there is an amusement park about forty minutes from where i live, and yesterday my friend laura and i decided to go out there because we hadn't been yet this summer. we got there pretty early in the day and went to the water park first, then decided to eat lunch. for some reason my stomach was feeling a little unsettled, so i just ordered a soda and a salad. laura got two hot dogs, nachos, and a cherry slushie. about twenty minutes after we ate, we were walking out of the water park and she stopped and held her stomach for a minute. i asked what was wrong and she said her stomach felt weird, and i suggested she try to go to the bathroom. she said she didn't have to and that she thought she had just eaten too fast or something. she didn't complain about it anymore, and a little bit later we got in line to ride a rollercoaster. while we were standing in line, i noticed her looking uncomfortable and rubbing her stomach. i asked again if she was okay and she said "it's just a little ???? ache. hot dogs give me gas." i said, "are you sure you want to ride this if your stomach is hurting?" and she said, "yeah, i've been on it a million times, it's never bothered my stomach." when we got into the rollercoaster car and fastened our seatbelt thingies, she groaned a little and said "geez, this thing is pushing on my ????! i shouldn't have eaten all that, i feel really bloated!" and i looked over and her little belly was bulging out like she hadn't had a poop in days! just as i was about to ask if she was constipated, she said "after we get off this ride, we have to go to the restrooms, i haven't pooped in like a week and i think i might be able to now." then the little metal bar thingie came down across us and rested right on her stomach. she made a face and said, "wow, i really must have eaten too much, i've never felt this full before." i said, "i think you feel full because you haven't pooped in a while. once you do you'll feel a lot better." she said, "i hope so, my ???? ache is getting worse." right after she said that, the ride started up. it was a wooden rollercoaster, so it's all bumpy and jerky and stuff, and i felt so bad for laura because the whole time she was holding her stomach with both hands and moaning every time we got jerked around in our seats. when it was over, she was almost crying, and she said, "i don't know if i can make it to the bathroom, my stomach hurts so bad." we got out of the rollercoaster car and ran to try to find the nearest bathroom. it took us a while to find one, and by the time we did, laura had already started to go a little in her pants. about five feet away from the restrooms, she started crying and said, "i can't hold it anymore" and then a huge, loud fart came out of her and she doubled over and clutched her stomach and i saw a bulge start forming in her shorts, and then liquid poo ran all down her legs. everyone who was walking by was staring at her, and i felt so bad for her. a little girl walked by and pointed and said something to her mother, and i heard the mother say, "that poor girl has a bad belly ache, don't point at her." laura was crying and so embarrassed, and i took her into the bathroom and helped her clean up. luckily, she had brought along a pair of underwear (because she'd been wearing her swimsuit bottoms under her shorts), so she changed into that pair and i let her wear my capri pants (i had my swimsuit bottoms, which are like little shorts, on under them). she said she still had a stomach ache and felt like there was more poop in her, so she went and sat on the toilet but couldn't get anything out. her ???? was still bloated and she said it was hurting really bad and she just wanted to go home. on the walk to the parking lot, i told her the story of my accident last week so she wouldn't feel so bad. about ten minutes after we started driving home, laura started groaning and vigorously rubbing her stomach. "i have a really bad cramp in my stomach, i think i need to go again," she said. "can we stop somewhere?" we were on the highway and there wasn't any place to stop, so i asked her if she could wait or if she needed me to pull over. she said to pull over, so i did, and she got out and had another attack of diahrrea on the side of the road. when she got back in the car, she was still holding her ???? and looking very sick. a few minutes later she started farting, very loud and very smelly, and then she clamped her hand over her mouth and said, "oh my gosh, i'm going to be sick" and she rolled her window down and threw up--as i was still driving! i didn't care, i was just glad she hadn't done it in my car. when we finally got to her house, i dropped her off and went out to buy her some pepto-bismol because her family was gone for the weekend. when i came back, she was on the toilet again, and a few minutes later she came out and said that she'd just had another diahrrea attack. i gave her the pepto-bismol, then told her i had to go home--i was getting a stomach ache too. i was worried that i was going to have diahrrea like she had, but it wasn't that kind of stomach ache, and when i got home i had a nice, ????-relieving poo.

Night Owl

Hi. I've posted before, very occasionally.

I'm a 21-year-old male, and for the past couple years I've had what I guess you could call chronic constipation. It goes in and out, but I'm never completely free from it for long. I'll go for three days, four, sometimes even a week without any serious "evacuating". Naturally, this induces nervousness (as well as grumpiness.)

Lately, it's gotten worse. Even when I'm not blocked up, I have to strain. I'm worried about hurting myself. I'm afraid to start "fingering" like some of you guys have, just 'cause I'm afraid I'll screw it up and cause serious damage. I've been completely blocked up for three days now, and that's while taking softeners. They've usually worked before, but now not at all.

What gives? I'm very thin, but I admit my eating habits are terrible---a lotta carbs, and sugar overload. Is it really as simple as that? That's the reason? Jeez. It's just that I've always had those habits, and this problem only sprung up a couple of years ago.

How am I gonna get out of this? I took laxatives a few hours ago (very reluctantly. Those things hurt like hell.), but if that doesn't work, I think I'll panic. I don't think any of us really relish the thought of going to a doctor about things like this.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I'M BEGGIN' YA!! (Sorry to sound so desperate.)



Hi Folks! I doubt there are very many of you around from the old days when I used to post, but I've seen a few still around. I miss you all! Okay, I've had a few things happen to me lately that I just HAD to post! Today I went biking on our best system of trails, no bathrooms of course. These trails follow a long and beautiful creek through the cliffs and woods. Along it are a couple of great places to swim. They each have a little waterfall and people love to come to them. Well today, I was resting beside the water after a long mountain bike ride, when I saw an attractive brunette across the creek squatting down. She was in the shade under a tree, in a little grass. She had her cell phone out, talking to a friend. There were about 80 people of all ages swimming, drinking beer etc. and she was in full view of everyone. I dismissed the idea that she might be pooping because the two handsome young men passing by her didn't seem at all shocked. Her blue and purple bikini bottoms did seem to be more towards her knees, but the foot tall grass blocked the view. Couldn't be, I thought, this place is SO public! Sure enough though, a few moments later the two young men came back by out of curiosity. Can't be, I thought. Later, I passed by, and sure enough, there was her load in the grass along with some used tissues! Caramba! Who'd have thunk it? Now I'm certainly not one to impede the flow of anyone's digestive tract, but if I were to be critical, I'd say she needed to be a little farther away from the water next time (for health reasons). The park service recommends 100ft, buried 6 inches deep. An empty cooler or a plastic bag would have served fine as well, then you wouldn't have to worry about distance from the water. Okay, well that's the news, next time I'll post the "Day of Four Shits" a day like no other I've experienced in my 40 years of life. Okay, see ya next time!

Chris B (Austin)

Wats poppin im steve and this is my first time posting here im 15 and are about to eneter my freshman year of high school

I don't have too many stories to tell sbout my bathroom adventures all I know is that when I was potty trained I would always find a corner of a room or a door and run to it or behind it and crap my pants. I did that until I was 6 or 7. My parents were afraid to send me to school

Some responses:

Im with Tyger on this, I find the explosive diarrhea stories enjoyable, but I end up feeling bad for the person going through them. The regular poop stories I love.

Bethany: I loved your gym story about 10 women shitting with the doors open and you joining them and taking a huge dump with all of them. Something about women taking dumps just gives me that fuzzy feeling in my genitals.

In relation im also on the hunt just for movies with shots of chicks taking craps. Any movie info let me know.

Maria: DO NOT WORRY about your expressions and noises when having a BM. You will find it that all the ladies who share the bathroom will do the same. I find it rather cute however. Like I said hott women taking dumps turs me on for some odd reason.

Maya: Loved the story but feel bad for what happened. Hopefully your next train ride will be a little better.

Niki: Try a stool softener, makes your bowels softer and easier to come out without the effects of a laxative. I live with my grandfather and it works for him all the time. Its MAKING it to the toilet that he has trouble with. But thats another story for another day.

I love the site and keep the good stories coming. I'll post again soon with hopefully a survey for the chicas.

God Bless,

Went to the restroom at Barnes & Noble yesterday which is a favorite of mine - only two stalls, partitions very thin metal and wide gap where door fits. Neighbor is almost partner! Was skipping thru biog of Hillary Clinton whom I love (no lit crit here but didn't buy it!.) Mighty rush into restroom, slamming of door and the sound of ripping down of clothing (more haste less speed, don't we know it) and then a torrent. "Oh, my God, just in time." She was talking to herself but I answered, "isn't that the greatest relief on earth?". I started to pee myself. We cleaned up and went out. She was about 40 I guess. "You better believe it," she said. "I'm diabetic and I get very little warning when I have to go, and no control. I've been running for two blocks and it had started to spray. I'm just ok this time if I put some tp in."
I really love these moments, perhaps specially with strangers, when suddenly the unmentionable becomes natural.
I never spoke to anyone in a restroom before I found our happy family and realised that I shared my likes with so many of you. Thought I was some kind of loony before and felt lonely and ashamed.

love you all. Anthea

hey Jessla Lone,
can you please write about your mom having more diarrhea, after the attack at the mall. can you please really "detail" it

Good Evening!!!!

I'm having a quiet day at home...............watching movies eating popcorn and drinking a cold bottle of I have to pee!!!!

I'll bring my laptop in with me........since I'm the only one here I'm leaving the bathroom door wide open.............I just pulled my pj bottoms and panties down to my knees and got comfy on the I'm relaxed just letting my bladder fully release.......................30 seconds...still peeing..............50 seconds still peeing....................1 minute 10 seconds total for my pee session..................I'll sit for another minute before wiping.................I'll put this down as I pull up my panties and pj bottoms then wash my I'm leaving the bathroom and going back to the sofa and my movie..............I sure enjoyed sharing my pee break with you all :O)

Ciao Nancy
P.S. I love all your stories so keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out, other Tyger, that i'm in college too, i actually skipped first grade so i'm young for my year. but about hte movie, it's definitely in the stall. you see the expressions and all that, and at one point one girl braces herself by putting her hands on the stall walls and saying "wait for it." it's mixed with shots of the heros reacting in the middle stall.

So i figure i'll tell a story about myself. i'm from NYC, but my parents havent lived together since the 80s so ive always had two houses. today my mom moved from her house in the five boroughs out to bucks county pa, which bothers me bc im a city guy, but whatever. anyway, today, i was kinda sad, walking around the barren house that i grew up in, when i realized i had to go. so, for the absolute last time, i went up stairs and sat on my favorite toilet of them all. it was a fairly short affair, two minutes of straining followed by three quick plops, but it was ultimately very satisfying, and in some ways, it made me sadder to leave my home, but in other ways, i was happy i left the place on a good note. ill miss that place, and that bathroom too, but at least my stay in that house ended well. and that's certainly a positive thing.

i have more stories about myself, and of girls, and so on, but right now i have to go.

peace and love,

I was a junior in high school in the winter of 1999. I started to drink a lot of water for P.E. One day when I was in Drama class I had to go to the bathroom really, really bad. I kept holding it in and moving around like I was going to pee my pants any minute. I could imagine my friends laughing at me and a very big wet patch at my pants. Finally the bell rang for class to get out and I ran like crazy getting to the bathroom and finally when I got to the bathroom and big sigh of relief ran through me when I went

Im new here and i am a 12 years old male child. I live in Mexico but i was born in US. Today i went to the park to walk. The park is only 2 blocks away from my house so i decided to play there. 30 minutes later i got a stomach ache and i felt the need to go to the bathroom. When i got to the bathroom i saw that there were 2 stalls and 2 urinals. While i was walking to one of the stalls i saw someone coming and it was a nine year old boy. His face looked very uncomfortable and he looked at me. I said ''are you ok'' and he said''i have to poop real bad'' and i said that i was going to poop also so we got in the stalls. I pulled down my pants to my knees an i looked at his feet and saw his pants apparently to the knees too. I pushed and strained a little and a long soft log started coming out. Then i remembered that i saw him with a roll of toilet paper and then understood why he was taking it to the stall. I looked for tp around the stall and there wasn´t any tp around there. I continued pooping iand i heard some PLOPS in the next stall. I asked him for som toilet paper and said '' UNGH there you go'' of course everything we said was in spanish. Then i pooped another soft log and started wiping. Then i saw his feet move as he stood up. I asked'' are you done? '' he said yes. I stood up and wondered where does it flush and e told me that they flush automatically after 20 seconds after we were done. Then we got out of the stalls and saw the others poop. He pooped 6 or 7 soft little logs. I pooped 2 big soft logs.Then we went to wash our hands and i said thanks for the tp. Then we talked to each other about how frequently we visitead the park to see if we see each other in the future. Then we went to play.

If you go back through past posts you'll find more than just a few instances of others having the same problem. My bowel accidents have mostly been while awake but when age 20 there was a time when as I was waking I was having a strange dream. needed to go and pushed out a very large very soft load then was immediately wide awake. As for accidents during the day, some of us have that problem, some claim it never happens. If it is only happening a couple time a year I would'nt worry about it too much.

First don't get so down on yourself for having an accident. Your dooing better than some of us who atr not in chairs. Second it sounds like your ready for you boyfriend to assist you and maybe he is ready to. If your relationship is going to progress his ability to help will at time be necessary. Might as well give it a try. Hope all goes well.

Been there done that, got the stained shorts to prove it. The feeling will eventually disappear, how quickly depends on you co-workers. If they are sympathetic the troubled feeling will pass quickly. If some are cruel it may take longer though considering that such a person is an ass may help.

Val K.
Bubba - my mom was pretty sympathetic because she knew that obviously it was an accident, but a bit pissed off as well, because i had an accident. And luckily for my mom, my mom has a normal sized bladder.

Yesterday i had the "pleasure" of having to go to a doctor's appointment. Well, i had to do the urine test thingy. SO, the doctor gave me the little cup, and i went into the bathroom. I hadn't gone all day, so i knew that there would be some pee in my bladder. And did i mention that i really really really hate the peeing tests thing? So, i put my hand and the cup under my pussy, and started peeing. The cup filled, and then i had to pull my hand away so i wouldn't get it wet, because i was peeing so hard. i was in the bathroom peeing for such a long time that the doctor knocked on the door and said, "are you okay in there?"

Thanks everyone for responding to my question, unfortunately I didn't get to come back and check the site until today because I've been busy with work and things. I did finally get my constipation cleared up.
As of yesterday I still had not been able to go and was having some gas while I was at work and stomach was still very uncomfortable. On my way home I picked up a laxative at the drug store because I really just wanted this to be over with, even though I really didn't want to take a laxative. I went home and changed into some comfy clothes and took it and waited. It took a while for it to work, but once my stomach started to hurt I went and sat on the toilet right away. I sat there for a few minutes before the poop started to come out and my stomach was just hurting so bad. I think it was the worst stomach ache I have ever had. All of a sudden I started cramping and then a whole bunch of very soft, mushy poop came out and just kept coming. It stopped for a minute and I leaned back to rub my ????, but then I got a really bad cramp and hunched over holding my ???? while more poop poured out. It was more liquid this time. It let up, but I didn't move because I knew more was coming. Sure enough it started pouring out again. When I was finally done the toilet was full of liquid poop and when I stood up and looked at it I felt nauseous. I flushed quickly and went and laid down on the couch. It felt good to have all that poop out, but I had spent almost thirty minutes on the toilet. My stomach was uneasy for the rest of the day. This morning I woke up with cramps and was afraid I was going to have diarrhea again. I went into the bathroom and my period had started, so I think that was what caused my constipation in the first place.
Anyway, thanks again everyone for responding.

Bubba - when i was little, i never realized that having to pee for minutes during a normal pee was not normal. but when i went to school for the first time in kindergarten, i realized that when my friends were done within 30 seconds, i would be peeing for minutes. i asked my mom, and she said that i just had a large bladder. she told me it was a blessing and a curse, because i could hold it for longer than others, but it would mean that it would take me alot longer to go than others. And about my large-bladddered friend...i asked her if she'd post here, but she said no, she was to embarrassed, but i was free to tell one of her stories for her. and she told me this one, so i'll tell it to everybody here:

She was picking her aunt and uncle up at the airport. The plane was delayed, though, and she kept having to go badder and badder, but because of her large bladder she figured that she could hold it. Finally, her aunt and uncle got off the plane, and her aunt ran to her and hugged her. but the hug made her release her grip on her bladder, and she completely flooded her pants.

Tyger- you want to hear a "nice, quiet, non-painful" diarrhea story. okay, i'll tell you one ;)

Okays, so i'm going into my last year of college. so, last year i woke up in the middle of the night feeling like i needed to shit. So i walked down the hall to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet. My stomach gurgled and i rubbed it. Then i felt a bit nauseous, but suddenly i farted and diarrhea poured out of my butt. it was completely silent, and didn't hurt at all, and was the best "nice" diarrhea i've ever had. Once the diarrhea was out the nausea had gone. I sat on the toilet, and a friend came into the stall next to me. I heard her strain to poop and then suddenly i released another diarrhea load. After that I felt better so i went to sleep. The next day i had to use the bathroom in the morning and it was diarrhea as well, but after that it was just liquidy poop.

Cassie T.
My uncle was at a movie and he needed to go to the restrooms. so he went to the restrooms, and got at a urinal. moments after he got into the stall, this man who was a former mayor of NY (like 4 times ago, or 5...i forget) goes to the urinal next to him, and the guy starts pising, but he like can't control it, and the pee goes everywhere. my uncle thought it was disgusting, but funny in a sick sort of way.

Here is my story. I was riding the bus home from shcool, and i had to pee. badly. really badly. But i figured, "hell, i can make it home," so i didn't get off or use the bathroom or anything. the pressure gets worse and worse. Finally i get off the bus and start walking home. halfway home, my bladder releases, and i release a really heavy pee stream into my undies. it runs down my crossed legs. when i was done, i ran home and changed.

When i was in 7th grade, i was really constipated. I had gone for 7 days without pooping, and my mom and i started getting worried, so i took some laxitives. The next morning was a tuesday, and we had a field trip scedueled to go to the metropolitain art museum. So, we get there, and i feel my stomach cramp. Suddenly i need to shit badly. So i ask the teacher, "can i use the restrooms?" and she says, "fine, but be fast..." and gives me these elaborate directions to the restrooms. I run to the restrooms just in time to get into a stall, pull my jeans down and have a painful, smelly, loud diarrhea explosion. all of the people int he bathroom are listing, and i turn bright red. finally i was done, and i wiped, and washed my hands and went back to the group. so, we're walking again, and then all of a sudden the urge to poop hits me so badly i double over in pain. a kid says "are you okay?" and i say "i need to poo." so i try and find the teacher and. and i see her! So i take a step towards her, and diarrhea comes pouring out of my ass! my jeans instantly turn brown, and diarrhea puddles in my shoes. I run to the bathroom without permission, and i spend from 12:00 to 3:00 when we were leaving in the bathroom having diarrhea. I clean myself up and get on the bus going back to school. so, i'm halfway there, when without any warning i fart loudly, and have a loud smelly diarrhea explosion in my pants. i was soo embarrassed, but before i got to school the next day the teacher warned everybody not to make fun of me, because my mom said i had been terribly constipated and had taken some laxatives and it had gone bad.

my forth story comes from when i was in 8th grade. my math teacher was looking a bit sick, and finally he sits down at his desk. He groans slightly (we were doing problems in a work book) and has a massive load of diarrhea in his pants. After that (everybody hated the teacher) we called him Mr. Poopy.

Hi Everyone!!

It was my birthday Friday and my gf took me to a dinner & movie. We went to see a good film and I just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up on the a movie with the best toilet scene I've witnessed in a long... LONG... while. (For a regular, wide release film anyway.)
"HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE" is a well acted, well written, hilarious film, but if you've got something against the use of marijuana or get VERY uncomfortable with subject of race stereotypes/relaions, it might be something best to avoid. (There... I've given my mini review.)

Watch for the "Battle Shits" scene!! One of the best, side-splitting moments in the picture! (For us poop lovers, it's probably THE BEST part I must say!) To any lady here who sees the pic, let us know if you've ever engaged in the same fun!

Maria-- I totally and absolutely sympathize. We had the same setup in the rooming house I live in at college. Everyone in the house had to get to claas at the same time in the morning and you simply HAD to use the bathroom in 3's and 4's. It was GROSS. I'm exactly like you wneh it comes to a BM, they don't come easy from me and often have to grunt and REALLY struggle to get them out. I found that by going in the bathroom wearing a bathrobe, with a large bath towel around my neck I could sit on the toilet and cover my head with it. It was almost like being in a private pup tent. When the guys asked me what I was doing I just told them I needed to consentrate when I went because it was often difficult. And that people walking in and ou and around me broke my consentration. That explaination seemed to be excepted and nothing more was ever said about it. I would try hard to stiffle my grunting too, but that didn't always work.- JW

I volunteer a few hours in an after-school reading class. I was sitting at a table with a boy and I needed to fart. I had released several bad ones earlier that day from eating under-cooked chili the day before, so I knew this one was going to be really nasty. I leaned slightly to one side and let it go. It was loud enough for the both of us to hear, but no one else. Instantly the sulphorus vapors penetrated the air - it was incredibly nasty - the type that will peel paint off the walls. It had to have been the worst the kid ever smelled. It turned the class room into a gas chamber. The kid was Mexican, and he jumped up, yelling something in Spanish across the room to another kid, and they cracked up laughing. The other kids started to smell it and ran for the door. The teacher didn't know what was happening at first, then she smelled it. She was like: "What is happening here?" Luckily, I don't think anyone else really knew who did it, but how could it be one of these kids? This was one of the most hilarious farts I've ever experienced.

I was in the church choir when the same thing happened- although fortunatley it was an SBD fart. It was equally stinky, and we all had to stand there in this stinking vapor.

I'd like to share an embrassing episode in my life, although I found some fun in it.
I was working in Switzerland some years ago, in a hotel. As it was a middle sized hotel, the stuff could live there, and in the evenings we had to go through the hall, and not through the backdoor.
In the evenings I almost always went out to the city, especially to another hotel, to listen some good live music. The other hotel was about 15 minutes to walk.
On that particular night a girl was at the reception and I had a bit crush on her, and it seemed she liked me too. She was a good-humoured girl and we were talking a lot when we could. So, about 9 pm I left the building and said bye to the girl. She funnily told me to come back soon, before the end of her shift. I told her I won't because there was a new band in the hotel and I wanted to see the whole show. She then said we could meet the next day.
I was walking just a minute as I felt I needed to go to shit. It wasn't strong, so I ignored it. Just about halfway a very strong urge hit me, and I thought better hurry it was not a joke! I speeded up a bit, but another minute later a much stronger cramp hit me so I had to stop, I couldn't go at all. I took a deep breath, and it became better I continued my walk. I thought I went to the toilet immediately, but I started thinking where they were, because I've never used them before in that hotel.
I already saw the building, when a very strong cramp came and I lost control and filled my underwear with soft poop. It wasn't runny, just soft so it stayed in my underpants. Fortunatelly noone was around, so I quickly turned back and heade back to my room. On the way there I was thinking that the girl is still at the reception and she will see me and feel the odour, although I didn't feel it too strong.
I got back and from outside I saw the girl with a bit funny look on her face. She didn't observed me at that moment as I was outside in the dark and she was in the light. I stopped for second to watch her what the problem was. I couldn't see any particular thing or person so I didn't hesitate any longer, I entered.
She smiled at me and told me to stay there for a moment because she has to go to the toilet badly. As it was pretty late (people there were skiing the whole day and went to bed early) noone was around and she couldn't leave her place. I told ok, and asked if she was ok. She said it was sure the dinner. She wanted to come out, but there was a door at the end of the desk and it was locked because of security. She realized that she has to go back to the other side for the key, and she was in a hurry. Of course if you want to do something very quickly, you make mistakes and it takes more time as if you'd make it in normal tempo. It happened so in this case too, she wanted to open the door, but she had trouble with the key. Finally, she stopped, looked around in agony, and I heard a fart, and she said: "oh, no". Then I heard crackling sound as she lost control and filled her panties.
She looked at me and I looked at her and I said: "never mind I've made the same a couple of minutes ago!" She asked: "really? I felt some strange smell as you entered but I didn't think you were."
So what to do now? This situation was so funny and strange, that we started laughing, and then the night shift lady, she was about 50 entered the door, and asked what happened. We couldn't stop laughing and told her that we messed our pants. She was just smiling and told us that her messed her panties too as she was out skiing a few days ago, and there were no bathrooms anywhere. We quickly went to our rooms and were cleaning ourselves. Then we got back to the reception and were chatting till the next morning. We agreed that this episode must remain our secret.
I messed my pants later a couple of times and I started enjoy it except to was the clothes. I don't know what happened to her later, as I didn't go back working to Switzerland again.

Hi all,

Looks like my last post didn't make it past the moderator -- too much of the 'other' content!


I confess, of all the times I've seen that shot of Lance Armstrong riding with the glass of champagne, I never noticed the cyclists peeing in the background! It's certainly a sport where it doesn't do to be bashful! And the other stories were a riot too -- especially the sleeping journalist one! I can just see Loewie having a go -- GRIN, I'm wondering though how female cyclists handle the necssity shoud it arrise. Any insights you may have while out for a ride would be most appreciated! Good to be back in touch, I've missed you guys! (Have Annie and Robbie dropped off the forum???)


1) Almost every day, as much as three times.
2) Morning usually, though any time is possible.
3) Sometimes, usually before.
4) 1>normally stinky.
5) Almost anything, though usually jeans or leggings in the winter, or skirts and/or tights in warmer weather.
6) As far as I know, they're moderately large.
7) Rarely less than three, smetimes five or more, second being the biggest,
8) Rarely ever.
9) Never.
10) Sometimes.
11) A lot of the time.


You're well plugged up, and I hope you've been able to relieve yourself in the time since you posted your message. I would suggest a suppository to soften and release the mass inside you, though a series of SMALL enemas would also work. The 'fleet' type enemas are very effective, just a tiny squeeze-bottle that delivers a strong medication into your rectum. Several of these are sometimes needed to get things moving, but they are a standard therapy for severe constipation these days. I'm reading along through recent postings and hope to find you're okay by this time!


Rubbing your ???? is an ancient way of soothing a stomach ache and moving your poo along. The way I learned was to rub (firmly) in a circular motion -- the circle must go in the same direction as the flow through your large intestine, thus supporting and encouraging the natural action. Your hand lifts on the right side, crosses and moves down on the left, returns to the right -- thus massaging the matter through your colon. The action of the massage also soothes the enraged nerves of your lower gut. I remember as a very little girl sitting on my plastic trainer with a gripy ???? ache and my Mom soothing it with her hand until a motion came along. It's a skill I use at times, whenever a poop is being difficult. Happy motions!

JJ --

Hi! Glad to be back. I agree with your GF's techniques -- using lube in the back passage is a standard hospital technique too -- I don't know why I didn't think of that in Niki's case. I can picture your GF doing it!

More later, all,

(who is back to pooping big -- this morning I went three times and the last time I went so much I built a pile right out of the water!)

Haley: After reading your post about you and your b/f I hope that you two remaim together. He sounds like a caring individual who would do anything for you. Someone who really cares about you does whatever it takes to help when it is needed, both emotionally and physically.

Please don't be embarrased when you need help going to the bathroom. Everyone has to go and just because you have limited use of arms and legs doesn't mean that your insides are not functioning like they should. You are a young lady with feelings and needs. Your b/f appears to understand that.

I can understand your possible embarrasment but I chatted with a lady who has to wear diapers because of a medical mistake. She told me that her husband is most understanding and helps her deal with the situation.

Here is wishing you the best.

Monday, August 09, 2004

NANCY -- what an amazing experience it would be to go outdoors during a storm! So long as it was warm-ish I wouldn't mind doing that myself!

MARIA -- you have an interesting problem, and one which calls for a delicate touch, perhaps. My earnest advice, if you have no specific hangup about doing it, is to just go with the flow. Everyone makes noises and pulls faces as they go -- everyone without exception in this world! So you'll be one of the group, nothing more, nothing less. And to evolve the ability to extend private acts or moments into a shared situation can be very beneficial in later life. If you have a major hangup, you might be in difficulty in the years of your college tenure. I personally have never lived in dorms and never been placed in the situation of being forced to share, which is just as well as until comparitively recently I had major hangups of my own, which took great effort to unseat, and are not yet truly banished. I hope you find your level and things smooth out into a comfortable normality for you.

ALI -- I wish I had some basis for offering you advice, but I'm almost ashamed to say I've never had an accident in my pants in my whole life (or adult life, certainly). To be sure, I've never been in a situation of holding beyond my ability, I've always been able to go when it mattered (even if unconventionally, as my desperate pee in a railway underpass a while back showed). It seems your coworkers were not particularly fazed by your accident, and were probably somewhat embarressed on your behalf, so my advice is to cut them some slack -- they're probably entirely compassionate toward you about it. There are few more mortifying things for a human being to experience in our society, and nobody wants to be the victim of those circumstances, other than those who find satisfaction in either humiliation or in shocking others -- hey ho, that's their thing. It's normal for you to feel awful about it, but don't let it take charge of your life. Drive on, as they say! I hope you feel better soon!


One of my pee anecodtes form this recent holiday:

One night i have avery funny outdoor pee evening.
There was a sort of large local fair wit a lot of free wine and a croud of happy peolple of all the ages.
My first pee of the evening was a semi indoor one.
I was on the 2nd floor of the main building of the fair and needed a quick pee. There were toilets on the ground floor but i was searching for a toilet there on the second. I asked some other girls and an attendent but nobody could give me a good indication. So i went to the opposite wing of the floor. I spotted only a paper with a sign for "serivces" directed to the end of the corridor, where the mergency stair were. I noticed a woman of almos my age (quite drunk) togheter with a younger one (her daughter or a younger friend) who were hurring in that direction with a beahviour that made me think they were needing a bathroom (probabluy much more than I was). I saw there disappearing at the end of the corridor, so i walked there sure to find a toilet. Instead there was a loked door (no indication of toilet) and the door of the emergency stairs, probably they went down stairs and i decided to do the same. As I opened the heavvy door i heard a typical spalttering noise: someone was peeing, i was courious so i tried to not shut the door and walked lighty on my snadals, on the 2nd ramp i noticed the older lady squatting on the stair (peeing) while the younger was pulling up her summer dress to reach her panties, still standing some step lower. They were embarseed to see mee coming, and the younger girl, quickly got dressed, while the peeing one tried to covered herself the most she could...they both were french and the younger told me she was sorry but they needed a bathroom and got there without finding one and following the indication on the floor.....
I told her i was following the indication for the "serivces" too, and it seems that it was like it was the only "sevice area on the floor"...
I told her to not worry, and go on with what she was about to do, in fact i addedd that i was going to " use the facilities" too and smiled.
So the girl (25 or more) squatted covering well herself with her long dress, while teh other one was done and wiped herself under her skirt before gettign up.
I asked her if she was so kind to offer me a tissue (i had it myself, but wanted to envolve the women) she gave me one saying "of course".
The youn girl has a very silent peeing, and only the splashing of pee from a step to the other was audible..
I got some step further down on the corner (where i was not completely hidden by them), and pull my thong aside under my summer dress, and assuming a semi quatting position on the landing of the staircase, faicng the wall (showing a bit my tanned ass form my skirt) I started peeing doing a clear noise of splattering on the floor and on the step.
The two woman went upstairs before i finished my pee, than I wiped and went upstairs too.
I noticed that her joined pee puddles made a long rivulets cascading on the steps till the landing (about 10 steps) wher i peed the staircase was soaked with the used damped tissue laying in the puddles....
I was abit tipsy and enjoyned the situation and then i told it to hubby..
Later i made him pee on the same staircase ( I really liked the show as i watched him watering the steps and the side wall with a powerful jet from the landing beneath). He almost get caught form a woman coming from the 3d floor. She didn't caught him in the act, but the evidence was clear that he just pissed there, anyway teh woman didn't react at all (proabbly the presence of other pee puddles made it clear that the area was used to pee because of the lack of toilets) and went downstairs like nothing appened, obviusly making attention to not put her sandals in the pee puddles along the stairs..

I have more holiday pee and fropm the smae night too ( i got quite drunk that evening) I will post later


nice story, i like to see men peeing outdoor, so I iwsh I was a passer by where you was peeing, post again

Miss Piss
Pleas post more funny soties
Where is the strangest place you peed?
Have you ever done it ina phone box?

please post a description of your pee in a lift, heve you pee in a phone box?
How often do you pee in the male urinals? (it is very funny of you)

I tto had some emegency street pee like your, funny
Did you pee in a elevator? I did it just as a kiddie (10 or 11) togheter with my male cousin to do a "nasty jocke" to the mantenience lady of his building, the floor was carpeted so it not leaked
Have you peed in a phone box?

I agree with you so please post your pee sotires soon.
Did you have problem with public toilets? Imena if they were dirty or smelly. Have you ever peed on the florr because the toilet was disgusting?

I'v done it some times, expecially to pee unseen in parking grage with cameras when i needed, I did it both pantyless tha pullin my thon aside under my skirt. for me it is different because my pee stream tend s to go down and a bit rearward from standing, not in front, so I just hover a bit foot apart, and pull my skirt up just few inches, then pee pretending to doo somethin with my car, it saved me in many occasion when i managed to piss without getting caught, I suggest you to pull your front of the skirt a bit up, keep your feet aside and stay with your upper body a bit forward while bending just a little bit with your knees, so that your pee strem would go more stright down wihtout messing the skirt. I've seen my sister (who had a more forward stream then mine) and friend pissing like this without any prolblem. a great confort in the hot season (when you can wear short skirts, no panthyose or stocking and no panties if you like, i wera thong and it is the same easy for me to pull it aside and pee)

Your pussy opening dipends also from the position you squat, in fact is you squat law, with feet apart and without bending your body in fron of you you can strech your hole much more than from a standing or high squatting position, anyway i can't know how wide my pussy and my pee jet will be before i go peeing. Sometiems my lipls are almost closed (which causese a messy, pouring and hissing pee), sometiemse they ar lmaost not touching and i hvae a more narrow and straight stream.
I peed in elevatro only as child girl.

kisses to all


Diaper Guy
Amanda, here are my answers to your survey.
1. Descibe yourself male/female age etc: 16yr old "hot" male
2. How long does it take you to poop: about 10 mins.
3. Do you poop in pubic, if so do you cover the seat: yes i poop in public though i try to avoid it and yes i do cover the seat
4. On average how many times do you wipe: i wipe about 7-15 times on average
5. Do you ever plug the toilet: yes i occasionally plug the toilet though it's usually from toilet paper
6. Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties: yes quit often
7. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you open the window use the fan or some other method of covering up the stinch. (describe):well it doesnt stink that bad it only really stinks bad when i poop in my underwear or diapers
8. Chicks have you ever sat down to pee and ended up pooping but that isnt why you sat down in the first place: N/A
9. Have you ever gotten up and went to wash your hands or something and realized you weren't done.:yes a few times while peeing

Amanda, im very interested in hearing some stories if you have any,especially about accidents, intentetional accidents, and diapers.
Thanks! and i hope my answers are good!

Diaper Guy
Ali, dont feel bad about your accident. It could've happened to anyone. Dont make a big deal out of it. If anyone ever says anything about it to you, they are obviously not very understanding. Also, try not to worry about it happening again. If it would make you feel better on a day you feel it might happen again wear a goognite of thin depends underwear diaper to work. I hope this helps a little. Tell me if this helps or has givin you some comfort.

Until next time!,
Diaper Guy

Amanda, here are my answers to your survey.
1. Descibe yourself male/female age etc: 16yr old "hot" male
2. How long does it take you to poop: about 10 mins.
3. Do you poop in pubic, if so do you cover the seat: yes i poop in public though i try to avoid it and yes i do cover the seat
4. On average how many times do you wipe: i wipe about 7-15 times on average
5. Do you ever plug the toilet: yes i occasionally plug the toilet though it's usually from toilet paper
6. Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties: yes quit often
7. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you open the window use the fan or some other method of covering up the stinch. (describe):well it doesnt stink that bad it only really stinks bad when i poop in my underwear or diapers
8. Chicks have you ever sat down to pee and ended up pooping but that isnt why you sat down in the first place: N/A
9. Have you ever gotten up and went to wash your hands or something and realized you weren't done.:yes a few times while peeing

Amanda, im very interested in hearing some stories if you have any,especially about accidents, intentetional accidents, and diapers.
Thanks! and i hope my answers are good!

I've never posted before but ive been reading this forum for a couple of years. Im glad that i finally have a good story to post. It's not about me, its about this girl i saw at a restaurant when me and my friend were having dinner. The restaurant was completely empty except for me and my friend and the guy behind the counter, the restaurant isn't that big in the first place so i could see behind the counter and the restrooms off to the right. Me and my friend were sitting right by the door when i could see a car pull up outside and a really hot girl with blonde hair walks in and i thought she was just getting something to eat but she walks right by the register and walks into the womens restroom. She was in there for a few minutes and i assumed she was probably just taking a quick pee. Then my friend gets up and goes to the restroom and takes a leak, he is gone for about 2 or 3 minutes and she has already been in there for like 5 minutes. I kept assuming that she would come out anytime now but she stayed in there. Then my friend emerged from the mens restroom and she is sill in there and then after another few minutes she finally comes out and walks right past me and back outside. This girl was so hot, she was wearing a green shirt with short sleeves baring her midriff and some really tight jeans i never thought i would witness something like that but a really hot girl had to poop so bad that she had to stop and go in a crappy restaurant like that. Well thats all for me i'll post another story if i see or hear about anymore pooping experiences.

hi i'm tara, 18 female, i just wanted to know if anyone has or knows anyone who has a bed "messing" problem...i know there are bed wetters out there, but does anyone have the other kind of accident in their sleep? it's been happening to me since i was about 11 or's not an every night occurance but a couple times a month i wake up in the morning with poop in my underwear..

am i the only person who poops myself in bed? i guess i have something wrong with my bowels because even when i'm awake i sometimes accidentally poop my pants. not often, but a couple times in the last few years i ended up pooping my pants in desperate situations.

Im new here. heres a story when I was 9 or 10. I was playing hide and go seek with my next store neighbor. I was hiding in the shower with the curtain closed. I heard her come in. She went right for the toilet.
she sat down and she started peeing.then I heard a "kur- ????".
She wiped and flushed. She didn't find me either.

Mike, I liked your story about having to pee in English class. Please post the one about Gr. 12.

To 'A Guy':
You lucky bastard, I dream about a doorbell ring from some woman, asking to take an urgent shit in our toilet, but ofcourse 'it's too rude' normally for a lady, or even a guy I suppose?
I went to a local mall today to take my HUGE Friday afternoon shit in the Men's room!!! Well, after alot of straining, I slowly pushed out a monster of damn near 1 and 1/2 feet long!! It stretched from the hole to the rim and curved some!!!!!! I only take a good shit about once every 3-4 days normally, btw, give or take a day? Well, I just wanted to reply and post my shit story!

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