jamie lynn
hi everyone been awhile since i posted here. today i had to use the bathroom so i went in there pulled down my panties and sat down on the toilet peed some first, then let out a big doodoo around 9 inches long it floated when it drop out of me. it felt so good to do. i then wiped my self off and left the bathroom.

Hey everyone!...A big shout out to Carmalita...I love your pooping stories...I have a question for yals....Do you know of any good laxatives? How long it takes to kick in?...And do they have any liquid ones?...On to my story I was shopping the other day with my friend Katie and we had gone to the food court earlier that day. We were in the changing room together when all of the sudden katie goes to me...... I have to shit really bad and if I move I will crap my panties....she had a plad skirt on....very cute for all you guys out there..anyways...I said I kinda have to poop too...Well I figured since the radio was on in the store and there wasn't a lot of people going in or out....I said ok....we have 3 bags.....lets save 1 and poop in the other 2... She said....ok...but hurry....she and I were both farting pretty bad....she pulled off her panites....lifted her skirt....bent over a lil bit and let loose with an explosion of poop...I yanked my pants and thong to my waste and bent over a bit and held the bag and began pooping....It was a long started easing its way out and then pfffft..more came out...I broke off 3 nice logs while katie was having some nice diareha and noisy farts....thank god no one was in there hearing this... as I was peeing a little bit i thought I was done but i felt a lil cramp quickly moved the bag by my butt again and brrrrrnt...wave of mushy poop... Katie finsihed with a little more soft poop and a nice long fart....we felt so releived and it was kind of exciting too... Ladies please post stories of pooping/peeing in public places.....and if someone could answer my questions at the top I would greatly appreceiate it....thanks....until next time.....bye bye


Happee Boy
Hi all. I've been reading stuff here for a long time but have never posted. I really enjoy pee stories, especially childhood peeing experiences. I have a few that I can post sometime.

Here's a question-when you were a child, what were some "slang" terms your parents/siblings used for peeing? Peeing? Pissing? Urinating? Wetting? Squirting? Tinkling? Watering? Relieving yourself? Voiding? Anything else?

I remember that my mom would always refer to me peeing as "wetting" even though she was talking about going in the toilet. Like, she would ask me "do you have to wet?" or would tell me to go "wet in the toilet". She would also refer to my pee as my "wet". I always thought that was cool for some reason, don't know why.

Since I'm on that topic, here's one I remember. I must have been 5 or 6 and was in the hospital to have my tonsils out. The nurse said they needed a urine sample, so she gave my mom the little cup and told her she could take me in the bathroom to collect the sample. I had to have the head of my penis wiped with something special (I guess to sterilize it or something) so she wanted to make sure it was done right. My mom and I went into the bathroom and I stood in front of the toilet. She took out the wipey thing and swabbed the head of my penis, and then held the cup for me. She told me to go ahead and wet in the cup, so I did my best to fill it up for her. When I was all done she took it back to the nurse. I remember it was pretty funny because when I came out one of the other nurses asked how I was doing and I said "Great! I just got to wet in a cup!" (I had a fondness for peeing in things at home, but most of the time it was frowned upon, so to me this was a big deal). Sadly, there were few other sanctioned occasions where I was allowed to relieve myself into a bottle or cup, and it was usually at the doctor's office.

I'll do one more quick tonight...I remember once when I was pretty young, I was in bed but had to pee so I got up. I went into the bathroom, which was adjacent to the living room where my mother was sitting still awake. In the bathroom, the toilet was directly opposite the sink, and from where she was sitting she could see me (I never closed the door). In my late night stupor, I somehow got turned around and opened the vanity door under the sink, and began peeing down there. She happened to look in and see what was going on, so she jumped up and pointed me back towards the toilet. Nothing was really harmed, but it was pretty funny. She had to tell me about it the next day, I had no recollection of it.

Bye for now.


I have always been curious, how do people in wheel chairs use the toiet? Diapers??


Laura- You're right, some girls are so stupid and snotty about it. Everyone poops, but some people act like it's a disgusting act that no one should ever do unless they are at home.

Anyways, in college, my first roommate had the exact same problem you do. She could pee in public with no problem, but couldn't poop easily. She would wait until the bathrooms were empty to to take a dump. But this didn't work for her because someone would always walk in while she was going.

I suggested to her that she try another strategy: take her dump when everyone else was pooping as well, which seemed to be about 2 hours after dinner. (That's when I usually poop also by the way).

I think that would help you get over your shyness; if everyone else around you is pooping, I'll bet you'll find it much easier to go yourself. Also, you'll probably find that in college dorms girls are much less snotty, at least about pooping. After all, you're all living together.

Sorry, I haven't had much time for posting lately, but last night I made an interesting discovery that I'd like to share with you. Of course, some of you may already know about it, but this was a new experience for me.

As some may remember, I'm not exactly fond of BMs. I don't mind them so much now as I used to (especially if they are stress and strain-free). I still put off my bowel movements for a day (or 2 or 3) until I'm brave enough to let loose. Anyway, I had felt the urge earlier yesterday morning, but I automatically supressed it like I usually do (yeah.. I know, bad habit). So, later last night, it hit again. Nothing dramatic or serious, I just knew that I had to go. I decided not to put it off any longer and I ambled off to the toilet. I sat there, straining for about 10 minutes, reading a book with little results. The pieces I managed to rid myself off were so small that they disappeared around the bend and I couldn't even see them when I 'inspected.' I was having a harder time going than usual, and I still didn't feel quite empty. I hated to get up without finishing, but my back was starting to ache from my leaning position. I pressed my hands against my lower back, and remembered reading somewhere (maybe here.. I don't remember) about a guy who has his girlfriend press his lower back to relieve gas. I figured that if that works to move gas out of one's system, then it would certainly move other things out of my system. And I was right. I pressed firmly against my lower back using downward motions (this sounds a little crude, but right above where my um... 'crack' begins, in that fleshy portion at the sacrum) and to my surprise, that stubborn poop actually came sliding out. I shall be using this method from now on.

Now that I'm home for the summer (and all alone), I'll have more time for more enjoyable bathroom acts. I'll be sure to tell you all about them. Until then...


Does anyone here keep a container near their bed to pee into at night or whenever you're sleeping? Just wondering, I have a sports water-bottle type thing that stays on my nightstand so when I'm trying to go to sleep or sleeping already I don't have to get up to go to the toilet to pee, I just sit on the side of my bed and pee into the bottle. I understand how it's easier for me because I'm a guy, but do any girls do this or have you? Guys too, just curious. It's very convenient.

Houston, TX

shy pooper
TO LAURA: I am a guy 20 years old, and also real shy about it. I wont even mention it if I need to go. I wait til I get home all the time. I also wondered how many other people were like this. Its like I try and hide the fact I need to poop.

No Longer Constipated
I had a little struggle tonight after work. After hanging out with some friends, I was headed home. I knew I should've gone to the bathroom before leaving, but figured I could make the 20 minute drive home.

Halfway home, I felt horrible pressure from my bladder. This was confounded by gas building up, that I just had to release. But couldn't, because I was sure I'd piss myself.

So, I struggle to hold it in. I make it about a mile from home, and the gas is really building up to the point where I'm certain when I let it out, it's going to be more than air. I get to my apartment and park my car. I pause, then get out. Immediately I'm hit with spasms to both pee and poop.

I hold out, and struggle up to my door. I climb the steps, the urge to pee gone for the moment, but the stomach cramps to poop are still there. I unlock my door, enter, and immediately start getting out of my work clothes. All I'm wearing at this point is my underwear. I waddle up to the toilet, pull down my underwear slightly, and release.

I started urinating, and then the gas finally had built up, and there was no way for me to hold back any longer. Still pissing, I just started releasing it in strong gassy bursts. At first, it's all air, and then as the fart progresses, I feel a quick gush of soft poop. Still peeing, I feel another gush. This time, the fart stopped and I actually had to grunt a little to get to the next fart. Still urinating, another fart comes on, forcing out a large amount of soft poop into my underwear. Finally, just as I thought my peeing was done, two more quick farts escaped bookending another bit of poop.

Finally, I finished peeing and stood there, the farts gone, with my underwear full of soft poop. Luckily the cleanup wasn't that much.

I knew I'd probably poop myself. Either I sit on the toilet, pissing on the floor while I poop, I piss into the toilet while I poop my pants. The second option seemed the cleanest, and it really was. Just had to sacrifice a pair of underwear.

Fernando: You have a slow bowel transit time. Drink two hot cups of water with squeezed lemon and you will have good predictable release.

Anthea: DNA can be had from fecal matter. It has been used in criminal investigations.

name? hmmm
There was some discussion about sugar free sweets and their laxative properties recently, especially of sorbitol. Here's my experience with the stuff:
I remember a few years ago, I was at a summer camp. There was a small sweets shop around, and it sold chewing gum with lemon taste - only drawback: it was full of sorbitol. hmmm. A friend of mine discovered the stuff and he sure got the runs within a few hours after eating a handful of those. That day, we were walking to our rooms when he suddenly put on a funny (runny?) face and farted really loud. We laughed, but then came the next fart, and that sounded somewhat more wet and juicy. Only seconds later, with the next loud fart, his stomach gurgled and he had shot a load of runny watery poop into his soccer shorts. These were short - too short for keeping the stuff in, so you can imagine how his legs looked like. He didn't laugh in the beginning, but later he did. Happily, he wore shorts which were easy to clean (if anyone ever has uncontrollable runs, be sure to have nylon soccer shorts or a similar material on; after all, you they are more forgiving than cotton. You just shower and off goes the stuff).
Anyway, the rest of the day all he did was sitting in our room or shitting on the toilet, and more than twice he didn't manage to get to the toilet in time. Well, we didn't know what gave him the runs, but only the next day, I was to find out the hard way. I had a couple of these chewing gums, too, and it only took that stuff 30 minutes or so to make me fart like anything. He said: Oh oh, I think it is your turn!. Yeah, my turn - but not only. We still didn't know that it was the chewing gum which produced uncontrollable diarrhea, and he too had a handful of those, so after another 10 minutes, he, too, started to fart really bad. So much for "my turn". The sure knowledge of getting the runs in the next couple of hours or minutes was soon made clear to me by an increasingly strong "diarrhea feeling" - you know, when you just feel that down there trouble is brewing and the rest of the day will be a day of uncontrollable farts and the runs. So, I changed from my best trousers into some old soccer shorts and waited for catastrophe to arrive. And it did.
What started as a fart competition between my friend and myseld (hey, I said that this was a couple of years ago!) ended as a competition against my own stomach. After only a couple of minutes after changing into my shorts, I felt the diarrhea work its way into my shorts. Had the runs for the whole afternoon. Runs is the best word for it: it just shot into my shorts.
The next day we went to the store and wanted to complain about their chewing gum. But the pretty girl at the counter didn't take us seriously, she smiled - in fact, she absolutely denied that her chewing gum was one of the strongest laxative on this planet. When we pointed out that what the label says about "potential laxative effects" or so, she was quite sorry; but still there was that smile in her face. I wonder why anyone makes or sells such a strange stuff. On the other hand, there was something kinky in it, though it is hard to pin down. I tried to explain all of this to my (now ex-)girlfriend once, and all she found kinky in it was the nylon soccer shorts and the reaction of the girl in the shop. But then, I wouldn't have shown her this website, so there.

Girls, your stories are incredible. Its amazing that i found this site. I now know more people enjoy the wonderful world of pooping!

Happy Pooping!!


I am 30 years old. This is a neat website. I've had an interest in toilet activities since I was about five years old, but did not know how to express it. I am single. I am 5'7" and 135 lbs with short blond hair. I work in publishing The hours are long. I work from morning to night. The conditions are not bad here. We have clean bathrooms. Tonight, before I took the bus home, I went to the bathroom to take a pee. It was not bad, just unzipped my jeans and let down my white panties to my knees and sat on the bowl. I urinated for about 10 seconds. I opened my legs wider to wipe through the front, pulled up my jeans and panties, flushed washed my hads and went home.

A pee survey for the ladies:

1. What is your preferred peeing position? (Sit, Squat or Hover?) Sit. If I am in a hurry, I will squat or hover.
2. Does your stream go straight down or veer off a little? It veers off. Sometimes it sprays the seat.
3. What kind of undies do you wear?I have briefs, bikinis, cotton, some nylon, some silk,hi-cuts.
4. How far do you pull your undies down? knees.
5. When you pee, do you keep your legs spread apart or close together? either.
6. Do you wipe sitting or standing? sitting.
7. Do you wipe from front or back? front.
8. Do you flush sitting or standing? standing.

1. How long do you take to shit? 10 minutes
2. How many times a day do you shit? twice
3. what time of day do you usually shit? when I wake up, then @ 3in the afternoon. Sometimes after a large dinner about 9:00PM.
4. young guys any prom stories or date stores of taking a shit?
5. do you have chest hair? (younger guys) No.

Latino Pooper

First time posting here. I am wondering if their are any Latinos who might wanna post about their pooping experiences. I mainly wanna hear from guys like me, and see how ur dumps are color,size,smell, and sounds so please post. I will post some of my own poop experiences as well.

Happy pooping!

Jane (& Gary)

Laura: Hi there. I am also 5'7" and weigh 124 lbs. I, too, was afraid to poop in public toilets when I was young, though I was not afraid to pee. I was about 10 when I first started to be interested in pooping in public restrooms when I heard someone taking a noisy dump and flushing the toilet while still seated. I would poop in public restrooms now and then but would often clean up before I was completely done and would finish the dump when I went home. It wasn't until I was 16 when I had a very nasty dump in a public restroom after a dental appointment that I started to be a little more comfortable using the ladies room to poop. That summer, when I worked in my mother's office, I had several pooping episodes where I really let loose and overcame my shyness about pooping in public restrooms. The only thing I did was to just do it when I had to. I'm very sure you will eventually overcome your shyness and apprehension of using the public restroom to poop. You will especially need to if you will live in the dorms in college. Good luck to you, Laura.

By the way, if you look through the back pages, I have chronicled many episodes of pooping in public restrooms while in college.

Pete H
Those of you who poo your pants for fun. How often do you do it?
- once a week?
- once a month?
- once a year or more?

Poops are cool
Hey, anywone eveer watch there selves poo, well last night i took an idea from an old post and tried it, well I have a huge mirror, and I stood on it then sqauted and watched every part of my poop coming out, it was fun, first my butt hole want open then I saw it open, it was grwat, try it!

Laura -- ok, im not a young woman, but i kinda understand your fear of using public toilets. i went to the college of new jersey a few years ago and had the same problem. i just dont like the idea of taking a dump in a public bathroom. i kinda dealt with it by thinking well, i really dont have much of a choice, since i have no choice but to move my bowels, i might as well not make myself suffer and just go in the closest and most convenient place (the mens room) despite how i feel about it. sometimes though, if it was later on at night, and i wasnt feeling well or something, id go out ot one of the academic buildings or the library and use the bathroom there cus at night there werent very many people in those places so the bathrooms werent as busy, so it allowed for somewhat more privacy then the dorm bathrooms offered, but in all honesty, i never got 100% comfortable, and im still not, but remember, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.


I was in a bar in New Jersey last weekend. I was feeling pretty good until my bowels cramped fiercely. My reuben sandwich was creaming to be let out.

I high tailed it to the mens room to take a shit. I entered and was horrified to see that the toilet was completely out in the open, no stall or anything, right smack in the middle of the room. I mean, there were urinals on the right of it and two sinks, one to its left and the other in front of it.

I almost turned right back around, but a wet fart that threatened to empty into my pants made me change my mind.

I had to wait. There were seven or eight guys in the bathroom, waiting their turn. I stood on line for the toilet, my ass clenched. When it was my turn, I quickly wiped off the piss covered seat with TP. I pushed my jeans and boxers just past my ass and sat.

The other guys looked at me like I had just slit my own throat. They couldn't believe I was actually going to take a shit. I had no choice.

I relaxed my ass and diarrhea sprayed out with a huge, loud fart. I just stared at the floor and kept my arms across my lap. A second wave hit me, with more farting and plopping. It stunk, too. I was pretty humiliated.

As if that weren't bad enough, I realized that every time the door opened, anyone outside could see me on the shitter. Of course, just my luck, the line for the women's room crossed right in front of the men's room, so about half a dozen or so girls saw me on the toilet shitting my guts out.

When it was over, I wiped my ass as discreetly as possible. I pulled up my pants, washed my hands and left the bathroom. The girls in front of the door giggled and looked away from me. I was pretty embarrassed, but stayed for another hour or so anyway.

While walking home, I shit my pants a little bit when I let out a huge fart. It was the cherry on the cake of the day.

Good morning; humid here. Today I had my first truly normal b.m. in about a week. I had some surgery 9 days ago and after it had to take antibiotics, huge pills once a day for 3 days. While I was still in pain after the surgery, even sitting on the toilet was torture, but I did manage to have a good-sized poop (one fairly long thick turd) the first day. Next day, though, all I did was what felt like diarrhea, but when I looked at it it turned out to be powder. The antibiotics had killed my intestinal bacteria, which apparently help to make a good formed stool. The third day I was apparently getting used to the antibiotic; still painful sitting, and the poop was wet and sloppy, but beginning to show some form. Gradually the effects wore off, until this morning I felt ready for a good one. Putting up the seat, I squatted on the rim and held a mirror behind me and off to the right side. I watched as I pushed, and saw my anus slowly descend, then open, and my poop began to emerge. First a knobby short hunk, followed by a few nuggets (I hadn't seen anything that hard for a long time), then the main mass of the poop came easily on out, breaking off into three pieces, maybe 4", 7", and 3" respectively, all about an inch thick, and dark brown. There was still poop stuck to my anus, so I waited until it detached and fell. I then got off the rim (hard to squat for so long), lowered the seat, sat down, and pulled on my socks, pants, and shoes. That exertion stimulated my lower tract for another impulse of poop, and I watched a thin turd maybe 7" long come out. Then I was done, but wiping was a mess. I did finish up with a dab of Noxzema on the last piece of toilet paper, which helped me feel much cleaner. Since I have been home most of the past week, no interesting sightings lately.

your name whizzer
For you girls that wanted poop stories from us guys, here goes:

This morning I was piddling around and needed to poop but wated too late. I fanally went and it was a good one and slightly soft. I wiped, it took a lot of paper and pulled my underwear up(briefs) and felt something sticky.

I pulled my underwear down and some of it was in my underwear, I threw the underwear in the trash and cleaned up my ass. some of it had got on my pajamas, but not too bad.

I cleaned up with some wet toilet paper and changed clothes. Hope you enjoyed this one.

em dubya
Hi again everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been reading all the great new posts, please keep them coming! I figured an "accident" would be a great thing to post about since I haven't posted in so long. I've been waiting for that fullness, and now I'm ready. I'm wearing nothing except some black underwear (not boxers.) I just tooka pee so that I won't flood my chair. Ok, I'm kneeling on my chair with my butt sticking out behind me. Pushing...this one feels fairly solid, it's just coming out, I'll let it take its time for now. Ok, I've got to push...the firstpeice got kinda squished and broke off. Reaching back, I just gave my underwear a little tug so there'd be roomfor more. Another push...a smaller piece. Pulling my underwear downtolook, there's a big blob and a smaller blob,light brown. That felt good. Sorry,I hafta go clean up now. Keep posting all!

Wurz - co antrim
i love doing smelly poop poops...because i dont fart on a regular basis, usually only once/twice per week....there is no other joy that comes close to releasing a big fart turd!!!! woo hoo!!!!!!

i love poo

To Laura: Enjoyed your story

To Catherine: Liked your story

To Jenna: Liked your story

To Adam: Sounds like a big dump you had, enjoy the next one.was any other dudes in the bathroom when your were pooping?

To D: Loved your story about your b/f having a dump in the woods.

To Brian: Liked your story

To Mike: Liked your story..sounds like a nice dump you had

I was wondering something, if someone could answer this like Eric in chicago or any one else? Last night i was floating around another message board(non toilet) and i keep seeing messages about colored poop and i saw one about blue pee. Would that be possible to eat something and get blue pee? wouldn't it be you'd conusme a dye and it would end up another color and in your poop too? or could it be in you pee? i never heard of this..please answer..thanks


To Mister Peeper

Your stories about your Aunt Nancy are great. You were SOOO lucky to be in that situation. Were you always able to look in the toilet and see the poop? What was the oldest age that you were when the last time occurred that you saw her? Did she poop in front of her husband(your uncle). Wouldn't it have been something if she only pooped in front of you and he wanted to see her and she wouldn't let him!!

Hi my name is ross im 6"1 brown hair, brown e I have been reading here for a long
ive never had an accident but i have been very close. It all started when me and my family went out on a daytrip to a city called preston in the u.k when i was 15. That morning i had a slight feeling i had to poo but i knew i could hold it. As the day progressed i the urge to poo was getting stronger. we walked a round the city and i knew that i really needed to poo but i decided to hold it. An hour passed and and i farted a few times to relieve the pressure and i felt much better.

we were on our wy home and i thought i was gunna make it until we drove past a super market and my mum decided she wanted to go in. By this point i had never been so desperate to poo in my whole life so i went intoo the supermarket to use the toilet. To my horror there wasnt any my heart stopped i couldnt believe it i knew if i didnt find a toilet soon i was going to poo myself. so i went outside to the carpark where i found a bush, i pulled my pants down and did the biggest poo of my life it was soft but massive i had nothing to wipe with so i just pulled my pants up. i drove all the way home with a sicky pooey bum but no one noticed.

Hope you enjoyed the story all the best


Hi guys,

Zip: Thank you for your advice man. I will certainly consult with a physician to determine the cause of my constipation and loose bmīs. However I feeling better these days.

By the way, I had a cool oportunity to dump in my sporting club on Tuesday. I had finished playing tenis with my instructor for about an hour and I headed to the bathroom. It is a small one with a 2 urinal 2 stall and 3 sink facility. Originally I intended to take a leak but once in the bathroom I felt like taking a dump. I wish one of the instructors had been in there so that they could hear me while I took a shit. These guys are really cool but they have never seen me shit only take a piss which is no big deal. About a week ago I entered the same restroom and one of these guys (tenis instructor) was at the sinks washing his face. I just said Hi and he made small talk to me while a took a piss. Hopefully I did not have a shy bladder but it was weird talking to this guy while I hold my penis. Well, I thought it would be cool if next Tuesday the need arises for me to take a dump while one of these guys is in the menīs. It would be a really cool oportunity to semi buddy dump. Keep the cool stories coming. Particularly about cool guys taking a dump. There have been to few guy stories recently. Itīs not that I dislike girl stories but I also like guy stories.

Take Care.

I haven't posted for a while because I haven't had any good dumps that are worth mentioning. I felt the urge to do a poo about half an hour ago but when I tried to push it out, it wouldn't budge. It feels like a good solid one so I will come back later and let you all know how it went.

I drew a picture of someone I don't like on TP and put in the toilet
and sat down and took a good shit and I look and bulleye. That shit fell write on that face on the TP.

Drew another picture and wipe my butt and flush that mess down the toilet. It felt good.

Mike S. of U.S.A. of MD
To anybody have you pooped while you were taking a shower

potty animal
hi! I haven't posted like I said I would a long time ago {maybe not that long} but anyway. Im 12, and for some reason I like everything involved with mostly pooping.I'm glad I m not alone!I used to crap my pants every once and a while, but now I'm cutting it down to a minimum- maybe even to stop. But that dosen't mean These posts about pants pooping are bad! keep 'em coming!

oh yeah, and today is the 20 of june...

Hi to all. Can you tell more pee stories instead of poop. Try to balance it, Thanks.

I remember hearing a trapped in room story, can you tell any trapped stories?Those are interesting,thanks again.

Mister Peeper.
ROOT BEER KID - I asked my wife once why she smoked on the toilet and she told me she started doing it to cover up the smell while she was poo pooing. My aunt Nancy always smoked on the toilet. I remember seeing her all leaned forward with her arms folded across the top of her knees with a cigarette between her fingers. I remember the heavy smell of poop and cigarette smoke after she left the bathroom. I remember something my wife did once while we were getting ready to go to work one morning. She had just pooped and before she flushed she turned around and threw her cigarette into the toilet and when she did the cigarette stuck butt first into her turd. Her long turd was floating on top of the water with a lit cigarette stuck into it. We both got a big laugh out of it. I wish I had taken a picture of it. LOL.

Monday, June 21, 2004

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