Sarah Elizabeth
Once I drank alot of iced tea. On the bus ride going back to my house, I started needing to go pee really badly! I made it into the elevator and it started going up. Right as the elevator door opened, I couldn't hold it any longer, and released a long yellow stream of pee into the elevator. the pee splashed all over my skirt, but i ran to my apartment, and nobody noticed.

Earlier this year I was sick. I had some sort of stomach virus, i think. I had ordered something that would help my fever go down. I got in the elevator to get it...and half way through the elevator got stuck!!!! By now I was needing to poop fairly badly, and I had the runs, so I knew that if i didn't get out soon i'd be in alot of trouble. but no matter how much I banged and screamed, nobody could hear me. Suddenly I knew something: I couldn't hold onto my bowels any longer! I pulled my skirt up, and crouched on the elevator floor. I released a long stream of pee, and then had diarrhea all over the floor for litterally minutes! Then I was feeling sick to the stomach, so I barfed in the elevator. It went on like that for 2 hours, until i got rescued from the elevator.

Erm...a while ago I needed to poop really really really badly!! I was squirming all through out school, and I finally made it home. But I couldn't use the toilet, because it was broken. I took off all of my clothes, and got into the shower. I was hoping that the warm water would make me need to poop less. But it didn't, and a minute into my shower I released two mushy logs and diarrhea all over the floor and wall. I cleaned it up and (hopefully) nobody was the wiser!

I was in school, and i was 12. And i had the runs. About half way through math class I needed to shit badly. the teacher let me run to the bathroom, where I barely made it to the toilet. Appearently i spent to much time on the toilet, so he said that i couldn't use the bathroom again all class. by now i was pretty bursting to go poop again, but i couldn't go. Finally class ended, but the line to the bathroom was to great. I couldn't go to class, so i hung around in the halls for a bit. Finally everybody left for class. Now i planned to run to the bathroom, but i couldn't make it. I pulled my pants down, leaned against the wall casually, and shit all over it. Boy, did i feel much better!!

Okay, my last story for today. Yesterday, believe it or not, I was walking around my house, completely undressed. I was watching a movie. Suddenly I needed to pee, but I didn't want to go. Finally I realized that I had to. I paused the movie, stood up and...OH NO!!! I was peeing full force all over the wood floor!! I peed until i couldn't pee any more, and then I sat back down on the couch to watch the rest of the movie. A bit later I needed to poop terribly, so i stood up and pooped on the floor (completely accidentally.) i then had to clean it up...yuck!

Does anybody have any good stories about having accidents? I seem to have alot of them, so i'd really appriciate it if others could tell me there stories. Accidents in public are better, but not necessary. Um...also, if anybody has any great stories about peeing standing up (on purpose, or by accident) i'd really like that, as i'm trying to learn how to pee standing up, and failing teribly.

Coffee Drinker
Just saw someone's post about coffee getting bowels moving and having just had this experience, thought I'd prove that point.
About forty minutes ago, I was on my way home from having a few cups of coffee with friends. I had about two and a half cups, and coffee always gives me a bit of an upset stomach so I try to stop when I feel the first hint of a stomachache. It also makes me pee way too much, so when my stomach began to feel funny and I got the first little tingle in my bladder I stopped drinking it. I didn't want to pee at the restaurant, and I didn't really have to go that bad so I thought I could just wait until I got home. I don't really mind holding pee anyway because having a full bladder doesn't usually bother me much for quite a while (holding poo is another story...can't do that for too long because it gives me the most awful stomach pains). So I said goodbye to my friends and got in my car, and as I came to a stoplight about five minutes from my house, I got the sudden urge to poop and started having some gas. I guess the coffee aggravated my stomach more than usual, or made my bladder more active than usual, or something, because then my bladder just started to ache like I'd been holding it for hours. I started rubbing my belly with one hand and driving with the other, still farting a lot and feeling lots of pressure on my bladder and heaviness in my bowels. About two minutes from my house I got the worst cramp in my lower stomach and I didn't know if I could hold anything anymore, so I drove faster and kept rubbing my belly to keep the pee in and also to try to relieve the cramp. When I got to my house I ran to the bathroom clutching my lower belly because a little pee and poop was trying to come out. When I got to the toilet, I peed right away and was so glad, but the cramp in my stomach was still there and the poo was being sort of stubborn, but I knew I had a lot that needed to come out. I leaned back and started to try to massage my ????, especially in the lower part where the cramp was and finally the poo came out. Unfortunately it was diahhrea and I had several more cramps before I finally felt relieved. I don't remember the last time I cramped that much and I'm pretty sure it was caused by the coffee. My stomach is still feeling sick and I've just taken some Pepto-Bismol to calm it. I've also had to get up to pee twice since I've been writing this--also chalking that up to the coffee. Hope you liked my story and beware of late-night coffee.

Hello again. Here's the story of one of my worst accidents:
I was on a road trip with my husband, a 6-hour drive from the airport to my parents' house. He was driving, and since he has this obsession with seeing how long he can drive without stopping (don't ask, maybe it's a territorial male thing!), I knew it would be a while before I could go, so I made sure to go at the airport.
After drinking a nice hot cup of coffee and some water, I fell asleep. Three hours later, I woke up, needing to pee pretty badly. I told him to stop, but he insisted to just wait "one more exit." I drifted back to sleep, and woke up again a few hours later, this time I REALLY needed to pee. He insisted that we were almost in a town, and I thought I could hold out. The pressure on my bladder was increasing tremendously, and the rolling feeling of the car wasn't helping anything!
I began to wriggle around a bit, when suddenly a few drops escaped! I jammed my hands into my crotch and yelped at my husband to stop, NOW! My bladder was beginning to spasm, and I crossed my legs over my hands, still squirming and dancing in the seat. I was wearing a short black miniskirt with bright red panties underneath.
Finally, we got into town, and he began searching for a place to stop. Unfortunately, it was 5 o'clock in the morning, and absolutely nowhere was open! I could feel a small spurt escape and I pressed even harder, gasping at him to find somewhere, anywhere!
On top of all that, the stupid airport had lost our luggage, so I had no change of clothes, and I certainly wasn't going in the car!
After what seemed like hours, he found a park which appeared to have public bathrooms. I was nearly crying with embarrassment, and pain. Just as he turned off the car, he realised that not only were the restrooms across the park, but we'd parked pretty much as far away as possible. At this point, I was ready to hit him, but I couldn't move my hands away from my crotch!
To add to all this, this morning exercise class was working out nearby, and I couldn't just pee in the parking lot without them seeing me! I crawled out of the car, trembling. My husband came around to see if I was alright, and (hopefully!) to apologize. I glanced down and noticed some droplets falling on the ground below. All of sudden, I pulled him in front of me, blocking the exercisers' view, and let loose! I swear, I have never felt such relief! The pee was running down my legs, over my shoes, and making an enormous puddle. He stared on in shock. I spread my legs, and noticed a small wet spot on the seat behind me.
When I finally finished, my panties were soaking wet, and I was getting worried about damage to my skirt. We were due at my parents' in half an hour, and I had no other clothes! Suddenly, the hilarity of all this struck, and I burst out laughing, letting another stream of pee spurt through my panties. My husband started laughing too, and I asked him to check the back of my skirt for stains. He couldn't see any, and I bent over.
"My God, you're absolutely soaked," he said, felling the dampness around my rear. I had a spot at the hem of my skirt, but nothing too bad. Glancing down, I noticed he was getting turned on, which was very intersting (but that's another story ;) . . .) Not wanting to waste my panties, I stuck them in the trunk of the car, and we stopped at a supermartket (now it's open, after all that!). I cleaned my pussy off with some wet toilet paper and doused myself with this spray -on deoderant and perfume to cover up any lingering smells.
When we got to my parents', I had to be very careful not to expose myself to them, as I was wearing nothing underneath! It was very embarrassing! Hope you enjoyed it, 'cos I certainly didn't (at least at the time)!

Wow, here it is, out in public! I am a 21 yr old girl with a "strange" attraction to seeing other girls who have just messed their panties. I also like to do this to myself and since I have been living in my own apartment for the last six months I don't think I have used the toilet for pooping once! I have learned also that I like to pull on every pair of panties I own to do this in, but what a mess to clean up afterwards. Yuck! I often go to the laundromat "street legal" because I don't have any clean panties to put on. Are there any other girls like me in the world? I at least think I am not so far out as I thought I was before I found this place. Maybe I do it different, but others do it too.


I haven't posted in a while, but I had to share this story with everyone here. I was at my best friend's wedding over the weekend. After the ceremony, I headed over to the reception hall where I was going to help out getting things set up.

She came in the hall looking disturbed, shuffling back and forth. I asked if she was okey, and she said, "I'm about to shit my pants, I have to take a dump so bad." The bridesmaids and her mother were still on their way over, for the next few minutes, it was her and me. Finally, she said, "Oh, God, I can't hold it, can you help me?" I said sure.

I helped her into the women's room (which was weird to begin with), and into the handicapped stall. I pretty much had to do everything. She held up her arms, while I pulled up her gown, and pulled down her underpants. She sat down and had what sounded like nice, healthy dump. She sighed in relief, then looked up at me and said, "You're a real pal."

I asked her if she could wipe her own ass, and she couldn't reach. She told me I didn't have to do it, she could go without wiping, but I did it anyway. One wipe. I caught a glimpse of the inside of the bowl; she had dumped quite a load!

I pulled her underpants back for her and helped her get re-situated. Just as we walked out of the bathroom, the bridesmaids and her mother wandered in. She kissed my cheek and said thanks and joined them.

Hard to believe so much shit could come out of such a pretty girl...and such a cute posterior!


Constipation Strikes Again!

I don't know what is going on, but i have been constipated on and off for the last few weeks. I have no idea what is causing it, I havent changed my diet, which for those of you who want to know consists of a lot of fatty fast foods, lots of meat, cheese and bread, but due to my fast metabolism i just have huge poops and dont gain weight (lucky me!)
My constipation poops arent even much bigger in size than my normal poops, just more of the same sized logs i usually have, for some reason my asshole doesnt want to open up wide enough for it to come out and then i get days worth of poop built up, which can be very painful.

Once again, my costipation lasted for 3 days, way too long for me.

Thursday was the first day. I had taken a good dump the night before, so when i woke up feeling empty everything was fine. I felt ok all day and expected to have to go before bed that night. I was farting all evening, really warm and smelly ones, usually associated with an oncoming dump. It was late at night and i decided to go sit on the toilet before my shower. I went to my bedroom(with ensuite) and got naked. I went and sat on the toilet and started peeing. I put my hands on my stomach and groaned as i let out a long, drawn out toilet bowl fart. I sat for a while waiting for things to move, but nothing happened, i pushed, i could feel poop inside me but it wasnt pressing on my ass, so it wouldnt come out. I sat and waited for another 5 minutes, then gave up and got in the shower. I did another little pee in the shower while squatting. While i was squatting, i got curious as to how my poop was away from coming out. I coated two fingers in hair conditioner and rubbed some on my ass, i inserted my fingers about halfway and i couldnt feel anything, i pushed them all the way in and could just feel the tip of a fat, hard turd. I pushed on it with my fingers to try and get it moving, but it didnt work. I finished showering and got into bed, where i farted until i feel asleep, the farts smelt nice after have conditioner up my ass:P

On friday, i felt full for the whole day, it felt like my stomach was bulging. I sat on the toilet a number of times during the day, pressing hard on my stomach, farting and groaning lots, but nothing happened, all i got was the nead of my turd to poke out a bit, but my hole couldnt stretch wide enough for it to come out. I didn't even attempt to go that night and just went to bed cramped up and full.

Saturday morning was horrible, i woke up feeling like my stomach was about to explode. I was in so much pain i couldnt move. I layed in bed all morning farting badly until the cramps and pain went away. I got up and my mom told me we were going out for dinner that night, that was the worse news all day, i definetley didnt feel like i could go anywhere. I tried all afternoon to get all of the poop out of me, but i couldnt stretch my hole wide enough to get the first turd moving out. I had to go out feeling horrible, you would think that would stop me from eating, but no, i stuffed my face. We were all sitting around talking and eating when i felt my poo poke out, i thought that was a good sign, so i excused my self to the bathroom.

The bathroom was empty so i just went into the first stall. I knew from previous experience that squatting can help getting poop out. I undressed my lower half and squatted on the toilet. My poop was still poking out. I stretched my cheeks wide open and pushed as hard as i could, i decided i wasnt leaving until i emptied my bowels. After a minute of straining and pushing, things started moving, i was so excited. I groaned the whole time. I looked down between my legs and saw a really big, dark and fat turd hanging from my ass. It was hurting real bad, i gave one big last push and it dropped from my ass into the water. The end of it went down the toilet hole, the rest rested against the bottom of the bowl. I felt so relieved after that, but there was more. My knees were getting sore, so i sat down. I farted and the started to push again. This log came out quite easily, it was still fat and firm, but nice and smooth, it felt great slididng out of my ass and splashing into the water below. I pushed more and some soft poop oozed out mixed with some sticky farts. I felt really good after that. But i got a little pissed off when there was no paper, i just pulled my jeans and panties up and squished my shitty cheeks together. I showered when i got home and cleaned my dirty hole.

I'm hoping that is the end of my constipation, even tho it is kind of fun.

The End

Love Ash.D


desperate to poop
Can't remember who posted it but I have to admit I often get aroused when im taking a nice dump, particulary if another girl is in the cucible next to me. Sometimes I can't resist and ....

The other day I had a messy shit. I had walked to B+Q and by the time I got there the walking had started my bowels moving. I got in and went straight to the ladies convience. Unfortunately it was a small place with only two cubicles and both were taken. The one girl was having a big dump and farting like crazy. The smell was quite bad too. I couldn't hear much from the other stall. By now another lady in her mid forties had joined the queue.

Five minutes later, and not a minute too soon, the quite stall finished and a girl in her mid twenties came out. I went in and quickly got my jeans and panties down. Immediately I farted and let out some hot creamy shit. This went on for a good few minutes. After that I felt a big log pressing down and strained to get it out. It inched out slowly and felt very pleasurable. The other girl finally finished and wiped and left. The other lady who must have been waiting ten minutes at least quickly came in and started peeing a gusher and sighed quite loadly in relief. Then she started to moan and push out a log. five minutes later I was finished and wiped and left. As I came out a young adult girl in her early twenties was waiting. I apologised for the wait and she smiled as she went in.

Happy pooping

I've always been real open about taking a dump. I don't know why some folks are so embarrassed by it. Today, I had a pleasant experience. I attended the regional baseball championship at a local field. The field is kinda old and has a real old restroom. When you enter the restroom there is a trough urinal near the door with 2 sinks on the opposite wall. This area leads to a short narrow passage in front of two doorless toilet stalls. The other point is that there is no changing room for the teams that play at the field. Most guys seem to change in the dugout. Occasionally, however, players change into their uniforms in the narrow passage in front of the two stalls. In between two games, I felt the need to take a shit. I went into the restroom. There were two players changing in the narrow passage in front of the two doorless stalls and another player was taking a shit in the end stall. These guys were about 14 years old. So I said Hi and just pulled down my shorts and underwear to my ankles and sat down on the toilet in the first stall. These dudes were just joking around and chatting and while I took a shit, I discussed baseball with them and their chances of winning the championship. It was cool because both they and I carried on just as if we were having a normal conversation and no one was at all embarrassed. The player shitting in the end stall was also fully involved in the conversation. Since there was no bench for changing, these dudes just had their clothes spread all over. We went on talking even while I dropped my turds and wiped my ass. It was real cool and I wish everyone could be so open about dumping and have a relaxed attitude towards it.

I noticed there's another Ryan S here. Just to note, I always keep my first name and last initial together. Anyway, nothing much has been happening, as far as pooping is concerned. Although I did take a pretty big dump just about 30 minutes ago and it was messy at the end so it took alot of wiping.

Well thats all for now.

random guy
I dont know what you mean by through or over, but it involves actually taking your penis out. Also, both boxers and briefs (I wear boxers) provide a little opening, sometimes with a button, for such instance. As for being self conscience, I am perticularly private about urinals, and unless there is a decent partition or no one around, I will just use the toilet in the stall. If I am in a public bathroom with anyone I know (which I try to avoid at all costs) I always use the stall. I dont know why exactly, its just a privacy issue, which is ironic because I very much want to see girls pee or poop and am frustrated by their extreme privacy.

random guy
I dont know what you mean by through or over, but it involves actually taking your penis out. Also, both boxers and briefs (I wear boxers) provide a little opening, sometimes with a button, for such instance. As for being self conscience, I am perticularly private about urinals, and unless there is a decent partition or no one around, I will just use the toilet in the stall. If I am in a public bathroom with anyone I know (which I try to avoid at all costs) I always use the stall. I dont know why exactly, its just a privacy issue, which is ironic because I very much want to see girls pee or poop and am frustrated by their extreme privacy.

biker trash
iw ould definitely love to watch you, but i ain't in the pa. area. however, you apparently think like i do. i'll trade conversation with ya' if you're interested.
I was at work the other night (i'm a floor tech of all things--going for my b.a.s. in the motorcycle technology field, though--and i figured out i had to shit when i was on my cigarette break. i clean a local grocery store and i can't walk through the store to the bathroom with a cigarette, so i went behind the store and unfortunately everything was well lit for security reasons. i went down by the trash compactor and dropped my jeans anyway, then let go of a thick turd about a foot and a quarter and stood up, pulled up my jeans in the light, pausing to pee before i zipped them, and went back around front to finish my cigarette. i stopped by the bathroom to wipe, but i was clean, so i went back to buffing the floor.

To Working Gal Liz: I loved your story about taking a dump in the toilet at the office. I love reading stories about the big, hard, dry loads that take lots of effort to squeeze out. It sounded like you were able to push out a massive shit heap. Do you often go 2 or 3 days without taking a shit?? I normally do one dump per day, sometimes 2 and occassionally I will do 3. Sometimes I can go a day without doing a poo and when this happens, its hard to squeeze out. If I go a few days without eating many fruit/v????s my turds are extra hard to get out too. Or if I eat a very hot curry or anything with curry powder in it, this makes my turds rock solid and very dry (and quite often very wide too) I love the turds that hurt a bit as they are coming out. I get great satisfaction out of squeezing out a massive turd that moves down slowly. However, I hate the ones that get stuck in my anus half way through.

Recently found this board and read a few old posts. When I was about 16, I was coming home on the bus with my mum. It had been a long day and I was dying to wee. I whispered my need to my mum who said she was too but we must (obviously) hold on. When we got of the bus we had nearly half an hour to walk and nowhere to go. I told my mum that I did not think I could hold on much longer. She said she knew how I felt. About five minutes
later I was almost crying and and mum saw how desperate the situation was. She said it was bad for her too and we would just have to wet our knickers. She said it wouldn't matter. Well, we both wet ourselves out there in the street. Has anyone else had an experience like that?

Diaper Guy
Hi all!
I have survey, please answer as true as possible.
2.Where is the wierdest place u have ever peed?Pooped?
4.What kind of underwear do you prefer(includes diapers/pull-ups)?Why?
5.What is your most memorable accident?
6.Have you ever had an intentional accident?If so when, and how often?
7.Do you prefer peeing or pooping?Why?
8.Do you prefer a peeing or pooping accident?Why?
9.Have you ever been watched going to the bathroom?Was it fun or embarresing?
10.(mainly for girls but anyone may answer)What in you opinion is the best looking underwear on a guy(boxers,briefs,bikinis,string bikinis,thongs/g-strings,diapers,or pull ups)?Why?
11.Do you wear diapers?If so for a medical reason or for fun?
12.Do you wet the bed?If so for fun or accidentely?
13.Have you ever messed the bed?If so on accident of on purpose?Was it fun or disgusting?
Thanks so much!Until next time
-Diaper Guy

Here's another on from me...

On My way home, walking down the street i felt the urge to pee... deperatly. I thought about peeing in the street but there was too much traffic and houses nearby. So I carried on, Cluching my pussy with my hand I weny to the corner of the street, and couldn't hold it anymore, I pulled my jeans and knickers down to my knees, squatted down and peed on the corner of the street; because cars were driving past I pushed the pee out, but it wasn't fast enough, abot 10 seconds after I started I looked at all the people in cars watching me and I felt really ambarresed, after about 30 seconds of peeing I got up pulled up my knickers and jeans and walked off. It was my most public pee ever.

P.s has anyone ever peed in a lift and did it flood?

Seeya, luv Leanne

Melissa. Hi and welcome!

Working Gal Liz. I think reluctance to go for a poo in public restrooms/toilets is not all that unusual and entirely understandable. However if you you're away from home and you need to poo badly enough, nature will take care of your natural reluctance soon enough - as you already appear to have found out.

Nicola from Ontario. If you look through the archives you'll find plenty of accounts of husband and wife couples 'buddy dumping' and helping one another out with ???? rubbing - especially when constipated.

LoggerMan. I enjoyed your post although I would urge caution and discretion when going for a motion outdoors - for obvious reasons. I liked the bit about you taking a poo whilst in the Welsh countryside - we once had a regular contributor here called Sheila from Wales but she's not posted recently.

Mary. To answer your question, I sometimes have trouble peeing in a crowded public loo. I think a lot of men do. My guess is that it's largely pschological - having to stand alongside other fellas to publicly do something which at home would be done in private.

To Melissa: I would dearly love to watch you going about your business, what a shame you live on the other side of the Atlantic. Maybe we could float logs to each other!
To Gracie: re your questionnaire - I rarely have stomach trouble or any other symptoms. I do have the problem that my bowels go from asleep to screaming in a few minutes, and often I have to walk with my bum clenched, although feeling liquid squeezing through and making a damp patch in my pants. I do sometimes get constipated and I put a hot-water bottle on my stomach.
To Bisou: No, it IS wierd! But like you I am glad to find that there are fellow wierd people out there! I thought your story was quite amusing actually.
To Linda: what a great story, I am visualising you having a poo in the shower. Did you do it before or after washing yourself? Did you do it then carry on washing with a pile of poo between your feet?

I once worked with a girl who had no pride, we were staying in a bed & breakfast where some rooms had shower but no toilet and she would often come into work and say how she'd pissed in the shower overnight. She sometimes talked about having diarrhea after a curry and 'shitting through the eye of a needle' but she never said she did that in the shower.She and I used to compete to out-gross our boss.

I sometimes stay in places where there is a washbasin in the room but no WC so I piss in the basin rather than go down the corridor in the middle of the night. Loads of guys must do this, I guess it's more difficult for women. Any ladies who do this practice?
Best wishes all

Monday, July 19, 2004

Hey there, I have just recently came across this site, and have taken some time to read this. I am a 26 yr old from Harrisburg, Pa area and I poop my pants and get a thrill from it. My b/f got me into this and peeing as well. We were at the mall and he was trying on Jeans at a store. We were back in the changing room area and I was outside his door. It was late. We had just ate about an hour earlier when I felt the urge at the tip of my anus, I told him to hurry up and he said to hold on! I said it won't. He opened up the door to the dressing room. I came in and dropped my jeans and panties, squatted in front of him and pushed. A nice soft log came out and broke off, then the second piece came. Then I farted some, and all of the sudden, a whole lot os soft mushy little pieces, and what a mess. It makes him hard watching me. I have lots of stories (all true) if you want to here more or meet up to watch me.

Hey everybody!!! Now that the summer is here and along with it trips to the beach, I decided to share with you a recent at the beach going to the bathroom experience. The ocean is really cold up in Maine, only 55 degrees a couple of weeks ago when I went up for the day with some friends. While my buds were soaking up some rays on the beach, I went out with my boogie board to ride some waves. While I was out in the surf, I saw three college-age girls come down to the water, testing it reluctantly with their toes and coming out deeper slowly and with lots of reservation. They really looked fine in their bikinis!!! Well, as they got used to the frigid water a bit they started to splash and push each other and clown around, with lots of appropriate giggles and shrieks. They walked out deeper, up to their ???? in the water. They were only about 25 feet away from me. My ears zoned in when I heard one of them say, "OMG, this is just like ice water. Cold water always makes me have to go to the bathroom. I really have to pee badly!" "I have to go sorta bad too. I've had to go for quite a while," said the other girl. "I,m gonna pee right now. I can't wait" said the first girl. "Good idea. I can't hold it much longer either," said the second girl. Both girls stopped walking, flexed their knees a little bit, looked down and began to do their thing. "EEEwwww, you guys are so disgusting, going to the bathroom in your bathing suits is really gross," said the third girl. "Oh gosh, it feels Sooooooh incredibly good to go, it feels so warm down there," said the first girl with a big smile on her face. "Oh yeah, relief, so very warm and toasty, " said the second girl grinning. The third girl watched her friends relieve themselves for nearly a full minute. "I really can't believe you guys are doing this!" she said annoyed. "Ahh yes, I feel so much better," said the first girl arranging her swim suit a bit. "Yes, much better," said the second girl swishing some water around herself, then re-arranging her suit a bit. "Don;t you have to
go too?" asked one of the girls, with a grin. "YES, but I'll wait until I can use the bathroom!" she replied emphatically. "Suit yourself" said her friend as the resumed splashing each other. Whenever I go to the beach I like to keep an eye open for going to the bathroom escapedes. This is only one of many I have seen. Anyone else have any beach going to the bathroom escapes to share???

hey everyone, I'm new here. I am 16 female. I've been reading these and really enjoy them. Please guys, write in some pee stories. I love them! Here's a story. It was a cool summer night. We were camping at a local campground. That night I had a bunch of water to drink. Before I went to bed I walked down to the bathrooms and took pee. I then climbed into bed. That night I slept in the back of our van for more room. Well I was out like a light in no time. 3:30 in the morning I was awaken by my bladder. It was telling me I had to go and I had to go now. I tried to just roll over and go back to bed. My bladder was just not letting me. I knew it wouldn't be long until it was time to burst. I didn't feel like walking down to the bathrooms and I new there was an outhouse just down the road, but I wanted more of an adventure. So I got off the bed and looked around with a flashlight to see if there was something to pee in. I found an old water bottle under the seat. I pulled down my flannel pants and underwear. I placed to bottle up to my vagina and let go. Boy did it feel good. My piss was hissing into the bottle. After about 30-45 seconds it stopped and put the cover on the bottle, put it in a cup holder to get rid of later. I climbed back in bed and slept til morning.

Hi my name is fiona. Today I had an experience that began humiliating but ended up being wonderful. I had to go for my road test to get my driver's license. I was incredibly nervous and afraid I wouldn't pass, however I really needed to pass because otherwise I can't go to a concert on Monday night…I decided I'm good looking enough that if I dress appropriately, I just might be able to flirt my way into passing If I don't do that badly…so, I put on a small white shirt that shoes cleavage and I wore a dressy light yellow loose skirt with white flowers on it that wasn't too short, but it was above my knees and since it was pretty loose, I normally flash my panties in that skirt more often than I want to. I wore a pair of light purple panties with lacey silk around the leg holes and a white flower and ivy design, I figured they went well with the skirt. Now just to fill you in, in the past I've pooped my pants accidentally probably 4 times, but I hadn't since I was about 13. I got to the DMV and signed in, then waited while my instructor finished with the prior appointment. I waited for about 5 minutes, then a door opened and the person before me came out, and I felt my bowels churn and the pressure built in my bum. I had to poop relatively badly, but I didn't think the test would be too long, and besides I couldn't go to the toilet now…I got ready to go and my instructor was an older man wearing a corney tweety bird tie, and he was short, balding and chubby.. Well anyway, we got started, and I had to poop really bad. I had a good clench on my bum but when we were getting in the car I let my skirt flip up a little in a flirty way and I lost my hold a little bit, and almost had a disaster right there…I wasn't doing very badly, but at one point I almost made a right turn over a cross walk, but I stopped it and backed up a little….that almost screwed me, and that's when I pooped my panties. It was pretty big and solid and I felt it make a huge bulge and squash under my bum.. It felt like I was sitting on a warm sticky cushion, but it came out quietly so I didn't think he noticed, until after a few miutes later a smell made itself present..I tried to subtely open the window…but he definitely caught on that I had pooped my undies…I didn't like burst into tears or anything, I was just humiliated and just didn't say anthing and I did my best…I didn't do so badly except for the mistake tht caused me to have an accident in my underwear…I thought he wouldn't pass me just for that, but I passed! And he smiled at me when I was leaving later on..perhaps my accident was the perfect flirt? That made me feel a lot better…my mom was kind of freaky about me pooping my panties but there was nothing she could do..she just leaned on the window the whole way home like the smell was honestly that bad…oh well. It took me a while to clean myself when I got home. I tried to wash the panties, but when they were done the light purple in the seat of the panties faded a lot and still had a light brown stain in them…Iguess having a load in them for too long explains that..oh well I gotta get going, I'll post my past accidents another time.

i sometimes feel queasy or get a ????ache shortly before i need to pee. peeing usually relieves the ache but sometimes my stomach continues to hurt. does anyone else experience a stomachache before peeing?

Tator Tot
Hey, my name is Amanda, I am 16, a senior in high school, and this is my first time posting here. I have been reading posts here for a good while now, and I really don't have anything to post. I wrote a short story last night, while I was talking to my good friend that says when he sees me he will take a good dump in front of me, if he could. Hehe =) Anyways, here is the story, hope everyone enjoys!
My boyfriend and I had just gotten home from a nice dinner from a very expensive restraunt. We had both had a long day, and were about ready to colapse in eachothers arms and relax. I got on the bed and saw Jordan going into the bathroom, which was in the bedroom. I noticed he left the door cracked alittle, so I thought he was only going to pee. After a few seconds I heard him grunting, but heard nothing coming out. He took a breath, and started grunting again, only this time a bit louder. By this time I was really turned on. He had been in there for a while, so I calmly asked, "Baby, are you OK?" he replied "No, nothing is happening!" "Do you need some help?" I asked. After a few moments he said "Yes". I got up and headed towards the bathroom, when I opened the door, I could tell by the expression on his face he was in a great deal of pain. i sat down on the floor and started massaging and pushing on his ????. I encouraged him to push, or whatever it took. Jordan started grunting and pushing as hard as he could. He was red faced and out of breath. "I feel something coming." he said. After he cought his breath, he managed to push it alittle more than half way out. I got in front of Jordan and let him rest his head on my chest while I rubbed his back and comforting him, both at the same time. Jordan finally passed the big turd and a few more smaller and softer ones. I let him finnish up and got back into the bed. Not long after he came out holding his ????. He got into the bed and said "My ???? really hurts after that." I felt really bad for him and replied "Awww, you can come lay in my arms, and I will rub your ????." He finally got relaxed enough and fell asleep in my arms. He felt better the next morning, and I was glad, because he had such a hard time.
Well, that was it, hope yall injoyed it as much as I did writing it!

To Ash D. I love your stories what kinda diet do you have that lets you take such nice shits?

Just a guy
Sarah Elizabeth sounds like you could have irritable bowel syndrome and your boyfriend or ex boyfriend isnt very understanding

has anybody ever like, gone to the mall, and had an accident while they wer trying on clothes? or like, in a swimsuit on purpouse?

Diaper Guy
I'm new here and i'd love to hear more accident stories. Thanks!

MikeyPee, the disabled guy, here again....

For Quizzical -

Regarding your question about spina bifida, a broad answer goes something like this.

Most people with spina bifida have some degree of bowel and bladder incontinence. The reason is that spina bifida is a lesion on the spinal cord (actually the neural tube which encloses the spinal cord), and therefore neurological function at and below the
location of the lesion is impaired. Thie higher the up the lesion is located the more impairment (paralysis, incontinence, etc), and vice versa. Unfortunately, the nerves that control bowel and bladder function are at the lowest point on the spinal cord, and this accounts for the commonality of bowel/bladder impairment (incontinence) in spina bifida.

Moreover, there is can variation in the actual manifestation of the bowel/bladder deficit. Some have no sensation of the need to use the toilet (bowel or bladder), while others might have awareness
of the need "to go," but an inability to "hold it" until they can get to the bathroom.

That said, it's would be difficult to say how any one person with SB manages these issues. Your girl friend may use diapers, or she may have had surgery to re-route part of her colon/intestine,
such as a colostomy, to achieve normal bowel control. She may depend on the regular use of an enema or suppository to bring about a BM at an appropriate time. It varies from one person to another.

If your relationship continues to grow, she'll tell you at the time when she's most comfortable sharing this very personal and intimate matter with you. Understandably, this is a very personal matter, and
it causes much anxiety for people with SB when they pursue close relationships, like dating, with others. I'm sure if your relationship with her grows, you'll see beyond this aspect of her disability, and provide her with the love, support and encouragement she needs.

to mary,
usually mens bathrooms have dividers in between the urinals to help with the self conscious problem. it's basically to stop other guys from looking at your dick and comparing dick size. of course if you had the biggest dick it wouldn't be anything to be self conscious about. ok so i have a question for you. are you interested in pooping or just peeing? any pooping stories you could share? peace out, dylan

To P-Bone: Yes, I've had to pee that badly before. It happened this one time when I was going for a walk. I got hit with the urge to pee really bad. Also I felt these pains in my sides and abdomen. At first, I thought I just had to take a big dump, but it was my kidneys. I reached a porta potty and went in. I pulled down my pants and sat down, and let out a long stream of piss. The pain in my kidneys started to subside, and then I quickly pushed two turds out of my ass, wiped, and left.

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