I'm working at a grocery store this summer for a bit extra money (i'm in highschool) and i've seen many funny things.

About a week ago this really hot girl came into the store. She was around 17, i'd guess (i'm 17) and had strait brown hair, she was thin, and pretty, fair skinned, brown eyed...she was just really hot. She came into the store, and she was looking a bit uncomfortable. I was orgainizing the things in the isles, so I walked around near her for a while while she collects her things. Suddenly she stops and clutches her ????. SHe needs to shit! i realized! A minute later she comes up to me and says, "excuse me, but where are the ladies rooms?" I directed her to them, kind of following her. THe ladies rooms were out of service, and this hot girl groans, closes her eyes, and doubles over in pain. The girl touches her ass for a second, and says "NO!" softly to herself. I figured that she was really desperate. "You can use the mens room," i told her, but she said that it was okay, she didn't need to go very badly. i knew better. SO this girl wanders around the store getting the rest of what she needs, the look of pain on her face getting worse and worse. Suddenly she says, "Damn it!" and runs to the bathroom, one hand on her stomach, and one on her ass. The restroom is still not working, and the girl says, "OMG, i'm doing it!" she sounded horrified. I can see a bit of a bulge form in her pants. Suddenly she runs off to an empty corner of the store, where i witness her pull down per pants and underwear, shit out two long hard logs, and then have a loud noisy diarrhea explosion. Then she quickly pulled up her pants, and paid. I watched her go into the parking lot, and the second she was out of the store she runs to a trashcan and pukes her guts out. It was interesting.

One time me and my sisters were at the park with this one girl we met there, and she had to go to the bathroom. We didn't go with her because there was no doors in the stalls. She came back 30 minutes later, and told us that she missed. So we went in the bathrooms because she was going to show us and when we got there poop was all over the stall!!!! She was standing there laughing while we were looking in DISGUST! There was chunks of corn and mac and cheese, but there was no cheese. Then we asked her how could you miss? She said that she didn't want to sit on the toilet so she stood up half squating. It looked like melted, chunky brownies smeared on the walls. Plus she didn't wipe. Trust me you didn't want to smell. Till this day we haven't been able to go there again in fear of seeing her again. And that was a couple years ago. My friend Bethany still queefs in fear from the adrenalin.

I am new here but I have read a lot, but I rememebr this story, it didn't happen for me but i felt sorry for the girl it did happen to. I was at baseball game and I wasn't that interested and i had to pee so I went to the bathroom did my thing. When i got out of the stall there were these 2 girls standing in the middle of the bathroom. one girl looked very uncomfortable, she was wearing this really complicated pants w/ ties and buttons and she couldn't get them undone herself. Her friend was trying to help her and didn't do it fast enough because the poor girl just peed her pants. Lesson learned, don't wear complicated pants and hold your pee for a long time.

CHELSEA M. AND TARA- Wow! almost the exact same thing happened to my friend and me the other nite! My best friend Amy and I are also really open about pooping only we dont like toilets. We both enjoy pooping our panties and pooping outdoors. Amy does that awesome stomach massage thing too.
Now for my story. Once, when I was sleeping over at Amy's house, we decided to share her king size bed since it was really cold. We were sleeping when suddenly I awoke to find Amy grunting and moving around under the sheets. I said "Amy?" but she was fast asleep. I lifted up the sheets and looked underneath to find Amy pulling down her PJs and spreading her cheeks with her hands! The tip of a thick solid brown log was poking out of her anus. She was pooping the bed in her sleep! I watched in amazement as the huge turd inched its way onto the bed. She farted, grunted, then pushed harder as her poop slid out farther. I rubbed her stomach hard and she groaned as the end of the massive snake left her butthole. The turd was about a foot and a half long, smooth and solid. I laughed then woke Amy up and explained to her what she had done. We couldn't stop giggling and we took a picture to remember the monster poop by.
Keep your stories comin Chels and Tara :)!!

Hey guys.
I haven't been reading or writing here in a while. Good to be back. I want to share a big poo experience I had today.

I was sitting reading something, and I was farting a lot. My farts were loud and stinky. Soon after, I felt a good poo coming, so I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. My poo started to poke out as I was pulling down my pants. Well, the poo poking out broke off and plopped into the toilet. I then farted, and then my butt opened up and a big poo started crackling out. This poo came out slowly, and kept coming and coming. It plopped into the toilet. When I was done, I looked and saw that my poo was 1 foot long. What a poo! I flushed and left.

This leads me to half an hour later. I was farting and farting again. I then had to suddenly make my way to the bathroom, pull down my pants, and sit on the toilet. As soon as I sat down, I farted, and a poo quickly made its was out of my butt. I got up and looked and this poo was skinnier than the first, but was just as long. Two winners in one day! I flushed and left.

Well, that's all for today.

Keep up the poo!

Take care guys.

hello first time posting i have been reading great stories i love the detail and ecspically the stories about soft musshy and runny poop. I am a female that is 5'6 blonde hair blue eyes. I love watching and looking at other girls poop. escpically in there panties and pants. it just makes me a little wet you know were! well actually just thinking about it does that to me. anyways on to the two things i wanted to say.

1st. i was on my way home from college and i was driving home on the interstate. I hadnt pooped in 3 or 4 days and i was like 10 mintues away from my house when i suddenly had the urge to poop. Well i pushed it off didnt hurt that bad and i was almost home. So i continued down the road nearing the off ramp when i got on of those cramps that almost makes you cry. I stoped turned my blinker on and as i started to turn i farted a long slient fart. I instanly smelt it. and knew i only had a few minutes before there was going to be a mess. ( i always wear full panties expect for when i go on dates,just for these reasons, i seem to enjoy those accidents so i usally have a plastic trash bag under my driver side seat.) so i quickly pulled it out and sat on it with my undies only on. i stoped just long enough to take my skirt off. So i thought i could make it home i didnt want to let this one go in my panties it would be horbbile to clean up so i drove fast hoping i could hold it . i neared my road that i lived on and came to the stop light off course its RED. im sitting there only 2minutes from my house when the biggest cramp of my life hits me. its sends me cold chills at first then i double over and it stops nothing. umm thats werid i thought. so the light turns green and i start driving then a fart comes out of nowhere and i feel a little hard turd slid into my pants. Then i fart again another hard turd. So i keep driving now only 1 minute to my house and and cramp hits me agian. This time i have to pull the car over along side the road. it buckles me over and i start to cry when my anus opens up and a huge turd roound turd gets expelled into my pants must have been 5 inches and perfectly round. so i am sitting on a huge ball and then i start driving again and my stomach is just sturring up a hurricane. I start to pull into my driveway when i feel what i didnt want to happen i rush up the drive and as the garage door is opeining so does my anus soft poop starts to ozzz out a little bit at a time. i feel it starting to build up just a little bit on top of the giant hard turd. i pull in stand up and close the garage door as i walk in the screen door. i start to run to the restroom when a cramp hits me and send me doubling over agian. This time there is no stoping it i feel the smooth soft poop roping out and i am now on the brink of loosing it. I walk into the bathroom and step into the tub as i know i cant control what this next cramp is about to do to me. I ready myself for it hits me so hard that my legs give out and i fall to the tub and then it doubles me over and i put my hands on my stomach and start crying as it wont go away then as i start to rub it i loose all control. I fart a huge echoing one that boucnce off the tub and i then the games begin. first wave is just smooth soft poop that last for about 30seconds wow it was starting to go halfway up my vagina and a little on my back. then it stops i know its not over i stand up and i have a huge mirror on the wall of my shower and tub. it is just sitting there squishing togehter when the second cramp hits me and the wave follows it is super soft and quickly lets loose enough to go above my clitirous and halfway up my back of my panites. it lasted 10secs at the most then i feel the 3 cramp and the turn of events that happens next is unbearable. i try to hold it but the cramp just doubles me over and instanly i unleash the most diahrrea ever it just keeps flowing and flowing in like 20secs my panties are full and the cramps have subsided some what then antother wave hits me and my panties just cant keep it all in it starts flowing out the front and back and starts running down my legs. i keep wondering when it is going to be finsihed i stand there for 3 mintues and it just keeps coming out. it slows now there is a puddle forming over the drain. i manage to laugh at this sit. me with my underware full of shit and the drain cloged. this wave last 2 more minutes i thought this has to be the end of it. i have a toilet seat chair in the bathtub so i sit down on it and the poop goes all over the place. the big ass turd is still in my pants and is still intact after all of this. i think i am done when some soft poop ozzes into the diahrrea. pushing more out into the tub. i start to stand up and the final wave hits me putting me back on the seat my anus is now so sore i cant hardly take anymore but it begs to be let loose so i dont have any control at this point and it just shoots stright through my panties and starts flowing out the bottom of my panites for 4 more mintues finally it nears the end with some loud farts and echos through the pooop. i stand up and look at the mess wow. defintely knew i didnt want this in my car even though it had a plastic bag undernear me. it was at least3 to 4 inches deep by the drain and a full underwares wroth in side. i emptied my panties and the round turd dropped like a cannonball and just thudded. it was huge i couldnt believe it. i picked it up and put it in the toilet. then i cleaned up and of course i well you know i was really really excited after that so you know what i did after i was all clean. i got dirty again!!

sorry so long but it was the first time and i got exictied while i was writing it so some words may be spelled incorrectly. thank you ..

2nd thing is i found this cool site wear you can post your pictures as long as there not R rated its nonpronograhic and the images arnt going to posted anyplace else.. it is really cool. ill give you the address here.

I had an accident in my pants today, and I'm really embarrassed about it. This is the first time in probably 15 years that I've had an accident. So, i was constipated, really really constipated. I hadn't pooped in two and a half weeks, which is half a week longer than the longest I've ever been constipated before.

I'm 24 years old, female. So, I had nothing to do today so me and my friend decided to go have some "childish fun." we were going to go shopping, and then to an amusement park beecause it was like 2 blocks from where we were going to go shopping. While shopping I felt my stomach cramp, and I felt like i needed to poop, but I didn't want to do it with my friend around. So i held it in. If she noticed, she didn't say anything. As we were paying for the last shop, my stomach cramped badly, and I had to sit down and hold my stomach. My friend didn't say anything still.

So we had lunch. I had some chili, and she had some chicken fingers. Suddenly I felt my bowels start moving. But i didn't say anything because I didn't want my friend to know that i needed to poop, and that i had been constipated and not pooped for the last 2 and a half weeks. We waited inline for the largest, scaries, highest, fastest rollar coster there is. My bowels started really moving now, and I kept groaning. Now my friend said, "You okay? You sound like you need to poop..." i told her, "It's okay. i'm constipated. i haven't pooped in over 2 weeks. I'll be fine." so we got on the rollar coster. Instantly i knew it was a bad idea. "After, we go to the bathroom," i told my friend. She nodded. We started to move, and the pressure of the metal bar against my bowels and the moving made me need to go badly. I was groaning and holding on to my poop for the life of me. I managed to get through it without messing myself, although I did have a bit of poop sticking out of my ass. What was worse, was i was wearing a white miniskirt.

We got off the ride, and there was the second scariest rollar coster, and there was no line! so we got inline for that. We had just gotten on it, when I had a terrible cramp, and it was all i could do not to poop in my pants. My friend says, "Are you okay koko?" i say "yeah, i don't think the chili agreed with my stomach, though." THe ride starts going, and every time we turn i almost let loose. but i manage to hold on to my poop well enough.

Finally the ride ends. I was in so much pain that it was all i could do not to poop in my pants. We wandered around looking for the restrooms, me barely moving i needed to go so much. Suddenly a major cramp hit me, and i doubled over. "I can't hold it!" i told my friend. I let loose a giant stinky fart, and with it came a hard chunk of poop. Then came this giant pice of hard poop. I was practically screaming it hurt so much to push out, but i couldn't move, i was in so much pain. and my stomach was churning as well. Then suddenly i released a violent wave of diarrhea. It was followed by another one, and another one. Finally i stopped for long enough to crawl to the bathroom and sit on the toilet and shit some more diarrhea. I was feeling very sick to the stomach now. My friend gives me clothes that i bought to change into, and we get into her car. Suddenly, right as we are driving, I say, "i need to poop and it's an amergancy, pull over now!" but she couldn't, and i had a violent diarrhea explosion all over her seat! Then i proced to puke all over her car. Finally i got out. she was mad at me, and i can't face her. i ruined her car.

any support, anyone?

I was working late, and needed to take a shit badly all day. but i couldn't because i was to busy. Suddenly I fart, and i got more than i barganed for...I released a wave of diarrhea all over myself. Everybody in the office saw it, including my boss. I was to embarrassed to move, and i was going to wait there until everybody else left to leave so that nobody would see my mess. I had to wait so long that I actually peed on myself, and had another diarrhea attack.

This happened today. I'm so embarrassed...I can't bare to go back to work! They'll be calling me things like shit-face. What if i get fired? OH no, i'm so worried!

Hi I've got 1 new story. And I wanna say that Ive
My first story-
I was home and watching tv. I had eaten almost a whole pickle jar and i just opened it.after a while i went to my friend Aimie's house. I started to get really sick not throwing up sick but sick to the stomach. I said i was going home for lunch but I was really was going to the bathroom as I like to poop only on my toilet. I sat on the toilet and I felt my ???? rumble. I was literaly peeing out my butt it was so runny.
Ill talk some more later gotta go!

Hi! This is my first ever post; I can't believe I just discovered this amazing site this morning. A little about myself: I am 24, blond, 5'8'', 145 pounds, blue eyes. I am also engaged to be married next February. I have been interested, fascinated actually, with the topic of this board since I was a little girl. Not any of the "hardcore" stuff; I just enjoy the unbelievable feeling that comes with relieving myself of both pee and poop.

I figured that I'll just answer Amanda's survey: by the way Amanda, I was also a cheerleader in HS and ran track in HS and college.

1. Descibe yourself male/female age etc
24/female... the rest is in my message

2. How long does it take you to poop
If I'm at home I almost always read a magazine, so that usually takes me about 20 minutes. If I'm in public with nothing to read, usually about 10 minutes.

3. Do you poop in pubic, if so do you cover the seat
I poop in public all the time, and I don't cover the seat. I will wipe it off with paper if it's gross though.

4. On average how many times do you wipe
Depends, but usually about 4-5 times for my butt and twice on my vagina.

5. Do you ever plug the toilet
Yup. I've always been a little embarassed about this, especially when I was in college and clogged the toilets all the time. My poops are than average most times.

6. Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties
Yes, once in a while.

7. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you open the window use the fan or some other method of covering up the stinch. (describe)
At home I'll light a scented candle.

8. Chicks have you ever sat down to pee and ended up pooping but that isnt why you sat down in the first place
Oh yeah that happens a lot. I'll sit down to pee and realize that I can poop too. Why waste a trip to the toilet?

9. Have you ever gotten up and went to wash your hands or something and realized you weren't done.
Not really, I'm always pretty thorough in my pooping. I push and push until I'm all done.

I'm so happy I found this board!



to Punk Rock Girl: Great to hear from ya! Still around Huh?
Cool! Keep up the good work!

to Nancy: Wow! That's the next best thing to being there! Thanks
for the live commentary!


Okay, this is the tale of the "Day of Four Shits". For all my growing up years, the rarest thing to ever see would be the site of a woman pooping. Your chances of seeing a dead person were much greater. America is changing though, becoming more like the Europeans…. which makes sense. Still though, how is it that I saw or almost saw 4 in one day? Can you believe that? Odds are funny like that though, if you flip enough coins, some day you might flip 7 heads in a row. Okay… this was my day… The Day of Four Shits. It started as I drove to Dallas on business. I was cruising along, day dreaming, when I saw a brand new SUV pulled off to the side of the road, flashers flashing. Out steps a lovely young college student, blonde hair blowing in the wind. Casually, she bent over, then squatted down. I thought she and her buddies had too much to drink and it was going to come out the top end, like commonly happens around here. It was then that I noticed the white napkin in her hand. Nope, it was going to come out the bottom end! About that time, I passed them by and decided I needed to pull over a discreet distance away for a better view. I didn't want to interrupt, so I pulled over quite a distance away. I saw her bare bottom beneath the car door as she completed her task. Yes, desperation had indeed gotten the best of her. After unloading her burden, she wiped herself, got back in the car and they drove off. Next, I arrived in Dallas, needing to find a new pair of pants for work in the morning. I stopped at a mall to ask for directions. As it turned out, I walked into a hockey rink. All the manly men were out on the ice, leaving all their lovely beauty's to wait for them at the tables in the snack bar. Not wanting my face smashed in, I avoided the beautiful girls and asked a gentlemen where to find the nearest pants outlet. As he was explaining, I kept noticing the blonde a couple of tables over. She had a yellow top, shortened to show off her mid-drift, and navy shorts. She noticed me noticing her. She looked a little desperate for a bathroom, clutching her knees together and jiggling her right foot. I think she liked my attention, and started flipping down her shorts a little to show some fanny crack. I thought that would be the end of it….not the usual girlie tease, but a tease non-the-less. No, she flipped them down a couple times again, as if she was getting ready to unload right there! Next, she pulled them down far enough to start making me worry about mall security! I hope no one saw that, I thought! I really got the feeling that if I kept admiring her lovely behind, she would have followed through on her motions. I didn't want her to get in trouble with security, nor did I feel like being turned into a pancake by her boyfriend, so I decided it was best to leave. The third incident came the next morning. My co-workers and I were up very early, all of us meeting at the hotel office. The office hadn't opened yet, and I was early. As I approached the office in the early morning darkness, I saw two very healthy young women squatting down beside the office door with their luggage. No….I thought, just a co-incidence. I came up to my meeting point, which happened to be five feet from the brunette. They both had curly hair and seemed like some of those brainy people in perfect health, maybe nurses or something. The brunette had her rear end against the same wall I was leaning on, with her sandy blonde friend whispering in her ear. She looked desperate. It was then that I realized, they were locked out of the office, probably left their room key on the counter and they were waiting for their bus to the airport. Not a good time for a poop emergency, but telling that to one's ???? does no good. I was careful with my eye-contact, letting them know that I wasn't going to hassle them and that I would understand if IT should happen. At that point, they both felt more relaxed and the sandy blonde tore off in search of toilet paper. I didn't want to make the brunette uncomfortable, but all I could think of was that perfectly shaped fanny a few feet away from me. It was a real work of art! Hard to believe human beings come shaped like that! Covering her behind was a very thin, blue and white dress… some high heels just to send me over the edge. Hmmm. Okay, so about this time the blonde comes back with all she could find….a stupid envelope and some copier paper. Too rough for our delicate friend. I could tell by her body language that the blonde was apologizing with her whispers. Where was that toilet paper I keep in my pocket for allergies now? I wanted to help, but I was not prepared. THAT will never happen again, I assure you! Unfortunately, about this time, my co-workers started showing up. In a minute or two, there were 30 of us, making my new friend too bashful to complete the job. It was obvious what she was about to do though, and people's voices started taking the strange sounding tones of anxiety as we made small talk. Everyone's heart rate went way up, voices cracking in seemingly inhuman tones. We all knew what seemed imminent, but I tried to sound calm, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable. I succeeded pretty well under the circumstances. Nevertheless, she nervously fell over on her luggage, then headed off to her bus, bowels stretched to unhealthy levels….Poor Dear….Well I did my best anyway, and if something like that ever happens again I'll be ready. The last incident came later that day when my ex-girlfriend called. Her voice echoed loudly from the bathroom she was in. Some bathrooms really magnify all the sounds. I heard EVERYTHING in crystal clear reverberation. She had an excellent poo, while calmly telling me about her life, as usual. That rounded it out to FOUR folks! Four in a 24 hour period! I still can't believe it! Okay, see ya next time! Until then, I'll be counting my lucky stars!

Chris B (Austin)

Hi again people. Sorry not post or reply for so long but I was away on vacation for a couple weeks.

Linda: yes I often drop large loads like I posted about. I do get constipated too. In fact here's what happen just a couple months ago. It was one of my biggest shit sessions ever.

After a couple days of picnics & bbq's I'd porked out quite a bit. The usual sandwiches & burgers were consumed. I was drinking beer with a couple of the guys when I realised I needed to piss badly. I went to the bathroom at the house where we were bbqing & I stood there relieving myself it dawned on me that I hadn't had a shit for a couple days. I had no urge whatsoever to go though so I dismissed the thought & figured when it was time I'd know it. Another couple of days go by as I go about my normal routine of work & stuff. However I still haven't had a shit. Now it's 5 days later & I'm meeting a woman friend of mine for lunch. I have a HUGE deli sandwich & a couple refills on my coke. She has a small sandwich with a diet coke. As we chat I feel gas building up & I really want to fart but not in the resteraunt & not in front of her. AS were finishing up I excuse my self to the restroom. At the urinal I let loose a ripping fart bbrrraaaaaaaaaaapppppp. Incredibly loud & hard. When I go back we leave the resteraunt & I'll call her later...blah blah blah. Before heading back home I need to stop at the Home Depot. On the drive I begin to get a stomach ache. As I park I get a serious cramp & fart another loud one fffrrrrrrrrrrrtttt
I decided it was time to head for the men's room. Sitting on the toilet I can feel a load wanting out.....just in it's own good time. I pushed & grunted and got several farts out & the first turd pokes it's head out. Taking a deep breath I push again...hard. Slowly it begins to emurge. One more push & it finially kerploonks into the water below. Now I piss a bit as I fart some more getting the next turd in line. A cramp hits me & pushing on my stomach I begin a loooooong rope shit that just doesn't end. With another fart the rope explodes to a finish.
Now I have more to go but it need some coaxing. For the next several minutes I push & rock with lots of grunting to get this mass going. Finially with a fart I exploded a ton of soft shit. That opened the door & I proceeded to crap out a whole lot of turd balls. I reached back to give a flush but the handle just giggled & didn't do anything. There were 2 stalls in this bathroom & up until now no one else had come in. Now, however there was a kid in the next stall. I wanted to switch toilets but had no choice but to continue here as I now had to go again. Several "banana" turds came in rapid succession & thuded on top of the other shit. Another wave of soft/loose poop before I get another cramp & a huge ass splitting turd inches it's way out my hole. As it emerges I begin to piss again but just a bit. Finially I feel done & check out my work. The bowl is full. I couldn't flush if I wanted to. I was in there shitting for just over 30 minutes. I quickly finish my shopping & head home. On the way I suddenly need to piss. Knowing I can hold it I continue home. About 5 minutes from my place I feel another shit coming on & fast! Clenching my ass cheeks together I hope for the best. I make it home but have to get out of the car carefully so I don't loose my load. I swear it's never taken me so long to unlock my door. I piss just a bit as I hustle to the bathroom. And a bit more undoing my pants. The second my fat ass hits the toilet I piss & have horrible diahrea for 20 minutes. Wave after wave. The next day all was better.
Sorry to ramble on but I hope you like my story.

Wats good its ya boy steve posting again

I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle today with my older neighbor who got me in and i must agree with tyger and CD the "battleshits" scene is the funniest shit scene i have seen in a movie in a while if you havent seen it,GET OUT AND SEE IT NOW

Chels and Tara: Loved your "very detailed" story keep the good stories coming

Maya: Very pleased with tygers requested "less explosive" diahhrrea story if i may suggest a nice poop story if u have one? that would be lovely

Niki: Im glad ur regular again and i wish only the best for your bowels and their movements

Ali: Don't feel bad about the accident. we are human, we all have them, and when nature calls, it calls

Halie: Don't feel embarrassed about asking your boyfriend to help when you have to go, we are all human, we all shit, and if you need some help, i guarantee he wil be there to help you. I wish you only the best and to enjoy yourself and take care.

An interesting experience I had the other day: I was swimming over my neighbors pool when the urge to piss came, so i dried off quickly and went to my neighbors bathroom. She was in the kitchen and asked if she could cut ahead of me,saying she only would be a second. My neigbor is only about 37, a very attractive 37 year old blonde, so she went in ahead of me, shut the door, pulled down the bottom half of her bathing suit, sat down and started tinkiling. So I listened (what else to do) when her daughter came in and whined for her. It was a very long pee and her door was locked. Her daughter was 11 and was a little small nfor her age. She whined the whole time and i estimated it was at least a minute long pee. So i heard her wipe quickly, flush, pull up her suit, and begin washing her ahnd when her daughter yelled "MOM, I GOTTA GO!!" so she finished washing and as soon as she unlocked the bathroom door, her daughter wobbled in, yanked down her jean capris and little yellow panties, and had the worst attack of the shits i have ever seen. Even before her tiny ass hit the toilet lost of mushy brown poop with a lot of nasty smelling farts came gushing out. She had no care that her mother or myself here right there. All of a sudden, she stared bawling on the toilet as diahhrea came pouring out of her ass. So her mother stayed in as i shut the door after another few moments of looking and left her to finish her buisness with her mommy.It was odd why i gawked the whole time but you would have too if you were there. It must have been something she ate because after getting cleaned up, she was back in action chasing my brother, who is a year older than her, around the pool and the rest of the yard. As for me, i just went pee in the pool, not too unusual for me.

Well im out, looks like my survey will have to wait again. Sorry ladies!!!

Go out and see Harold and Kumar!!!

God Bless,

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Good Evening!!!!
Last night was such fun!!!! beau came over to my apartment and after dinner we both had to pee in the worst way.....we decided to go out back of my apartment complex to the ravine.........I had peed in it before :O) So we looked around to make sure no one was coming and pulled our jeans and undies down and peed away.....just as we started another couple comes over and says "hey mind if we join you guys?" I said "sure the more the merrier!!!!"

So the 4 of us peeded and talked........I found out they live just a few doors down from me and the 4 of us will be going to dinner saturday night....what a cool way to meet new people!!!!............Cheers Nancy :o)

Hey PV,
It is awesome going potty in a was quite warm and humid when I went out!!!!!

Wow you poop 3 times a day...I usually poop once a day or every other day. I look forward to hearing more of your bathroom stories!!!!!

Cheers Nancy :O)

Night Owl, I can totally understand about the chronic constipation. I have had the same problem really bad since I was a teenager. First, it sounds bad enough that you should see a doctor. Most people get constipated now and then, but if you have been plugged up most of the time for several years, that warrants medical attention. Doctors see this stuff all of the time, so there is no need to be embarrassed.

Second, it sounds like you really need to change your eating habits. As you age, your body will have less tolerance for a bad diet. It sounds to me like you eat a very constipating diet. Time to add some soluble fiber, dude. That might just solve your problem.

You should avoid straining. That is not good and will eventually lead to painful hemmoroids if you don't have them already.

I would avoid digital stimulation. It is kind of gross, although I don't know that you can actually injure yourself if you put lubricant of some kind on your finger. Have you tried getting things started with a glycerin suppository? You can buy them in any pharmacy or supermarket. A lot of constipated people on this board swear by them. Its worth a try if you haven't used one before. My constipation is so bad that they don't help me much. There is a stronger suppository, dulcolax, which has a stimulant laxative in it. Those work pretty well for me, but, like any laxative, do cause some crampy discomfort. It's a lot better than staying constipated for days on end, though.

As for your current situation, I can really sympathize. Laxatives do hurt and make you kind of sick. What kind did you take? If the laxatives don't work in a reasonable time -- like 8 hours -- you are going to need to resort to something else or risk getting into serious trouble with your colon. Basically you are going to need an enema. Have you ever done that? I have had a few when nothing else was working. It does work extremely well when you are totally stopped up and only takes a matter of minutes. You need to get an enema bag or syringe from the pharmacy. That is a hot water bottle device with an adapter for a hose and tube that is inserted in the rectum. Use 1 to 2 quarts of tap water that is slightly above body temperature and try to hold it in as long as possible. Then sit on the toilet and your problems should be over shortly. You can do this yourself, although it is easier if you have someone help. If you cannot find an enema bag or don't want to use one, you might try buying a small disposable Fleet type enema. Those are easy to give yourself, but it might not work nearly as well for severe constipation. Post again and let us know how you are doing and how everything came out. :-)

Hi All, I have not posted for a while but got a moment so thought I would tell you about a strange day that I had last week. My friend Linda came to spend a few days (the horse rider) and we decided to go shopping in our local town about 80 km away. We left early and as woman do were yakking away on the trip. It is winter here and so an early start means driving in the dark for a while. Linda is the first to fidget next to me and I sense she needs a loo. Long way from town so I ask if we must stop. She says yes it is still dark so we can go next to the car. I pull over and we get out. I need a wee so jeans and panties down (period time near no thong) down and I sit on the door sill. Linda takes the other door and we both tinkle. Dam cold so keep it short. I feel a little full down there but will wait for town.
We get to town grab a coffee and start window shopping. Not long before the coffee kicks in and I tell Linda I am off to the little room. She says she will come as she is a little stuck so tries every time to push a little poo. We walk in and it is a 5 cubicle bog. One is occupied but no sound and we go into the last two in line. Quite clean so no paper needed and I get down and give a little push. A small fart and the log starts to move. It is out and is followed by my usual mush and wind. A little spray and a fart and I start to pee. I hear Linda pulling down her jeans and thong (always a thong with her. Says panties ride up) and sit. No sound as she is a very quiet shitter. I just pick up a little grunt as she gives a heave. I wipe front and back feeling much better check my panties for any sign of period. Nothing but just in case I put a little wad of loo paper in just in case I leak later. Linda I can hear is getting serious as she has just dropped two marbles and is giving another good push. She is at the tiptoe stage which means that there is something coming. I finish dressing and flush and am washing my hands when I here a huge fart and a splash from my friend. I know not ask if she is finished but hear paper rustling, clothing going on and flushing. She immerges a little pink with effort. The other cubicle is still quiet, so while she washes I sneak a look under the door. No feet so I assume out of order.

Some shopping later plus a big lunch and a bottle of wine later, (have not seen my friend in a while) we decide it is time to head home. A visit to the loo and we can go. The same cubicle is still locked and we go in either side of it to do our business. I strip down and sit and start to pee and check my pants. Oh no. A rather large red stain. I pull out the loo paper and it has gone through to my panties. I decide to take them off so get up and get my shoes off and strip down. I hang my jeans on the door and turn round to get a pad and clean pants out of my bag. As I start to dress and put the pad in I hear a bang from the unoccupied cubicle and a grunt. I think nothing of it and finish up. As I walk out to wash Linda comes out still doing up her jeans with a wild look on her face. She says look here I think there is a man in the cubicle. I look and there is a track shoes with a trouser around the ankle and above that a hairy leg. The owner of the leg pulls it back under the partition and we hear hurried dressing. We decide to get out and get a security guard because now there is water leaking out from under the door. Cut a long story short there was a man in there and he had been standing on the bowl looking at the two of us alternately and was probably playing with himself when he fell and cracked the bowl. Security took him away. Lesson was never take a cubicle next to one with no feet showing!! Scary but true. Second time I have been spied on. The world has some funny people in it

desperate to poop

I was reading in the newspaper yesterday about one of the pub chains in England was going to introduce a bog off system whereby if girls were in the toilet more than a minute the door automatically opened! This was in response to the most complaints being about the length of the queues to the ladies.

I must admit whilst I don't like queues a minute seems a bit short. I'd have troubled peeing in that time. And what about a Poo. I often poo when im out. Just like last night I was out clubbing and the beer and meal earlier kicked in. I walked off to the toilets and invetabily there was a queue but not massive this time. I waited for a short time and then got a stall. It was a bit dirty but nothing too serious. I pulled down my jeans and pink g-string and sat. I immediately farted and a large log came out. I proceeded to shit out this large log and another for another 5-7 mins (def more than 1 min!!). I wiped and left relieved and went to carry on dancing a few pounds lighter

Happy popping


Sarah S and Meghan
Hi all! We haven't been here in a looooong time. I am now on the East coast and Meghan is in England with Annie. Tim and Sarah, PV, Rizzo, Carmalita and all of our friends here, we need to tell you that we lost Dad(Robby) this June. He had a heart attack. He really loved this site and Annie did too. She may start writing again. We have a story. Meg and I were in London and we had been drinking pretty heavily. Annie and her daughter were with us. I told her I really needed to take a pee. She said to duck into an alley. I did and Meg and I pulled our jeans off and squatted. The pee rushed out of us like a firehose. A couple of guys came up and took a peek and then whipped out their willies and started a stream of their own. We all started laughing and pee was all over the place. We finally pulled up our jeans and said goodby. Meg was pretty embarrased. Well, take care. I will try to get back writing regularly.



I was going to send a story about when I had a pee accident. It was a real accident, in that I hadn't planned it. But it was quite clear from the start that it was bound to happen.
We had finished work for the Christmas holiday and went down the pub. I had five or six pints before we split and went our separate ways. I had about 45 minutes walk home, so no way was I going to manage that without having to have a pee on the way. The first 15-20 minutes there were trees, bushes etc and I went some distance into the woods because I had to drop a log as well as have a pee. But after this there was a long walk with nothing but houses and pavement. I began to struggle and kidded myself that I would make it, that if I got to the top of the hill there was an alleyway. I started figuring out all the possible diversions I could take which led to an open space or a dark corner, unfortunately none of them were any quicker than walking home. Eventually a small trickle of piss went into my pants and I tried to walk faster. It was broad daylight and although the road wasn't used much by pedestrians because it only went to the factory estate, it was still out in the open and somebody would see me. But my embarrassment was no defence against the flood which came when eventually I gave up the struggle and just let it all pour into my trousers which were jeans and soon had dark stains on them. Then I had a brainwave and pretended to fall over, making sure I got snow all over my trousers so it looked like that was how they got wet.

My wife is going away to her mum's. Does anyone know any food that guarantees firm hard poo, because I like the idea of pooing my pants or pooing in the bath but I only like it if it's firm and hard and I only have courage to do it if I have the house to myself.

Steve-o: do you mean proper movies, or specifically shitting movies? If the latter, try the , if you don't mind spending money on the web.

Maria: A word of warning, I don't think they mean that you can poo in the sink, only pee!

Jessla Lone: I liked your constipation story, especially when you went and squatted on the floor in your room. Do you like to shit on the floor?

KG from NC: Yes I liked your story, it made me feel quite envious.

Hermione: What a lovely story about poor Clare. She adopted a strange position, but a good one to visualise! Did you think of massaging her bum and working it out of her? Since it was a nice solid poo, did the thought occur to you to catch it and dispose of it for her?

Happy plopping everyone.

Chelsea M.

Hi, my name is Chelsea- 5'2", 105 lbs. My best friend Tara is here with me, we happened to find this site and we have some great stories. Tara is 5'5" and 112 lbs. Tara and I are very open with each other about pooping. We grunt, sigh, groan, whatever it takes to get the job done. We are both frequent poopers. In reading these posts, I see that the posters like women shitting and like a lot of details, so here I go...

Tara had been telling me about her constipation since Wednesday. When she came over for a sleepover on Saturday, she still hadn't gone yet. She was determined to poop that night. I have my own bathroom, so we had full privacy. She laid down on my bed and I gave her one of my famous stomach massages. I use open palms and push hard. When I started, Tara's face twisted and she breathed in deep in pain and I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She replied, "nah, just get things moving..." So I massaged her for another 5 minutes while she moaned and groaned in pain. Then we headed back to the toilet.
She sat down and leaned back and waited. We don't like to push a lot and strain ourselves; we let nature take its course. Tara started to give little pushes, then sat forward and squeezed the edge of the bowl. She asked me to gently rub her stomach and I did, and she let out a huge, loud, stinky fart. But no poop had come out yet. We decided that she was going to have to push a little harder. As she pushed and grunted, I pushed down on her abdomen. "MMMMMM UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH... Chels here it comes! ahhh uhhhh." Just then, a huge turd fell into the toilet. "Ahhh... ohhhh." Tara sighed and leaned back and I very gently rubbed her stomach. I heard here stomach gurgle and she sat up again. She farted a few times, and then grabbed her stomach as another smaller log fell. I asked her how she felt. "My stomach hurts really bad!" she replied. She grunted and started to push out another one. "Ughhhh.... ughhhh. Chels help!" but before I could do anything, a big, smooth log flew out of her but. "Oh, that felt good." Then she tightened up again, and had about 3 full minutes of soft poop. I just sat and rubbed her stomach, a little harder now, and talked to her. Finally she dropped the biggest log of the night. She smiled and sighed and I asked how she felt now, and she said, "When the poop comes out it feels soooo amazing. But my stomach still hurts… I think there's more." She decided to go lay down a while and come back to the toilet later. She collapsed on my bed and I sat next to her and rubbed her stomach more. She farted a few times and then squirmed and told me she had bad gas pains and begged me to rub harder. As I massaged her poor aching stomach, she groaned, "ughhh ahhhh… it huuuurts… unnnnnnnggggg…" and she farted a few more times. "Rub more, chels… ahhhh ::fart:: uggg… ehhhh…" She sat up and we walked back to the bathroom. She passed more gas, and then doubled over in pain as an ENOURMOUS, slightly knobby, brown monster inched out her anus slower than a slug. She remained bent over. I rubbed and patted her back a little as she moaned "oh my god, unnnnnnhhhhh oooohhhhh." She wasn't pushing anymore, this turd just kept coming… but slowly and painfully. I reached around her and massaged the sides of her stomach/back, while she remained leaning forward. Her eyes began to tear; she was in so much pain. The monster hit the water with a loud splash… but only after a good 10 minutes of pain for Tara. She wiped, and I carried her back to my bed. She asked me to rub her a little more, so I gently rubbed her lower stomach. "mmmm… that feels really good… ahhh mmmm." She breathed deeply, and kept sighing and moaning in contentment. "Mmmm, oh you have no idea how good this feels." That was the end of her constipation, we hung out the rest of the night… ate a lot of junk food. Which lead to some amazing dumps the next morning.

Let us know if you liked the story and if you want to hear about the morning, and some of my poops… ;)

<3 always... Chels and Tara

Im new here and i am a 12 years old male child. I live in Mexico but i was born in US. Today i went to the park to walk. The park is only 2 blocks away from my house so i decided to play there. 30 minutes later i got a stomach ache and i felt the need to go to the bathroom. When i got to the bathroom i saw that there were 2 stalls and 2 urinals. While i was walking to one of the stalls i saw someone coming and it was a nine year old boy. His face looked very uncomfortable and he looked at me. I said ''are you ok'' and he said''i have to poop real bad'' and i said that i was going to poop also so we got in the stalls. I pulled down my pants to my knees an i looked at his feet and saw his pants apparently to the knees too. I pushed and strained a little and a long soft log started coming out. Then i remembered that i saw him with a roll of toilet paper and then understood why he was taking it to the stall. I looked for tp around the stall and there wasn´t any tp around there. I continued pooping iand i heard some PLOPS in the next stall. I asked him for som toilet paper and said '' UNGH there you go'' of course everything we said was in spanish. Then i pooped another soft log and started wiping. Then i saw his feet move as he stood up. I asked'' are you done? '' he said yes. I stood up and wondered where does it flush and e told me that they flush automatically after 20 seconds after we were done. Then we got out of the stalls and saw the others poop. He pooped 6 or 7 soft little logs. I pooped 2 big soft logs.Then we went to wash our hands and i said thanks for the tp. Then we talked to each other about how frequently we visitead the park to see if we see each other in the future. Then we went to play.

The Spanish Ninja.....
What's the longest you've gone without pooping? For me it would have to be 2 weeks. There could've been a longer time before that...but I dont remember...yeah..2 weeks is pretty long...


Let him help you. I know he wants to but is too shy to ask. You'll get used to it, and it will even be a little sexy!!

tyger your post is interesting keep it coming everybody and keep posting


This is my first post here, and it is about a humiliating accident I had a few months ago while riding the bus to school. I was 17 years old and in the middle of my final exams. I have a 30 minute ride on the school bus to school each morning, and this one morning I wasn't feeling all that good but decided to go to school anyway. I was wearing a short black skirt and a white top. While waiting for the bus I felt the need to poop, and was holding it. The bus finally came and about 15 minutes into the trip I had a sharp pain, and my poop was ready to come out. I lifed my skirt a bit and sat tightly in the seat hoping the urge would just go away, but the pressure kept building and the only thing preventing my accident was the seat pressing on my bottom. As the bus pulled into the lot, I lost control and left a real big mess right on the seat in front of everyone on the bus. It was really gross smelling, and I got teased the rest of the year for pooping myself. Thank god I'm in college now, and noone from my high school attends here!

If your friends/coworkers are decent, professional people, then you shouldn't have much to worry about. They'll empathise with your situation and respect you just the same.

Two or three years ago, a lady in my office had a bad accident and pooped all over herself and her chair. The next day, word had gotten around the office and people had the usual conversations about the incident... Day two, people went back to talking about basketball, the weather, and the latest happenings on American Idol.
While I must admit everyone remembers that day, no one in our office thinks less of her in the slightest.

Punk Rock Girl

I've been lucky enough to not have whatever part of the brain that makes people bashful about nudity or bodily functions. I can very easily take a dump in full view of a dozen guys. I'm simply not self-conscious about it. I can only imagine how horrible it must be to find taking a shit in public with other people around to be humiliating. We're all human, we all shit. No matter how beautiful you are, no matter how cute an ass you have, you still have to dump a load out of it occasionally. It's part of being human. And your bowels don't care where you are or who's around when they feel it's time to empty.

The trick, I think, is to simply not think too much about it. If you have to take a dump and the bathroom is full, so what? Every girl in there is in the same boat, and many of them probably feel the same way you do! If you're worried about farting or grunting, then flush the toilet while you're making those noises. Or just learn to be comfortable with yourself. Always remember: you're not doing anything that everyone else doesn't do! I hope you are able to work out your fears and shit in peace!

I got stuck with a case of butt mud over the weekend. I was in Barnes and Noble and felt a case of the shits coming on. I entered the ladies room and went in a stall and sat my bare bottom on the crapper and took one of those really gooey, sticky dumps. Well, lo and behold, NO TP!!!

I got up and looked in the next stall, no TP there either. Shit! Literally! No paper towels, no napkins. I exited the bathroom, planning to go to the cafe and get some napkins, but Colin (my boyfriend for those who don't know) said, Come on, let's go!!! We were trying to make a movie that started in ten minutes. I figured I could wipe my ass in the theater bathroom. But, by the time we got there, the previews had already started and I didn't want to miss the movie, so I just sat there for two hours with shit squashed between my buns. It was worth it (COLLATERAL, great movie).

I exited the theater and wiped my extremely gooey ass in the ladies room. Unfortunately, my thong had gotten covcered in shit, so I had to remove it and spend the rest of the evening free-bushing. Not the first time.

Well, hope everyone had a nice weekend. Going camping in a few weeks, so I'll have some nice outhouse and dumping in the woods stories then!



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