When I was 7, I was playing house with 2 older girls (9 and 10). Naturally, being the youngest, I was the baby. Suzie, the 9 year old, had stolen several pampers left over from before her little brother started wearing pullups. They put a Pampers on me and gave me a paci to suck on. It wasn't long before I had to go poop. I told them I had to go potty. They said I had to use my diaper because I was a baby. So, I squatted and pushed. The soft poo came out with a crackling sound. Suzie said, NO! we thought you needed to go peepee. But it was too late. I'd pooed myself. Then I peed too. To make matters worse, they had put the diaper on me over my panties. They removed my diaper and I had to go home and tell my mom I'd had an accident.She scolded me. but I didn't get punished.

The Mage
Hello, all. I'm one of the lurkers here, and I finally decided to post a story. I definitely haven't had any recent experiences, but I do recall something that happened when I was either 10 or 11. I lived in a suburban, black community, so I often went to the nearby park to play. When I went there, all the kids from my block were playing around, so I joined them. After a while, we ended up playing hide-and-seek in the woods. One of the girls was seeker. It was then that I felt I really had to use the bathroom, and I had to take a dump. I had to walk quite a long way to get to the park, and the bathrooms at the park...were just nasty and doorless with a bunched of stained metal toilets. There was just walls in between each toilet. I never planned on using those and I never did. So I went as deep and far way from the others as possible. I made the suggestion of going in different directions, but only because I didn't want anybody close to me. I had decided to just go in the woods. I had done it before when I was really desperate to go, but last time I was by myself. I found open spot surrounded by bushes and decided to go there.

I squatted, pulled down my shorts and boxers, and got ready to go. I farted the common "Brrrr" farts at first, and then felt the tip of a turd ease out. It felt soft, but it still want to come out slowly. I let out a steady stream of pee as I tried to push the turd. As soon as the stream stopped, I tried pushing the turd again and nearly jumped up when someone came walking from the side of me. It was the girl who was the seeker. We just stared at each other for a split second and then she giggled a bit and said "Ewwww! What are you pooping out here for?". I was still kind of shocked at first, but I quickly got over it. I told her not to look but she just giggled. My turd finally dropped to the ground, and another turd started pushing. She looked down at my turd and said "It looks so nasty!". But she was still there staring. I sighed and said "I don't care if you see, but make sure nobody else comes". I kind of liked the girl, and her reaction was completely different from what I thought it would be. I was surprised again when she moved from my side and kneeled down directly behind me. She giggled and said "Cute butt". By now I was kind of getting turned on a bit, and thought this was kind of fun so I focused on my dump. She giggled and made "Ewww" noises as my turds eased out. Instead of getting smaller and softer, my turds started getting wider and harder. I had to start pushing harder and harder. I glanced back and she just giggled and put her hand over her nose and poked a cheek saying "Your butt stinks!".

I felt one WIDE turd stretch my hole as soon as it emerged. I actually had to push real hard for this one, and had to take breaks in between. She just laughed and said "Geez, you should've went before you came here, if you had to go that bad!". I wanted to say that the urge hit me out of nowhere, but I was in the middle of another pushing effort. She simply said "Woooow" as the turd eased out. I put ALL my strength into pushing this turd, and she staring intently, as the turd slowly stretched my hole wider and finally thudded to the ground. She laughed and poked my buttcheeks playfully while I got ready for another turd. This turd felt even harder to push out than the last, but it was weird. It was actually like clumps of small turds. I would push and the clump of turds would just fall on the ground. I repeatedly pushed out these clumps for a while, and she was still giggling and was staring even closer now. Every now and then she would would look down and observe my pile and giggle. The turds started to get stringy, now. She giggled as she placed her hand on a buttcheek and started smacking my butt, and I felt her trail her finger up and down the top of my crack. It was really hard for me to focus then, and I just started letting out tons of farts. They were just a lot of gushy noises, like when you open a new bottle of soda, and tons of "Brrrrrr" farts. I was trying my best to stop that from happening, but she just laughed and talked about my farting.

I pushed during the farting, and thought I was finished. I said "Feels like I'm finished." She started giggling and said "You still have dookie hanging from your butt". I looked down and saw a long but THIN turd just hanging out. I blushed a little and tried squeezing it off. The turd was not dropping that way. So I shook my butt around a bit, but the turd just dangled around. She couldn't hold herself back from laughing by then. I laughed too and said "It's not THAT funny!" and tried shaking my butt around again. I ended up having to repeatedly thrust my butt down over and over until it finally flew off. She simply burst into fits of laughter. After that, I was sort of leaned forward and had to place my hand on the ground to keep myself from falling right on my face. I kept pushing for more turds and felt my butthole opening and closing over and over. It was the first time she had a clear view of my butthole, and she was just giggling and staring as I let out tons of farts, and sang "I can see your butthole!". I decided to get all the gas out my system, and continued to fart. I felt her reach and playfully grab a cheek while I was farting and pushing for any more turds.

I finally gave up, and decided that was it. I stood up and streteched while was still kneeled down staring at my butt and giggling. I blushed a bit when she looked at my incredibly pile of poop. I searched the pockets of my shorts until I found the toilet paper I had taken from the bathroom earlier. She giggled and looked up at me. I just shrugged it off, and started wiping. By the time I got to my third wipe, she was still giggling and said "I'll help!". I was turned on to the max when she playfully. spread my cheeks wide. She was on her knees then and was staring hard as I wiped. She giggled and squeezed my cheeks repeatedly. I finally stopped wiping and dropped the toilet paper over my embarrassing pile of poop, but it didn't even BEGIN to cover it. She smiled and said "Finally finished? Waaait!". I just said "Okay!" as she giggled and squeezed one cheek with one hand while she rubbed her finger up and down my crack with the other. I shuddered a little when I felt her finger repeatedly poke and rub my just recently-cleaned butthole. She smiled and said "Your butt is soft and squishy like a baby's! And your butthole feels so funny! She giggled and played with my butt like a child exploring a new toy. She finally said "Okay! Okay! I'll stop." through her giggles. And finally let me pull up my boxers and shorts. I blushed and said "Come on! Let's go!" when I saw her looking down at my pile and giggling as flies started to buzz around. I told her we should come back from different directions. She giggled and said "All right, poop-boy! That was a fun game of Hide and Seek!". I hoped that she wouldn't tell anybody else about what happened, because she wasn't the only girl there that I liked, but she didn't say anything, and occasionally brought it up when we were alone. I do have a few more stories involving my past trips to the park, but none too recently. Well, hope you enjoyed it. That felt a bit too long, but I wanted to tell you guys everything that happened. Later!

Hello! Yesterday my friend Danielle came over to do yoga with me. We popped in the tape and began. About 10 mins into it i really had to poop but saw Danielle was having a good time so I held it. 10 Mins later My bowels couldn't take it any more and released. A foot long turd pushed its way into my pants. At first I was alarmed because i was wearing a thong but then saw that my yoga pants were holding it all in. Danielle saw the buldge and said "Oh no Cierra you crapped yourself here let me help you," I told her I didn't need help and went to the bathroom. I pulled down the gray yoga pants and black thong to see a ball of crap sitting in the back of them. I took a nice long pee when I heard a knock at the door. It was Danielle and she had to pee bad. I finished slipped on a diaper and opened the door. As soon as I did the front of Danielles turquiose yoga pants turned a dark blue. I helped her into the bathroom. SHe pulled down her soaked yoga pannts and pink thong. She also changed into a diaper. I gave her some shorts to wear home. On the way to her house she said she had to crap. I told her to go in the diaper. She was reluctant at first but she slid down teh shorts and raised her cute little butt of the seat. I saw a tiny buldge appear in the back of the diaper. I also took a piss in mine. Will post later Cierra B.

I had a rather strange poop this morning. Out came a nice thick log as usual but once it had exited my hole there was a slight problem

Samantha the Pooper
For years I had to wear dipers to bed because during the night i could not control my bladder, as well as my anus. From the time i was born to the time i was 8 i had to wear dipers all day because of accidents, and until i was 15 (aka last year) I had to wear dipers in the night because i would wet the bed, as well as poop on it. Now i can more or less control my bladder, although i do have weekly accidents with poop and piss in my bed. if you are going to suggest that i have a medical problem, i don't. i've already gone to the doctor, thanks very much. I guess it's just mental then.

Hi! I'm new here. I just wanted to share something that happened to me the other day. Me and my boyfriend were spending the whole day alone at his house. I really had to go pee and so did he. He asked if we could go together and i said yes. I went first. Then he said tthat he couldn't hold it anymore and went in the shower. We had a lot of fun. Well, bye for now.

Molly L.
I was with a friend, and i needed to pee. so did she, but she needed to poo as well. I can hold pee and poo, but she can't. we were at the movies. suddenly she started fidgiting, and saying "i can't hold it much longer" but it was harry potter 3, and we had premier seats, so we didn't want to get up. i was doing fine. half way through, she gripped my arm, and squeezed it hard. i looked to her and asked if she was okay. she said yeah, but she had to go badly. i urged her to go to the bathroom then, but she said no, she wanted to see the movie. she was distracting me so much i said, look, you need to pee or shit more? she said pee. so, i gave her cup but she said that she's just wait. me, being a good friend, said that if she wanted to stand by the door and watch the movie there, i'd go with her. she thanked me, and we got up to stand by the door. i was watching the movie. by now we were at the part where ron is getting dragged into the shack. my friend was groaning. just go then and you'll like the movie better, i told her. she said, no, she would wait. then we watched it for another 10 minutes or so, and she announced, can i have that bottle? i said i left it in the seat, and she cursed loudly. finally she said that she'd go use the bathroom. "how far is it?" she asked me. "downstairs 3 flights, and across the floor," i said. "shit, i can't make it that long," she said. hold it, i told her and went back to watching the movie. by now they were using the time turner to go back. suddenly my friend yells, "MOLLY!!!!!" and i look at her, and this giant stream of piss is running down her leg, and splashing all over her sandled feet, and all over her nice pretty light green dress. I don't know what to do for her, so i just stand there and she hugs me and starts crying that she can't stop! she was peeing until hermione saw hermione. then she stopped, and cursed again. "I gotta shit and can't wait!" she exclaimed. suddenly a giant bulge forms in her underpants. "luckily it's solid," she said. suddenly she bit her lip, and i could see all of her muscles squeeze, and there was a loud fart, and a giant pice went into her underwear. my friend looked much better for a moment, and then exclaimed, "i'm going to go liquid poop now!" and started pooping undigested food. it ran down her leg. I grabbed the popcorn bucket and dumped the popcorn out. my friend, with her underwear on, sat on it. she kept farting, and groaning, and you could hear what sounded like constant water and undigested food hitting the bucket. by now everybody was staring at her, and she started crying, but couldn't stop! she sat there shitting in her pants until the movie was over, then groaned, and got off the bucket. she's still shitting, but the bucket was filled to the brim! "what should i do, molly?" she asked. i told her i'd be right back, and i ran to the store and got a pack of dipers for adults, even though we are teenagers. then i ran back to the theater, where my friend is now shitting while squatting, and the shit is piling into a big pile on her skirt. seh put on the diper, and went home.

Shela/Fart Woman
I'm not sure if you guys are interested in farting, but I love to let out loud, long, vibrating, stinking farts in public, and in private for my own enjoyment. As far as poop is concerned I don't mind people watching me drop some long brown turds, as long as they tell me how much I stink! but what I really would like is farting in someone face all day long.

I love the pooping outside stories. MORE MORE!

Take Care
Fart Woman

I was out in the lake I live on in chest deep water pulling up weeds which I do periodically. I was a ways from my house and had to pee, so I just dropped my trunks and peed underwater. Then, out of habit, I shook off my dick. I thought, now isn't that stupid? Oh well.


Your story was very interesting. I had the same thing happen to me a year ago in traffic (and I thought it only happened to women - wrong!). I ended up throwing away not only my underpants, but my pants as well. It was really unconfortable sitting in it the rest of the way home.

Also, I was driving on a freeway in Los Angeles about a month ago. I got caught in traffic and had to pee really badly. After about 1/2 hour, I got really desparate. I fortunately had an empty orange juice plastic bottle in the back seat. I brought it around, unzipped my pants, pulled out my penis and stuck it into the bottle, and let go just in time. I almost filled the bottle. Meanwhile traffic was just inching along. Nobody seemed to notice. I just capped up the bottle, and later put it in a trash can.


Last year i went to camp for the summer. The food at my camp isn't wonderful, and made me feel a bit sick. i don't like using the toilets there, because they are all outhouses. if you can call them that. basically, what they are is a hole in the ground, with two metal plates put around the sides of the whole for you to put your feet on while you squat down and shit or pee. there is no actual seat. then there were four poles stuck in the ground, with assentially a clothes line attatching them together in a square. Then, there are pieces of cloth that went down to my knees to cover you. when the wind blows, the cloth would hit you, and since you have to crouch down, sometimes people can see you shitting or pissing. somebody complained about the lack of a toilet seat, so in all of the semi-outhouses they put this contraption to put over the whole if you want. you can sit on it, but if you pee or shit it often gets messy, and then you have to clean it up.

So, i didn't use the bathroom to pee or poop for a week! The first day i tried to pee in the woods, but the wind blew the pee all over me, so after the second day i just stopped peeing. Since i wasn't drinking or eating much, it wasn't a problem, much. and when i needed to piss badly, i just ran alot, and i sweated it out. that worked well. and about not needing to take a shit, well I didn't eat much, and whatever i ate made me so constipated i couldn't shit for the life of me! So, finally on the eigth day at camp, i got up. it was a normal day, and the sun was shining brightly over head. I got up in the middle of the night because i needed to pee so badly that i was about to go in my pants, so i'd gone outside to run it off. I had, and so i was very tired when morning came. and i needed to piss again. so i forced myself to run around alot, until the urge went away. I ran to breakfast, and served myself a bit of eggs and bacon because i was so hungry, and went outside. I was hanging with the jocks because i was running alot. they didn't know that it was because i wasn't pissing, and i think that some of them wondered why sometimes i could beat everybody in a race, and others nobody. Of course, they didn't know that when i beat everybody it was because i was about to pee in my pants, and had to sweat it off.

I was playing some soccer with them when the urge to shit and pee hit me like never before! I doubled up in pain, and when they asked me if i was all right, i said fine. Practically screaming in pain, i wondered, "where should i go? I don't want to go to the so-called-outhouses. but i had no choice. I ran as fast as i've ever run in my life to the outhouses. There are 10 of them in a row, and all but one were full. all of the people in the stalls except for one were peeing, and I wasn't about to go when other people could hear or see me. I was wearing a light blue, tight, extremely short dress, with a tie at my boobs. The bra was built into the dress, and the dress had spagetti straps. It was pretty low-cut (meaning you could see the top of my breasts), and made of some tight unstretchy material. I was also wearing a pair of light blue underwear, and matching blue sandals. My brown hair lay limply on my shoulders.

I stood with my feet on the strips of metal waiting for everybody to leave. I was in more and more pain. the pressure to pee was unbearable, and it was so close to comming out that i could feel it against my skin. My poop was so close to out that i could feel it pressing painfully on my underwear. I heard the person next to me wipe and leave, and then i heard another seven leave. there was only the girl that had been pooping before left. Finaly she let out a grunt, a giant "plop!" and then i heard her wipe and leave. Finally I was alone--and not a second to soon! I pulled up my dress, and put my hands on my abdoman to pull down my undies. The second i touched my abdoman, though, a stream of pee came out. I quickly kicked off my sandals, and put a hand to my pussy and tried to hold the pee in. the pee cupped in my hand, while i pulled down my underwear with my other hand. to my discouragment, they were drenched in pee, and had giant poop marks on them. I was about to loose control with my pee, so i put my hand firmer on my pussy, while i pulled my dress up farther, so it was where my stomach was. Then i clamped my feet on the metal plates, and tried to squat down. of course, moving made me start pissing twice as hard, and the piss ran down my leg in turrents, as well as between my legs. most of it went into the hole, and the rest hit my feet. still peeing full-blast, i managed to crouch down, and pee the rest of the pee into the hole. the wind blew, and the cloth hit my butt.

I strained to poop, but crouching down over a hole is a terrible position to be in, so nothing came out, although i knew it was oh so close to. i thought about sitting over the hole, but the hole was to big for me to sit on, and i'd fall in! so i stayed crouched over the hole and pushed as hard as i could, but nothing came out! Finally i decided to risk standing, and stood up. Instantly I felt like poop was going to explode from me, and i was about to let go and rip a fart, when a whole group of girls went into the outhouses, and i had to wait, 'cause i wasn't going to poop while they were there. The turd was oh so close to being out, that i had to put my hand over my anus and press hard to keep it from comming out. Finally, once again, all of the girls left except for one girl, who was pooping and taking her sweet time doing it. humming as poo splashed in, she took forever to get out! By the time she was gone, the end of a large turd had escaped and was in my hand. I let my hand off my anus, and pushed with all of my might to get this stubborn log out. it took me ten minutes to get it out, and i was in much pain!

The second it was out, i squatted over the hole to piss again, and started to pull my dress down, when i felt like i needed to poop again. and i knew it was going to be diarrhea! i panicked. i didn't want to stand up because then it would run down my leg, but i didn't want to move because if i did, i was sure that i'd start shitting. finally i put my hands over my anus, pulled my dress back up, and squatted over the hole. this time since it was diarrhea, it poured out easily. I farted, i exploded diarrhea, i farted some more, and had wave two of diarrhea. I was in the middle of wave three when some girls came to the bathroom...again!!! I was terribly desperate that they didn't see me, crouched over the hole, my butt leaking mounds of diarrhea. But wave three had just started, and i could not stop it. one of the girls saw me and said, "looky here! that girl's got serious diarrhea! we'll call her diarrhea girl!!" all of the girls burst out laughing, but i couldn't stop my diarrhea at all. Finally round three was over, and the girls left. I crouched there for three minutes, before wave four hit me.

when wave four hit me, the pain was so bad that i almost screamed! my butt was on fire, as liquid shit poured out of me at an alarming rate. another few girls went into the outhouses, and i was so desperate that they did not see me shitting liquid shit into a hole that i concentrated with all my might to stop the diarrhea comming out, and stood up. some was leeking down my leg, but i put my hands over my anus so as to cup it. The girls didn't suspect a thing, but i knew i couldn't hold in this load for much longer, and they were taking FOREVER! now, when i have diarrhea the most i can hold it for is 10 minutes, and this time i was in the middle of a wave when they came, so holding it for even 4 minutes was way out of the question. 2 and a half, maybe. So, after about 2 minutes, with the girls still there, I exploded. the shit streamed down my leg, and my hands had a slight opening in them, which the shit came out of, projecting across the outhouse onto the cloth. I crouched over the hole, and shitted, farted, shitted some more, pissed, shitted and farted, and shit diarrhea some more. then wave four was over.

Diarrhea explosion five was the worst yet, and luckily nobody was there to see it, as i shitted and farted so loudly, and it smelled so bad it almost made me gag. Then explosion six happened, and for some reason i was standing up and could not move, so my legs got a healthy dose of shit over them. Then i managed to crouch down for waves seven and eight. After the eigth wave, i thought i was done. I stood up, and put my wet undies on. Then i needed to fart, so i let loose. and it wasn't only a fart, but diarrhea as well. with my undies on, i stood over the hole and shit. the diarrhea dripped out of my panties.

I was almost positive that i was done then, so i took my undies off, and threw them over a bit. then i started wiping myself, when my stomach groaned, and i knew that the worst explosion yet was to come. I quicky turned around, and shit the most painful, explosive, smelly wave yet. when i was done, i knew that i was going to have a wave ten, but the smell made me gag, and i knew i was going to puke as well. no matter what the callings from the rear end is, the calling of "i'm going to puke" is stronger, so i bent over, kneeled down in front of the hole, and puked, while out of the other end, leaked explosive diarrhea. the smell kept making me retch, so i ran into another outhouse to finish puking, and my diarrhea. after the 11th explosion, i was truely done. i threw my underwear into the hole, and went back to my cabin. my cabin was in the woods, so if i were to need to shit or get sick, i could go in the woods. nothing else happened the rest of my stay, but that was sure a day to remember.

Hey I'm new here but I've been reading for a long time. This site is great since it's so open and caring. Well a little about myself: I'm 16, 5 foot 8 inches and 155 lbs with hair down a little past my shoulders that is light brown in color. I never really have any accidents but I do poop everyday, and a lot usually comes out. I'm pretty skinny though, with just a little chub on my ???? and butt. (With is pretty round, soft, and kinda tight, wierd huh?) Well the other day I had a HUGE crap in a freshly built porta-potty. I was out in the park (mostly woods) taking my little walk to loosen my bowls wich have been stuck for the last 4 days, and have been very painful. I knew I wouldn't be in trouble because of the before mentioned potties that were just put up. The park is only a couple blocks away from my house too. It was also Saturday so I had all the time in the world. I jogged to a deserted area (no one around for a long ways because of the trees) and it hit me like a ton. I needed to poop so bad. I discovered a single Porta-John in the middle of no where on flat ground surrouned by the woods. I entered it and to my surprise no one has used it yet. I guess this was because of the new park supplies and construction. I took my clothes off and sandles untill I was naked, I even took my thong off. I hung my things up on the door which had plenty of room, and my footwear in the corner. The facility was plenty big. I sat down and spread my butt over the seat and started to pee a little bit. There was no present urine or poop in the john so you could hear it easily. It wasn't much so I was done quickly. The porta john was very hot inside and poorly ventilated so this was going to smell. I felt something big push on my tiny butt hole and I let out a a really long quiet fart. Pfffffffft. Next my hole opened up very much and I heard a crackling noise coming from it. The turd had finally started to come out. I pushed but it didn't help. The fat piece of poop slid slowly out of my hole untill I heard a low pitched slapping sound. You could tell it landed. I farted again and grunted for more poop. There was a bunch to be served up. Again I could hear crackling and my butt hole hurted badly. (Does anyone know why it hurts when I poop)? Pfffft, crackle, it was half way out. I hurt so bad and it was very hard. I was sweating a lot so my butt was getting wet. It finally inched it's way out enough that it touched the bottom of the john. However it was still up my butt. I farted again and it came out with a soft thud. I standed up and looked inside. They were huge! The first one was 13 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The second was 18 inches long and about 3 inches wide. I estimated the measures but I am sure I was close. It hurt me pretty bad, and trust me, my hole gets big when I poop. I thought I was done but it hit me again, I sat down and pooped out 4 small, slimey turds. Which came out quickly with a bubbly poopy cracking sound. It was gross anyways. I looked and they were 5 inches long and 1 inch in width. My poop was the only waste in the loo besides my tiny amount of pee. I wiped a lot and put my clothes back on and left. Please tell me if my story was boring...hopefully not since it was my first.

Tuesday, July 07, 2004

i just wanted to say I loved your story. Please write more?? Since you eat all that are you ever constipated??
Everyone else: your stories are awesome, I love reading about your poops, especially the constipated ones!! keep up the good work

To dick: Loved your stories

To vapour: Loved your story

To lee: Loved your stories

To Eric in Chicago: I was probably 10 for both of them i guess

To Diaper Dog: Loved your story

A few days ago i posted about what my new friend said, he got walked in on the bathroom while pooping...any another story...

Today me and him(we work together) we were ordered to put all theses boxes away and way we finish and hes like im gonna go in the bathroom to wash my like ok, i had to go get the key to lock up the im like im gonna go back in the bathroom and pee and wash up...and i hadn't seen my friend any where...i walk in the bathroom...sure enough i saw too feet(his feet) sticking outward and he was pooping...i thought it was kinda cool again...i didn't see/hear much...i came out of the stall from peeing and he was washing up. I had trouble peeing and i thought he might think i was peekin on him..but eventully i peed.
Im hoping sometime to have an experience where we both dump at the same time, it would be cool...even if we are out and have to poop at the mall or something would be totally cool

Hey guys.
The other day I had a really good poo. Here is what happened.

I was reading something when I felt an urgent need to go poo. I rushed into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat down. I immediatly farted loud, and it kind of stank. Shortly after, I started to poo, poo, and poo. First came about 5 small pieces of poo. Then, about 10 seconds later, my butt opened up and out crackled a 4 inch long, 1 inch wide poo. Then another fart. Then out crackled a thin, really long poo. It kept coming and coming. Finally, about 10 seconds after it started to come out, I was finished. The toilet was full of poo poo. I flushed, wiped, and left.

Well, I have to go poo now, so I am off to pull down my pants, and plop a few.

Take care guys.

AUSSIEROD............this is for Ash D & of course for anyone else too.
Reading your post wher you had a shit sitting on the toilet but left your panties on. I have done the same thing but not intentionally. Went out one night , got really smashed & while I was walking home I could feel the urge to shit getting to the stage where I was desperate. As I walked in the door I started to undo my pants, I could feel it between the cheeks of my ass, I burst into the toiletpulled my pants down, but forgot to pull my undies down with them.I was so smashed I don't think it registered at the time, I just sat there & pooped out a few big logs straight into my undies. That did sober me up a bit, but instead of emptying out my turds I just went to bed & woke up 9 hours later with this huge bulge in my pants. I had poop all around my crotch area, my balls & dick were covered ....never again!!!
Just a quick survey as well ......
1. if u need to shit when u r in public & there is no paper,do u hold on , use your finger as I do or put up with a sticky bum.
2. when u need to shit do you always pull your panties down or just sometimes just aside........... depending where I am I just pull mine is quicker............ Happy pooping

I loved your story, am looking forward to your stories of the unisex toilets in France as I spent a bit of time there as well, although I wasn't there long enough to have any experiences. Obviously you enjoy your bm's as we all do

The Urban Spaceman
Hello World
This is my first post here although I have now been reading for about six months.

I had to share this with everyone because I could not believe what I heard at work today.

For background information the company I work for is one of the larger UK telephone call processing centres.
Now I will stop the rumours and the modern myths here, working conditions are pretty good, if you need to go then you go, nobody is chained to their desks. In 18 months I have never seen tell tale drips on the carpet, or wet patches on peoples clothing, it is very rare to see anyone squirming in their seat, and there are over 1000 people on the call centre floor alone.

Now a few years ago it seems that there was a slight problem with drug dealing inside the company between a few of the employees. Now all the people involved were caught dismissed and handed over to the authorities, however it was rumoured that the people involved were storing their stash inside the toilet cisterns.

A few weeks ago I come to work to find that all the toilet cistern lids had been security tagged and sealed down over the weekend, I thought that it must be another group who have tried the same drug dealing trick and again been caught so think nothing further of it.

To my horror I have now discovered that the reason the lids have been sealed is because people have actually been removing the lids taking dumps in the cistern as opposed to the toilet whilst standing on the toilet and then replacing the lid.
This has caused one whole washroom to be closed for over a week for cleaning and the company are now threatening that employees will have to use swipe cards to gain access to the toilets.

peeing gal
DeepCloudNine- the other day, i cut the top off of a soda bottle and turned it upside down and put it back in the bottle. it actually worked surprisingly well. the only problem was that if the pee hit the side of the funnel, it slipped around and came dangerously close to falling off. it was a kind of awkward position to squat over a bottle and hold the funnel while trying not to miss it. i ended up glueing the pieces together. thanks for the idea. if u have any more advice like that post it. i have problems controlling the pee in the bottle. i mean, if i wake up to pee, i REALLY have to go. its hard to keep the pee at a slow enough speed so it won't just fly out of the funnel. thanks again.

Long time reader, first time poster.
A bit about me first. I'm 5'6" 140 pds. Short brown hair & brown eyes.
Today I had the worst accident. I left work at 4ish & then got caught in rush hour traffic. I had a slight need to pee but not urgent. After a few minutes of sitting I suddenly sneezed & peed a little. I quickly stopped before letting out too much. However traffic was going nowhere & I now had to go really badly! As we inched along I became aware of the fact that I now needed to crap as well. Moving agonizingly slow I was now driving with one hand on my crotch & my butt clamped shut. Another sneeze hit me. At the same time I also farted. It was more then a fart though. I totally exploded into my panties. I then lost control of my pee & thoroughly wet my pants. I still have a ways to go to get home & now have a load of shit to sit in. When I finially get off the highway & am nearing home I feel another shit coming on. At this point I don't even care & just crap into my panties again. Several farts later the next wave hit me. Another shit explosion. When I got home I headed straight to the bathroom. I carefully dumped my load into the toilet but a bit spilled out & i had to clean that up too. My pink panites were a loss. I hoped into the shower & while cleaning up had another attack & crapped in the shower.

Hi all I'm new and like to pee. Me and my friends have low bladder controol so we sometimes have accidents. One day I was walking with my friend Ashley in the park when she commented to me that she had to pee. We saw the bathroom sign but it said 100 yards. "I don't think I can make it," she said. I told her she had to try. About halfway there I heard her squeak Cierra. I turned around to see a stream of pee coming out of her skirt between her legs. By this time I had to pee too but was more focused on helping Ashley. I took off my hoody and wrapped it around her waist so no one would see. We walked to the bathroom and went into a stall. I helped her get her skirt off which was dry but her white thong was completley soaked. I carry diapers in my purse in case I'm not close enough to a restroom and feel like I'm about to lose control. I took one out and gave it to her to use as underwear. She slipped the diaper and her skirt bak on and we went to the car. I dropped her off at her house. By the time i got to my house i was dying to pee. I got in and ran to the bathroom. Just as i ran in my bladder released and a dark patch covered the front of my gray shorts. I took my soaked shorts and soaked black panties off. I changed into a thong and went straight to bed. Will post later Cierra


Took a really good dump just before.

I was just sitting on the couch being lazy, i lifted my ass up and ripped a nice, big, smelly fart, straight away from the smell and the cramps i knew i needed to take a good shit.

I walked towards the toilet, stopping every few steps to let go of another fart. I got to the toilet, closed the door and stripped down to nothing. I squatted on the toilet and started to pee a pretty hard stream. I spread my ass cheeks and some more farts came out. I just stayed squatting for a while, until my poop really wanted to come out. I let the end of the turd peek out then i closed my hole back up, i kept doing this until i couldnt hold it in anymore the long, thick turd just rocketed out of me and plumetted into the water, splashing my ass, legs and pussy. I looked down at the turd, it was slightly bent and the end was down the pipe. I squatted for about 5 mins before the next turd was ready to come out. I had to push this one pretty hard, i spread my ass cheeks open with one hand, while keeping balance with the other. I pushed hard as some air escaped past this thick turd. I kept pushing and finally some consistent movement, it moved out slowly, but surely. i looked down between my legs and it was very long and thick, just hanging there. I wiggled my butt a bit and it broke off, i pushed out the last little bit and i was finished. I wiped my ass and the paper was pretty clean, i wiped my pussy and flushed. The poop needed two flushes to go down, but it was ok.

The end

Love Ash.D


yes, dick is my name. it fits cuz i love this site! before i start, let me say that im the type where if i gotta go, i gotta go right then.

one time, i was at the state fair with a friend. we ate or drank just about everything in sight. we were on the ferris wheel when the urge to pee hit me. it was our 2nd time around and we had around 5 to go. it was moving pretty slowly. i was squirming around and holding my penis. my friend was sitting next to me and looked in the same amount of discomfort i was in. we gave each other a look and just hoped that the wheel wouldnt get stuck. it almost did, but thankfully it kept going. i was sure i was about to burst when the ride finally stoppoed. it was just my luck that we were one of the last carts to get off. my friend and i dashed away and ran to the nearest portapotty. there was a short line, but it was only made of little kids with their parents and we knew that it would be a wait. we ran to the next spot with porta potties but they were all full. we were thinking about going back behind a vendor or something and going there but one of the porta potties opened. we both ran in it. niether of us could wait so we had to go in front of each other. we stuck our dicks out and shoved them around the urinal. he got there first so i had to go in the pot, which i hated. we peed for about a minute and finally stopped. i was still squirting out a bit of last minute pee when my friend takes a watery shit in the in the urinal. it really reeked but niether of us were in a position to crack jokes. we decided to just leave the shit there and hope it drained down. we finally left the toilet and roamed the fair somemore. what a time!

i was at camp when i was 10. the only latrines there were door-less and i was shy about using them. i held my wastes for a day or so, but that was a huge mistake.
i had made an enemy with a guy named tim and he gave me a hard time evry chance he got. we were on a hike when i felt i couldnt hold my wastes any longer. when we stopped for a rest, i ran out of the group and hid behind a tree. i was already peeing when i got there and i had wet my pants enough for anyone to notice clearly. i peed on the tree (some) and then shoved by pants down. the shit didn't need any extra pushing, it just came right out. i finished and used my boxers to wipe. needless to say i left them there. i came back to the group and had a really hard time hiding the dark spot on my pants. most people noticed and laughed at me. tim didnt notice until we got back and by then, the water iu was drinking had gone right thru me. i really had the pee again. and i was heading to the latrines. tim saw me and cracked up. he kept poking fun at me and something (dont remember what it was......) and that comment was too much. i tackled him and punched him really heard just about everywhere. my last blow landed on his groin apparently where his bladder was. a dark spot on his pants grew until it seeped down to his knees. he couldnt stop it and he just turned red. i walked away and barely made it to the urinals. tim never bugged me again.
when i was about seven, i had a crush on a girl named sue. sue and i were already close friends, so when i told her how i felt, she had similar feelings. one time we went on a walk. there was a meadow type thing behind a row of houses. we walked thru there and inadvertantly passed a sign saying "no trespassing." there was this old man who lived there and was drunken more often than not. somehow he saw us and was obviously drunk. he came outside and started chasing us. i got the idea to run to the junkyard since there were plenty of places to hide there. we barely got there w/o him catching us . we found a spot to hide inbetween three tall stacks of junk and an old rusty pickup truck. the dirt ground was sloped so we used gravity to push a hunk of metal in front of the hole where we climbed in. it was really close quarters, but luckily the guy left soon. we tried to move the metal to get out, but it wws too heavy w/o gravity on our side. the piles were too unsteady to climb and the truck was really unsafe too. we were trapped. nobody was within earshot. we were realy scared. all we could do was hope someone would come soon. we talked for awhile and i got the sudden urge to pee. i already told u that when i gotta go, i gotta go. as you can imagine, i was in a predicament. i either had to pee my pants, or show my penis to sue and go there. i hateed wetting my oants so i had to take the latter option. i didnt know how to tell sue, so i ended up just saying, "sue, i really gotta pee." she said "ok" and shut her eyes. i stood up, rummaged around for a can, found it, and set it on the ground. i pulled my pants down and just pretended that the can was a urinal. i started to pee and saw that sue was watching. the pee was hissing out and spraying a little. the can filled up and the pee was still coming strong. i had to just pee into the big pile of junk and hope it didnt flow back. i finished, shook my dick a bit and pulled my pants back up. i put the can back and sat down. sue obviously had to go too cuz she lowered her pants and squated over a can she had found. she peed and i was fascinated. i couldnt see where the pee was coming from. i asked and she spread the legs apart. we assumed that it was the hole (her vagina). she pulled her pants up and discarded the can. it was another \hour until we were found bu that was OK. we were really open with each other about stuff like that from then on even through our crush kind of went away. we were still good frineds. i hoped u liked my stories. please post any questions/comments. i wanna see what you think!

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