Samantha C
Well, I keep finding out the hard way that certain kinds of stories just won't get posted here! Sorry, mods, to keep wasting your time.

Anyway, I'm sitting here surfing some fave sites and fooling around, and I felt like I had to pee. I was wearing these big comfy Hanes cotton panties (granny panties, right?), and I took off my long t-shirt I wear as a nightie and scooted it under my ass. It was soooo nice, because I just kept on clicking and stuff and meanwhile I let out the piss in these little spurts. It was the hottest I'd ever felt it! Had a problem, though, because the shirt got totally soaked waaay before I was dont, and I knew that the chair I sit in was not going to be urine-resistant. But the pee pooled a tiny bit between my thighs while I sat a little longer, then I got up and grabbed my jeans from where I'd thrown them on the floor Friday night and used that to soak up the rest of the piss. I went into the bathroom and threw the jeans and my dripping shirt into the tub, then I stepped out of my suddenly very cold panties and threw them in, too. I got into the tub and sort of lay down for a while on the clothes, and then I peed the rest of my bladder into the tub. And it was so hot again! It was like my internal body temperature was ten degrees above normal. Then I took a shower. Now I'm back sitting on my damp -- but comfy -- chair!

Meanwhile, my girlfriend just snores away in the bed, clueless. She sleeps like a rock.

That's it for now!

Hello Everyone!
My name is Susan and I am pretty new to this site. I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm 18, 5'9" and I weigh 125 pounds.
I have many, many good toilet stories, well at least I think so. I may post a few. But first I thought I'd tell you about what's been happenning to me recently.

Last night I was at a friend's house and I was staying over. I went straight to her's, after having just got back from a three day booze-up with some other friends. So basically, I was feeling a bit rough. Also, over the past few days I had been eating nothing but meat. Bacon rolls, steak faghitas, barbeques, more bacon rolls and I'm not used to that. At home I do my best to eat a more balaced diet.
Anyway, I arrive at her house and her parents are having a barbeque. So I end up eating a whole load more meat in the form of burgers and meat skewers, washed down with more alcohol and more junk.
By the end of the evening, I'm feeling very full and very bloated.
My friend is very lovely, but she is also very ladylike. And I knew I was going to have bad wind that night so I was not feeling too relaxed.
We settle down to watch some films and I've been trying to let off discreetly, but I know it's going to get difficult.
I'm sitting there pretending to watch the film, but all the time worrying about when i will be able to take a dump, because then I will be able to get rid of this gas. But the thing is, I tried earlier but with no luck. I know I'm just going to have to wait.
So all night, I felt pretty uncomfortable. I went to the bathroom many times but I still couldn't go, not properly. And I'm beginning to worry whether this is the start of another stint of constipation.
I know I am far too preoccupied with bowl movements, but its just that my system often seizes up when my diet changes suddenly. Earlier on this year I was holiday in Asia and I had constipation for over ten days. But thats a whole other story...
So basically, the at my friend's house the next morning, I was so relieved when I had the feeling in my stomach that I had to go.
I went to her bathroom and took a massive dump. I felt so happy- my system was back to normal.
Howver about half an hour later, I felt the need to go again. I went back to the toilet and took another massive dump.
I returned and my friend looked at me strangely. 'Are you okay' she asked, obviously concerned that I kept running back and forth from the bathroom. I told her I was just feeling a bit queasy. She would not have appreciated the truth.
So I'm posting my story on this site. My meat binge of the past week, far from giving me constipation, is making me go to the toilet about three times a day. So far, that's six dumps in two days. And not six small dumps.
I'm suprised by this weirdly, satisfying feeling of emptiness. It's like my whole body is cleansed or something like that.

Anyway I apologise if my story was boring. I have some funny ones I could post but I'll wait until I have another annoying night where i just cannot get to sleep.


I saw a post below from PF I thought I might like to answer. He wanted to find information from others; particularly about messes.

He described several possible methods of cleaning up. The one that comes close to my operations is rinsing my panties in the water beneath me. I do that sometimes, when my poop is very soft (pudding poop). But none of the others are part of my cleaning - particularly if I am away from home. I suppose everyone will rinse and sometimes wash their poopy panties in the shower. It is a good place. And leaving my panties behind is not an option for me.

I always put my messy panties into a baggie - the same baggie that I have in my bag, that contains a clean pair of panties. You see, I never know when it will hit me. I am sometimes lucky enough to have a shower available (at home) after it happens.

But he does mention one thing that I would certainly like to do more, and I used to. Time was, early in my marriage, I used to be at home, doing housework and other chores. On some days, I would just not get to the bathroom in time, and I would just stay that way. I would remain messy until a short time before hubby was due to be home. Then I would clean up, and deodorize the house. I dont think he ever knew.

Oops... I misquoted PF. He said, "Maybe just sit and run around in 'my' pooped panties/underwear all day long?" Hmmmmm....

Super Pooper
To the 41 year old with trouble getting her bowels to go, I suggest adding more fiber to your diet. start with small things like whole grain cerial and bread, if you can't do that then take a suplement like Metamucil.

Hello Everyone,
First of all my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people in Florida affected by hurricane Charley.

As I type this, Tropical storm Charley is paying a visit to my neck of the woods.

It is muggy and the rain is pretty steady...not too bad windwise. The rains started this afternoon and since I've been spending a quiet day in my apartment, decided to take my potty break outside in the ravine behind my apartment complex.

It was a bit of an the time the winds were about 20-30 mph and the rain moderate............I run out back, look around and saw no one by the ravine, pulled down my jeans and panties and peed felt like heaven peeing and having the rain fall down upon me at the same time. I must have stayed there for 15 the time I got back to my apartment, my Beau was outside my door and surprised me with carry-out Chineese....he asked where I was and when I told him he said......"gee, Nancy you could have waited just a bit longer and we could have gone together." I told him the day is young and we can certainly go back out if it isn't too bad later......................I just love peeing out in a rain storm!!!!!

PV: I hope you enjoyed this story!!!!!! This was my best storm pee ever!!! I've never gone out in a tropical storm before!!!

Austin: I really liked your tale of 4 shits!!!!! What a lucky day you had!!!!! :o)

Stay Safe Everyone and Keep those stories Coming...Ciao Nancy :o)

Steve-o: Hey Steve, enjoyed your post. I'm gonna see Harold and Kumar real soon. I've heard a lot about the "battleshits" scene, but don't know what happens in it. What is "battleshits?" Please enlighted me. Thanks, Mike

While I don't have your problem, I was wondering if you've done all the usual things to get yourself moving? (i.e. more vegitables, wheat products, liquids, et cetera...)
Have you consulted your Dr. to make sure it isn't a symptom of something more serious going on inside your body?

The constipation asside, if you've always passed lage BM's then that's simply the way your body works. Plenty of people who have posted here clog their toilets up with regularity. If you take a look back through the old posts, you'll find no end of women who do it too. The person who most sticks to my mind is Anne the London bus driver. I was always astounded by her stories of what she was able to pass during a poop session!

You never mentioned if your husband was giving you a hard time... If he understands that this is pretty much beyond your control, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Yesterday I was in the grocery store buying some popsicles when I felt the need to shit. I have been a bit constipated all week, so I went into the bathroom, and pulled down my pants. I started peeing, and then i pushed. My anus contracted, and i pushed out a long log. Suddenly out of my ass comes a torent of diarrhea. It is silent, but like liquid butt pee. Suddenly i hear a knock on the bathroom door. the ladies room is 1 stall. "Can you please hurry up? I really got to go!" I heard this woman ask. Young, by the sound of her voice, but probably in her twenties. "Sorry, I'm going to be in here for a while," i told her through the door. Was there a polite way to say that you were having diarrhea? "Please hurry...I need to go very very badly!" the woman told me. I said, "I'll try and hurry, but I think I'm going to be a while." Five minutes pass, and I'm still having silent diarrhea come out of my butt nonstop. The woman sounds desperate, "please, I'm about to have an accident!" she told me. I decided to tell her the truth. "I'm having diarrhea...I can't move!" i told the woman. "Holy shit! Do try and hurry...I'm this close to having an accident!" the woman said. But obviously there is no way you can control diarrhea. Ten minutes later the woman said, "Please get out! I'm about to have an accident! I really can't hold it any longer!" I stood up from the toilet, hoping that my diarrhea had stopped, but it was still flowing so i sat back down. the woman started crying now. "I can't hold it any longer! i'm going to pee on myself in about a minute if i can't get to the toilet!" I'm feeling very bad for the woman, and my diarrhea is slowing, so i clench my buttcheeks, wipe, and flush the toilet. I open the door, and there is this really pretty woman standing outside my door, crying in pain. "THANK YOU!" the woman cried, took one step towards the toilet, and started pissing in her pants full stream. Within seconds her whole jeans legs and crotch were soaked, and she showed no sign of slowing. I told her it was okay, we all had accidents, and when she finally was done peeing on herself and waddled into the stall, i waited there. Not that i could have moved...the rest of my diarrhea was pushing to come out. Finally the woman came out, and i'm in alot of pain now. I run to the stall, pull my pants down, and with the door open start shitting really loud diarrhea into the toilet. I was to relieved in not shitting in my pants to care that another woman was watching me. Once i was done i drove home, and i drove the woman home too.

Karla-I know exactly how you must have felt when you pooped in your pants in ninth grade...I did a very simular thing...twice, actually. My first time was at the beginning of ninth grade. i wasn't used to the scedual, so I didn't use the bathroom during school even though i needed to go. So i got onto the bus, half bursting with poop. I was really paniced, though, and i actually had my hand over my butt so that I wouldn't poop myself. But the bus gets crowded, and I have to move over. While moving over, the person accidentally hits me with her bag in the stomach, and I start shitting diarrhea into my pants. The woman stood up and said, "This girl is shitting in her pants!" really loudly. There were some people in my grade on the bus, and I was so embarrassed, but the worst part was I couldn't stop shitting. Finally it was my stop, and i got off the bus (still a little diarrhea drizzling out every now and then) and walked home. Thank god that none of my family knew of the story, but some of my classmates do.

The other story is involving pee. It was at the end of ninth grade. I needed to pee during the beginning of science, but I couldn't go leave the class because I really wanted to learn what we were learning because it would be on our finals. Next came lunch, but our lunch was very short and there was no time to use the bathroom. Next came history. I needed to pee so badly I thought that my bladder was going to burst! I raised my hand and asked the teacher if i could use the bathroom. The teacher said, "No!" I started squirming. ten minutes pass, and i ask again if i can go to the bathroom, and the teacher goes, "No, you're a big girl, you can wait." I am squirming and doing a sitting down pee dance. Suddenly I feel the pee start to come out. I bit my lip and put both hands over my crotch to prevent from peeing in my pants. Another ten minutes pass by, and suddenly a squirt of pee comes out. Although it felt like nothing, I am sure it was alot because it managed to soak the whole front of my skirt. I bit my lip and managed not to pee in my pants. Five minutes later, both hands over my crotch, I asked again "may i please use the bathroom?!?!" and the teacher says. "NO!" I'm about to hurt the teacher. Suddenly, twenty minutes from the end of class, my bladder lets go! With both hands over my pussy, I jump up and say "Damn it!" Everybody looks at me, as I proceded to pee all over myself and the floor. I normally have a normal sized bladder, but holding it for so long made it so that i was peeing for about three minutes! When I'm done, the teacher says, "Miss ????, you may leave my class to go clean yourself up." I was so embarrassed I ran out of school crying, ran home and upstairs to my room, into the shower, and stripped of my clothes. I took a shower, and lay down in my bed, crying. The next day i went to school and everybody called me "Pants wetter." I was so upset that i kicked the most popular girl in my school in the bladder when she was making fun of me, and she pooped diarrhea all over herself. served her right!

41 year old female -- If you haven't pooped by the time you read this, I would recomend taking laxatives. In a situation like that, laxatives might be the only thing to get you going. If you wait to long, you might have an accident like I did, which is terribly embarrassing.

I called my friend and appologized, and i told her it wasn't like I planned for that to happen. I also offered to pay the bill to clean her car. She agreed, and we've kind of made up.

Today I had an accident...well, kind of. I was at work, and it was towards the end of the day. I hadn't pooped in over a week. I needed to poop a little bit, but I decided to wait until I got home. I got into the car, and was driving home.

Suddenly I got a terrible cramp. My whole bowels hurt in the kind of pain that makes you want to scream. I continued driving and pretty soon another cramp hit me. This time it was so severe that I had to pull over so i wouldn't crash. Once the pain was slightly less I got back onto the highway. Suddenly a major cramp hits me, and I can feel my bowels prepairing to let poop out. I bit my lip and clenched my butt cheeks, while pulling over. Once I was pulled over I found an old towel to sit on so if i did have an accident I wouldn't ruin my car. So i got back on the highway and continued driving home. Suddenly a terrible cramp hits me, making me double over in pain over the steering wheel. Suddenly I felt my anus expand and push out the hard beginning of a turd. I sped up my driving, because i didn't want to have an accident. Suddenly another cramp hits me and my bowels contract and push out a small hard turd making me scream in pain (while driving). I continue driving, hoping that i can make it home before anything worse happens. I got home in time and parked my car. I stepped out of my car, carefully, so that I wouldn't shit in my pants. I managed to open my door, close it, and then another cramp hit me. I fell screaming to my floor. My anus expanded and i spent 30 minutes lying on the floor screaming in pain pushing this giant poop out. Suddenly the cramp lessens. I pull off my pants in the middle of my living room, and then another cramp hit me, and i fell to the floor again. I started having liquid painful diarrhea explosions all over the floor. Finaly (50 minutes later) when I was done i cleaned up the mess, and went to the bathroom to undress. I pulled off my pants, and dropped them to the floor. In it was one poop ball. It was 7 inches wide and 9 inches long, and it was a perfect oval. I got into the shower where another case of diarrhea hit me. I put on a diaper and went to post this. I'm still shitting diarrhea, so i'll tell you how it ends once it ends!

Hiya! My name is Jessy...actually, it's Jessica, but I'm called jessy. Yesterday I went to a movie with a friend. I was having a great time, but she was squirming and stuff. Half way through she taps me and says, "Jessy, I got to shit. Will you come to the bathroom with me? The bathrooms at movie theaters always creep me out." I nodded yes, and we made out way of the theater and to the bathroom. I'm leaning against the wall waiting for her to go when she squeels, "Jessy, help me get my pants off! I'm so close to pooping on myself that i can't undo them!" I came to help her, undoing button after button, a zipper, and some laces. But i didn't do it fast enough, as suddenly she goes, "OMG, jessy, I'm having an accident!" and starts going diarrhea all over herself. My friend...Sam...(short for Samantha, but everybody calls her Sam) is desperatly trying to undo the last button and pull her pants down, but can't. Finally I undo the last button for her, and she runs into the stall, trailing brown liquid (100% liquid, it was truely amazing) after her. She spent thirty minutes on the toilet, and when she came out she was green and pale and shaking. She said, "Jessy, can you drive me home? I don't feel good." "sure," i say, and we walk to the car. IT's about a 20 minute drive from the theater to sam's house, and ten minutes in she says in one breath "oh my gawd jessy pull over this instant!" but it was really more like "ohmygawdjessypulloverthisinstant!" because it was all slurred together like that. I pull over, she opens the car door, pulls down her pants in public, and has nasty 100% liquid with a few chunks of undigested food all over the street. When she was done she got back into the car. "jessy, we have to get to my house fast, I really don't feel so good," she said to me. I speed up a bit. Suddenly Sam says, "I'm going to get sick!" rolls down her window, and starts puking out of it very violently and loudly. As quickly as i can i pull over, and she staggers out of the car puke comming out of one end, and violent sounding farts and diarrhea comming out of the other. When she stopped she got back into the car and said, "Jessy, get me home as fast as you humanly can, what just happened is about to happen again," and with that she pukes all over my car, and diarrhea comes out of the other end very violently. For the next five minutes of our drive Sam just pukes over and over again, and has diarrhea explosion after diarrhea explosion all over my car. Finally she staggers out, leaving puddles of diarrhea and puke behind her. I drove home (the smell making me dry heave a couple times) and try and clean out the car, but it is beyond my repair, and is going to have to be professionally cleaned. The leather on my car is absolutely ruined, the whole thing has changed colors and there are chunks of spew and undigested food all over my car. I'm very mad, but I know Sam couldn't help it.

I think whatever Sam had she gave to me, though. I think this because (although i have not felt slightly sick to my stomach) I have had nasty diarrhea all day, and had to pull my car over to shit diarrhea in the bushes comming back from the gym. I'm really worried about patching things up with Sam, though. I'm completely furious that she ruinied my car, and she hasn't asked to pay for it or anything, and I'm facing several thousand dolars in cleaning (i found that out when i brought it to the cleaning people. The leather in the front will have to be replaced (she puked on my seat too) and the carpet below the front seats will have to be replaced. Also, it will have to be vacumed for spew chunks that got into tiny places, and it's alot of money that i can't afford to spend. Perhaps Sam is stil to sick to call me, but I really need the money to pay for it from somewhere, and I can't afford it, but i can't drive in my car when it's like that beceause it smells so violently that I almost puked twice while driving it to the gym and to the repair place, and the seats if you push on them have brown liquid come out of them (i guess that was sam's diarrhea...). Do you guys have any advice on what to do?

First off I have a health question for the women and girls.
Whenever you poop or wipe do you ever get pains up in the
rectum? Do you know what they could be from and do you think
that I should see a doctor? I've the pains off and on now
for a couple of years and medicine just doesnt's seem to help.
I never did get my question answered from the women that
Iasked a could of weeks ago. I asked if any women or girls
wore their very short skirts wothout panties to make going
to the bathroom easier. I'd like to hear some stories of
women going to the bathroom with their short skirts out in

I had a particularly sticky shit the other day rather unlike me and being at the mall had now wiped 6 times and was still not clean. My arsehole was getting sore so as I could not leave the stall and get to the basins with my pants down I flushed and wet some paper with the water that came out the top of the bowl. I used this to clean my bum. Never done it before but the water coming out of the bowl at the top is clean so can be used. Will use it in future.

Monday, August 16, 200

Hi to everyone. A brief story. I am over in England staying with Annie and going to school at Cambridge( Sari is so jealous). I have been getting use to the "English" way of life. After school one day I went with some friends to one of the pubs. I don't know why but I suddenly felt an urge to poop. I went into the loo and sat down. The farts thundered out of my butt and a huge log started dropping. It hit with a loud splash. I reached for some paper and wiped. When I exited the loo there was a loud cheer and toast to my endeavors. I turned bright red and sat down. I guess this is an English tradition that I will have to get used to. Annie and Sari thought it was a hoot.
RIZZO: Thanks for your sweet thoughts for us. Annie and Sari send their love to you. Dad needed a heart transplant and it was too late. We have missed this site and Annie will start back soon, I hope. I have started playing the cello again. Hope you and your wife are fine and your toilet duties are regular, Lots of Love, Meghan, Sari, and Annie
PV: Hi gal, Thank you for your words. Annie is getting back to life little by little. She stood in the tub and weed for a long time the other day. She said she thought of you. Sari is in Orlando working as an attorney now. We will keep up with the group! Love, Meghan, Sari, and Annie
ADRIAN: Glad to see you are still here. Thank you for your words, too. We miss Dad but we are pressing on with our lives. The loos over here are too small. I am 5'8",LOL! Take care, Meghan, Sari, and Annie.
LOUSIE: Thanks for the support. We love our bathroom stories and it seems we have funny experiences in the loo. Take care, Meghan.

I, Sarah S or Annie will write soon!

Meghan(for Sarah S and Annie)!

Hi 41 year old female
In response to your post I often get constipated - which I classify as not going for 5 days or more. I think the longest I have not been for is about 12 days, although a girlfriend did not go for 16 days. I sympathise with you not going for 14 days.
If I have not had the urge to go after 5 days then I do usually try the 6th day onwards - perhaps several times a day. My rectum then can be uncomfortable as it must be swollen and distended. I tend to make squeaky farts when straining which is often uneventful.
I am a 49 year old divorcee, tall - 5 feet 10 inches with a large build, but with a shapely pear-shaped bottom and large boobs.
When I eventually pass a stool after many days of constipation, sometimes with the help of a rectal lubricant applied by finger (get your husband to do this ?), it is large in diameter (2.5 inches), hard for the first few inches, and full of compacted boluses.
Often very little wiping is required which is good as I am somewhat hairy down there.
I usually go at the office as often the stool is too large to flush - so I leave it for the cleaning ladies to deal with.
Other women in the office also often leave their efforts on display - fortunately no one seems to complain.
I have fortunately never had an anal fissure or piles, but my anus can ache for sometime afterwards.
Never be tempted to use a laxative - dreadful potions.
My advice to you is let nature take its course and use some anal lubricant. Strain gently at first to allow the anus to gradually fully expand.
Don't be embarrassed at passing large turds - they are something to admire.
I am amazed your husband does not seem to be turned on by them ?
Let me know how you get on and the thickness of your motions once passed, and whether you had any anal bleeding etc.

Dear 41 year old female who cant move her bowels. Haven,t you ever heard of enemas. Have your husband buy a fountain syringe at the drug store and read the directions. If it is done right, an enema is the best way to relieve the type of constipation that you are experiencing. Dont waste your time just sitting on the toilet. Have hubby give you that enema.

Koko: I think that your friend knows that you didn't exactly plan for that to happen. Even if she's angry now, chances are she won't be for too long.

Sean K.
Hello to everyone! I have long been a fan of this awesome site but I have never really gotten around to posting. I had such a great experience today, I thought I would share. But first I guess it is custom to tell a little about myself. I am S/W/M age 29 from Texas, brown hair weigh about 250 - 6'2". I have long been interested in pooping and love especially female pooping experiences - this is part of what makes this site so good. Now for my story.

This morning before work I could feel a good dump coming on. I usually take a dump every other day - no set schedule. My favorite place to go is in public for reasons I'm sure I don't have to describe to most of those who read this site! Anyway, all morning I ripped those "deep" farts that are indicitive of a big dump. I slowly felt the need to go build all morning until finally around lunch time I wanted to go and take care of business. Where I work does not have a good restroom for pooping purposes. It is shared by several people and its hard to "disappear" for a while to enjoy the experience among other things! I recalled a large clothing store that was nearby that had clean restrooms so after lunch I decided to stop by. In the store there is a restroom for both men and women. To my disappointment the men's room was out of order - pretending to be dumb I asked a clerk if they had a restroom. She pointed them out but advised the men's room was out of order but I was welcome to the ladies room. I thanked her and headed off to the ladies room. Both restrooms and a staff break room were at the end of a short hallway. I locked the door (like work it is a restroom for only one person but in a large department store it's a little less obvious if you disappear for a while. The restroom was very clean and was also very quite - no annoying fan or elevator music as is often the case. The toilet was elongated and had the typical public restroom open faced seat that swallows your butt comfortably. I dropped my jeans and underwear to my ankles and sat down - legs parted. After a few small farts things began to move. My butthole crackled open slowly to allow the first few pieces out. I dropped several small poop balls that made very loud splashes. I had to push and grunt a little to get things going. I finally felt a bigger piece inch out. I looked into the toilet and was able to see it come out in the reflection my butt made in the water. I lost count of how many pieces I dropped at first - at least 10 - all about 2 to 3 inches long and probably 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick - nothing huge but I was filling up the drain hole quite nicely! The longer I sat the more need to go I felt. Eventually after I had been going for about 5 minutes I heard someone enter the staff breakroom which was just outside the restroom. Whom ever they were stayed there the remaining time I was in the restroom. I had to push and strain some more to get things going - I'm sure I was heard. I leaned forward and could feel my hole open much wider - soon a bigger piece inched out and dropped with a dull splash - it was about 7 inches long and 1 and 1/2 inches thick. I still needed to push more out. I relaxed and let nature take its course - turns out my two biggest logs were saved for last. My hole stretched very wide and slowly two long pieces inched out. Each was at least 8 inches long and about the same 1 and 1/2 inches. My shit was firm but not hard and I had left a huge stink in the ladies room! I wiped 4 times and stood up before flushing. The toilet was very full of shit, at least a number 4 of 5 on the sitting on the toilet survery! I suppose I took about 20 minutes and I was pooping the whole time. It's been a while since I had a satisfying dump like that. After I flushed, I noticed skid marks all in the bowl. After washing up I exited and left - leaving a small present for the next occupant! Hope you all enjoyed my post - I will try to provide a follow up in a few days! Until then - ya'll take care.

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