dear jill

you asked if anyone had any stories to relate to yours; the accident you had on a roller coaster. well i have a story for you, so you aren't alone.
okay, i'm 22 and a couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania. At Dorney Park, there is a ride called the Sky Scraper, which is a ride where you need to pay a fee to get on and they make you take off anything loose and put it in a lock box, then you get strapped in all over very tightly and securely, in what is essentially just a chair with a fence on each side.....then the thing launches you up probably well over 100 ft, but i don't know, and as you're going up you flip around and the thing goes ina circle and you flip back down. there are 2 units for riders on the whole thing, one on each end. as they strapped passengers in the other unit, we got to sit at the very very top and we could see the whole park. afterward, it swung back downwards at incredible speed while flipping over and over yet. it was amazing, although my bowels didn't like it very's how it happened.
we paid at a booth to go up to the ride, but there was no one there because of the fee, and it was an intimininating ride. so we got strapped in, and immediatley my stomach flopped and i felt the pressure build in my butt as i had to poop very urgerntly. i think it was because of the nervousness and the stress that the straps put on my abdomen. before it even started up, i felt the "warm tickle" feeling as i liek to call it, of the poop trying to push it's way into my panties already...a wave of heat came over me as i got very scared, because i was wearing a loose denim skirt and light blue panties and the way i was strapped in was somewhat...revealing, so i knew if i had an accident i was screwed...the sky scraper started with a little jerk, and i felt my butt tingle. it started to swing us up ward and start flipping, and i felt my butt tighten desperatley trying to hold it in. it flipped us around while spinning twice, and then stopped a the top. my boyfriend said "oh my god that was amazing" and i jsut said "i'm going to cra-.." and with that i completely messed my underwear!!! i was in shock, and so was my boyfriend....we had to sit up there with the odor for almost 5 minutes while the other passengers were being would've been great for the view we had, except all we could smell was poop...i couldn't even look at him, and none of us really said anything. it was very awkward and iwas extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable. i managed not to start crying though, but my face was cherry red. eventually it started turning again and spinning and flipping some more, and i felt myself make a little more mess in my underwear while it was flipping around. it was going around for a whole second ride, so the other people would stop at the top while we got out...i couldn't stand it, a just kept messing my underwear little by little the whole time after i already made a big one when it was at finally came to a stop at the bottom, and the operate said he'd unstrap me only because he had witnessed more than just one person having their "bowels done in", as he put it, on that ride. walking away from the ride was so humiliating, i couldn't walk properly because there was such a load in my panties that it weighed my underwear down and between my legs so i couldn;t really face never got any less red, it just got boyfriend didn't say anything for the longest time, then he just said "i'm sorry you didn't like the ride" way of saying "it's okay that you pooped yourself.." and then he told me he'd drive me home to clean myself. it was an hour drive, but it was the best we can do.

that was my most embarrassing moment, the only other similar moment was at a birthday sleep over at a friend's house when iwas 12, where we had so much soda while watching movies that i wet my underwear. that was really embarrassing because it didn't happen when i was asleep or anything, i just had to go really bad while we were watching movies and i never really took the time to get up, then all the sudden the urge got so bad that i couldn't hold it in and istarted to wet myself.

I'm new here...this is my first post. I hope you like it!

Last night I woke up with a terrible pressure on my abdoman. I knew I needed to pee terribly, but I normally have a strong bladder, so I went to sleep. A bit later (i have no idea how much later) I woke up and needed to pee so badly that I could barely move! I couldn't make it to the bathroom across the hall, and I didn't have a trash can or towel or something to pee into, so I sat up and tried to get out of bed. The second I sat up i started peeing. I stopped quickly, and it was really like a squirt of pee. I knew that my bed was already wet, and I couldn't make it, so i decided to squirt a bit onto my bed and then run to the bathroom. I spent like 5 minutes squirting pee onto my bed, but the pressure of stopping and starting was terrible, and I needed to go badly so I just let go. I was peeing so fast and so hard that it was pussy was opened sooo wide, and i was peeing soooo fast! my bed was completely soaked, but I was tired so i went back to bed. In the morning I needed to pee again, and I also needed to poop, so I grabbed a book and let go! I peed a ton of pee again, and then grunted. A soft log shot out onto my bed (i had taken my pajama bottoms off). I grunted another time, and another soft log came out. Then i felt my stomach gurgle, and I knew I was going to have diarrhea. I farted really loudly two times, and then had diarrhea all over my bed. the diarrhea lasted for about 5 minutes, and when I was done I jumped into a shower and washed myself. in the shower my stomach grumbled and I shit diarrhea all over the wall. I cleaned that up, washed my sheets, and lay down on the couch in my thong and bra. My parents are gone for the weekend, so nobody knew what happened. I'm an only child. My stomach is growling now, so I'll tell you the rest later. BYE!

Sarah Elizabeth
Once i was on the bus going to school. I needed to shit badly, so i got out a stop early. I was wearing a skirt and undies, so i pulled down the underwear, and pretended to be interested in a shop window. I spread my legs apart, and just let the pieces of poo fall onto the ground. then i ran to school.

Another expierience like that was when I really really really really really needed to pee, and i was going shopping. I walked outside of the store to find a bathroom, but couldn't make it any longer. without bothering to pull down my underwear, I leaned against a wall and pissed. my underwear got soaked, but at least nobody had seen me piss in my underwear! They dried quickly, and by the end of the day I got on the bus to go back to my house. I was sitting in the back seat, and going over the bumps made me need to pee more and more! I stood up and pissed again. The piss was comming out so fast that it was scary! When i was done i needed to poop, but by now i was sitting and the bus was so full that there was no room to stand, but i figured that i could make it until i got home. so i held it, and suddenly i sneezed, and my shit released, and it was diarrhea, and it completely filled my already soaked panties. There was nothing i could do to make it stop, so i just had diarrhea explosions in my pants all the way home. when i got home i cleaned my stuff up, and got into the shower.

I was at the beach and we were somewhere remote. My bathing suit was filthy, and nobody was there so my parents said that our whole family could swim nude. So i wasn't wearing any bathing suit, when the urge to poop hit me! It hit me like a bomb, and suddenly I could hardly move any more. I told my mom the problem, and she pointed to a little bathroom. I made it up there, but as i went into the bathroom a log poked out of my butt. I couldn't stop it, and since nobody was in the bathroom, i just pooped there. I kept pooping for like 20 minutes, and then my solid poo turned into liquid know...diarrhea! so i had diarrhea all over the floor, and then i cleaned up and went back into the water. it was actually kind of fun.

A month ago I was with my boyfriend, and we were at a fancy restraunt, and suddenly i got cramps terribly, and I knew I was going to have diarrhea, but I was to embarassed to go, and stayed at the table. Finally when I was about to go in my pants, I excused myself to the bathroom. I made it into a stall, and managed to get my pants down, but I couldn't get my butt into the toilet, so i sprayed diarrhea all over the wall. When i was done having diarrhea, i went back to my boyfriend. he had heard it, though, and laughed at me. Needless to say, i broke up with him the next day.

Yesterday I was at the movies with a few friends. 1/3 of the way through the movie I got cramps, and needed to fart. I let out a giant fart, that smelled terrible. My friends looked at me and i said that I didn't do it. At the end of the movie i ran to the bathroom. I barely had time to pull down my pants when I let out a giant wave of diarrhea. My friends asked me, "Do you have diarrhea?" and i was embarrassed, so i said, "No," and a friend said meanly, "well, it sure sounds like it!" and to my embarrassment, right then I let out another wave of diarrhea. Then it was over. i don't know what caused the diarrhea, though...

Brenda: you need to wear an extremely short skirt, only about 3 inches below your crotch, it seems to work for me.

Audrey: I really enjoyed reading your story. It was not boring at all.
Anonymous Eighth Grader: That was shocking that the teacher wouldn't let you go again. If you had to go three times in that short a period of time, then obviously there was a problem. I think there should have been a bigger punishment.
Anita: Sorry about your bad luck at camp, but why didn't you go while the other girls were pooping? I don't know why it'd be embarrassing to poop in front of someone who's also pooping. It could be a bonding experience.
Shela: Girls farting is pretty awesome. I've always wanted to put my hand up against a girl's butt while she's farting and feel the vibrations. I've never thought about directly smelling a girl's farts though. If you have poop stories, please share.

Seeing girls poop or pee (especially pooping) is a very fascinating thing. Hearing about it is also fascinating. I really like reading the stories here since I've never witnessed anything like this. This is just my first post but I will post in the future too.


Good morning--humid here. We just got back from a trip. On the way, we stopped at a chicken place for lunch. It was good, but about an hour afterwards I began to feel the urgency to poop that meant not all of it would be solid. I knew of a rest area along the road, and as soon as we got there, I walked rapidly into the restroom. There were three stalls, so I took the middle one. I got out my little mirror and watched. First I shot out a fairly normal smooth dark brown turd, then another shorter one, then a series of several soft ploppers. Not diarrhea, but definitely not my usual firm poop either. A man came into the neighboring stall about that time, but while I was wiping, I heard nothing from him. The flush was automatic as soon as I stood up, so I barely saw my excretions before they passed from view.
The next day, at the hotel, I was in the restroom off the lobby. I had a nice normal b.m., two fairly long pieces and a couple of shorter ones. I had just dropped the last of these when a man came into the neighboring stall with his little son, a boy of perhaps two or three years old. There was reflective tile behind the partition, and I saw the little boy seated on the toilet. I couldn't see his bottom because his shirt hung too low, but I did see as eleven (11) thin turds fell rapidly into the water. They were definitely formed, but soft. I then wiped and left. That was the only actual sighting on the trip.

Twice Shy
Methods of Urination for this Male Person--

I would agree that the preferred pee-style for American men has to be through the zipper or buttons of fully-hiked trousers, taking advantage of the fly opening in one's briefs/boxers (if worn), that feature that is so conspicuously absent in the female counterpart garment. I recall in my grade school days the occasional boys I'd see dropping trou' and standing there with full buttock-exposure, before the urinal. That looked might odd.

I am also in the habit, however, of wearing sports-shorts, such as Patagonia Baggies, and these do not have a fly in the front. There, the typical option for taking a leak is to pull the nylon shorts and the underlying undershorts to one side (I prefer the left), and route the implement around. This method would probably work with experienced women who try the same thing, though it would take significantly more practice.

It always amazes me, the hand of the Creator, in making two such mechanically-remarkable structures on the human, each so well integrated, it would seem, with other important portals that must operate in conjunction with the natural dialytic process.

biker trash
I pee through my zipper. I haven't worn underwear in 14 years, but I remember them being boxers and pulling myself out through the fly. With my jeans, which is almost all I wear, I simply pull myself out through the zipper and go. It makes things rather convenient for the "clandestine" pee. I can simply act like I'm standing there and pee wherever I'm at (except in the house on the floor-it stinks after awhile).

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hey everyone! I'm new here but I have a pee storys and I hope you'll like it. I'm a teen and live in the south..but anyway..

-->Today when I woke up I felt a TERRIBLE pressure on my bladder.I had drank alot of stuff last night so I wasn't surprised. I was still sleeply and I'm really good at holding it so I just kind of layed there for a while with my eyes closed. Suddenly, my eyes shot open because I had to pee even worse! I really didn't think I could make it, because the bathroom was downstairs. I'm a messy person (lol) and leave my towels all over my floor after showers. As fast as I could, I got up and grabbed one of them. Then, I laid back down in the bed and folded it up a little bit and pulled down my pj bottoms and such and laid on it. At first I couldn't do it then, suddenly, when I was about to run downstairs thinking I'd make it (I started to get up) I started going. I quickly put the towel back. I started to leak on my bed but at that moment, I couldn't care less! Then, the towel got really wet (it wasn't a very big towel) so I tried to stop and succeeded, and grabbed another. Finally, I finished. It was actually sort of, well, fun! Then, after breakfast I went to my room to read a magazine and had to go again. I decided to use the towel again, and I did but I didn't have to go that bad so I just sat there in bed, reading the magazine and using the towel. Like I said, it was sort of interesting and, fun!

That's all for now!


Eric in Chicago
Last night I cooked myself a dish that used a bunch of shirataki noodles, which are a sort of Japanese noodle (best known for their use in sukiyaki) that, rather than being made out of starch, are made out a little bit of soluble fiber derived from a Japanese yam and a lot (at least 95%) of water. I'm a noodle freak, but I'm also diabetic, and most noodles, being made out of starch, tend to raise my blood sugar. So the fact that shirataki noodles have zero non-fiber carbohydrates, as well as zero calories, is a big plus. For all practical purposes, they're nutritionally inert (they aren't even a good source of fiber, since they're almost all water).

Anyway, about 12 hours later I had to shit real bad, so I sat myself down on the toilet and grunted. Looking in the bowl, I could see a whole bunch of noodles! The part of me that hasn't grown up since I turned 13 went "wow! cool!" It was like shitting corn, except that unless you swallow the corn kernels whole like a kid in a corn-eating contest, you actually absorb all the starch. With shirataki noodles, there was no starch to absorb. Whatever my digestive system didn't treat as plain water came out the other end. unchanged.

I'm in eigth grade and this past year I had a bad case of the runs. I forget why, but for some reason we had the same teacher all day. this was not typical, but I wasn't paying attention when she said why this was. So it was monday, and over the weekend I had had a bad case of the runs. I went to school on monday even though I still had the runs, because i didn't want to be behind in my school work. For osme reason I don't remember the teacher decided that we could only use the bathroom 3 times all day. I was planning on using them later in the day, but during the first twenty minutes I felt my rectum fill with liquid shit...i guess the runs weren't as gone as i thought they were! I ran to the bathroom and just made it in time. I had barely pulled down my pants and wasn't fully over the toilet when suddenly my butt exploded. I had nonstop diarrhea for 20 or so minutes. FInally i went back to my class. I was doing well, until another twenty minutes or so later I felt my rectum fill up with diarrhea again. I ran to the bathroom and once again just made it. After another good 20 minutes or so of nonstop diarrhea, I went back to the classroom. I knew that i only had one bathroom break left. I made it through another 40 minutes, when my rectum filled up with shit so badly that I thought i could not make it out of the classroom! I managed to stagger out of the classroom, and make it to the bathroom, but even though the stalls were not full i couldn't make it to them, and had to have a 20 minute nonstop diarrhea shit in the sink.

I then walked back to the classroom. About 2 minutes later I realized that I wasn't done. I needed to pee terribly now! I got up to use the bathroom, but the teacher said that if i didn't sit down now he'd do something to me! I didn't sit down, so he escourted me to a room, grabbed a plate of food from the cafeteria, and locked the door to the room. he told me that he'd let me out of the room at the end of the day. Well, this was terrible news. Finally (after almost peeing in my pants and a lot of searching) I managed to find a stack of towels. I put two on the floor, and crouched over it. I squirted a bit, then stopped, squirted a bit, then stopped again. i did this because I was afraid that i'd miss the towel if i went full blast. Suddenly i couldn't hold it any longer, and went full blast into the towels. I aimed correctly...more or less.

About 30 minutes later I felt my rectum fill up with liquid shit. i didn't want to shit in the towels because it would leak onto the floor. I doubled up not knowing what to do. Finally i decided that I had to go on the towel...but I couldn't made it, and half way across the room I had a diarrhea attack. I just stood there for another 20 or so minutes and shit diarrhea all over myself. Finally i was done. The room reaked, but I managed to make it through the day without having another attack of the runs.

At the end of the day i got onto the bus, and i was almost at my house when suddenly i felt my stomach gurgle. Then i felt my rectum fill with shit. I couldn't hold it, much as i tried, and ended up shitting all over myself on the bus. lots of people made fun of me.

I got out of the bus finally and ran home--but not without having another attack on the street! I was covered in shit by the time i got home. My mom looked at me and was like, "oh no, I see you didn't get ogver the runs!" and i told her what happened. She was so mad at the teacher for punishing me for needing to use the bathroom, but the teacher ended up writing me a formal appology!

Ryan S
Does anybody else find that coffee really gets your bowels moving?

I was putting my shoes on this morning when i sneezed so hard some pee came out!

I like my Jockey Pouch briefs (close fitting) with a horizontal fly. I just pull my thing out and go. Sometimes my girlfriend does it for me but then I get hard and it is difficult to aim it down into the toilet.

hey mary, i dont know about all guys but i pee through my zipper most of the time, its just easier to slip itout and to put it back in

Other Son of Preacher Man
I was out with a few friends after school, tossing the football around. I had felt the urge to take a dump all afternoon at school, but it didn't seem that bad walking home. So I joined up with a few friends for a pick up football game. Suddenly during the game, the urge came back hard. I was too embarrassed to let my friends know how bad I had to poop. I didn't want to just leave during the game, bringing attention to myself. Eventually I couldn't hold it anymore, and told them I had to get home to do homework. I walked quickly, trying not to bring attention to my struggle. I was grateful to get home without having an accident. I rushed to the bathroom, only to find the door locked, and the shower running. I was near tears as I debated what to do. I heard the shower shut off, so I knocked on the door and asked if I could use the bathroom. My brother told me he would be out in a few minutes. I didn't have a few minutes. I was about to make a mess in my pants. I explained to him that I had to go to the bathroom real bad. He again said he would be right out. I was near panic. I cried, "Please let me in. I'm about to crap in my pants!" With relief, I heard the door unlock and open. I raced past my brother, trying to pull my pants down at the same time. I felt my butt open and poop begin to push out my hole. I prayed that I would get to the toilet before it fell in my pants. I just made it to the toilet as poop splashed in to the toilet. I was so embarrassed to be crapping in front of my older brother. He made no attempt to leave. He just continued combing his hair after his shower. My brother and I are very close, but I wanted to cry as poop continued to fall from my butt. I was so embarrassed to have my brother see me with my pants down, taking a huge dump. After about a minute of steady poop falling from my butt, I felt the relief of finishing a healthy crap. With my brother still in the room, I didn't want to wipe myself. But he had already seen me in my most embarrassing moment. It didn't matter anymore now. I shyly wiped as quickly as possible. I apologized for interrupting his shower and smelling up the bathroom. He rubbed my head and said, "I'm glad you made it without messing your pants." I knew I could trust my brother to not tell anyone else what had just happened. We walked out of the bathroom together sharing a few laughs.

A few weeks ago, me and my cousin and her friend (who I kinda have a crush on and I think she likes me too) and me went to see harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. My counsins friend was talking about the movie and said to me she heard that harry and ron were older and cuter. I said i'm a guy, i'm not interested. She then said hermione looks a little more "mature" and then gave me a nudge on the arm. We then bought tickets and went into the theater. I was liking the movie and so was my cousin but her friend was getting a little scared. She later said she needed to use the bathroom and walked out rather quickly. She then came back after a while and we asked what took her so long. She said she had trouble getting started because she was afraid the dementors were going to attack her while she was peeing. I felt kind of bad for her though funny as it was that a fear of dementors was causing her pee-shyness. I would have like to sit with her and comfort her ;)

To Jill
I'm 20 years old and I've been reading posts for a while but never posted until now because the same thing happened to me. Last year I went to a local amusemment park with my bf and before going home we decided to go on the main coster one last time. While in line the urge hit me and my bf said he'll save our spot so I can go but I foolishly said I'll hold it. He gets off on wetting his pants and I've wet my pants a few times for him but he doesn't enjoy poop and I've never enjoyed the few accidents I've had. After we hit the first drop I lost control and pooped my pants. When we got off the ride I ran to the locker where I had my extra sweatshirt and tied it around my waist and told my bf to get out of there as fast as we could. He knew exactly what happened because of the perdicament in line and the bulge on my ass. I was so embarrassed Ididn't even think to stop in a restroom and clean up. I just wanted out fo there. I was wearing jeans and bikini panties and it was a normal poo so I didn't make a mess other than my panties. On the way home the smell was bad and my bf had the windows down and kept his nose blocked. Everytime I poop I pee too and I didn't stop so the urge was bad and to get his mind off my accident I peed my pants, which he didn't mind. He wasn't very sympathetic and justed laughed about the whole thing. Needless to say we broke up a month later. Anyway hope that makes you feel better. Bye

I liked tha funny peeing situatuion, I witnessed something similars yearsa go while stucked in traffic coming back from mountain with a friend and hour daughters..we didn't move for about an hour amd the girls needed to pee my friend daughter said she really couldn't hold a minute longer, her mum suggest her to go in the back of the larg four weel drive van, and collect some old rag cloth that her husbnad keep in it to fold tehm well and than to pee on teh folded cloths to asborb her pee....
I was sure seh was going to make a leak on the metal trunk floor, instad the old rags absorbed all without any mess, than she put them into a palstic bag to throw them..
Fortunately my daughters managed to old a bit longer, 'cause I dont' think that the rags would ahve absorbed more pee...we pulled over on teh side of the road, and with a snow sotrm we took turn in peeing form the edge of the car with the opende doors..

please dear post more



Some guys piss through the hole in boxers otherwise you just lower your undies and pull your penis out. That's if you're wearing underwear!

to mary,
most guys take their dick out through their zipper to pee. guys underwear has a flap in the front of it so you can pull your dick out through that and the zipper to take a pee. i don't know of any guy who takes his pants down to pee other than little kids.

I've heard of several women talking about going pantyless wearing skirts and peeing standing outdoors without anyone the wiser. I thought this would be a very useful technique for many situations so I have been trying with dismal results. My first attempt was at home in the yard wearing a loose summer dress that stopped just above the knee. I stood staring at my fence (in case the neighbors could see my back) with my feet shoulder length apart and just relaxed letting nature take its course to empty my bladder. I only succeeded in wetting the entire front of the skirt. The pee poured off the front hem onto my feet. Next time I left me feet closer and bent slightly at the waist. This time it ran down my legs and wet the skirt in front and back. My third attempt I wore some really thin, sheer panties and thought I had succeed, but the dampness made a spot on my butt and my crotch was wet forever. What gives? How do I fix this problem. A few of my friends also tried and their skirts get wet in the front too, just lower down.

Bubba - I feel I have a little larger than average bladder, because I can wait longer than a lot of my friends and when we've peed in alleys I tend to make the biggest or nearly the biggest puddle. I don't know what normal is (maybe some other normal women could chime in), but I've overflowed a 20 oz soda bottle when I was desparate, but normally around 16 oz. My friend with the mega bladder is a different story. She normally does 24 or more ounces in the morning if we were out drinking the night before. She uses the pan, because she can't aim at all or stop once started and sometimes she's topped a liter without trying.

Fishbone -

Hi. Sorry it's been so long since I posted last. I've been out of town.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes I wear diapers to bed, and yes, it's humiliating. I guess that's the whole point. My mom has told me flat out that she wants it to be as embarassing as possible, so I'll be "inspired" to stay dry.

I'd say I've gotten used to it (it's been going on for over 6 months now) for the most part. But when we go away or have company over it's still embarassing to have other people find out. Other than that, though, getting put in my diaper has become just part of my bedtime routine, like brushing my teeth.

I have peed in it on purpose a couple of times. Once was just out of curiosity. I hadn't fallen asleep yet and I had to pee. I figured "well, that's why I'm wearing a diaper" and just let it go and went to sleep with it wet.

The other time happened late in the night and I woke up and didn't feel like waking all the way up to go to the bathroom, so I just peed the diaper. I'm worried though, because I haven't had a single dry night since I did that back in April. I think I jinxed myself.

Well, that's about all I have time to write for now I have some travel stories I'll post in a couple days. if anyone wants to chat.


Mr. Dude
Mary: I can't speak for other guys, but I always undo my zipper to pee. Would that be peeing "through" it? (My image of peeing through a zipper would be to leave it zipped, and see if your piss makes it through any gaps in the zipper teeth. I can't imagine that working very well.)

I undo any buttons/snaps/zipper on my pants and make sure my belt's out of the way. What I do with my underwear depends on what kind I'm wearing. Boxers usually have an opening in the front so I just use that. Briefs (Y-fronts if you're British) also have a little "pouch" or something that you can put your dick through to pee, but it's much easier to just pull the front down enough to get your dick over the waistband and let 'er rip.

Hope that answers your question. You should get a pair of boy's briefs and see if you can find the "secret passage."
- Mr. Dude (and my good friend Dick)

To Mary
As a kid I unbuttoned, unzipped and dropped my pants just below the equipment needed to pee. Later when I still wore tighty whiteys (briefs) I unzipped my pants fly reached in, pulled underwear waiatband down and pulled out equipment needed. Now (40s) and since my 20s I wear boxers. The boxers fit looser and do not have elastic in fly opening so I just unzip pants reach in and pull out equpment needed and pee. A couple shakes and a squeeze and put it away till next time. Or fun time!
Hope this helps.


Hi, I'm Dolan. I'm a 15 year old boy. I do minor work in a small, two-story shopping/office complex that has only one restroom. This restroom is not open to the public and every place on the second floor has a set of restroom keys. I'm going to tell you this incident that happened last week.

I came out of the restroom and saw these two boys. One looked to be about 11 or 12, and the other one looked about 6 or 7. They looked to be going into the restroom, but did not ask me to unlock it for them. Instead, they followed me back to the office I work in to ask for the key. I had to accompany them to the men's room. I unlocked the restroom for them. This restroom has two stalls, a normal one and a handicapped one, as well as one urinal. The six year old went to the urinal to pee, and the older boy went into a stall. The younger boy had finished his pee, and started washing his hands. The older boy left the door open, so I thought he was going to pee, but instead he turns around, PULLS DOWN HIS SHORTS ALL THE WAY TO HIS ANKLES, and sits on the toilet. I asked him, "You sure you don't wanna close the door?" He said, "It's fine. I don't mind if you see me taking a crap." Then he called out to the little boy, "Hey, Kyle. You wanna see me go doo-doo?" Kyle, the six year old came over to watch his older brother on the toilet. The older boy let out a long stream of piss, and his brother said, "You're peeing like a girl." The older boy squinted, and made a small fart, that sounded like nothing was coming out. Kyle laughed, "Noah, you farted!" I started to giggle a bit. Noah then went, "Hold on. Nothing's coming out yet....UGH..." I heard a fart and some crackling as the kid grunted and strained to push out his log. It then made a splash in the water. Noah then said, "Ahhhhhh, that felt good coming out of my butt." I think he would've used cuss words like shit, ass, and damn a lot if his brother wasn't around. Noah pushed a little harder and a barrage of farts and splashes came out of him. The bathroom began to reek. By this time, Kyle had busted out laughing and said, "Your butt is making funny noises." Noah then said, "And I stink too." I asked, "People watch you poop all the time?" Noah said, "Yeah. All my friends watch me at school, and when I invite them over." Kyle then said, "He doo-doos in front of my friends too!" Noah farted three more times, then cut a really nasty and long one. Noah then says, "You wanna see what I pooped out?" Kyle said yes eagerly, and I just shrugged. So he got his little butt off the toilet and we looked in. In the toilet was a six inch log, as well as a lot of other clumps of poop with a little corn in it. Noah said, "I don't even like corn that much, but I just like to see it come out in my poop." Kyle said, "That's a lot of doo-doo that you made." Noah then said, "I'm not even done yet." And he sat back down and said, "I still gotta let the big one out." Noah then closes his eyes and grunts, "NNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I CAN FEEL IT!" Then he stopped and panted. Noah then turned his butt to us and said, "Check it out." It was only the head of the turd, yet it was really stretching his hole out. He sits back down and goes back to straining, "EEEEEGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! NNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" He was starting to turn red and Kyle was laughing his ass off. He said, "Your face is funny, and you sound like a race car." Noah began straining for about another four minutes and then finally, the turd came out with a loud SPLASH! Noah then sighed, "Man! What a relief." He then got up and invited us to look again, and we saw a nine-inch turd on top of everything else he'd pooped out. Noah started to pull up his shorts, but then stopped. Noah then said, "Awww man, I thought I was done, but I guess I wasn't." He sat back down and said, "Cover your noses, here it comes!" He then let out a moan like an "AWWWWWWWW!" and then started farting and pooping a lot. It sounded like he had diarrhea, and it was non-stop for about four minutes. The bathroom began to smell like rotten eggs and Kyle said, "Noah, your doo-doo stinks bad!" Noah said, "I told you to cover your nose." He then wiped himself, and got up. We looked and there was light brown mushy poop all over the inside of the toilet. He had also managed to explode on the back of the toilet seat and part of the wall behind the toilet. Noah then said, "I think I'll leave this here for future generations." We laughed and left the bathroom. I haven't seen him since then. And I laugh whenever I think about that day.

Luved your story susan... heres mine:

A few days ago, I was walking home from a nightclub(it was about 11:30 pm) I felt the urge to pee. I tried to hold it but it was too much, desperatly trying to find a place to pee I saw a guy standing on the edge of the curb, peeing into the road. I was surprised when he finished and walked off without being caught by any cars so I decided to try it. I squatted down, leaning on a stop sign I pulled my skirt up and thong down and began to pee, my stream was about 6 inches rom the road so I pushed harder, my pee started gushing out, I was a bit scared at first because my pussy had never been that wide before while I was peeing(it was a least 1.5 inches) but after about 20 seconds i stopped, got dressed again and had a look at the big puddle I had left in the road and went home.

a question for the ladies...
Has your pussy ever been that wide while you were peeing before

and 1 for anybody...
Have you ever peed in a lift/elevator? if you have did it flood?

seeya, luv Leanne

Mary, I like to wear munsingwear or jockeys, with the horizontal fly. No other type of fly is really any good. These briefs are thick in front

Monday, July 12, 2004

Our senior high school class went to a nearby amusement park for the last weekend of school. I was having a good time until a group of us went to ride one of the big roller coasters. The line was long and as I stood waiting the urge to poop hit me. I decided to hold it in because I didn't want to lose my place in line or get separated from the group. I leaned against the railing dividing the line of people waiting to ride the roller coaster. This helped block my anus and kept my poop from venturing out. I slid my hands behind my back up against the railing and leaned on my hands. I had to go pretty bad and the line was long. I bounced up and down a little on my hands and this seemed to keep my poop from pushing out so much. Finally, I climbed up on the railing and sat down. This gave me some relief but I still had to go. I held it in for over an hour this way until at last I boarded the roller coaster. While the roller coaster slowly climbed the ramp, I had to go really bad. I could smell the distict odor of poop even as I clenched my butt cheeks tightly together and leaned forward in my seat. I kept thinking I will go as soon as I get off this ride. However, as the roller coaster began to descend with rapid speed and jerked me all over the place I lost control of my bowels and a giant turd began to squish its way out of my anus into my panties and shorts. I couldn't believe it. I had just crapped my shorts on the roller coaster. I am 18 years old and I pooped in my shorts. When the ride stopped I quickly but carefully made my way to the restroom. I kinda had to waddle. I threw my panties away but my shorts were alright. I used a lot of toilet paper to get cleaned up but I got my backside pretty clean. Then I rejoined the group and acted like nothing had happened although I had a guilty conscience.
My advice to anyone: don't get on a roller coaster when you have to go to the bathroom. I am curious if this has happened to anyone else and would really like for someone to reply if it has. Love, Jill

hello. im interested in learning whether guys pee thru their zipper or over it. also what do u do about ur underwear? please, some guy give me a detailed description to me!

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