I'm just overwhelmed to find this excellent forum where I was able to find so many people who share the same fascination about doing "jobbies". There is a question I always wanted to ask but never got around to until today: QUESTION: To what extent do people clean their bum after they defecate and should they? Do they make sure there is absolutely nothing detectable on the toilet paper or do they just wipe it just enough to keep their knickers unstained? Are there any experts on this? Please let me know!

Caroline and Young: I have one of those portable bum cleaners, which happened to be my birthday present from my mother who used to have some trouble with her bum. They may tickle at first but once you are used to it, it can easily be addictive. When my parents installed the bum washing/drying/deodoriser in the bathroom about ten years ago, everyone in the family walked out of the bathroom with their shirts soaking wet, as they apparently bent down in front of the toil! et to find out how the washing/drying is going to be done, being oblivious of the fact that the when the nozzle comes out from under the seat, the hot water ALWAYS follow. These toilets are so common now in Japan that you can even find them in hospitals and some hotels!

Recently, my sister in law was over for dinner. She is short with brown shoulder length hair with a very cute ???? behind. Well a little while after the meal, she announced she had to use the bathroom and grabbed National Geographic went upstairs. No one else noticed, but of course I did. This is a definite signal of a pending BM. So I quietly went upstairs also. By the time i got to the bathroom door she was already sitting on the toilet peeing. After peeing there was silence except for her fliping pages. Suddenly, she farted loud and wet followed by a burst of liquid poo and several plops into the toilet. She let out sigh of relief. Then it was quiet again, just pages turning. She then farted again followed by several more plops of poo into the toilet. She sat there for about five more minutes just reading the magazine. She wiped about six times and flushed. I went back downstairs and waited for her to return, which she did a couple minutes later. I could! n't resist and went back up to use the bathroom myself. Listening to her had a laxative effect on me and I also farted and ploped a couple poos myself. Her ordor was still there as well as the smell of her perfume. Quite erotic!

Could you please identify that club at Mardi Gras that has a trough in the ladies room? I go there every year and would sure like to stop by there and "get mooned". And, if you know of any similar places in the French Quarter, please pass the names along. Maybe we could have a meeting of members of The Toilet Forum at one of these bars next year. Wouldn't that be fun! A note to other readers: while you may see hundreds of people (both men and women) peeing outdoors and on the street at Mardi Gras, the police did make hundreds of arrests for doing that this year.

Has anyone else, seen the growing number of well known actresses, doing scenes in a movie, while on the toilet? This used to be extremely rare, but , now, I have seen it in alot of movies. I think the first pretty well known actress I saw on the bowl was, Patsy Kensit in 21. And then I saw leaving Las Vegas, Elisebeth Shue, was peeing on camera in that one too. And the other night on HBO, Salma Heyick(spelling?) was sitting on the bowl, with her undies around her knees. What I'd really like to know, is. Does it say in these scripts, that the scene has the actress on the pot or what? What do you think?

Mike's message about frozen school toilets reminds me of something that happened many years ago to my then girlfriend.
She lived in the ground floor flat of a house which had been converted into a ground and first floor flats. As the original bathroom was on the first floor, her bathroom was in an extension next to the kitchen. The insulation was very poor, so she suffered badly from frozen pipes. One morning not only was the water in the pipes frozen, but also the water in the toilet bowl. She did not realise this until she started having a wee and noticed the absence of the normal "tinkling" sound.

Friday, February 27, 1998

to constipated girl - don't worry about missing a day now and again, it is normal. I have been known to miss 2 or three days in a row with no ill effects, except that I get really nasty gas that can nearly peel the paint off the walls. I'm pretty good at the "sneak-fart", but unless you are in a crowd there is no point in trying to sneak out one of those since it instantly clears the room and everyone knows who did it. Also, it usually feels way too hot when it comes out slow. Now that's a good question: why do some farts feel hot?

Caroline: I don't know about portable bum washer. I just heard now from you. I always clean when I'm using bathroom, so far never spoil anything. It make me sick if I had to use dirty bathroom. All the readers here must be agree with me that clean bathroom are better. It's more hygenic and you feel comfortable in it. Every time I use other's bathroom (not at home) I always try to find the cleanest one, and complete with the toilet shower. Or if there's no toilet shower, I always try to find the one with pail of water in it, with the tap running. This is the trick I learn from BMG's mom when I have to go peeing or shit when there are no water at the toilet. First find the toilet with the flush running well, not clogged. Do not use the squatting toilet, cause most of them didn't have flush mechanism, find the sitting one. Second, flush many times, especially when you pass massive size of turds or diarrhea, to keep the water on the toilet clean. Third, after you sure the the water in the toilet is clean, take the TP (a lot of them), soak them in water, and wipe it your ass as wet wipes. It's the best alternative when there are no toilet shower or water. It's close to wash your bum. When I go overseas usually there are no toilet shower. When I have to go, especially number two, on the hotel room, I use the tap or the shower on the bathtub to clean myself. Sorry, my bowel has urge me. I have to go #2. See ya!

I was just reading in Sports Illustrated today about the Tennesee Lady Vols basketball team, and how several years ago they had to make an 8 and a half hour drive back from Celevland to Tenn on the bus after a game Only, due to coaches orders, there were no stops. Talk about some full bladders. When those players got back to the campus, I would imagine that their bladders would have been insanely full, and that they would have literally dove for the toilets, and probably peed for several minutes each. They probably fought each other for the toilet, and I know I would have if I hadn't peed for probably close to 9 hours or more. Imagine, they are already hyrated with liquids, and needing to go a third of the way in... That would be my idea of a painfully full bladder....

To constipated girl: I'm surprised that you claim to have tried Metamucil (or equivalent generic brand) and it did not work. Or did it work but you "became dependant" upon it? I have accepted that I will take Metamucil forever, but it is NOT a drug; it is simply a way to allow your bowells to absorb and hold fluid (and shit regularly) that your normal diet precludes. If you mean you become dependant upon "real" (not bulk) laxitives -- you certainly can, and you should get off of them. As always, to get authoritative information, ask your doctor. I am not a doctor. Hello: Thanks for the reply. Tell us what you think is interesting. ...fluidity

Swine Guy
Madilyn, Your story was very interesting and if any of you ladies have stories like that or of hearing another woman poop please post them. I want to read about them.CAROLINE-- Congratulations I wish I could have been there to help you!

Marco: Thanks for agreeing with me and others. I really don't see what the big deal is with women standing and peeing. I know its not an everyday occurence, however a lot of my friends who are girls know how to pee standing up. Most of my friends and I can use a urinals just like a guy. When I went to Mardi Gras, I saw literally hundreds of people,(guys&girls) taking a leak on the street, since most of them were drunk. In one party club, the womens bathroom had one toilet, and one long trough that you could squat or stand. Actually it was kind of funny, or sad, one girl was passed out next to the wall and she was drenched from the waist down. the bad part about it was that from a certain angle from the outside, you could see women urinating in the trough and get mooned at the same time!

Constipated Girl: I am also in my mid 20's too and have a similar problem. Something that sometimes works is a glycerine suppository. they seem to help me just enough to go with a minimal amount of pain (not effort!)

TO CONSTIPATED GIRL: Are you a light eater? Maybe you don't need to poop every day. TO CAROLINE:
I wonder what would happen if you consumed vasoline petrolium jelly as a stool softner?
What time in the day do you poop? Where do you feel the urge to poop? Maobe you could popularize the expression "Excuse me nau Ah gotta pee in the toalet." Sense you are from Texas and pee standing up.

pooping girl
Caroline: Imglad you finally were able to go to the toilet and do your jobbies. When you wipe your fanny you might want to try using wet wipes or baby wipes as they are very soothing when your fanny is sore after a tough time. Nothing to new to report on my toileting same old routine.

SUSAN: Bet you found it awkward in that position with your feet right back beside the toilet, I am curious to know if you managed not to fall forward on your head. Until reading you previous posts with interest, I've always just used a quite formal position with my elbows on my thighs just slumped forward. I am inclined to opt for a fairly comfortable position, as I usually need about 10 minutes doing very little before getting to the stage of feeling anything moving. My boyfriend was totally the opposite when we started getting into this, he would just sit straight down and do both his functions together in about 10 seconds flat without straining. I think he was leaving it too late before going and didn't need any effort to go. I have since got him out of this by encouraging him to recognise the earlier stages and going sooner, it seemed to have worked as I noticed his face turning pale when he is pushing.
JILL: No I don't think you are gloating; but I do envy you in being able to participate in all your activities i.e. Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, and cycling. Unfortunately I am too time constrained by such a long working day incurred by work and travel, and the immense time necessary to complete my second Masters degree (part time). Thus having severe consequences by restricting any such partaking in sporting activities, and has resulted in a relinquishment of all my other interests and forfeiture of a social life, as I'm sure you can appreciate. Fortunately I've never had weight problems so this is not a dilemma for me. Incidentally I do find it hard to believe that those laptops on the trains are used for a ceremonious purpose. Please display a carnation on the train tomorrow, and if I can identify you I will anonymously buy you a coffee.

New Guy
I pee in the shower.

Some Guy
To js: I try not to pee in the shower because sometimes there is a trace of it left, but sometimes its so convienient. Like when my toilet was broken, I would have to get out of the shower and go all the way to the other side of the house. So I peed in the shower. Also, if you have athlete's feet, you should trying peeing on your feet in the shower. I don't know how but it works.
Oh and I agree with Brad's post completely.
Some Guy

Mike... Thanks. Any other experiences after that at school. Your bladder literally was bursting at the seams... D

Fluidity... I am male. When you say experience, do you mean that particular one, or others? There are many other ones, due to many situations of a full bladder and nowhere to empty it, but I'm not sure if that's what you mean. To Jimmy. If you mean actually being kept from relieving a very full bladder, there have been many cases of that on here. If you mean going to the restroom and being stopped, I don't recall any. It must be awful to be so near to relief and have what seems like a gallon to empty, and then be stopped. Hello.

constipated girl
i am a female in the 20s and i have a very big problem. that is i am constantly constipated no matter how much water i consumed or how much fibre i was so bad that i have to take laxative everyday . i then realised that i became very dependant on it and without it i could'nt do it at all . i began to weaned myself of it day by day and now i totally skip it and are able to poop for most days but i miss it at least once a week or sometimes twice.

Following on from my post yesterday about going 3 days without #2, I continued to try and go periodically during the day whenever I needed to pea, but this never resulted in the slightest feeling of life at the rear end department. When I arrived home last night, I was in my kitchen with the boyfriend when I experienced an extreme stomach pain come on abruptly. I was in agony for a couple of minutes, and then it kept coming and going as I was doing my housework. I went upstairs to the bathroom, took down my underwear and sat on the toilet seat. The boyfriend came into the bathroom holding two cups of coffee that he had just made, and asked if I was all right. I felt so ill at the time, if I strained slightly it was painful and also if I held it back it hurt. I just sat there not knowing if I was coming or going for 40 minutes before eventually passing a god knows what? After getting my breath back for a couple of minutes I told him I had finished, then lifted up when he subsequently tore off some paper and got ready. When he looked into the pan he said "what the… I could do some damage dropping that on Iraq", well I hardly think it qualified as biological warfare. When I did look down briefly to glance at it, I was secretly thinking if George and Moira get pleasure from doing them like that, then their welcome to them, whether it may be to exhibit them or throw them out of the window at somebody. After two quick dabs with paper my backside felt like it was on fire, so I just leant against the sink and splashed with water and hair shampoo (I always use that instead of soap as it doesn't sting).

Young: Following on from your message yesterday, have you seen them portable bum washers that you take about with you? They are like a small canister with a pipe on the end, in which you spray up your rear end after #2. If you are visiting somebody I bet that they wouldn't appreciate splay marks all up their walls.

Why do so many people think that seeing Celeste and you other girls peeing standing up is so weird? It's not at all unusual, and it certainly seems to save time. Besides I think it's kind of neat to be able to share that very personal moment with your 'significent other'!

General Enquiry Question to the Moderator: Is it alright to copy and paste a post straight from Word 97, or does it have to be from MS Notepad? Does this create formatting problems?

No. Text is text where ever it comes from. That applies wether you use Micro$oft product$ or not. As long as you are not taking any medications that prevent the safe operation of heavy machinery, you can safely copy and paste text without formatting problems. Seeing as it's almost March, our Feburary issue is comming out soon. It will include an article on how to completely remove Internet Explorer from Windows 95.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Mike: That was an amazing job you did to hold it in for so long. How did you manage? Your bladder was already full four hours before? How long did you pee for, and what did some other students say? The pain must have been incredible. I would have panicked if I had seen that the restrooms were still locked if I had such a full bladder. Did you have any similar experiences, before or after? I would be interested to hear. Hello

CAROLINE: I read your post about trying my position of going with your head down between your legs. When I am leaning forward I don't have to put my hands on the floor. I think the problem may be in having your feet to far back. When I said I bring my feet into the toilet, I do that in front. Not up to the side. I usually keep my hands wraped around my knees. You can kind of push against them when starining. If you try it again let me know how it works. I am going to try your method next I have to go. I am always interested in finding out what works best for different people. Today at work I heard one of the girls going in a stall beside me. What made this interesting was the amount or size of this girls BM. As I was into my stall I could hear her pushing. As I sat down I looked under the stall at her feet She had only her tip toes touching the floor. As she kept pushing I could hear the first piece coming out . It sounded soft and smooth. I was waiting for the sound of breaking off and failing into the water. But it just kept coming. She had to stop 3 or 4 times to get another breath. This went on for at least a good min or so. All the time I could hear it coming out of her. I couldn't beleave that someone could have that much crap inside of them. Finally she let out her last breath and seemed to be finshed. She had to wipe a number of times. ( I lost count after 9.) When I had finished peeing I was outside washing my hands when she came out of her stall. She was very short and petiet. Which for me was the all more amazing after ! what I had just heard. She must not have gone in a week. I wanted to ask her when was the last time she had gone, but I just smilled at her as we both finished washing our hands. I find that hard to beleave as I usually go at least once a day and sometimes twice. I guess thats what makes this an interesting topic, everyone is the same but different. Take Care, Susan

All right, Hello, I will elaborate if you tell us your sex and elaborate on your experience. In high school some group of us took a bus from our high school in Riverside, California, down into the heart of Los Angeles to USC (University of Southern California) where we were to see the campus and attend a football game. The ride was probably 90 - 120 minutes. For whatever reason, probably some ill-timed cups of coffee, my bladder began to fill up early in the bus ride and there was no bathroom and no rest stop during the trip. I filled and filled and the discomfort turned to pain. I sat there and suffered. Finally, finally we entered the USC campus and came to a stop. I got up and went up to the door of the bus and asked if we could get off. No, I was told, we weren't there yet; someone was out trying to find directions to our destination. So I had to turn around and walk back to my seat. I probably have forgotton how humiliated I felt at having to declare that I was bursting for a piss, and having to walk back and sit down; I was in too much pain to wonder if some of the girls on the bus were in as much of a pickle as I was, but with no bathroom on the bus, I bet I wasn't the only one hurting. After ten minutes or so the bus got going again. When we arrived I remember rushing off the bus, finding the bathroom, walking up to the urinal with every step hurting, and standing there with my dong hanging out, and unable to even trickle I was so tight. I had been holding it for so long that all my muscles were clamped up. Finally, after a minute or two or three I slowly began to dribble and then stream and finally gush. I must have stood there for five minutes or longer. That is one difficulty that the women do not have (Right, girls?) and I envy them for it. ...fluidity

To Celeste:
About you being fined $ 194.00 for peeing on a wall: have you ever thought of fighting the ticket in court with the two following defences? a) You had to go and there was no facility available b) Sex discrimination: I am not sure that a guy urinating on a wall would have been fined, because it is a pretty common occurrence. So, why issue a ticket to a girl? Do you know what the excat wording of the charge was ? Regards and keep peeing ! Philippe

RE: Doug's post about Jen's 'follow the leader' crapping herself-- HMPH.....don't know if I'd call it "love" or any kind of so-called Christian sensibility to intentionally heave a Havana in one's drawers just because someone else did. Either she and/or the other friend secretly has a poop fetish and just used the situation as an excuse to exercise it.......or she's a peculiarly (and hazardously, for her own sake)) submissive personality. Suffice to say, I sure as hell wouldn't crap myself for ANY friend. Unless it was for a suitably large wager (talkin' 4-figures or better). Maybe it's just a guy thing....

To Caroline:
Oh I do feel for you, not being able to "go". It is a situation I have hardly ever experienced I am glad to say, and I know I wouldn't like it. I am a very regular, twice a day person, and I put it down to healthy diet and plenty of exercise. I always eat breakfast, I have a hearty lunch, and a big evening meal. Any snacks between meals tend to be fruit, or something cereal-based. I am a dancer in a musical society, and I also like swimming, tennis (summer), badminton (winter), and cycling so I don't find I need to watch my weight. I am telling you this by way of encouragement, and I don't mean to sound like I am gloating. By the way, I commute into London by train as well. I won't say where from, in case we recognise each other! I sometimes work on my laptop, but not usually letters to this forum. Hope you feel better soon! Jill

Who here pees in the shower? Do you pee in the shower if you are taking a shower with your significant other? Does he or she pee in the shower with you? Just curious. JS

I wonder if there are any ladies or gentlemen who were actually stopped from letting out their very full bladders, maybe through bladder training or through enforced strict discipline or punishment at school or detention center? I wonder how long they were kept 'bottled up'?

I had a very embarrassing experience 2 days ago-The washer and dryer in my home is 100% on the blink, and I have been putting off dragging my laundry to the laundromat, but it got to the point where I had nothing clean left to wear except for some old jeans from High School. I got them back when tight designer-label jeans were the rage. Man, were they an uncomfortable, tight fit, even with the top button left undone, but as I said, they were the only things left that were clean. I made it to the laundromat, and started to sort a heap of clothes to wash...I decided to do a dark load first. I put in the soap and some quarters, then sat down on the bench...dumb me, I forgot to bring anything to read. I sat there very uncomfortably....the denim and zipper digging into my skin. I knew I must have looked rediculous in a pair of pants so tight. The top button was left popped open, of course...the zipper wated to creep down, and I hoped it wouldn't break. I tried to think of something else...anxious for my clothes to complete the wash cycle. I just sat there, as some gas developed in my ????, bloating me. I tried shifting positions...not much relief. The top I was wearing said "Roller Disco" on it-from Junior High. There were a couple of men also in the laundromat, too. One was sitting on a bench near me. I tapped my feet a little to the piped-in music...I was fidgety and could feel the bubbles of gas from breakfast traveling around in my body. I was board and was starting to have gas pains. I took a piece of bubblegum out of my purse and popped it in my mouth. It tasted good. You are not going to believe this, but something dumb and weird happened-I know it is kinda uncouth, but I blew a bubble-gum bubble, and right exactly when it popped, a fart flew out of me at the exact moment. It went "Blort" and my bubble went "Pop". Ohhhh damn. My face blushed a deep fire-engine red, and that added to my embarrassment. I stole a glance at the guy near me. I KNEW he heard the fart. I said a little prayer that it wouldn't stink-if it did, I would die. I thought fast, and quickly reached into my purse, pulling out some fresh herbal perfume spray, and sprayed it liberally on myself, hoping it would cover-up any fart odors. I never smelled a farty stench. All I wanted to do was get my laundry over with and peel myself out of these constraining jeans. I think their tightness contributed to the fart flying out of me. That guy seemed to keep an eye on me the whole time I was there, especially when I washed some underwear. I hoped he wasn't like that guy in the movie "Striptease"-someone who swipes the lint out of dryers after women have dried their panties in them. By the way, thanks to all who left me nice messages in response to that first post I left. I appri- ciated them very much. Well let me tell you, getting out of those "Bonjours" and into a cotton dress sure was a big relief. I looked at the label and laughed..."Bonjour", huh? Well, how about "Blort" for a hello, instead? That's what my jeans label SHOULD read-"Blort".

This may be repetition; here goes, did you ever think about jogging? I hear jogging helps move the bowels. It may be good news for those whom are constipated. Maybe this is not socially acceptable in England, hopefully it is.
You are a female, aren't you? Ladies feel the urge to pee more in their abdomine, men feel the urge in their penis.

Some Guy
Whoa what Caroline said kinda scared me After not going for a week, her mother died. I have gone a week without taking a dump a few times. Why? Two words: camp toilets. When I was younger I went about every 3 days or so anyway and the camp toilets were worse than our schools. Grimy, pee-covered and just uncomfortable. There was even a verse dedicated to the toilets in one camp song: They say the toilets at camp are really fine, But when you sit upon them, the bugs crawl up your spine, Oh, I can't take any more of Y Camp Life...(chorus)

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Fluidity... Would you care to elaborate on some of those experiences on a bus in high school? I know that there is not much worse a thing than being stuck in a seat with a painfully full bladder and nowhere to empty it, especially with a lot of people around. Hello

Swine Guy
First time posting but I just had a groeling experience. I was sitting here doing some college work when I needed to poop sooo badly. I ran to the toilet and I could feel it coming already. Well I sat and instantly began to poo. It was big and solid and it smelt really badly. When I was done I went to wipe and little did I know that there was poo stuck to my butt hair and when I wiped it smeared all up my crack. Well I kept vigerously wiping and I tried wetting some tp but it just wasn't working so I had to sit on the sink and rub my asshole with a bar of soap until my hole was cleaned up. Well there is my story. It was horrible. LADIES... I want to hear about your accidental farting infront of people and what they said or if the noticed and also I want to hear about sounds you hear when you use public washrooms from the other stalls... Lots of grunting/farting of other women? AND... Times needed to poop outside by accident.

I remember one time when I was a senior in high school, i saw my friend just humiliate herself in front a crowd after lunch. My friend Julie has just come out from eating lunch, everyone would gather outside just before the next class. Julie told me she had to pee so bad, and she didn't know if she would make it. We stood around a group of friends and she just kind stood there with her legs crossed. All of a sudden, a fight broke out, and someone was pushed into Julie. Julie fell to the ground and pissed all over herself. Also a word to the wise. Don't ever get caught urinating in downtown San Antonio. I was drunk with some friends and had to pee so bad I went and peed all over a local buisness's wall.(after ten beers, you'd be peeing standing up too!) Well while my friends were watching me piss against the wall and laughing, SAPD bike patrol caught me and fined me 194$ you can guess the moral of the story!


to johnboy : Thank you, thank you very much. I keep on posting.
to Caroline : Thanks to my boyfriend, I now have new hobby, try diffrent kind of toilet, and take a dump on it. There are many toilet seat in the world, and I would love to try them all. Offcourse my favorite is the Japanesse one that I installed in my precious bathroom. It's the most comfortable toilet seat I ever seat in and didn't make your butt sore when you seated for extended length of time. I really need it because I need extended time when I doing my BM. My ass seem didn't want to rush when I do number 2. Once I try the woooden seat like you mentioned, and I quite like it. It's quite comfortable and didn't sore your fanny cheek. What I didn't like about manual toilet seat that I have to use my hand to clean my self. I come from where the toilet paper is not custom, we use water and soap instead. And when we do the cleaning job, we use our left hands. I'm born left handed, so the cleaning job always a little bit unpleasant for me. So when I heard there are electronic toilet seat, it's definite solution for me. Water and soap are more hygenic, especially when you are suffreing diarrhea or you just pass that massive logs. My opinion about ordinary plastic seat, it make your fanny cheek sore if you seat for extended time.

I had a wonderfully satisfying poo at work today. It was one of those where it feels good while I am holding onto it beforehand, and I just know it will be a good one. Not particularly smelly, but very thick and smooth, so I was able to let it out really slowly without any discomfort. I quite often find that my first dump on a Monday is a good one. Could be something to do with the fact that I usually exercise more, and eat more at the weekend. Thinking of some of the strange words people use when describing toilets, or rather what goes into them - a few years ago, soon after we were married, I distinctly recall being rather embarrassed by a rather loud friend of my husband's. He went for a pee in our bathroom, not long after I had used it, and I hadn't noticed that one of my large poos had got stuck in the pan when I flushed. As he walked back into our sitting room he said "Cor.. that's quite a four-mast schooner you've got in your khazi!", and winked at me! Has anyone else heard that expression?

I don't like the new picture anything like as much as that picture of the cute oriental girl. I don't believe this one is actually doing anything on the toilet, she is just sitting there. I often have problems in peeing if I am in an unusual place, or if there are a large number of other people in the toilets. I find it difficult if someone is standing next to me at a urinal, so then I go and use a stall. But often if I want to pee desperately, when I get to the toilet, I find I cannot get rid of it all at once. I piss out what I can and then about 10 minutes later need to go again, before I can get rid of it all.

POOP STORIES I neglected to mention another poop story, on this forum that ranks probably at the top. The story about Jen, aged 17, and her two other friends. After a night of drinking and junk food, they arose at the same time one morning, all three had a strong BM urge. One shat her panties. In order to avoid humiliation Jen also pooped her panties. Finally the third girl went #2 in her panties also. Jen showed love, Christ like love, to the lady who was the first to mess her pants. Instead of holding it till the bathroom opened she became like the unfortunate girl. After that day I am sure all three girls felt a special bond twards one another and never repeated the mistake again. Being a good Christian involves doing good deeds however it goes beyond doing good deeds. It involves sharing in the plight of another person.

I have enjoyed looking back at the old posts before George and I found this site , the new navigator is first class!! Reading about Doug's favourite Poop stories I note the one about the lad throwing his large turd that won't flush out of the window. (I'll have to look back for that story). This reminds me a similar incident when I was a teenager, although I didnt throw my jobbie at anyone.
One lunchtime I had gone back to a very posh schoolfriend's house, and youv'e guessed, I needed a motion. Their toilet pan was one of those silly modern types with the small exit hole. I just knew that my jobbie would be a big one, (I hadnt been for a couple of days) and it would be sure to stick in the pan. Knowing how snobbish this family was I didnt want that to happen as they would ban their daughter, who wasn't a snob from associating with that rough girl who blocked their lavatory pan. I couldn't hold it in till I got back to the girls' toilets at school where it wouldn't have mattered if it got stuck. An idea came to me. There was a plastic carrier bag in my satchel for disposal of used Sanitary Towels as my period was due at that time, hence the constipation. I hitched up my pleated grey skirt and pulled down my navy blue knickers (briefs) and sat down and did my wee wee then I quickly got back up opened the bag out in the pan with the seat holding it in place and with the usual "OO! OO!s passed the long fat log in the bag. There was of course no "Ker-sploosh!". Finished I took my bag with its long fat log and on the way back to school disposed of it in a litter bin. I often wonder if any one found it or what the man emptying the bin must have thought. Has anyone else ever used an unusal means to dispose of a big jobbie that would't flush away?

I remember when I was in Grade One, I was in gym class, and had to pee really bad, but I couldn't find an opportunity to take a bathroom break. Then after gym, we were given the chance to use the toilet, but too many kids were using it, so I just gave up that chance. By the time we returned to class for lunch, I hurt and in the middle of lunch I started crying cause I had to go. My teacher asked me if I had to go, but I was to embarrassed to say so, so she led me into another room asking me questions and all I wanted to do was pee. I couldn't beleive I was able to hold it in, finally my teacher called my mother and I took that chance to escape to the bathroom. I must have a strong bladder.
I have a weird bathroom habit. When I sit down to pee, I press on my bladder cause it feels better and makes the pee come out faster.... I always do it automatically now and wonder if I am the only one who has discovered this unusual peeing sensation and also wonder if that will damage my bladder someday. Well,bye. I am a girl by the way. Now I have to go pee again and I will do that habit of mine as usual.

D asks for anybody with experiences at school, when their bladders seemed to burst, but they couldn't relieve themselves for ages. I had several experiences of having to hold water in school. In the first experience, when I was about 12, I arrived at school one winter's morning after a long walk. There was snow on the roads and ice on the footpaths. By the time I arrived I was badly wanting to wee. The school was quite old and the toilets were outside. But I found them locked and the water turned off for fear of freezing and burst pipes. As I was wondering what to do, the monitor arrived, a girl of about 15. 'Are you wanting to relieve yourself,' she asked. 'Yes please, I want to go badly.' 'You should have gone before you left home. Now you'll have to wait. ' she replied. 'The toilets are going to be closed till this afternoon and nobody's going to be allowed to use them till then. I gasped with dismay at the prospect of resisting a full bladder for at least four hours. 'Please, let me go somewhere' 'No,' she replied with a cruel smile. 'You're going to have to hold it! Now, in with you to assembly!' After assembly I sat at my desk for the lesson, taken that morning by the same monitor. At break time, 11 a.m., came the customary pint of free milk, which all of us were required to drink. We were not permitted to leave our desks for any reason. My bladder had begun to ache in earnest and I had to slip a few notches on my belt to ease the tension. It was clear that other pupils were also in pain, but also were not allowed to leave the room. Everywhere I looked boys and girls were writhing in their seats; what pain we were all having to endure to control our distended bladders. But there were still two hours to go till lunch-break, and I wondered how I could keep my water in By 1 p.m. the torture was almost unbearable. It felt like a steel band around my stomach and every time I breathed in the pain increased as my diaphragm pressed down on my bladder: writhing where I sat, first with one buttock on the seat, then the other. I couldn't think of anything else but the need to piss, and with one hand I had to hold my cock tightly against the pressure of urine. At last the bell rang. I staggered, bent double, round to the toilets, but they were still locked. Still holding my member, I let slash against the toilet wall, hard and long. Other boys were doing the same thing and just round the corner the girls were relieving themselves copiously. I slashed for minutes on end. What relief! I had never wanted to go so badly before, and even after finishing my bladder still ached.

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