An interesting peeing situation:

My friend Stacy and I (and her 6 yr daughter)were at the shore for the July 4th holiday (actually the 5th)just for the day. We didn't hit much traffic going down, but were stuck in a lot of crawling traffic coming home. We were on the road coming home for about an hour (and with all the traffic it probably was going to take another two hours before we got home) and her daugther Hanna said she needed to pee. I was in the back seat with her to keep her company on the long trip and I could see she was fidgiting some. Stacy asked her if she could wait awhile and she said she really had to go. There really wasn't any good place to go on the side of the road so Stacy said she had done the towel with Hanna last year when they had gone to the shore. She asked me if I could take one of the beach towels and fold it a few times and Hanna could pee into it on the edge of the seat. I didn't think it would work, and after I folded it Hanna knew what to do and she peed onto the towel and then I put it in the carry bag. I was impressed that it had worked and, quite honestly, I needed to take a leak too and I really wanted to try it out. I didn't though at first, but then I think just having somebody go really gives one the urge and I was really getting the urge, so about 10 minutes later I asked Stacy if she wouldn't mind me taking a pee on my towel. She said she didn't mind, but to try to do it slowly to give the towel time to absorb it. I sat on the edge of the seat, took off my bikini bottom, and folded and place the towel like Hanna did. I stared down and carefully began to spurt into the towel. I was holding the towel a few inches away and I could see my urine spurting into the towel. It was so weird to be doing this. It was hard though stopping and starting the stream; I was getting tears in my eyes because of the pressure and urgency. After about a minute or two of spurting, I just couldn't keep doing that and I just began urinating full force for about 30 seconds, and let out a quiet sigh of relief. I was so worried that the towel would start leaking, but it didn't. I could smell the strong smell of my urine and I quickly folded the towel and put it in the carry bag and put another towel on top so that the whole car wouldn't smell like urine. That was an interesting experience, and it sure felt good to be able to pee!

Audrey: I loved your story, please tell more.

My boyfriend loves watching me shit, I once was at home alone with my boyfriend Coal, and I really had to take a shit, and I told him, he fowlowed me to the washoom, I striped my pants and thong off, then I squatted, and I sat there. then I help my breath and pushed, he loved the strange look on my face from it hurting,then I pushed more and a head was poking out, I new it was gonna be a big one,I pushed more, and some more of it was out, then I kept pushing for about 10 mins, each push more came out, then finally it came out, it was HUGE, it was 15 inches long, very hard, not much to wipe and then me and my bf couldnt resist, we picked it up and looked at it, and played with it a bit, then I took a pic of it and traced it on paper, and since I am a good artist, I colored it, and the poo looked just like how I drew it and then I develeped the pics,a and since I traced the drawing, i scaned the picture to compare, and they looked similar!

I love watching girls relieve themselves. One time i was out pooing in the woods and i heard a noise unlike most noises you hear in the woods so i looked around the tree and there was the girl from the camp next to us. She apparantly had not noticed me there because she was on the same tree as me. So i finished my business quickly no wiping. Since she had barely started i inched around and got on the ground so it would be difficult for her to see me but i had a good view of her. She had already started peeing and it squirted all over her legs and thighs and she laughed. Then in the middle of her peeing her anus started to open up nice and wide and you could see the poo poking out. Then the pee starting dying down and she massaged her pussy then the poo started sliding out and she put her hand back there and touched it and felt around her butt. She seemed to enjoy the act of going to the bathroom quite a lot and let her hands do much of the exploring. Then she touched around her butthole and the poo fell out it was really hard and firm. Then she let out a large fart peed a little bit and pulled up her pants and walked back to her camp. I was so happy i wasnt noticed i still dream about that experience.

I was about to get onto the toilet in my apartment to have a poo when suddenly my girlfriend ran into the bathroom(i had the door open) and was pulling her pants down as she ran in. I could see she had to go really bad...but by now i was on the i told her to sit on my lap she was reluctant but did. I started my poo and made some grunting sounds she giggled and started peeing which got all over me and the floor and toilet. I really enjoyed this. Then i finished my poo and she started was noisy and she let out some farts during it. It was really firm and brushed up againsnt my inner thigh it turned me on a lot. Then it dropped out and she farted again. She started standing up to put her pants up but then froze as her anus started opening again...and since she was standing up bending over holding her pants it was right in front of me but far away from the toilet. But instead of sitting back down she just sat there bent over...and the poo came out and plopped on the floor. I like poo but im not one for cleaning it the next one which was firmer i guided out of her butthole and it all came out into my hand and i put it in the toilet. She did this 2 more times with small ones then we were done.

i havent posted in a while. Just a quicke, wo has fears of sitting on public toilets just want to know

Once we were going to my country house. For once i didn't need to use the bathroom, and i was very happy! i also didn't feel a bit motion sick at all. Suddenly Katie--who at the time was in ninth grade says, "Mom, can we pull over? I need to use the bathroom!" but we can't, beecause we are on the highway. Suddenly there a gushing sound, and pee is streaming down Katie's leg. I was sitting in the middle of my two sisters in the back seat, so I'm kind of worried that she's going to get pee on me, but I also think it's funny because Katie teases me when I need to use the bathroom. My mom says, "Katie, stop now!" but Katie can't, and continues to soak her light blue shorts. My other sister, Elizabeth (who was at the time in 11th grade--now she's going into 12th) started laughing. Finally Katie is done peeing, and elizabeth and I have to try hard to stop laughing. Suddenly twenty minutes later Katie gets this pained expression on her face and squeezes her butt tightly. "Mom, we need to pull over now! Or i'm going to have another accident!" My mom tries real hard to pull over but we can't. Suddenly there is a giant fart, a bit more pee trickles out, and then a giant explosion of diarrhea. I was so scared (at the time i was in 6th grade) that I jumped into my sister Elizabeth's lap, because I was scared that Katie was going to shit on me. Finally we find a restroom, and Katie waddles out. Her seat is covered in diarrhea, but my mom leads katie to the bathroom. elizabeth and I come along too. My mom hands her soap and water-soaked towles, and Katie cleans herself. We get back in the car. Another twenty minutes later katie says, "We got to stop now!" but within 10 seconds of that statement she is shitting diarrhea all over the car. it's leaking into my seat, so i sit in elizabeth's lap. Once we get to our country house, Katie gets out of the car. Elizabeth and I take one look at Katie's pants covered in poop and burst out laughing. We were laughing so hard that both of us almsot had an accident. Needless to say, Katie has been alot nice to me when i say i need to go from now on.

To Courtney: Enjoyed your story

To Ash.D: Loved your story!

To Fishbone: Liked your story

To The Mage: Loved your come you had toilet paper on you? were you planning to poop in the woods? and did you ever see that girl poop?

No new stories to post on this time, maybe next week i'll have more stories when i see my friend or something
see ya

I like to expermint so I pissed my bed this morning to see what it was like. It was wet, warm & felt great!! I haven't done it since I was a kid.


First off, welcome to the board! I found your post very interesting, as I have always had a fascination with bladder capacity, particularly among women. If I may ask, how did you find out that your bladder capacity was a bit larger than normal? Was it due to the portable urinals being unable to hold all of your pee, or have there been times in public bathrooms where you realized you were peeing longer than most other women? You mentioned that your "mega-bladdered" friend ended up using a long, narrow pan. Was this because she was able to fill up the 1-liter modified bottles that you and your power-peeing friend were able to use? If so, that is pretty impressive! I wonder when she realized that her bladder was greater than that of her peers? Have there been times in bathrooms with her where she outpeed you by hefty margins, despite your own larger-than-normal bladder? I wonder if other women in the bathroom commented or simply stared in shock as her bladder continued draining far longer than their own? I apologize for the bombardment of questions, but it is a topic I enjoy. Thanks again, and please post more tales as they come about.

Shela/Fart woman. Liked your post. I think more of the ladies should be as honest and open as you about bodily functions. Farting is a natural process in which the body expels unwanted gas (when you think about it, it's a form ox excretion) and there is no reason to be ashamed of it.

The Urban Spaceman. It sounds to me as though the call centre you work for operated a very liberal policy on toilet breaks. Much depends I think on the type of call centre in question but I'm sure there are some where operatives have to ask permission for toilet breaks or have scheduled breaks in the course of the shift which they must use or go without. I don't understand why some of your colleagues chose to poo in the cisterns instead of using the toilets as they should be used.

I've had 3 good poos today. One this morning before I went to work, another at lubchtime and another after tea. They all felt great!

Today my sister Elizabeth (I call her Lizzie) and I went to an amusement park. Katie stayed at home because she had a stomach bug. We were on a giant roller coaster, and the drop was giant and I got scared and...and suddenly I needed to poop, but we had just started, and there were like 6 more times around to go. Suddenly we went down a giant drop, and i felt my rectum fill. I tapped lizzie's arm and told her my problem. she was a bit worried, but she said that if i pooped in my pants accidentally she wouldn't tell mom, and we could buy new pants. I was doing really well until suddenly we went down a giant drop, and i accidentally pooped in my pants. It was liquidy poo, and made a big mess. My sister Lizzie wasn't mean to me about it, though, because of her accident this year...when she was in 11th grade!

This is the story of my sis Lizzie's big accident when she was in 11th grade. Mind you, she has had some before, but this is the one that humiliated her most. We were at the local swimming pool, so a lot of friends and my whole family were swimming in the pool. Lizzie hadn't been feeling wonderful all day, but she didn't want to miss swimming in the pool with all of her friends, so she came anyway. She was letting rip all of these farts in the pool, but nobody but me noticed. She was swimming near me when suddenly she stood up. She farted under the water and suddenly a brown bit of water stuff came out of her bathing suit. "Marina, help me get to the bathroom!" she said to me. she didn't ask katie for help, because this was before katie's accident, and katie would have made fun of her. Both of us got out of the pool (and only a few people noticed that lizzie had pooed in the pool) and lizzie wrapped a towel around her. she was wearing a light green bikini. we were walking to the bathroom when suddenly there was a fart and an explosion of diarrhea. it dribbled down her leg, and that's how i noticed. lizzie made her way up to the showers, and I came with her. She got into a shower (they were open, so everybody could see you) and pulled down her bikini. Suddenly, with her butt over, she exploded all over the shower and the wall. Everybody turned to look at her, and she was dying of embarassment. The shower was a mess, so we had to ask for a janitor to clean it up. Lizzie was still feeling gross, and she wanted to go home. i had been in the pool for a while now, so i said i'd come with her. we started walking home. we hadn't brought clothes, because we had planned on our parents driving us home, but lizzie wouldn't tell them that she had an accident. About half way through the walk, Lizzie looked around, and in the middle of the street pulled down her bikini and shit diarrhea all over the street. we got home with no other problem, and lizzie got into the shower there. in the shower, lizzie managed to shit all over the shower, and the floor comming out of the shower. THen, for the next hour, lizzie sat on the toilet having diarrhea. Finally lizzie decided to just go to sleep. we had one old diper lying around, and lizzie put it on. no sooner had she gotten into bed did she shit in it. we let her sleep. two hours later my family came home, saw what had happened to lizzie, and were amazed. when lizzie woke up in the night to have more diarrhea, i noticed that her bed had diarrhea all over it. (we share a room in the country) the next day lizzie was fine, but she hasn't gone back to the public pool since.

When I was in first grade, we had "nap time"...I think we called it "Rest." so we were at rest, and a teacher was reading a book to us. Suddenly the person next to me (a girl named Hannah) sat up and started puking all over the floor. I got scared and started moving back off my rest met. It was a good thing, too, because suddenly from under her skirt diarrhea came out everywhere on my rest mat. hannah went home early that day. the next day hannah came to school, but during PE suddenly she puked on the floor, and had diarrhea on it too, so she got sent home again.

Bryan's Reply To A Question Asked About His Story
Did I Check The Stall? No, I Raced Out To Fast To See Who The Character Was And I Was Running Late For Class. That Brings Me To Another Interesting Story. Look For BRYAN BR-YAN. I'm Going To Write This Next One Tonight And It Smells Of Ass!!! It's An Even Dirtier Story Concerning Overhearing Someone's Shit Experience. I'LL BE BACK!!!

to mister peeper. I've read your stories about you watching your aunt take a poop, and I must say that you should be happy. I would really have loved too have a hot aunt that let me follow her to the toilet and watch her taking a poop. be happy and please give us more of those stories if you've got one.

I had a few fantastic dumps this week that were very satisfying:

This week, I was feeling a bit bunged up but I wasn't exactly constipated. On Monday I could feel a fairly big, solid turd siting in my anus but when I tried to push it out, not much poo came out. I only managed to squeeze out some small, skinny logs and then nothing else would come out. I was able to do several small wees. I even put my feet up onto the toilet seat, so I was squatting over the bowl and tried squeezing the turds out that way. That didn't work either. I could still feel more turds up there but they weren't ready for me to push them out yet. I spent about half an hour on the toilet. I felt better after this dump but I would have been more satisfied if I had pushed out a decent sized load.

On Tuesday, I woke up with a huge log sitting in my anus. I didn't have time to push it out in the morning, so I went to work. The urge to shit came and went in waves and at one point I almost took a dump at work but I just couldn't. I hate squeezing out loads at work so I waited until I got home. I went into the toilet and closed the door. I took down my pants and sat down. I had to push really hard at first and then a small, sticky poo came out. It broke off and fell into the bowl. I pushed again and managed to squeeze out another small sticky turd. I pushed again but I couldn't get anything else out. I could still feel a massive, solid log up my arse but it wouldn't budge. I tried squatting over the toilet again but this didn't work either. I decided to wait until after dinner, as sometimes eating dinner gets things moving. About two hours after dinner, the big turd started moving slowly towards my anus. I waited for a while and it felt as if the log was almost ready to poke its head out and then I went into the toilet. I sat on the toilet and pushed but the urge disappeared. I pushed for about five minutes but nothing happened, I couldn't even feel the turds up my arse anymore. I squatted over the toilet yet again but it still didn't help.

The next day, I went work and I had that familiar urge all day. The urge stayed the same all day, not too bad so I got on with things and I almost forgot about it. I could feel a rock hard turd sitting in my anus, ready to come out. When I got home that day, I went straight to the toilet. I pulled down my pants and sat down and did a big wee, then I started pushing. I had to push for quite a while to get the huge log moving but eventually, it slid out. It felt very wide and it came out in one big long piece. There was more to come, so I pushed again and I squeezed out another log about the same length and width. The big turds hurt my anus a bit but they felt fantastic as they were sliding out. After these two logs, I pushed out three or four smaller logs, which were as wide as the first two and very solid. Then I did a big wee. I felt so much better after taking that dump.

On Friday, I was at work when I got the urge to do a poo. I hate taking dumps at work but this one was urgent, plus I wouldn't have time to do one after work (as I was going out straight after work). So I went into the toilet and did a wee. Then I pushed and some very soft poo came sliding out very easily. I felt better after that, but it burnt my arsehole a bit. Then later on that night, I caught up with a friend who was staying in town, at a hotel, for the weekend. We had been out for dinner, had a few drinks and played some pool at Pot Black. After this we went back to his hotel. I suddenly felt the urge to take a dump so I told him I needed to do a poo. I went into the toilet and closed the door. I did a wee first and while my wee was coming out, some fairly solid poo slid out. It came out in three medium sized pieces and I had to push to get a fourth piece out. There was still more up there but it wouldn't budge so I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants.

Your post wasn't boring at was great. Sorry, but I'm not sure why it hurt so much when you pooped...maybe because theres was a lot of poop that you had to get rid of??? I really don't know. I'd love to hear more of your stories.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I was twelve, and was going to the store with my mom. I told her i needed to shit when we were in the car, and she said, "later." i can hold my pee for 8 hours with only having to do the pee dance, but shit is a completely different matter. i can hold shit for at most 20 minutes. so we went into the store, and my mom promised me, "we can use the bathroom when i'm done shopping. it'll be soon....." I agreed, but when we were in the store for twenty minutes i got desperate. I had needed to shit for 30 minutes now...suddenly i felt a bit of hard shit come out, and i got really scared. with me, i have a hard log, a mushy-and-undigested-food log, and three waves of diarrhea at each shit almost always. you can probebly understand why i was scared...also, i was wearing jeans and sandles...i spend most of my life in sandles, flip-flops, that type of thing. then, suddenly, a bit more poked out. "mom, i'm going to look over there," i said pointing to a dark, empty isle at the back of the store. "you do that, hunny, just hurry back," she said. i practically ran to that isle. once i was there, i looked around, pulled down my pants, squatted, and pushed. the hard log came out, and then a whole bunch of undigested food. then i had diarrhea explosion number 1. it's very hard to have diarrhea when your pants are only pulled down far enough to go, because it is very hard not to get it all over you. so i stood up. i had diarrhea explosions 2 and 3 standing up. they were two of the worst explosions i've had in my life, and they got all over the cans and stuff. then i needed to piss, so i crouched down and pissed. by now the smell was horrendus, and i gagged. a bit of vomit came up, and pretty soon i was kneeling on the floor, puking up my lunch. i then went back to my mom. i hadn't gotten puke or poop on my clothes, so my mom had no idea. we paid, and got into the car. suddenly in the car, i knew i was going to poop in my pants if we didn't pull over...and this time it would be only diarrhea. i told my mom, but we were on the highway and could not pull over. my mom gave me a bag to shit in, so i squatted on the seat and shit in the bag. i was in the middle of a particuraly bad wave of diarrhea, when i gagged and started puking. i quickly brought the poop bag to my mouth, and puked in it. my diarrhea and puke, unfortunantly, got all over the car. i was sick as a dog for the next two days, puking and pooping in my bed, on my couch, in my bathroom. but then i got better!

I just want to ask a question. Does any one else have to pee a lot when they are getting a cold? When I have a sore throat, I pee like crazy. I also have interstitial cystitis (chronically irritated bladder), so maybe that acts up when I am getting sick. I don't know.

Haven't posted in a while. Another thing that happened to me was the time I shit my pants while on a road trip with my family. We were on our way down to the Jersey shore from North Jersey, and of course, we hit traffic on the Parkway. We were stuck in traffic for about a half hour when my guts started to feel really crampy. All of a sudden my rectum filled up and was ready to burst. I begged my Dad to get off at the next exit, but he was stuck in the left lane. I tried to hold it, but couldn't. I was contemplating just jumping out of the car and shitting on the road, when my ass finally gave up. I let out a loud fart and diarrhea gushed into my panties. I groaned in disgust, and my brother yelled, "Oh My god!" The car filled with the stench of shit in seconds. I buried my face in my hands, I was so mortified. But that wasn't the worst part. It took us over an HOUR to get to the closest rest stop. I sat there in a puddle of liquid shit the whole time. Even though it was blazing hot out, we had the windows open. We finally pulled into the rest stop. I got out of the car and when I stood up, it started oozing down my thighs (I was wearing shorts). I opened the trunk and got clean panties and shorts, and wrapped a towel around my waist to try and hide my dilemma. I eneterd a hadicapped stall and started to clean myself up. My Mom handed me soap and water soaked paper towels to clean myself with. I put my shit filled panties and shorts in a plastic bag and she threw them in the trash for me. I didn't want them in the car! I cleaned my ass and my legs and we headed back to the car. I had diarrhea for the whole trip! Luckily though, I was able to make it to the bathroom the rest of the time.

Two friends and I used to rent a one room cabin to use as a remote weekend ski house. One reason it was so cheap was it only had an outhouse. The first really cold night we all resorted to to peeing in a metal pail in front of each other rather than going outside. Unlike men who seem to have little problem with sharing, we didn't like the idea of using the same pail. After a few days we also noticed that we had a broad range of peeing styles. We all bought and tried various portable urinals (all hold about 500-700 ml) with the female funnel, but they didn't work well for any of us. My first friend is a gusher. She pees straight as an arrow with good aim and can empty her fullest bladder in 20 seconds, but she got a lot of splatter and the funnel backed up to overflowing even if she went slowly for her. My other friend has a mega bladder with no aiming or stopping ability. She overflowed the thing and still left a 2 foot diameter puddle on the cabin floor. I usually have a good forcefull pee and a slightly larger than average bladder. With a good full bladder (not quite desperate), I still managed to fill it completely before a painful stop and 10 second finish into a towel. We have all devised our own free makeshift urinals that do much better. My first friend and I use large wide mouth drink bottles (1 liter). My mega friend uses a long narrow pan. Its second nature now. Only if their was a car version...

Peeing gal - Hope this helps! How old/tall are you? How much volume? - A soda bottle can overflow pretty easily. Sounds like you are forceful, so something without a restriction is better.

Hey, i'm charlotte, and this is my first post here. Once when i was biking, i needed to piss real badly. I was 20 minutes away from my house no matter how fast i peddled, and knew that i couldn't wait 20 minutes without soiling my skirt, so I pulled my bike over and ran into the bushes. i pulled my undies off, spread my feet apart REALLY widely, and pissed. A yellow strong stream of piss went through my legs. God, did that feel good! When i was done i put back on my undies and rode home.

Once my boyfriend took me out on a date and we went to the movies. it was a long movie, and popcorn and candy and soda doesn't sit well in me. so half way through i needed to shit terribly. i didn't want to leave the theater, though, because i didn't want my boyfriend to hate me, so i sat there. about three quarters of the way through, i burst into tears, and had to squeeze as hard as i could to hold on to my diarrhea. the movie was sad, though, so my boyfriend didn't suspect anything. At the end of the movie i said i needed to use the bathroom, and i walked there as calmly as i could. the line was extremely long, and i didn't know if i could make it. when i was the second to next person in line, i was about to go in my pants and the elderly woman in front of me noticed and said, "here, go in there. i'll wait," and i thanked her and ran in. I pulled down my skirt and underwear terribly fast, and farted loudly. Then my butt exploded with diarrhea. I then farted another few times, loudly and smellily, and had another wave of diarrhea. I wasn't done, but thought i could wait until i got home to finish. so i wiped and got up. i met my boyfriend outside the bathroom, and we walked to my house...slowly. i made it to my house looking normal, but the second i said good bye, I ran as fast as i could to my bathroom to have another diarrhea explosion. Then i was over it.

Once i had a sleepover with this kid. She came to my house. At three in the morning i woke to a dreadful smell, but went back to sleep. when this kid--my friend--got up i noticed shit stains all over her pajamas. Being polite, i didn't say anything. A month or so later i had another sleepover. I noticed that this time she was wearing a diper...

Once during school i was sitting next to my best friend, a girl named Jane. During the first few minutes of the class (biology) jane asked the teacher if she could use the bathroom. The teaher said "no." Jane waited another twenty minutes, and asked again. "No!" the teacher responded. Our class's are 1 hour and a half long, and jane was doing terribly. fifty minutes into the class jane said, "May i please, please, please use the bathroom?!" and you know what the teacher said, "If i have to tell you one more time 'NO!' then you will get detention!" so jane just sat there, doing a little dance under the table. I took out a piece of paper and wrote on it YOU OKAY? jane responded I GOTTA PEE REALLY BADLY! CAN YOU HOLD IT i responded. DUNNO she wrote. I noticed that jane kept moving more and more, and was holding her pussy now. that's never a good sign, i knew. The teacher then was showing us water and pouring it from test tube to testtube, when she spilled the water over the floor. Jane cringed, and i saw a small circle of pee appear. SHIT she wrote to me. Then the teacher, glancing at jane, turns the sink on, and lets it run for minutes while he talks. Jane is dying now. Suddenly jane curses under her breath, and i notice a wet, yellow stream comming out of her panties and onto the floor...very loudly! luckily we were at the back of the room, and nobody noticed. jane peed like that for 2 minutes or so, and then stopped. Jane sat there miserably for the rest of the class. At the end of the class she ran crying to the bathroom. I lent her my gym shorts to wear for the rest of the day.


Today I ended a 3 days of constipation. In the end all of the straining was worth it, it was a very pleasurable dump.

I first knew somethin was wrong when i didnt take a shit on monday, it is very strange for me to go a day without shitting. I thought it was constipation, but i didnt feel that i had to go at all.

On Tuesday i woke up and definetley had to shit, I was all cramped up and i was ripping big, loud and very smelly farts. I went and sat on the toilet, I blew some tight, echoey farts into the bowl. I sat waiting for things to start moving, not wanting to strain, nothing was happening so i got frustrated and started to push. I groaned as a cramp hit me, it was so painful so i stopped pushing. I did my morning pee and left feeling full and unsatisfied. Throughout the day i let go of quite a few stinkers and was hit with a few more painful anal cramps. On Tuesday night i went to bed still feeling horrible. I couldn't sleep because i needed to shit. It was late and everyone was asleep, but i still got up and went to sit on the toilet. I sat down with the door open and again did some big, loud farts. I pushed straight away and i felt my asshole open up, this was a good start. My asshole just gaped open, i could feel a turd but it wasnt coming out. I reached between my legs and felt my hole, there was definetley a big turd in there but it didnt want to poke its head out. I sat there for another twenty minutes just straining, groaning and farting. I eventually got tired and went to bed.
Wednesday morning was worse than Tuesday. I felt like my stomach was about to explode, i had terrible cramps and i couldnt stop farting. I didnt want to get up and sit on the toilet if my shit wouldnt even poke out of my ass. I pulled a hand held mirror out of my drawers. I layed on my side(fetal position) and pulled my thong down. I propped the mirror up against a pillow right behind my ass. I lifted my top ass cheek up to expose my asshole to the mirror. i pushed and farted, my asshole looked funny as it vibrated and opened a little. I pushed harder and felt the turd coming. I watched in awe as my asshole opened up right before my eyes, it was awesome:P. Once again the shit was there but wouldnt poke out, i could see it inside my asshole, it was dark brown and hard. Nothing was happening so i just pulled my thong back up and layed in bed for a while. I didnt feel to bad througout the day, just full and bloated. Again that night i wasnt able to sleep so i went to sit on the toilet. I did some pretty good farts, but no shit.

Then this morning i woke up, farting and cramped once more. I knew if i didnt shit today i would have to go to the doctors or take laxatives or something that i didnt want to do. So i decided i had to use some sort of lube on my ass to get things moving. I went to the bathroom and locked the door, i stipped down nude and found some ky jelly. I squatted on the toilet, put some lube on my fingers and spread it on my asshole, i pushed two fingers inside my ass to get it all lubed properly. I sat down and waited for some natural movement. I farted a few times which felt weird with the lube on my hole. I felt that familiar feeling of my anus opening and i knew this was show time. I pushed really hard really quickly and for the first time in three days i had the head of a turd stretching me open, it was a little painful but also pleasing. With a strong push things moved pretty easily.
The first hard turd slid out my ass pretty easily, it tumped into the water and soaked my ass. I looked in the bowl, half of the huge turd was in the water, the other half was rested against the back of the bowl, it was about 13" and very thick and hard. The next turd followed soon after, helped along by some farts. It was alot smoother but not quite as firm, my ass was so stretched and lubed it came out with minimal pushing. It was so smooth on my hole it felt really really good. It dropped into the water but didnt splash. I had no time to check out that turd because almost immediatley about 5 medium sized turd rocketed out of me one by one, they were firm and smooth but small rocket shaped things. I sat and farted for a while and recovered. I wiped and before dropping the paper i checked out my load. All of the little turds were floating on top of the water so i couldnt see the second turd, just the first one poking ot of the water.

I didnt want to risk flushing it, but it smelt really bad so i just closed my eyes and flushed, then flushed and flushed again, eventually and surprisingly it all went down. I felt so empty and relieved and my ass was buzzing from having so many turd come out so quickly.

The End

Love Ash.D


to Cierra,

I am in your club with the weak control and accidents, so i wanted to say hello. I was wondering, how do you get a diaper on if you're not near a restroom? Don't you have to go into something like a restroom to get one on? I do the same thing, but i make sure to have one on (a pull-up) and carry extras in my purse just in case, and i have a couple of friends who do the same thing. Have you and your friends thought about keeping pull-ups on as insurance when you go out? You can easily take them down to use the toilet, and they protect you like a diaper when you need it. For me, i feel much less stress if i don't have to worry about keeping my pants dry, so i just wanted to offer that as suggestion. Take care!

back again! got 2 stories as well.

My first story is when me and my friend were playing video games in his newly finished basement. Then his baby brother walked over to us, pulled his diaper down, whipped out his little wiener and whizzed all over the carpet, giggling up a storm. We almost died laughing, but his mom almost died, period when she saw the brand new carpet soaked in pee. I believe he was shortly potty trained after that.

The second story is when I was with friends of my parents. I was about 10 years old at the time. We drove to see a parade but I was really tired so they let me wait in the van while they got out and walked to the street to see it. They also let their 6 year old daughter wait in the van because she did not want to go. We had waited in the car when the girl gets up out of her seat and starts crying. I figured she was just hot, so I rolled down a window. She still kept crying and I was really getting puzzled. Then suddenly she froze and her face turned bright red. From between her legs gushed a waterfall of pee. It went everywhere and made a yellow flood in the van. I got out and found her parents to tell them what happened. They weren't too mad.

Shyyy Guyyy
I have came across some interesting things as of late with my girlfriend. Most of this coming to extreme shock to me, but some of it "wanted" by me. I dont know if its something about the whole bunch of these situations that arouses me, but they do.

The first time, we were at a friends house, and she mentioned that she had to use the bathroom. Being we just got done a spontaneous activity(insert random thought here) I told her, " Here, I'll join you." She didnt expect me to REALLY come with her, but I did. I got in there with her, and she was quite in awe that I actually wanted to be here. Finding a lack of words, I pulled her thong down (she wore a black skirt and black thong, something I HATED until it was actualy on the girl i was dating, and a red shirt) as she proceeded to sit on the toilet. It was quiet at first, being an awkward situation, as it was the first time. As she called it, "stage fright" 15 secs of nothingness happened, and then I could see her awkwardness fade, as nature took its course. By this time, I just leaned forward, and kissed her face. I was quite aroused by this, and even as it is close to 2 months in the past, it has happened 3 times in those 2 months, as well as some other interesting "bathroom accidents/activities". I dont know if I made the mistake of telling her that this turned me on, but since then when it had to happen, she kind of... invites me to now. oO

The second time, I can recall... *rewinds* Well, lets get to the things that happened before hand, as it will make sense due to the awkwardness complex that we battled. I was talking to her on my cell, and she said for me to call her back in 5-10 mins, that she was going to take a quick shower. I felt wierd, and I didnt hesitate by saying "Can you just wait 2-3 mins until I get there, I have a question to ask you...?" Well, by time I got there, we were still conversing on the phone, and she said she would let me in, as we hung up. I got inside, and as well as my friend and her sister( my friend and her sis are dating... xP) For some reason, everyone crowded the bathroom, so i kicked out half its occupants, and as she was about to shut the door, I told her that I wanted to ask her something(not saying this but, getting inside before she shut the door) She didnt stop or anything, she was most likely expecting me to ask her if i cud stay in the bathroom as she showered. Her thoughts failed her, as I asked her if I could join her in the shower. I am (my name)'s cold sweat. Awkwardness struck us like a ton of bricks. She accepted, as we both got into our birthday suits(heh, jokey joke) she got in the shower, while it was on, b4 taking her shirt off, so i could tell she was a lil bit more then embarased at this point, irrelavently that we know what we have, physically, already... The shower was a feeling that cant be explained by words... I just loathed in it all, and I cant even tell if it was a heartfelt warm feeling, or a sexual warm feeling, like being turned on. I concluded that the best thing to do was to deem it "both" With that said, I move on to the next part of my day. To keep some words out, as well as keep this PG-13, we stumbled upon her little "visitor" of the month, and we really didnt overreact. We took what "things" we needed, and headed for the bathroom. Another time where I was watching her use the toilet, that all 2 familiar noise, of pee trinkling from her. Goosebumps... Again turned on by this, for no reason at all. Starting to think I am some sort of pathetic pervert, and I just hoped she didnt think I was one either. And the next time proved to me, that she DIDNT think like this.

It was 8 days ago that I was visiting her for my 30 mins a day, we were laying there, and she wispered into my ear that she needed to use the lav. I asked her if she could hold it, being only 8 mins until I had to leave. She oblidged me, as I didnt want to intrude on her this time, trying to show her that I didnt ...*lack of words* like that event. When I was about to leave, she said "come with me to the bathroom." I was caught off gaurd and was hit by a mental ton of bricks. I didnt hesitate, because she wanted me to be with her. Its good, because our awkwardness that we had before, and of other things, is fading. I got in there with her, and she just looked at me, and smiled. I was in euphoria, just suprised that she asked me this time, so I totaly forgot our "standard protocol" she most likely wanted me to take her shorts and panties down for her,I feel bad that I didnt... -_- She sat down, after doing so, and began instantly, the again familiar noise of pee trickling from her. I felt the hairs on my neck raise quickly, as I was turned on yet again by this natural event.

Finaly the last time, was eventful, she said she had to use the bathroom, into my ear, and I said ok, and she got up, as I did too, due to I had to get ... off of her in order so she could move. She pulled my hand up, and said " arent you coming with me?" It was something like that, and I again didnt hesitate. When she got in there, I again forgot "standard protocol" and she sat down, but obviously was shy this time. That noise... didnt start until about 10 secs into her bumm hitting the seat. I am caught off gaurd by this, seeing her sexy butt, and that noise that just drives my insane. How beautiful...

I would elaborate more, but this being my first post, I really feel shy, and I feel "out of place" as well. Hoping to learn as to why I feel like I do. Any advice?

I will say this much: She wipes from the back... which is wierd, cause I only thought you wipe from the back when you are having a BM. Maybe she doesnt want me to see her wipe from the front... oO IDK...

Thank you,
Shyyy Guyyy

What is poop made of?
About 3/4 of your average turd is made of water. Of course, this value is highly variable - the water content of diarrhea is much higher, and the amount of water in poop that has been retained (voluntarily or otherwise) is lower. Water is absorbed out of fecal material as it passes through the intestine, so the longer a turd resides inside before emerging, the drier it will be.
Of the remaining portion of the turd, about 1/3 is composed of dead bacteria. These microcorpses come from the intestinal garden of microorganisms that assist us in the digestion of our food. Another 1/3 of the turd mass is made of stuff that we find indigestible, like cellulose, for instance. This indigestible material is called "fiber," and is useful in getting the turd to move along through the intestine, perhaps because it provides traction. The remaining portion of the turd is a mixture of fats such as cholesterol, inorganic salts like phosphates, live bacteria, dead cells and mucus from the lining of the intestine, and protein.
Why does poop stink?
Poop stinks as a result of the products of bacterial action. Bacteria produce smelly, sulfur- or nitrogen-rich organic compounds such as indole, skatole, and mercaptans, and the inorganic gas hydrogen sulfide. These are the same compounds that give farts their odor.
Why is poop brown?
The color comes mainly from bilirubin, a pigment that arises from the breakdown of red blood cells in the liver and bone marrow. The actual metabolic pathway of bilirubin and its byproducts in the body is very complicated, so we will simply say that a lot of it ends up in the intestine, where it is further modified by bacterial action. But the color itself comes from iron. Iron in hemoglobin in red blood cells gives blood its red color, and iron in the waste product bilirubin gives rise to its brown color.

Ash D Great Post about going in your panties. I'm going to try that and let you know how it works out.
Diaper Dog- Great Story
Danielle was still kinda upset about peeing in her yoga shorts. When my fried Amy came over she showed her it was no big deal. She put a towel beneath her and pissed in her shorts. She slipped them and her panties down and slipped up another pair of panties and shorts that she carries in her purse. At the mall however I found out she was less comfortable with pooping. We were walking through the mall and she was all fidgety. I asked what was wrong. She told me she had to poop. The only problem was she wouldn't go in the public restroom. By the time we got to the car she was relly squirmy. When she pulled open the door i heard a crakling sound and a smelly odor. I looked over to see a buldge at the back of her pants. When we made sure no one was looking she slid down her shorts and new white panties (which were ruined). She threw away the panties and slipped on a diaper. On the way home I smelled poop from the backseat. I asked Danielle if she pooped and she said yes. When we got home it was apparent Danielle was wearing a thong because when she stood up a 10" log went splat on the driveway. Will let you all now how the pants peeing thing goes Bye Cierra B

Fatman: I really, really enjoyed your story. Man that was one massive shit heap you created in that toilet. Do you always do this many turds in one sitting?? I love reading the ones about people having to push out big, long hard logs that require lots of pushing/grunting/groaning. Please share some more of your pooping experiences with us. Do you have any good constipation stories to share or other times when your dumps were particularly long and labourous??

To "Tired of This Shit"

Get you some wet ones or baby wipes. They come in travel packs and you'll get that ass of yours in pristine shape. You think your ass is totally clean with toilet paper, and it's not. Follow up with a wet one and you'll be shocked to see how much shit was still left on your ass. Especially guys, because we have all that hair around our assholes. Try them out and let me know what you think.

Once i was on the bus going home from school. i was there with my friend Annie. Annie said that she didn't feel very well at the beginning of the bus ride, bue my friends and i had all forgotten about it when annie says, "does anybody have a plastic empty bag i could have?" I say, "yeah," and hand her an empty grocery bag. Annie promptly throws up in it. feeling much better, the ride continues. a few minutes later annie says, "i gotta go number 2 now!!!!!" my friend had a touperware container, which she gave to annie. annie promptly pulled down her undies in front of everybody, stuck the touperware container by her anus and pussy, pissed a bit into it, and then proceded to have the most violent attack of diarrhea i've seen in my life!

once i was hiking with jane. Jane needed to poop badly halfway through the hike, and i said, "use the bushes!" she protested, and ended up not going. a few minutes later jane said, "i'm going to go use the bushes!!" and ran to the nearest bushes. I heard her piss long and hard for a minute, and then heard a thump of a large turd being layed out, and then a spray of liquidy poop. a large fart is done, and then another batch of liquidy poop comes out. Then i hear the tinkle of pee again, and then i hear jane grabbing some grass and wiping her ass with it. then she pulls up her pants and we continue our hike like nothing happened. once we got to an outhouse, though, jane ran as fast as she could to it, and pooped more.

I have a friend named Alexander...i call him alex. One time we were walking around the park when he says, "i gotta piss...i'm going to go in the bushes." he walks to the bushes, and pulls out his penis. then he starts pissing full force at a tree. Once done, he pulls down his pants, leans over slightly, and deposits a loud spray of diarrhea over lots of trees. then he finishes by leetting to three long hard loggs. he then pulled up his pants, and we walked for the rest of the time. by the end of the walk it was my turn to go, and i went into the bushes and peed for a long time, and then pulled let out one long, liquidy log full of undigested food.


Your story was very interesting. I had the same thing happen to me a year ago in traffic (and I thought it only happened to women - wrong!). I ended up throwing away not only my underpants, but my pants as well. It was really unconfortable sitting in it the rest of the way home.

Also, I was driving on a freeway in Los Angeles about a month ago. I got caught in traffic and had to pee really badly. After about 1/2 hour, I got really desparate. I fortunately had an empty orange juice plastic bottle in the back seat. I brought it around, unzipped my pants, pulled out my penis and stuck it into the bottle, and let go just in time. I almost filled the bottle. Meanwhile traffic was just inching along. Nobody seemed to notice. I just capped up the bottle, and later put it in a trash can.


MEGAN: I remember you saying you wear diapers because you wet the bed at night. This seems a little humiliating to me. Do you get embarrased or do you like the experience? Do you ever pee in the diaper on purpose?

I have to get up at 6:30 if i want to make my bus at 7:00 in the morning. One day I accidentally slept in. I woke up at 6:50. I needed to pee but i only had time to throw on clothes and run to the bus stop. The bus was running late, and i got to school late. I ran to homeroom, and needed to pee badly now. But homeroom ran over too, so I went right to my first period class. Because the first class was running late, ALL of the classes were running late. So i held my urge to pee until last period, when i was dying to use the bathroom. I mean, i'd been holding it for eight hours! I raised my hand and said, "may i please use the bathroom?" "no," the teacher told me. So i waited a bit, and needed to go more. by now i was doing the pee dance under the desk, and one hand was on my crotch. "May i please go?" i asked again. I got the same answer as before--no. A few minutes passed, and i went up to the teacher. Quietly, i said, "May i please use the bathroom? If i don't go now, i'm going to have an accident!" the teacher replied, "you're in eigth grade. you can hold it. now go back to your seat." i sat there for the rest of class, and class ran late, so i had to run to catch the bus. I didn't get to use the bathroom. On average, it is a 45 minute drive from school to my bus stop. So i sat there. Luckily nobody sat next to me, because i was doibng a serioius pee dance in my seat, and had my hands over my crotch. i barely made it, but finally it was my stop and i got off the bus. when i got off the bus i could feel the pee about to come out...but how could i walk another 7 blocks in this condition? so i ran. if you have ever run on a full bladder, you'll know how awful it feels. in case you haven't, i'll discribe it to you.

On your first step you feel this terrible pressure on your bladder. You feel the pee about to come close that you have to concentrate with all your might to make sure it doesn't leak out. You take another step, and you can feel your bladder squeezing to get the pee out of you, and a bit dribbles into your undies, but you clamp your butt cheeks together just in time for any real damage, and concentrate on not letting go and running. you'll take another 10 steps or so, and repeat it over again, and again, and again. not very pleasent!

So, finally i was infront of my house. i looked through my purse, and couldn't find my keys! I looked again, and didn't see them still! Suddenly I felt my bladder attempt to push out the pee like never before. I was only able to keep it in by jumping from foot to foot and putting my hand on my crotch. with my other hand, i looked through my purse once again...and there were my keys! I quickly opened the door and...oh shit! the bathroom was upstairs! and mine was up two stories! I ran into the house, dropped my purse and backpack on the entrance floor, and slammed the front door shut. I then proceded to run up two flights of stairs. finally i was in my room. all i had to do was cross the room and enter the bathroom. simple, right? well, my room is pretty large, and i needed to go really badly. already--from numerous dribbles of pee into my undies--my undies were quite wet. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen...and into the bathroom door! and there was the toilet! It was only 5 steps away. I took one step to it, and suddenly i exploded! A giant stream of pee shot down my leg. i couldn't stop, and couldn't move closer to the toilet. SO i stood there, pissing all over my legs, sandles (and yes, it did splash on my feet), skirt and floor. I pissed for 2 and a half minutes. When i was done, i needed to shit. My skirt was white, and ruined anyway, and so were my undies, so i kicked off my sandles and thought, "what the hell! i'll shit in my pants!"

I let out a giant fart, and started crapping. it was hard and long, and very painful to get out. Once it was out, though, a whole bunch of loose poop came out of ass into my underpants. by now i decided that my underpants weren't going to hold for much longer, and my shits always end in diarrhea, so i hopped into the shower, and stood there. suddenly the always anticipated diarrhea attack hit me, and i exploded. the diarrhea ran down my leg, and got my skirt brown. and then i decided, "i'm so dirty, i'm going to sit down in the shower and finish shitting diarrhea, because i think i'm going to have another explosion." i normally in every poop have one long hard log, a few mushy logs with undigested food in them, and three diarrhea explosions. so i sat down, had two very painful diarrhea explosions, then took my skirt and underpants off, and threw them in the trash. I then got on my pajamas, finished my homework and went to sleep. i went to sleep at four in the morning. the next morning i woke up to find myself desperate to pee, so i went to the bathroom, had a nice piss and shit, and went to school. nobody (including my parents) ever learned about my little big accident.

Once i was taking this little girl to the park. Actually, she was 9 years old, and her name was Sarah. I babysit her. I used the restrooms several times, but every time i asked her if she would like to go, she said, "no." finally i noticed that she was kind of hopping from foot to foot. clearly she had to go. i said kindly to her, "do you need to use the bathroom?" "No, i'm fine," she replied. I noticed that the hopping from foot to foot increased, and i said, "Look, Sarah, I need to use the bathroom. Come with me." i led her to the bathrooms. i didn't really nead to go, but went into a stall anyway so she would. but i noticed that she wouldn't go into a stall, so i came back out after flushing the toilet. So went back to the swings and slides and stuff until it was time to leave. She was really hopping now, and i said kindly, "we both must use the bathroom before we get on the bus, because we both know that it is a very long bus ride back." so we went into the bathroom, and while i used the bathroom, she stood outside, refusing to use the bathroom. by now she as doing a serious pee dance, but i figured, once i actually start leaving she'll ask to use the bathroom. but we left and got onto the bus, and she didn't complain. truthfully, the bus ride was an hour and a half long. about 20 minutes in, sarah was clutching herself, and jumping up and down in her seat. finally she squeeked, "claire, i've got to use the bathroom." "can you wait until we get home?" i asked. "no!!!" she said forcefully. "fine, we'll get off at the next stop and find a bathroom." I said. we were quiet for about 20 seconds, when she squeeked, "CLAIRE!!!!!!!!" "what??" i asked. "I"M PEEING IN MY PANTS!!!!" she said, sounding terrified. i looked down at her and saw that she was standing up, and there was a giant wet spot on her light blue shorts, and a giant stream of pee was running down her leg. but not a ton of damage would be done if she stopped right now. "Sarah, i want you to try really hard to stop peeing, and put your hands on your crotch and hold it in like that." sarah obayed, and the peeing managed to stop. Finally it was our stop. Sarah and i got up to move, but sarah instantly started peeing full force again. Now she was crying, and everybody was looking at her. her whole shorts were green now from the pee, and her legs were covered in pee--after all, she was still peeing full force. there were also puddles of pee in her shoes. I felt bad for her, so i traded seats with her so that she could be in the isle so that nobody could see her. ten minutes from her house, she looks at me, her eyes full of terror. "Claire, i can't hold in my poop any longer!" Sarah said. I was like, "you needed to poop too?!?!?!" but instead i said, "well, i don't know what to do...i guess you should do it in your pants. they're ruined anyway." "but claire!" sarah protested. then a giant fart and the loud sound of liquid shit hitting the seat hit me, and i said, "you never told me it was diarrhea!" "i didn't know!" sarah said helplessly. finally it was her stop. she was still shitting diarrhea, and it was running down her leg now. finally we got into her house, and i undressed her and put her on the toilet. once she finished shitting (20 minutes later) she bathed and put on new clothes. when her mother came home and said, "why isn't sarah wearing the same clothes as she was earlier today?" i told her mother kindly that sarah had refused to use the bathroom, and as a result had an accident by pooping and peeing in her pants. Her mother said she had forgotten to tell me that sarah doesn't like to use the bathroom much, and sometimes you have to litterally walk her into the bathroom, and watch to make sure she goes! i almost saaid that i'd never babysit sarah again, but i liked sarah so i decided that i'd live.

Good morning; two days ago at work I had a most satisfying b.m. I had already gone early in the morning (twise), so I was a little surprised at an urgent need that came suddenly around 4 p.m. I went in, shut the stall door, pulled down my pants, and went into a partial squat. With my hand mirror I watched; my anus bulged, then opened to permit passage of a fairly thick, hard, dark brown turd. The first one came out a couple of inches before breaking off and splashing into the water; then came the main length, probably 8 or 9 inches. The last turd then came, about 4 inches and still hard and solid. Satisfying splashes for each one; it took only one wipe to clean up. I left the toilet unflushed. Yesterday again I pooped well before breakfast, then went to my church for a brief meeting and had to go again there. Lighting was good, and I watched myself drop two nice logs and a couple of smaller pieces. That took a couple of wipes. At work I did nothing further in the toilet, but I did see the leavings of two b.m.'s, both tiny nuggets or slivers in different toilets. This morning I was sitting in front of the computer (reading this site) when I felt the beginnings of an urge. By way of experiment, I wet the end of a finger and carefully stuck it up through my anus into my rectum. At first, nothing--then, suddenly, a turd dropped into place and contacted the end of my finger! It felt hard and knobby. Keeping my finger in place, I walked into the bathroom. I pulled out my finger (nothing visible on it, but it smelled), stood on the toilet rim, squatted, and watched myself. I had expected the beginning of my poop to be a few small nuggets, but in fact it was a large solid turd 6 or 7 inches long, followed immediately by another slightly shorter one. A tiny plipper followed, then an even smaller sliver poked out and hung. I used the same finger to dislodge it, then wiped (got down and sat on the seat to do that). I finished the wiping, as usual, with a spot of Noxzema on the toilet paper. A few days ago I threw away the original jar that I had been using; I lost count during my illness how many times I had used it, but it ended up around 680 uses, more or less. Happy pooping, everyone!

I'm a fast runner, and like running. Once i was on the track team at school. I was running the long distance race as the number 1 player for my school. I'm one of those people who start slow, and put ALL of their energy into the last lap. i generally get infront of everybody then. So it was the championships and i was due to race. i needed to use the bathroom right before the race started, but there was no time, and sometimes needing to go a bit makes me run faster. so i ran, and during the last lap i put out all of my of my energy. I guess a bit of it was going to the wrong place, though, because suddenly i realized that i was shitting in my pants! But i ran faster anyway, and got first place. The terrible part about that, though, was that i just wanted to go and wash myself off, but i had to stay and have the trophy presented to me!

Once during a gym class this past year (8th grade) I needed to pee and poop badly. The teacher wouldn't let me go, thouogh, and made me continue to play soccer. I was very distracted, so when somebody's kick went out of wack, it hit me on the abdoman. It hit me so hard that i litterally shit in my pants, as well as pissed in them. i had left my gym clothes at home, so i was wearing my real clothes, and they were jeans. they were soaked from the piss, and had a giant bulge from the poo in the back. my gym teacher wouldn't let me leave and clean myself up, and he ran over, so i had to go to history without cleaning myself too, and my history teacher wouldn't let me leave too, so finally, in tears, i ran out of the classroom and home.

Poops Are Cool: I've pushed so hard it turns to diarrhea too! Once when i was thirteen i had terrible constipation. a few days after that eased up, i was shitting normally again...but i wasn't quite aware of that, and i pushed to hard, and i pushed so hard i gave myself diarrhea.

Cierra: Great story about you and your friend...i have many like it, and it really reminded me of myself and my life!

Have been spending a few days beside the ocean in a cottage with a couple of girl friends. Toilet topics not on the menu at all, all of us doing our poos discreetly and lighting matches to douse the smell. OK by me, I'm no obsessive (?) though always curious about the habits and preferences of others. After my favorite Chardonnay had been round two or three times one night I did broach the subject of peeing by the ocean. I love (and am quite aroused by) peeing under water, in public as it were, with people nearby, straight through my bikini bottoms. One friend goes some way on her own and pulls the gusset to one side. The other friend won't go in the sea at all. She clambers up into the dunes, pulls down her bottoms and squats. She has the occasional humiliation of being caught in the act but shw would not be swayed. Her one concession is that she doesn't wipe. She allows the saltwater to clean her up. By the way one of the most unfair things about being female is that if we are caught going to the bathroom behind a clump of grass it's shaming, while guys haul it out and if someone comes turn the other way. One or two shakes and they're done. C'est la vie!!

love you all Anthea

Mr. Poopington
I may go to Kalamazoo for a training session. Kalamazoo is the home of Western Michigan University. The School colors of WMU are, I swear to GOD, brown and gold. In the Barnard Sudent Center they have The Brown and Gold room.

If I go to Kalamazoo in my free time I will write "brown and gold room" on the men's and women's restrooms. I wonder if I could be instrumental in getting university to change its school colors. Time will tell! If I go over there I shall keep you posted.

Ow! I just flushed away a 3.5inch THICK turd. My butt issuper sore. It was a monster!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

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