Working Gal Liz
Hello again forum. I say "again" because I posted here a long time ago under the handle "College gal Liz" I believe it was or something close to that a few years ago. Well I have still been reading the forum often but haven't had anything really interesting to post but today I do :-). To get you guys up to speed I am 22 now and will turn 23 at the end of the month and I graduated earlier this year finally. After looking for a job in my field, which happens to be accounting, for nearly a year I finally got a chance at permanent gig working for a firm, all I have to do is pass their training course which is six weeks. This story is about something that happened to me earlier this week.

Now I have always been one to be slow to adjust to new situations as far as bowel functions go and I am ashamed to say that I am one of those ladies that has serious anxieties about dumping in public restrooms to the point where my little ???? will go into some kind of "auto hold" mode to keep me from having to go through the embarrassment of going in a public place. I've been in this program for 4 weeks now and even with my slightly changed eating habits I had been lucky enough to not have had much trouble with waiting to get home to poop until this week.

Since starting this class in the city I have had to pick up something for lunch from a nearby food court and of course now that I am not at home as much anymore my boyfriend insists on taking me out to dinner one more night a week than we used to so we can have more time together. Even though I have been eating more I have actually been going less it seems, and a few days in class it has left me feeling kind of packed and uncomfortable.

This week in class on Wednesday I was afraid it would be another one of those days as I hadn't gone in two days already and I had had a really large plate of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hash browns from Denny's the night before which left me stuffed. The next morning came and I still didn't have the urge to take a dump. On the train going into the city though I felt it start building up and I began feeling gassy. After holding it in for the entire train-ride as soon as I got off into the noisy station I let loose to my hearts content which made me feel much better for the time being.

As I arrived at the classroom I worried things would get really uncomfortable as I would no longer have the luxury of passing my warm gas at will. So I sat and did my work feeling uncomfortable on and off until around 3:00 at which point I could feel something moving down there. Since everyone was hard at work on our assignment things were quiet and I knew I may be able to get some privacy in the ladies room so for the next half hour I contemplated whether or not it would be a good idea to sneak away and take my crap as quickly as I could.

At around 3:30, after packing a little bit more into my stomach with a slice of pizza at lunch time, I decided I simply couldn't wait any longer and quickly got up to go to the restroom. To save some time I began to push while walking down the hall and I was able to get it started because I knew my body's anxiety wouldn't let me get this one out easily. I was in luck as the restroom was completely empty so I went into the first stall, undid my rather tight fitting tan dress pants and slid them along with my panties down to my ankles and sat down spreading my cheeks apart on the seat. I immediately bore down as hard as I possibly could, I'm sure I had a priceless expression on my face :-), and began to pee. Very soon I could feel a very hard piece of poop slowly coming out, so being the curious person I am I opened my legs to watch it come out. It was blunt on the end and light brown in color, to my surprise I could smell it pretty strongly as it came out as I usually can't smell anything when I'm at home, I guess it's because there's no fan in the restroom at work. As the hard chunk of my waste fell into the water with a slight splash the smell was still hanging in the air so I did a courtesy flush, it was then that two ladies walked into the restroom so I was glad the hardest part was done but I could feel a little more in there so I began pushing again and the tip of the turd fell into the water. I tore off some paper and wiped sitting down even though I usually stand up to do it, it was a pretty clean one so I finished, washed and went back. My stomach and my rear end were a little uneasy after all that work as I went back and sat down but I think I hid it well ;-).

I was feeling much better the last hour or so I was there but I knew there had to be more built up inside to come out. That evening I realized I was right in a biiiig way. I spent the evening not having to go at all until I was doing my nightly exercise routine right before bed at around 9:30. As happens often I was hit with another urge suddenly as I was doing my stomach crunches so I had to stop right there and run across the hall to the bathroom as much as I hate stopping in the middle. I took off my exercise shorts and just slid my panties down to my ankles, sat down, and began to push. A dark brown hard chunk came out easily soon after with a second chunk following right afterwards. Usually this is it for me; it comes out quickly and cleanly but not this time. I could actually feel more in there which is totally unusual for me. I stayed seated and began pushing again raising my feet to my tippy toes and throwing off my panties too. Another small piece made its way out but this one was much softer. I stayed seated taking a rest positive I was finished but like a minute later I could feel there was even more to come. I bore down yet again and I could feel more soft poop start to slide out, I was amazed as it got longer and longer so I watched this long thing come out between my legs in total astonishment. Soon after that I saw it slide into the water and lay on top of the hole at the bottom of the toilet too long to sink all the way to the bottom like the rest of my healthy pile down there.

I stood up to wipe and tore off some tissue and as I wiped I realized I was an absolute mess down there as I could feel my hole was covered with my own soft crap. After wiping about 5 times I flushed even though I wasn't done because our toilet is easily clogged. I was horrified but not surprised to see my load had stopped up our weak toilet but relieved when I saw it was only having brief trouble and the water kept going. I wiped 4 more times and when I was sufficiently clean I got dressed again feeling very much cleaned out. But I still don't see how the other gals at the office can just go into the restroom and loudly fart and poop so easily as I have heard and smelled it quite a few times…

To Brenda:

I loved your story about you and your two friends peeing into the urinal device while camping and would dearly love to hear more about your friend with the mega-bladder. Weird as it may sound the size of my bladder helped me achieve some notoriety as well as some new girlfriends when I transferred to a new school in the middle of last year. At first I was having a hard time getting used to the new surroundings. One girl who was supposed to be popular and the center of attention really ticked me off by accusing me of not being a real blond (I am) and telling me not to try to hit on certain guys. Finally I thought enough was enough.

One afternoon I saw her go into one of the girl's restrooms with a few of her firnds in tow. I hadn't gone to the bathroom all day and just knew from experience that I could probably take a pretty long and loud pee--I can out-pee anyone in my family ten times over without really trying and my mom and older sisters are always amazed how much I can pee. So it's no stretch to say I knew I could put on a good peeing demo. Anyway I went in just after they went in, and went into a stall a couple down from her. She started a few seconds before me but I quickly started up, making sure I went straight into the middle of the water. And I went...and went...and went...Her girlfriends started coming out of their stalls and going over to the sink area as I continued to pee and pee. Then I heard her finish and loiter around a little before ripping off a tissue. Then she came out and went over to join her friends at the sink and mirror. By this time I had been going (no fooling) for at least like 3-4 minutes, but I knew I had more to go. So I kept going until my stream tapered off to a real long series of splishes and splashes. I started hearing some whispering going on but I had no idea how much an impression I had made. When I came out it was like "Gawd, we were all wondering how long you were going to go." And I was like "ho-hum, it was no big deal I've gone a lot longer and more." Much to my glee, my arch rival queen bitch was thoroughly humbled and defeated in this womanly battle of the bladders. Long story short, by the end of the year I had a tight cadre of bathroom buddies and fans.

I nearly forgot Brenda- I went over to a pajama party over Easter where they had one of those red "she-inal" things that one of my girlfriend's older sister got from a catalogue. Ours was red with large female funnel attachment at the end. The box that it came in said it held 1000ml which I'm pretty sure means 1 liter. Later on that night when we all had to go we took turns going in it to test our aim and bladders. After watching a couple of the other go into it and fill it from half to three-quarters full, I was sure that I could fill it no problem. I chugged water like mad until one of my girlfriends piped up and told me it was my turn- everybody wanted to see visually what my endless pisses at school translated into. After a lot of begging I relented and we all retired to the bathroom where I sat on the edge of the toilet seat and placed the red she-inal porta potty with the white female adapter just under me. It was hard to get going at first with an audience but slowly the drips, then a trickle then a stream came out. The somewhat translucent container began to fill and fill as I peed and peed, an eager audience of my girlfriends staring straight at me. Then I swear, the container filled completely up, including the funnel adapter, and my pee started spilling down the sides on to the tile floor of the bathroom. My girlfriends began squeeling for me to stop peeing, but I continued peeing anyway! Seriously I was nowhere NEAR done yet, and was having so much fun showing-off the size of my bladder I was not going to stop. I continued to pee amongst the hoot and hollers of amazement all the while pee was flowing all over the floor. By the time I stopped going all of them thought I was Supergirl or something.

I can't tell you how much I peed, but it looked like more ended up on the bathroom floor than in the container. Brenda, how long and how much can your girlfriend pee? It would be fun to have a contest with her, even a hypothetical one.

Dear Quizzical:

In most cases the affected parts of the body are the spine, of course, and the urethral area, which would affect one's ability to urinate (or not, depending on the severity of the condition). I am not a medical doctor (studied mostly psychology, and some anatomy) so I cannot tell you that I have really seen firsthand what is so, but we have known a fair number of people over the years with this condition (including my mother-in-law, who was affected only in her spine). Neighbors of ours had a daughter who was affected in her urethral area as well as her spine. The parents told us that their physician advised that it would take 2 separate surgeries to correct her urethral area, and as far as I know, this was the case. We last saw her when she was 16, and walked fairly normally, was absolutely beautiful, and pees normally, too, although we did not ask about that!
We have some lifelong friends, school friends of my wife, who have a son who is 21 with spina bifada. He has gone through countless surgeries, but still has to use a catheter. It all depends on the individual.
I have never heard of anyone with spina bifada having had bowel or rectal involvement, but again, I am not a medical doctor and can only speak from knowing 6 or 8 people with the condition.

Hi there! I'm a thirty-something woman who's into pee and any sort of bathroom humour and discussion. I've got quite a few stories to tell, but some are really long, so I'll tell them later. It's nice to know I'm normal, though! My husband, for the most part, is very understanding, although he's a biologist who works with human cadavers, so he's very open about bodily functions! Also, he's French. Does anyone else find that the French are more open about this sort of thing, or is it just him?
Nice to meet all of you, and happy toileting!

@ Sarah Elizabeth: Loved your storys, can you write more of them?

Hey everyone! I am a 16 year old male and had a story about pooping next to a hot girl that I am friends with. Well a couple of weeks ago I was at a camp for a week. The bathrooms there were terrible. It was a little outhouse with two toilets side by side. The two toilets were about an inch away from eachother ontop of a box. Well I have a friend named Kelly who I talked into driving up that night and visiting me. When she got there we all ate dinner in camp. We had a beef stew and some cabbage and it was very good. After a while my stomach started to turn and I had to go to that outhouse bad. I told Kelly I had to use the bathroom and quickly went into the outhouse. The outhouse smelled terrible and was very dirty. I tried to put some toilet paper on the seat but was too desperate and had to go. I yanked down my jeans to between my knees and calves and let er rip. Right about the time that I let my explosive shit go, the door swung open and Kelly ran into the bathroom. She didnt say a word but she looked like she was going to be sick. She jumped up into the outhouse and jiggled with her belt. She finally got it loose and unzipped her pants. She quickly shoved them down on her sexy tan thighs and quickly set down. She let out a load of nasty diarrhea. I couldnt help but look because her beautiful ass was touching my ass on the two seater shitter. She was sitting almost straight up, but her back was bent because her butt was hanging back because of the size. Kelly has long blonde hair and very nice legs. She is about 5'5. WELL, while she was pooping she was letting out very sexy soft grunts and I was getting REALLY REALLY turned on. I got the biggest hard on. She was holding her stomach and I was just trying to keep it cool and not be how obvious she was turning me on. After about 5 minutes I was finished but she was still letting out little squirts. She finally finished but there was no toilet paper on her side. She asked me "Can you please hand me the toilet paper to clean up this big mess?" I smiled and handed it to her. As she was wiping I tore a little of the roll as she held it and began to wipe. We finished at exaclty the same time and she pulled up her baby blue thong and blue jeans. She stopped me before we stepped out of the outhouse and said "well, now i guess we both saw a side of eachother that we didnt ever think we would see. I hope you werent grossed out and think of me differnt now." I told her that it didnt bother me one bit and was actually didnt mind the situation that we had been put in. She smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss (which didnt help my hard not situation at all) She noticed the huge bulge in my pants that I was trying to hide. She just laughed and said "im glad to see you enjoyed this, Maybe itll happen again someday" and walked out of the outhouse. **Tell me what you think about this post. Does any one else have any stories like this? and LADIES do you think it is odd that i was so turned on by seeing my attractive friend pooping next to me in the outhouse? Thanks Alot,

Nicky from Ontario, canada
ok just a quyestion here, i've been reading these and noticed that quite a few times a man says he gets an erection from pooping. is this from all kinds of poop, or just big hard ones?? im confused here. i also like to know if it is normal to sit with your signicant other while they are using the toilet?? my bf is often constipated and he likes the company, i hold hs hand, rub his back and belly and help him try to relax, is this common???

To Son of a Preacher Man: Loved your old is your and yoru brother?

To Other Son of Preacher Man: Loved your story >To Dolan: Loved your story The other day after work, i had to poop and i had this big 8 inch log...thats all thats new with me..gotta run bye

Eric in Chicago
Dolan: Great story.

Ryan S.: yes, coffee usually does it to me (it tends to do it to most people, though the reason isn't fully understood. It's not due to caffeine, though; the effects can be reproduced with decaf. Part of it may in fact be a conditioned response.

Mary: If I'm wearing pants with a zipper/fly, I'll use it (along with the fly in my underwear) for peeing. If I'm wearing basketball shorts or the like, I'll pull them down along with my underwear. If I'm wearing just underwear (either briefs or boxers) I'll usually pull them down as well, even though they have flies. Go figure.

Oddly enough, in some other forums (not directly toilet-related) the same question was asked and the results came in almost the opposite from here; almost nobody used their flies. Some of those forums were a bit sexually oriented, and I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the guys were trying to imply that their equipment was too big to use their flies. There's definitely less of that dynamic here (though probably the people there don't clog the toliets as much as we claim to!).

hi! i've been a "lurker" here for sometime--until now have been too shy to post. i pee several times a day and have at least one BM a day, sometimes two (unless i'm having diahrrea). my BMs are kind of rough on my stomach as i often have bad cramps or a bad stomach ache for about twenty minutes or more before my BM, but it really feels good to get it out. at the moment i can't think of any stories to share but perhaps some will come to mind soon. i haven't seen many surveys recently, so i thought i'd make one! since i am having a pretty awful ???? ache right now (and will be making a trip to the bathroom soon), the survey is mostly about BMs/stomachaches. some of these questions have probably been used before but i hope that doesn't make anyone not want to answer. enjoy!

1. Do you have a stomach ache, cramps, gas, bloating, or queasiness before a BM?
2. If so, are you able to hold it or do you need to go right away?
3. Have you ever felt nauseous before or after a BM?
4. Do you hold or massage your ???? in order to feel better (before, during, or after BM)?
5. Does your stomach hurt more when you are about to have a BM or when you are constipated?
6. When you feel constipated, do you massage your stomach and if so, does it help?
7. Do you generally feel better after pooping?

Yesterday my toilet got blocked up, Im not sure whats wrong with it but it has never really flushed properly. However, this time, when I flush it, it just fills up with water and doesn't flush anything away. I've been avoiding flushing it and now its full of toilet paper. I didn't even think that I would be needing to take a dump this morning but after I ate breakfast, I felt the urge to go. I didn't want to risk using the toilet (there is only one in my house) because it meant that I wouldn't be able to flush it. I thought about waiting until I got to work but I couldn't wait, so when I went to have a shower, I took a bucket in there with me. I was going to take a shit in the bucket but I ended up squatting in the shower, with the water still running and I managed to squeeze out a very messy poo. There was a big pile of light brown poo in the shower, next to the drain. It was interesting to see how big the pile was, as Ive never taken a dump in the shower before. I washed it down the drain with the running water and cleaned the shower with bleach. It was a nice experience, doing a poo in the shower as I was able to wash my arse aferwards.


I have Spina Bifida and have no bowel control or feeling below the waist. I therefore have no idea what it feels like to need a poop.

I was wondering if someone out there could describe the feeling to me?

Is there a sensation when the poop is coming on but is still a way off (ie: further up the digestive system)? What is the feeling like when you are going to have diarreah? What is the feeling like when you are going to have a normal poop? What is the feeling like when it is going to be a big firm poop?

I would appreciate to hear from someone on this - especially a female :-)


I am very happy to have found this site. Nice to know there are others with the same predilections as me. I especially like the stories by women and girls about pooing outdoors or in their pants. I often dream of being with a girl when she has to poo and she lets me watch. I like to poo outdoors, and often do. I have to drive to somewhere where nobody would recognise me if they caught me. I am nearly 50 now and not as brave as I used to be. I now only go for walks in the countryside and do it in remote spots. When I was younger I used to like to shit in multi-storey carparks, down alleys, on the floor of public conveniences, as a teenager I once with a friend both had a shit on the floor in a train compartment just before it came into our stop. I have only once been caught, a few years ago I was walking in Wales and my bowels were really urgently needing relief. I held it as long as possible but eventually had to stop and drop my trousers and let go a big loose pile of really smelly yellowish poo. It took a bit of wiping and as I did so, two women came round a corner and saw me. They were as embarrassed as I was and didn't say anything. I never want to poo at someone's house because other people's toilets aren't often very effective. (Did you see Jim Davidson a couple of weeks ago having a laugh on this very subject?) The most recent time I pooed outdoors was 3 weeks ago, I was staying at my mother-in-law's house and needed a poo which I sensed was going to be a biggie and probably beyond the power of the WC. I grabbed some TP and said I'd take the dog for a walk. As soon as we were in the alley behind the house I pulled my trousers down, squatted and out fell a big soft log, with no exertion needed at all. It was right in the middle of the alley, and a bit risky as someone could have come along but they didn't. Well I'll have to go now, work to do and all that, but I'm glad to have found this site and will continue to visit. By the way does anybody have any ideas about what sort of things to eat to ensure you get firm solid poo? Because as well as doing it outdoors I also like to do it in my hands and in the bath but not so good when it's all soft and sloppy. Happy crapping everybody

Steve B.
Shela,"The Fart Woman",you sound like a very unique woman. You actually enjoy farting out loud in public? Wow! How loud are your farts? What is the longest fart you let out time-wise? What are the reactions of the people around you, when you let them out? What foods make you gassy? There are a lot of men out there that appreciate women who are not ashamed to make loud,long,smelly farts!!! Can you describe what you look like for us? And please continue to post your vivid fart stories! Sincerely,Steve B.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ever have to pee so hard it hurts your kidneys? I was driving the other day & really had to go. There wasn't any place to pull over & just pee so I just kept going to my destination (the beach, about 20 min. down the road).

I finally made it to the public toilets by the beach and got some relief, but the strain caused a really bad ache in my lower back (I'm assuming that was my kidney) and my crotch/bladder region. It also made me a little nauseous and dizzy. I had to rest by my car for about 10 minutes before I was ready to walk down to the ocean.

Hello fellow toileteers,
Does anyone here have spina bifida or know someone well who does? I'm dating a woman who has spina bifida and I was wondering since she is basically paralized from the waist down, do people with this affliction poop normally, or do they have to wear a colostomy bag or a diaper?
Thanks, Quizzical

to all guys who answered my question: thanks a lot! i have always been curious as to how u do that.
another question: do u ever get self consious about peeing in public restrooms? again, details please! if u have any questions 4 me, please ask! ill be happy to answer.

ill post a story soon, but i gotta go now (literally and figurativley)

thanks again!;)

To Son of A Preacher Man: Read your story. I can't believe that you would be that traumatized to crap in front of your brother! Everyone goes to the bathroon. And as you see, it was no big deal to go. As they say "shit happens"!

Ryan s, I agree coffee is the best directic. after 3 cups I need to dump and NOW! I usually open my zipper and reach inside my jockeys and pull out my dick.

Hi, I'm new to this board. I'm a teenage girl, still in high school, and although I haven't had an actual accident since I was a little kid, I am very into bathroom humour and any sort of discussion about it, and have been ever since I could remember.
Here's a very awkward story: one day after school, I stayed a little later and found I needed to take a dump. Being a little constipated, since I usually avoid using public toilets for anything except pee, I was very nervous. I snuck into a bathroom and the light was off. I clicked the switch over once, which was a bad idea. No sooner had I sat down and started pushing a really hard poo out, then the light went off! Apparently, I had only pushed it onto the motion sensor!
Swearing silently, I tried with great force to suck the blasted thing back into my butt, and waddled over to switch the light back on. However, I completely lost the urge and was in absolute agony when I could finally go again!
Well, nice to actually talk to some people that have this same interest. I'm not as weird as I thought!

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