Personal Info: I'm 5'7" 128 LBS (I may be small, but I am an eating machine...high metabolism rate), light brown hair, athletic, etc.)

I will be starting college this Fall, and I have a fear of using public toilets. The only place I feel comfortable pooping is at home, a relative's home, or at my best friends home (places where bathrooms are clean).

After track practice this year, we were finishing up a meeting, and I had major stomach cramps. I had to use the toilet. I knew I could not wait until I arrived home, so as soon as the meeting ended, I ran to the women's restroom. This restroom had 6 stalls, and 4 were in use. I took the 5th stall and had the loudest diarrhea that I could ever remember. I was soooo embarassed. After I flushed the toilet, and left my stall, I went to wash my hands. A girl washing her hands had a smirk on her face. I could feel I was turning beat red. As soon as I dried my hands, I quickly left the restroom. I can not stand snobby girls, it's not like she has never had a loud bowel movement before. Also, it's not like I could help the noises either. When I am having my period, I always seem to get diarrhea......Why do people have to make fun of others when they are moving their bowels?

As a young woman who will be entering college, how did you get over the fear of using public toilets on a constant basis? I would like to hear from other women from this forum. Also, what did you do to overcome your shyness?

Thank you,


Once, when i was 12, my class went on a camping trip. well, at this camping trip we were playing games--soft ball, obstical courses, etc. Well, it was during softball that this all happened. The bathrooms were unisex, and didn't have doors, so i didn't use them. I didn't shit, i didn't pee. So, me and a few friends were holding ourselves. During softball, the urge to pee got so bad that i asked the teacher with us if i could go to the bathroom. He said no. So, i held it. I was squirming like crazy, and i needed to piss so badly that i didn't care that everybody was seeing me jumping up and down, squirming, and holding a hand tightly over my ass. Then, suddenly, I needed to shit terribly! The urge came out of no where, and i asked the teacher if i could go to the bathroom. Once again, he said no. Then, sudddenly, I saw a close friend pissing and shitting on herself, and she was wearing a thong and a miniskirt, so it was all rolling down her leg. And her poo was diarrhea. All of this made me want to go even worse, and I was squirming, and stuff. Then, the pain got so bad that I was practically screaming. And now it was my turn up to bat. I was so busy concentrating on not shitting and pissing in my pants, that i got two strikes. I didn't want to be embarresed by striking out, so for about 40 seconds i stopped concentrating on not shitting and pissing, and concentrated on the ball. I hit it, and got a home run. I started running, and as i ran pee streamed down my leg. I tried to hold it in, but i couldn't. Once getting the home run, I croutched down on the ground in front of everybody, and clamped my hand over my ass, and rolled on the ground butt clentched so as not to release the rest of my shit and piss. I had only let a little out before, and didn't know what i'd do if the rest came out. Then this kid in front of me spills a little water on me, and I start pissing full stream! I couldn't get up, because i was in so much pain! I was paying so much attention to stop pissing, that i accidentally let go of my bowels. I started shitting. It was a large, hard log, and i started screaming i was in so much pain! Everybody gathered around me to watch me shit and piss on myself, and i was never more embarressed in my life! When the first hard log was out, I was able to stand up, and pull down my pants. I got my underwear off, and stood in front of everybody and shit another two large logs. I then went back to my tent and got spare clothes.

The next morning i woke up, and felt all crampy and gassy. I had never had my period before, so the idea that i might be getting my period never crossed my mind. So, we were doing this long, hard obsticle course, and i was half way through it, when suddenly i felt the need to shit. AND THEN, without any warning whatsoever, diarrhea started pouring down my jeans leg!!! Everybody started pointing at me and laughing and staring, and then, i felt that my pants were wet in another way! I quickly ran off the obsticle course, and into the woods. I then took my pants off, and discovered that i had had my period! After relizing this, i had another diarrhea explosion in my pants 20 minutes later while eating lunch.

I just realized that i have had a couple poo accidents in my life...oh well. now, whenever i get my period, it is accomponied by uncontrolable diarrhea, which has sometimes made me have to shit in wierd places! (like the janators closet, but we won't go into that one yet...)

When I was 8 years old me and my family went camping, I also brought my friend Kristen along, we were on our trip for one week, me and Kristen played truth dare double dare, I chose double dare and Kristen dared us to not poop for 2 days, so we waited for 2 days, finally 2 days up and we really had to go poop, we had to go look for an outhouse and we coulnt find one, me and kristen said the only thing we can do is go in bushes, me and her sat beside eachother and squated, we both farted alot at first and then huge logs started coming out, we felt so refreshed when it was done, but the next day we had direhha, and we promised to never wait more than one day to poop again, and that is my story, hope you enjoy your pooping, have a poopy day!

Hey, first time posting here. I want to say that this is a great site and I'm glad there's other people like me who enjoy going to the bathroom. A person's pooping habits is usually a strong indication of their personality.
Anyways, I'll tell you about my last dump that I took in a public stall. It was a week ago, and I had to poop pretty bad. I could have held it in another day or so, but I deciced that I am very comfortable pooping at school, especially since it's college, where there are a ton of stalls.
I sat on the toilet for a good thirty minutes. I didn't feel like I had to poop that much, but the poop just kept coming and coming, and it felt great. In total they probably added up to about 3 feet long and two inches thickness! It felt so good, and I am ready to take another one right now.

Over the weekend i went camping with my boyfriend. After a little (or maybe a lot) of drinking the night before, we woke up in the morning in our tent. After letting out a few smelly farts, he tells me that he has to take a poop. I told him to pull up a tree!! so he goes over to a tree that was maybe about 20 feet from the tent. he stands with his butt against the tree and this back bent over, kinda like how you stand when you ski. his BM started out with a loud puttering fart, i was standing right next to him, i knew the poop would be next. i turned and went back into the tent. i wanted to watch him and see it all happen but i didn't want thim to think i was weird. i listened from to tent and thought i might have heard a few plops but wasn't sure. i wanted to look out the door of the tent but i didn't want him to see me peeking. after about 3 minutes, he returned to the tent. i told him that i had to pee so i went out of the tent and purpously looked over at the tree that he had used. i didn't have to pee i just wanted to see what he had left behind. There is was, a med brown chocolate colored poop. There were 3 globs that looked like they got stuck oozing down the tree and at the botton of the tree there was a nice sized plop on the ground that has to be about 2 inches deep and maybe 5 inches wide. it was the consistancy of pudding. after seeing what he did i realy wanted to have a BM right there in the woods but i didn't have to go. maybe next time i will watch him. but i don't know if he will think i am weird or gross. i hope not. maybe i'll catch him another time :)

To Chen i know what u talking about covering the seat with paper
here is one my poop stories of last year i just got done eating
some Chinnese food my stomah was hurting so i went 2 abry"s it were my friend works so any way i rush 2 the toilet i didn't had time 2 cover the seat as soon i sat done all luiqd poop stream out i wason the toilet 4 about 15 minutes keep up your cool stories Chen
The Boy that covers the seat

Hey Mike!

That story about you and Jason the roofers' son hit the spot for me and alot of readers. I think people really wish going to the crapper wasn't such an issue for most people. It's a natural function, but people really get self conscious about it. Me and several buds of mine have the kind of relationship where we'll crap in front of each other. There's something really liberating about it. It's male bonding of the highest order. Keep the stories coming!

Hey waz up, im a new writer here. I just love this site. Well anyway, justa quicke. Can anybody please write about times in PUBLIC SPORT RESTROOMS. I would just love to here one.

Hi everyone,
Well this is my 1st time posting. I love reading the stories! I think they are great!
I better get on with my story. It was 6 at night on a Tuesday, and we were in the basement playing billards(i was loser) well anyways, it was my turn to hit, and i had the urge to fart, so i let it rip....but this one was different i felt some squishy stuff and i knew it wasnt a fart. Early that day about 45 minutes i had taken a poop, or should i say diahrea, i had been haveing diahrea for the past few days it was real messy!
Anyways when i had felt the diahrea in my underwear i knew i was in trouble, so i told my friend Jose that i had shit my pants and he was giggling.
I ran into the basement bathroom and wiped up and then put the underwear in hot water. g2g bye

Hey guys.
I just got off the toilet after doing a good poo poo. Here is what happened.

I was sitting around reading, when I felt an unrgent need to poo. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. Today, I decided to prolong my sit by holding it in for a bit. After about 6 minutes or so, I was starting to fart, fart, and fart. I knew my poo couldn't wait for much longer! I went pee, which lasted only 6 seconds. Then more farts: some of which were stinky and loud. Finally, I decided to let my poo come. My butt opened up, and 5 fairly decent sized individual peices of poo plopped into the toilet. Then my butt opened up more, and out crackled a nice, firm, long poo. It felt so good coming out after holding it in! I wiped, flushed, then left to post about it.

Well, that's it for today.

Keep dropping the poo!

Take care guys.


Wow! You're another lady that can push out huge turds. Good story!

Michael W.
Why can some people push out huge turds while others can only achieve much smaller poops?

My girlfriend for example consumes alot of food and she often clogs the toilet with thick logs. I, on the other hand, eat the same things she does but never have any big turds. In fact, they're pathetic and not even worth mentioning.

I guess everyone digests and stores food differently but maybe someone that's knowledgeable can explain the reasons.

Hello all,

Recently I've been having a problem when I poo. When I've finished and wipe up I find small amounts of blood on the paper (bright red). This has happened a couple of times and I've asked my doctor once who said that it was a result of pushing too hard. I noticed also that it would happen when I've eaten peanuts the night before, there would be pieces of the nuts in the poo that were sharp and would hurt when coming out. In the last week or so I've stopped eating them and the problem has gone subsided. Could this be a possible cause?

Yesterday at work I was putting some stock on the shelf when I had to sneeze. I sometimes try not to sneeze while putting stock away so I held. As I did that though I did a small but audible fart. I think an attractive woman in my near vicinity would have hurd but she didn't do anything. lol

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hi Evonne Like you and your sister Liz I often get constipated - which I classify as not going for 5 days or more. If I have not had the urge to go by then I do try the 6th day onwards - perhaps several times a day. My rectum then can be uncomfortable as it must be swollen and distended. I tend to make squeaky farts when straining which is often uneventful. I am 49, tall - 5 feet 10 inches with a large build, but with a shapely pear-shaped bottom and large boobs. When I eventually pass a stool after many days of constipation, sometimes with the help of a rectal lubricant, it is large in diameter (2.5 inches), hard for the first few inches, and full of compacted boluses. Often very little wiping is required which is good as I am somewhat hairy down there. I usually go at the office as often the stool is too large to flush - so I leave it for the cleaning ladies to deal with. Other women in the office also often leave their efforts on display - fortunately no one seems to complain. I have fortunately never had an anal fissure or piles, but my anus can ache for sometime afterwards. Evonne - try a finger full of lubricant if you are really stuck, and by the way what is the longest time you have been constipated ?

The Root Beer Kid
Hey Mister Peeper -
GREAT stroy about your Aunt Nancy - I envy you getting that opportunity, especially getting to see her smoke while sitting on the toilet. Now I really don't know why, but for a long time I've had this fascination about women smoking while sitting on a toilet. In my mind, I try picture what all the female smokers I have known would look like smoking in the act of shitting. My wife used to smoke long before I knew her - if she still smoked she would have never been my wife, but that's another story. Anyway, she told me that she always smoked while taking a shit. I would never want to see her go back to smoking, yet I'm always trying to imagine what she must have looked like doing it...wish I could have seen it live. I've never figured out why I have such a fascination about this - maybe because it's an unusual combination? Who knows for sure. So...that having been said, I tip my hat to you Mister Peeper. BTW -- would any other female smokers on this site (past or present) be willing to share their thoughts and experiences on the subject?

Hey Everyone~

First off I just wanted to say hi to every one, girls...keep those outdoor pooping stories coming. Does anyone know of any women pooping scenes in movies? Also....I have been having trouble pooping lately and I was going to get a laxative but I don't know what to there liquid? Or are there only pills? and how long do the take to go into affect? OK...on to my story...a few days ago I wrote in about going out in my yard and having a very gassy/squirty dump outside...I like to do that...i feel free, and it just so happend my neighbor Jon was watching me and talking to me at the same time. Well two nights later I hadn't pooped since then so I went outside again when i didn't think I could hold it any longer. But this time it was his wife Liz out there watering her plants....(Just for a fact there is about a good 10-15 yard seperation between the yards and it isn't a crowded sub-division.) I went out there, saw her and she said hi and I said hello....Then i got right to the chase, I said.." Do you mind but I really have to have a poo and I feel better about going outside in my little spot here...(My spot is this bushy area where there is a little cover but not much, plenty of room to dig a little hole if needed.) She said "go right ahead I go outside all the time." I said thank I pulled down my jeans and white thong and soon as I got into position i let loose with a explosion of diareha and a coulple of wet farts. She looked and said..." Sounds like its gonna be a good one"....In between farts and soft poop coming out I said " I think so"..for some reason I couldn't stop farting...every ten between me having the squirts...The best partt was when she came up and said " I have to have a pee mind if I squat next to you?" I said of course not....but she didnt have to pee...She had a squirt on...she squatted and peed for like 15 seconds when all of the sudden she said oh (pffffft...wave of poop....brrrrrt!...wave of poop..) She exploded all over my bush...I was just finsihing up and wiping while she was releasing poop exactly as I was....It was quite the experience....Now we will poop and pee together sometimes if we are out there at the same time....Girls keep the poop stories with farts involved coming in....and if someone could answer my 2 questions that would be great.....see ya soon....Michelle!

hi, i was interested in learning whether most men pee thru their fly, or over the top? i would like to read some more male pee stories.

last week, I ate some chinese food for supper and after it really gave me the runs, so before I went shopping I went to the rest room, after I was fine and I went shopping, then as I was shopping, I farted once and I didnt wanna what was going to happen soon! so I waited a few minutes and I farted again, then I felt very gassy, so I went to ask if they had washrooms, they had NO WASHROOMS! so I was still shopping, by then the cramps in my stomac started to get worse, I farted again and my gas really was cramping, so I went to sit down for a minute then I felt I really badly had to go i mean it was an emergency so I left my stuff in the store ran to my car and looked for something to poo in, finally a jar I took the jar and down my pants went and sploosh splash went my poo.

stinkey ed
hey, first timer here, ive been readin the posts here for a while and i can easily say that my 2 favorites are Carmalita and punk rock girl, but any ways, heres one of my stories...

about a month ago my girlfriend and i were watchin a movie (at my house) and she was on my lap and all of a sudden, i felt a hard vibration and she said "i gotta go take a dump" so i let her up and she was on her way down the hall. i walked down and listened by the door, i heard some hard farts and a really loud plop and a couple smaller plops. she came out and said she was sorry that she clogged it up (i didnt have any thing 2 unclog it with) i told her it was alright and i would take care of it. we sat back down and finished the movie and we both fell asleep during it, of course she layed on her stomach because i can asume her ass hurt like hell. an hour later she left and i decided that it was time for me 2 unclog the pot, so i went in there 2 see exactly how big her load was. HOLY S??T!!! it was about the biggest load i had ever seen, it must have been atleast a foot long and a big part of it stuck out of the water. it was nice 2 see she was eating her vegatables...LIKE CORN! 3 smaller turds were around this monster, also decorated with corn. i walked out with a sigh and went into my room searching for a pair of rubber gloves. i thought i found them, but it was just an empty box...just my luck, now i had 2 pick the mother of all shits up out of the crapper and break it into smaller pieces...WITH MY BARE HANDS!!! i went back into the bathroom 2 aproach she shit of all times. i slowly reached into the toilet (barehanded) and picked up this mother-shit. she smell was absolutly horrible. i hurried and broke it apart and flushed. i washed my hands for almost 30 minutes getting all the shit off my hands. i never felt clean. my hands stunk like shit all day. so after that experience i went on down 2 the store and got a plunger (about time, eh?) so i wouldnt go thru this experience ever again. well, she came back over a week later and took another monster shit and was happy 2 see what i bought at the store, so now she can send her creations down herself.

thats all for now, stinkey ed


Hi all. Have not posted in a while.
But for all those who want to know how I, as a woman, poops, I am posting about my recent bad constipation.

All this trouble is due to all the pizza and chocolate cake I ate last week at my birthday party. I am now 35. Everybody knows I love 'three cheese' pizzas and that is what they ordered for my party. I over did it and must have eaten four or five slices over a period of two hours with several cokes, then cake, and I really felt stuffed.

It has been a week and since then, I have only been to the toilet once. I was in a lot of discomfort. It hurt holding it in and hurt worst pushing it out, which I think is why I hate going to the toilet. It took a long time with extra effort and became really painful as it
began to stretch me. Terrible straining, time after time, trying to get my hole to stretch enough and forced it out. It took me about thirty to forty minutes each time on the toilet, what a drag.

At the party, my sister Liz was there also directing it all and she ate her full share. If there is one thing that constipates my sister and I, it is cheese. As a rule, we were always somewhat constipated no matter what we ate. When we were growing up we loved to eat pizza. Mom made a really special extra cheese pizza twice a week. We still indulge even though we know what will follow three or four days later.
Mom was always constipated so we figured that was the way we poop. She did some whoppers that plugged to toilet.

I read about cheese being very constipating and I know the cheese on the pizza stops up my bowels and makes the poop move slow until days later it it is ready. It seems to accumulate into hard knots in my rectum making a really big, wide, hard poop to push out. After eating junk, my rectum slowly fills with these hard chunks of poop that get pressed together. As the days go by, it builds up to a large hard mass that gets longer in my rectum.
But I hate going to the toilet so much that I wait too long. It seem that I don't get the urge to poop until way too late in the movement cycle. Sometimes in the toilet at work, I do stick my finger in there with some toilet paper to see how big and hard it is.

Eventually with time or by checking it, I know that somethings down there at my opening ready to come out.

The first four inches of my poop is the worst. With a blunt face it is difficult to get my hole to open. Sometimes I have to put some toilet paper on my finger and stick it in there wiggling it to try to open it up. Sometimes I try to dig a chunk out. This seems to stimulate my bowels which helps move it out. But when it finally does start coming out, it hurts, and it gets bigger and bigger until it reaches the max stretching me to the limit and then stays the same size for about four inches until the smoother part.
It is a real fight for every inch coming out. A lot of times it is just stuck part way out. If its like, that I try reach around and pull on it with toilet paper. Most of the time it just breaks off.
My poops are somewhere between two to three inches across. Then they usually taper a bit. Length wise they are about six to ten inches long.

Liz has told me that cheese effects her the same way, plugging her up. I am wondering now how she did with it on the toilet this week. Later on, I am going to ask her if she had a hard time -or if she comes over, she might want to use the toilet in my apartment. Then I will find out what happens and post. She could get some quiet un-interrupted toilet time since she lives with her roommate in an apartment on the other side of town.

When we were growing up, even though she is smaller, my sister always did bigger poops than me. She gets really red in the face when she pooping, trying so hard to get it out. So do I, and sometimes I push so hard that I get cramps in my ????, like I did this week.
When I go, I scrunch up my face, grit my teeth, squint my eyes tightly shut, take a deep breath lean over, and bear down trying to squeeze my poop out.

My bf tells me that I look great doing this but I don't think so. He loves to see it so sometimes I let him watch it come out. He says it makes him big, and it does. He loves it.

When I know its going to be a very diffucult bowel movement and with all the noise I make straining and grunting, I always go at home for privacy. Trying to push out a really large, hard rasping poop takes much effort.

So this week after my party, my poop has been even harder (very rock solid) and wider than my usual hard wide ones. Nearing three inches across it split me a little coming out and that really hurt.

I used a hand mirror to look at my butt and it was quite a contrast between creamy butt cheeks and my sore puffy butt hole with big dark brown bumps all around. The thing I don't like is that it looks like I have a big butt hole compared to my curvy hips and slender body. I guess all the years of stretching makes it bigger.

I put some cream on my hole to soothe it and make it hurt less.
Better now.


The other night our family went out for dinner for my Dad's birthday. We just went to a bistro sort of thing, no fancy restaurant, which was good coz they serve decent sized meals. That day and the day before i had been pretty bored and when im bored i usually eat alot, so before we even went out i was feeling full in the stomach.

By the time we got in there, sat around and ordered out meals i had a pretty good urge to take a shit. I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom.

I walked into the ladies room and it was nice and clean. I looked in the mirror then looked around, bent down a little to look under the stall doors and no one was in there, so i felt free to rip a big loud fart that echoed around the whole bathroom. I stood there and strained hard to pop out another fart. I walked into a stall and pulled my jeans and thong right down to my ankles. Before i sat down i bent right over and spread my ass cheeks then ripped a really big, tight sounding fart and moaned. I was getting excited, i put two fingers on my warm asshole and pressed, i pushed one finger inside my hole and felt the tip of my fart, moist turd. I spread my cheeks again and kept them spread until i put my ass on the seat. I forced out another tight sounding fart, then started to pee. i looked between my legs at my pee stream, which was crystal clear and quite strong. I finished peeing then started to push. It was a tough one, so i moaned and groaned and strained as loud as i pleased in the empty bathroom. It started to strecth my hole as it poked its way out. It was crackling away and i was moaning slightly in pleasure, i started to moaned louder as the nice thick and smooth turd eased my asshole wider and wider. As i was enjoying myself i heard a rustle in the stall next to me, i froze, every part of my body froze(even my poop stopped coming out) my heart was pounding as i heard another rustle then some poop crackling. I looked under stall seperater and there were no feet. This chick was in the stall next to me, squatting on the seat, pooping and had heard all of my farting and moaning, even tho im pretty open about my functions i was very embarrased and dint want to drop my poop while this chick was still there. I didnt have too much trouble holding my poop, it felt really good having a nice turd hanging out. The girl next to me didnt take very long. Her poop crackled out, plopped softly, she wiped and washed her hands. It felt like i was holding my breath the whole time, i exhaled loudly. I got back to enjoying my nice dump. I pushed slightly and got it moving again, it came out easily, it was very moist, almost slimy. It came out really fast at the end and plummeted into the water absolutley soaking my ass in piss water. It felt awesome, i shivered and moaned. I pushed, but there was no more to come out. I rolled off some paper and wiped, but my asshole was still half loose, it was still open a little bit, which felt weird. I pulled my pants up, flushed and left. I went back to out table and my meal was there, everyone was eating. Dad looked up at me and said "Geez, took your time." I smiled and started eating my large meal, knowing i would pushing it out the next day.

The End


When I was about 10 years old I had a very bad case of direhha and I would have to go bathroom at least every 10 to 20 minutes, but I was lucky it was summer brake at school, but I still went #2 at home alot, the problem was once we went to Superstore and we were walking along, I told my mom I am going to the bathrom, the only problem was I couldnt, there was a HUGE line up for the bathroom, by then I really had to go, I went back to my mom to tell her and she said well you can wait a few minutes were almost done, but no I coulnt I ran outside got in a good place were no one would really see me pulled down my pants and suddenly woosh! I filled up the whole area with poo, the embarresing part is someone who worked there came out and saw me, they asked why didnt I use the toilet I told her why, and I said go please I have more buisness to do, she said no please waita second and she got some toilet paper for me and a plasic bag, here you go she said and i did the rest in the bag and I wiped, after I went bnack to the store feeling much better and I just said I got threw the line up, that was my excues but after in the store I accedently went #2 again but this time it was solid. that was an embarrising story!

when I was 12 years old, I was at school, I got in very big trouble and had to go to the pricables office for the whole day! and we were not allowed to leave our seat, even if it was an emergency, I had very bad stomahc cramps and lots of gas, I really felt I had to go poo, I begged him if I can please go to the washroom, he slammed his stick on my table, NO! that just made my cramps feel worse, about half an hour later I felt I had to go pee so I had very very bad cramps by then, I after put my hand up and I told him I really have to go like I have to go poo so bad, he said No again and if I did an accedent in my pants I will be there after school, 1 hour later I thought I was gonna burst, finally lunch time I ran to the bathroom but there was only 2 bathrooms and like 30 people ahead of me, I waited for a while suddenly my face got red and my cramps got tighter and tighter then I ran outside and went to the bushes, down my pants went and I just nealed down and WOOSH SPLISH SLOSH I had direhha, as my pee was going the same time as my poo, I waited a few minutes after then I was finally done, then I thought what am I going to wipe with, I took lots of leaves and wiped with them but when I was all done that I ate lunch and went back to the picables office and I had to really go agaain and suddenly fart sploosh woosh fart I went in my pants the Mr. Jadehea the princeable said YOU PROBLY WISH YOU DIDNT DO THAT! and I stayed after school! after my parents heard what happened and they let me go to a different school, that is how mad they were!

I love sitting on the toilet, especially feeling your poo trying to squeeze it's way out, yesturday I had a huge poo, I sat on the toilet and 1.2.3 PUSH, not coming yet, again PUUUUUUSH and the turtles head was sticking out but not all the way out, 3 time i puuuuuuuuuushed as hard as I could and it came out, it felt so great, but I think I could poo all day, I love the hard ones, the ones that hurt they feel so good! I hate the soft ones, they dont hurt and there is more to wipe! for all u peeps who like pooping out there have a wounderful day!

when I was 17 years old me and my friends were at the mall and me annd my 2 other friends had to go washroom, me and Carly felt we had to go poo and pee and Kayla only had to pee, so we went to the washrooms, we were waiting for other people to finish, the other ladys in the washroom were going poo but me and Carly really had to go so we asked if they can hurry up, they were like well I am going poo do you mind? ok we said, 10 minutes later they came out and me and Carly got to finally go, Kayla was stuck up and forgot about it and waited for us at another store and when me and Carly got in we started farting alot, Carly was done before me and she said she will be at the same store as Kayla, after a little girl walked, she went in the stall beside me, I kept on farting but no poo was coming out, finally sploosh a poo droped out and the little girl was like ewwww she is going poo and the lil girl left but I still wasnt done, the rest of the poop was stuck in my butt, so I took my fingers and made room for the poo to come out then suddenly a huge most biggest poop came out, it felt very good when it came out.

Eric in Chicago
Anthea: a non-trivial component of poop is sloughed-off colon lining (IIRC, it regenerates itself every two days or so), which would contain your DNA and nobody elses. But there would be a whole bunch of contaminants, like bacteria and residual stuff from food you ate, so separating out the various sources would be rather difficult.

Short Skirt Girl: My background in biochemistry and physiology is pretty much avocational, starting from when I was 10 (it came in handy in figuring out how to shit in colors, how to make real big shits, and how to make lots of piss, when I was a kid). Now that I stop and think about it, my big motivation may have stemmed from the fact that when I was a little kid, I had been playing some games with some friends that involved drinking "medicine" that was just water with green food coloring. Afterwards, I took a green shit and I was real impressed and I wanted to do it again, though I didn't do it again until I was 13, at which point I understood the physiology involved, and actually managed to take a blue shit in the toilet, shortly followed by taking a green shit in my pants. I don't have formal training in the fields, though when I've dealt with medical professionals regarding conditions involving family members, they've always been impressed. Some of my work is somewhat related to biomedical matters (mostly involving evaluation of balance and eye-body coordination).

Mike: Your story about that roofer guy was real cool. I work as a house painter and handyman (I'm 24 now). Bro, you ain't got no idea how bad it is when you are on the job and you need to take a piss or a shit real bad. You just have to grin and bear it. My boss always warns us NEVER to ask customers to use their bathrooms. I guess that Jason must have viewed you as a buddy rather than a customer and so you had that great opportunity to chat with another dude while he was dropping a big load. I've got to admit that I have occasionally peed in a yard while on a job (if the customer was out of sight), but I've never had the guts to take a shit that way. Like that guy Jason I also get to take a shit at fast food places most of the time. Usually, me and a couple of buddies do it together, but then we're in separate stalls and it's not as cool as being with other guys in the situation you describe. I always, however, chat with my buddies while we shit in adjacent stalls and everyone is real cool about it. Hey, this is a great site. Keep up the stories about cool dudes taking a dump.

Jennie. I think it's pretty much the case that accidents are far commoner than we sometimes imagine.

Mister Peeper. Thanks for clarifying one of the points I raised. It goes without saying that I wasn't surprised to see what you said about Aunt Nancy doing pre-poo farts. She sounds to me like the kind of lady who probably would. I'd say you were very privileged indeed, being allowed in the bathroom when she was taking a dump.

anna. I enjoyed your account of Aunt Julie's major poo. It sounds to me as though she was very constipated indeed and hadn't done anything for several days. I don't envy the maid who had the job of unblocking the toilet though!

Brian & Maureen. Any good experiences lately?

Last week I was on holiday for a few days and there were a couple of young women (thirtyish) at the place where I was staying that I got quite friendly with. Neither of them were skinny and one of them, who I will call Sarah, had a well-rounded shapely bum. One evening I heard them mentioning the possibility of a pub crawl later that night and my ears naturally pricked up. I don't know whether they actually went on it or not, but the next morning they both had a bad case of 'the runs' - a fact which was relayed to me by someone else in the party. I couldn't help imagining liquid poo squirting out of Sarah's shapely bum as she sat on the toilet, shitting for England - and I bet she could too! However by the time I saw them they'd got a ???? potion and were much recovered. I'd have liked the chance to have lent them my Imodium (something I always carry plenty of) but it wasn't necessary. Still, there we are.

Best wishes to all!

I feel the same way Louise.

Here's my pee story...
A few days ago I was on my way home from a nightclub, I needed to pee before I went but I decided to hold it because the toilets in the club were disgusting. coming out of the club I was desperate, I found a spot behind a bush, after all those drinks I was kind of dizzy so I couldn't squat down; instead I took off my skirt and thong, stood with my legs apart and started to pee it was steady stream of strong yellow pee that made a really loud splashing noise as it hit the ground, scared of getting caught I hurried up and pushed the pee out, it made a loud hissing noise. when I had finished I put my skirt on but left my thong there (I didn't realise i was peeing on it) wiped off the drops of pee with the back of my skirt and carried on home.

seeya, luv Leanne

Hey Cat, I agree that peeing is just as exciting as poop! Being a guy we have it pretty easy because no matter where we are at, (generally) we can find a bush and go. I wonder though, with your story about peeing in the sink, how did you aim? Guys have a much easier time hitting a target, but how do girls make sure it goes where they want it to?

The Poop Lover

I'm with ya Sammi. I also hate diarrhea so much. I also would rather poop a softball sized log than have the runs. Although sometimes diarrhea is better, but most of the time, no.

One time I was pushing out a turd that was very spiky. I could tell it was bloody by the way it felt. It was hard. My butt hurt bad. I pushed and pushed and it moved slowly. I wondered how bloody it was. I didn't want to bleed a lot. I pushed a lot. A few minutes went by and it was half way out. I couldn't believe how spiky it ws. The spikyness made it hurt a lot. Half way out, it was the widest it was gonna get. I sat there savering the moment, concentrating on the pressure. I sat there for a minute or so. Then I started to push again. I realized how easy it was to push out. I had to move around some to get it to move, but it was fairly easy to make it move when I pushed. My face was in cortusions because of the pain. It took a few minutes to push the rest out. That was the only one that came out. I was so relieved. I looked at it and it was an inch and a half wide and six inches long. It was red because it was bloody. Who knows why it was bloody. I wiped about ten times.

I has been quite a while since I last posted here. I have not had even the time to read the postings. Here are a few stories and comments.

I took a week's vacation after Memorial Day weekend. Every year I go to Moab, UT for the weekend to do some four wheeling. I usually stay at the Lazy Lizard hostel. In past years, it was mostly college age kids that stay there but it seems like this year, there were more post college age people there instead. The college kids are more open when they use the bathroom. I past trips, I enjoyed shitting with other people in the bathroom. There was no interesting shitting story from there this year. I also hung around town as well and I ran across some H.S. kids near the Eddit McStiff's pizza place. I saw one girl wearing those low-cut pants. Her pants were so low that a part of her butt crack showed and she was cute. I would have enjoyed seeing her take a dump.

After my trip to Moab, I traveled to California instead of going home to Colorado. I spent several days in the Sacremento area and I spent a lot of time in the Davis area especially at the UC Campus. I already took a quick shit at the Hostel on the first day there but the next day, I took a good dump at the UC Davis Student center. There was a guy in the stall next to me. I could hear some crackling and farts from him along with some plops. He was finished and left before I even had the chance to finish my dump myself. I bypassed going to SF and made my way down the coast staying with a friend one nite. I stopped in SLO and went over to the Cal Poly campus. I remembered taking a shit there when I was on vacation in CA about 10 years ago. I then went down to Santa Barbara and stayed at the SB Tourist Hostel. Very interesting place. It was mostly college kids and it is advertised as a partying place. I am starting to get too old to do that now but still enjoy it. I got there at 10 at nite and left first thing. I had to get down to LA by Noon and I wanted to stop in Ojai since I missed it 10 years ago.

When I was at the SB Tourist Hostel, I had to take a big shit in the morning. Unfortunately, no one was up yet to enjoy it with. I am sure the kids staying there had some good shits later in the morning especially with alcohol being involved. This goes back to my college days when I would get drunk and I get up late the next morning and I would have the shits.

Next, I saw someone have a post to where there was no plunger and they shit so much that they were embarassed to ask their host to clean up. When I grew up, my Mom thought it was a good idea not to have toilet plungers in the house and I raised hell about not having one when the toilet got clogged. She refused to have a plunger in the bathrooms. When I got my own place, I put a plunger next to each toilet. If someone is visiting and they clog the toilet, they have the means to save face.

Lastly, I enjoyed one of the past post by Mike when the construction crew was by at his parents house. I enjoyed the story when one of the construction worker's kid (Jason) needed to take a dump and how he was open about it. From what I can gather, most kids are not open on shitting unlike when I and others who are my age when we were their age.
Today's college kids have it good with the new dormitories that don't have community bathrooms.

Right on Louise - let's hopefully get some more talk going about peeing. Did you ever get stuck in traffic and have to pee so badly you didn't know what to do?


Twice Shy
My contribution to the Chesapeake

Since I see that folks enjoy pee tales, I thought I'd describe the toilet arrangements for #1 that were available, the last time I took my 8.5-foot inflatable dinghy onto the broad and busy waters of the Potomac river, near Mount Vernon, VA. On a previous trip, as I told in this very forum, our three-man crew was instructed by the skipper to go to the transom platform and discharge into the water. The Potomac is a big place; folks are rarely upon you at close range, so brief exposure typically goes unseen. Well, I'd been under way for a couple of hours from the boat launch, when I realized I'd better perform a whiz, in the traditional inland waters way. I killed the 4hp 4-stroke and went forward to the bow, propping myself as far as I could without going overboard, and attempted to project as far as I could from the boat, since it is not a nice thought to think of placing even the sterile excrement onto one's own beloved ship. I was alone, so I could do what I wanted. The problem in a dinghy is that other very, very fast powerboats can be close by, before you know it. Being the skipper, I was performing the duty of lookout, of course, as were they. Still, the thought of some crew member getting a flash from Mr. Jerry was not a nice one. Dilution is a great thing, for water quality. All kinds of stuff gets dumped into the Potomac, in these unofficial ways. We must remember, that everyone lives upstream. I took a total of 3 such leaks on that trip.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

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