hi, sue picked me up the other night we ate a big dinner and then went to the mall. we were in line to checkout when i got cramps, there were 3 women in front of us in line. i told sue that i had to poo,so then i felt it coming out slowly i tightened up to try to stop it. but the huge log 3" around was not going to stop inch by inch it slid out.sue seemed to enjoy seeing my pants fill up.the solid log was over a foot long. we finished at the checkout, as we walked to the car, more pushed out this was fudge every step let out more sue told me my pants were realy filled. i sat in the car and smashed it all. i told sue to take me back to the dorm room to clean up. she told me she had a few more stops and that i had to get out with her.

Shayna F.
im 14 years old and i have a question..hey girls...when you have your period, is pooping slower or any faster for you? because i find that when my period is heavy, im quite frequintly constepated. any other girls have this?

peeing gal
DeepCloudNine- personally, i dont. its pretty hard to get the pee all into the bottle with out a wide enough opening. instead, i've gotta go all the way to the bathroom unless i wanna wet the bed.

D (Female)
Today was an interesting day. I went to the park with my friend. I had to poop earlier but was no place that I could have done that. We were walking through the park and I started to really have to pee. I held it for a little while, but I started to really have to go. I knew I also had to poop because I had to earlier and never went. I like to relieve myself in the woods. I knew that if I didn't do that soon I would pee and poop all in my panties. I went off the trail to find a place that would be good to let it all out. I found this place right behind a large tree where no one could see me. I undid my pants and pulled my panties down to my knees. I squatted on the ground with my back against the tree and let out a strait stream of pee onto the ground. I was on a slight incline and watched it all flow down the hill through the grass. I peed for a good 30 seconds. I had the feeling that I had to do a BM so I pushed while I was quatting and let out a small fart. I felt right above my crack get a little cramped. I pushed again and let out a bit of soft poop onto the ground. I let out a couple small squirts of pee. I pushed again and some more soft poop came out and piled on top of the other pile. At tis point my legs were getting tired of squatting so I stood with my butt against the tree and pushed. I had another few sqirts of pee and then two small fingernail sizes of poop fell on to some of the bark on the tree on the way down and stayed there. I was done. I only had 2 thin cheap knapkins like the kind they give you at a fast food resteraunt. I whiped with the first one and used it all right away, since it was a pretty messy poop. I used the other and was still not clean. I had no other choice but to just pull up my panties and wait until i got home to clean up the rest of the way. Before I walked away I looked at what i had left behind and in a ray of sun trough the trees there was a mound of soft light brown poop chillin at the bottom of the tree glistening in the sun. It was also pretty hot out so I had to walk back to my car and drive my friend home with a sweaty and poopy butt when I got home I took all my clothes off and took a shower. Any women find that when they relieve themselfes outside, they get wet down there due to excitment??

When I was in college I was at a party and I got drunk. At one point I started feeling the need to take a dump. There was a line for the bathroom. While I was waiting, my butt just lost control and I shit in my pants. Everyone stepped away from me because it stunk so much. I was so mortified, I burst into tears. My roommate helped me to get to the front of the line and helped me get cleaned up. It was really mushy, gooey shit, but it had stayed in my underpants. I empited my underpants into the toilet and threw them in the trash can. Then I put my jeans bnack on and we left the party. I apologized to the people who were hosting the party. Later that night I had more diarrhea, but was sitting on the toilet at the time, so that was okay. I was too embarrassed to go to their house again, but that sucked cause their parties were awesome. The next semester, I found another cool party house and managed to not shit my pants again.

Laura: See my earlier posts about my college days. The opportunity will arise when you will have to go. I qas "inspired" in 10th grade by a girl 2 years older than me. She was daily sitting on the toilet in the girls gym. I had to move my bowels. If she could explode, so could I. The first time that I went in college was with a friend. She had to go and so did I. Other girls went by themselves. There was no shame about it. Some people are just cruel when others have a bowel movement in a public toilet. In elementary school girls were not bothered, but in high school was another story. In high school and college, I was known for my bowel movements. They were reliable and like clockwork. My cheerleader and athletic friends had the loudest and violent bowel movements.

poopyinmypants: In second grade, one afternoon, I went to the bathroom to take a piss. It was a good time to hang out with my friends from other classes. This one girl in fourth grade came running in, lifting her dress and slip and pulling her printed panties. She slammed the stall door and sat down. Her panties were to her ankles and her bowels released like a waterfall. Now that I am an adult, I know what it was like. She said that the teacher held her for a lesson until she could not stand it any longer. Then, her bowels sputtered again. She sat on the bowl and talked to us from behind the closed stall door. Then, we heard her rolling off toilet paper and knew that she was wiping herself. Her legs opened wide. Then, she pulled up her clothes and flushed.

pissy missy
i went on a date with my boyfriend. we had a lot to drink and eat so we decided to walk it off. we drove to a local park and headed off into the woods. after 15 minutes, we were in an area with very fewe trees or bushes. we were standing there staring at the moon when i got the sudden urge to pee. i told my BF and he said "me too". he followed me into the distance where i found a reasonable sized boulder to pee on. i lowered my panties and stepped out of them while he watched. then i trust my legs apart ond the pee streamed out. he goes "i can do better" he pulled his penis out and makes my puddle into a heart and has enough pee leftover to out our initials on either side. after that i had to change tampons, with him watching of course.we left the boulder. and i soon felt like i had diarehha. i ran back to the boulder. before i could do anything, it squirted out all over my pants and shoes. it was so embarrasing. my BF laughed so hard. it wasnt funny at all. i had to go home half naked. thank goodness it was late and nobody saw me. comments?

Hi y'al! I've been reading posts for a while but never had a good story to post unitl today. I'm 20 years old and live by myself. I use to enjoy peeing in my pants on purpose when I was a teenager for reasons other than sexual arousal, but never pooped on purpose. I got up early and my morning poop was normal but about 30 min later I was on the couch watching tv and I felt the urge to fart. When I let it out I felt wetness along my bum and knew I had a wet one, so I went to the bathroom pulled down my jeans and blue bikini panties and saw that they were pretty messy with diarrhea and squirted the rest out inot the toilet. I put my jeans in the hamper and pre-soaked my panties so they wont be stained. A little while later I was back on the couch and my stomach made it so I knew I was going to have the runs all day. I had nothing to do today, so I put on some pajama pants, white bikini panties, and a tank top. My 13 yr old neice sometimes sleeps over and she wets the bed so I have a package of goodnites for her. Since I'm pretty skinny and knew they would fit, I said rather than keep running to the bathroom or risking another accident that I'd put one on. So I did and they fit good even didnt make a huge bulge out of my pajama pants. For the rest of the day I just pooped in it and even peed and changed myself as often as needed. Im going to bed now and seeing how my last bm was diarhea Im wearing a goodnite to bed and I have one left for the morning. I should be fine by then. Talk to y'all later. Bye xo ;)

why do some many people have such a scare of using public toielts? I want everybody to answer to see if they would touch them or sit on them. I would say it is 50/50. I just felt like a little questionare

Whew! I just flushed 4 days worth of shit. It was a 16 inch by 3 inch monster (I measured it). I feel so much better now!

Now that's outta the way, let me introduce myself. My name's Vanessa and I'm 17 years old. I just found out about this website and it's nice that everyone's so open. I don't have much time right now to share some toilet stories but I'll come back later this week.

Bye bye!

Most people in wheelchairs can transfer onto a toilet. It depends on how mobile they are. The bathroom has to be large enough and there has to be something to hold onto. There are all kinds of raised toilet seats manufactured, some with grab bars on the side. These are fun and comfortable for anybody. It's easier to pee into a large bottle (like an empty detergent bottle), one that is large enough to hold a day's piss so that you only have to empty it once a day. These folks don't use diapers unless they lack normal control.

peeing gal
i love this place! heres a good story that happened when i was about 10.
i was at my friends house for a sleepover and i was really nervous cuz oddly enough this was my first sleepover. i didnt habe 2 many fiends cuz i had boobs already and was deemed "ugly". anyway, we were watching a really scary movie (cant remeber what it was called) and we were downing a bunch of cokes. i had already begun to feel a pressure in my bladder after 2 of them, but i didn't wanna leave. after awhile, i couldnt hold it any longer and i ran to the bathroom with pee running down my leg. i made it to the toilet and had no pee left, it was all in my pants... i sat down at the toilet and tried to figure out what to do. after 10 minutes my friend came up and knocked. i let her in even though i was really embarassed. she took my pants and undies to the washing wachine and went to find another paiur 4 me. while i was standing there waiting, i felt another trickle. it wasnt pee, but blood. i didnt know it then, but ,yes, it ws my period. the friend came back, saw the problem (she knew about this kind of stuff)
and burst out laughing. i began to cry since it was a terrible night. she explained to me what i need to know, gave me a pad, and left me. things were ok after that for a while. unfortunatley, i had too many spicy chips and got the runs. i made it to the toilet all except once. u can guess what happened. needless to say, i grew away from that friend pretty quickly. now, lets see some more pee stories. i luv them!

Ok. I really don't want to tell anyone else about this, but I had such a huge BM today. I was in class when all of a sudden, I had the urge to then I asked my teacher if he would let me go, and he said only if my worksheet was finished. It was about 8 pages long, and I was only on the 2nd page, so you could imagine the pain I was in. I said that it was a total emergency, and he made an exception. I ran to the bathroom, only to find that it was marked CLOSED. Which put me in an even worse situation, since the nearest bathroom was either on the other side of the school, or on the fifth floor. So I chose to run to the other side of the building. When I got there, I found out that this one was closed as well. I was very angry. Just then, the janitor walked out, and asked what was wrong. I said, "I need the bathroom, but they're all closed!!!" I was angry, and he could see the tears welling up in my eyes, because the pain had gotten worse. He knew what I was feeling, so he said "Here are the keys to the staff restrooms, maybe you should keep it, in case this happens again, because we always close the bathrooms on Thursday for thorough cleanings." I thanked him, and sprinted to the staff RR's. When I sat down on the bowl, I peed for about 2 mins, and it felt like heaven to finally heave that huge monster out of me! When I was finished, I looked into the bowl, and found that I had a record 2 3/4 inch thick turd. I was relieved that I cried, and thanked God for letting me live through it. Then when I was washing my hands, I started to notice that the staff RR's were a whole lot nicer than ours. They even had padded seats, tables, lotions, creams, and even a double sink. One had perfumed water, and another just regular water. I was thinking, "Man, I gotta come in here more often!" Since then, I have always used the staff RR's, and have relieved myself more often than not. I even used some of the lotions and creams, and found that they are a relief, especially after some red chili enchiladas...and Hot Cheetos. Other students wonder how I got the keys, but that's my little secret.

I had just gotten sick yesterday when my dad brought me some Pepto-Bismol to help with the pain in my stomach. I drank about 3/4 of the bottle so it would work faster. When I got home, I had bad cramps in my stomach, so I went to the RR I had the worst case of diarreah you could ever imagine. It ran like water through me. When I was finished, I wiped myself, and when I looked at the paper, it was BLACK!!!!!!!!! I was so surprised, that I showed my mom, and she just laughed!! It WAS pretty funny, and when I looked in the toilet, it was covered in black layers. It was the most hilarious looking turd I have ever seen. The only colors I have seen emitted from myself are: red, green, brown, mustard yellow, dark dark red, dark dark brown, army green, and now the most recent is BLACK!!! Ha ha, I couldn't stop laughing. When my dad came home, that was the first thing that my mother told him about. He just started cracking up, and wouldn't stop laughing at me, so I told him to go to the store, and buy me some soup to get to feeling better. It was so funny!!!

Re people in wheelchairs. I don't know about pooping, but I have seen guys in wheelchairs in bars(paraplegics, not quads) simply roll up to the urinal as close as possible, whip it out, and try to get in in the urinal. Usually quite a lot dribbles on their pants, but they are drunk so who cares.

this is the second time im posting. I dont now yall that well. But, to sarah, about your question about going to the bathroom when you are in a wheelcahir, i know because my grandfather is in one. Once i went to check up on him in a public bathroom to see if he was ok. well, it turns out that it depends on why your in the wheel cahir. He still sat down but used bars to get up/down. Now, if his legs are to sore to hardly move, he will use a diaper! Now, for the paralyzed, im not exactly sure. I would think they would have an attachment to put on the seat to seat down at there wheel chairs lengh or some other way! Bye and ill post again. Any other questions consult me.

Hey Michelle:

There are liquid laxatives you may want to try.

First, there is citrate of magnesia, sold in bottles. This stuff works fast, usually within a couple of hours and will really open your can.

Or, if you dare, a good dose of castor oil will give you a cleaning out that you won't easily forget.

But be careful to be near a toilet after you take these laxatives, they are not for the working girl who has to commute to her office job.

In other words, they kick in real fast and can cause you to mess up your panties.


As a disabled person, I'm somewhat qualified to answer your
question about how people in wheelchairs use the toilet.

The short answer is that it all depends on the nature of the

If a person in a wheelchair is continent (ie., has control of
their bowels and bladder), and if they're able to transfer
from their wheelchair to the toilet, then they're able to use
the toilet almost like everyone else, although men sit
to urinate.

If a person is continent, by can't easily transfer, then they
would most likely use a male or female urinal for emptying their
bladder, and most likely would require assistance for getting on the
toilet for a bowel movement.

People with paralysis resulting from spinal cord injuries or
spinal birth defects such as spina bifida are typically incontinent
of bowel, bladder, or both. Wherever possible these people
utilize some form of catheterization (either intermittent, interior
or exterior) for emptying their bladders. With intermittent, the
catheter is intermittlently placed in the urethra for the purpose
of emptying the bladder (typically directly into the toilet),
while with interior/exterior caths, the tube empties into a urine
collection bag which is worn around the leg or thigh. When a person becomes
aware that their bag is full, the usually go to the bathroom and
empty it into the toilet.

Bowel incontinence (for people in wheelchairs) usually requires
more effort, as the ultimate goal is to minimize having an accidental
BM. Frequently, people use a combination of diet, stool softeners,
enemas and/or suppositories to regulate the timing of their BMs.
The goal is to schedule a specfic time to use the toilet
for the purpose of having a bowel movement, and avoid having an

For adults in wheelchairs, diapers are only used as a last resort.
While there are adults who for various reasons either prefer or
require diapers, in general diapers are very inconvenient, and
they create social, functional, and health problems (eg.,
odors, cleaning-up ofter a BM, diaper rashes, etc). In younger
children who aren't ready to use other techniques, diapers may
be a necessity.

Ultimately for anyone in a wheelchair (or for any disabled person), the goal is to normalize their toileting as much as possible.

Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
Hey AJ :o) do you still read this board? If so, did you have any interesting poop experiences on your trip to Lake Michigan?
Later, Rick

i am a 15 year old guy and i LOVE to read these bathroom experiences. this is my first time writin but i read ur stuff a lot. one time i was at the movie theatre going to watch LOTR 3 with a friend. i ordered a large icee, a bag of pocorn and a coke. i ate my stuff, watched the movie and being thirsty after the overly salty popcorn, bought another coke for the road. i had to pee slightly, but i hate showing my penis in public so i didnt go. my friend, who is 16, drove us home. if he stopped suddenly at a traffic light, i felt a slight more pressing to go, but nothing serious. when i got home my mom reminded me i had to go feed a friends cat while he was gone. i hopped on my bike and headed off. by the time i was two blocks away, i REALLY had to pee. i was tempted to stop in a nearby flower store, slink into a corner and go in a pot there but decided i could make it. i finally got there and burst thru the door. not bothering to run upstairs (even though they had put in a,huh?!) i flew down half a flight of stairs to a landing with a littler box. it was just my luck that the cat was in it. it dug a hole, peed, buried it, du another hole, crapped, and buried it. it took forever and i was holding my penis so tight my knuckles were white. i finally stuck it out and the pee squirted out with a hissing noise. the corner started flooding and i aimed my penis at the next corner. it too filled up. all 4 corners were flooded and then some before i was done. it took a long time to clean it up but i felt alot better. has anyone else ever peed in a litter box or in a flower pot?

I haven't posted here before so here it goes. I was about to leave to the mall with my friend Claire. We went shopping like nearly all day, we went to Gap, Macy's, all that stuff. I started noticing Claire squirming with her shopping bags, and i asked if she was alright, she said 'Jess, I really gotta poo'. Being my kind self I asked her if we should go to the bathroom. She obviously said yes so we went off looking for one. We finally found one, but I don't think it was a bathroom that the public could use, it was a room with a toilet and the far end and a sink on the other, We both walked in expecting stalls but there was nothing. I asked Claire if it was alright if I stayed and she said yes. I sat in the corner and watched Claire. She placed her white ass on the seat and began pushing. ugh ugh ugh, Claire wasn't getting far before she asked me to massage her butt cheeks. I was in a state of shock, who would ask a person to massage their butt cheeks? I said yes and walked over to the other side of the room. As I was walking Claire let out this wet fart, it really stunk. I got kind of behind the toilet and started 'massaging' Claire was pushing really hard, I could see her face going red. I kept on massaging when Claire said 'I can't get this turd out, massage harder' I did, and she was not getting anywhere I could see from behind that a turtle head was sticking out, it looked really thick, like 3 inches wide! Claire was really strainging when she asked me to tap it. I was thinking of leaving at that point, but she was in so much pain...I couldn't leave her on the toilet. I stuck my finger under butt and pushed on the hard turd. It started to move and Claire was pushing soooo hard, I can't describe it. The turd got stuck possibly about halfway through, I, knowing Claire asked if she wanted me go help it, suprisingly she answered with a yes. I tapped and massaged her cheeks and it started moving again. My fingers were covered with the hard shit so I went to the other side of the room and washed my hands. I think she was almost done. She started wiping. I looked in the bowl and there was the biggest turd that I had ever seen in my life. It was huge! She asked me not to tell anyone about this experience. Well Gotta go!
Happy Pooping!


They have handicapped stalls in public restrooms. They usually have someone to help them.


Hey guys.
I decided to do something different today when I went poo. Here is what I did.

I got a mirror, and while standing over the toilet, I watched it come out from underneath: in between my legs. I watched as I heard crackling, and then the head of a nice poo emerge from in between my butt cheeks. The poo kept coming and coming. Finally at about the 7 inch mark, it broke off, and splashed into the toilet. But I was not done. Another poo emerged from my butt. This one was about 5 inches long. It splahed into the toilet, but still, I was not done. More poo came out. This last piece was only about 2 inches. I was then done. I wiped, flushed, then lefy. It was a fun poo.

Well, I can feel another poo wanting to come out, so I am going to pull down my pants and sit on the toilet now.

Keep up the poo everyone!

Take care guys.

This is my first time posting, great site. I would like to write about
a near pissing accident when I was 9 years old. It was a Saturday af-
ternoon, my parents and I took a ride in the car for about 3 or 4 hours. About halfway in the ride, my bladder gave me a sudden urge in
wanting me to take a piss. I was so embarrassed to tell my parents to
take me to the nearest because I thought they would get mad at me. I
wore a blue t-shirt and blue denim jeans that day, my urges got
stronger and I was starting to lose control of my bladder a little bit.
My mother had to stop at a store to buy some produce, she took about
10 minutes, but all of a sudden I squiretd a little piss in my white
briefs. I said, "oh no, I going to wet myself", but I regain control
as I held myself on the way home.

Finally, we got home and my pants were still dry, but my briefs were
a litte damp. Once I got out the car, I ran straight to the bathroom,
took out my dick out of my briefs and pissed a good long stream for
about over a minute.

As for my wet briefs, my mom didn't suspect that I almost flooded my-

Twice Shy
My first shower pee

I was at the Spa at an L.A.-area beachfront resort, after I'd had my facial and massage. They had this gallery of shower-stalls in the men's unit there, each with its own theme of scented wash-products. Fresh out of the steam room, I realized I had to take a leak, as I was showering up with grapefruit-lavender. So, to be short, I simply did it, for the first time ever. It was not like it was MY shower, after all. The resort staff scrupulously cleans those showers after each client is finished. It's the same old drain, as per the argument of George "the Urinator" Costanza, when he's caught doing the same at the health club in the "Seinfeld" episode.

Kurt: I loved your story man. You were really brave to have the guts to take a shit in such place. I really admire you. It shows you have a strong character. You must have been really desperate. Besides when you mentioned about the chicks outside who could see you while you were in the crapper. That must have been quite an experience. I have noticed exposed layouts in which people can see the toilet from outside but usually it is enclosed in a stall and they only see your feet (sometimes something more when you drop your pants around your ankles like your underwear). However shitting is a perfectly normal human function. I think that if you gotta go and you have the only option to use an exposed shitter it is perfectly acceptable to go ahead I mean itīs socially acceptable. Take Care and keep the cool stories coming.

Kurt: That was one choice story. It makes taking a crap in front of your buddies sound like a piece of cake. But as they say, "when you gotta go, you gotta go!" I don't mind crapping in front of someone when it's like a
normal poo, but when it's an emergency "blow the back of your head off" shit, that will humble you my friend. Oh well, you survived, and made for a great story.

Mike S. of USA: I've never crapped, but I do have an unusual story. About 20 years ago, when I was in college. I had a gay roomate who was a music major with me. So me, him and another guy shared an apartment. On the nights that he went out to pick up guys, he would "prepare" himself for a potential date. He had this silver attachment in the shower that you shove up your bum and it would fill your rectum with water. You would then expel the contents down the drain with running water. Thus, leaving you "ready to go". I saw him do this a couple of times and I was just dumb founded. But as I say, "to each his own". Never felt compelled to crap in the tub, just pee. How about you? Have you ever crapped in the tub?

2nd post - for those that don't know I'm 18M. I had a bad experience last Saturday. I'd been out with a friend getting something to eat. I don't drink alcohol - but I had quite a few Cokes. I drove him back to his place and we sat in the car listening to some CDs for a while. By the time he got out of the car I was pretty desperate for a pee - but I hate going into people's houses just to use the toilet and leave... so I figured I could make it home since it's only about 20 mins drive.

After 10 minutes I'm really having a hard time holding it in. Having trouble keeping the car straight and holding it in. I'm driving with one hand and squeezing my dick with the other. I a spurt of pee come out! A minute later and an other. I get home, leave the car outside and run up - peeing a bit more in my pants as I get the door open and finally make it to the bathroom.

I had a few things to do still - needed to wash the car, fill up with petrol and return some DVDs to the store. Do the first two things okay but on the way to the video store I'm absolutely busting again! This would only have been 20 mins after I used the bathroom at home! I tell myself this and decide I'll return the DVD, look for another movie and then drive home and be able to hold it in. I'm walking round and round the video store... I'm in absolute agony and I begin squirting pee into my pants again. I'm wearing darkish jeans but if anyone looked carefully they'd see a big wet spot.

I'm losing control now - can't wait to get another DVD - I'll go outside and pee somewhere. I walk outside and the urge goes away for a bit and I think I can go back in to the store and get my DVD. Bad move. No sooner am I inside that I'm losing pee into my pants again. Manage to rent out the DVD while doing a pee-pee dance infront of the clerk! I run out and look around for a place to pee... but there's people around and a few police men! I've got to get home. Jump in the car again and again I squirt more pee into my pants. I can feel it running down my knees and calves now!

I start driving home and pee keeps squirting out every 30 seconds or so.
I'm in big trouble! I just leave the car practically in the middle of the road and run into a shelter in a park and now pee is fully gushing out - I undo my zipper and pee for a long time into the shelter! That shelter is going to stink the next day... but I had no choice.

Got home and underwear and jeans were totally soaked!

The Root Beer Kid
Hey Mister Peeper - Great story about your wife and the butt sticking out of the floating turd. You're right...that would have made some picture (LOL). I would have PAID to see THAT! Like your wife, another person that I knew many years ago told me that she also smoked on the toilet to cover up the smell (plus she said that smoking helped get things moving, so to speak). I always found this to be a little ironic because given the choice of perfectly natural odors coming from human body waste, and the odor of tobacco smoke, it's a no-brainer to me. I find the stench of tobacco smoke to be one of the most offensive and nauseating smells in this entire world, but of course not everyone thinks like me (LOL). Keep the stories coming!


To Mister Peeper:

I thought the story about the cigarette butt getting stuck in your wife's turd was hilarious!!! How often are you in the bathroom with your wife while she is pooping? Do you see the poop every time you are in there, does she stand up before she flushes? How does your wife's poop compare to your Aunt Nancy's? Is it the same or different in terms of color, length, etc. Keep posting, it is great

Hey everyone. I haven't posted here in a good while so I thought I'd go ahead post. Now that I do think about it, it really has been a while because I have long since moved. It's been about a month now. I've finally gotten my reward, my own bathroom! It's not connected to my bedroom but its right there next to it. There is a upstairs floor in our house that has a loft, my bathroom, and my bedroom that I have all to myself. Since then I have been very regular about moving my bowels. When I'm pooping, unless its someone I really feel comfortable pooping around then I'll hold it until I know no one is going to be around. With my own bathroom I now have that privacy and so now I've been a once a day pooper for the most part. Thing is though, my poops aren't all that big. Usually I pass a few nuggets and thats it. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've really pooped out any actual logs, just nuggets. Kinda strange I think, but thats my body for ya.

This week has been an unusual week for me. I didn't take a dump Sunday or Monday, so by Tuesday night I was bursting to go. It got so bad I finally so, okay I'm gonna go. Well my bathroom door was closed but I never heard anyone come up to use it so I opened the door and the light was on and low and behold, my 4 y/o neice was on the toilet doing the same thing I needed to. I apologized and closed the door. After a few minutes she came out and about 10 minutes later it was either do it now or do it now in my pants. So I went in, sat down, and farted a couple of times before I nice soft mushy load came up. Then a wet fart came out loudly. I apparently held it to long cuz it felt and smelt like I just had a diahrea attack. After releasing that huge load of crap I had several trips to the bathroom that night releasing runny poop. I don't recall how many times but I didn't flush until a few hours later when I went to bed. Wednesday and Thursday were solid poops. This morning though I've been having diahrea. I got a really strong gurgling feeling in my stomach and I knew it was gonna be a runnny load. So I sat down and let it out. I was right, it was kinda noisy and it stunk ofcourse. I've been to the toilet about 3 times since then. This last trip though seems more solid. It was very mushy though, more like I dropped a load of brown creme. It smelt really weird to. Not like poop, but more leafy smelling. I can't think what might of caused me to have diahrea, but its really uncomfortable.

Well I suppose that's all for now. BTW, great stories everyone.

Eric in Chicago
Bryian: The dye methylene blue will turn your piss blue (or green if your piss would otherwise be real yellow). But you have to be careful. First of all, the formulation of methylene blue that's sold as a microscope stain contains way too much zinc to consume safely. If you want to try it, you need to get a formulation that's labelled "zinc free." You can often find it in aquariam stores, since it's used to treat certain fish diseases. The Kordon brand is definitely zinc-free, as is the brand called "Methyblu."

Second, although methylene blue consumed orally is pretty non-toxic, it can cause anemia in people who have a condition called glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD). The condition is most common in people of Mediterranean or African descent. If you've been warned not to consume fava beans (which can also cause anemia in people with G6PD), I'd avoid methylene blue.

Finally, on the Web there are plenty of stories about putting methylene blue in someone else's drink in order to give them a "surprise." DON'T do that. It's one thing to try it yourself, where you're taking on any (slight, but still present) risks. It's quite something else to impose those risks on someone else unwillingly.

With all those warnings (which all come down to the fact that anything that can change the color of your piss has to be absorbed into your bloodstream in order to get to your kidneys, unlike stuff that only changes the color of your shit, which doesn't have to be absorbed at all) out of the way, if you want to try it for yourself it's pretty cool. A few squirts of methylene blue solution in some beer (it's about the only thing that will turn beer blue; most blue dyes wind up turning it green), pop, or even water will turn your piss blue for a day or two. If you take a lot of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) you'll get bright green piss instead. And some of it comes out in your shit, but in a form that's initially clear, but turns blue when it reacts with oxygen. So your shit will come out brown at first, but it will gradually turn green (since there's always lots of yellow pigment in your shit). It's easier to see if you shit in the woods, on a paper towel, or in your underwear than if you do it in the toilet. It takes a few minutes for it to turn green; you can see the color changing.

If you piss blue in white underwear, gym shorts, football pants, etc. it will really stain them. For that matter, if I drink some methylene blue and piss in the toilet, it stains any scum sticking around the bowl; I can tell where I have to scrub.

One other thing: if you crap your underwear after drinking methylene blue, when you wash them they'll get dyed pale blue all over.

Name? hmmm: Cool story about you and your buddy crapping your soccer shorts at summer camp. How old were you at the time? Reminds me of kids getting the shits after eating green apples.(which contain lots of sorbitol).

DeepCloudNine: I used to keep a half-gallon milk jug to piss into if I didn't want to walk all the way to the bathroom or, when I had roommates, if the bathroom wasn't free. A couple times I completely filled one up (usually after drinking beer the night before). More often I'd fill it halfway up (I get "urgency" when my bladder holds about a quart).

Louise (from France)

1. What is your preferred peeing position? (Sit, Squat or Hover?) I Sit only on my bidet at home (always pee in it) and on few house toilet. I will squat or hover on public toilets and outdoor
2. Does your stream go straight down or veer off a little? It veers a little and tends to aim backwards
3. What kind of undies do you wear?Mostly thong, rarely panties
4. How far do you pull your undies down? it depends from haow and where I pee, with thong I sometimes pull it aside
5. When you pee, do you keep your legs spread apart or close together? mostly apart
6. Do you wipe sitting or standing? both
7. Do you wipe from front or back? both
8. Do you flush sitting or standing? standing.

Do you have nay outdoor peeing experienc or having to pee in usnusual palces?


Thursday, June 24, 2004

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