I am new here but I have read a lot, but I rememebr this story, it didn't happen for me but i felt sorry for the girl it did happen to. I was at baseball game and I wasn't that interested and i had to pee so I went to the bathroom did my thing. When i got out of the stall there were these 2 girls standing in the middle of the bathroom. one girl looked very uncomfortable, she was wearing this really complicated pants w/ ties and buttons and she couldn't get them undone herself. Her friend was trying to help her and didn't do it fast enough because the poor girl just peed her pants. Lesson learned, don't wear complicated pants and hold your pee for a long time.

hi i'm anna, i'm 15. i always have bellyache before i poop. yesterday i had bad bellyache but it went away. tonight i ate at taco bell and when i was eating i felt really full like i couldn't eat anymore or my belly would burst. then i went with my mom to wal-mart. while i was at wal-mart my belly started to make gurgling noises and hurt a lot, i thought i had to poop so i went to the bathroom. i went pee first and then i tried to poop but nothing would come out so i pushed on my belly and nothing came out still. my belly still hurt a lot so i sat on the toilet for a minute and then i realized i have not pooped in like a week, maybe that is why my belly hurts so bad. i stood up to button my jeans and saw my belly bulging out, i guess because it is so full. when i went out of the bathroom and found my mom, she said "are you having trouble in the bathroom, you were in there a long time" and i told her my belly is aching and i can't poop and she asked how long it had been since i pooped, i said a week or so and she asked if she could feel my belly. she put her hand on it and said "your little ???? is swollen, i bet it hurts a lot, we'll get some medicine to make you poop easier." she got some ex-lax and when we got home i took some and it made my bellyache worse and i started moaning and holding my belly. my mom said that means the ex-lax is working, go sit on the toilet. i sat on the toilet and had belly cramps real bad and then i started pooping lots of liquid and diarhea. my mom came in and asked if it was working, i said yes and then i got another bad pain in my belly and started pooping more and i was on the toilet for like thirty more minutes because i was afraid to get up because i thought i would just keep pooping, which i did. when i was done my butt and my belly felt sore and i went and laid on my bed and my mom came in and rubbed my belly. that was like an hour ago, i still have bellyache now but not as bad. i hope that never happens to me again.

Heya! I'm a kid, but here's a story that you might like! Anyways... I was about 2 or 2 1/2 years old. (I wasn't potty trained! :D) As I was saying, I was sick with the stomach flu. I was okay, watching Barney's Adventure, until... it hit me. My stomach had started to hurt badly! Then I heard my stomach gurgling (the gurglies). "Uh, oh!" I began to cry, I didn't know what was happening! My mom put me on the changing table, until, there was a huge fart and then I began to grunt and gurgle and turn all red. "What is it, honey?" my mom asked. I said this in a very quiet voice. "Poo-poo!" "Huh?" my mom asked. "Poo-poo!!!!!" No poo-poo came out yet, but my mom's friend came to see what was wrong. "What's wrong?" she asked. "I think she said poo-poo, so I may need to check her diaper." And then... BAM!!!! There was a giant, gargantuan fart and then... smelly, watery poop came out of my butt! And some little farts too. That's the end of my story! Let me know if you want to hear more! Hams 4ever, Alina

Punk Rock Girl

Well, I took a dump in a men's room the other night. Actually, I was at the beach for an evening dip with some friends who run a restaurant right near the ocean. We were swimming (the water was COLD!!!). After a few minutes, I felt my bowels filling up. Time to hit the crapper!

I walked up to the restrooms and discovered that the womens room was out of order. I toyed with just finding a hidden spot and taking a shit in the sand, but then I saw that the men's room was open. I poked my head in and said, is anyone in here? No answer.

I went inside, and saw that the stalls had no doors. Well, what can you do? I wiped the seat off and pulled my bikini bottoms down and sat. I was expecting a nice, solid load, but instead about a gallon of chunky diarrhea exploded out of my ass, with a loud fart.

Of course, just as the last few squirts were plopping into the water, a group of four guys came in. One of the guys entered my stall, saw me and said, "Holy s??t!"

I smiled, a little embarrassed, and said "Sorry, the women's room is closed." He said, no problem and waited for me to finish. By the stench I had left, they must have known I was shitting my guts out. I wiped my ass and flushed and pulled up my bottoms. I wahsed my hands, making small talk with the guys, who seemed much more embarrassed than me. I re-joined my friends down the beach and told them what happened, which got a good laugh.

Oh, well. Like I've said, we're all human!



I'm a 41 year old female and I haven't pooped in almost 2 weeks! I usually go about once a week and usually difficult. I'm afraid that this one will rip something when I finally go. My BMs are always quite large, in fact my husband often jokes that they're as big as his arm. I'm very embarassed when he see's them, but sometimes I need his help because the plunger doesn't always get the job done. Does anyone else have this problem? If so what can I do. I have sat on the toilet 3 times a day and squeeezed for about 20 min for the last 10 days or so.

I remeber one saturday me and my mom got done shopping we came home and my bladder was full. well as soon as I put my stuff down my step bro goes into the bathroom and starts the shower. He takes 30min showers and i knew I was not gonna last 30min Well i asked my mom if i could use her bathroom and she said no your step dad has to work tonite you will wake him up. I told her I really had to go and i could not wait for eric and the running water was not helpin any. She said I was lying. Well I knew I needed to go quick or i was gonna wet myself. I remembered that we put our new kittens litter box in my room until we figured out a better place. I went into my room, shut the door, threw off my pants and panties, took off the privacy cover, straddled over it, and squatted. As soon as i squatted I peed a steady stream and it felt SO good. Then my mom knocked on ym room and said i could use her bathroom and iw as like too late i used the litter box and she scolded me. I didn't care it felt so good.

I haven't taken a shit in 4 days. I've been holdin everything in so I could see how long I could go without taking a dump. Today i ate mcdonalds and tried to hold it in but i couldn't and I went to the toilet. I plopped my 15 year old ass on the seat and let out 1 footlong turd and 1 10 inch one with some brown water.

I want to share a story tht took place a year ago.When I was 14 I went out to eat with dad and younger brother. We ate a whole bunch of food and when we were leaving I felt my bowels moving. My dad was talking to a guy he knew and I stayed by the door and my stomach started to rumble. I was shy about using public toilets at the time so I held it till we got home. When we got home I went upstairs and went straight to the bathroom. I tore down my shorts and underwear and sat on the bowl. I let out a loud fart and let a loose brown diarrhea into the toilet. It was gurgly and very stinky. I farted a couple of more times and let out a couple of more loose diarrhea. I couldn't take the smell so I got the hand towel and started waving it. When I looked into the bowl I couldn't believe my eyes. I had had a major case of explosive diarrhea. It filled up the bowl and was very ranchid. My dad came upstairs smelt it and said "You exploded."

Here's a little known fact: When you scubba's a good idea to pee on yourself to keep warm...anyone know that? That's gotta feel pretty good in that wetsuit...anyway...I'm loving the girl pooping stories...keep them going *thumbs up* Later ^_^

Just a Guy
Night Owl it sounds like your eating habits are not good. You need to add some fiber to your diet. Eating only meat and no ???? you're gonna get plugged up. Try adding some vegetables or having a salad instead of that hamburger. Many fast food places have a salad selection of some sort. Try some of the selections at Subway. If you don't like that try adding some fiber by drinking a glass of juice and a tablespoon of Metamucil several times a day. Once in the morning and once at supper should do it.
Relying on laxatives all the time can tend to make things worse because you can become dependent on them. Supositories and enemas may help. Lubricating yourself by putting some vaseline on your finger and sticking it up your rear is not going to hurt you. If anything it will make it esier and less painful for your poop to slide out. If you still can't go then I suggest getting to the doctor for help. Believe me it's nothing to be embarrased about. While you're at it set up an appointment to see a nutritionist to help you with a good healthy and fiber rich diet. You'll be glad you did. Also drink lots of liquids (not soda) like sports drinks which are better for you tham carbonated drinks. Most are flavored and don't have to be real cold and you can sip on it all day if you like. Besides a bottle of Gatorade or Propel is sort of cool especially if you are athaletic.
Let us know how things come out.

Im new to this place.
Does anyone have a story about a friend or girl who has a condition called Megacolon?
If u do what happened?

Nicky from Ontario, Canada
Hey hows everyone doing?? I just love all your posts, especially the ones about men being constipated.

Your posts are by far the best ones that have been on here in awhile. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? age. where you live. marital status. well take care hun, and keep writing, your awesome!

i'm karla, i'm 16 and starting 10th grade soon. i have had 2 accidents in my life so i decided i'd tell about them here.

the first time was in 2nd grade, it wasn't a very big deal because it happens to a lot of little kids, but here's what happened. i had to pee when recess came, but we were continuing a big chase like game we had up in the hill that a whole bunch of kids played in. i had to pee the whole time we played, but i was okay. right when recess ended we had to go right back to class. i still had to pee really bad but we had a spelling test and we were supposed to go the bathroom during recess, so i kept holding it in but during the spelling test i peed my pants.

and my other accident was earlier this year in 9th grade. a little while after lunch, i had to poop. i held it in for the rest of the day because going at school isn't convenient, because there isn't a lot of time and i was afraid i'd have to cut my poop short and i would have to go even worse when i was waiting to finish. so i just held it all day, and when i got on the bus to go home i had to poop soooo bad. i had to go pretty far back in the bus because it was pretty full, and a girl with 2 big bags sat next to me on the aisle. we started going and the whole way i was praying to god i wouldn't fart or poop my pants because the girl next to me was a grade above me, and plus a few of my friends and classmates were on the bus. we finally got to my bus stop and i stood up and i actually put my hand on my butt to hold in my poop, but my backpack covered it so even though it looked weird with my hand behing me no one could really see i had it on my butt. well it took the girl like 40 seconds to get up and move her bags so i could get out, and as i was walking up the aisle to get off the bus i started pooping my pants. a pretty big solid poop pushed it's way out into my underwear kind of slowly the whole way i walked up the aisle and i felt it make a big bulge in my jeans. even though my backpack covered my butt so no one could see the bulge, i think my red face, the smell and my hand behind me tipped a couple kids off that i was crapping my pants...i got off the bus and i had to stand at my bus stop and crap my pants for a 2 more minutes before i could walk home. 2 or 3 more big solid poops slowly pushed into my underwear. the bulge in my pants was so big it made my pants feel tighter and when i walked my backpack kind of bumped back and forth onto the bulge because it made my backpack stick out, and everytime i took a step my backpack bumped against my butt and i could feel it squishing on the bulge. i took my backpack off because i didn't want it to smoosh the poop all over my butt, but i didn't know 2 kids were walking a little ways behind me and i heard one say to the other "ew that girl pooped in her pants!" my face got super red again and i put my backpack back on and hurried home. when i got inside i started to head up the stairs quickly without taking off my backpack, and when i got to the top of the stairs i took my backpack off and put it down in the hallway, and before i could get into the bathroom my dad came out of his study and saw the bulge in my pants. he gave me an outrageous look and said "oh my god karla did you crap in your pants? get yourself cleaned up, what are you 3 or 15?" i was so embarrassed and i started crying. i went into the bathroom and cleaned myself for a long time and through away my underwear and jeans, then i took a nap for a few hours.

that was the worst accident i ever had, but when i peed my pants in second grade my whole entire class knew, the people in the office knew and my parents both knew, as opposed to pooping my pants in 9th grade only a couple kids from my bus knew and my dad...but i'd rather a ton of people knowing a peed my pants at age 8 then ANYONE knowing i pooped my pants at 15...

A good poop story. I attended a YMCA day camp as a youngster and as a part of the program they took us on an overnight camping trip. This was usually to a nearby location. In this case, it was a municipal park in the Southern California foothills. When dinner time came around we were served canned chili, one of my least favorite foods. In this case I didn't eat it and elected to nibble on salad, crackers and fruit punch. Serving young kids canned chili is like lighting a blowtorch around dynamite. At our picnic table I heard one of the counselors tell another "this is going to give me die-wee-wee." The kids shoveled this stuff down....and they paid for it later in the evening. After the campfire there was a long line at the bathrooms. One kid who I knew pretty well sceamed out "I'm MAKING chili!" More than a few kids were vomiting. Maybe it wasn't just the chili (you never know with 9 and 10 year olds) bit it seemed a lot of people were having gastric problems. I was in the clear, having avoided all but the most benign foods. The topper, though, came later that night. I spotted a couple of kids frantically searching for the bathroom. And at one point there were a couple of pairs of underwear hanging from a bush. Loaded. I overheard a few of the young campers talking about messing their pants. Anytime I hear chili mentioned I still think about that camping trip. And the loaded briefs hanging on the bushes for all to see!

I didn't really think I was going to post here again, but everyone who responded to my post about my constipation problem was so kind and I read some of the older posts from this site and found them very interesting and amusing. Anyway, I've come to really like this site, and I have a few stories to share and will tell a little about myself first. I've always been interested in peeing and pooping, and generally enjoy doing both. My poops are usually pretty regular (this latest bout of constipation was very unusual for me). I have a very sensitive stomach and have stomach aches often, and almost always have one when I need to poop. My boyfriend (who tried to help me out during my constipation) is fairly open about pooping and peeing too, and he is very good about giving me a ???? rub if I am hurting or having a difficult time with my poop.
Here are a few quick stories I have:
-One time I was on vacation with my family and we went to a seafood restaurant. I'm not big on seafood so I ate a pasta dish with some shrimp in it. I felt extremely full after I finished and on the way back to our hotel I began to feel the need to poop. I had a stomach ache, but I always do and so I didn't think much of it. My stomach ache got worse and worse, and I could feel poop starting to come out as we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. I ran ahead of my family and into the lobby to find the restroom--I didn't even bother going up to our room because I knew I wouldn't make it. For whatever reason, there was a line in the ladies' room and I started to poop my panties right there in line! I was clutching my stomach and the woman in front of me turned around and asked if I was okay and I told her I was going to be sick to my stomach and so she marched right up to the lady at the front of the line and told her that there was a sick girl in line and could I please go to the next stall. I really wanted to give that woman a big hug but obviously under the circumstances that wouldn't have been appropriate. When the next stall opened I literally dashed to it and made it just as a mass of soft poop pushed its way out of me. I was on the toilet for almost twenty minutes and when I came out, the woman who had been in front of me in line was standing by the sink. She handed me two Tums tablets and said she hoped I felt better.
-I used to work in a movie theater and I had to clean the restrooms every other night. We usually did this while the last showing of all the movies was going on, that way no one would be in there while we were cleaning. One night I was mopping the floor when three girls rushed in, all holding their ????, and each took a stall. Two of then had very violent diahrrea explosions. The other one was moaning and whining to her friends, "It won't come out! My stomach hurts so bad!" Her friends had come out of their stalls but still looked very ill and weren't paying much attention to her. Finally one of them got irritated enough and barged right into the other girl's stall. The girl on the toilet started grunting and groaning and whining, "Don't push so hard on my ????...oohhhh..." Then I heard a huge plop and then several splashes of what I assumed was liquid poop, and both girls emerged, the one still holding her stomach. They all stood by the sink and talked for a few minutes and on my way out I heard them saying something about thinking they must have eaten bad meat at McDonald's.
Well, that's it for now, I'm getting a stomach ache and need to go take a poop before I go to bed.

Anyone else hate when your poo breaks off while it's coming out? I sure do! That means you have to wipe for like 5 Hours! It's annoying...I wish I had a I can feel some ice cold water clean me out instead of boring ol' TP...anyway....Later

Hi everyone, this is Bisou. I've decided to change my handle!
The other day I was in a restroom, and I went into one of the stalls. I was about to go pee, but then I heard someone come in and I listened. This women sat down and peed for about two seconds, but it hissed incredibly loudly, and sounded like someone turning a hose off quickly! It didn't sound like she had much to get rid of, but it sure was loud! I've found that I can get my pee to hiss like that only if I sit very far forward on the toilet and push very hard. Hmmm . . .
Another thing I've always been curious about, but too embarrassed to ask, is epilepsy. When I was little, my mom told me that people with epilepsy lose control of their bladder and/or bowels when having a seizure. Can anyone verify this, or have personal experience with it? I'd be extremely embarrassed about having seizures in front of people, but only for that reason. It was why I was pretty phobic of gettiing epilepsy when I was little!

i don't know if this is a very interesting story or not, but i thought i'd go ahead and post it anyway.
it is my "time of the month" right now and so generally my poops are a little more difficult and less regular. i always get sort of blocked up around this time and usually will not poop for three or four days before i start my period, and then i will have a large poop the day i start or the day after. well, i started today and have not pooped since monday. last night i kind of had the urge to go, but couldn't get anything out. since my ???? was feeling kind of tender i didn't want to push on it or anything. as of tonight i still had not gone, but wasn't really thinking about it too much. i laid down on my bed to give myself a little ???? massage, which i always do during my period because i have very bad cramps. i was only trying to soothe my cramps, not to help poop along or anything. so i started to put a little pressure on my stomach and i suddenly farted. i thought it was sort of strange but my cramps were starting to feel a little less severe. i was using both hands to very slowly and gently rub my lower ????, and i guessed i rubbed the wrong place because then my stomach made a loud gurgling noise and i actually felt something shift in my stomach. i don't know if it was gas or poop or what, but something definitely rumbled in my stomach. i got up and ran to the bathroom and had a huge poop as soon as i sat down. the first few chunks were hard to get out, but then i started to have lots of gas and the rest just kind of came out easily after that. it was a really satisfying poop.

Daniel (Danny)
I was reading the posts and watched that here is someone called Donny so i wiil change my name to help you to see we arent the same person. I went to a sleepover party and we ate junk food. At five o'clock we went to the city park that day and i felt a pressure by my anus and i saw one of my five friends holding his stomach. When we were playing hide and seek and then i felt the needing to poop immediatly so i ran as fast as i could to the restrooms. When i went in the restroom i saw that there was a six year old boy walking to the only stall of three available. I talked to him and i said if he could wait and he said yes. I went in the stall and pulled down my pants to my knees and pushed out a log. I also strained a little.Then the two other people finished. The boy wnt into a stall and strained in a low voice '' ungh nnggh'' and then i asked ''are you ok?'' and he said yes. Then i finished and wiped. Then we continued playing but i had still pressure and stomach aches. When we left the park we stopped at MCdonalds to eat. I will tell you the rest later because i have things to do.Wait for parts 2 and 3.

I'm interested in finding out if everyone that has pooped their panties/underwear (on purpose or accident) cleaned up the mess by:

- Taking off your panties/underwear in the bathtub/shower and cleaned them in there (how?)
- Taking off your panties/underwear and putting them in the toilet to clean them (which method? Shake the poop out, flush until the poop is gone, grab the poop by hand and rinse out your panties/underwear like doing laundry by hand in the toilet?, other interesting methods?)
- Taking off your panties/underwear and just balling them up or dropping them into the clothes hamper to clean up or have someone else clean out later?
- What? Why clean them out? Maybe just sit and run around in my pooped panties/underwear all day long?
Please post your ideas/methods -
PS.. this also applies to peeing your panties/underwear too... :-)

Louise (from France)

NO dear, I suppose I'm not that Louise, in fact I'm Louise from France and I don't like wtting, I never wetted my self

Fanny day you described, I too use the same technique (sitting on the doors sill edge) to pee from my car, roadside, in parking and in garage too, it's much confortable, the doors offer a good shed, and noone can see your bottom from under the car..

I'm sorry for your bad experience at the public bathroom, ther is another matter (on lookers) for me to avoid public toilet when possible, in add to the fact that i can't stand much unclean or smelly i always prefer to pee outdoor if possible, next time pee carside before living with your friend and you will avoid a bad adventure...obviously if she needed a n.2 is a different matter.

Sarah S and Meghan
Funny hallway pee you had, sharing a pee with two boys is always a nice expereince!!
Please post more about peeing

Thanks and kisses



Hi everybody!

During the last weeks I have had too many people around me to be able to read much or even to post anything.
With dismay I read that our dear friend Robbie has gone from us. His good humour and hooting laughter about bathroom matters will always be part of fond memories. Sarah S. and Meghan and Annie, I send you my most heartfelt condolences. Please stay with us.
Austin, I also see that you are back. I had missed you.
And PV, dear, good to see you swinging by from time to time with latest bathroom anecdotes from down under.
I also enjoy the stories of the large bladdered young women posting. Now what about those of you with tiny bladders?? Come on, there must be more around with lots and lots of stories. Its is surely not only Louise from France who needs to pee so frequently, bless her.
But reading through the so many pages I have missed, the story of the bride needing a pee and being helped by her bridesmaid in the preparation room stuck. Great! I have always wondered how a bride could (or couldn't) handle her voluminous bridal gown when nature calls! Now I know!
Then, Haley, I found your account of the life of someone bound to a wheel chair very touching. I believe your boyfriend to be a very caring young man. He was ready to help, and lifted you out of your chair to carry you to the bathroom, just as your sphincter gave way. Maybe the pressure of your weight on the seat had held everything in. It will probably be an effort for him to overcome the embarrassment he might feel when helping you to the bathroom the first few times, but if he is really fond of you, he will gladly play the part of a (male) nurse during such moments. It could be a bit awkward in public though, if there is no bathroom for the handicapped, roomy enough for a wheel chair and a helper, but only separate ones for ladies and gents. I wish you all the best.

Two days ago after breakfast I went down into the cellar to do some clearing up. I had been reading here the day before about the way people describe their sensations of an oncoming need for a bowel movement. I felt just the same at the time; the pressure building up in my rectum, something literally moving just below my belly button, like a beast awakening from a slumber and stretching and flexing its muscles in preparation for a dash to freedom. I was going to enjoy the sensations to their fullest, I decided. Let things slowly develop and then head for the bathroom with leisure…
It wasn't to be quite like that. Suddenly the beast beneath my belly button and the pressure in my rectum joined forces with a feeling bordering on pain. I had to straighten up rather quickly, knees pressed together, and clench my but cheeks and holding muscles until they quivered under the strain! Was it the result of the early-morning swim in the lake before breakfast, or the loads of blackberries I had consumed the day before? Possibly both. Anyway, I couldn't move, fearing I would fill with a load of unkown consistency my blue and gray striped Y-fronts I wore below my white canvas-like bermuda shorts. Would it be liquid or soft or even solid? I longingly eyed a bucket in the corner of the cellar. But the stairs leading up to the basement would work like a chimney, the door at the top wide open, and channel the stench of fresh shit right to the noses of guests we had staying with us, now sitting at the table in the adjoining dining room. So, to crap into the bucket was declared as a very last emergency measure.
After a few seconds the beast inside me relented to regroup forces. Before the oncoming of its next onslaught I knew I had to be sitting on the toilet, or else…
I carefully climbed the stairs concentrating on holding it all in, whatever it was, smiled at our guests in passing, and made for the toilet at the other end of the ground floor. I rattled the door handle, it was locked; a strained voice inside said, ,Uhhhwait ahhh mmmmmoment.' It was my wife, and the announced moment could take a while to pass. Oh no! I made another heroic effort to negociate the next staircase leading to the upstairs toilet. Pulling myself up by the bannisters therby keeping my hole carfully shut with force, I made it, but only just. I stumbled more than walked into the toilet, fumbling with buttons, tried to ineffectively kick the door shut with my heel, and, tearing down shorts and underpants together in one go, let my bottom, now damp with anticipatory bum-crack sweat, drop on to the seat. Phew! The turd was on its way out at a rate of about 8 inches per second even before I hit the cool plastic. It came out soft and fast and felt grainy from the myriads of blackberry seeds contained therein. Although there is a good ten-inch drop from hole to the water in this toilet, the log, or rather, rope, did not break off under its own weight due to its speed of exit. After only about four seconds it was out with a final booming fart. And of course, after the land-slide came the flood. It was just the joint effect of the swim in cool lake water followed by some cups of coffee. Ahhhhh! I felt very much unburdened after all that. And it only took two wipes to clean up: one first wipe to see, and a second one to make sure to have seen right: no brown marks at all. A near perfect crap! There is nothing like it!

SARAH S & MEGHAN -- I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, we shared many a pleasant word in the past, and he'll be missed on this board! Yes, time goes by and we move around a bit, but it's good to look in and connect again from time to time. (Nice performance in England, BTW!)

DESPERATE TO POOP -- One minute?! Not possible, I've never even relaxed and peed in that time, never mind pooped. And this is to shorted queues? Rediculus! Install urinals, that's how you shorten queues in the ladies' room (as any girls who have waited so long they've peed in the sinks will attest!)

PENNY -- from South Africa? If so, I remember your stories very well, and really enjoyed them! You have a knack for making the moment real, and I would love to hear more from your pen. The peeper in the loo -- yuck! That's the pits, I'm glad he was arrested. Sharing the moment with someone, casually or whatever, is one thing, deciding to go in public likewise, but that's the grossest invasion of privacy and he got what he deserved when he fell.

NANCY -- You have me thinking longingly of being somewhere warm as a storm comes over during the night, and answering nature's call as nature does its own spectacle! Yup, it's often three times a day, four if I'm anxious about something! Only once today, as I seem to be back to doing big loads:

A couple of days ago I pleasantly surprised myself. My usual pattern is a small piece first, then my largest, then a few more smaller pieces to finish off. Well, after a small nugget I released a FIFTEEN INCHER! Not terribly firm, about an inch thick, and followed immediately by a five-incher. The whole had obviously parted under gravity, so it was twenty inches long inside me. If it was a bit firmer it would have stayed intact on the way out. And today I really amazed myself by launching an eleven-incher, followed instantly by another eleven-incher! Twenty-two inches! Same consistency as before, the tadpole end about 1.25" thick, the rest an inch or so, toffee-brown with bits of corn in it, obviously breaking in the middle as it moved down the jettison chute. Add a few other chunks and bits and you have some serious stuff. Nothing compared to some of the super-poopers who have graced these pages in the past, but not too shoddy either! A few days ago I pooped standing up just for fun as well -- ah, the passtimes of the eliminatory thrill-seeker!

Happy poops, all,


Sarah S & Meghan. I'm very saddened as I'm sure many people are here to hear of Robby's passing. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. He was a popular and well liked contributor here and I know the bond he had with Annie was very special. Please accept my condolences and convey them to Annie. I hope she'll post again once she feels able to do so.

anna. Hi and welcome. I enjoyed your post. I'm not surprised that you needed to go badly if you'd not had a motion for 3 or 4 days. Was that due to constipation or had you simply not felt like going to the toilet? It wasn't clear whether you'd tried using the loo at college before driving home or not. Accidents happen however and it's always better out than in.

Koko. I'm sorry to hear about your embarrasment at the accident you had in your friend's car and the fallout which ensued. Although I find it hard to contemplate someone not doing a motion for two and a half weeks, having never been that badly constipated myself, I'm not surprised that you had a major accident. After all, when you think about it the food would simply be building up in your system, decomposing and not going anywhere. Sooner or later the sheer pressure on your stomach and intestines was going to prompt a major need to poo. However, if your friend is a good friend she'll put the incident down to experience and make up with you. From your side an unreserved apology, explaining that you genuinely couldn't help it, and an offer to help pay for her car to be cleaned and valeted would probably go a long way towards oiling the wheels of friendship once more.

Penny. I was interested to read your story but found it a little nit disturbing nevertheless. If that guy had been spying on you I hope his wrists have been very firmly slapped!

Best wishes to all

Friday, August 13, 2004

Hi I'm an 18 year old male and I have somewhat of a story to tell...I remember being really little around 5 or 6 and I was peeing standing up one day..I had my pants around my ankles because that was my preference back then (LOL)anyway...I rememeber sneezing while peeing and shit flew out of me and all over the floor behind me....Keep up the female stories..I love hearing about girls around my age farting and shiting....Please share more

Louise, are you the same Louise from a long time ago? The one that once wet herself when startled by a taxi? [Still likes that story]

lol I used to have an asst. principal in my school named Mr. Doody

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