let me tell u about a experince i had, well i was at a rave a lot of things were going on in there but anyway i got the feeling of needing a good shit and it was 1 am and my friends did not want to leave so i found the only bathroom in the place and it was only a 2 seater for both boys and girls and i did not feel comfortable about taking a dump with guys around. but i couldnt wait it out so i stood in a line of about 16 people and i was dieing. when it finally got to my turn this girl behind me was pratically crying for me to let her go infront of me but i had to tell her no i was in the same perdickment. well i got in there immeadently dropped my pants and panties and starting pooping really loudly, well the other only other toilet beside me was a guy taking a shit and there was a lot of angry people waiting in line , but what could u do got to go when u got to go.


That BM must've smelled awful. What sort of stuff do you eat? I eat about everything and I never have any large turds.

Hi. I'm Bethany, I'm 28 years old, blonde, 127 pounds. That should give you an idea of what I look like. Think Cyndi Lauper with long blonde hair (with red highlights right now).

The last time I shit my pants was when I was fifteen. I had been constipated and hadn't taken a shit in almost a week. Then, one day, my science class was out doing some surveying. I felt my bowels churn and my rectum filled up with shit. I knew I was in trouble when I felt my asshole open up and the load of shit start inching its way out uncontrollably.

I froze, then told my teacher I had to run inside, I had to go to the bathroom. We were just out behind the school. I started up toward the school, then decided to make a run for the porta-potties by the baseball field instead. I was about halfway there, and the shit was already on its way out. I could not hold it. It wasn't diarrhea, quite the opposite. It was a HUGE THICK LOG. I couldn't stop it! I finally stopped and put my hands to my head in humiliation as a week's worth of shit forced its way out of my ass into my panties.

When it finally stopped, I had a big squished log of shit squashed between and against my buns. It was extremely gross. I waddles to the porta-potties and stepped in one. I pulled my jeans down to my ankles and very carefully pulled my panties down. It was that kind of really dense, hard shit, so it didn't really stick to my skin. I hovered over the "toilet" and tried to dump the shit out, but I couldn;t flip my panties over enough.

I sat down, kicked off my sneakers and stepped out of my jeans. With great care, I pulled my shit filled panties off and dropped them in the cesspool underneath me. The landed with a loud plop. Amazingly, my jeans had been spared, my panties had taken the brunt of the abuse.

I sat down and finished what I'd started, though I only managed to squeeze out a couple more chunks and a big fart. I wiped my ass (I mean my antire ass, cheeks and everything), and pulled my pants back up. I spent the rest of the day with no panties.

The closest I've come to doing that again was a couple of years ago, when I farted but a glob of soft poop came out with it. Luckily, my clenched butt cheeks stopped it, and I was able to make it to the bathroom without messing my panties.

Good times.

Punk Rock Girl: I've had a colonic. It was cleansing, but the nozzle shoved up my rectum was brutal. Alternating, warm and cold water are run through you and you see two hoses, one for intake of water and one for the outgo of water and waste. You will see lots of undigested food extracted. The process lasts for about 30-60 minutes. Then, you sit on the toilet to discharge any water left in you. A colonic is not an enema. A colonic cleans the walls of the intestines. An enema flushes out fresh wastes.

Melody: When I was 15, I had resumed using the toilet in my high school. While there, I had a fascination with others using the toilet. My favorite was the girls gym. My first time in 10th grade was a loose bowel movement. See my earliest posts. In summer school, I used to see other girls using the toilet. I liked having a bowel movement before morning math class. See my earlier posts. Scat porn is not my cup of tea.


I was in midtown on Easter vacation and had to make #2 badly, so I found a hotel with a public ladies toilet. I found a stall, put paper and sat on the seat with my jeans and light blue nylon panties at my ankles. Next stall to me was a young woman with her gray slacks and black 2xist panties at her ankles. I could not help but tell her that I liked her panties. She told me that she bought them recently. I released my bowels with a farty squirt and three plops, then some more farty squirts. I had eaten fruits and Chinese vegetables earlier in the day. The young lady was letting off farts. She said to me, "You got diarreah, kid." I told her that this was minor. She said, "I am taking a huge rock hard shit." Then, I heard three large plops. Anyway, I urinated and sat awhile until the irritation in my stomach and rectum subsided. Anyway, I wiped myself and pulled up my clothes. The toilet had an automatic flush. I watched my toilet paper and brown mush go out the tubes. As I washed my hands, the girl, a blond about 30 with hair cut like a boy, came out of the stall. Her bowl flushed, but she left a brown piece of sausage of about 6 inches. She washed her hands next to me and we said good-bye. She liked me. I could tell.

Then Saturday morning, I woke up about 5AM. Rarely, do I have to take a crap so early, but I had to. I crawled out of my bed and walked the hall to the bathroom. I was wearing white cotton panties, which I pulled down to my knees. I sat on the toilet and my bowels released sharp smelling brown medium sized pieces. My bowels released in one continuous motion. I sat with my legs apart and my head hung over between my knees. That was from the lichie nuts and watercress that I had for din-din and lunch during the day. As I sat, my big brother Charles woke up and found me where I was. I did not mind because he is much older than me and he used to give me baths and changed me when I was a baby. He was clad in light blue boxer shorts. She said that he had to pee, but that he could wait. While I sat, I also urinated. After about 15 minutes, I wiped myself good, then pulled up my panties and flushed. When my brother finished, he and I wrestled on the living room floor and wacked each other with pillows.

This one's for you, Tina.
1. How old are you? 12
2. How often do you poop? Once a day
3. How often do you pee? as many as five times a day
4. How much do usually poop and pee? 12 inches of poop and about 30 seconds of pee. I have given lab specimens.
5. Is your poop usually hard or what? hard
6. Females only, have you ever peed standing? Yes, because the seat was not clean
7. Have you ever pooped standing? same was above. But, I put paper on the seat.
8. What's the most you have pooped? I have pooped 12 inches solid and straight in one piece or 18-20 inches in three pieces.
9. What's the most you have peed? A long time because I held it in.
10. What's the most unusual place you have pooped/pee? I have peed in the woods.
11. What's the most public place you have pooped/pee? Usually at church on Sundays and in school during the week.

This one's for you jr.
1. How long do you take to shit? 20 minutes
2. How many times a day do you shit? Once.
3. what time of day do you usually shit? Midafternoon or evening. Once in a while in the morning.
4. young guys any prom stories or date stores of taking a shit? I have not been to a prom and I have not had a date.
5. do you have chest hair? (younger guys) No, I am a girl.

This one's for you Roberta.
1. Do you ever pee/poop outside even when there's a bathroom close by?No
2. Do you ever skip wearing underwear when you have a skirt on so that you can pee/poop outside easier? My mother always makes me wear underwear. But, I get away without wearing underwear in the house. On hot days, I have worn no panties under my skirt or dress. Then she finds me out. I will wear underwear to school and church, always.
3. Do you pee/poop standing up or sitting down? I poop and pee sitting down, always. Sometimes, I will do it standing up. Usually, it is to pee.
4. Do you pee/poop with friends or alone?Alone or with a classmate or my mom.
5. Do you like peeing/pooping in unusual places? Peeing is fine. I prefer to poop sitting on the toilet.
6. Write a short story about the most unusual place you have peed/pooped in. I can not recall. My mother always taught me to use the toilet.

Fishbone-this one's for you
A pee survey for the ladies:

1. What is your preferred peeing position? (Sit, Squat or Hover?) Sit. Sometimes, I experiment with squatting and hovering.
2. Does your stream go straight down or veer off a little? It veers off. I am Oriental. Our slits go sideways.
3. What kind of undies do you wear? just plain white cotton or nylon or silk briefs. I have some pink, blue and yellow. I go to this strict Christian school. They require slips to be worn under our uniform skirts and dresses, but they do not look under our clothing. No thongs, they do not want us wearing them.
4. How far do you pull your undies down? knees or ankles.
5. When you pee, do you keep your legs spread apart or close together? either.
6. Do you wipe sitting or standing? sitting or standing
7. Do you wipe from front or back? either side.
8. Do you flush sitting or standing? standing.

Dora (The Explorer)'s Evil Twin:
This one's for you:
1. How old are you? 13
2. What gender are you? Female
3. How often do you normally pee? in the morning about 8:30 when I get to school, about every 2-3 hours
4. How much do you normally pee? lots
5. What's your record holding time? 2 hours
6. What's the strangest place you've ever peed?
7. Have you ever seen somone else pee their pants? my cousins and my Sunday School classmates
Do you have a story? In Sunday School, a boy was sitting next to me in second grade. He was nervous and was holding the front of his pants when finally I saw his beige short pants get wet and dark and he peed a like a firehose through the leg openings of his shorts. In fact, I saw his boyhood. It was hard. His mother and father had to come and get him.
8. Have you ever peed your pants? many times in school, street and in the airport. It does not happen anymore.
Do you have a story? I was on a plane coming from China, I was seven. I was with my Aunt and I could not go because we were landing. When we got to the airport, I had to go badly and we were in Customs and Immigration. I could not wait any longer and a little urine triclked out and then a huge flood. I busted out crying my eyes out. My yellow dress and white panties with pink butterflies were soaked. A lady Customs agent felt sorry for me and let my Aunt and I through without stopping. Another time, I was walking with my father and big brother, I was a 5 and my brother was 19. I had to pee so badly. I knew that I could not pee like a boy. It was so painful to wait and I was desperate. I unzipped my pants in a desperate bid to relieve myself and my urine flowed through the leg openings of my white panties. I cried and cried for an hour. I had to live in those pants for the rest of the day. Then, I got a rash from the damp urine.

Sunday, I went to the bathroom at church. I had finished peeing. It felt good. I held it in through worship and Sunday School. I must have sat on the toilet for 90 seconds. After I had wiped and pulled down my dress, I flushed and washed my hands. A Sunday School teacher came into the bathroom and she was pulling up her navy
skirt and white slip as she entered the stall. The stall door closed. Her bowels made these funny noises, a series of plops and watery farts.

The Shadow
This past summer I was staying at a summer home on a lake. During a period when I was alone I decided to take a walk down the semi private road. As I started out my stomach hurt so I let out a long hissing fart and felt better. As I approached the halfway point of my walk I made small chat with a retired teacher who summers up there. My stomach hurt again so I let out another fart when she was out of ear range. it stunk like diarrhea but I gave it no other thought.

Feeling better, I spent several minutes petting an old black Lab who lives up on a bluff. Then it hit: a really nasty stomach cramp.

I positively knew there was going to be diarrhea and yet I was a 1/3 of a mile from home. I began jogging back, stopping to grimace when a wave of pain hit. I encountered the retired teacher who asked if I was alright and I shook my head "no."

"Oh dear," she replied, as I took off again. As I approached the cottage I knew I wasn't going to make it so I ran into the tiny guest house of our neighbors. As soon as I removed my khaki shorts it began to seep out. I ripped my red panties down and sat on the cool bowl, releasing a torrent of pure orange, frothy, burning, liquid diarrhea with not a second to spare. I yelped in pain as it burned my pulsating hole. And damn, did it reek. I was thankful the neighbors had left for the week.

Wave after wave hit until after 40 some minutes my ass stopped exploding like Peter Brady's volcano project. I cleaned myself up, then the toilet so nobody would know I used it.

yes you can obtain DNA through fecal matter. I used to work for a janitorial service contracted to clean the local mall and Dillons. Some individual had a bad habit in one of the restrooms at the mall of pooping in the sanitary waste containers in the women's rooms and when the mall manager finally talked the police into testing the fecal matter, an instant DNA match turned up. Turned out it was was a perverted manager for Orange Julius. Fecal matter is also more effective for drug testing than a urine analysis, and steady laxatives will clean your UA results in a week, though I don't recommend this method for any soul. As far as bacteria goes, I don't really want to know all the ingredients, but I do know there is a lot more than bacteria in feces.

Hi Mike, Thom and everyone, great posts, love reading on this site. Today i have been farting constantly but not really able to go poo even though I can feel it down there. So I thought if I start reading on this site it will help me to go. Guess what, its working. Mike, I think at one time I must have had 5 or 6 poos in side of an hour.Every once in a while I do get that way. Its really a pain to have to keep running to the toilet and what I will do is just sit there and read until Im all done going. Thom, keep up the stories on suppositories. Btw I have tried dulcolax and they are very harsh yet effective and they make me sit on the toilet for ever when they finally work. Well its time to go and sit on the toilet, I wish I could take the computer in with me, but then I would be in there for hours.
Take care

i have a question, I AM the guy that took all the 5 children to the bathroom in the public restroom near the cabin of my uncle in the woods. Well the question is: had anyone of you had to poop with another person at the same time in a washroom but only one toiet is available and both of you had to poop REAL BAD? i would like you to answer this question.

Mike-Great story about the roofers son. Only in college was I lucky enough to talk to my roomates while on the toilet. No luck since then, unfortunately.

Fernando-Your symptoms sound like what I have, which is irritable bowel syndrome. You should still have yourself thoroughly checked out. I get some abdominal pains occasionally, some cramping, and alot more bm's than I had before. Mostly soft stools. I do try to eat plenty of fiber, though. I had my blood, urine, and stool checked out, as well as a flexible sigmoidoscopy, which is when the doc sticks a flexible tube with a camera up your butt and sees whats going on in the last 18 or so inches of your colon. IBS is an ailment that is diagnosed by ruling out other illnesses. There's no test for it. It's more of a nuisance, than anything else. Still, go see a doctor and have yourself checked out.

Dora (The Explorer)'s Evil Twin
Yes, I am more of a peeing fan than a pooping fan, poop just seems a little more gross than pee to me, and also peeing just seems more..idk.
(idk means i don't know if you didn't know lol)
Also, I will repeat what Cat said;
Will some of you PLEASE post some more peeing stories?
I like hearing about ppl peeing their pants...lols

See ya!



Mike: I loved your story dude. It was quite an experience to have shared that so intimate moment with your buddy Jason. I wish I could have those kinds of experiences more often. Itīs like a bonding situation between 2 guys and so thatīs why I think it is so cool.

Hi Thom, I'm still around, just mainly lurking now. Sorry to hear you're still constipated.

I've been doing some great big dumps recently, and I have a new friend, Marty, who's 19 and has let me be with him a few times in the last few weeks when he''s taken a dump at my place. Seeing him go red and squeeze his eyes shut has been really cool. He even tells me when it's about to drop! I sat on the toilet and had a nice long shit while he was having a long soak in the tub, and he was totally cool about it!



To pantypooping girl
Judging by your request to hear from people who like to poop or do poop their pants I shall take it you do as well?How often do youi poop your knickers,I do it about once a week but not always intentionally. I do from time to time what I call sneakers, when you get the get the urge to have a shit & you are holding it back for what ever purpose a little bit oozes out almost without knowing. Suddenly you're aware of the fact that you have some poop between your cheeks & you had better find a toilet in a hurry.That type of poop is always a messy one to clean up & always leaves me with poop on my hands & big skidmarks. As a kid I dide not like going for a poop much so always ended up with skidmarks

Twice Shy
Apprehensions about hotel johns

My short-as-ever bowel will be carted down to Charlottesville tomorrow, for a 2-night stay at the Holiday Inn while I take the motorcycle Rider Course. I always have to do something of a double-take, when crappage must occur outside the realm of familiar thrones at home, office, and certain other places. Travel can really rile one's inwards at times, and I've taken some truly horrific dumps in hotel bathrooms. Once, back in 1995, I was attending my cousin's wedding in Green Bay, WI, and chugged forth such a tremendous quantity that the crapper overflowed and flooded the bathroom. The maintenance fellow came upstairs and realized I needed to be moved to another room for the rest of my stay. All I did was as nature (and perhaps reception hall chow) had prompted me to.

I'm thinking, too, of the trouble one has, when staying in water-short Las Vegas hotels. They don't use ordinary tanks and flappers, etc., but a high-pressure flush-system that they mount instead in many of the tens of thousands of identical toilets. They must have these things calibrated to the poo-er who does frequent sittings, or something. When a butt-load of real significance comes along, as I've had happen between trips to the casino, the pressure system can require such frequent blasts that it defeats the whole purpose and robs the entire Strip of a number of remedies, for those more gentlemanly turdage incidents.

I love talking about crap, and singing about it, too. I make up these songs about poo, set to Broadway show tunes, etc. An old obscure Gershwin number from Girl Crazy, about San Francisco, is called the "Barbary Coast". In my version, it's "Rotten, Brown Poo":

If you ask me what place,
Is the hottest hot place?
Anywhere around, anywhere around.

Step up to the toilet,
Nothing's gonna spoil it,
With your trousers down,
With your trousers down,

Let me take you to a place,
To crap...some...rot-ten waste:

Oh the minute that you drop it,
You'll never stop it,
The Rotten Brown Poo,
Where nasty dukey fills the toilet bowl,

If you like your dukey red hot,
Yes sir, I said hot,
You better sit down,
And drop a load out from your puckered hole.

Open your poo-poo places,
Brothers, if you don't mind,
That's where the putrid waste is,
All stuck up in your behind.

I sing this kind of stuff while I'm in the shower. Luckily, I'm not in an attached dwelling with thin walls.

Friday, June 11, 2004

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