Hi everybody!

I'm new to this site, and I wanted to tell a really embarassing accident that I had at a camp a couple of weeks ago. By the way, I am 16/f.

At this camp I was at, we were playing a game of softball, and I was up to bat when I had a really embarassing accident. I'm not really good at softball, but I like to try hard at anything. Anyway, after swinging at two strikes, i swung again, and out of nowhere, I had a wet fart and some diarrhea in my lacey pink thong. Fortunately, before anyone could notice, I slowly walked back to the girls side of the camp. But, about 5 or 6 steps from the toilets, I realized that I wasn't going to make it. I lifted up my plaid skirt to see how bad it was, and I made a dash for the bathroom, but it was too late. By the time I got inside the bathrooms, all I could do was lean against the wall and mess my panties. My lacey pink thong couldn't all of my diarrhea, and some slid down my leg.

Now as I realized that I was done messing my panties, I slowly walked into one of the stalls, sat down, and wet my already dirty panties.

I hadn't thought about what a mess it would be for me to clean up, but I eventually had some help, because a couple girls my age had seen me lift up my skirt outside, and saw that I had messed myself, and were really nice, offering to help.

Fortunately, no one else but the other two girls ever found out that I had messed myself, and I was saved from being humiliated for the rest of camp. And from the humiliating experience, I even made some new friends!!!

Hi everyone--
Michelle, I liked your story of pooping outside with your
girlfriends. Do any of the women and girls here not wear any
panties under short full dresses and skirts so you can poop or pee
Sarah, I once pooped outside in the yard once. It was a misty rainy
day and I went out with just a towel wrapped around me. When my
mom saw it she thought a dog did it. I've only seen poop let by
girl's outside once or twice.
I don't have any thing to report with me except I get the runs
sometime and then have firm poops some of the time. I still use
a tampon when I have the runs.
Good to hear from you again Punk Rock Girl.

Eric in Chicago
Anonymous: I, at least, feel the urge to pee in my penis, though I know that it's what's technically called a "referred sensation." I remember childhood friends saying stuff like "my dick is full of piss" which doesn't correspond to real physiology but accurately describes what it feels like. The thing to remember is that no matter where a sensation feels like it's occurring, it's actually occurring between the ears.

I don't think I've ever pissed or shit in a truly strange place. I do have dreams where I pee in a wastebasket or somewhere similar.

It's possible to stop in the middle of peeing, though it requires some effort . At least some times it leads to an erection.

I've never needed toilet paper to clean *myself* up when pissing, though sometimes I need to use it to remove splashes on the toilet rim or the floor (note to the women: guys can splash for reasons completely unrelated to bad aim).

A guy who was too obese to reach his own dick would have to be super-morbidly obese (at least 400 pounds for most men), which isn't very common. Being too obese to *see* one's own dick is more common; however, proprioception (the sense that tells you where your various body parts are positioned) usually helps with the aiming (also the case for blind/low-vision people).

Hi all,

It's been a long time since I last looked in, I'm getting over a long illness down here in the Aussie winter and am only just beginning to feel like myself. I must be okay, my bowels have returned to their former habits (satisfying 12-inchers!).

I had to pass (pun!) on a story I heard today. In connection to the Tour de France, just concluding at this point, I saw a rider applying saddle-sore cream without getting off his bike, and that prompted the telling of a story about the German champ Jan Ullrich. Apparently, some two years ago, late in an important stage of the race, he was overtaken with the need to go potty. Normally, riders simply pee themselves if they need to, but it was more serious than that. So, unabashed, and without breaking his rhythm, he had his support car come up alongside and he rode standing up while they pulled his pants down and held out a bag, so he could dump! Not, of course, that it made the broadcast!

Aussie advertising's toilet fascination continues -- I'm not sure what the add was for, but the closing shot was a man using a laptop, while sitting on the loo. Maybe he was logged onto this site!

I'll try to swing by more often -- big hellos to all my old friends, I hope you're still around!

Best wishes,

Sarah --

Hi! You're new since I was last here, welcome to the board! I'm an Aussie female, by the way!

What places have I been? I've peed a lot in my back garden, especially on warm, starlit nights, and a lot at the beach. I've made something of a habit of using men's restrooms because I enjoy peeing from the standing position, and can bullseye a urinal pretty good! (Not getting caught is the other half of the artform!) I've peed on a wall in a railway underpass, in my bathroom sink, in my bath and shower (of course), and in a bucket in my garage while washing the car. Behind the garage, when the toilet is occupied... I go on the bathroom floor for simplicity when I need a wee and am busy shaving my legs!

I've pooped only once in my garden, and a couple of times in gullies behind the beach, plus on the bathroom floor experimentally in years gone by, as well as standing up a few times.

I'm interested to hear about your exploits of relieving yourself wherever you are in your home, a fantasy for many but not an easy one to live out!



-----------........ TO Sarah......... Liked your story alot, I too like to poop my pants, especially when I know it's gonna be a big one. Well lets's say not so much that I like it but I guess I'm lazy, and pooping my pants doesn't really worry me. I often wear tight fitting bike shorts as undies & I find they contain the poop pretty well. I tend to poop mine mostly when I'm in the middle of a job, have the the urge to poop & just let it happen . But I do not always force it, as I type this I need to poop but I won't do it in my pants as I have boxers on now & the turds would only stain the carpet.
Tell us a little about y'self please??
I didn't tell you all this one.
When I was staying at my aunt's , I would have been about 15 I spose, I realised how open minded she was about her toilet habits. I have many stories that I I could & will tell , but one springs to mind now. It was an old farm , there was only one toilet that had to be shared between about 4 of us. One morning I was sitting on the pot having a big crap & enjoying it , I usually waited for her husband & my cousin to go because he had to take her to school then go to work. From memory I was quite constipated & was having a little difficulty pushing out a turd. My concentration was fractured by the clip clop of my aunties shoes running down the hall, with her muttering a few expletives. When she sawe the door was closed , I heard her yell with some urgency in her voice"Rod you in the dunny... I am busting for a shit , bloody desperate". I remember telling her that I was trying to push out a turd & that I was constipated & could she wait a bit. With that she that I have got about 30 seconds before shits in her pants. With that she opened the door, there was I sitting on the pot one hand was on a bum cheek spreading my hole a turd poking halfway out, the other hand holding my dick downward.
There was my aunt standing there in a halter top, with this look of desperation on her face, her black hair a mess as she hadn't groomed herself as yet. Her left hand I think was on holding her her crotch so she wouldn't piss her , the other hand was trying to undo her the fly in her jeans. Her comment was "quick off the toilet, it's coming out !!!!"As I stood up I could feel the turd squash between my cheeks, it must have been hanging down 4 inches. As my aunt pulled down her jeans & sat on the seat she let go a this magnificent fart followed by a series of loud splashes. There was quite a substantial skid mark in the gusset of her green panties, obviously she couldn't have waited much longer. This was followed by a long piss, but I remember standing there with a turd half out of my hole, an erection on its way , hoping I wouldn't poop on the floor. I remeber gazing at my aunt's thick pubic bush, which seems to be rareity these days. She stood up to wipe & said somthing like "your turn again, oh damn gotta have a shower got poop all over my bum" she was right about that one. After that we had coffee together & she said "do you like watching women on the toilet??"

Wet Wendy
I've looked at this website now and then and have liked the stories of people getting caught short, but never had anything to say myself. But today something happened which you might like to hear about, namely I wet myself, at the age of 37, for the first time since I was about six.
I went into Birmingham on the train and met my boyfriend and we did some shopping. We then had some lunch and went for a drink at the Newt by New Street station. I had 3 pints of lager, then we split and I went to get the train home. I went for a wee twice in the pub, but I don't use the toilets on New Street out of principle because they charge, if I have to I go to the public toilets just outside. My train was due in 5 minutes according to the board. But if you've ever used New Street station you'll know that the boards are totally unreliable. For one thing they only give you the final destination not the places it stops in between. Anyway eventually I got to platform 5B. I needed another wee but I knew I could hold it.
The train turned up at platform 5A with 'Wolverhampton' on its front so I went and sat on it along with a few other people. We sat there for another 10 minutes and then we heard an announcement that 'the train at platform 5A is not in service'. So we got off, everybody moaning about pissups and breweries.
My bladder was now letting me know that it was in need of some relief. But now nobody knew when the actual train was going to actually arrive. The station toilets are 5 minutes away from the platform, and the public toilets 10 minutes. So I thought I'd stick it out and sat down and waited.
A few minutes later the train turned up. As it happened I would have had time to go to the toilet, but you don't know because they don't tell you and if they do tell you, you don't know whether to believe them or not.
So I got on the train almost ready to burst. There are toilets on the trains but I never use them because everybody knows where you're going and it's embarassing. I sat down and read the book I'd bought. And while I was sitting there I admit that the pressure in my bladder became overwhelming and I let go of a little squirt.
When I got off I walked down the road as best as I could and went into Victoria Park thinking I could go behind a bush or tree or whatever, but when it came to it I didn't have the nerve and eventually, even though I stopped walking and had my legs crossed, it all flooded out into my knickers and made my jeans very wet. I wish I'd been wearing a skirt then at least most of it would go straight onto the ground. Instead, when I got home it was straight into the wash with my clothes and straight into the shower with me!

Nothing too new here in my world of peeing and pooping, so I'll just answer some surveys.

1. male
2. 25
3. yes
4. yes
5. When I was a little kid, and my family would go on camping trips, I would be scared of pooping in the outhouses, and I'd hold it until my stomach was in terrible pain. At that point my mom would figure out what the problem was and take me over to the potty and stay in there with me so I wouldn't be scared.

Diaper guy
1. 25/m
2. I peed off the roof of my high school once. I can't really say about poop. There's not one that stands out.
4. boxers. They just feel best
5. I can't recall ever having an accident. I know when I was a young kid, I'd pee in my pants a bit when I was outside playing and didn't want to come in, but those aren't really memorable.
6. There was nothing really accidental about this one. My girlfriend had put on a pair of my boxers and jeans and peed in them. So, I retaliated by putting on a pair of her panties and pooped in them. Also (see 11) when I am wearing a diaper, since it's for fun, when I use it I suppose it's an intentional accident. My girlfriend and I do that together, about once a week or two.
7. pooping. I can't really say why, other than the fact that it can feel good coming out, and you can look and see what you've accomplished afterwards.
8. n/a
9. Sure. When it's my girlfriend, it's fun because she's probably making funny comments. If it's just a bunch of guys peeing in the woods together, it's no big deal. That, and we're not really watching each other.
11. Yes, for fun
12. Not since I was 13.
13. Nope.

There ya go. later.

Dearest Megan,

You can call me "Bobo" if you want, as long as you keep posting those wonderful stories! I love the idea of someone with a huge bladder like yourself meeting her ultimate match. It's interesting the way this mystery woman decided to take her break from working the counter at the same time you needed the bathroom, like she was looking forward to putting on a show. It was probably quite an experience for her as well, perhaps thinking in her head "as long as she peed, she still wasn't even close to my level." But I have no doubt that she will one day meet her "match" as well. Again, thanks for sharing...can't wait to hear more.

DDRcasey. Hi. I normally stand to wipe, wiping from front to back.

bathroon-viking Hi and welcome.

Today I felt the need for a good poo at lunchtime but held it in because some visitors were calling for lunch. After lunch I returned to work and, feeling rather windy and bloated, but not inclined to take time out in the unisex loo, I held it to the end of the day. Not the best of ideas, I know! As soon as I got home I headed straight for the bathroom, yanked my trousers down, sat on the loo, and did an enormous poo. It was well ready to come out and did so in several long sausages. In fact it took a few minutes to get it all out. Getting it out of my system felt really great though.

i'm really interested in how guys pee....1.where do feel the urge? (in your penis)2. where is the strangest place you had to go? it possible for you to just let a little go and then stop? do you use toilet paper...4.i was also wondering how an obese person who could not really reach their penis, pee? guys please post more of your stories!
1.I get the urge in my lower stomach(bladder) that feels like something inside is pressing against the inner part of my bladder.
2.I go in lots of different places. The stangest was probably my snow pants.
3.Yes it is. I do it alot for the thrill in my briefs.
4.I dont know good question!

for you:
1.age?if you would like to say.
2.What in your opinion is the best looking underwear on a guy?(boxers,briefs,bikinis,string bikinis,thongs/g-strings,diapers,or pull ups)?Why?
3.What kind of underwear do you prefer?
Thanks and I hope my answers help!

There have been requests for pee stories, which prompted me to think back. I remember one so here it is.
Last summer we went for a week to a small town in Herefordshire, really lovely place. My wife went off to see some friends who lived nearby so I spent the afternoon in the pub. It was a hot day so I was in the pub garden, and I had the place to myself. After three or four pints I lost the desire to go into the toilet every time, so since I had the garden to myself I took an alternative course of action. I was wearing shorts, because it was hot, and by sitting right on the edge of the seat and pulling up the leg of the shorts I was able to get my willy out. I know it was antisocial but I let out three or four streams of piss that afternoon while sitting at the table reading a book. It was pretty safe because if anybody had come into the garden I would have heard them before they could see me and it would only take a second to put willy away.
I was tempted to use the bushes for a poo, I wouldn't be antisocial enough to do that under the table, and I probably could have done so without getting caught. But I didn't have the nerve/hadn't got drunk enough. I used the pub toilet instead.
I've just remembered another pee story from some years ago, will post it later.
Happy crapping

Monday, July 26, 2004

Michelle from WI
Hello everyone~

Sorry I haven't posted for a while....I had a few postings about me and my friend pooping in a dressing room in the mall and pooping outdoors with my neighbor. Anyways....before I get to my story I want to give a big shout to Carmalita, Punk Rock Girl, Desperate Poop.....I love you pooping stories...keep them Coming!

On to my story, as you all know or may remember I love pooping outside, I find it refreshing and soothing so I am not shy when the oppurtunity arrises. Well me and my two girlfriends were down at summerfest about a month ago and we were hanging out, drinking beer, and having a great time. All of the sudden I felt one of those beer poops coming on, and I hate the bathrooms there and the line for the Porto Jons were very long. Now for those of you who don't is a huge party along the lake front of Milwaukee, and all along the shore line there is about 10 yards or so of huge boulders of many different shapes. So me and my friends made our way over there, I told my friend Sara to watch out for me....I found this rock where there was a pretty nice drop to the next one and a good one to hang my butt over for my poo. Plus my friend Jenny had to pee so she squatted next to me, i just sat like I would on a normal toilet with my butt hanging over the edge of the rock, my skirt pulled up and panties barley to my knees so know one could really tell what I was doing. Jenny squatted and started with a nice wet fart, then a stream of pee that could have put out a fire. I sat down....and it was pffft....brrrnt.....and 3 nice waves of soft chunky poop came shooting out of my butt....with many farts in felt sooooooo good and refreshing. After a few more waves of poo and a few more wet farts i took some napkins....wiped and got up and left...only a few people saw one really said was quite a turn on to do it actually.....keep the pooping stories comin peoples!.....make sure to add the fart noises to get the full effect.....UTIL NEXT TIME!

Michelle from WI

I view the posts here alot but never have nothing to say. But I'm wondering to everybody, how do some of you wipe sitting down, from behind your back, and either front to back or back to front?

hey all you poopers out there!
I've been lurking around this site for some weeks now. I'm a 16 years old Swedish boy, 179 centimetres tall (about 6"), I've got brown hair and an average body for my age. Let's say that I'm really glad that i found this site. It's amazing! Anyway, it was about 5-6 years ago I started to realize that I enjoyed watching cute girls take a poop. But I'm always afraid that my friends will find out about it. Unfortunately, I've never watched a girl dump, but hopefully that day will come some time. Feels good to be able to talk about this with other people who doesn't think you're a pervert. Too bad i haven't got any storis to tell you guys, but if i ever get one I'll let you know.

And to Carmalita: I really LOVE your posts. Keep 'em coming.

Ha det bra allesammans! (Sewdish for "take care everyone")

What intersting places do you like to go girls...some places i have gone are in my a dog..haha...and in a any of you like taking poos in your pants...because i sure do...i wear really tight pants and tight underwear and go....its great should all try it sometime....i also like to go while im standing up in the shower..because its such a natural feeling...specially with the poo....i like going in the bath too.but not as much as the shower i like to walk around my house naked...and poo and pee whenever and wherever i doenst matter what im doing....i just doesnt matter because its all cleanable...i will post later with different stories...

Hey --- first time poster, long time lurker...

Have any of you ever eaten sunflower seeds, and while consuming the shells, noticed that they make your movement larger? This happens to me all the time, and it makes for a rather hard time using the restroom. The shells are sharp, and don't digest, so I'm afraid that I'll damage myself, hence I don't eat them.

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