red in the face.

It begs the question. - How many women out there use the urinals when provided in a private setting such as the porta-potty??? Are they easier to use than hovering over the dirty seat???

Mike, Im glad your heading out too see the movie, its one of the funniest movies Ive seen in a while. I just hope your not Korean HAHA.

Anyway, battleshits is about two very pretty British girls, Clarissa and Christy playing their favorite dirty little game. The go into the same bathroom where Harold and Kumar go to smoke up their weed stash they just got. What they do anyway is try to see which girl has the better, bigger, and stinkier shit. What ensues is a lot of farting pushing, and dumping (in between their two stalls is Harold and Kumar, oberving it all in awe). The best part is when one of the girls, Christy, I believe, goes on her heels and pushes off of the stall wall and says, "Wait For it" and a huge fart and turd fire out. All of the shots are in the stall, and the smell eventually leads to Harold and Kumar to take their weed and run out of the restroom. Leavng the girls to finish their battle. We dont ever figure out, however, who won.

There is the 411 on battleshits, hope you enjoy the movie man.

I just got back from vacation down in Cape Cod and I have a great story about after I came back, as well as my ladies survey for the next post. So keep a lookout for that

PUNK ROCK GIRL: I FRICKING LOVE YOUR STORIES!! I love how your not embarassed to take a shit in front of anybody, male or female, and i do share the same quality. We all shit, and nobody should be embarrassed, ROCK ON! Hopefully we can meet and shit together sometime;) haha. Keep the awesome shit stories coming.

God Bless,

AJ :o)
Sorry to read about Robbie, and my condolences go out to Meghan, Sari, and Annie.

I had just posted something that told about the passing of my dad.

About three months later, my "adopted" aunt passed away.

Of course, there have been a lot of others this year, both I've known personally and those people in the news like Ray Charles, Ronald Reagan, Julia Child, and Katherine Hepburn who are known by most everybody.

It seems to me as if there are some years where more people pass on then others. Does it seem that way to you?

Jessy, I know that--as with your friend, Sam, it's generally going to come out the rear, too, if it comes out the mouth, though there have been exceptions, so, on those rare occasions when I feel as if I might vomit, I seat myself on the toilet and spread a towel out in front of me. This is true when I actually have some sort of intestinal flu and my poop is in diarrhea form, but it has never happened when my poop has been solid.

I had the experience of letting go in the family car when I was ten.

My folks and I were on vacation, and it was time to take my diarrhea medicine. I was starting to feel queasy to begin with, so I should have just skipped that dose, but I went ahead and took it, and it caused a gag reflex and got me to barfing which pushed diarrhea gravy out into my shorts.

I had to stand outside the car to get cleaned up and changed into other panties and shorts, and I remember jumping behind the door everytime I saw a car approaching.

My mom told me to hold still because they were going too fast to see me anyway.

Gotta go now and get to finishing the last two books.

Take Care!
AJ :o)

P.S. I left out one of the songs the ladies from church sang at my dad's service (duet at the first): What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Again, if there had to be reason for a funeral, it was a beautiful service!

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years, and I cannot go NUMBER 2 when he is around no matter where we are. This has been the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with!!! When we went on vacation I packed a bunch of laxatives and I STILL COULD NOT GO!!! The second he leaves my presence I poop my brains out! Not to mention it is the most uncomfortable feeling ever when I am try to fall asleep at night, because I am not had a BM that day.

What psychological thing is going on in my brain and HOW CAN I FIX THIS PROBLEM?!!?!?! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!

Anyone suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome? I am a female who has been suffering from this and it's the pits. My symptoms include farting, stomacheaches, abdominal pains, and diarrhea.
Last thursday, my family and I went traveling from Kauai to the Big Island. I was so excited because I'd never been to the place before. I was also getting flying on an airplane jitters. Because I was so nervouse, my stomach started cramping.
So I said to my family (we were just talking story about what we were going to do when we get there), "I am so excited about this trip that now I've got to go to the bathroom." And my dad says, "So what you gotta dump um? (our way of saying take a dump)" And I say, "Yeah".
As soon as we get to the airport and I show the agent my ID, I tell my dad, "Dad, I going use the bathroom." So I try to walk fast to the women's bathroom. By this time I'm also feeling nauseaous, so I'm praying that I don't crap my pants or barf. I made it to the bathroom. As soon as I sit down, it all rushed out and I was relieved. But as soon as my family and I stand in line to go through inspection, nausea comes back. So all I could do was pray that I don't barf and breathe deeply. I began to feel better after a few minutes.
I didn't get any serious cramps after that.

In May, I was on Oahu attending a Reading Festival (even though I don't read much unless it's on this site or other sites online), and made the stupid mistake of eating two slices of pizza. A few hours later, I was cruising the mall, when the cramps started to come. All of a sudden I let out a few smelly farts and felt better.
A few hours later, I had just gotten to my gate at the airport (and had my dinner with me), when the cramps came in massive. I had no choice, I had to run to the nearest bathroom, which was a 2-3 minute walk. As soon as I sat on the pot, it all came out. Not sure if I was completely done, I sat a few minutes longer (prolly up to 7 minutes). Got up, and went back to my gate. As soon as I sat down in the gate, another massive cramp attack came. I did the same as before, but sat on the pot longer. I thought I was really done this time, but no. I went back to my seat but at least I stayed a few minutes before running back to the bathroom. I thought that this would never end and that I would have to crap on the inter island flight (and the attendants don't like people getting up from their seats on those flights). But thank the Lord, it was the end. I was so afraid to try to eat my dinner in fear of crapping again, that I waited till I got back to Kauai to eat it.
One week later began the worse and LONGEST case of diarrhea I's a long story.......
So yah, if you have IBS and need a pal, feel free to e-mail me @

Hello again.

I last posted to tell you of my recent meat overdose which has resulted in many, many trips to the toilet.
I have been thinking recently about some good stories to share with you all.
There are many but this one in particular stuck in my mind because it is unusual and was particularly embarassing at the time.

Three years ago, when I was aged roughly 16, for several weeks on and off I suffered badly from diarhea. I never told a sole and just went about my normal, daily routine as best I could. I know now that when you have problems like this, you should give your system a rest for a period and stop eating and it clears up quicker.
Anyway, as many of you are aware, having diarhea when you are at school is a tricky problem. When I was at home there were no complications but at school, I could not just be rushing out of class all the time.
Usually however, I was pretty lucky. I remember the first time in class I began to feel really sick. I knew I had to get to the bathroom but I held on for five minutes until the bell had rung and then rushed to the bathroom. The funniest thing was though, that after I had been to the toilet and the diarhea was finished, I felt okay for the rest of the day. But, there was one day that was not so painless.
The school I used to attend was rather strict and had a christian ethos. Every single year we used to go to a cathedral for a special service.
On the day of this service on the bus ride over, I began to feel very, very sick. My stomach hurt like hell. I was sitting at the back of the bus with a group of my girlfriends and they could tell I was in pain. I tried too pass it off lightly but I couldn't cover it up any longer.
When the ride was over and everyone was getting off the bus, I waited outside the door with a friend and told a teacher I really wasn't feeling too peachy and was going to throw up.
I never complain of ill-health, so this teacher knew I wasn't playing about. There are no bathrooms in the cathedral itself and you had to go across the square to a sepearte building. The school, officially was not supposed to use this toilet, but some teachers and senior year
prefects did at times.
Anyway, I was allowed over there and a senior pupil went with me to keep me company. All I really wanted was to be alone but how were they to know I was actually going to have noisy diarhea. They thought I was being sick.
On entering the toilets, all the stalls were busy. Loads of girls who were later singing in the choir were applying their make-up in there. It was a nightmare. I was in such pain.
Soon, I got into a toilet. I sat down and tried to be as discreet as possible. Luckily the bathroom was noisy and so no-one noticed my loud farting. But that is all that happened.
I just couldn't do anything else. It was so strange I had been so sure I was going to have diarhea, but nothing happened.
Meanwhile, the bathroom had pretty much emptied. The girl sent with me sympathetically told me we had to make our way to the cathedral.
I told her I still wasn't feeling well in the hope that I could stay outside but I had to sit with my year group. Luckily we were at the back of the church and I was sat at the end of the pew. By this stage I was feeling pretty light headed. I don't suppose I had drunk or eaten anything all day and I had been experiencing bouts of extreme pain all day. I was sat beside a good friend who looked at me concernedely.
I told her that i thought that I might have to leave during the service. She told a teacher and they agreed that they would leave the internal door of the cathedral slightly ajar so I could leave in case of emergency.
I was feeling dizzy. I remember as soon as the service started I had to stand up and I was feeling terrible. I sat down and the minister seemed to drone on for ages. I could not hear the words.
'Are you okay?' my friend whispered. usually my answer to this question is, 'fine.' But not that day.
The first hymn began and when everybody was singing and standing up I knew I had to leave. The pressure inside me was awful. I rust ran out.
I sprinted through the outer part of the cathedral, and right out the massive doors at the end, across the square and into this other building. I ran down the stairs and busrt into the bathroom and ran into the stalls.
As soon as I sat down, I had to bend bouble because of the pain. I let out a huge fart and that seemed to unblock everything. Hot, disgusting, painful diarhea fired out of me at such pressure it splattered on to the toilet seat even. This went on for a few minutes.
I knew someone would be close on my tail so I was panicstricken. I desperately wanted to get the worst over with before someone else arrived to ask if I was okay.
But no-one came for ages and when the pain subsided, i felt so much better.
All along through this whole day, I had been feeling so hot and sticky. My uniform was anything but comfortable. All day I had just wanted to take it all off and sit under a shower. But now the pain was over, there was such relief.
Slowly I got my things together and tidied up the toilet and went out the stall to the sinks. Soon a girl from senior year came in. I don't know if she had come in earlier and knew what was happening to me or if she had just appeared. She was so nice I felt secure in the knowledge she wouldn't bitch about me either way.
I didn't go back into the service. I sat outside feeling completely drained.
That day I was getting a lift home with my aunt and her family. They have a tiny car and there were four of us squishing in the back.
The ride home was a good half hour. Fifteen minutes into the journey, the stomach cramps started again. By the time we reached my house, I was sweating again and was edgy.
I quickly exited the car and ran into the house. I felt like bursting into tears I had had such a terible day. I ran to the bathroom and stayed there for a long time.

Just recalling that day is making me feel all weird. That was a horible, horrible day. The funny thing, is up until now, I have never mentioned it to anyone. I just cannot believe how crazy I was to continue going to school, when I was so sick and knew I was sick.
Anyway that's it for now.


TO 41 Years old woman

Don't even think about laxatives because they are not good for your health. The can also make you feel sick, have cramps, etc....

The best way to go and I posted it sometimes ago is to use a vaginal syringe (like Replens) and fill it with good lubricant (can be anything from vasline, KY, Glycerin, and even handcream) and apply is as deep as you can. It will do the trick.

If this doesn't work then you shoud use soapy water enema... not just the tiny one...I mean a big one with a long hose. Mind that you already have "poop rocks" inside you that are very hard to move so you may need lots of water to loosen things inside you.


Hi everyone.

The first time I ever took a shit in front of anyone was when I was eleven. I was with my family at a state fair, and I really had to take a shit. I waited on line at the men's room. When I finally got inside, I saw that there were two "bucket" toilets and a long trough as a urinal. The toilets were totally in the open, no stall or anything. I really, really had to go, though.

I still had to wait another few minutes. I noticed that no one else was using the toilet for anything other than to pee. Finally, I was next in line for one of the toilets. I saw the seat was covered in urine. Why do men and boys revert back to six year olds when it comes to peeing in a public toilet?

I rolled some TP off (the holder was on the wall, you shared it with the other toilet) and wiped off the seat, then pulled my pants and underwear down just past my butt and sat. The first thing I noticed was the look of almost astonishment on the faces of everyone in there. I almost couldn't go because it felt like everyone was staring at me, but finally I was able to squeeze out a load.

I remember it being mercifully solid, no farting or diarrhea, just a nice solid log. I wiped with the TP and pulled up my pants as I stood. I washed my hands and got out of there. Taking a shit in full view of a dozen people is quite an experience!

Thanks to whomever for such a great site - and thanks to all the posters - it's very good reading. As you may gather I have just found this site - but will be reading it fairly regularly from now on. I'm an Aussie male - early forties.

I have one big question that's been bugging me for years - and this is the place to get an answer. How do people wipe their bottoms? As for myself, I reach through between my legs with about 4 pieces folded up - but I am the only one who does it between their legs? Do most people reach round and wipe from behind or what? What about a bit of feed back - and how do the ladies cope with the really soft ones that leave a bit of stuff behind. Being male with a hairy butt makes it really messy and it takes a lot of wiping - I really envy the ladies here who being relatively hairless won't have the same trouble.

Keep up the good work guys

TO Kara:

Just out of curiosity... What has your upcoming hubby said about your interest for your times going potty? Does he know of or share your fascination?

To the constipated 41 year old lady. Hopefully by the time you read this nature will have taken care of things and you'll have got your bowels moving without any kind of intervention. Like many others here, I would counsel against using laxatives other than as a very last resort for the simple reason that if they're used regularly your bowels can get lazy and become reliant on them. However, if you've not "done anything" for a fortnight I think you'd be well justified in taking something to get stuff moving. Constipation is one of those things that's defined differently by different people. For some who have two or three motions a day, missing a day or so - a perfectly natural occurence - tends to get classed as constipation. For me, not being able to have a motion for 4 or 5 days and struggling to get anything out, would probably be constipation. If you've not had a motion for a fortnight though I think it could be said beyond doubt that you were constipated. Matters will right themselves though. Tempting though it may be, I'd avoid pushing and straining on the toilet as that weakens the muscles in the bowels if done too much. As with a lot of unpleasant but not necessarily serious conditions, prevention is better than a cure when it comes to constipation. Getting plenty of exercise is one way - take a brisk walk somewhere instead of taking the car. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg as well as drinking plenty - especially in the hot weather when your body uses more fluid than it otherwise would - is another. When it comes to diet, probably most of us eat too mych rich processed food - and I certainly hold up my hands at plead guilty to that one. Hope you're soon better. If the problem recurs it might be worth discussing it with your doctor or practice nurse. Maybe making your regular 'habit' more than once a week would help.

MEGHAN & SARAH S. I enjoyed your post enormously and it's good to see you back. I was rather puzzled by your observation about British or European toilets being rather small compared with the ones you'd been used to. I'm not that widely travelled but I assumed they were about average. Give my best wishes to Annie.

CD. I too remember with nostalgia the accounts of big jobbies posted by Anne the Bus Driver. Although she claimed to be more on the costive side than the loose one when it came to motions, I remember her saying she was fairly regular with 4 to 5 poos over the course of a typical week.

Randi. If you're having regular, persistent pain either during or immediately after a bowel movement, I would advise seeing your doctor just to check that everything's alright. Good luck.

Did anyone see that scene in 'Coronation Street' last night when a guy was desperate for a pee near the beginning of the programme? I think he made it to the loo alright though.

Best wishes to everyone!

I have posted here once before. I've always got a kick out of listening to other women taking a poo and the best ever was last week.

I went shopping in my local mall which has a very clean set of loos on the first floor by an open plan coffee bar. It was early in the morning and fairly quiet. I popped to the loo and as I entered I saw a large lady with long blond hair and a distinctive red top just closing the door of the farthest cubicle. I took the opposite cubicle. Almost the instant she sat down I heard a torrent of poo hit the water, a bit like someone tipping a bag of potatoes into the toilet.

My heart was pounding with excitment, and in what seemed like a few seconds an incredible smell of rotten eggs struck me. She stayed quiet for a couple of minutes and then a heard some soft grunting followed by a second (albeit quieter) series of soft plops.

At this point a women and I presume daughter entered the loos and I heard this women say to the girl, "Pooo, let's go elsewhere!"

I then heard the pooing women start to wipe up so I flushed and left the loo. I took a seat outside and ordered a cup of tea.

A minute later I heard the toilet flush and the large lady walked out. She also took a seat and I took a good look at her. She was about 35 years, fat but not morbidly so, well make up with quite a pretty face. She looked a bit puffed out and red faced. I was surprised to see her order a full english breakfast and a large coffee.

I stayed around and had a muffin a pass the time. The large lady gobbled up her food and surprised me by goung back into the loo.

Discreetly as possible I also went back in and hung around until she closed the cubicle.

This time seemed to stay quiet for a while. I don't think she was aware I was in the area because I heard her mumble something like, "Oh No" and suddenly the peace was shattered by her bowels exploding. The smell from the first lot had barely subsided and now was quickly twice as bad as before. I couldn't believe so much poo came from one person. Nothing else happened except for a big clean up operation. I stayed until after she left and entered her cubicle. The smell was overpowering, a bit like rotten eggs, curry and alcohol all mixed up - which perhaps is what it was.

Has anyone else witnessed an event like that?

Hi all,
Louise, PV and Adrian special Hi to you guys.
I have always used the car door sill for a pee but a really low squat is needed to get a good shit going. If my bum hangs out under the door so what. Very few people will drive past at 120 k and be able to ogle for very long. If they catch sight of the business end be it front or rear they will see very little and let them enjoy. I am not an show off but if you want to watch so what but to hide in a loo and spy is different. I was in the cubicle to check my panties and to use a pad if needed.
PV yes I am from South Africa. Our winter is nearly over and great summer poos are nearly here. Nothing nicer that sitting in the mountains with the breeze blowing past your pussy as you drop a monster.
My friend Linda and I are the ones that used to go to the horse shows. We would get there early for her to get the horses ready and we had not done our daily deed at home so would have to duck off into the bushes. In he early dawn it was wonderful as Linda would have a nervous pre competition wetty and I would have my normal firm plug followed by the rush of wet farty mess. Squatting there was always an experience as it was dead quiet and you would often hear another person male or female coming down into the bush. There was always a sense of urgency about the walk or slow jog and then you would hear them talking to themselves as to the spot they had found. Things like "This is OK or Hell I need to shit right now." You would hear the rustle of the zipper and then the sound of clothing being pulled down and often the creak of a knee or hip as they got down into the squat. Sometimes a grunt or a moan followed by often a short fart (with on "OH dear or oops from the ladies) Then there would be peeing and sounds of shit falling. Logs would thump, watery would splash. Lots of air driven shit would fly. Sighs of relief rustling of paper Sometimes a whisper for have you any more paper? I came to pee and ended up pooing. The squat would often bring on a poo for those not used to pooing like that. The bend and pressure on the ???? often gets the works going. Sometimes people would shit 3 feet in front of you as it is still almost dark. We do not go to any horse shows now as Linda and her family got into hard times and sold the horses. More about beach shitting later. We have a house at the sea and there are regulars that jog in the mornings and they shit at regular spots.

I must just tell you all quickly about and embarrassing moment that occurred years ago. Our daughter was about 4 and very bright and chatty. We were shopping one day and I had a particularly grumbly, windy ????, and would rather have stayed at home but my daughter insisted we get her some slippers. We had just about finished and standing in the line to pay when I felt the tell tale rumble which told me I had about ten minutes to potty time and also warned not to sneak a fart on the side. We finished up and headed out of the shop. I said to my daughter that we should visit the bathroom before going home. I saw the signs to the ladies and decided that because of the discomfort we should take the lift to the next floor for the ladies. Apparently this building had mens and ladies on alternating floors. We stepped out of the lift and went a short way down a corridor to the ladies. Three stalls all empty so I took one and my little girl the last one. I heard her quickly tinkle as I stripped down after checking for loo paper as this would need a bit of paperwork. The door then opens and someone walks very urgently to the loo next to me bangs the door without locking and quickly lifts her skirt and pulls down her underwear. I had just settled and popped a wet squirt when Heather says she is finished and wants to come in. I close my arse with all the effort I can muster and stand up to unlock the door. As I unlock and let her in I hear this huge fart and a groan from next door followed by the loudest wettest windy shit I had ever heard. I sit quickly and tell Heather to come in and close the door cos Mommy wants to poo. She comes in as I let go with an equally horrible almost gunshot type of poo. The bowl is sprayed completely brown as I fart and pee at the same time. Next door is a groan and another huge bout of liquid shit with hard bits hitting the water. Sounded almost wind driven. Heather then says out loud that that lady poos as loud as you Mommy but more smelly. I tell her to shush as we are nearly finished. I fart again and start to tear off some paper as she says poo Mommy is very smelly. I ignore her as I just want to clean up. I need to even wipe my buttocks as I have splashed my bum. Next door I hear a bubbly fart followed by a tinkle of pee and then she asks me for paper. I say hang on, nearly finished and I will pass it under the partition. I tear off enough to finish and pass it under. She says thanks and hopes that I am finished as she needs what is left. I say ok with me and are you alright. She says no she must have eaten something that was bad and is now feeling like she fall out of her bum. I start dressing as Heather goes out leaving the door open. As I glance up I see her in the mirror, her door swung open. Lovely blond lady with legs apart undies right down. and her head in her hands as she groans and heaves out another wave. Obviously beyond caring.We wash and leave. Heather then wants to window shop which we do and then go slowly over to the lift. We wait and the door opens and we squeeze in the one corner. As the doors close our blond friend slips in and pushes the lift button. I see she is a little flushed (bad pun) and look up at the floor indicator. Heather tugs my arm and in a loud voice proceeds to ask me "Mommy is that the lady that was in the toilet with us that said that she felt like falling out of her botty into the toilet. Needless to say I wished I could have been invisible as the whole lift then started to giggle as the poor blond went scarlet. As we exited she turned left and we went right thank goodness. Mothers tell your little girls never to repeat what they hear in the loo nor to comment on your own emissions.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

this one i almost lost it while shopping at a local store with my friends. were were looking around aand all of a sudden i felt the biggest urge to shit so i went to the toilets and the ladies was out of order ,i couldnt beleive it i was about to shit my pants and the toilet was out of order then a guy comes out of the mens room and di stopped him and asked if there were any body elese in there he said there was a guy on the toilet, but i was desperate so i rushed in but to my dissmay the mens had only one toilet. i started begging him to hurry and that the ladies was out of order, he told me it would only be a minute so about 5 minutes later he came out and i just rushed in ripped off my pants and panties and just exploded . well a few minutes later someone came running in and screamed when the one pot was in use it was another woman i just told her i was sorry but i would be awhile, i think she grabed the trash can and pooped in it i heard her grab it then i heard some farts then some plops and then she left well i just hurried up and got out of there.

Brittany Dear
Hey all, first time poster, long time reader.

I wanted to tell you about an embarresing mishap i had a few months ago.

See, it all started one day, when i was with my friends.. Dana, and Luci. We were walking to Danas house when suddenly i got a massive ???? ache. I began to groan and let out little farts.. my face turned bright red. I was wondering if anyone smelled it, but i figured they didnt, since we were walking. Luci kept looking at me..
I began to release a loud series of farts and instantly stopped walking. I began mumbling something to bring the attention away from my gascious explosions. Dana and Luci obviously knew what was going on. Then it hit me.
I got the worse ache in my stomach that i ever experienced.
I knew what was coming, so i sat down, on the sidewalk in hopes to block it off. Dana and Luci asked what i was doing, i said that i was just resting.
Then the unmentionable came. It was a massive flood of liquid feces, it was made all the worse, because i was wearing shorts, the poopy river enveloped my thighs, and spilled out my shorts, out to the sidewalk for Dana and Luci to see. They couldn't help lauging, which made me cry. I tried to hide the pudding on the sidewalk with my legs, but ended up just smearing it all over me.
I stood up crying, thinking it was all over. But I was wrong.. very wrong. Once my butt left the sidewalk, the dam broke. I splashed the sidewalk with my pure liquid diahrea. My formally white shorts, were now a dark, brown. It was bloody awful.
I got up, and ran home, with poop flinging off the sides of my legs, and splattering all over. I burst into my house so fast, that i tripped over my own legs, and landed face first in front of my mom and dad. i tried sitting up, and it dribbled down my legs, all over the baige carpet.
My mom helped me up, and took me upstairs to the bathroom. I saw my dad trying to keep from laughing.
My mom helped me clean up, and gave me her little "it happens to everyone" speech.
The next day at school, i figured would be all making fun of me, but Dana, and Luci never said anything to anyone.
I never spoke of it to anyone until now.

Yeah, so thats my story.
I enjoy reading all of your posts whenever i can.

Chels and Tara

Please tell more poop stories. Please give full details on the splashes/plops when it drops

Felt a big poo coming on and decided to film myself with my digital cam. Pulled down my shorts and and underpamts and stood in front of the toilet just leaning back a bit. A big poo was already starting to poke out. Set the digital cam on the movie setting and pointed it at my behind. Two long turds slipped into the toilet and made big splashes. Switched off the cam and wiped, then looked in the toilet which was just full of poo and paper. After I flushed it left big skid marks on the insed of the toilet. Looked at the recordign on my camera - it was so cool to watch the turd slip out, then my hole closed, then it opened up again as the second turd slipped out.

I peed in a closet in my dads house like 20 times today i also peed in the school locker room and in a cabin atcamp

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