Jessla Lone
Hi, this is my VERY first time posting, Iv been reading posts for 1 year, and have been bollecting stories to tell EVERYONE! I have 3 stories for all of you today,
#1 story:
Today me, my mom, and my sister went to Kingsway Garden Mall, and my Mom kept complaining she had cramps, so I took her to the bathroom, there were 7 stalls and 5 of them being used, my Mom took a stall beside this lady and I took the stall beside my mom, my mom right away pulled EVERYTHING down and ploped, I started to pee, while peeing, I heard my Mom going direhha in the toilet, and she was moaning to, and the lady beside her said that she sould take a dierhha pill, and my mom got one out of her puurse and took a drink from her water bottle and took her pill, and 10 mins after my mom finally flushed and we both left, but she still had lots of direhha that day.

#2 story: about a month ago, I was sleeping in my bed for the night, in the morning I got up, and I had an urge to poop, but first I went to eat breakfast, after I ran to the bathroom, and sat on the pot, and I pushed and pushed, but nothing would budge, and I had a stomacch ache, and I gave up 30 minutes after, I walked out and sat on the couch, now my parents werent home, or my sisters and brothers because they all went on vacation, so I was alone, so I watched T.V. and 1 hour later, I farted, and pushed to see if it was time to head to the bathroom, but it wasnt, and then I heard someone nocking on the door, and it was my boyfriend, I was kinda scared, I answeard and let him in, now he was bored so he came over to my house, we both sat on the couch watching T.V. and then I told him, I would be right back, and I ran upstairs to my room, and as much as I hate doing this, I sqauted on the floor and tried to shit, and it wouldnt work, so I went back to see my bf, and I sat back on the couch with him, and he started to kiss me, but I told him to please stop so he did, and then he started fooling around, and he tickled my stomach, I started to feel quesy and told yelled STOP! and he asked if Im okay, I said no, and I said I have a stomach ache, and he said I should put something warm on it, but I said, all I need is to relax, and then he started to rub my stomach more, but still no good, he stayed the night, and in the morning I decided not to wake him up till I tried going poop, so I went to the bathroom having a HUGE urge to poop, I sat on the pot once again trying to poop, but no luck, so I woke my bf up, and finally told him the truth that I was constipated, and he really felt bad for me, and he said he is gonna stay with me till my constipation is over, so 2 days later, trying and trying to poop, no luck, but the next day, I sat on the pot once again, and I pushed alot of times and felt things up there moving, now I new this was gonna be a painful one, I quickly yelled for my bf and he came right in the washroom, now I didnt expect him to come in but I didnt wanna be rude and tell him to go, right away i told him I was goiong ot poop, and he kinda wached me, with a painful expression on my face. I pushed and pushed, and my poop was finally starting to come out, 10 minutes after it was painfully half way out when my bf really had to piss, I told him he would have to wait till Im done, but he said he couldnt, so very painfully I stood up slowely for him to piss, and I told him to hurry, and he started to piss in the bowl, and my poop was still half way out, and then when he was done, I quickly sat and my poop all came out, it felt good and we were both happy!

sorry I have no time right now to right my 3rd story!

KG from NC
Whats up everybody. This is my first post here. My friends call me KG, im 19 and i live in North Carolina. This is a story about an experience i had last year in high school.

One day last year when i was in high school, after track practice,i had a strong urge to take a shit, but when i went into the guys locker room (which only has two stalls), they were both taken. So i left the locker room and went across the hall to the boys bathroom, but it was closed for cleaning. By this time i was about willing to take a shit anywhere. Then it hit me : Girls softball practice wouldnt be over for another 30 minutes, so i ran inside the girls locker room, and there was nobody there. So i ran into the first stall, pulled my shorts down and started to push out one of about three foot longers that i dropped. No farting and not much straining even involved. Just when i was about to get up, i heard the door open and the sound of cleats tapping the floor. Through the gap in the door and the wall i could see it was this girl named Britt. She was a softball player and a very, very sexy one. She kind of lookes like Avril Lavigne in the face. Anyway, she was in such a rush that she didnt even notice me in the other stall, plus i was being extra quiet so i wouldnt be discoverd. I heard her ass touch the seat and she jus sat there for a second not making any kind of noise. After a few minutes she ripped a couple of loud, wet, juicy farts, and then started to strain and grunt. After she strained for about 10 minutes i was a little worried about her. So i decided to see if she was ok. I said "You ok over there Britt". At first she seemed surprised to hear my voice. She said "KG is that you !?", "no im really constipated, do you think you could come help me out?" This must have been the greatest day off my life. I wiped and went over into her stall and saw her leaned over with her elbows on her needs, completely red in the face. She asked me if i could just rub her stomach a little. So i kneeled down next to the toilet and rubbed her ???? for about 5 minutes when she farted loudly one more time. She said sorry about that then she pushed a little more and a flood of wet mushy pooped shot out of her ass for about 10 minutes it seemed. After the wet stuff stopped, she took a break and said "God it stinks". And it did. I believe girls poop is definitly worse smelling than guys. She finshed off with a a thick log, about 12 inches, that made a loud spat when it landed on top of the rest of her poop. She wiped, told me thanks a couple times, kissed me on the cheek and went back to softball practice. After that experience, Britt and i became a couple, not soley because of that, but since then we talked alot more and started dating and we're still together today.

Hope everyone liked my first post. Let me know if you enjoyed it.

One more!
34.What is the highest numberof people you ever had to wait for on line to use the bathroom?Example:I heard a story where the line to the ladies room had 56 people while the men's was empty!How's that for equality gals :)

For Niki
You ask what you can do is you are really clogged up and cant go, like having pains and whatnot. I do one thing, I keep a little jar of suppositories in the bathroom and jam a couple up the butt hole and a little bit of vasoline on my finger lubing up the butt hole.
You wait about 10 minutes or so, the things start to melt and they make you need to go and start things moving. Works 99% of the time

NOw for the big big big problems, like really tied up. I have a small bulb rubber syringe type enama maker. I fill it with warm water and squit that up my butt and you sit down and you get it all out now.
Interesting enough, if I have the cramps and shits, I also use it for that, flush out the lower bowel and shit like mad. More cramps? Do it again and again unitl empty. Works fine.
let us know..

Niki. Constipation can be uncomfortable and unpleasant but unless it extends over a period of several days or becomes a frequent occurence, it doesn't really pose a major threat to your health. Missing a day or two occasionally is perfectly normal and I wouldn't class it as true constipation - which is more to do with having small, difficult to pass, bowel movements. I wouldn't normally advise using laxatives except as a very last resort if you're really desperate. If they're used too often, the bowel can become lazy and get to rely on them with the result that you need more and more. It's far better to try and maintain healthy, regular bowel function by steering clear of jubk foods and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables which contain natural fibre or 'roughage.' However if you do feel the need to use a laxative, stay within easy reach of a toilet and don't worry about having a dose of the runs. At the end of the day, a laxative is designed to get things moving and if it means a small, short-lived, dose of the runs so be it. You'll soon be back to normal. Hopefully by the time you read this matters will have corrected themselves naturally you'll have been able to go for a good poo without the aid of a laxative or any other kind of medical intervention.

I LOVE POOPING ON THE FLOOR! It's so arousing...once my girlfriend and I put our asses together and pooped. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Try it for yourself, it's really fun.

Anonymous (For Now)
answers to Coffee Drinker's survey
1. How many times a day do you pee? Several. Probably 6-8.
2. How do you know when you need to pee? Sort of a tingly feeling in my bladder.
3. Are you able to hold your pee if you need to? If so, for how long? If I must, I can. I try not to because it makes me very uncomfortable.
4. Do you ever hold it just for fun? Never. Can't hold it for long because it really makes me hurt.
5. How many times a day do you poop? 1-2.
6. Does your stomach ache before you poop? Yes, always.
7. How do you know when you need to poop? Sudden ache in lower stomach and pressure in/on rectum.
8. When you feel the urge to pee or poop but aren't able to get to a bathroom, do you have any things you do to keep from having an accident ("pee dance," holding or rubbing stomach, etc)? I get very fidgety when I have to pee. When I have to poop I tend to place my hand on my lower belly because my stomach hurts. If my stomachache is severe, I will rub my lower belly.
9. Do you massage your stomach before, during, or after a poop? Before when my stomachache is severe, during if I am having bad stomachache or difficult poop, after if I have had diarrhea or am having menstrual cramps.
10. Which do you like better--peeing or pooping? Why? Peeing, because it feels good and doesn't give me stomachache.

answers to CR's survey
1) Do you poop every day? if not how often Yes, 1-2 times.
2) when do you poop during the day? Morning and late evening.
3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? before, at the end? Usually before because of my stomachaches, though it's not really very loud.
4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? 1>normally stinky, 2> Spray the bathroom warn the next user, >3 adjoing room clearing, 4> Enforces someones gag reflex>, or 5> house clearing Probably 1, it usually doesn't stink too terribly much.
5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop? Whatever clothing I was wearing when I felt the need to poop.
6) Do you think your poops are big in size? Not really, I'm a fairly small person.
7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense? 2-4 if I am having a normal poop.
8) When you flush, do you leave skidmarks or small pieces of poop in the toilet? No.
9) do you ever clog the toilet? No.
10) do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped, No.
11) Do you poop with the bathroom door open Only if I had to go so bad that I forgot to close it. So no, not intentionally.

Am currently on my period and suffering diarrhea, so I am having diarrhea cramps on top of horrible menstrual cramps. I go through this every month and it is very unpleasant. I have some interesting diarrhea stories though and will post them when I am feeling better.

to leanne, my longest peeing time was 2.5 minutes!!!! i drank 5 64 oz sodas at the movies and then 4 bottles of water holy ________!!! Everybody in teh bathroom was amazed. Anway, just nothing mujch happened see yall

Good morning; humid here. I just had an excellent early-morning bowel movement. Squatting on the rim, I positioned the mirror below me and to one side and watched my anus dilate, then slowly open. The turd was dark brown and hard, and a little nugget fell off; then the main part came smoothly out. It broke off into several pieces: about a 4" hard one, then maybe a 10" smooth one, then three more slightly softer ones of maybe 3" each. With the mirror I saw that a tiny sliver still hung between my cheeks, so I squeezed a bit and jiggled up and down, and it fell. I still had to wipe four times, unusual for me. The flush was a struggle, but it all went down.
The other day I stopped in a mall for a late-afternoon poop. There was reflective tile, and fairly wide openings at the back of the partitions between stalls, so I could see into the neighboring stalls. I took the middle one of three, and immediately a young black man came into the one next to me. I couldn't see anything come out, but almost immediately I heard 4 plops, and as he raised his bottom to wipe, I could see under him into the bowl, and there were two fairly long floaters, slowly moving around in the water. My own movement was ready to begin, and I pushed a bit, emitting a fart. The young man left, and within a minute a young father came in with a small boy. The father took down his pants and sat well forward to supervise the toddler while he did two long, thin, very dark turds. My own first turd descended with a plunk. The man wiped, flushed, and left. By this time another man had come into the toilet on the other side, and I observed as he raised the seat, turned around, pulled down his pants, hovered, and let go three turds: a short J-shape, a fairly long thick one, and another short one. About this time I was finishing up. The man wiped quickly, flushed, and left. I wiped, but it was not quick; then I left. An amazing set of sightings.
Happy pooping, everyone!

To PV... welcome back :) I'm sorry to hear about you illness but I hope that you are OK now..

To all constipated girls... My GF is constantly suffering from that..and she's a die hard "hoverer" which makes it even harder. I mean she'll never sit on the toilet regardless of the situation.

She has couple of ways to solve her problem:
1. She fills a vaginal syringe with lubricant, sticks is in her butt as far as possible and then empties everything. It can be anything..KY Gel, Vaseline, even sometimes hand cream like Nivea. In most of the cases it works after short time and everything comes out smoothly and painless..

2. If that doesn't work (rare cases) she cuts a small piece of hand soap and sticks it in as deep as she can. It helps to lubricate the piece of soap so is smoothly slides in. It works after 20-30 minutes

3. Worst comes to worst she uses enema..

Most of the times she's asking my help if I'm at home..:)


On holiday in Asia, I was forced to use the squat toliets in the airport, because I was suffering from the runs at the time.
These toilets smelt pretty grotty but nothing compared to how they smelt after I had used them.
I had to queue as the place was very busy. But the urges were coming on strong and so I just pushed infront of the people waiting and apologised, well kind of. At the time all my powers of communication had been stopped, I was using all my connentration to stop myself from mesing all over myself. Lovely I know...
Anyway, I close the toilet door and aim as best I can. By this stage the cramps are unbearable. Oh God, the pain. That morning in the hotel, I had been in the bathroom since dawn. I had been completely dreading catching this flight, but after spending hours sitting on the toilet, I had naively thought the worst was over.
Ah how stupid I was.
So here's the scene. I'm trying my best to squat over these toilets but I'm in agony. So I'm swaying a bit and cursing and all the same time letting off some fowl, toxic fumes and not quietly I may add. The people I pushed passed earlier are talking about me outside.
Then suddenly, like an exposion from a volcano, it begins. The relief is too much, its heaven.
And that would have been the end of this tale. But sadly, its not. the thing was, on turning around, to my horror, I had missed the squat toilet and had infact fired excrimant all up the wall.
Oh God, just thinking about it, is making me red. At the time I was beyond mortified. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't clean it up. And the smell, flushing the toilet wouldn't help it. This nauseous stench was here to stay until some poor person came to get rid of the mess.
I'm not proud about this. I left the toilet and slunk away. I'm suprised I wasn't arrested, I thought I might be.
My sympathies to the poor cleaner who had to deal with my 'mess' literally.
Honestly, not all westerners are as disgusting as me!

Mark from WI
Hi Michelle from Milwaukee, I read your post from a week or so ago about you pooping at Summerfest, hehehhe great to hear a story that is local to me, I am in the Milwaukee area too and went to summerfest on july 3rd.

Nice story, do you have anymore?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hi, I'm Niki and I have a question. I have been constipated since yesterday and since this afternoon have had a full and achy feeling in my lower abdomen. About an hour ago I started having painful cramps. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to help it? I know laxatives are an option but I'm not quite sure how they work and am kind of scared to take one. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it.

Linda - A recall especially for you !

I took a few days leave at my flat in Chelsea, and had an old friend (Clare) to stay.

During one evening we both had an enjoyable home-made pasta supper with lashings of a very quaffable Merlot to wash it down. We both became merry rather than drunk, and the topic turned to farting following an amusing TV programme - which included breaking-wind comical sketches.

Clare, a brunette like me, is about 45, 5 foot 7inches tall, about 180 lbs, attractive face, but with stocky thighs and calves. Now thoroughly relaxed by drink, said that she could beat most people at farting, but she was currently somewhat bunged up.

The following morning she had a headache that she said was not a hangover, but from constipation. She said she normally went every 3 or 4 days but had not been for almost a week and was starting to feel uncomfortable. She went in and out of my loo during the day, and I heard her farting, and straining for long periods, but with no success.

The following morning she still had not been and was clearly feeling lethargic. "My aching rectum is overstretched and it's uncomfortable for me to sit down" She said "I must go to the loo today somehow and would you be embarrassed or disgusted to try and help me ?"

She removed all her clothes below the waist and bent down on her knees on an old towel on the bathroom floor. She then stuck her ample bottom and thighs in the air, with her head on the floor, and held her cheeks wide apart with her hands.

Her sizable anus - surrounded by a ring of dark hair and muscle - mushroomed-out as she strained. Her hole gradually expanded until it was fully dilated at I guess about 2.5 inches wide. I was in awe at this intimate sight. The hard stool in her rectum appeared on the threshold, until she could strain no more, and then it hastily retreated back inside. Poor Clare was purple in the face with exhaustion and embarrassment at me seeing such private places and actions.

I suggested some KY Jelly, which she insisted in applying herself. She strained again taking deep breaths. Her turd - which was after a week or so looked hard and knobbly, made another appearance. "Go on" I said "push - push". It slowly eased its way out aided by the lubricant, and dropped with a thud in an empty old washing up bowl I held under her. Her sphincter was oscillating as it slowly returned to its closed state whilst Clare regained her breath. She then released a deep bass zipping fart - " I am sorry I did not mean to do that - especially in your face" she said. "but thank you" she said, " I am much relieved in more ways than one."

Her turd was about 9 inches long, a good 2.5 inches in diameter at the start, tapering down to 2 inches after the first 3 inches of length. It was blunt at both ends and composed of very hard compact protruding boluses. It was medium brown in colour. There was little smell owing to its dryness.

I gently wiped the gel off her anus and surrounding hair, which was otherwise clean.

Clare, still red in the face, looked away and said "I was frightened I might injure myself passing that lump" and what must I think of her etc. I said not to worry - it was a private matter between close friends, and that I was sometimes in the same difficulty, and had to use the jelly.

Not unnaturally we became firmer friends after this episode in our lives.

Hello Everyone.
Here's a story my Mum loves to tell me.

There is a famous art gallery in Paris called Fontainebleau.
My Mum was suffering from chronic constipation and so she had gone to the doctors for some laxatives.
The night before going to this art gallery, she took a handful of the pills and washed it down with lots of alcohol.
The next morning on the tour bus, she developped really, really bad stomach cramps and really needed to go to the toilet.
The tour bus had to be stopped and she ran off madly to find a bathroom.
Later on, wandering around this grand and beautiful building, my Mum had to go again.
But of course there are no toilets just anywhere in this place- they were at the other end of the museum.
This art gallery is massive, with rooms and rooms and rooms. It goes on forever. My mum had to run ahead of the tour group. She was letting of something deadly. Her face was screwed up in serious pain and concentration.
She tells me it felt like her insides were going to fall out of her at any time.
Of course all the people behind her, had to deal with the stench she left in her wake.
She eventually reached a toilet. She was in there for hours literally.
It was so embarrassing but sickly funny.
To cap it all off, the whole tour bus had to wait for her to finish.

My Mum has never touched a laxative since.

Russell of Hot Springs
Dear Niki,

I was just looking at your recent post and I have an answer to your questions. Yes, laxitives are safe to take when you are constipated.
In addition to this, you might also drink some hot coffee. I am told that coffee helps to "get the bowels moving", because it acts like a lubricant. In an extreme case, I would consult a doctor.

Another suggestion you might try is lying down in your bathtub with warm running soapy water, such as a soothing bubble bath in a Jacuzzi. If these remedies do not work, then I don't know what to tell you. However, if you are successful in relieving yourself, perhaps you might share with me the size of your BM once it comes out. I am referring to the length and thickness. A tape measurer is ideal for this purpose. After all, since this is a forum that allows for open discussion about our bathroom rituals, this is why I request such info. You may be as open with your feelings to me as you like.

Well, that is all for now. I look forward to hearing from you. I also wish you the best of success on relieving yourself.


Russell of Hot Springs

Tiger, it's really weird how this works, I guess everyone's got a doppelganger. My description is almost the same as yours, except I got the idea that you're in high school, and I'm in college, but hey, almost the same, right? Thanks for the movie info; I've been trying to track down some movies with girls taking a dump. Do you actually see the girls in this movie, or is it an outside-the-stall shot? Also, other than this one, Detroit Rock City, and Not Another Teen Movie, do you know other movies involving teen heroes hiding in a girls' bathroom?

Linda, I've always wanted to see something like what you describe, someone (preferably female, well actually, only female) from below and behind, squeezing a huge turd out slowly. The only thing better than that would be multiple girls doing the same thing, complete with surround sound of grunts, sighs, and comments from the bevy about exactly how much they needed to get that one out, and just how lodged in their anus that turd is. By the way, that's an open invitation to any girls to contribute stories of this nature, or guys to tell about how lucky they are to have witnessed this awe-inspiring act.

Niki, laxatives without stimulants can get you going ok, but also drinking more water so that your intestine doesn't have to take out so much from your stools helps, I think. Please tell us about your results, as you can see that at least two people want to know how everything comes out.

Maya, I liked the story you shared. I felt sorry for you that you had that burning explosion in your panties. Could you tell about one of those nice, quiet, non-painful diarrhea stories? I kinda like to hear about the explosions too, but the problem is that I feel bad because usually they're not too fun for the person going through them. So if you have any that were simply a relief for you, please don't hesitate to share.

G-Bone, feeling the vibes of some girl's really loud ripper on your lap is pretty cool. If you have any more stories, go ahead and share. I might get some since I go to parties at school, and parties usually means drinking free crappy beer (except for me) and that means hot chicks with ripe gas.

Sorry about posting such a long post. Maybe I'll be able to post next time _about_ something really long (coming out of a girl's anus).



I'm from the Harrisburg area and have done the EXACT same thing in the East Mall and Capital City Mall when I just couldnt hold it! I felt bad for the folks who have had to clean out the dressing rooms but if I cant make it to the head in time, I'd rather not walk around the mall with a mess in my pants! haha

YES, I'd LOVE to watch you!

I had a gross experience the other day. I was working with some friends outside in this park area where people hike. We were cleaning out some old cabins that they're restoring. So, we finally finish up and were heading back to the car when my bowels cramped up. We had eaten at the camp snack bar for lunch and the food was ultra greasy. So, I started looking for a bathroom. I couldn't find one! It seemed while we were driving in we passed an outhouse or latrine every few hundred yards, and now there were none! So, we decided to get in the car and drive back the way we came, and we I could jump out at the first outhouse we passed. By now all my friends (three girs and two guys--including me) knew I had the shits. So, we were coming around a corner and I had a piercing pain in my guts. I lost control and a loud, wet fart exploded out of me, and with it came a big glob of diarrhea. I groaned, Oh God! My friends were nice about it. One of the girls said, hold on we're almost there. Finally, there was an outhouse, but it had no door!!! There was toilet paper in it and it looked clean, so obviously people used it even though they could be seen. I was too desperate to care. I jumped out and ran over to it. I yanked my jeans and underwear down and sat on the seat. Diarrhea exploded out of me. I know they heard it loud and clear, because I heard giggling from the girls. I didn't care, I was too relieved at having avoided shitting my pants. Amazingly, I had managed to catch the little bit of shit that had escaped between my butt cheeks so my boxers didn't get messed up. So, finally, I squirted out the last few drops and sighed in relief. I wiped my butt and re joined my friends. They teased me by clapping. I bowed. They were at least nice enough to not watch me. I don't know if I'd be able to shit in front of a girl.

I have never posted before but I do have a story about my friend Sam. It was my senior year in high school and me and my friend Sam would always skip a few classes out of the school day to go to Mc Donalds.Well on the particular day we had to get back to class sooner the usual and Sam had complained to me that he had terrible shit cramps.
We got back to school and relized we had gotten locked out for some assembly and he was pretty much screwed in the way of a bathroom. Now my school was in plain view of the main street so cars passed by frequently.Sam was bitching and so I said "hey I dare you to shit on some ones bumper".He looked shocked but was in desptrate need of a pot.He hesitated and said "fine" with a grin. He found the car of a kid he disliked and squated like a dog while people watched him from the street.after he was done he wiped with wendy's napkins and with a left over napkin he chucked his shit on this kids windshield.We waited for school to end and sure enough this freak kid came to his car.People we watching and laughing at him. We got his snow srapper out and sraped the shit off.The kid was embarassed but it was great and funny to us. To this Day Sam is Still known as Shit Boy!

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