Hey. This is my first post here. I'm fair skinner, 110 pounds, five foot 4, with light brown hair, blue eyes, some freckles, and i'm in college. The story i have to tell happened when I was in highschool. I lived in a suburb of NYC, and in middle school when i was goibng into 7th grade i got a scholorship to a fancy private school there. Obviously, I went. My parents both worked, so I took the train by myself--i'm an only child. So, i was in 11th grade when this happened. I don't know what I did to irritate my stomach and bowels so much, but i did something. I used the bathroom in the morning, and although my stomach felt a little gurgly, i couldn't poop. I did pee a fair amount, though. SO, I got onto the train. Ten minutes in my stomach got really gurgly. At first I thought I would throw up, but then it went into my bowels. My bowels felt really gurgly, and i had pain down there. I kind of clutched my bowels, not knowing what was wrong with me. Finally it hit me hard--in the form of a bad pain down there. I needed to shit. I looked around for a toilet. There was one, but I had heard somebody shit in it yesterday, and you could hear every single fart, and ploop magnified several times. I knew that my poop would be loud, and I didn't want everybody (or anybody, for that matter) hearing it. I decided to pass some gas in hope that it would help me until i got to the train station. I let out a couple of silent farts, and suddenly this large juicy wet fart escaped from me. But i had gotten more than I'd barganed for. A bit of poop shot into my pants as well. Now, i was wearing a blue pleated skirt and a pair of blue shorts and cute little white underwear. I was a bit releived from that bit of poop that came out, and i was fine for another twenty minutes. But then, my stomach started gurgling and the pain got so bad i was practically doubled over in my seat. I decided that i would use the bathroom even though everybody could hear me because i didn't want to poop in my pants. SO i got up to go to the bathroom, and I guess i released my control on my bowels accidentally because suddenly i started pooping diarrhea all over my pants. This wasn't nice quiet non-painful diarrhea, this was diarrhea from hell. Instantly I doubled over in pain, as diarrhea poured out of my ass. My ass felt like it was on fire, and I kept farting and making alot of noise. THe pain of it was making me feel dizzy, and i heaved a few times. Luckilly, nothing came out. Everybody was staring at me in shock, as for the next twenty minutes I stood doubled over, unable to move, having diarrhea explosions, dry heaving and farting loudly. Finally when I could move I sat down in my seat. I didn't want to go to the bathroom because I was embarrassed that people had seen and heard me have diarrhea, and i didn't want them to hear me from the bathroom. I made it to the train station without any accidents, and then I ran to the bathroom in time to have another violent diarrhea attack like the first one. Once i was feeling well enough to get off the toilet, i called mom and told her that i didn't feel well and was going home, and i called the school saying i wouldn't be in. I didn't want my friends to see me covered in diarrhea, and i didn't want them to see me have diarrhea explosions, like i knew i would. So, i bought tickets on the train going back. I boareded the train, and this time went instantly to the bathroom, bringing my things with me. I sat on the toilet just intime to have another wave of diarrhea. When i was done with the diarrhea attack i drank some water becasue i felt dehydrated. instantly i felt dizzy. I did a quick 180 and started puking in the toilet. At the same time i had diarrhea all over myself again. For the rest of the train ride i just stayed in that little toilet having terrible diarrhea attacks and then puking waves. By the time i got off the train, i was in such a state that i could litterally feel the puke splashing in my stomach, and the diarrhea churning in my bowels. I made it home, where i lay in the bathtub all day puking and having diarrhea explosions. i then quickly washed myself and went to sleep. The next morning i was better, but i stayed home from school for the next three days because every time i thought of my expierience on the train i'd get so embarrassed that i'd have another diarrhea attack in my pants.

a few days ago, i stayed over at a friend's house with some other girls. we ate a bunch of junk food all night and in the morning i woke up feeling sick to my stomach. i knew i was going to have to poop soon and i really didn't want to stay for breakfast, so i told the other girls i didn't feel good and that i was going to head home. my friend katie asked if i could give her a ride home, and i really didn't want to because of my impending poo situation, but she didn't have another ride and so i said i would. she was really quiet in the car and i noticed her kind of holding her stomach so i asked if she was okay. she said "my stomach is hurting, i need to go to the bathroom" and i said "yeah, me too" and she said "uhm, no, i really need to go the bathroom, can you drive faster?" she was starting to squirm in her seat and was looking really uncomfortable, so i asked if she needed me to pull over somewhere and she said yes, so i pulled into the wal-mart parking lot and we both ran inside to the restrooms. by this point i had started to feel pretty desperate as well, i was having lots of gas and cramps. katie grabbed the first stall in the bathroom and i ran into the one next to hers and had diahrrea as soon as i sat down. i finished pretty quickly and felt better, so i went and washed my hands and waited for katie. i could hear her moaning a little and after a few minutes i asked her if she was okay. she said "i don't know, my stomach hurts really bad but i can't go" and i asked if she wanted me to rub her ???? and she said yes, so i went in to the stall. she was hunched over clutching her belly, and i felt really bad for her. she sat up a little and i started to rub on her lower ???? and then she groaned and said "i need to fart" and let out some really smelly gas. i rubbed her ???? a little harder and she let out a loud groan, another fart, and then lots and lots of diahrrea. she said she felt really sick and so i hurried to take her home, and by the time we got to her house i had started to get another stomach ache. i asked if i could use her bathroom and she said no because she felt nauseous, and so i just let her out in the driveway and drove back to wal-mart where i had more crampy diahrrea. my stomach hurt for the rest of the day, and when i talked to katie online that night she said she "spent the day shitting." i kind of thought it served her right for not letting me use her bathroom.

I dont really like poop stories, but i love pee. I dont like to drink it or anything, but i love pissing. the other day i REALLY had to take one....bad. I was outside, i was walking back to my house from my car and i really wasnt gonna make it. I stopped and grabbed my penis and looked around for just the right spot to piss. there were some dumpsters with a wooden fence to one side. I decided that would be the "spot" I quickly walked over to the dumpsters. It was about 1 a.m. so there wasnt anyone around. As i walked over to the spot i unzipped my jeans and took hold of my penis so i wouldnt piss on myself. I finally got to the spot were i was going to take my piss, i could hardly hold it anymore, I inched up between the dumpster and the fence, i was aiming to piss on the corner of the fence, but as soon as i spread my legs and pulled my dick out a strong stream shot out of my dick. It was so strong, i aimed myself to the fence so i could watch my piss run down the wood and stain it. I moved closer when i saw headlights coming, im not a fan of people watching. about 30 seconds went by and i was still taking a leak. there was a small puddle on the grass where i was pissing. I let out a good fart or two and finally started to just spurt out small amounts of piss. I shook myself dry and walked home.

Hi. I've been reading the forum, and don't really have any stories to post yet, but ill tell yall a little about myself. I am a 15 year old boy, and love taking a crap. I was wondering if any girls out there 18 or under have some pooping in the woods stories. I would have to say that these stories are interesting and give me imaaginations :-)

Hi! I'm new here! I want to tell you a story.
Last night, I had a sleepover with a friend. It was really great. We had made a fort to sleep in. Later on during the night, the fort was killing my back, so I decided to sleep in my bed instead. When I got in the bed, I realized I had to pee, so I held it. Then, I couldn't stand it any longer so I went downstairs to pee.
I felt daring, so I opened our back door and went on the mat outside. It was the longest piss I have ever felt. It was atleast 2 minutes.
I drink alot of water, so I go at least every 10 to 20 minutes. I love peeing. I pee in sinks, mats, in our garage, and of course the toilet.
I will post more stories soon! Bye!

Over this weekend I was in a car ride with my parents and younger brother. I needed to pee really badly as a result of drinking a bottle of coca-cola earlier on the ride. My dad said he'd pull over soon, and i held on. Suddenly we were going over a bridge, and I saw an Evian (water company) truck, and I let a squirt out into my pants. Luckilly i got it under control soon, but I was squirming alot, and I made the mistake of looking at the water under the bridge, and pissed myself really good. I was so soaked in pee, but now that i'd gone on myself, my dad wouldn't stop at a restroom.

Once I was shopping. I really needed to pee and poop, but they had no restroom and there was none near. I walked outside, and pretended to be interested in a shop window. When nobody was looking, I started peeing. At first it was slow, but it got faster and very loud. but i don't think anybody noticed. THen the urge to poop was terrible. I was wearing a thong and a skirt, so the pee had just gone strait down my legs instead of on my skirt. I knew that there was gonig to be alot of poop, so I managed to get my thong off while nobody was looking, and then I was interested in the store window again. lol. So, I pushed and strained and let out a soft fart, and then I managed to get one large piece of shit out. After that, four other long pieces came out with no problem. Then I had a bit of diarrhea, and then i was fine. I wiped my butt with my thong, and threw it away. Then I went shopping for the rest of the day, and bought new undies.

i love hearing (and seeing) girls fart and shit. i have a bunch of stories of this: my cousin was staying at our hosue and she was shitting in the bathroom and i could hear her straining and dropping them in the toilet. another time my sisters friend was in the bathroom and it was like the firts one. another time my friend (who is a girl) used the bathroom at my house and afterwards i could smell her shit, it was soo bad. one time at my friends house there were a bunch of us there, and this girls was like half sitting on me and then shes like "im gonna fart on u" and let this huuuge one rip, it was awesome.
keep the female farting/shitting stories coming!

Hey guys and girls. It's me again. I've just read some old posts and I saw that some persons on this sites wants to know foreign words for "poop". In Swedish it's called "bajs". If we want to be vulgare we say "skit" which means "shit".

Hope you enjoy this infomation.


Good Student
This is my first post...and if you want to know about me, i'm 17 years old, female, fair skinned with light brown hair, some freckles, 110 lbs, 5 feet 4.5 inches, and I live in the US. Yesterday night, I went out to dinner with my boyfriend. I had a most enjoyable dinner, and then we went to his house to hang. Suddenly I started feeling a bit dizzy and sick to my stomach, but I didn't want to leave because that would be rude. At about midnight I left his house, and got into my car. By now my bowels were feeling kinda gurgly and my stomach was churning and I was dizzy, but I drove home. There was some accident on one of the streets, so there was a big delay getting home. By now I felt like I was going to be sick, and I was practically crying I felt so dizzy and my stomach and bowels hurt so much. And the traffic was so slow! Finally I was out of the traffic and I was driving home again making good time. I could barely concentrate on where I was going I felt so sick. Suddenly I knew I was going to be sick. I pulled over, and opened my window. I stuck my head out, dry heaved a couple of times, then puked a teeny bit. When I was done puking that little bit (it only took like 10 seconds to puke that bit, so it was hardly any puke) I started driving again. My stomach was churning, and by now my bowels were full and churning as well. By now I knew it was diarrhea. I almost lost it twice in the car as I went over bumps, but i made it home. I hastilly parked my car, and walked to my house. My parents are away on a trip, so i'm alone in the house. I could hardly walk because i was so dizzy and nautious I felt like i was going to throw up, and because I felt like i would shit in my pants if i moved. Suddenly I felt my bowels get ready to shit now, and i ran to my bathroom. I pulled down my pants just in time, and before I had even gotten my bottom on the toilet, diarrhea was comming out at a rapid rate. It burned, and I felt so dizzy that it was all I could do not to puke. I had diarrhea for like five minutes, and then just sat on the toilet. About ten minutes later, I felt a terrible gurgling sensation on my bowels, and I had another diarrhea explosion. This was the last straw, and I leaned over and puked into my sink. Suddenly the gurgling in my stomach stopped, and I could think strait. I wasn't dizzy anymore! After another five minutes of diarrhea, I decided to lie on the couch and watch TV because my bowels were to active for my comfort, and because i was begginning to feel a bit dizzy again, and felt i couldn't sleep. So, i was watching whatever crap is on at like 1:30 AM, and suddenly my stomach gurgles, and i know i'm going to have diarrhea, so i run to the toilet, and once again, i was standing ove the toilet naked when i exploded. Then i puked into the sink again. then i had another diarrhea explosion. Then, i was feeling a bit let sick, but my bowels were still churning so i searched the house for a diaper, and found one. I put it on, and went to sleep. At about five in the morning i woke up for a sprint to the toilet to have diarrhea, and then at noon i woke up, and found my bottom and the diaper covered in diarrhea. I took a shower, used the bathroom (mushy poo, but not diarrhea) and called my boyfriend. ANd guess what? He had the same thing happen to him...FOOD POISONING! Well, it was terrible. I have some other stories, but i'm still not feeling very great even though it has been a day (uncontrolable mushy poop all day--i haven't left the house and i've only eaten broths and stuff) and i'm getting tired, so i'm going to put on a diaper and sleep now, and i'll post my other (probably better) stories later.

Brenda, Megan, I feel like I've known you all of my life! I'm exactly like you, and i have a VERY large bladder! I've tried the portable urinals with the female funnel, and I generally overflow them by alot! Once a group of friends and I got a lot of them--one for each of us. We were going to see if we could use them, before we went on a trip together. my first friend pees really hard for about 20 seconds, and then it's all gone. my second friend hardly pees at all. my third friend pees a moderate amount, and she pees hard. my forth friend has a giant bladder, no aim, and no control. So, we decided to try them out. friend #1 was okay, and friend #2 was okay as well. friend number three had a bit more trouble, and friend number four didn't want to go infront of us because she was embarrassed that she'd make a mess. my friends begged me and finally i agreed to go infront of them in the portable urinal with the female funnel. I stood in the bathtub and started peeing. most of it went into the funnel. but then the portable urinal was overflowing! and i was less than a minute into my pee! my friends were watching me, but when it overflowed they were watching me in amazement and horror. I was getting kind of embarrassed, so i tried to stop but--you know--once i started peeing, there's like no stopping me. I continued to pee hard all over my legs and the tub floor. Finally it slowed, and continued for a bit, then slowed to a dribble, and stayed like that for a minute or so. my friends were looking at me in awe. So my big-bladdered friend decided to go, and she completely missed the female funnel, spraying pee all over the tub. She pissed hard for minutes on end. It was quite an expierience. At the end, my friends were amazed by me more than her, though, because (unlike her) i managed to go extremely hard for a longer time!

Val K.
You know, when you have a large bladder, it is terrible to have an accident 'cause you can't stop going! I was shopping for clothes with my mom, and for some reason i hadn't peed in the morning like i normally do. So, after a bit i was kinda squirming but i figured hey, i have a giant bladder, what are the chances that i'll have an accident? so, the day continued. we had lunch, shopped some more, and then we were going to go shopping for bra's and underpants. By now i had to go really badly, but i figured that we would be back in two hours or so at most, and i could hold it. i'd held my pee for longer. So, we were half way through trying on bra's, and i needed to go pee really badly, so i shoved on my shirt over the pair of underpants and the bra i was trying on. I walked up to a woman and asked, "Where is the ladies room?" the lady started talking about how the bra was fitting, and i couldn't say "i need to pee badly!" so i continued the conversation. finally the woman tells me where the bathroom is, and i start walking there. finally i see the bathroom door. and then about 24 or more hours of pee hits me, and i can barely walk i need to go so badly. I take one painful step, and suddenly a bit squirts out. Most people could get a grip on the squirt, but I couldn't because of my large bladder size. So now i'm peeing pretty hard, and i have a giant dark spot on my light blue miniskirt. and now i'm going full blast, and nothing for the world could get me to stop. I truely have a mega bladder. By now everybody in the whole store was starring at me, and I wanted to run to the bathroom, but I couldn't stop or move because i was peeing so hard! for most people, the accident would be over in 30 seconds, but since i have a mega bladder it continued for minutes! Finally (although i was still peeing really hard) I managed to stop it for long enough to run to the bathroom, and pull my soaked clothes off and sit on the toilet. I heard a group of people cluster outside of my stall, but i was peeing so hard i couldn't stop now. I continued to pee for minutes and minutes, and people outside were making fun of me. When i was done, i was crying hard, and everybody left. I put on my soaked clothes, and walked to my mom, who knew what i had done. We quickyl paid, and got in the car to go home. I had to sit on a towel so that i wouldn't get the seat wet. Now i'm way more careful about using the bathroom often, because i know that if i have an accident it won't be just an accident, it will be a mega accident.

Da Tim
I went with my girlfriend to a restraunt a few weeks ago. We had some stuff to eat, and then started walking back. I felt fine, but she didn't look so good. I asked "Sarah, are you okay?" and she was like, "I don't feel perfect, but i'm fine." So, we were walking and suddenly she doubled over in pain and said, "I'm going to shit in my pants." and suddenly there was a giant hissing sound, a loud fart, and then a bulge appeared in her pants. Suddenly i hear what sounds like pee, but i can see it comming out of her ass into her pants--it's diarrhea. When she stops she starts crying and says she's so very sorry. So, we continue walking home. Suddenly she doubles over again and whispers, "I have diarrhea," and shits in her pants alot more. I kept comforting her and telling her it was okay. So we continue walking home. Sarah starts groaning and i say, "sarah, are you all right?" and she says, "I feel very dizzy and....BLERGH!" and pukes all over the sidewalk. I see another mountain of diarrhea pour into her pants. When she's done having diarrhea we start off towards home again. (did i mention that we share a house?) We're pretty close to home when she suddenly says, "tim, i'm going to be sick!" and i'm prepairing myself for her to throw up, but instead she pulls down her pants, and in the middle of the street squats, groans, and has the most violent diarrhea explosion i've ever seen. I was amazed--I've never seen a woman use the bathroom before, and i found it enlightening. When Sarah was done we walked back to our house with no further accidents. While at home, Sarah spends all evening and into the late morning puking and having diarrhea. I've been dating Sarah for five years now, and I know i love her and she loves me. So, the second she is well enough to get up without having diarrhea, i propose to her. She instantly agrees...but we couldn't make love because her bowels were a little off still. lol. Ever since that day she's been alot more open with me about bathroom habits.

michelle in oklahoma
When i was around 12 years old we would spend Sat. at the skating rink.
We would get a ride with mom, dad and anyone in the family that had time. so there is 5 of us girls and we skate and then retire to the snack bar for a cool drink. One of the girls said have you ever tried the pickle juice with crushed ice. I must have drank half a jar, and so we skated a little more and headed home. One of the girls brothers picked us up in a small datsun truck so we sat in the back, thank god. I thought i would giggle fart like girls do. I was in shock i blew shit all over in light pants and had to get out and walk a block. I got home and got a shower got out and shit in the floor. i thought i would never live that down. so at some get togethers later i shit off of a balcony to top it. but the pickle shit was the funniest thanks for letting me share

Samantha, emails addresses don't get through (I think to keep 'net predators from finding any prey.)

I don't suppose your roommate would be willing to tell the elevator story?

Diaperguy survey 1)pressure at hole 2)on the bed in an abandoned house 3)yes no toilet paper 4)with their hand 1)47 2)briefs 3)briefs

DDRcasey from the back from back to front

Hey guys.
Had one of my favourite poos today: the have to go poo badly while eating dinner poo. These poos always come with a LOUD fart, and today was no exception.

I was at the table eating dinner when I felt a good poo coming. By the time I was finished eating, I could barely hold back my farts and enevitable poo. I ran to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. As soon as I sat, I let out a really LOUD, 5 second long fart that stank. Then a rather short, but good sized poo plopped into the toilet, followed by another smaller poo poo. Then some more farts, then I was done. Today's poo felt good.

To person only known as "To Person Named Mike":
Well, nothing much more to tell really. I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and put my poo into the toilet with my hands. I farted into the toilet and a short poo plopped in.

Well, that's all for today.

Keep up the stinky farts and poo!

Take care guys.

To Lexi and Megan;
Have either of you ever measured how much your bladder was able to hold? I've heard of people having "holdit" contests; ever partisipate in one??

NJBB To Aussierod- I enjoyed reading your story about when your Aunt had to come in to take a dump while you were already on the toilet. When she sttod up to wipe, were you close enough to the toilet to look in and see her poop? If you were close enough, DID you look in? What did you say to her when she asked you if you enjoyed seeing woman on the toilet? Did you ever see her again taking a crap?

Nate in AZ
Havn't posted in a long time, but a recent story brought to mind when I was about 10, and I'd just gotten home from school and had been holding in my BM all day 'cause I didn't like to use the school bathroom, so I was real constipated, and went to try and relieve myself of this load, but I guess my mother heard me straining and groaning because she came in and asked if I was all right, and there I was, sitting on the potty with a turd partly out and crying "help". She quickly knew what to do, and rubbed my lower back to help me relax down to my anus which was by now totally distended. She took a tissue and worked it out of my bottom while I pushed with everything I had. I was really worried because I thought I'd split in half, but aside from being a little sore it felt a great relief. She wiped me and we went to have dinner.


To Aussierod- I enjoyed reading your story about when your Aunt had to come in to take a dump while you were already on the toilet. When she sttod up to wipe, were you close enough to the toilet to look in and see her poop? If you were close enough, DID you look in? What did you say to her when she asked you if you enjoyed seeing woman on the toilet? Did you ever see her again taking a crap?

I came across this site and had to tell you about my wedding experience. The huge wedding dresses should come with a warning about not needing to use the bathroom. After getting my hair, makeup, dress on and some pictures taken I was at the church in a little preparation room with my best friend, the Maid of Honor, getting the final details ready before the ceremony. One big last detail was my swollen bladder, since I hadn't been able to pee in the past 5 hours. I told my friend about the situation. She said it was nerves, but I insisted it was not and I wouldn't make it through the ceremony. The only bathroom was down the hall past some of the guests and had a little stall. My dress wouldn't fit in the stall and I couldn't be seen before the ceremony. My friend said that she would help me and grabbed the small plastic trash can in the room and climbed under all of my skirts. I felt my underware come down and then the can between my thighs. She said go ahead, and I did. It was a little noisy, but the feeling or relief was priceless. She cleaned me up and remarked that it wasn't nerves, because I went like a broken fire hydrant. Then, she hiked up her dress and also had a hearty pee in the same trash can. The ceremony went without a hitch. We did forget to empty the trash can. ooops. I think that all brides should prepare for the inevitable pee, which would have been impossible with a regular toilet, even with help. Maybe a new wedding accessory, an under dress urinal.

I have some helpfull hints
TO make cleanup easy take 2 paper towels fold them into 1 place between panties and rear poop away when done remove paper towel and most of mess will be gone.

You can also store poop like that for a few days.

If you have the runs place a tampon in your ass it will dry up some of the water.

If you are backed up push a candy bar up your pooper it will melt and the poop will come out.

Samantha c I will have more

Alexis T. Hi and welcome. I think you'll find a friendly bunch here willing to share loo related experiences and anecdotes.

Wet Wendy. Hi and welcome. I enjoyed your post about wetting after the train journey in Birmingham. It's important to remember that most people have the odd accident during the course of adult life and such things are perfectly normal. I think 37 is about the right age to have your first major accident because by then you're just about 'old enough to know better' but young enough for it still to have a slightly naughty thrill to it. As you say, You'd have been better off wearing a skirt instead of jeans but you weren't to know it was going to happen. I'm not surprised you needed to pee after 3 pints of lager though. A couple of pints of bitter is enough to make me want to go.

PV. Sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope you're soon much better.

Diaper guy's survey:
1.where do feel the urge? (in your penis). I usually feel a medium to strong urge in the penis when I need to pee.
2. where is the strangest place you had to go? In a hedgerow. it possible for you to just let a little go and then stop? Yes - sometimes. Depends on the circumstances and how badly I've got to go.
do you use toilet paper... - not for wiping the penis.
4.i was also wondering how an obese person who could not really reach their penis, pee? I don't know. I'm not fat enough for that to be a problem!

Best wishes to all!

Hello Everyone!!!!! This is a super cool site!!!

I recently just got my own apartment and my boyfriemd of 3 months was coming over to see it for the first time and I'll be cooking dinner for him.

Anyway I'm nearly done dinner when he comes after letting him in I ask him to watch the chicken while I slip into the bathroom a minute. He said not a problem.

I love this apartment but the bathroom door has a tendency to lock up if closed all the way...(I have a story about that in a future post). When I'm alone, I never close the door but since I had company I closed it almost all the way.

Well I just got settled on the toilet and was peeing pretty good when I heard footsteps.............then when I looked towards the door I could see my Beau quickly ducking to the side of the open part....I knew he was watching but didn't want to let on that I did....all I had to do was pee but since I had an audience I wanted to give him a show.

I started to make all kinds of grunting and straining sounds, then kicked my shoes off...........farted a few times and then pretended to be relieved as though I had done a huge turd........this was so exciting!!! I didn't think I'd like anyone watching me go but this was incredible. So I tore off so toilet paper then I saw him fly down the hall and as I was laughing to myself flushed washed my hands and tried to act as though nothing happened.

When I went back into the kitchen....he said "Nancy I think the chicken is ready"........"I think so too was my reply". We ate then snuggled in front of the tv..............he has no idea that I knew what he was up to..............I'll have more stories later.....Nancy

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Alexis T.
i'm new to this site so let me introduce myself i'm 16 from NC im about 5"2 120lb with brown hair and eyes i've just came upon this site not to long ago and it struck my fancy so here i am . I would like to get to know about u guys and gals so just ne thing u feel like posting about urself that would be fine or if u want to e-mail it to that would be kool too. () so now with that said i have a poop story for u ,when i was like 4 yrs old i woke up about 2am and i really need to go #2 but i was way to tiered so i just went right there in my bed so when i woke up that morning to greet my mom when she came back from work i started to run up to her to give her a hug when my panties fell down and were full of shit so to play it off i acted suprise (so at least that way i wouldnt get in trouble right ? ) so my mom got me cleaned up but the worst part of this story was i stained my favorite bedsheets brown :(.

Samantha C
TO AMANDA: Hey, I wish you could write more on this site! I'd love to know more about your shit experiences. If you want to email me, then send it to . (Anybody else, too, IF you have shit stories too hard core for this site! What can I say, I'm a horny girl!! :P )

Well, I got together with roommate after all. So what the psychologist thought about me is true: I am bisexual, and I've spent this summer trying to really accept it and not freak out about myself. It's like now when I'm in public I wonder if people can tell. But of course they can't, I'm just paranoid. And if my roomie and I go anywhere together, we're smart about things, you know.

But we did get drunk together on the 4th of July at this place at the beach, and that's what I'm writing about, cos we sort of publicly displayed our affections too much and got tossed out. My roomie had been complaining earlier about having to pee real bad, and way too much time went by. She got all distracted with me and what we were doing and forgot to go. Isn't that stupid how we can do that?! Then we get thrown out of this nice place and have a long way to walk back down the beach to where our car is parked. Since it's the 4th of July there's people everywhere waiting for the fireworks; we looked all over for a nice hiding place for her to go, but it was no use.

So my roomie is trying to walk and not let it out, but she finally just said, "Oh God!" and pissed her shorts right there on the sand. There were people sitting in beach chairs and on blankets, kids with sparklers and stuff. We were having to walk through them to get to the car, so of course a few people noticed. Her pee hissed like crazy once it got going, sort of shooting right through her panties and drumming against the inside of the crotch of her shorts, so that there was also this splattery sound, too. A kid started laughing that she peed herself, and a mommy-type of woman next to us got up and asked if we needed help.

My roomie was too drunk to really be crying or anything. She was just really ashamed and shaking all over. I found out later that it was her first accident since college, when she'd peed herself in an elevator. So she just waved the lady away and squatted down and pulled her shorts over a little and pissed the rest out, right down into the sand in the middle of everybody. I stood there helpless like a little fool, saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," over and over. It was dark enough, though, and very close to the time for the fireworks, so only those near us really knew what was going on. And most of them seemed sympathetic. Since it was the beach, on sugary sand, there wasn't even a puddle. Like kitty litter!

So I help her up and tell everybody sorry for her, and we stagger out of there as fast as we could. By the time we get to my car we're laughing like crazy girls, you know? We were still pretty hammered, and I gotta admit I was suddenly so horny for her that I seriously thought about fooling around with her right there in the parking lot inside the car.

But I didn't do it. We got in and I drove while she took off her wet things. Laughing and having trouble breathing, it was so funny. And then I farted! Inspiration! I said, "I'm gonna do it too!" So I pulled over onto the shoulder of the road and parked the car. I scooted my ass forward in the seat and lifted up a little to give me some room in my shorts. My roomie's like, "Oh God, Sam, no way!" But I was ready, and in a matter of a minute or two I pushed out a nice fat turd into my panties. The crackling sound got us giggling again, and I was shaking so hard trying to hold my awkward position and laughing that I thought I might drop it out onto the floorboard, since my panties were hanging low in my shorts by then.

But I managed to scoot back up on the leather seat, and I sort of dramatically SAT down on my shit. I said, "Ta-DA!" and squirmed my ass around in it. My roomie was speechless. We could hear the squishing in my pants, and of course the smell was gagging. It was so rank! Too much holiday food!

I got the windows rolled down and the moon roof open, and just then the fireworks started going off. It was perfect! We were laughing again so hard! My roomie must've said "Oh my God, I can't believe it" about a hundred times as I got the car going again and drove us back home. It was fun!

The worst part was having to go in and get cleaned up and then come back out and clean the car -- all while I was still significantly drunk. That part sucked, and I remember taking a second bath once I got done with the car cleaning. But we've got a memory we'll never let go of now. As sick as it is! Really, though, what's more intimate than that sort of thing? Is there anything that could be more private that you could share with somebody? I don't feel all that bad about it, to be honest. And it helped her get over her shame and humiliation and all that. So no worries!

Megan I seriously think you and I might have been separated at birth. I wish we were anyways because no one else understands how I can still be peeing when most other people would have finished long ago. Your story with that crazy bladder woman at the airport reminded me of something kinda similar at six flags a year or so ago. we went on this weekend in October and it was pretty cold for that time of year, but like idiots my friends and me decided to go on one of the water rides. BIG mistake. That left us really cold, and when I'm cold I need to pee like a thousand times more. So I told my friends that I needed to find a bathroom and they were like "oh gawd Lexi YOU have to pee?" lol but some of them had to also so we found one pretty quick. There were only two people in there but since I was with four other friends it filled up pretty quickly. I went into a stall next to a lady who was already peeing and started to do my thang. Well I swear it wasn't even a minute later when all four of my friends were outside of my toilet waiting. One of them I think Jenny said really loud that they should find a heated area somewhere because there was no telling how long I would be. I couldn't believe she said that because it wasn't like we were alone in the restroom. In fact that lady next to me was still peeing. Well my friends left laughing, all but one anyways because there was a girl with us that didn't know me very well. I guess she does now I have no idea what stories my friends told her lol. Anyways I kept on peeing after they left because I had a ways to go, my bladder still felt huge. Suddenly the woman next to me said "don't you wish they would turn the heat up in these things"? I guess she was talking to me cause I don't think anyone else was in there but like you said Megan it was weird that a stranger was trying to talk to me while I peed. "Yeah, uh-uh" I replied or something like that. Some more time passed and it hit me for the first time that this same woman who was there when I first went into the bathroom was still peeing. I mean I knew she was but it hadn't really occurred to me how long she was going, especially since I had been there a while myself. Though like another minute or two had passed this woman continued the "conversation" like no time had gone by. "You'd think they would be a little more considerate with the heat for we women who need longer on the toilet". Huh we women? Was this crazy peeing woman actually talking about what I thought she was? I didn't reply but without missing a beat she said "I heard what your friends said and I know how you feel. My friends won't even come with me to the bathroom because they get tired of waiting." OMG this was getting too weird. I had to go a little bit more but decided that I was done talking with this stranger so like you Megan I cleaned up and left as quickly as I could. When I got outside my friends were like FINALLY Lex but I told them about that insane woman who started talking to me while I was in there. Trish said something like "you mean there was a woman in their who went longer than you"? and went back into the restroom. Apparently this woman was still going! Like you say Megan I don't know what her deal was but she must have had one heck of a bladder. And I guess I can't blame her too much for wanting to talk to me. She's probably not used to having company for so long.

Oh yeah Bub almost forgot thanks for the welcome. I think it's cool that you liked my story. Bye everyone, happy peeing.

When I was in grammar school, the boys bathrooms had no doors on the stalls. I tried to avoid going, but did if I had to. One time, during summer recreation at the school. I had diarrhea. I was being picked on by some other, older kids. They wouldn't let me go. Finally, I broke free of them and ran down the hall to the bathroom. They just followed me. I ran into a stall, pulled my pants under underwear down, sat on the toilet and had nasty diarrhea. The group of six or seven boys and GIRLS had followed me in, and laughed and joked while I crapped my brains out. Then one of the girls grabbed the toilet paper off the roll and told the other kids to take all the TP. They went to the other stalls and took the TP. The bathroom had hand dryers so there weren't paper towels. I just sat there, waiting for them to leave, but they didn't. They just stood there and watched me on the toilet. Finally, they started taunting me with the toilet paper, holding it just out of my reach. After a while, they got bored and decided to ruin the TP by soaking it all in the sink. They ran all the TP under the faucet and threw it in the trash. Finally they ran out of the bathroom laughing. I got up and pulled up my pants, even though I had sticky poop squished between my cheeks. I looked in the trash, hoping there would be some usable TP, but it was all turned to mush. I went out to the cafeteria, which is where the activities were held. I grabbed some paper towels from one of the tables and started back to the boys' room to wipe my butt. One of the kids came up behind me, grabbed my underwear and gave me a wedgie, smearing poop all over the seat of my underpants. I was almost ready to cry. Then they started to follow me again. So I just decided to forget about it and spend the rest of the day with a dirty bottom and underwear. It was gross. I didn't go back to recreation after that.

To The Person Named Mike
Tell Us More!!! What Happened When You Went In The Bathroom And Ridded Yourself Of Poo In The Toilet? All The Details Please!!!

Hey PRG -

A couple years ago, I was visiting my family in another state, and me and my sis decided to go hang out at the river one afternoon. We had a good meal cooked by Mom, then took off in my sister's truck.

The river swimming areas are about an hour from my parents house, and we stopped at a 7-11 halfway there for some refreshments. I was feeling a bit gassy by that time, and I was letting some ripe ones out. But no problem otherwise.

Not too long after leaving 7-11, I realised that I was not having just gas. I knew something needed letting out - badly. But we were far from stopping. So I continued passing farts, and soon felt more than gas coming out. I was anxiously waiting to get to the river, but I said I was hot and looking forward to cooling off. As I talked, I farted again, and felt warm liquid passing out of me and filling my swim suit.

Soon I knew my swim suit would not contain everything. We finally parked, and started walking towards the swimming area. Sis decided that maybe this would not be a good place to swim, as it "smelled a bit here". I let her walk ahead of me a bit, and as she walked around a curve in the trail, I ducked back into the bushes and quickly pushed a short spurt of shit onto the leaves. Just enough for relief.

We decided to drive to the next swimming area, so got back into the truck. I left the windows rolled down, as she stated that the whole area "smelled like sewage". And we drove some more.

We got to the parking lot for the next swimming area, and there was (joy) a port-a-potty. I ducked in to "take a squirt", dropped tro, and erupted a huge amount of liquid and other stuff out of my already wet ass. Grabbed a mountain of paper off the roll in there, wiped the best I could, and got out of there (unable to hold my breath any longer, was afraid to breathe in there).

We finally got to a good area by the river, and I dropped my cooler, towel, etc and walked straight into the water. There was a good current, so everything in my pants washed straight downstream. Relief.

Got back to her truck a couple hours later, I was empty, and my swimming suit was clean (washed in river current). I put my damp towel on the seat, after first seeing the expected huge brown stain where I had been sitting.

When we got home, I dried her seat the best I could, observing that my towel had leaked, the seat was a bit wet, and some "river mud" had stained it. Well, mud anyway. ;-)

Then I remembered the brownies she had served me for dessert. My parents were dieting, so I alone had several, and she may have had just a small one. And I realised that those brownies had not been flavored with just chocolate.

I never found out why she spiked the brownies, nor did she ever admit it. But IMHO she got the worst of the business, as the brown stain in the seat of her truck never came out.

I watch very carefully what I eat before we go swimming now.

Coffee Drinker
Some questions for anyone who wants to answer. Enjoy!
1. How many times a day do you pee?
2. How do you know when you need to pee?
3. Are you able to hold your pee if you need to? If so, for how long?
4. Do you ever hold it just for fun?
5. How many times a day do you poop?
6. Does your stomach ache before you poop?
7. How do you know when you need to poop?
8. When you feel the urge to pee or poop but aren't able to get to a bathroom, do you have any things you do to keep from having an accident ("pee dance," holding or rubbing stomach, etc)?
9. Do you massage your stomach before, during, or after a poop?
10. Which do you like better--peeing or pooping? Why?

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