Just to let everybody know, Martha is not my real name, but I don't want to use my real name because I'm afraid that somebody will know me. I have a lot of really good peeing and pooping stories, and I hope that people here appriciate them.

The one I'm going to tell now happened at camp and I was 13. The bathrooms at my camp were very gross, and I hated using them, as well did most of my friends. One day I drank seven bottles of water because it was so hot, and then I needed to pee really badly. The only problem was it was lights-out time in my cabin, and I couldn't go use the bathroom. I tried to sleep, but either I was so afraid of going in my pants that I couldn't go to sleep, or the pain was so great, that i couldn't sleep. I don't know which. Finally everybody in my cabin but me and a girl Molly were asleep. I held my pee until one o'clock in the morning, but then I knew I had to go or i'd go in my bed. I said, "Molly, I need to pee badly. I'm going to use the bathroom even though we're not allowed to leave the cabin." Molly said, "Okay. I'll say you had bad diarrhea if somebody wonders why you left the cabin." So i walked out. The walk to the bathroom was long, and with every step i needed to go more. Finally, to my great embarrassment, I lost it. Suddenly pee was streaming down legs and going all over my pajama shorts. I have an incredibly large bladder, and when i need to go--i really need to go and i'll pee for minutes without stopping. So, even though i really really wanted to stop peeing on myself and go to the bathroom and wash myself off, i couldn't stop peeing. Finally i stopped trying to prevent peeing on myself and just pushed as hard as i could to get all of the pee out. I was so absorbed in my peeing that i didn't realize that i was being watched, until i hear, "Oh, damn it!" I whirled around, spraying pee all over my shirt. There was the boy i had a crush on, watching me pee. "I'm so sorry. I needed to use the bathroom, and I accidentally saw you going..." I looked at him, and realized that he had a bulge in his pants. "you shit yourself, didn't you?" i asked. he said, "yes," and burst into tears. I said that it was okay, and that clearly i had peed in my pants, so i couldn't poke fun even if i wanted to. He sniffed, and said okay. Once we were done cleaning ourselves in the bathroom, he looked at me and i said, "you're the nicest guy i've ever met at this camp!" and hugged him. Suddenly i realized that he was clutching his penis and had had an erection. This was to much for me and i said, "i see you enjoyed seeing me piss myself. I didn't enjoy it, but I'm glad you did!"

Hey everyone, i have been reading these posts for about 2 years already and in this time i never had anything worth mentioning until a couple of days ago. I was at work and i felt that sensation that told me my bladder was getting full. Well my break was due in about 10 minutes but when it came around i forgot all about it. Sure enough as soon as i sat down i realized i didn't go to the restroom so i thought im gonna see how long i can go without going! Lunch came around and i was getting pretty desperate but i can handle my bladder pretty good. When three thirty rolled around i was in pure and agonizing pain but i wanted to make it home and have a 'state of the art'pee. five o'clock could not get here any sooner!!! I work in a closed office so i didnt know that it was raining outside and as soon as i stepped foot out that door and i saw the rain, my bladder shrunk to about half its size and asked for imediate release. Now i have NEVER had an accident in my panties and i wasnt about to have one now im 20 yrs old!!! I ran to my car and the rain wasnt helping one bit. i get in my car and i can feel a little squirt go in my panties, my hand went directly inbetween my legs and i crosses them in a flash, now doing this hurt soooooo much my bladder was ready to burst. so i pulled out of the parking lot and i grab a cushion from the back seat that my cousin uses as a pillow and i sat on it just in case i needed to use it i wouldnt mess my car. the moment i pull into the freeway TRAFFIC!!!!!! it wasnt even moving traffic it was at a standstill i just wanted to cry! then all of a sudden my bladder had a mind of its own and i couldnt stop it both my hands were trying to stop it and i could just feel the warm liquid running through my fingers rather quickly after about 10 seconds i decided i might as well enjoy it so i started peeing away. i had never peed for so long and it felt so good =) Bad news the cushion did absorb some of my pee but since it was so much most of it went right through my seat! now i have a pee smelling stained car oh well it was definately worth it !!

Hi everyone, ive been reading this site for a while, wanted to actually say something...

Um, about me, i'm 18, black, muscular, kinda short, and i live in the northeastern Us, and i go to a school where the team mascot is a tiger (hence the handle). dont have any stories at the time, nothing interesting, but if you all dont know, for those of you that are into this kinda thing, there's a funny and lengthy female shitting scene in "Harold and Kumar go to white castle." the two heros are running from the cops bc they just bought some weed, so they duck into the girls' bathroom (as all heros in teen comedies seem to). anyway, they hear two girls come in so they hide in a stall, and the two pretty british girls proceed to play "battleshits" (i think y'all can figure out what that means), with the smell causing the guys to drop their weed into the commode and run out coughing. funny, and enjoyable to watch. well, that's all for now. i guess ill post again soon.

peace and love,

Taking a poop in the shower is something I especially liked to do too! Unfortunately, I had to call my little activities to an end. My efforts to clean up weren't good enough and I began to clog up the shower drain with some regularity. It was just too much of a hassle to constantly use drain cleaner to keep things flowing.

I really agree with you about the feeling of freedom you get walking around the house with nothing on. It's just soooooo nice to be able to just sit down whenever (or wherever) you want and let it all come out.

While I'm not really sad or anything, I'm definitely disappointed that I haven't had a good toilet experience in some time. I haven't passed a good sized log in any of my shits in ages. Last week I had a lot of stuff came coming out of me during one session. But was fairly loose & runny, so I don't really count that as a good poop.

Oh well… perhaps I'll get a welcome birthday gift and drop something big on my birthday next Friday.

Talk to you all later!

I often wonder how some people that post on this board can have such a deeply-rooted fear of relieving themselves in public bathrooms. To all of you that do, have fun reading the post below, in all its supposedly embarassing horror-

On a recent FTX, we were all camping out in the usual random field in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately for us, it had a full bathroom with showers, sinks, and toilets, each sectioned off by a wall. UNfortunately for us, the toilet section was straight out of a scene from "Full Metal Jacket" : Side by side bowls, no walls, no doors, and close enough to eachother that you could hold hands with your fellow shitter. There were urinals also, however they were actually tubs set against the wall opposite the toilets, close enough, too, to able to touch them.
On a not so rare night, after much drinking had been done, I got the urge to take my daily, or nightly in this case, crap. Excusing myself from the masses huddled around the empty beer cans, I headed to the latrine and found it empty, save one guy in the shower section, which was at the other end from the toilets. I headed over, claimed a seat, and set to work on pushing out 5 days worth of MREs (For anyone that's ever had to eat MREs for every meal for 5 days straight, you know how much yer ass hurts after pushing out a log the width of a small child's head). Someone had left a copy of Army Times on the floor, so I picked it up and started flipping through the pages. About 2 minutes later, the guy taking the shower shuts off the water, and then suddenly he appears around the corner. Buck naked except for his shower shoes (flip-flops we have to wear in the showers, and believe me, you WANT to wear them), he grins over to me and exclaims "HI, SARGE!" before walking to the urinal, stands with his naked ass a mere foot from my face, and proceeds to relieve himself, humming, singing, and whistling all the while.

Perhaps those people mentioned above could never apppreciate the humor in this situation, but I laughed my ass off. And yes, this is the kind of stupid stuff we in the military do to amuse eachother. Weeks in the field can make you crazy like that.

Last weekend my housemate stayed with her younger brother, he lives north about 4 hours drive away. I wasn't sure how I would go, pooping at his house but I went on Saturday morning with no problems. Then on Sunday morning, I woke up feeling gassy and I could feel a big amount of poo moving down towards my anus. I ate some cereal for breakfast and waited about 20 minutes. Then I went into the toilet and closed the door. I pulled down my pants and sat down on the toilet. First I did a wee, then I waited. I had to push a bit to get the turds moving, but several came out without too much effort. I could still feel more up there so I pushed again and I was able to squeeze out several more turds. Then I did another wee and wiped my butt. I had a look at my job and there were about 12 small, thin turds in the bowl. They were dark brown in colour and they smelt really bad.

Last night I could feel a turd moving down just before I went to bed. I almost felt the urge to push it out but when I tried, it wasn't ready to come out. I did a few farts and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, I tried to squeeze the poo out again but it wouldn't budge. I ate some cereal and waited about 10 minutes. I went to the toilet and tried again. This time I was able to push out a small turd but that was all. I couldn't get anymore out and I can feel a stubborn log sitting in my anus - it has been like that all day.

Does anyone have any good constipation stories to share?? Im dying to read some. Has anyone watched someone else trying to squeeze out a big, dry, rock solid turd?? I mean watching the log coming out of their anus? Ive read a few stories on this site about someone straining to get a big turd out and someone else helping them.

Hi, I've been reading this forum for a while but have never posted before. I have a question. I've read several posts where people talk about rubbing their stomachs in order to alleviate a stomachache or to help during a bowel movement. I had never done this before, and today while on the toilet I was stricken with a terrible stomachache right in the middle of my BM and so I decided to try and rub my stomach, but it only made me feel nauseous. So my question is, what is the proper way to rub your stomach to help a poo and ease stomachache? I was using my fingertips to rub lightly up and down on my lower stomach, am I doing this wrong? Is there a reason it made me nauseous?
Thank you,


I was at a sleepover with i think five other girls. We ate a truckload of junk food, pizza, know, we ate everything. I'm not fat--incase what i just said made people think i'm fat--infact I'm thin. But that's not the point. Anyway, we ate a truckload of food, and went to bed. I slept restlessly, and woke up at 9:00 when the alarm went off. I had a dreadful stomach ache, and needed to shit a bit. After breakfast, I said I needed to go home, and so did the other four guests (the host didn't need to go home, obviously). My car was in for repairs because some jerk in a parking lot had ran into it and smashed it a bit, so I asked my friend Halie if she could drive me home. She agreed--although she didn't look thrilled. SO we got into the car, and started driving home. My cramps got worse, as did my stomach ache. I noticed Halie looking a bit uncomfortable as well, and said, "Halie, I need to use the bathroom. Can we stop?" Halie said, "I need to go to, badly. Lets go at the next gas station." But the next gas station was a pit, and we ended up having to drive another 10 miles until we saw one. By this time I was having dreadful cramps, and Halie was squirming so much that I was amazed that she could drive. Finally Halie parked, and we ran to the bathroom, there were two stalls. I quickly pulled my jeans down, and i could hear Halie doing the same. instantly i heard Halie have a violent attack of diarrhea, and I tried to poop myself. But my stomach was hurting alot and I couldn't go. Finally, when Halie was almost done, I gave my stomach a hard jab, and diarrhea exploded out of my butt. It was over pretty soon, and we both got into the car. Five minutes later I'm feeling fine, but Halie is sqirming a real lot. "Jess," Halie said, "Do you mind if I fart? I need to shit badly." I said sure, and suddenly there was this farting sound, and the whole car smelled. "Thanks, that helped," Halie said. Two minutes later she got this pained expression on her face, and half a minute later she said, "OH MY GAWD!! I'm shitting in my pants!! AND IT'S DIARRHEA!!" Well, you could tell from the smell. She dropped me off at my house, and then drove home. I had one more diarrhea explosion, and then was fine. Later Halie called me and said, "OH jess, I feel terrible! I've spent the whole day having diarrhea and puking! I think the junk food didn't stay in my system well!" I was sorry for Halie, especially once she told me that she got so much diarrhea in her pants that it overflowed them and flowed onto the seat, and her car now has poop stains on it.

As I read thru all the accounts here of peeing in ones pants, I guess I have the nerve up now to post my own.
I was 13 at the time and a pretty good student going to Jr. High 7th grade. In our area this was the first year out of grade school to high school with grades from 7 to 12.
Being new to all this and the changing of classes with like 5 minutes in between, not knowing exactly where the room was it was confusing.
You just followed a classmate and hoped they knew where they were going.
It was a cool Sept day, Im wearing cords, BVD briefs, black sox, loafers and an open collar blue shirt. I followed a few classmates down the hall way to the end to the next classroom. I really needed to make a pee stop in the boys room but I didnt want to lose the dudes Im following.
Start of third period in the morning, I needed to pee but not real bad. We had this English teacher, a blonde bomb about 23 out of college a year or so, now teaching. She was actually a good looker, but a real bitch like she had it in for boys and some girls. Id say she was a man hater myself after having her for class for a week now.
Oh my, here we are reading this book, "Tale of Two Cities" a real real boring class where you just about fell asleep just trying to listen.
Every once in a while the teach would yell, "WAKE UP" and everyone would jump and sit up for a few more minutes. I had to pee though and would reach down in my pocket and re adjust my peter to try to lessen the urge.
Soon one girl raises her hand, and the teach, Miss Saupp, says, "yes"
It was Sally G. and she says, " may I got to the girls room?". Miss Saupp snapped back at her, "your are old enough to control yourself now, and you just have to wait until end of class". Sally let out a sigh, and put her hand down and went back to her book, I noticed she was holding tight her legs squeezed tight under her desk. I had to pee, its getting more noticable and we have about 35 minutes to go.

I could hear Sally suck thru her teeth as she was uncomfortable and was shifting about in her chair. I grabbed my own peter now thru my cord pants and gave it a pinch, like to say, stop it or I will hurt you.
I wondered who else in the room really needed to go pee too right now.
Im kinda nervous and my leg is jumping and my foot is like tapping the floor with my shoe. Oh I really got to go pee, and I cannot ask this mean bitch as you know the answer. Yet I remember in 3rd grade I was doing the same thing holding on afraid to ask to leave the room and went and peed in my pants and on the floor. Everyone snickered and the teacher sent me to the nurses station where I was sent home.

Im holding on like Sally, I notice her hand in her crotch now and shes reading her booklet being very still. I had my hand squeezing my peter now thru my pocket and getting an urge now and then, not too bad though.
Now as we finished the quiet part of class reading a few chapters it was discussion time, even standing up to read a page outloud.
So you know who gets called #1 to read several pages. "Michael, would you stand and read pages 36 thru 38 to the class," Miss Saupp calls out

My heart sank and I had to stand holding the booklet and could not hold mmyself now. I got up and started reading in a halting voice afraid that everyone would know my problem and I had to just hold it. I read several paragraphs and had halted. I got an urge to pee just then. Miss SSaupp then say, "go on, dont stop, read," sorta loud. I was startled aand just then I felt a squirt of hot pee shot into my undies. I managed to stop it and started to read again. It felt like my water was at the tip of my peter and was ready to explode out any second.
Finally I was done and sat down, that was almost worse. The pressure in ymy bladder was getting stronger and I had another urge and a second hot squirt in my shorts. Im pinchin my peter now visible, didnt care who saw me. My friend sitting across from me, looked and mouthed, "whats wrong?" I mouthed the words back to him, "got to piss".
He shook his head and mouthed the words, walk out. I shook my head no, she will really kill me.

My mouth was dry, im sweating now and then I get these urges to let go and pee. Then I get a chill, I shivered although sweating and I could feel that heavy load at the end of my peter just ready to burst.
I shivered again,and this time a long squirt of hot pee went into my shorts. I wondered if it showed, I looked down at my zipper and crotch. Nothing showing but I know I did some pee in my undies.
Then I went and stretched out my legs under the desk and sat half off the chair. Big mistake. I had changed position and the load I had all of a sudden started squirting out in little bursts. I was actually peeing in my pants, first time since 3rd grade. I felt the hot wet pee sstart running around my pubic hair and balls and up my asscrack. My butt was getting real wet. I kept trying to stop it, but little squirts continuted as my cords were starting to get soaked. I looked at my friend and just shook my head, like "oh no". I was hot, red as a beet and my friend also blushed along with me.

AT this point I didnt care anymore and I put up my hand to see if I could get to the boys room. Miss Saupp said, "yes Michael" followed by a quick "no Michael". With that my bladder just released all of its water and pee ran down both pantlegs, sox, shoes and on the floor. I peed and peed and peed and it was so hot. I was so embarrassed turning abright shade of red. Finally it was done, I was feeling empty and the ppain was gone. Looking at the floor by my foot, there was a small puddle, nothing real big. My cords was squishing with pee now cooling off. I could actuall smell it too, like coffee I had that morning.
So I sat in my wet jeans and cold underwear with a wet ass and crotch and everyhing else. Finally class was over, the bell rang and I jumped up to be the first out the door before everyone might notice.
Sally also jumped and made a beeline for the door. She was slightly bent over and was holding herself with her books in front of herself.

I made it to the boys room and again peed for a long time, I really wasnt all that empty. This was the 3rd period and now its lunch time. I went out the side door and out and trotted down the street home for luch and dry clothes.
I got home and my mom saw what I did, and asked why I didnt go before class or why the teacher said no. She said she would look into it tomorrow. I put on clean undies and pants after washing off the pee on mylegs and butt and privates. I went back to school. I dont think anyone really knew what happened cept my friend Ron. He greeted me at the door at school and mentioned that Sally had left a pee trail down the hall, wetting as she went. I pretty much got away with it. The cordroy jeans I wore soaked up most all my pee and didnt show much.
But not the next time, it was a major disaster in 12th grade that time.

later though, with your comments Imight post it too.

Sorry to post again so soon but I am still suffering from constipation and my stomach ache is becoming really painful. When I wrote my first post it was about 2am last night and when I woke up this morning my belly was bloated. My boyfriend came over and we were laying on the couch watching TV and I guess he must have noticed me holding my stomach because he asked if I was feeling okay. I didn't want to tell him I'm constipated so I said I just had a stomach ache. He asked if I wanted him to massage my stomach and I said no, but then I felt bad about it so I told him the truth, that I was constipated and my belly was swollen, and he said a stomach massage would help. He had me sit up leaning against him and he put his arms around me and put both hands on my lower ???? and started to rub in circles. Soon I felt some gas moving around and told him I was going to fart, and he pushed on my ???? while I let out three or four small farts. I still didn't feel able to poop, and he massaged my ???? for about ten more minutes and then I asked him to stop because I felt queasy. I've tried to poop several times since then and I still can't. My belly is still bloated and achingly full. I'm afraid to take a laxative because I've heard they give you horrible diarrhea. What should I do??

-fartwoman, post more on this site please. thank you.

I am a 22 year olf female and am a lesbian. i poop my panties in public and it gets me off. it feels sooo good. heres a story from one of the times: i went to a singles bar to lead on some of the guys. so this guy walks up to me and is flirting. so im like flirting back and then im like "o damnit" and i put this straining pushing really hard face on and i shit diareah all in my panties.hes like "are u ok?" and i was like "im fine now". so we left the bar and he didnt know what i did, we were walking down the street and he says he smells somthing. i walk ahead of him and my skirt was like kinda pulled a little high. so he could see the liquidy shit in my white cotton panties. he says he just remebred her had to ebs omwhere right now and told me good nite. when i asked him for his number he said he didnt have time and ran off! it was hilariuos!
XOXO - Sara

your name whizzer
this is for guys only. On a long driving trip we stopped and I had to urinate. After a wait when i finally got in the restroom I got an erection and even though I had the sensation to pee I could not go . Has this ever happened to anyone before. After about 45 minutes I stopped and had a monster Pee.

I was traveling with my mom and we stopped in Atlanta to change planes.

My mom wears disposable diapers for incontinence from an accident she had a few years back (she's now 42). We had 45 minutes before our next flight so I used the restroom and my mom changed her wet diaper. We started walking but my mom soon stopped and I asked why. She said she felt she was going to "do the dirty in her diaper" and I thought that would be interesting since she had a short tan skirt on with sheer tan hose, I hoped for no leaks. There was a crackling sound as she pushed the load into her diaper but then she got upset. Her diaper HAD leaked and we had to buy her new pantyhose at the gift shop, and she was upset because the ones she ruined were her best ones and she ended up flushing them down the toilet. At least we made our plane...

Have you ver timed yourself peeing... if you have, post it in.
My record is 78 seconds.

G-Bone: I'm with you. I love hearing and smelling girl farts! I've been seeing this 20-yr old German girl (a stripper of course). We were lying in bed a few weeks ago, when she lifted her pelvis and blew a HUGE FART! It was louder than I thought a small girl could produce, and it smelled thick and pungent, like it should. She giggled, and said "That's nothing, that was just a little guurly faarhrt...wait till you smell my SBD's". Obviously she is comfy with her English, using such complex terms as SBD. Keep the girl fart stories coming!

has anyone ever wet their pants because you knew you were going to get wet anyway?

i did but it got messed up. i was 11 and was playing in the park when it started pouring down rain, me and my friend i was playing with ran to the pavilion for shelter, we were only a little wet on the shirt. I was wearing blue jean shorts and had on a white t-shirt, the shirt only went down to the top of my shorts, it i lifted my arms you could see my stomach. anyway i really had to pee and it was still raining so i told my friend that we should go play in the rain and he said no. i just couldnt hold my pee anymore and i actually started going in my pants just before i started running out into the rain. and i swear like 10 seconds after i get in the rain, it stops. my t-shirt just had drops on it and i looked down at my shorts and i had this big wet spot on my front, totally didnt look like the rain did it. my friend said "dude you wet yourself" . i decided to go home to change, i hopped back on my bike and started riding home, i have a couple hills to go up that is too hard to ride so i had to get off my bike and walk up the hill, other kids were pointing and laughing at me when i went by, i just told them to shut up. the pee had soaked down to my but now because i was sitting on the bike. i got home and opened the front door real slow then i ran for the stairs to go to my room, mom was standing at the top and said "hold it. what happened here" i told her i got rained on but mom knows it was a lie and told me to come to her, i walked over to her and she bent down and smelled the front of my shorts, she said "i didnt know rain smelled like pee" then she grabbed my arm and pulled me toward her as she reached back to my bottom and spanked it several times, it didnt really hurt but i cried cause i was a kid. then she hugged me and said "go get cleaned up and dont let it happen again".
another time i had an accident was the same year but mom didnt find out this time. i was at camp and we were putting our tents and stuff up because we just got there and i really had to go, me and two other kids were setting up our tent and i was trying to hold myself and put the rods through the tent when i just couldnt hold it anymore and started going, my friends didnt seem to notice pee running down my legs cause they just said hold it higher. i was wearing black shorts, they were like sweat pants but shorts version, so they were soaked. i didnt get in trouble cause no body knew, you cant tell they were wet unless you looked really hard or felt them. two other kids had accidents while i was there, i remember both really well cause everyone saw them do it. one kid was really holding himself at the archery range, kept holding the bow between his legs then he started jumping and everyone stopped and looked, he was wetting his pants while he jumped, it was splattering onto the ground. the other kid that had one had a number 2 accident, he was walking funny when we came back from a hike and then he stopped and kneeled down to look at something, but he was really pooping his shorts, he had a huge bulge, must have really needed to go and had been holding it. the teacher grabbed his arm when she found out and took him to get cleaned up, he was 10 i think.

Hello everyone,

I have a great Pee story for you from the war in Iraq.Yes, I am there, As I write this, but No I am NOT willing to discuss anything reguarding whats going on here aside from how much I Love to hear stories about women pooping and farting as well as watching and smelling those poops and farts. So for my Pee story. We were on our way into the city for a night mission when earlier that night the task force commander requested that we all drink a 1.5 litre bottle of water before any mission, because of the heat. well I am a good troop so I drank mine. well to avoid a possible attack my unit drove a different way into the city. So there I was in Iraq, sitting in the back of a cargo truck late at night. I had to pee before we left but I didnt have time so I held it.
So as we approached the city me and my squad leader, both had to pee bad. I could not take it anymore and I started to dance in my seat a little on the back of the truck. just when we reached the city limits we started to get shot at. I was in no mood for a gunfight and I REALLY HAD TO PEE! the gunfight was short just a few shots. I took another sergeants waterbottle dumped out his water, and put the tip of my penis in the bottle neck. I carefully started to pee, and let it all flow into the bottle. Just as I started peeing more gunshots rang out. I kept peeing and just ducked my head down for safety. the 5 ton cargo truck kept moving, we were almost at our destination. A Military cargo truck can be a bumpy ride. I managed to get all my pee in the bottle and not on me or anyone else during the small firefight! How is that for Combat Skills?

Here is a Survey for the ladies please give a description of yourself:

1) Do you poop every day? if not how often
2) when do you poop during the day?
3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? before, at the end?
4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? 1>normally stinky, 2> Spray the bathroom warn the next user, >3 adjoing room clearing, 4> Enforces someones gag reflex>, or 5> house clearing
5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop?
6) Do you think your poops are big in size?
7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense?
8) When you flush, do you leave skidmarks or small pieces of poop in the toilet?
9) do you ever clog the toilet?
10) do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped,
11) Do you poop with the bathroom door open?

Please respond to my survey. Keep the good stories about pooping and farting coming. I especially like to hear about ones that happen in the morning with loud farts and plenty if stink! CR

I have another bathroom story for you.........last week my Beau came over for dinner again but asked if he could use my shower since he wouldn't have a chance to go home after work....I said sure.

Well he doesn't know about the bathroom door locking and I'm not going to tell him until this evening.

When he arrives I have already started dinner and he heads for the shower...............he closes the door but not all the way.....whew!!!! I was worried he'd get locked in.....anyway I decide to be a sweetheart and bring some extra towels in there and when I open the door there he was naked as a jay bird sitting on the toilet....I was so excited I almost dropped the towels!!!!!

I excused myself and said I didn't realize he was on the toilet....he said in an embarrased voice that it was ok...I could just leave the towels on the sink....well naughty me I decide to close the door all the way and pretend it was an accident.......I need to use a hairpin to unlock it from the of these days I'll get it fixed :O)

Once locking us in I'm saying oh no!!!!!!!!!! Now I'll have to search my purse for a hairpin...that is the only way to open this door.....he was like don't go just yet.

His bowels weren't moving and he asked if I'd be a darling and rub his belly while he pushed....I couldn't believe my luck!!!! I said sure and I rubbed while he pushed and within 10 minutes he let out a loud KASPLASH!!!!!!!! Then a few farts.......we decided to look in the bowl at his creation and the log was about 11 inches......we flushed and prayed it would go down without clogging the toilet and it just barely made it. Then I searched my purse until I found the hairpina and he said....."Nancy, why don't you join me in the shower?" So I did and I won't type out the rest of our evening.

I will post more soon.....Nancy :o)

Monday, August 02, 2004

AUSSIEROD TO NJBB....... In answer to your questions yes I did see her poops when my aunt arose from the toilet they were some what like 3 big brown sausages of equal size. When my aunt saw that I had a growing erection & asked me later if I liked to watch women on the toilet well she had me cornered. If I said no she would have asked why was I getting an erection, if I said yes, then she may think I'm some kind of weirdo. So I just said "Oh I think it's interesting I guess", she siad it was a perfectly normal interest for a maturing teenager. So from then on we always had an open door policy with the toilet.But I only ever saw her take a crap a couple of times in front of me. I used to help her out in the shed during my holidays, she used to run a small nursery catering for some of the big public nurseries. Then one day they were having the septic tank pumped so we could not use the toilet till about midday. My uncle & cousin left early enough to use a public toilet , but my aunt & I were stuck at home.
We were potting some seedlings when she turned to me & said I wish the septic tanker would hurry up, I'm busting for a shit. I said I know how you feel, I could feel the turtle's head begin to push it's way out, so I quickly mustered all my strength & retracted it. We continued to work & nothing more was said , then she said in a loud voice this is no bloody good. I thought she was referring to my work. Then she said I about to shit my pants I have to go take a dump right now. I said me too, I was desperate we both waddled out to an area where there was alot of rubbish behind the shed. She lifted up her long dress pulled her boxers to one side, bent slightly at the knees then she farted followed by this long turd about 8" . How she didn't shit all over hands I don't know, this turd was followed by one 4" long I could hear her breathe a sigh of relief. She then said that was so close I could feel it spreading my cheeks, she then rearranged her boxers to have a piss. Of course she did not wipe because we had no paper out there, but occaisonally I saw her pulling out a wedgie which I imagined would have been sticky. I asked her later about her style of outdoor pooping, that is pulling her pants to one side. She siad she had done that since she was a teenager, but it often depends on the type of u/wear she has on. She said early on she had a few misfires , that is crapped on her knuckles when she spread her cheeks, but now she has perfected the procedure, she said she often doesn"t have to wipe.

Happy pooping allllllllllll

to: all girls
any recent girls who pee standing up? if yes, please share some interesting stories about using the urinal in the mensroom.

well, i had my first accident today. here's how it happened.
i was trying on clothes at the mall when i started to get a bit of a stomach ache. i didn't think anything of it because i always have a stomach ache before i poop, and also i had just eaten two tacos, so i thought maybe the food didn't agree with me. at any rate, i wasn't too worried about it. i was getting ready to leave the fitting room when i got a really strong cramp and doubled over holding my ????. the cramp went away pretty quickly, but i was starting to feel very sick and knew i needed to get home. i got another cramp when i got into my car and started to feel the urge to pee as well. the mall is not far from my house, so i was pretty sure i could make it home. about five or six minutes from my house, my stomach was hurting horribly and my bladder felt ready to burst and had started aching. i began rubbing my ???? with one hand while i was driving, but the cramps just kept getting worse and worse. i felt a big fart building up, and i pushed on my ???? a little to let it out, only it wasn't a fart--it was liquid poo. when i realized what was happening, i tried to stop it, but i couldn't. it just kept coming out of me, and then i started to pee, too. when i got home, no one else was there and i ran into the bathroom and as i started to take off my jeans, my stomach cramped again and i had another bout of diahrrea. by now i was crying, and i decided to just jump in the shower.
so that's my accident story. my stomach is still queasy and i have been farting a lot since that happened this afternoon.

The bladders are emerging from their once hidden status, and I couldn't be more delighted...

First off, Thank you Lexi for another exciting story. I'm sure that woman in the stall next to you was impressed by your performance, but nevertheless was able to out-pee you by a good margin. Though it was probably surreal for her, it was most likely even more strange for you, perhaps akin to a very tall person encountering someone taller for the first time in their life. Thank you again for sharing...I so love those types of stories.

To that end, I must send warm greetings to Val K & Talia, both of whose tales I enjoyed very much reading.

Val K, I suppose it's not too common for women such as yourself to have accidents considering your bladders enormity, but when that unpleasantness does happen, it is amplified so much considering the amount of pee you must release. How utterly awful for you, though I must admit to enjoying the story. I imagine the women hearing you continue to pee and pee in the bathroom were amazed that you still had to go so much despite drenching your clothes. Was your mom sympathetic to your case? Is she endowed with a bladder such as yours, and perhaps could console you with a similar anecdote? Again, welcome...can't wait to hear more.

Talia, great story about the female urinal not exactly working for you. As I like to ask all of the women on this board who are endowed shall we say in the bladder department, was there a specific event that made you realize that your bladder was greater in size that those of others? Have you ever heard friends, relatives, even strangers comment outside of your stall as you just keep on peeing? I wonder if your other large-bladdered friend would be interested in sharing any of her experiences? Again, thank you for indulging me...please please please share more when you are able. Take care everyone.

I had a good shit yesterday in some pub toilets whilst out with my wife. We went into the pub, bought some drinks then sat at a table.
I needed to pee, so I set off in search of the toilets.
As soon as I entered, I felt I needed to shit. I went into the solitary cubicle, took my pants and underpants down, checked the door was locked, and then without any effort, it slid out.
"PLOP". I squeezed gently, then two more, "PLOP", "PLOP"
There was no one in to listen unfortunately. I wiped my bum, washed, the went bacjk to my wife.
I didn't tell her I'd just had a shit, but she asked if I'd had trouble finding the toilet

Tim and Sarah
Hi PV! How lovely to hear from you again. Sorry, to hear you were sick. We sincerely hope, it wasn't anything serious and you are alright again!
I liked your little story about the Tour de France. I would have loved to see Jan Ulrich doing the dump into the bag. Not so much for the erotic aspect (lol, certainly not...), but for the acrobatic interest. I have seen three things on telly to do with Tour de France- toilet scenes: First there was the final day, when it was already clear that Lance Armstrong had won. They showed him with a glass of champagne riding into Paris. He was passing an open field and the background there were about twenty other cyclist who stopped at the side of the road to piss. There is that typical position that the (male) cyclist assume when they take a quick leak without getting of the bike. So while the camera rolled by, you'd see one or more guys every few metres slightly bend over letting it rip....The second was a TV kids programm, which I watched with our little ones: There they explained how cyclist pee during a race without stopping (good thing to know, even at an early They don't pee their pants, like you indicated (or at least not all), but get their penises out. They hold onto a team colleague or a car and lower the leg on the side they wanna piss at. Our kids were fascinated about that piece of education and Loewie even tried it out while cycling his little bike in our garden, which led to a mild crash and some wet pants (he forgot he was supposed to hold onto a team colleague...). Mind you, it's only half of the truth if I shake my head about my little boy, cause Peter and me have plans to give it a try on the next cycling tour, ;-).
The third TV event dealing with that topic was a quiz, in which some comedians get asked funny questions to find out about certain true events or the meaning of some phrases. They were asked why the full bladder of a Tour de France cyclist woke up a TV reporter. The answer was that the poor journalist had fallen asleep on the back seat of a car that was driving along with the cyclist. When one of the guys needed a leak, he held onto the car and applied the above technique. Unfortunately the wind blew his urine through the open window into the reporters face, which woke him up. Funny, but really gross, isn't it?
Hoping for some more stories from you. Take care. Love from Tim and Sarahx
Greetings to all old friends and everybody else. Special hello to Annie and Robbie (we are worried so much about you guys. If you can, just let us know that you are ok, please...)
All the best

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