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hi my name is Haley and i'm 17. I have muscular dystrophy and i decided to share some stories because i've seen posts where people were interested in how wheelchair bound people use the toilet. i've personally just always had someone to transfer me onto a toilet when it's convenient. i don't have use of my legs and my arms are too weak so i cannot lift myself onto the toilet. (if you're wondering how i use the computer, they do make simple accomidations for people in my situation, i have touch sensors on my wheelchair that connect to the computer and i use an on screen keyboard) it's never been too much of a problem, but i have had some accidents. i can hold it in well enough until it's a good time for my mother to take me to the bathroom, or my aide if i'm at school the only hard times are in the morning. i think most people do, but when i wake up i usually have to pee pretty bad. normally i can still hold it in until my mom is up and ready to help me out, but occassionally i wake up really early and have to go bad. when that happens i'll just yell to her in the next room, but i hate doing that so much because i don't like to be a bother, so i only resort to that if it's a serious emergency. i know what you all want to know now, and unfortunatley yes, i've wet myself a few times in the morning in those situations. and i really mean a few, probably 3 or 4 times in my life, so i don't have like a frequent wetting problem. the most recent time i wet myself in bed in the morning was when i was 15 anyway, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and I really had to pee, but I wanted to try and go back to sleep trusting my body not to let it out. I laid there for another 40 minutes or so but I couldn't fall back asleep because I had to pee so bad. I decided then I would wait until the sun came up then call for my mom, because if the sun was up she probably wouldn't feel annoyed at waking up so early, and like I said I hate being a bother. Unfortunately though, I started to doze off while waiting and I wet myself. I don't usually have to poop when I wake up in the morning so that's never a problem, but when I was 16 I pooped my pants in the middle of the night while sleeping, I believe it was a result of a new supplement my doctor gave me last year that had bad side effects.

other than tough mornings, it's always been pretty easy because i have good control and can wait until a convenient time to be taken to the bathroom, but recently i've encountered something new...

i have a boyfriend now, he's really very sweet and loving and is willing to help me in anyway and we both enjoy eachother, but i'm not ready for him to take me to the bathroom. my whole life i've never really hung out with guys or just one guy, there has always been atleast one girl around. like if not my mom or my aide, i was out with a girl friend of mine who i didn't mind helping me if i didn't think i could wait until i got home.

so we've been together for a little over a year now, and there's never been trouble because we normally just hang out at my house or go out somewhere, and at home i have my mom to help me go to the bathroom, and when we go out i can easily wait until we get back to my house or if one of my girlfriend's is with us like I said she can help. but finally, for my story this is leading to, i really better get over it and let him help me, because i had a very embarrassing occurance last week!

i've been to his house a few times but never for an extended period of time. my mom had to go to a seminar for work that was going to take the majority of the day, and normally a relative would come over to my house to help me out with anything while she was out, but on this day my mom suggested i just spend the day at my boyfriend's house. i was delighted and immediatley accepted the offer, because it would be fun. the last thing i was thinking about was being able to go to the bathroom...i got to his house at about 11 in the morning and most of his lazy family was still asleep, so he just took me to his room and we relaxed for a while. we listened to music and we looked in catalogs and online at guitars because he wanted me to help him pick out a new one. we did that for a while, then had lunch, then went back to his room for a while. i knew at that point that i had to poop, but it wasn't bad so I was fixing to put it on hold and assumed it would eventually set aside and return at a more convenient time for me to go to the toilet. later in the day at around 4:30 or 5:00, it hadn't set aside and now i had to go pretty bad. my mom wasn't coming to pick me up until 9:30, so i needed to do something. he does have an older sister who i probably could have asked, but frankly i barley know her and i was less willing to ask her to take me to the bathroom than him. then i had a stroke of genius, i told him we should go otu somewhere and meet some friends (one of which would be a friend who would take me to the bathroom, but i didn't say that.) he thought it was a good idea and we checked online and made some calls to see who was up for going out. well, i didn't anticpate it taking close to an hour before we had plans made and I had to poop really really bad. we were waiting for my friend kathrine and her boyfriend to come by, which wasn't to be for another 30 minutes or so....i had to poop sooooo bad and i didn't think i was going to be able to hold it in until they got there, because i had been holding it in all day. i finally just told him. i said i really had to go to the bathroom and i couldn't hold it in any longer. He asked me if I could wait at all just another couple of minutes until kathrine got there, and even though I was about to go in my pants I just said "I'll try…." I managed to hold on for a couple more minutes, and then I farted 3 times really quickly..I panicked and told him I was gonna have an accident...he started to lift me out of my chair to carry me into the bathroom, but as soon as my butt left the seat of my chair I pooped my pants really bad. I started crying and he just gently set me back down in my chair and tried to help me relax. I couldn't really stop crying and I kept thinking of how stupid I felt because I had pooped my pants twice in the past year which is pretty unacceptable for my age. He called kathrine's cell phone and told her that I got sick and we weren't going to make it out, so she never came by. He tried to cheer my up by telling me his sister pooped her pants at school when she was in 10th grade, but that didn't relieve the fact that I pooped my own pants moments before he told me that, especially since I had done so more recently than his sister as well as at that moment. We hung out in his room for a couple more hours even though I had poop in my pants, until my mom finally came to get me. We managed to keep my accident a secret from his family, but my mom seemed to know right away. I don't know how because there wasn't much of a smell and obviously since I was sitting she couldn't see a bulge in my pants, but as soon as we left his house she snapped at me "why didn't you have someone help you to the bathroom? I hope his hole family doesn't know that you messed in your pants Haley…" I didn't know what to say to her, we just went home and she helped me get myself clean and change my underwear.

so i still haven't gone back to his house since then, but i think i better start letting him help me sometimes when it's not an extreme emergency, just so nothing like that ever happens again...


hi i'm ali, 23 female. i was trying to find a place like this so i could get some advice. i had an accident in my pants at work today and i'm extremely embarrassed, and i was wondering if anyone could help me cope and give advice on how they helped themselves feel better after an embarrassing accident, because i can't stop feeling really ashamed and i keep wanting to cry. i just can't really believe it happened, i mean i had to go fairly bad but i was just trying to help someone out real quick, then i started to head for the bathroom but i didn't make it. i just kind of pooped my pants in my rush. anyway, a lot of my coworkers witnessed it and i was absolutley in tears and i had to spend probably another 20 minutes infront of them after doing that in my pants before i could get out and head home. no one really said anything, they just looked a little surprised and didn't bother me..

i've been so upset all day long and i really wish i didn't have to go in to work tomorrow...

can anyone give me some reassurance?


I wouldn't worry about the noises that you make, and the expression on your face. I just graduated College in May, and while in College I had the most nasty bowel movements. After a while, no one really cares.

There was one time when I was working out in the gym (I'm 5'10, 140 LBS, brown hair, brown eyes) and out of nowhere I felt a bowel movement coming on. I hurried to the ladies room down the hall. When I arrived I was in shock because there were no doors on the stalls (there were about 10 toilets). There were many women in there, women were wiping, pooping, and ploping away. I had to go so bad that I took an empty stall, lowered my short shorts, pulled down my panties, and sat. As soon as I sat I let go a bunch of mushy poop with a lot of farting (it's the bran cereal that I eat for breakfast). I was soooo embarassed. After the first wave, I felt more was in sight, so I tried to hold a lot of it back, and just let some go a little at a time. I couldn't hold on as my butt hole was feeling a lot of pressure. I just let it all go with more farting, and mushy poop landing in the toilet water. I realized that no one was staring at me, I realized that no one was laughing, nor was anyone complaining. Even though I was embarrased, I quickly got over it. I wiped, pulled up my panties, shorts, flushed twice, washed my hands and left the ladies room.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. We women all poop, we all pee, and we all have the same plumbing under our panties. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Take Care,


ok...well i went walkin down the road right...and i had these tight ass jeans on...right...and i was walkin and i think i had to go about 20 times worst than i did that night when everything bad was happening to me...and as soon as i got out of the driveway i started leaking...and then right as soon as i started leaking i just went...and i walked like a mile in wet, tight, was so great

This story goes back a few years to my junior high school days. Through most of my secondary education I was in the band and/or orchestra. On this particular occasion we had a Friday night concert at a campus other than our own, requiring a bus trip. In the days leading up to it, I had an intestinal pain that it turns out was something vile that I had eaten planning a major disaster for early Friday evening. I didn't tell anybody about it and it didn't seem to be going anyplace so I just lived with the situation. On Friday afternoon I left school and went home to change for the performance. I arrived back at campus around 5:00 and soon realized my problem was finally ready to clear itself. I could feel it working its way down and now it was time to find a Being a public school the student bathrooms were closed shortly after the final bell. The administration building was still open but for anybody in a public school setting knows this is an option you really don't want. Worse, I couldn't find a sympathetic teacher to let me into one of the faculty bathrooms. By this time things had moved from bad to desparate. It was time for the bus to leave
and I was squeezing, holding on for dear life. People were noticing I was acting a little strange but I don't think anyone made the connection between my pained look and the major explosion going on in my lower G.I. system. Every bounce of the school bus brought on more agony. The trip wasn't long. It just seemed that way. I told a couple of classmates I was "nervous." Anybody who has been in this situation knows the absolute agony I was experiencing. When we finally arrived we had to move the larger instruments (drums, wind chimes, etc.) and of course I was asked to help. I was now at the borderline and knew I had only a few minutes left. We were placed in a large multi-purpose room to make final preparations for the concert when I spotted a bathroom! The only issue now was the teacher. He wasn't the easiest guy to deal with and my plan was to make a run for it (no pun intended) if he said "no." I had never squeezed so hard in my life as I approached him and much to my surprise he said yes!!! I went into a full sprint and found the stall open as the mass in my gut was letting loose. What followed was some of the most vile diarreha ever to come out of me. I must have been in there for 10 minutes. Only 1 person said anything and he was a good enough friend that I could deal with his comments about "testing chemicals." Afterwards I still felt pretty lousy but at least I wasn't going to have an accident in front of a crowd. I'm still pretty proud of myself for having made it. Ironically I've had a couple of accidents as I've reached adulthood, mostly from something I've eaten that didn't agree with me. I thought I was pretty much alone with the problem but in reading this and other sites it appears not to be the case. I don't have any friends who have talked about this kind of thing but I wonder if some of them have gone through this sort of experience. During elementary and junior high I knew kids desparate to find a bathroom but they always seemed to make it. It's good to know I'm not the only one!

To KG, JJ, and all others who have been invited in the "forbidden lair," i.e. the bathroom of a pooping girl, I salute you.

KG, I definitely enjoyed your account of that story. And some girls (actually, it's usually the sporty ones, it seems) are just that cool about stuff like pooping, which means she's probably level-headed on other matters too. There's a keeper.

JJ, I have never been able to understand why girls hover so much. It seems that this just perpetuates the problem. People think that if they don't hover, they'll get germs or whatever, so they hover. Now for guys, standing isn't a problem when you're taking a whizz, because you just aim and shoot. However, with girls, you're facing the other way (unless you enlist the help of some techniques I've read about on this site) and it's much easier to miss the bowl, forcing later people to use the same position. Now what kind of idea is that? Do cops face criminals while aiming at them, or do they put the gun under their arm and shoot at targets behind them?

Maria, although it's humorously ironic how the very bathrooms you scorned would have probably helped you out a lot in these situations, it is difficult sometimes for people to loosen up in those situations. If at all possible, you could lighten things up by joking around when times like this come up. Most of the time, people tend to not be jerks, so the only extra attention you'd get would be concern or maybe a "Hey, that sounded like you really needed it." If you feel that it would be too much of a problem, talk to your suite-mates about it, and I'm sure they'd respect your privacy. You'll find that it's not that big a deal, though, since you'll probably see every one of those girls you'll live with pooping too.

Jessla, I enjoyed your stories too. I'm rather interested to hear the last story as well.

For the fart enthusiasts, I remembered a girl fart story that happened to one of my friends. He was at this party with his g/f, and they were getting low and all that, and then suddenly the dude's girl stands up really fast, and two or three girls who were standing by them walk away quickly toward the bathrooms. The dude asks what's wrong, and the girlfriend says, "That blonde chick right there just ripped a nasty one two inches from my face!" Good stuff, especially since the blonde girl was apparently pretty hot. Maybe her panties weren't so pure anymore.

That's all for now, I hope to have some good stories when I go back to school.


To Mike:

You're probably eating something your body can't process, that's why you have diarrhea. You're probably allergic to dairy, or even wheat. You should get that checked out, otherwise you'll be having "close calls" for years to come. Happy pooping!!!

mike (wet pants in junior high): that was a great story! would like to hear a lot more of your stories especially the one from 12th grade! hta colour were the cords you were wearing when you pissed youself in 7th grade? have you ahd any other accidents outside of school?

Bill: any more stories aout your mom and her diapers?

hey people, just wanted to share a poop story with you guys. there was a box of grape nuts cereal in the the closet and i had a bowl two nights ago. then i ate at a burger place called the hop for dinner yesturday. eating there usually makes me fart a lot. then last nite i ate some more of the grape nuts and was up watching tv around 1 in the morning. i had been letting hellaceously stinky farts ever since eating at the hop but they started coming out about 1 every minute. suddenly i felt a need to shit immediately. i dont usually get diareah but as soon as I ripped my shorts off and slapped my ass down on the toilet seat a gurgling mixture of fart gas and mostly watery shit exploded out of my butthole. i sat there for about 15 mins, and every little while i felt more pressure in my stomach and pushed out another juicy fart or glob of diareah. the poop stayed clumped together and floated on the water in the toilet, covering the whole top of the water. afterwards i continued with the farting until tonight but did a normal solid poop a little while ago and didn't have any more diareah. i think that the farts pushed the extra poop made by the cereal towards my butt too fast, then when the liquid got around my butthole the farts couldn't get out because the liquid was in the way and just kept building pressure inside my bowels making me need to go right away. i am glad it didnt happen any more because diareah sucks. luckily i didnt feel sick at all - it was just a weird poop.

hermione - do u have any guy friends that u help poop or just women?

Friday, August 06, 2004

Hey here is a servery for you all to answer:
1. Descibe yourself male/female age etc
2. How long does it take you to poop
3. Do you poop in pubic, if so do you cover the seat
4. On average how many times do you wipe
5. Do you ever plug the toilet
6. Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties
7. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you open the window use the fan or some other method of covering up the stinch. (describe)
8. Chicks have you ever sat down to pee and ended up pooping but that isnt why you sat down in the first place
9. Have you ever gotten up and went to wash your hands or something and realized you weren't done.

Have fun answering my survey, by the way i am 16 and a cheerleader and i play on the Varsirty Girls Vollyball team at my high school and i have 2 awesome poop stories i will post later on... take care you all

xoxo Amanda


Don't be embarassed about going to the bathroom in front of other girls. You will be fine. There was a college that my sister went to that had a round circle of toilets. It was a special room that only the females could access. Every Tuesday night, they would sit around the circle on the toilets and do their pee and poo. One time I had the lucky opportunity to join them for some reason. It was rather exciting. There were 2 things that I noticed: The first is women take a longer pee when they need to poop. The second is they grunt after they let a poop out. The session lasted about 30 minutes and most of the girls were on the toilet for that long. So my advice to you is to go with the flow and I'm sure that you will not be the only girl to have to go in front of others.

Anne (housewife)
My answers to CR's survey:

1) Do you poop every day? if not how often No. 2-4 times a week.
2) when do you poop during the day? When the need occurs.
3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? before, at the end? Usually before.
4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? 1>normally stinky, 2> Spray the bathroom warn the next user, >3 adjoing room clearing, 4> Enforces someones gag reflex>, or 5> house clearing. I'd say 1.
5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop? Whatever clothes I was wearing when I felt the need.
6) Do you think your poops are big in size? Yes.
7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense? 5-7 normally.
8) When you flush, do you leave skidmarks or small pieces of poop in the toilet? Sometimes.
9) do you ever clog the toilet? Yes!
10) do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped, Sometimes.
11) Do you poop with the bathroom door open. Not usually.

A guy
An interesting poop story:
My wife had left to do some shopping and I was home. About 30 minutes later, her friend Jill rings the doorbell and has some brochures for my wife that she had picked up. Jill was hoping to chat with her, but obviously she wasn't home. Jill eventually asked if she could use the the bathroom because she really had to go, and I said sure. She got this concerned look on her face and said "its a BM, I hope you don't mind". I said thats ok, just close the door when done because we didn't have any bathroom spray (that was one of the things on the shopping list). As she bent down to put the package of brochures down, she accidently let out a small fart and she said "oops, excuse me". I just smiled. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. The bathroom was relatively close to where I was, but I didn't really hear anything. She was done after a few minutes and closed the door behind her. She then said "you know you have to do a BM bad when you sit on the toilet and it slides out without pushing". I said that hasn't happened to me in awhile, I usually push. Jill said that she usually pushes too. I asked her how long she needed to go and she said she was out running some errands and felt the need but was hoping it would wait until she got home. When she got to our place she really had the urge and just had to ask. I said "not a problem Jill; when you gotta go, you gotta go!". We talked about other stuff for a few minutes and then she had to leave. After she left I couldn't resist going into the bathroom; no evidence in the toilet, but by the smell you could certainly tell someone had just had a much-needed bowel movement.

It was so funny, i was takin a shit and my sister walked in on me i was suprised and i jumped and my poop that was still dangling flew on the floor, my sister is only three and she picked it up and threw it in the toilet. when she threw it the water slashed up and all over me (when i still had my pantes down.

I am going to be starting college in just a few weeks. I arranged for a dorm with suites and private bathrooms rather than multi-stall bathrooms down the hall in part because I dislike using public restrooms, especially when I have to have a bowel movement. I just learned, however, that the norm in my dorm, since there is only one bathroom for eight girls, is for people to let others use the sink and shower while they are on the toilet. I am not really shy about people seeing me partly clothed. What embarasses me most is the sounds I make and the expression I get on me face when I am moving my bowels. I grunt and sigh a lot and get a grimace on my face. I don't want to seem up tight but I also don't want to be embarrased. Any ideas?

Good Evening Everyone!!!!
I stayed at a friend's house last night and a thunderstorm came through in the evening....well I really had to pee and my friend was in the bathroom (she only has one bathroom) so I run outside pull up my nightgown and kick off my pantues and pee in the back did it feel good to go in the pouring rain...what an exhillerating experience!!!!!!!!!!

When I finish up and go back inside my friend was like..."Nancy, why are you all wet?" I told her I had to go and couldn't wait until she was finished so I went outside..............heck later on in the night another storm came through so we both decided to go out in the yard to pee in the rain................what a sleep over!!!!!!! LOL

Ciao Nancy

Hi i'm a teenager,15 years old.Today I was very hungry so I had Mcdonalds.I had a supersize fry,coke,10 piece chicken nugget,and double cheeseburger. I got home to my grandma and grandpa and ate it all. Every time I eat McDonalds It doesn't settle well with me and I take huge dumps.After I was done I started getting a pain in my abdomen and knew I desperately needed to take a shit. I went into my dads bathroom pulled down my jeans and underwear and pushed out one 10 inch log accompanied by a fart and exploded into the bowl. I put my hands on my sides and pushed out more wet shit. My stomache was still hurtin so I picked my feet off the ground and kicked the floor and exploded out some more diarrhea. When I looked into the toilet there was one huge log 20 smaller logs and a heap of brown water.I flushed and sprayed and my grandpa came in after I was done and said jesus christ,What a bomb.It's been an hour and a half and the bathroom still stinks. "This story is true and I didn't exaggerate,I just take huge shits every time."I can eat a muffin and drink some water and not eat all day and still have explosive diarrhea"I am not kidding.

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