I had a terrible experiance the other day, and I thought that I would share the story. So anyway my friend and I where on our way to the beach which is about an hour from our homes. It is a tradition for her and I to go several times a summer and spend the day there. So on our way about a half hour still to go to get there, I felt that I had to fart. We were both wearing our swimsuits and nylon shorts so that when we were done we could put them on over our swimsuits and not get the seats wet. We were in her vehicle and I told her I was going to fart and would probably stink up her mini van. I could feel this one was going to be very jucy and almost hesitated to fart. But then I thought about it and since I was wearing my swimsuit and we were going to the beach anyway, I decided to let the fart go and if I stained my swimsuit I could just rinse it out in the water. I warned Abby and I let it go. It defiantly stained my swimsuit and I even felt a little wetness after the fart. I wondered if it would show through, I had not anticipated the fart being that wet. The bikini was pink and had white flowers on it. But after about 2 minuits of sitting there laughing about the smell and the sound I felt somthing shift down there and I knew I would have to take a huge dump any minuet. I told Abby and she said she would pull off the highway at a gas station or something. I told her to hury, but to my disbelief there was a huge traffic backup in front around the curve. I almost cryed at the sight. knwoing that I could not last much longer I asked Abby what to do and almost thought I was going to have to poop my bikini. She said to try to hold on but I told her I couldn't. she got quiet for a minuet and said, Lysa,( with exitment)We went shopping yesterday and only took the things that needed to be refrigerated in and left the rest in the back of the van. I asked her what that had to do with anything. Her little sister wets the bed and she wears Goodnites, so Abby said they bought some and they sould still be in the back. The windows in her van are tinted so I raced to the back and found the Goodnites. Abby said to put one on and poop in it. It was the last resort, so I took my nylon shorts and bikini of and put one of the Goodnites on. I am a small figure so they fit well. I was a little scared wondering if they would hold the huge load, Abby said they should. So I began to push and without much push at all I had a huge diarrhea right in the Goodnite. I farted and carried on for a while and was finaly done. I felt so much better, but it was strange having diarrhea on my butt. I figured I would put the shorts back on over the Goodnite and clean up at the beach house. I did and went back up front and sat down squishing the soft load. It smelled a little and I was surprized it dosn't more. I began to examin my bikini and found it was stained fairly badly from the fart earlier. I also had to pee so I went ahead and peed as well. Goodnites hold a lot! After another 30 minuets we got to the beach and I went to clean up and then go swim. In the beach house there were changing stalls and trashcans, sinks, showers and toilets in each one, the perfect place to change my filled diaper. So I got cleaned up as best as I could and thought that it would take for ever to completely clean up and I wanted to get out to swim so I put my stained bikini back on a must have stained it more. We went out the the beach, set up our place and I felt I had to pee. So I thought this would be an easy fix and just went down into the water and peed through my bikini. The rest of the day I farted a few more times in the bikini and rinsed it out later and it did not even get permanently stained. Now I take a Goodnite with me every place I go and if I am without a toilet, I can put it on and go ahead and go.

OMG to you Lexi! Isn't it wild to freak out people just by peeing and peeing? I've been wondering for a long time how many or few of us were out there. All I know is that in my family and at school nobody but nobody can pee as long and as much as I can- no one even comes close. But I can tell you a real true story that happened when I went with my dad to the airport to pick up my grandparents. Somebody on the board named Bobo or Bubba asked "have you encountered people..." Yes, there was this unbelievable lady who works at an airport lounge.

My grandparents were flying in from Dallas, Texas, and their plane was delayed by some real bad storms in Texas. Dad and me were just sitting like forever outside the baggage area when he remembered that he carried a pass for the First Class lounge upstairs. We went up there where we waited some more, and I went down to the main concourse Starbucks and bought a giant sized Caffe Latte. I had not peed all day and the time was about 7pm when they finally posted an arrival time of 8:30 pm for my grandparent's flight. I knew I had to go real bad but I thought I'd wait until we got home like always because if I were to pee at one of the airport restrooms, whoah would some women have something to talk about lol. But a half hour later, seeing how few people were in the First Class lounge area, I got up and walked over to the hostess desk to ask directions to the ladies restroom.

The moment I asked, the younger woman (about 25) on the right checked her watch and spouted up wasn't that a great idea, asking the older woman working the desk that she hadn't taken a break all afternoon and asking for her to cover for her while she went to the restroom. With that she looked at me and said, "just follow me." We walked down a long hall to the restroom and all the way she was chatting about the flight delays that afternoon and that her bladder could use a good draining about then. I think I said "yeah me too" all the while feeling a little embarrassed that somebody was going to be in there while I was peeing for god knows how long.

We got there and like there's three stalls right? I go into the corner one and Miss Congeniality goes right into the one next to me. I pull my stuff down, sit down and as badly as I have to go, zero. All of a sudden, a trickle then a stream then Niagara Falls starts up to my right. About a half minute later I manage to overcome my shyness and start my own stream. But what came next was what made this thing so wild. Through the stall divider and the sounds of this flood came a chirpy voice asking what time my grandparents flight was due in. It may be normal for her but restroom conversations with a peeing stranger when I myself have to really pee- that's a little wierd. But I replied "about 8:30pm" and kept on peeing. So did she.

All right. So a minute, then two, then three pass and the wierd starts getting a little surreal. I'm still peeing and so is she and I'm getting a little tensed up thinking about what she's thinking. Then this chirpy voice through the divider comes back with "oh where do you go to school?" I managed to force some conversation out but that only encouraged her to talk some more. So there we were like I don't know how long into a pee, talking and talking, and peeing and peeing. I'm thinking at that point all of my friends and family would be pounding on the bathroom door praying for me to finish and this woman is talking, and peeing, without end like it's nothing at all. So we're going some more until there's a lull in the conversation and I get to one of my cut-offs, where the pee stops but if I relax the stream starts up again. My bladder is like that. Anyway, she took the cue to toss out "only a false alarm over there." Huh? "False alarm. When you think your through but you're nowhere near finished." Lady! The whole thing was embarrassing enough without the observations.

Like I said it was getting mighty wierd in there peeing with her. We had been peeing for what seemed forever, and I was beginning to taper off a little and for me the conversation getting a little strange when it turned to the one thing I secretly hoped would and wouldn't be said- the conversational topic on everyone's mind but trying to ignore. "Is anyone with you to pick up your grandparents?" Uh yes why? "Oh nothing, just asking." Tee-hee "Perhaps you should warn them that you'll be a little late." Uh why? "You're like me. When I have to go for a piddle they have to send out a search party I take so long."

Lady please! I squeezed out the last drops and hurridly left the stall and the restroom. She was unbelievably still peeing away with no end in sight. The only thing I regret is that I didn't stck around to find out just how much longer she went, but it must have taken a while longer, because I watched the hostess desk and she didn't come back and didn't come back.
When dad and I left for the gate area it was close to 9 pm, and as we passed the hostess desk she an I exchanged looks. That was one woman with one humongous bladder!!!

Coming from a very large Catholic family, I never had the luxuary of privacy in the bathroom and growing up with my brothers and sisters, time in the bathroom was usually a shared activity. My girlfriend comes from a different background and it was clear that she thought that everything to do with peeing or pooping took place behind closed doors. I had never even heard her fart or belch until we moved into our first appartment together, and one day racing home from work to pee, I threw open the bathroom door and discoverd my lovely girlfriend on the toilet, her dress hiked up to her waist and her little panties at her ankles. Clearly, she had just let go a massive fart because the air in the bathroom was thick with a lovely funcky odor, and despite herself, a series of fairly chuncky poops were dropping noisily into the bowl.
"OKay," now you've seen me, I might as well finish," she said, clearly embarrassed beyond belief! With just a slight strain on her lovely face, she eased out the rest of her poop. Then daintily wiped herself and pulled up her panties. I told her I desperately needed to pee, so I was able to pee onto her freshly evacuated bowel movement.
Since then, she's been a lot less embarrassed about her own bathroom activities and we regularly share the bathroom togather.

I was sitting in the living room when I got "The urge to purge"I ran to the bathroom and started "taking a load off"it came out hard and seemingly endlessly so I gave up when I got up to wipe my ass I noticed A big mound of shit
on the toilet seat so i paniced I didn't know what to do

have anyone see the maria full of grace movie? is there any poop scene there? i really need to know

Diaper Guy
For your survey:
Oh! And for the rest of you, I'm NOT Megan with the big bladder (obviously)
1.age/sex? 13/ Female
2.Where is the wierdest place u have ever peed?Pooped? Peed: in a parking lot. I opened the door and squated behind it. Pooped: in the woods, camping. I brought a little shovel & dug a hole to shit in. I thought that was pretty funny. I wondered how many little shit piles were buried around the campsite.
4.What kind of underwear do you prefer(includes diapers/pull-ups)?Why? Pink briefs with lace. Why? Don't know. They just make me feel cute knowing I have them on.
5.What is your most memorable accident? Dec. 12, 2003. (Bedwetting) My 5th wet bed in a row. And the one that made my mom decide to put me back in diapers at night. (See numbers 11 & 12)
6.Have you ever had an intentional accident?If so when, and how often? A couple of times I wet my diaper on purpose at night.
7.Do you prefer peeing or pooping?Why? Peeing. Pooping's messy and (according to my mother) I "don't wipe very well"
8.Do you prefer a peeing or pooping accident?Why? Don't really "prefer" either. Pooping would be worse than peeing though.
9.Have you ever been watched going to the bathroom?Was it fun or embarresing? Yes (by my brother). It pissed me off.
10.(mainly for girls but anyone may answer)What in you opinion is the best looking underwear on a guy(boxers,briefs,bikinis,string bikinis,thongs/g-strings,diapers,or pull ups)?Why? depends
11.Do you wear diapers?If so for a medical reason or for fun? Yes, for wetting my bed. For a medical/punishment reason, I guess.
12.Do you wet the bed?If so for fun or accidentely? Yes. Accidently.
13.Have you ever messed the bed?If so on accident of on purpose?Was it fun or disgusting? No.

little c
I just wanted to let you all know that a good friend of mine took one hellacious melling dump at my house . She earlier in the night that her stomach hurt. I was like well how and she said like if she farted that it might ber more than that. I am really into girls farting and using the bathroom. Well she said she had to go and I waited outside the door but had to leave when i heard the toilet flush. But boy did it smell like rotten eggs. jUst thought I would let someone know. Ladies if you would write how your farts sounded that would be great for the effect of the story

I really like to hear about girls pee or poo and stuff like that...if any of you have any good stories i would love to hear them.....i really like yours ASH. D thanks...

To: Richguy here are my answers to your survey.
1. Iam: Male. 2. Age: 44. 3. A Pee. 4: C Only in an emergency.
5. Only to pee but poop in an emergency
To: Diaper Guy here are my anwsers to your survey.
1: I am 44/MALE. 2: In the woods but poop outside in an outhouse.
4: I waer shorts that open in front. 5: At school when i was 9 yrs old.
6: No. 7: Peeing more than pooping.
8. Pooping accidents make my rear dirty and smelly
9: Yes but i used a ladies restroom when i was young but i saw my mom on the toliet.

Hi guys. I just found this site and it looks great. It reminded me of one of my favorite memories as a kid. I was in the boyscouts and one time on a camping trip I wandered off. I don't remember why I did but they must've gotten worried because they sent one of the assistant scout leaders to find me. I remember he was a really fit young guy around 20 to 25 years old probably. When he found me first he gave me a stern talking to about walking off like I had and then we started back. We hadn't gotten far when he stopped and looked around for a second. I asked him what he was looking for and he said very matter of factly, "I've gotta drop some turds." I was suprised he said it like that. He told me to come with him and that he wasn't going to lose me again. We got to a clearing and he told me to stay where I was. He took off his pack and unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them to the ground. He kind of just bent his knees a little and stuck his butt out over his shorts. I saw him breath in then his face and neck tensed up. I could hear the crackling sound a turd makes as it's starting to come out. He grunted and shuffled his feet a little but this time he shut his eyes and his face contorted when he started to push. I wanted to see what was coming out so I took a few steps over and looked. He turned his head a saw me move over but he didn't seem to mind. What I saw was about an inch of a really big, hard turd poking out of his hole. It was really stretching out his hole. It came out a little more real slowly. Then he grunted really heavily a took a few deep breaths and straightened up a little. I just stayed and looked at this huge turd sticking out of his butt. Then he got back into position and took in a deep breath and started to strain. I could hear him making little, deep growling noises as he was trying to push it out. I guess it worked because his turd started coming out quicker that it had been. I remember being amamzed watching this huge turd slowly coming out of his hole getting closer and closer to the ground. Finally it dropped to the ground with a thud. He was practically out of breath after that. He gave a few more pushes but nothing else came out. After he pulled his shorts back up we both just kinda looked at it. I said something like, "man that's huge." He said, yep it sure is and gave me a pat on the head. I had always enjoyed watching other guys take dumps. I loved to watch my dad or friends when they stayed over. Basically anytime I got the opportunity. I've never really been into watching girls though. Well, I hope you guys liked my story. I know I'll always remember that day fondly.

Biker Trash
Daiper Guy's survey

1. male
2. nothing seems weird after 20 years of going in weird places
4. I haven't owned a pair in 14 years
5. never had one that I remember
6. n/a
7. both of them pleasure me enough that I don't prefer one over the other

8. I've never understood how accidents can be fun
9. yes-I've never thought about it. I really don't get embarrassed. (There's naked pics of me on the internet--nothing embarrasses me anymore)

10. n/a
11. nope
12. nope
13. nope

when i was 12 i was at my sisters ball game and it was being taped. i was sitting behind hime plate and the camera man was near the pitcher. I had on real loose socker shorts and for some reason i decided not to wear undies. anyway i had my foot up on the seat i was sitting on and my big floppy shorts just hung open, and you could clearly see my ding a ling. when we watched the tape back i was so embarrased cause it was 3 years later and you not only saw my thing under my shorts but i was grabbing at it like i had to go potty, i was only 12 so i guess i didnt realize it at the time. towards the end of the game and the tape was almost over i was really holding my pee and i got up and ran to the bathroom, i dont even remember doing that, it looked like i almost didnt make it by the way i was holding myself.

Here are my answers to Rich guy's survey:
1) Are you male or female? Male
2) Age? Over forty!
3) Do you use public restrooms to pee? A Yes
4) Do you use public restrooms to poop? C Only in an emergency
5) If you do use public restrooms, have you always used them. Yes.

Punk Rock Girl. Hi. I think it's possible your brother could have slipped a laxative into your drink but equally you could just have gone down quickly with a bug. For what it's worth I'd give him the benefit of the doubt fifteen years on.

Anthea. I enjoyed your post about the dump you took in those toilets at Long Island. It sounds as though you really met your soul-mate. I didn't know that cigarettes could bring on the need for a poo though.

fartbean. Sadly there is a lot of hypocrisy in the world and different people still have widely differing ideas about bodily functions. From what you've said about your upbringing, your mother was obviously keen to perpetuate the myth that women don't do farts. Quite apart from being untrue it's unfair to men to encourage that belief only to find out the reality's rather different once they're married or living with someone. I was quite fortunate in having a fairly liberal ubringing and being taught that bodily functions, whilst best seen to in private, were perfectly natural and not in any way dirty. What's more I learnt fairly early on in life that women do fart - especially when they're overdue for a poo.

LoggerMan. I missed the Rose & Maloney programme and I wish I'd seen it now. Have you seen the Virgin advert where a guy is helped to have a really good pee?

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Punk Rock Girl

Here's a story I'm not sure if I've shared with the group. If I have, sorry. When I was in Junior High, I was in chorus. I had a recital one evening in front of an auditorium full of people.

Well, earlier in the day, my brother and I had gotten into a big fight. I had knocked over and broken a model he'd been working on for weeks, and he flipped out. I apologized, he said, that doesn't fix it, I told him he was overreacting, it's just a model, put it back together, blah, blah, the usual big sister BS.

He said how would I like it if he ruined something of mine. I told him if he ripped any of my clothes or broke anything of mine, I'd never forgive him. Well, at dinner, he and I barely talked.

I had a glass of Teem (remember "Teem", a cheap knock-off of 7-Up?) and remember thinking it tasted kind of funny, but not enough to stop me from drinking it. I got ready for my recital, had a quick pre-show pee, and headed out with my parents and my brother.

As I standed on the bleachers, I started feeling queasy. I figured it was my nerves, and tried to ignore it. The bleachers were filled with my fellow singers, the auditorium was filled with parents and fellow students, the lights went down, the music came up...

And my bowels cramped up brutally. I actually buckled over and went "Ugh!!!" I forced my way out of the bleachers nearly knocking a few people over.

I raced into the back where there was a bathroom. I ran into the only stall, pulled up my dress, yanked down my panties and as soon as my ass hiot the seat about ten gallons of liquid shit came gushing out. I must have sat on the toilet for a half an hour.

Finally, it felt like it was over and I wiped my ass and got myself situated again. I looked at my face in the mirror. My make-up had run, I was sweating, I looked like Tammy Faye Baker. I just sat down next to the bathroom and waited for the show to end.

Within minutes, I was back on the toilet, squirting out more diarrhea.

I wound up having the shits for the next three days. I never did find out for sure if my brother had done anything, but I think he did. Oh well. That was fifteen years ago. I'm over it, it even seems funny now.

Thought that was worth sharing!



no, i prefer these peeing stories. 4 some reason, i find pooping disgusting. i just like the peeing better! im sorry i cant give u any pooping stories, but ill post some peeing stories later.

To Working Gal Liz:

Are you shy about passing gas around people too?


I haven't posted in a while, but I had to share this story with everyone here. I was at my best friend's wedding over the weekend. After the ceremony, I headed over to the reception hall where I was going to help out getting things set up.

She came in the hall looking disturbed, shuffling back and forth. I asked if she was okey, and she said, "I'm about to shit my pants, I have to take a dump so bad." The bridesmaids and her mother were still on their way over, for the next few minutes, it was her and me. Finally, she said, "Oh, God, I can't hold it, can you help me?" I said sure.

I helped her into the women's room (which was weird to begin with), and into the handicapped stall. I pretty much had to do everything. She held up her arms, while I pulled up her gown, and pulled down her underpants. She sat down and had what sounded like nice, healthy dump. She sighed in relief, then looked up at me and said, "You're a real pal."

I asked her if she could wipe her own ass, and she couldn't reach. She told me I didn't have to do it, she could go without wiping, but I did it anyway. One wipe. I caught a glimpse of the inside of the bowl; she had dumped quite a load!

I pulled her underpants back for her and helped her get re-situated. Just as we walked out of the bathroom, the bridesmaids and her mother wandered in. She kissed my cheek and said thanks and joined them.

Hard to believe so much shit could come out of such a pretty girl...and such a cute posterior!

Hell Boy Poops
Hi, Im Hell Boy, real name is Troy, I just got a girlfriend and we already kiss and stuff, and a week ago she slept over at my house, we were in my room, and in my room is a door witch leads to the washroom, so I have my OWN washroom, anyways, we were kissing on my bed, and then we stopped after 10 mins and I went to the washroom, and I sat on the toilet and began to push and grunt, I could tell it was a hard shit, like a rock, and after 5 mins a head poked out, now that stunk really badly, I couldnt amagin how much it was gonna stink with the rest coming out, I pushed and pushed but it didnt wanna come out, and my g/f asked if I was ok, and I said yes, Im just putting jell in my hair (as an excues because I was embarresed to tell her) and after that she walked in and she said, your not putting jell in your hair, and as my shit was hanging out I explained to her and she forgave me and then sat on my lap. she said,, woh hun you got a stinker, i was embarresed really badly, and then I told her it wasnt coming out, and then she said, well babe, push harder, and then I pushed and finally after 10 mins it dropped, and I was emmbaresd with it droping, and it stunk VERY bad, and then I told her I was emmbaresed, and she said. oh baby dont be, and she sat on the toielt an peed, and she pushed out a big nice soft poop followed out by other smaller peices. I was sure turned on, and then she said, does that make you feel better, I answeard, oh yeah, now theres my story, hope you enjoyed it,
reply and tell me what you thought of it, was it good, bad, ok, well gotta go, bye

The other day I had to pee badly. My dad (of course) has this obsession with never stopping for "bathroom breaks." Well, i tried really hard not to drink much, but i guess i drank to much. two hourse into the drive I needed to pee, but i fell asleep 'cause it wasn't to bad. After another 3 hours I woke up. i needed to pee so badly I was squirming terribly! I was so desperate to pee that I said to my dad "Just pull over and i'll go here!" now we were almost at the hotel...stuff like that. well, of course almost is like an hour and a half, and after 10 minutes i was practically crying i needed to pee so badly! Finally my dad found a gas station. I managed to get out of the car, but i saw somebody walk into the bathroom. I could barly hold it a second longer! I put my hands over my crotch, and tried to hold it! but the person was taking forever! I was so close to going on myself! The pain was unbelievable, and finally my bladder failed me. I started pissing uncontrolably. the pee was running down my legs and everything. I stood there peeing for quite a few minutes because my bladder was completely full. Finally, just as my pee has slowed down to a "if i try my hardest i can make it stop for like a minute" the bathroom door opened. I rushed in and closed the door. I was now holding my pee in--but barely suceeding. Then i made the mistake at looking at the full-length mirror. Suddenly I needed to pee so badly I started going on myself again! I was in so much pain that I could not make it to the toilet if my life depended on it. So i pissed until all of the pee was out, then looked at myself. my feet and legs were covered in hot sticky pee. my light green skirt was soaked in pee, and my blue underpants had turned green. I threw the underpants away, and washed the skirt out. I then washed my legs. When i was finally as clean as i could be, I opened the door. I appologized to the people waiting, as i left. As my dad was pulling away from the lot, i saw some little girl about five years old who was in the bathroom line start peeing all over herself, and then I saw some liquid poo run down her leg. i felt terrible, because i thought that if i hadn't taken so long in the bathroom she would have not had the accident.

Well, i hope you liked the story...'casue i really really really did not like the expierience!

I have a little sister. She's seven years old now, and i'm thirteen. When my sis (her name is Rose, but i call her Rosie) Rosie was four, she managed to poop on me. I remember that terribly well.

But nothing has ever happened like what happened earlier this year. I had the day off from school, so I went to pick Rosie up. my parents couldn't. Rosie mumbled something about not feeling well, but it wasn't until we were a good ways from any bathroom that she said she needed to poop. Luckily we were near some bushes, and I walked her their. She squatted down, and strained. Suddenly a large log came out. We continued to walk home. when we were like 5 minutes from home Rosie said that she felt sick. I tried to get her home, but she just couldn't make it. So i helped her to the bushes. She squatted and was straining so hard, her face looked distorted. I offered to rub her ????, and she agreed. So i rubbed it, and suddenly i felt her shit alot. Then suddenly she was going runny poop--diarrhea--all over everything. She managed to get it over her skirt and stuff too. I was standing near her hugging her and telling her that it would be okay when suddenly she heaved and projectile vomited all over me. It was all i could do not to puke on her head then. After another ten minutes of diarrhea, Rosie and i finished our walk home. After about a half hour at home, Rosie called for me. I love rosie soo, soo much, that i came to her. she was having diarrhea, and wanted me to stay with her. Suddenly she heaved again. I grabbed a trash can and she threw up in it. THen mom and dad came home, and I was relieved of sisterly duities. The funny thing is, i didn't come down with what she had, even though i was puked on, but my parents did!

Just back after a few days on Long Island where I had a perfect experience. Had an early breakfast and drove by myself to a beautiful little bay which gets quite full later in the day. There's a ladies restroom with two toilets and then a couple of showers and space for changing. Hadn't yet had my morning poop, so I sat on a bench outside and smoked a cigarette which is great for opening the bowels. Had just put it out when a a really pretty young blonde woman of about 28 I guess
went into the block. I was really ready to go and followed her in. The partition between the booths was barely decent. You could see just below your neighbor's knees and if you were only a bit taller than me (5ft 2ins) over the top. Her shorts and tiny panties were around her ankles above her sneakers. I pulled down my swimsuit and sat down. I started to pee and she followed suit. Good, because she couldn't think I was copying her. Then a big plop from her and a similar one from me. She started to wipe and so did I. But I still needed to poop and never thought I'd see her again. Some crackling and a firm turd dropped into the bowl. To my surprise (and delight!) the same noise from next door, one more small ball (reciprocated) and I was thru. We both wiped with three sheets each though I was hardly dirty. Flushed and went out for a wash. She smiled at me and said "we're like twins!".
"Yes, isn't that friendly?" I said. "Well I hope we meet again," she said, puckered her lips and blew me a kiss. I was shaking a bit and it took me a minute or so to compose myself. I went out and looked across
the sand. She was sitting with another woman and three kids.
Rarely something perfect like this happens and I wanted to share it with you.
Love you. Anthea

desperate to poop
Can't remember who posted it but I have to admit I often get aroused when im taking a nice dump, particulary if another girl is in the cucible next to me. Sometimes I can't resist and ....

The other day I had a messy shit. I had walked to B+Q and by the time I got there the walking had started my bowels moving. I got in and went straight to the ladies convience. Unfortunately it was a small place with only two cubicles and both were taken. The one girl was having a big dump and farting like crazy. The smell was quite bad too. I couldn't hear much from the other stall. By now another lady in her mid forties had joined the queue.

Five minutes later, and not a minute too soon, the quite stall finished and a girl in her mid twenties came out. I went in and quickly got my jeans and panties down. Immediately I farted and let out some hot creamy shit. This went on for a good few minutes. After that I felt a big log pressing down and strained to get it out. It inched out slowly and felt very pleasurable. The other girl finally finished and wiped and left. The other lady who must have been waiting ten minutes at least quickly came in and started peeing a gusher and sighed quite loadly in relief. Then she started to moan and push out a log. five minutes later I was finished and wiped and left. As I came out a young adult girl in her early twenties was waiting. I apologised for the wait and she smiled as she went in.

Happy pooping

hi this my frist post im a japanese teen im 16 anyway
yesterday i had 2 have a bm anyways i like 2 read when i go
i was at the movie store i was n line 2 rent the movie i felt
the urgue 2 go so i went 2 the bathroom and whent 2 the stall
i coverd the seat like normal i do so anyways i lowerd my skrit
lowerit my ankles and my panties so i didnt have 2 push it just slid out fast i was scraed me how fast it came so any way it took 10mins of
pooping and 5mins wipes get thing no one was n the bathroom with me i could cause caos well talk u guys and girls later bye

Once when I was at my friends house, her mom had to go to safeway and we had to go to, and we walked there, me and my friend were walking behid her mom, and Kristen (my friend) pooped her pants, and she had to walk home like that, and her butt hole was so itchy, she put her hands by her butt, shoved poop out of the way and scratched her butt hole, after her fingers were coverd in pooop but she rubbed it on her cleenex, and after when we got home, she ran to the bathroom and I got her new shorts and undies, and she changed and look newer than ever

(Hi, i have a VERY funny story to post. I was in a casino and ate SOOOOO much food in the buffet(10 plates). I just kept stuffing it down. An hour later, i walked into a restraunt to go to the bathroom. The waitress guided me to a restroom. I walk in, it was OK. I went a MESSSSSSSSS. Then wipped and left. SO, then i see this huge scary guy and he starts SCREAMING at me that i used the emplyoee only bathroom. BUt, they waitress apparently told that that was the public bathroom. ON and On, i was going to leave and then finally after hearting a long idiotic toalk, i told him he will be in for a VERY NICE SUPRISE!!@! Well, i did not flush because it would not go down and i left the bathroom a MESS. WHen i rasn out of the restraunt i heard a VERY LOUD SCREAM and ran faster and left to go to bed!!!!!! WOW. So any way>>>>..... I havent posted in a while but will start posting more often,. Also, can everybody write aboutd how they found this stroy and about any othner incidents like mine. Love all ya postas. Yall rule

To: Shela/Fart Woman
I could still hear and smell it after reading your enjoyment about farting! I have some questions. Do you fart in public even when there are guys around? I heard a rumor that girls only fart normally in front of other girls, but they never fart even when there is only one guy around. Please continue with your interesting fart stories.

I had a emberracing acciedent today . At a resturant me and a friend had just order dinner. I wasn;t feeling real good, as i sat there i farted and filled my pants with this hot wet poop. I got up slow and went to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror ,there was a wet spot all up and down my crack. I had on my tight lightlow-ride jeans and a pair of thongs .So needless to say it was a mess. The bad part is the bathrooms are by the door and bar . When i walked out to back to my table ,two girls at the first booth saw my butt. The waitress was right there to see. I went back and sat down for awhile then tryed to slip out unseen by anyone else.All i can think of now is how the one girl at the booth said oh my gosh as i came out of the bathroom.

poops are cool
Hey, I havent had any good stories lately, but now I have 2 stories, here they are:

me and my b/f were together alone one night, and we did whatever we wanted. then he really had to shit, so he exuesed himself to the rest room. I heard him run across he long washroom and pulld down his pants and ploped on the toilet, I heard him moaning and grunting, moments after I asked if he was ok, he said, well, come in here, so I opened the door and went in the restroom, and he said his poop is stuck up there, I said I cant do anything accept courge him. so I told him when to push, i said 1...2...3.. PUSH AS HARD AS YOU CAN, and he did but it didnt budge, so I squated infront of him to see if that turd was at least sticking out, I looked and this brown hard pointy little head was poking out, I told him that, and he asked me politly it I can shove it back up there with my fingers, I was iffy about it first, then I took my 2 fingers and first poked at it, it smelledvery bad, and with my fingers, I shoved em up his ass and then I slid them out, shit was alover my hands. but thenm his huge log started to come out, push after push it finally came out and he was releived!

I was at the mall with my friends, now unfortunatly the guys couldnt use the guyhs bathroom because there was a huge mess in there and toilets were tipped over and sinks were spraying water and stuff so the boys at the mall had to use the girls bathroom for the week, anyways I had a huge urge to pee, so I ran to the washroom, I sat down an peed, ad I was peeing a guy came in and took the stall beside me, there was a hole in the wall seperating the 2 stalls,. so I peeked through, the guy squated on the seat and seperated his ass cheeks and he kept grunting and pushing, his faical expression looked funny, no offnece to him but it just looked strange, and minutes after I heard a HUGE turd dropped followed out by other small ones and after he was done and washed his hands, as soon as he left the restroom I walked out of my stall and washed my hands and left also. I was sure turned on though

i'm really interested in how guys pee....where do feel the urge? (in your penis) where is the strangest place you had to go? is it possible for you to just let a little go and then stop? do you use toilet paper...i was also wondering how an obese person who could not really reach their penis, pee? guys please post more of your stories!

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