Hey Everyone!

The other day I was home alone and looking for something exciting to do. Of course the thing i find most exciting is....pooping. I was trying to think of a fun way to poop, when i ame up with a going in my panties (inspired from all of the great stories here)

I put on a pair of old panties and went to the toilet. i sat down on the toilet in nothing but my panties. I rubbed my ass cheeks and let go of a big fart that boomed into the toilet. I pushed for another fart, but started peeing instead. the warm pee felt great as it spread thru my panties and dribbled into the toilet. I started to rub my pussy as i was peeing, i had pee all over my hands. i pushed for another and only got a little puff of air. My asshole started crackling open as my poop was ready to come out. I could feel my hole wide open, I gave a little push and a nice smooth turd started inching out. It was coming out ok until it touched my panties. It was a hard log and my panties were stopping coming out. It wanted to come out and was forcing to come out all on its own, which felt great. i pushed and groaned hard and the poop started to bend, it was bending downwards. this turd kept coming out, even though it was taking a lot of pushing. It finally ended, the start of the turd was in the seat of my pants, almost touching my pussy.
I had some more poop to come out, i didnt know how it would fit, but i couldnt hold on to it, it just started coming out without me pushing. It was a thin, softer log and filled up my panties and nearly started oozing out the top. I pushed some more and i got a long muffled fart. I peed a little more and i was finished. I wanted to stand up and look at the huge load bulging thru my panties, but there was too much, i didnt want to risk dropping it on the floor. i carefully sat and peeled my panties down, dropping the load of poop into the toilet. It was a really big load. I attempted to wipe my ass, but i covered the whole bit of toilet paper and my hand in thick poop. I hopped in the shower, with panties on and washed them out and my ass off, then threw the panties in the trash. I stayed in the shower for a while ;)

That's all for now. It's school holidays so i should have some good stories for you while im home alone.

Love Ash.D


For lovers of daytime TV the other day there was an interesting lunchtime episode of "Loose Women" on ITV1. The panel had a guest on who was talking about diet and colonic irrigation, matters on which she has an expert knowledge. Amongst other things she said that she analysed poo as a means of determining what her patients eat and the dietary changes they need to make, if any. Kay Adams, one of the regular (pun intended) panelists brought along a jar containing a small sample of her poo for the woman to analyse. Needless to say it was an interesting episode. By the way I was home from work having my lunch at the time. Perhaps it's as well i have a strong stomach!

I've been reading this site for a while now & finially decided to post. I'm 5'10 & 320 pounds. I love Fat Woman's posts & wonder where she went. I have many of the same habits as she did. I eat a huge amount & shit like you wouldn't believe. This past weekend I porked out at McDonalds. I had 4 Big Macs, 3 supersize fries & 4 pop refills. I ate inside & after chowing down went to the bathroom for a loooooong piss. I left there headed to the local mall looking for new shoes. After checking out a couple places I was in the area of the food court & couldn't resist some pizza. 3 large slices & another coke later I went on to the next shoe place. I leaned over to look at a pair on a low shelf & let rip a wicked fart.tthhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrriiiiipppp That started things rolling. I now needed a serious shit.
Heading for the mall toilets I continued to fart along the way. I was lucky to get a stall right away & sat my fat ass on the toilet. Immediatly I let loose another long loud fart. I figured my shit would be ready for release but I was wrong. I pushed hard & felt the first turd move down a bit. I proceeded to grunt & push & rock on the toilet. It sounded like nnnnnnhnnnhhhnnnn. This beast wouldn't budge.ggnnnnnn After several minutes of this I finially felt it move & with one more push nnnnnnn it rocketed out of my ass. Then I began to piss like a racehorse & another turd made it's way out at the same time. Then came much farting & I crapped 4 more large turds. I was still very full & pushed some more. A bunch of pudding type shit came out followed by more farting. It was really stinking in there. Risking it I took a peek in the toilet...I had a looong 14incher, 8 incher that was hugely fat & 4 smaller ones from 3-6 inches. I feel another wave hit me & quickly reseat myself. Immediatly several ropes of poop shoot out. Much more farting & a bit of pee. Then I begin shooting out shit balls. I lost count after 35. I wanted to flush at this point to make room for anything else i had but was caught by a seriuos cramp & had to bend over holding my stomach as another large turd began to slowly emerge. After a few second I heard it hit the other crap with a dull thmmpp. Thinking I was done i began to wipe. Just as I was about to stick my hand around to wipe A massive wave of diahrrea came. It continued for over 5 solid minutes. A final huge fart bbbrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppp thhhhht & another piss & I was finially done. I took another peek & saw that it was lucky I WAS done as my bowl was filled way past the water line with shit. I wiped a lot & left.
I have many more stories. Let me know if you wanna hear more

stinkey ed
it was about a week ago, me, my girlfriend, my friend, and his girlfriend all went on some nature hike. we were walkin in the woods, probably about 3 miles in, my girlfriend had 2 take a dump so we all stopped and went. well, probably 5 minutes after we stopped we heard a "thud" and a groan, we all asummed she finished her dump. she wasnt done yet though, a couple of smaller softer lumps flew out of her ass and we were on the trail again. as we walked past the massive shit pile we ooo'd and awwww'd and i even took a picture. after that my friend hit a tree root, tripped, and hit the pile face first. we just about died laughin, except 4 my friend (who was pretty pissed about the whole thing). we finished the trail, but we had 2 leave ole shit-face atleast a good 3 yards behind us because she smell was just horrible. we all washed up before we left, and then we went home. thats about all i reckon.

-stinkey ed

sorry to be so boering, but I remember the good old days when there were lots of posts about loud plops, bum splashes etc
I would love more posts lioke this.

One topic was the quality of the splash/plop -
Australia toilets were considered to give the best sound
effects, followed by Uk, then US

ME and my best friend are about 115 pounds. BUt the thing is both our turds are huge. All the time. I found this out when my friend decided to play a prank at school in 9th grade during lunch. We both went to the bathroom and there was a turd floating in one of the stalls. We flushed it and decided to see who could make the biggest dump. We went in seperate stalls and unloaded we examined them and I won. What did I get for winning....I farted bare butt on his face at his house.

Hey i'm a new poster here and i wanted to say i love this site. I only wish there were more pee stories.
Diva... I love your stories they are amazing.
I'm going to share a short story for my first post. When i was 15 I wasn't as opened about peeing as I am now. When i went to a sleepover party at my friend jessica's house, her and the four other girls started discussing their pees, how long they could wait, ect... one girl mentioned that not too long ago she had an accident and wet her pants. I was disgusted by that. But about 2 weeks later I changed my mind about that. I woke up late that morning and had to rush to school with out being able to have my morning pee. It was a winter morning, the roads were icy and it was snowing outside so we got stuck in traffic on the bus. When we got to school i had to go pee bad but we were late and had to rush to homeroom. My teahcer was very strict about leaving class and she refused to let me go so i sat in my seat squirming and praying id be able to hold it till the end of the class. 15 min after the start of the class the rain turned to hail and 10 min after the power was off. The principal went from class to class telling the teachers that no one was to leave class till the buses got here and that we would all be going home. Everyone was happy about that except me. I was dying to pee. I was sitting with my legs crossed tightly. Finally I raised my hand and the teacher came to my seat. I explained in a quiet voice that I was going to have an accident if she didnt let me go but she still refused saying it was teh principal's order. Luckily teh buses got to school rather quicly and we all borded. I was able to hold it for the whole bus ride but when i got off teh buss i exploded. Since then I've been more open about peeing!

i had a 'perfect shit' today. i was watchin tv and all of a sudden i had to go. i got in there and right after i sat down a hard fart blasted its way out of my ass. a few seconds later, a monster shit come roaring out. it was like superman, faster than a speeding bullet. i knew right away it was a cloger. a couple smaller drops fell off. i looked down and couldnt see anything but shit. i got up and 2 my suprise, i only needed one wipe. i didnt bother flushing, ill let my boyfriend take care of it when he comes over. i hope he has fun, because i know i sure did.

stinkey ed
have any of yall ever put together a drum set? its hard work aint it? well, ne ways, i was over at my friends house helping him put his new set together. he went up stairs 2 go take a shit, i had 2 take 1 myself, but i figured it could wait till i got home. when i was puttin the head of the floor tom on, i really had 2 go, i just couldnt hold it. i lowered the drum and took my shit right in it, my friend was still up stairs and didnt know what was going on. when i was done, i looked down at it and was pleased with the size of my load, couple bits of corn in it and it didnt smell all that bad either. i finished putting it together before he got back down stairs. in about an hour we were done and he started 2 test it out. well, he noticed the shit. he just said "thats a big 'en" and laughed it off. a week later its still there. i guess he doesnt want 2 pick it up, i wouldnt either.

-stinkey ed

Lone Ranger
I've got a few more stories.
First one: I've got a girlfriend! She's pretty open about peeing outdoors since she's a girl scout, so I eventually _might_ have a chance to watch her.
About 2 weeks ago we were at a small park and she suddenly said: They doin't have a toilet here, do they? I answered: "No, definitely not!", grinning "and the bushes don't seem to be thick enough!". After some consideration she looked around and spotted some bushes. She went into the sbrubbery, giving me a hilarious pantomime not to dare follow her. I could faintly see her squat down, then she was hidden from my view. After some time she got up, pulled up her jeans and panties and came back to me.
On Saturday we went into the woods, to our favorite spot on a nice clearing. When we passed the public pool i said sometzhing about the sound of the water and she said: "Don't talk about that! I gotta go to the toilet!" We walked on until we were in a pretty deserted hidden spot where she told me to wait. She went off the path until she was out of my view and squatted. However, this time it was real silent, so I could perfectly hear her loudly hissing stream. She only peed for a few seconds, then probably wiped (told me she always has tissues in her pockets for that purpose) and came back to me pretty relieved.

Sunday afternoon I went to the Donauinselfest, a real big open air festival Chili mentioned once. I arrived around 5:30 and started walking across the island to get to the stage I wanted to. On the way I already saw several guys who were standing next to bushes, pretty obvious what they were doing. But not interesting at all. (At least to me). Some time later it got a little better, I saw 2 dark-skinned little girls, maybe 8 and 10 years old with their skirts up squatting and taking a piss right next to the path. The older girl then got up without wiping, and I think she didn't even wear panties. When we got to the OE 3 stage 'cause a friend of a friend wanted to see The Rasmus there was a big bush that stank incredibly. Seems like _everyone_ peed there. First I saw a few girls disappearing or pulling up their pants, but then I saw a cute girl in her late teens squat in more or less plain view. Since it was already pretty dark I couldn't see much more than the outline of her cute butt.
Myslef I went into the bushes twice, once I was alone, the second time I saw 2 girls approaching, already hoping they might give me a show, but when they saw me one suddenly said: Get outta here, there's somebody else! So no luck, afterwards I went home.

The last story doesn't have to do with peeing and pooping but is definitely toilet related. A few days ago we noticed a growing wet spot on our toilet room ceiling. The guy above (an old priest) wasn't home, so there wasn't much we could do. Today he came in and we checked what had happened. he opened the door and we all didn't believe our eyes. It looked like after an explosion. Plaster was all over the floor, and the top of the toilet bowl with the seat had blown right off. What had happened? There was some old water damage to the ceiling the guy hadn't noticed, and one sunny afternoon the entire plaster decided to collapse in huge chunks.(I heard the crash but didn't think about it). The falling plaster smashed the bowl into pieces. Never seen anything like that, and don't want to see it again either. It was incredible.

Poops are cool
I love the feeling of when your poop is coming out, I really love the ones that are hard and hurt, but anyway, I was at the mall, and me and my friends were fooling around, then I told my friends that I had to go washroom, now there were 2 choices, we can go whats is called a private bathroom, were it is like a regular bathroom at home but no shower, or there was a public bathroom, we chose the public bathroom since there was a HUGE lineup for the privite bathroom, we all walked in the washrooms, there were about 20-30 stalls, and there were about15 people in them, so I took a stall, my friends went to a stall FAR away from me, them I pulled my pants and panties down, I sat, then I started to pee, then someone came in and went in the stall beside me, I wanted the person to say something because I loved compliments about my poo, so I forced a fart out of me, then I heard the girl sat down, and pee, then I forced out anoter fart, I heard my friends say the will be in the dollar store, i ignored them, then forced out 1 more fart, then she finally said, are you ok, i said YES OF COURSE, then she said, are you going to shit, I said yes, them she said me too, then we raced and when I tried to force out 1 more fart, I pushed so hard it turned to direhha, then I kept exploding, I won, and she after was my new friend!

To Bryan: Loved your story from school...did you check the stall that kid was in after he left?

To teenshit: Loved your experience

I posted a few days ago saying i don't have as nearly as much time as i used be able to read and reply to stories..any way i have a story....

At work i have become good friends w/ this new guy, hes about my age, a little younger then me any way the other day i thought he mentioned his stomach didn't feel good, i said did you drink he was like no...that was that...
then 2 days later it was almost time to go i heard him say, "I got a stomach ache...i see him walk back to the bathrooms....earlier i had seen him go back there and i kinda thought he was pooping cause he was no where to be found. So its 10 min before its time to go he was back there by the bathrooms, then he comes out...out of the clear blue sky he annouces to me.. that Robert our co-worker walked in on him taking a shit, i couldn't belive he told me friend seems really open and nice. That bathroom door is a pain in the neck to get locked, its so hard to lock cause its an old bulding. My friend doesn't know about my intrests, im keeping quiet for a while unless he keeps mention toilet talk.....

oh btw this same friend, we went out to a movie and dinner last week, we get to the restaurant and he said "i gotta piss" and he like every time i go to the movies i have to piss badly, im like i do to...but not this time since we shared a soda and he drank more then i did.
i seem to be finding intresting stories about him.

Later this week we might hang at his house for some beer and wings...and maybe something pooping wise will come up..and i don't think i'd be shy pooping at his house :)
thats it for now

I have question for everyone. Have you ever had to pee so bad when you were stuck in a traffic jam and just peed, but then it got in your car and messed it up? I haven't but my friend has.

AJ :o)
Sir Richard Pumpaloaf!!!

Yeah! I still read this board when I find the time!

Nothing really outstanding to report re: poop on recent trip to Lake Michigan, other than to say that it's a long toilet bowl that will lay it out straight if it's long and firm enough.

But, of the times that I thought to look, there weren't any long, straight ones.

If it's just soft poop, it will end up looking like a cow pattie from going down and gathering in one place, only not as large.

I do like that toilet--in fact, I like MOST motel toilets, because the water-pressure is a heck of a lot better than mine.

My motto has always been that the job isn't finished until the paperwork is done, and I like to flush enough that I don't stop up the toilet rather than trying to flush everything down at once.

In places like motels, the tank fills up right away, but it takes my own tank around three minutes to fill at home. But it's better than it used to be, because it used to take five minutes!

And it certainly is a treat to shower where I have more pressure.

Some people came to work on my well several years ago, and the water-pressure hasn't been the same since--it's wimpy!!!

I was up there this time long enough to have a couple of monthly periods, so you can imagine what the toilet seat would look like, and the water is just absolutely red!!!

I'll probably be having a period on or around Independence Day, so I should show myself to be really patriotic on those days. Then, I need to eat nothing but mashed potatoes for at least a day. Finally, have some raspberry-flavored popcorn.

Of course, I could also eat corn sometime during the first part of July and would have the stars (or reasonable facsimile)!!!

Oh yes! How about an abundance of gas producing foods for that string-of-little-firecrackers effect!?!

I think that my pees were more memorable than my poops for the simple reason that I was peeing a lot, thanks to drinking extra fluids to flush toxins out of my body.

I brought pads along to put on the bed in preparation for those mornings when I would be sleeping so deeply that I'd wake up with major bladder contractions and would really have to squeeze myself together to keep from making a drippy, little pee-trail from the bed to the toilet!

No major problem if a little escaped and ran down my leg, because it was so easy just to use the movable hose shower head to make myself good as new--and it was certainly no skin off my nose to have an opportunity/excuse for yet another shower!

Speaking of peeing, I'm going to need to be doing that in a little bit.

Will talk atcha later!!! Thanks, again, for making me feel missed here!'

Happy Pottying!
AJ :o)

Tired of This Shit
Hey all,
I was wondering if anybody here had the same problem as me. I can never get my asshole totally clean after taking a dump unless I take a shower afterwards. My poops are usually solid but sticky in consistency. Very rarely do I have the miracle poop that slips out of my ass without leaving a mess. I can wipe and wipe all I want, and there is still a hint of brown on the T.P. Sometimes I use half a roll of toilet paper. Finally when I have gotten my ass totally clean, I'll go about my normal business just to feel a slimey or itchey sensation in my butt crack some time later. Lo and behold, there's more poop on my butthole. It's like my butt leaks or something. This totally sucks, because if I have to shit at work or somewhere other than at home, I'd rather hold it than go around leaving skidmarks in my underwear or stinking like a dirty ass for the rest of the day. You can imagine how uncomfortable it can be having to hold a massive shit all day long. Is there something medically wrong with my butt? Please help.

Hey guys.
As I am sitting here writing this, I am farting a lot, and a poo wants to poke its head out. I had a good poo yesterday.

I had to go pretty bad, so I rushed into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I immediatly farted, which was followed by crackling, as a nice, firm, long poo started to slide out. This poo felt so good coming out. It took about 5 seconds to come out fully. I looked, and my poo was about 8 inches long. I love the long ones! I wiped, flushed, then left.

Well, that's all for today. I have to go poo now.

My farts stink, therefore a poo is close!

Take care guys.

Was channel surfing the other night, and came across a scene in the movie Two Weeks Notice, with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. In the scene, Hugh Grant is driving Sandra Bullock back top her place when she gets a bad urge to take a dump. At one point, Hugh Grant tells her to just go in the car, in her tennis outfit!

They end up paying a family in a motor home $1000 to use their toilet.

I'm not a big Sandra Bullock fan, but the thought of her losing it in her tennis panties is definitely gets the heart racing!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

This morning I had a fairly good dump. I woke up late, about 11.30am and went straight to the toilet. I didn't even close the door because my housemate has gone away. I pulled down my pants and sat down on the toilet. I did a big wee first, then I felt the urge to poop so I pushed a bit and a nice log came sliding out. There was still more up there so I pushed again and a smaller turd came out, followed by another smaller turd and a small wee. I can feel another poo coming on too.

Happy pooping!

Hi I am in a wheelchair and do not have any bowel or bladder control.

To answer bigd's question. Every morning when I get up I sit on the toilet regardless and try to do a poo. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Some symptoms of me needing to poop are a lot of farts and i can feel a bulge above my anus which indicates that something is ready to come out (sorry if this sounds gross). I very rarely have a bowel accident in my pants.

To answer Sarah's question. I personally don't need any help. I am able to transfer from my wheelchair onto the toilet. It often depends on the nature of the person's disability and how agile and strong they are as to whether they need help transferring to a toilet. I know of others who have to be helped. I only sit on the toilet to poop. To pee I use a legbag.

Hope this helps you all.


I am 15years old in year 10. One day i was walking to school and i was realy bursting for a piss.I managed to hold on untill i got to school,but when i got to school i went to tne nearest toilets but they were out of order. so i went to the other toilets but they were out of order as well. So i had to go to the old toilets which were realy disgusting but they had been turned into a store room. So i had to hold on all day which was 8 hours. by the time it was breaktime i realy needed to go, then i started to leek it was a little bit so my boxer shots were only damp. At dinnertime i needed to go so bad that i didnt have anything to drink all day and i was realy thisrty.At about 2.30 when i was in pe but i wasnt doing so i had to stand there. I started pissing full blast for about 10 seconds. My boxers and trousers were soaked and the bottom of my shirt was soaked because it was tucked in.
My trousers took 3 hours to dry because they were the jeans style trousers.

Louise (from France)

If you were so desparete there was not such a aorrible thing if you pissed on the garage floor..if my hubby would ahve spotted me doing it he surely would get horny, not upset!!

Probably you must pee outdoor more frequently, if you dream about it...just do it and your dream will come true, it'so easy!!

Pissy Missy
DO you have other funny pee togheter with your boyfriend? Where is teh strangest place yopu peed?

twice shy..
Nothing strange, I always pee in the showers, at home , at the gym and at the pool..I've seen other women (friends and unknown) pissing in showers, I think it's a common habit...

i've peed in a simlar shelter months was the only safe and secluted palce for a woman to squat...Anyway, I think you next time you have to find a place to pee sooner, to avoid wetting yourself..

How many of you had studied and lived in those small rooms at university campus? Obviouslly I'm referring to the ones with only a sink inside and no toilet (only on the corridor)? DId you experienced peeing in the shower or in the sink?

WHen I spent a year in a university campus in Paris, Te dorms had a large shower room and only 2 stalls on our "wing" of the corridor, and the shower were nearer to tour rooms than the toilet...For this reason many time I saw girls living near may room peeing at evening or in the morning (the most queuqed time before everybodu have to pee than) in the shower stall. It was quite a common thing and I did it too...Anyway If we needed to pee badly at night or in the early morning both I and my roommate (spanish) used the small room sink to was much easyer, and we used it almost for every "Before bed" nad "waking up" pee, instead of walk to the toilet..

plese post yopur anecdotes


Well earlier this schoolyear, I'm in 12th grade, I was walking to the bathroom to take a piss. Well, everything was normal and then it happened. An individual, unknown, raced in at the speed of light. He ran in so fast, that when I turned my head to look, the stall door "BOOM!!!" Slammed Shut With The Loudest Thud.

I Wondered Who This Character Was And If He Was All Right. I Heard Him Ripping Off His Clothes. It sounded like he was just tearing off clothes for so long or, perhaps, fidgeting with a button that wasn't opening up fast enough for him.

I heard him breathing quickly as I stood there finishing a piss. Finally, he went "aaaah" as he took a seat. His breath showed that he was excited to be off of his legs. I heard nothing but silence. He was obviously waiting for me to leave the room. And Darn It! My Piss was over and there was no more sound from my piss, so he was expecting me to leave, so I knew I had to do the old door trick. Everyone knows the door trick where you open the door, let it close, listen, and then when they finish pretend like you're a new person.

I did exactly that and then listened it. "Oh God," Were His Exact Words As He Began Pushing. I bent down to see his legs under the stall door. He was some kid in 12th grade. I could see his pants down to the ground and him on his tippy toes, with his legs spread out for his buttocks to separate in order to remove the shit into the toilet. He was leaning forwards.

He shook his legs but only managed a piercing, foul-smelling fart that quickly took over the restroom. "SPLASH-BANG" His shit struck the toilet water causing it to back-splash into his ass. He bounced up to his feet for a second as I ran away. I thought he saw me, but he was just shocked from the cold water over his foul-smelling ass. He sat back down and made struggling noises that consisted of some obscenities everytime a fart erupted from his ass.

I pinched my nose and walked closer to the stall door to look through the crack. He shook his legs and let out a "UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHH" "OOOOOOOHHHH," Just then I heard a hard THUNDEROUS Splash that sounded like the breaking of glass. A windy fart followed and he yanked his legs back together like the hard part was done, but it wasn't up. Just then someone walked in the room to take a piss, so I ran into a stall. My heart pounded. Now it was obvious I had been in there watching the character.

The bathroom smelled so bad, the other guy chuckled a little bit with a friend. I was hoping it was someone from my grade. I pulled down my pants and sat down also. The guy beside me pulled up his pants little bit. I could see a shit stains in his underwear. I peered through a crack at him as he used the time when other people were in there to flush his shit.

He angry snarls like he was upset with me as the toilet was struggling to swallow down the huge pieces of shit. He ripped several pieces of tissue scraping it in his ass roughly as he leaned to the side of the toilet. As the visitors left, I listened for him to leave. But surprisingly he wasn't. He remained down. Maybe he didn't know I was in there after all.

He backed his ass over the toilet and had his legs almost to the side of pot. I heard the sprinkle of shit crumbs over the toilet water with a shower of shit water similar to diarrhea. A large fart ended that process. I was surprised at this guy. I mean, he knew i was in there. And clearly closing the stall door was not to keep the sharp smell from dominating, but to keep him from embarrassment. He wagged his ass in lifted on his tippy toes so that he could wag a heavy piece out.

Leg movements and pushing sounds were made. "UUUUHHH," "GRRRRR" "MPH," When This didn't work he stood up and threw his ass on the toilet seat causing the shit to belt inside, blasting the water harder than I've ever heard. After that moment, it was just five minutes of tissue snatching and dropping. It was great show he put on. Finally, he tore the last piece of tissue, scrubbed it in his asshole and tossed it into the toilet. He kicked the toilet nob with his shoe, letting out one more fart before he left the stall as the toilet sounded like it was choking and coughing before it finally swallowed up all the shit crumbs, pieces, monsters, water, and shit-covered tissue that this fellow wanted to have nothing to do with.

He left the bathroom without washing his hands. I raced out to see who it was. As I walked in the hallway, he was pretty tall, I'd seen him around. He was in 12th grade. He Looked So Happy.


Diapers are harder for guys to use for peeing b/c our dicks don't always stay in one position and personally when I've tried the diaper overfills and some leaks out. How old are you? Also, peeing gal, get a funnel and use that into a container, should be easier for you. Try it and let me know how it works, if you're up to it. Also for whoever posted about the public restrooms, for me, it depends on the cleanliness of the seat.


Hi All!

Long time reader, first time writer - just a question for the ladies here. If you squat and pee outside whilst wearing sandals, does it splash on your feet? Has anyone got any experience of this happening?

Pluto :-)

I do have a question for the paraplegic/wheelchair bound folks who may be reading. If, due to spinal injury, you have no feeling below the waist, how do you know when you need to dump? Since you have no control of voluntary muscles below the injury (sorry, this is a crude question) does your anus just stay open and stuff falls out?

Mr Hankey
To Happee Boy: I started off using the term "wettings" for urination but when I was about 3 years old I was told that it was too rude - apparently going for a "wee" wasn't rude! So I continued to use that for a while (until I was about seven I s'pose) - now if I have to name the procedure at all I say "pee" (like most people).
As for defecation - when I was a kid the two words in use in the house were "poo-poo" (or just "poo") and - you guessed it - "doo-doo" (aka "doo"," doos" and "dooey"). I was eight when I first heard the word "shit" - since then I've used lots of alternative terms writing on forums such as this.

The other day I was at the mall and it had no bathrooms. Well I had a ton of soda and two milkshakes and just as I got in my car I was hit by a huge urge to pee. I thought I could make it home because I can hold it for a really long time! So I started driving home. I had just turned into my driveway and everything was off. I had just stepped out of my car when suddenly I started peeing full blast! After about 10 mins I was able to stop long enough to make it to the bathroom. But when my ex came over he saw I had peed all over my garage floor nd left in disgust. I've never been so embarassed in my life! After that we never spoke again!

Good evening. Just back from a trip. The last few days have been a little unusual for me. Wednesday I had had a lot of helpings of fruit. Thursday I had no fewer than 5 bowel movements. The first three were perfectly normal: before breakfast, I watched as three fairly long turds about an inch thick came out; had to wipe only once. After breakfast, I went again, this time two fairly long ones and a shorter one; more messy to wipe this time, but still only 3 sets of paper. Later that morning, at work, I had another one, a short turd, then a longer one, finally a shorter thinner one. Late that afternoon, however, I had to go again--lots of gas, then a long squiggly poop, accompanied by more gas. Finally, shortly before bed, another squiggly poop. Not diarrhea, but soft and urgent; I'm fairly sure it was the fruit kicking in. I expected that on Friday (the day we left on the trip) I would probably do little or no poop. Wrong--I got up, had breakfast, then felt the familiar urge. I expected that it would be soft, perhaps squiggly again, but again I was wrong. I squatted up on the toilet rim, held the mirror behind and below me, and pooped, beginning with a short thick firm dark turd shaped like a J. Then came the main turd: maybe 8 or 9 inches long, an inch and a quarter thick, and most unusual in appearance. The front of the turd (which came out of the part of my anus nearest my penis) was hard and knobby, while the back of the turd was smooth and slightly softer. This was true for the entire length of the turd. I finished off with another short turd. Then we drove to a city some 4 hours' distance from home. At a rest area on the way, I had to go again. Again I started with a thick short turd, followed by maybe a 9-incher and a couple of shorter ones. That was it for yesterday. Today I again went twice, first in a MacDonald's (an excellent b.m.), and then in a mall rest room (two longs and a short). In neither place was anyone else in the restroom with me. On the trip home we stopped at another rest area. I didn't have to poop, but I did see a nice turd floating in a bowl--maybe 5 inches long, an inch and a half thick, slightly powdery around the edges, the obvious survivor of several flush attempts.
Happy pooping everyone!

Ysterday I was at the beach with my friends when I saw a girl who looked a little younger than me run off and hide behind some large rocks. She was really hot, so I followed her to get a closer look. When I saw her, I was completely shocked. She was standing there obviously pooping her bikini on purpose! Well, that was definately love at first sight for me. I snuck around to the other side of the rock like I had just walked over. When I walked up to her I must have done a pretty good job pretending I didn't notice her bulge or smell because she said yes when I asked her out. I'm hoping that she'll go in her panties during our date tomorrow night.

Wow Vanessa!16x3in?Is that your average bowel movement size?My longest measured is 14x2.5 inches.Though I may have had some that were longer cause there were times where the log reached from up the drain trap to just sticking out of the water.I was curious but I wasn't about to touch my sh**.

Jane (& Gary)
The other day my cousin Cory and his family were over for dinner. As we were wrapping it up for the night, Cory's son James suddenly had to go to the bathroom. This was the same James I wrote about a few years ago when we were in the mall and I had to drag him to the ladies room (he was only five then) and he witness me having a massive pooping session. He is now twelve years old. He was in the bathroom for a few minutes, and when he came out he told me there was a problem with the toilet. I went there and saw the toilet was clogged with lots of poop and lots of TP. I had to get the toilet plunger, but I didn't need much effort to unclog the toilet, and I cleaned it up. James said he was sorry but told me he still can't poop as much as I can but he was getting close. I told him at least I would have flushed the toilet a couple times before I let all that poop and TP build up.

This past week most of my poops were unusually hard and relatively small. On Friday I took a dose of Metamucil to try to loosen things up, and I had Thai food for lunch. That combination helped, but it also gave me a sudden urge to poop. I had to cut short a conference call and rushed to the ladies room, but not before cutting a huge fart in the hall as I got to the door. There were a couple of people waiting for the elevator, and I'm sure they got a good dose of poop smell.

I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. Immediately I made a loud fart that echoed throughout the room and already made a huge stink. Then my butt erupted into a cascade of soft poop that had chunks of poop amid a gooey wave that was as hot as molten lava. I flushed the toilet while seated. I felt a stomach cramp and pushed out another nasty explosion of soft poop. I flushed the toilet again. My stomach continued to ache, and I pushed out a quieter but more massive wave of soft poop. I flushed the toilet while seated, repeated the same massive wave and flushed again. My stomach didn't ache as much, but I had plenty of poop to push out. I pushed out a dozen long thick soft pieces and globs of poop, flushed the toilet while seated, pushed out another dozen pieces and globs of soft poop and flushed again. After that, I was done, and I had one of the messiest wipes I ever did. I flushed a final time and left behind a poop smell. I felt much better after that.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sarah - You're part right. Some people in wheelchairs do use diapers. Others have help getting out of their wheelchair and onto the toilet. And still others, like myself, use both a wheelchair as well as crutches or a walker to get around, and can get up out of their wheelchair and go to the toilet on their own.

DeepCloudNine -
I wear diapers to bed, does that count as a "container"? That would probably be the most easiest thing for you. No getting up. No jar to spill.

(By the way Im in diapers cuz I wet the bed. It's not out of choice)

I don't wear any panties under my dresses. So that really taught me Not to have any accidents. And believe me, I Don't. I used to have them years ago when I was young because I knew my Panties would hold in most of the Poop and Pee and my pants would also help. Now that I am older I only wear Dresses and Skirts without any Panties. If I have to go really bad now and there is no restrooms around I will sometin=me find some bushes and go behind them and just lift my dress up and let it go and just walk away. It's so much eaiser that way.

Do any of you ever have dreams about using the bathroom? I do.. all the time. Sometimes I just dream that I have to pee really bad (whether or not I really do), but last night I had a different sort of dream.

In my dream, I had to pee, not really bad, but bad enough to want to go. There's this little area of our driveway lined with bushes and in my dream I really wanted to pee behind the bushes. It was nighttime in my dream and I thought that I would have some privacy, but everytime that I would head over to pee, someone would walk outside or someone would come to visit and pull down the driveway. So then, I'd have to find a way to lead everyone away from my 'spot.' A couple of times, I just went back inside.

Anyway, that's the gist of it. There were a lot of other strange things going on, but that's to be expected... Dreams are always kind of weird, huh? It's just that I've never dreamed anything quite like that before.

Come to think of it.. I've never even thought about peeing behind those bushes even though I enjoying peeing outside. I may have to use that location sometime.

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