Poops are cool
When I was the aghe of 12 I was at the hospital because I broke my leg, and the food they gave me was not a good idea, because I had to poop alot, it wasnt direhha, just small soft poops, now since I was in a specail room, there arent specail tolets, the toilets were in the open and looked like a chair with a lid, but anyway there were 4 other people in the room because of injuries, so once the doctor gave me a piece of pizza, then after that, of couse everyone was awake, and I really had to poop but I was shy. But then I didnt care cause i really had to go, i went and standed infront of the weeird toilet chair, I didnt pull my pants down yet, the 3 other people in the room i was guessing were 30 or40, and they all stared at me for a sec, then I slowely pulled down my pants and undies and sat, they all stared at me, then i started to pee, then I sat there, then I pushed once, they coudnt beileve i was gonna shit, then I pushed again, then my poo curled up around the toilet thing, then I wiped and put the lid down, and pulled up my pants and panties and lied down on the bed.

Here's another story, once when I was 10 years old, my class went on a feild trip, and we went to a park, we had a picnic lunch then after we can go in the park, after lunch I said, teacher I have to go washroom badly, then she took me to a spot in the woods, and I squated, started to pee, then a head poked out, and it was in the same spot for 5 minutes, so I took my finger, shoved it up my butthole as hie as it could go, then i took my finger out, and it came sliding out, then it came out followed by soft spots, and then whn I was done, i wiped with my pocket kleenix and left, it was great!

You might know me
Tired of this shit! I use to have the same problem because of hairless-bubblebutt and only my best friend knew, what I did was some exercise for my butt and use plus carry dinner knapkins for that tight to get into area. I hope it helps. I liked your story me.

CH I've posted here before not too long ago. I've been curious about this for some time now. Have any of you ever visited a nudist resort or beach? I wonder if the restrooms have stalls or doorless stalls? I can pisture men or women in their restrooms fully naked sitting on toilets in the open. Does anyone know? Well, take care everybody

A week a go I rented a movie called I am sam for me and my girlfriend.
She was teary eyed and just started bursting intears. After the movie was over she went to the bathroom . I was walking down the hall and I could hear her in the bathroom. She was putting toilet paper on the seat and started tearing her jeans and panties down. AS soon as she sat on the toilet I heard the biggest most loudest dump in history. She made a loud hissing fart followed by a wave of nasty sounding explosive diarrhea.She had her feet horizontal in the air and more and more squeeky farts kept on exiting her ass. SHe farted again and let out another wave of diarrhea and when she looked in the bowl she said holy god. She sprayed and flushed and went home.

Hey im misha im my mom and sister were getting ready to go to the mall. I had to poo so bad but i was waiting for them to leave so i could poop in peace. But they kept on stalling! when they finally left i went to my bathroom, my favourite placce to poop and the floor was wet from being cleaned so i couldn't go on the floor. So i raced down 2 hallways to get to my mom and dad's bathroom wich is huge and pretty good for dumping. I sat right down and had trouble getting it out but when it came out it wwas reallly soft and broke apart in the bowl. I am looking foward to having the whole day home pretty much by myself, our housekeeper and maid fell asleep in the sun when they were tanning earlier. Our house backs onto the beach, so i went down there behind some rocks and peed on a rock. The rock was so warm so i made my vagina touch it and the pee went all over me. I think a teenage boy saw me doing that! oh well. I like this site! bye

Once, when I was in a store, I needed to go to the bathroom. However, there was a fat woman walking in, so I had to wait. I stood outside and listened to whatever that might go on in the bathroom. I did not expect her to take a dump in a public restroom. The first thing I heard was a loud, windy fart hitting inside the bowl. That was the loudest fart I've ever heard from a female! I wonder did the fart cause little waves on the water in the toilet since it was so loud? Then, I heard some greasy turd dropping into the toilet. That noticed me that she was taking a dump. I waited very long, but she was still in the bathroom, so I chose to leave since I didn't have to go that bad.

pissy missy
Louise(from France)

i actually have peed with my boyfriend 1 other time. i was at school in math with a really strict teacher who refused to let u leave the classroom unless you were near death or something. there was a HUGE storm going on outside and i was a little scared of it. i also really had to pee, but i knew he wouldnt let me leave. there was still about 20 minutes left in class and i was ready to explode. i was squirming and holding myself. thankfully, i was in the back row, so no one noticed. i started leaking a bit and a huge crack of thunder sounded. the power went out and everyone cheered. i took the opportunity while the overly excited students were cheering and the teacer was trying to calm them down to slink out the open door. i ran to the nearest hallway with a set of bathrooms when someone grabbed me before i ran past. it was my BF and he led me into the mens room. there were 3 urinals and one toilet that was out of order. i was doing sortof a "potty dance" while he smiled. he pulled out his dick and put it over the urinal. i watched and decided that i had no other option. i pulled my pants and undies down and straddled the urinal. it was a little high so i had to turn around and sit on it with my legs spead apart. i picked up the urinal mint to get it out of the way and peed. it was hard to keep it the urinal and some leaked out. i peed strongly for a good minute and the weaker stream lasted another 30 seconds. it was over and i felt great. my BF was grinning at me and i grinned back. we left and i got in trouble for leaving w/o permission but i didnt really care.

i guess the strangest place that i ever peed was off a cliff type thing. i was taking a hike and i felt the urge to pee. i didnt see anyplace i could reach easily so i kept walking. i finally reached a clearing where i saw i small cliff. i walked over to it and lowered my pants. i sat on the edge and peed. it was cool to see it fall down. when i finished, i left. that wasnt the most exciting story, but it was the only strange place i could think of where i've been. if these stories dont answer your questions, please post back. also, post some of your stories. i really want to read them! =)

Sentinel Chicken
Tia - Please tell us more about your accident on after getting off the bus. What were you wearing? What exactly happened when you got off? What did everything feel like? Stuff like that. We like a good detailed story around here. :) Also, do you know any details about the friend from the sleepover and their accident?

The other day I was on the drive back from a of state competition about 8 hours away with a few other people about my age (14), and I felt like I was going to have diarhea (two rs?) (and, not surprisingly, I was right...). I can go for an entire 14 hour drive without peeing at all without much difficulty, but I can't go for very long without doing "#2" particularly when I have diarhea, but I held it in (albeit not comfortably) until before we got about 30 minutes from home, at which point I was about to crap my pants. We stopped for gas (the van needed a full tank before being returned, apparently) by a strange stroke of luck and I went to the bathroom then. I tried fiddling with the lock for a while, and it wouldn't work, so I just assumed no one would walk in on me. Of course if you have any life experience, you know that if I had locked the door no one would have tried to walk in, but because it was unlocked, someone did (don't you love murphy's law?). It was one of the other people from the van. Luckily no one insulted me... but somehow everyone else knew about it. oh well...

Today we got back from Amish country and I have a perfect story to tell you. i was riding my bike along a country road when i noticed an Amish girl up ahead she seemed to be in some discomfort so i watched and waited. sure enough she walked off the road and into some bushes and grass. as i watched she hiked up her dress and squatted down in the grass. as i watched a powerful stream appeared and she was peeing hard!!!!!!!!!!!! she peed for about 2 min and then left( keep the pee stories coming)!

when i was 10, me and my friend was building a fort out in the woods, we would build a little at a time and then it was time to go home, school and everything. but summer came and we were allowed to stay all day and the first all day we were playing and building and my friend was holding himself here and there. i saw him grab himself real hard and jump around then he would continue to build the fourth time he did the jumping he had a wet spot on the front of his jeans. we were done building and went inside of the fort to play and we were sitting on the ground talking, he was holding himself and rocking back and forth, i looked at his pants and the wet spot was bigger than both his hands he was holding over himself. he eventually stopped rocking and we got up to leave and his but was soaked his front had a big round wet spot. he didnt seem to care, didnt even mention he had to go. so the next day we were walking to our fort and i didnt go to the bathroom when i got up in the morning i cant remember why i didnt but i really had to go and was holding it. when we got to the fort i started running to get around to the back so i could go but when i started running i started going in my pants too. i had on bluejeans and a white t-shirt that was a little long so it hung down over the front. i got to the back of the fort and i was wet all down my legs and the front of my shirt had a big wet spot on the bottom. my friend came around and said what are you doing, he didnt even notice i had an accident. we played and he eventually wet his pants again. i did again too but not on accident, since i was already wet i just went again, this time i was sitting down and my butt was soaked. later that week i had to poop and i was afraid to go in the woods, i waited to the last second before i ran for home to go but it all came out in my pants before i got there. i walked back and played with my friend, my pants were bulging our pretty far in the back and my friend noticed this time and said gross you pooed your pants. i said so you wet yours and pointed to his pants, he said so that ok but pooing is gross. i dared him to go in his pants but he refused. i got spanked when i got home cause mom found my wet pants from the previous days and saw me in my filled up pants. i hated spankings cause she would make me take off my pants and undies and lay over my bed while she took a bottlerocket stick and hit my legs with it, it hurt so bad. one time she did it cause i was bad and i really had to pee and as soon as she hit me i started going, i peed the bed covers while she hit me, i still had my undies on this time cause she just got my legs, i pulled my pants back on after the spanking and my wet undies got my pants wet. i came down for dinner and she saw the wet spot and i got spanked again. more later

D (Female) - I'm new here and from France, my english isn't very well, but I think I feel the same about relieving myself outside, especially doing a BM. In summer time I'm often looking for such situations, but I don't do it, when a friend is with me, because I don't want, that he/she notices what I feel about it...
I also don't know exactly, why I get excited when I do it outside, but I think it's a combination of being naked, the feeling of the warm wind and the "taboo". I always choose a place where I am on my privacy, but sometimes I wish somebody would watch me - don't know why. Or I hope someone would see what I left on the ground.
I have also some stories to tell about unisex toilets in france, but I will do this in some future posts.

Bye, Jeanette

Eric in Chicago
Everyone: How old were you when you first discovered that drinking lots of water or other beverages would make you have to piss a lot?

How old were you when you first drank lots of water or pop deliberately in order to make yourself have to piss?

I must have discovered the first one when I was too young to form lasting memories. I do remember being 8 or 9, not being very tired at bedtime, and drinking several glasses of water so I'd make a lot of piss. I liked the feeling of lying in bad and having to piss (though I never wet my bed. When I was about 10 there were a few times when I'd drink lots of water before going to bed to see if I'd wake up wet, but it never worked; I'd just wake up the next morning and have to take a real big piss)

Good morning; humid here. Yesterday at work I went into the men's room; in a toilet were two small (maybe 4") but nicely shaped light brown turds, surrounded by an incredible amount of toilet paper: my first decent sighting in about a week. My own stuff: usually now I have to get up a few times in the night to pee (enlarged prostate). Two nights ago I was having some gas, so every time I went to pee I farted also; this actually helps the pee flow. About 3 in the morning I went to pee, and as usual I farted, but this time it started out normal, suddenly shifted, and ended much louder: pfffFFFFT! I thought, what on earth was that? Then I thought I'd better make sure nothing more than gas had come out, so I took a little toilet paper and felt back there (since I was standing up, anything that did come out would still be between my cheeks, though I did check the floor and the bathtub behind me to make sure nothing was there). Sure enough, there was a tiny turd! It was maybe an inch long and a quarter inch thick, and I pulled it out and dropped it in the toilet; then I wiped, washed hands, and went back to bed. Later than morning I squatted on the rim of the toilet and had a nice normal dump which came out in two distinct and separate impulses: first came three nice turds that splashed my bottom when they hit the water, then about a minute later came another wave of poop which turned out to be about a dozen short fairly soft pieces. In all, a nice poop. Last night after supper I farted very frequently and wondered if a poop might be imminent. I moistened my finger and felt up my anus into my rectum and, sure enough, a hard turd was in there. It was still well up inside, though, not ready to come out, so I left it there and went to bed. During the night I could feel that it was still there, and I farted each time I peed. This morning I again squatted on the rim, held the mirrir in place, and pooped. The hard turd I had felt came down and forced my anus well out and down before opening up and letting out several small pellets; then the main mass of the first turd slid easily out, maybe a 9-incher. A couple of smaller ones, and I was done. I may have another movement later this morning; the full feeling is not entirely gone. Happy pooping!

Hey guys.
As I am sitting here writing this, I am farting a lot, and a poo wants to poke its head out. I had a good poo yesterday.

I had to go pretty bad, so I rushed into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I immediatly farted, which was followed by crackling, as a nice, firm, long poo started to slide out. This poo felt so good coming out. It took about 5 seconds to come out fully. I looked, and my poo was about 8 inches long. I love the long ones! I wiped, flushed, then left.

Well, that's all for today. I have to go poo now.

My farts stink, therefore a poo is close!

Take care guys.

Hey Everyone!

The other day I was home alone and looking for something exciting to do. Of course the thing i find most exciting is....pooping. I was trying to think of a fun way to poop, when i ame up with a going in my panties (inspired from all of the great stories here)

I put on a pair of old panties and went to the toilet. i sat down on the toilet in nothing but my panties. I rubbed my ass cheeks and let go of a big fart that boomed into the toilet. I pushed for another fart, but started peeing instead. the warm pee felt great as it spread thru my panties and dribbled into the toilet. I started to rub my pussy as i was peeing, i had pee all over my hands. i pushed for another and only got a little puff of air. My asshole started crackling open as my poop was ready to come out. I could feel my hole wide open, I gave a little push and a nice smooth turd started inching out. It was coming out ok until it touched my panties. It was a hard log and my panties were stopping coming out. It wanted to come out and was forcing to come out all on its own, which felt great. i pushed and groaned hard and the poop started to bend, it was bending downwards. this turd kept coming out, even though it was taking a lot of pushing. It finally ended, the start of the turd was in the seat of my pants, almost touching my pussy.
I had some more poop to come out, i didnt know how it would fit, but i couldnt hold on to it, it just started coming out without me pushing. It was a thin, softer log and filled up my panties and nearly started oozing out the top. I pushed some more and i got a long muffled fart. I peed a little more and i was finished. I wanted to stand up and look at the huge load bulging thru my panties, but there was too much, i didnt want to risk dropping it on the floor. i carefully sat and peeled my panties down, dropping the load of poop into the toilet. It was a really big load. I attempted to wipe my ass, but i covered the whole bit of toilet paper and my hand in thick poop. I hopped in the shower, with panties on and washed them out and my ass off, then threw the panties in the trash. I stayed in the shower for a while ;)

That's all for now. It's school holidays so i should have some good stories for you while im home alone.

Love Ash.D


Louise (from France)
I often wear sandals in summer (and often pee outdooe too), When I squat to pee I simply keep my feet weel apart to not have splashing on my feet and shoes, never have problems peeing like this.

Your ex wasn't a nice person..I don't find it bad tha tyou pissed in teh garage because you were really desperate, INstead I think that my hubby would got turned on seeing that I was peeing desperately in the garage...

It seems you should pee outdoor much more often , if you dream about doing just go and relieve yourself, and let us know where youd did it



Diaper Dog
When I was 8 i went on a 6-hour trip with my friend. when i was 8 i was afraid to ask my mom to go pee so i just held it. I told my friend i had to pee and he said he did too. so we just sat there and held it. after i (and my friend) REALLY had to pee i ask my mom but she there wasn't any place to stop, but she said she had one of my little brothers diapers. She said me and my friend could put them on and try to wait to stop but if you HAD to go then you could. so we went to the back and took our pants off and then our underware and put the diaper on. then we went back and sat down. after 5 mins we started to hold ourselves. 10 min later my friend said he had to go but he won't go unless i did so i said i would go because i am bursting. i said 3... 2.. 1... and we let go. at like the same time we said AHHHHHHH... that was the worst i EVER had to go and my friend and me felt SOOOOOOOOOOo much i was happy there was somewhere to go. when we got to the hotel we changed and then we put another diaper on if we needed to go at the mall we both went in our diapers again it felt good. then after like 2 more stores my friend said he had to take a shit and i said do it in your diaper and he did

the end

I've been feeling the urge to take a dump for about an hour now. I can feel a nice sized load sitting just above my anus but I want to try and hold it for as long as possible

Yesterday I let out quite a few small loads. When I got up in the morning, I went to the toilet to do a wee. After my wee, I pushed out several small, sticky turds. I had to use lots of toilet paper to wipe my butt, as it was very messy. Later, I was at the shopping centre and I really needed to pee so I found the public toilets. There was a big line of about 10 toilets and I went into the first one. I closed the door and pulled down my pants. First I did a wee and while and then my anus opened up and I farted, then some more poo came out. It was a small sticky piece again. I had to wipe a few times to clean the crap off my butt. A few hours later, I was at the cinema. I bought a ticket to a movie, then I went to the toilet because I had to pee again. I went into the first toilet (there was a line of about 10 toilets) and closed the door. I did a huge wee, then I pushed and some more mushy poo came out again. It was only a small amount so I pushed again but all I could manage was a fart. I only had to wipe my arse once this time.

Later on, at about 9pm I was watching tv when I felt like I had to let out another load. I went into the toilet in the commercial break and pulled down my pants. I did a wee first, then I pushed a bit and squeezed out a small pebble. I pushed again and another pebble came out. There was still more up there but the commercials were almost finished so I wiped my butt (I had to wipe lots) and went back to watch the rest of my show. The show was finished in about 10 minutes so I went back to the toilet to finish my dump. I pushed again and I managed to squeeze out lots of skinny turds without much trouble. It sure felt good on my anus while I was pushing out the turds and it hurt a bit afterwards.

no-one asked:
"I have question for everyone. Have you ever had to pee so bad when you were stuck in a traffic jam and just peed, but then it got in your car and messed it up?"
This happened to me a couple of years ago. Going out of my way to drop off a woman (a regular rider to and from work) at the address where he son was having a "play date" left me with driving across Manhattan at rush hour and my bladder was full. Finally I tried to let a few squirts out and could not keep from letting it all out into my jeans. Fortunately it was a Friday evening and the entire weekend the car was left to sit and "air out" (I cracked open the windows). No one knew when Monday came.

Bryan: Hey that was an ultracool story about that guy at your school taking a real loud shit. I sure wish we had more of these stories. We used to have a lot of them in the old days at this site. I enjoyed the part about that dude holding onto his shit until he thought you had left the restroom. I've also had that happen and I did the same as you did. I just opened and closed the restroom door so that the guy thought I had left and could dump his load in total privacy. I'd still be there real quiet at the sink when the guy came out of the stall after having stunk the bathroom up. The looks on their faces on seeing me there were priceless. Most kinda just looked down at the floor and then walked the walk of shame out of the restroom. Bryan, keep up those great stories, Brad

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