Wow, a lot of people on this forum have had accidents. To Harry: I guess it's just the sort of stuff that I eat that makes me go so much, and not really how much I eat. I've pretty much always eaten this way, so I've always had big cloggers, except when I'm sick, like this past weekend. I still have a big one, it just looks like a huge cow pie in the toilet, or wherever I have to go. I guess that on Saturday I had something that didn't agree with me or what, because Saturday night, there was serious action going on in my stomach. My girl Camilla and I were coming home from hanging at the mall, and suddenly it felt as if someone had slugged me in the stomach. I was doubled over by the car, and I knew that if I were to try and make it home, or let some of the pressure off by ripping one, I'd fail. So we went back into the mall, and looked for a bathroom. I dashed in, made sure everything was out of the way, and just let loose. What happened next sounded like two huge wet farts, the first one one loud blast, the second one long and bubbly and drippy at the end. I heard Camilla's voice calling, "Girl, you okay?" I answered by blasting another one off into the pot. "I'll take that as a no," Camilla said, coming into the bathroom. "Actually, I'm fine now," I said, half-standing and looking down into the toilet. It looked like someone had poured a whole bunch of butterscotch pudding into the toilet, and then sprayed the back of the bowl with a squirt gun full of that same pudding. I was just glad it was in there and not in me, or worse, in my pants, since I was wearing a thong. I cleaned up, which didn't take as long as I would think, since it was more drying my anus than wiping my anus, then pulled up my thong and pants and flushed, then we left. It was still a pretty huge pile of crap, it was just mostly a soggy mess.

Any other girls that have consistently big craps no matter what? I know I'm not the only one, and I've read about some big ones on this forum like with Catherine and Anna's aunt. How about sharing those stories?

Hi, my name is Carlee. I am 18, 5-5, white, blonde. This happened to me when I was 17 but I haven't told anybody. Ok, here goes. I was with my family at disney world. It was a super hot day, like around 95-100 degrees. We were all miserable. This is an accident story too. Ok, we were at disney world and my stomach started feeling queezy while we were there at around 12. I figured it would get better. We went on some rides, I ate some food, we walked around, but nothing really seemed to ease it. I also have a phobia of public bathrooms, but if it would come down to it I would use it. I tried to fight it tho, at least until we got back to the hotel. oh yeah, i was with me, my mom, dad, and little bro. I suddenly started to get sharp stomach pains. Sometimes I would have to stop and look down and just concentrate, but they were pretty hard. We saw a roller coasted we wanted to get on, so we got in line. It was about 3 or so now. We stood in line. We stood in line some more, and my stomach started hurting more. We stood in line some more and more. We were in line about an hour. It was a real crowded day. We got in sight of the end of the line, but it looked like it would be another half hour at least! I decided to hold it and try to play it cool, cause it would be too hard to get past all the people behind us. The heat was horrible too and not helping at all. We were all drenched in sweat. I finally said "i gotta go to the bathroom." my dad said "cant it wait?" I said "i don't think so, i gotta go soon." he said "after the ride we'll all go." I settled with that for a while, then some sharp stomach pains started jabbing at me even harder. I doubled over a couple of times and held the rail. I said again "i really gotta go." he said "well we didn't stand in the line this long for nothing." I said "i kno but i gotta go bad." he asked "#1 or #2?" I said "#2!" he said "well hold on, it's almost done." We finally got to the end of the line. The people got off the ride and we were the next ones up. I go "dad!" he said "after the ride, don't worry." Well I stepped into the coaster, but when I spread my legs I felt a little gush of crap! It was bad. It wasn't a lot, but it was a prelude of things to come. I started to panic. Not only was it a little poop in my panties, it was diarrhea! I held on to my butthole as hard as I could, cause I could feel a torrent just trying to ease it's way out. Not only that, but I was wearing a thong! And a white cotton skirt from hollister that I did not want ruined. Well the ride started, and I immediately hated it. It was all jerky, and each jerk made me loosen my grip a little. I seriously wondered if I would make it off. I finally said "omg dad I shouldn't have come, I feel horrible." he said "well try to hold on for the ride or else you'll shit your pants!" he never was very bright or considerate. All that I knew. Well the first drop came and I used all the strength possible I had to hold my butthole closed. We came out of the first dip and I hadn't gone, I was so happy with myself. I only had gone a little, and that was just whenever I stepped in the ride. Suddenly we went through a tunnel and a sharp drop that caught me off guard. I suddenly lost all control and a rush of hot shit started shooting its way out of me!! I was totally mortified. We took a sharp turn after that and that just forced it all out. My brother was next to me and smelled it. he goes "dad, carlee's pooping her pants!" I yelled at him to shut up. my dad said "oh go???mn carlee how old are you??" My brother suddenly started screaming because the shit that was in me was rolling down the sides of the seat towards him with each turn. The ride was finally over, and I didn't want to stand up to get out cause i knew everyone would be able to tell. Everyone was aware of it in the ride with us because the smell was horrendous. There was a puddle of shit on my seat and on the flood. I stood up and my skirt was totally stuck to me by a brown mass of chunky crap. It was so unbeleivably gross. I just had diarrhea all over myself! It was all over my legs too! I waddled to a bathroom and stood there in a stall while I waited for my mom to bring me some pants from the gift shop. I took my skirt off. It was totally shot. I took my thong off, it was ruined too. I sat on the crapper and finished even though the sudden urge was already gone. I washed my sandles in the sink and we left the park a couple hours later. it was the worst experience of my life.

Last week at school, I had to go to the bathroom real bad and the teacher wouldnt let me because it was in the middle of a final and she thought I would cheat. I had to poop and i felt it comming out. I went up to the teacher and asked her and told her it was an emergency, she said "you're a big girl, you can hold it" and I had to go so bad that I was about to cry. I started tearing up and she only laughed. "Are you gonna poop your pants?" she said. Right then, I knew I wasnt gonna make it. I shit my pants in front of the whole class and it was diarea. Everyone was laughing and calling me shit pants and poo girl. I ran out of class. I was soooo embarasssed. I dont know what to do.

Emily W
I feel sorry for you and what happened. I had a similair experince, however I made it home. Not to much privacy as my hubby hung around and witnessed every groan and strain.

ShortSkirt Girl
Actually I have wondered that myself as it has happened to me as well. Me and Linda joke about getting a grant and researching it.LOL.On that same note Linda and I have had instances where the feeling to go poop is so strong if we breath it'll shoot out of us like a cruise missle. Then we hual butt(no pun intended) to the toilet rip off our clothes and have a seat only to have to bust a blood wessle in our brain trying to get it out. That happen to you or anyone here? Oh well I'll be back with a story. Linda RS sends her love to everyone.

Hi guys. I am a 25 year old guy. All my life I have had hard and well formed bms which tend to be odorless, brief and perfectly normal. Im not the kind of guy who can shit non stop for 15 minutes. Usually my load comes out in less than a minute and in 3 minutes Im done, wipe and wash my hands. However I have a big problem. Ive noticed lately that my bms are not as perfect as they used to. I tend to be constipated if I dont eat fiber. When I go to the bathroom my turds come out with a sticky consistency and they tend to break. Also my anus burns afterwards. To make matters worst I have the feeling I did not shit well; like I wanted to shit more but nothing more came out. Its really frustrating. In the other hand, sometimes I have soft bowel movements (not diharea) in which I expel soft turds with crackling sounds. These tend to be more satisfying however they are very rare episodes. Sometimes I drink my morning coffee before. Other times I ate bran flakes the night before. However there is not a strict pattern in my eating habits that I can identify when I have soft bms. Other times I eat all bran on purpose the night before and nothing happens next morning. Days later I dont eat any fiber and I shit well so could you please give advice. It will be greatly appreciated.

Josh--I bet you're right...but he's nice anyway! I've been friendly with him since 4th grade, so we're cool anyways

Once, I had felt fine all day, no pressure or anything. Because i was feeling so good, I decided that i'd take a walk around the park. It was a nice day, but a hot one. Now, once i was about 40 minutes into the park, (and the park iws a 20 walk from my house) my stomach started grumbling. I ignored it for a while, until it started growling, and i felt like i couldn't hold it. By this time i had walked for about 1 hour into the park. My stomach grumbled again, and i realized...THIS WAS DIARRHEA!! I realized that there was no way i'd be able to hold the diarrhea for an hour and twenty minutes, so i kept on walking and hoped that there was a bathroom soon. I was getting desperate! Suddenly, i feel that i'm goibng to fart. I reallyl didn't want to, because i thought that it would have liquid poo in it as well, so i held it in. by this time i was so miserable that i was about to cry. Then, the worst thing ever happened! I realized that i had 20 seconds and no more to get to a place where i could shit! I ran into the bushes, and pulled my miniskirt down. While pulling my miniskirt down, I let out a giant squirt of diarrhea, which shot across the grass, luckily missing my skirt! I then knelt down on the ground, and had many diarrhea explosions! During one of the explosions, my friend called to ask where i was! I was shitting so hard, and it was making so much noise, that i had to admit that i was having diarrhea behind a bush in the park. She said that she was very sorry, and she offered to bring her car around to near me. i gratefully excepted, and once i was finished having explosions, i walked to the park exit. she was there. I thanked her sooooo much, and she started driving. We were pretty close to my house, when i realized that in about another 40 seconds, i was going to start shitting! no way i could hold it any longer! She told me she didn't know what to do, so i told her to pull over. she pulled over, but it was on the highway, so i grabbed a plastic bag, went to the back seat, croutched on the seat, and shit into the plastic bag. It made such a big noise, and i was so embarresed. When i knew i could hold the rest for a couple minutes, i allowed her to drive me home, and then i ran upstairs. I hadn't exactly had an accident...i had been saved both times! but when i was upstairs, i sat on the toilet for 3 hours, having off and on explosions. I was miserable, but i never knew what happened because i had felt great earlier that day!!

Thanks Adriana & JW for your replies.

An update on me; I did get an enema (later that night after I wrote my post, in fact). I wish I'd read your posts before that because I was really scared at first. It worked though.

My mom laid a towel on the bathroom floor and had me take off all my clothes and get on my hands & knees. My mom put some vaseline up my butt with her finger, then she slid in the nozzle of the enema bottle and slowly squirted it into me. I was crying because I was so nervous, but it didn't hurt at all. I settled down and was able to hold it for a couple of minutes, but then I just HAD to get it out. I guess it was a little too early because I just had watery poop like diarrhea. My mom was sure I had more to come out, so I had to get an early diapering. That was humiliating but after the enema it almost felt like a relief. Sure enough, I farted later on that night and a jet of lube/water/poop squirted out and I needed changed before bed.

I woke up at about 4 am the next morning and shit out a gigantic turd. I could see little clumps of lube at the end of it, so I guess it worked, even though not right away. I'll probably get another one before too long, and I'm pretty sure it will go better, because I'll know what to expect, and I'll try to hold on longer.

Hi, there.

I had horrible diarrhea over the weekend. Luckily I was home. But I was having a party with some friends, so that kind of put a damper on things. We were all watching movies in my basement, and I was feeling queasy all day, but I didn't want to cancel the party.

A bunch of my friends, including one boy I like, came over and we watched some horror movies. I had to get up at least ten times over the course of the evening to go to the bathroom. I pooped out this really sticky, chunky, watery ooze. My butt was very sore by the third or fourth time, so by the tenth, it hurt like hell! It hurt to sit, so I was laying on my stomach.

I couldn't really hide the fact that I had the runs. I know they could hear me farting and the splashing and groaning. But I couldn't make it to the upstairs bathroom. They were all nice about it, and asked me if I was okay. The boy I like even sat next to me on the floor.

I still managed to have a good time. I put some lotion on my anus and between my buttcheeks before I went to bed, and in the morning, my ass did not hurt quite as much.

I just had my first solid BM this morning, so I'm better. I hate diarrhea so much! I'd rather have to strain and poop out a big softball sized log than have the runs.

let me tell u about a experince i had, well i was at a rave a lot of things were going on in there but anyway i got the feeling of needing a good shit and it was 1 am and my friends did not want to leave so i found the only bathroom in the place and it was only a 2 seater for both boys and girls and i did not feel comfortable about taking a dump with guys around. but i couldnt wait it out so i stood in a line of about 16 people and i was dieing. when it finally got to my turn this girl behind me was pratically crying for me to let her go infront of me but i had to tell her no i was in the same perdickment. well i got in there immeadently dropped my pants and panties and starting pooping really loudly, well the other only other toilet beside me was a guy taking a shit and there was a lot of angry people waiting in line , but what could u do got to go when u got to go.

please write more about peeing, it seems like all teh poster are interested about pooping, there is still some pee' fan here?
WIththe good season the opportunities of outdoor peeing are much more, so please write someting, here's my small contribution:
Yesterday I had an episode at work...funny
I was one of the last people to leave the office in the afternoon (a long meeting and hard work to do).. i really need a pee so I hurried to the ladie's for a good pee before leaving the office...
When I reached the toilet room there was the maintenience-cleaning girl (who I know well because she works here since 3 years) was clening the bathrooms...
She smiled at me and said, "sorry, Oh, I've yet washed the toilet stall floor, can you pelase wait 10 minutes"...I smiled to her and replied "Sarah (her name) I really need it, would mind to stay in the corridor to guard if someone is coming (almost nobody in the office, but better avoid incoveniences)while I got into the men's and use their stall?", She smiled back again "i'm really sorry but i cleaned the floor in all the men's; i supposed nobody was still working now, sorry", I replied "you were right, I think I'm one of the last to leave the office today, but I need a toilet quickly (crossed my leg to underline the urgency), don't you think I can go the same into the stall?, then I can wash myself my foothprints with the mop.." She said, "Oh no, I don't think you have to do that, I'm so sorry, cause I just started cleaning the ladies, if you came a minute before there would have been no problem, now we can go inside the bathroom, I don't have yet cleaned it, but the stall is fresh washed, I suppose It will dry soon, can't you wait?".."I smiled with a strange grin to her, and told her " did u say, I can go inside the bathroom, but I don't have to go into the stall, true?" She siad " exactly, I'm so sorry", I replied "don't worry I'll get in but I won't leave any foot print inside the toilet stall, would you mind to keep the main door closed for me? (it onviuously hasn't a locker, only the stall have one)..She smiled again, a bit perplessed, and told me "Of course, madam, go in" and opened the ladies door, than closed it as soon as I got in...
I truly was bursting, so I quickly pull down my thong, and completely removed my skirt to avoid wetting it in the process..than I sat on the sink and pissed like there was no tomorrow...From the hissing sound and the splashing on the ceramic it was clearly audible for outside what I was doing (may be she thought before I only had to chang my tampon?)..I pissed about 30 secs, very pouerfull, I dried my self and my butt (which got some drops becase of the backsplashing against the ceramic) than leave the water opened to clean my pee (very clear anyway) and washed my hands, then got dressed and got out...
Sarah was waiting at the door outside, I told her "Thanks Sarah, I didn't got into the stall as I promised, you can check it..." and smiled..she had a confident smile to my and said "thanks madam for not making me wash the stall again, you were kind, you are welcome" I told her goodby and went home, obviously we both know that I pissed in the sink, but none of us talked about it...



Dora (The Explorer)'s Evil Twin
Crap. And alot of it.
I just learned (the hard way!) why you should wait
a 1/2 hr after eating before swimming.

I have been swimming ALL day (it's been 90's here in MI)
and I just had some steak for dinner (???!).
Then I went swimming.
Bad idea.
After about a half hour, I started feeling some mild
cramps, and I thought, "Must be the steak."
But I thought nothing of it.
Another bad idea.
Another 5 minutes later, the cramps got so bad that I
literally thought I was gonna shit my suit.
So I rushed into the pool potty and sat my butt down.
Almost instantly, this warm gush of semi-liquid shit
started comin out. I was there for about 5 minutes just
shitting. After I was done(for the moment) I went back
in the pool and started swimming.
Bad idea #3.
15 minutes went by, and the same thing happened...
You get the picture.
So now I know what my g/p's (grandma+pa) meant.
Byes! D(TE)ET

does anyone rememeber seeing the daily show story on the y2k collapsable toilet? it was about the size of a milk crate when standing and for transit laid flat-about the size of a large laptop. WHERE CAN I GET ONE? I'm going camping and everything i've found is enormous!

Hey Mysterious Man,
You don't have to apologize. Girls don't think every man is equally handsome.

Another question for Eric of Chicago. Do you know if you can obtain DNA from faecal matter (ie shit!? I've asked before and I think the answer was no because stools are made up of bacteria? But I'd love to hear something more definitive.

We have a girl at school whom I am trying to counsel. When she is angry and resentful her reaction is to leave a bm in a conspicuous place. This has happened several times, most recently in front of the Principal's rostrum in full view. She denies it but I'm pretty sure this was her. I think they're going to call the police in. It would be a disaster if she were to be publicly shamed. love Anthea

Jennie: I enjoyed your stories. Please tell us more.

A couple days ago, my roommate's girlfriend came over but he wasn't home. She was about to leave but I noticed that she had a desperate expression on her face. I asked her what was wrong. She had to use the bathroom so I told her she could use ours.

I was in the bedroom getting ready for work and I could hear her farting on the toilet. She was grunting and farting a lot. Fifteen minutes passed and she came out the bathroom red in the face. She said that she clogged the toilet up but didn't see a toilet brush. I told her we don't have one but I'll fix it. She looked surprised and tried to reassure me but I told her it's ok. She reluctantly left.

I went into the bathroom expecting toilet paper in the hole but instead, I found a thick log poking halfway out. It was a light brown turd with bits of corn stuck in it. I guessed the length to be about 15in and width 3in. I put on two pairs of latex gloves and pulled the turd out of the hole and broke it in half. It was hard and heavy. The toilet flushed fine afterwards.

I didn't tell my roommate what happened but when I saw his girlfriend again yesterday, I felt a little weird. She's a VERY skinny girl and I wondered if she always had huge logs like that.

This morning up and decided to see how long I could last w/out peeing!
I put on a maxi-pad just in case and then drank 3 water bottles. I was home alone so this was no problem! Anyway I did the dishes to get my mind off my bladder and in the middle of rinsing my plate I had to stop to hold myself. The pain was unbearable!! I made a deal with myself to last untill noon! So I went into the family room to wath MTV. I was crying it hurt so bad! Knew I couldnt make it till noon so I went in the bathroom, took off my shorts, and sat on the toilet w/ my underwear and maxi-pad on and let go! It filled the pad and leaked over, my butt was soaked! It was an undescribable feeling! I then changed my clothes to sit and tell you all this! (BTW Im a 17 y/o female, 6'0, long blond hair, 146 lbs, and brown eyes!)

Hey guys, school is out and I'm taking a couple of weeks off before starting my summer job. Anyway, I've just been messing around the house. My folks arranged for some repair work to be done on the roof and asked me to keep an eye on things while they were at work. There are 2 older guys in the crew and one had brought along his son to help out. The son is about 18 years old. He's a real cool dude, tall, with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and he's real friendly. His name is Jason. After a couple of days on the job, me and him got to chill together a bit during his breaks and he told me about his problems with his girlfriend. Anyways, the other morning I was outside working on my bike. The roofers came down from the roof for a break and went to their pick-ups. So Jason comes up to me and starts talking. After a while he says: "Hey dude, mind if I use your bathroom? Otherwise I gotta drive 5 miles to MacDonalds." I said sure and took him to the bathroom that opens off my bedroom and went back into the bedroom. I thought that he needed only to piss cause he left the bathroom door open. Anyways, when I had taken a shit that morning, I had used the last bit of TP on the roll and was too lazy to put on a new roll. So Jason yells to me from the bathroom: "Hey dude, you got some TP for me?" I go back into the bathroom and go to the cabinet under the sink to get a new roll. While I'm doing this, Jason takes off his tool belt and pulls down his shorts and boxers to his ankles. He wasn't wearing a shirt so when he sat down he was just naked on the pot. I took the cover off the toilet roll and handed it to him. He just goes on talking while he's on the pot. So I decided to hang around cause he didn't seem to be shy. I just sat down on the edge of the tub.
I noticed that Jason had a great tan line from his roof work and mentioned it and he seemed real proud of his tan. He pushed his cock down into the pot and started a good strong piss. He smiled at me and said: "Hey man. That felt real good." I then heard Jason fart kinda loud and he just laughed and I did too. I saw his face grimace and his neck muscles tense up and I knew he was beginning to shit. He farted again and we both laughed a little. Then he really started to grunt and strain. I saw him tense his abs until his stomach looked like a washboard. I heard his first turd start to crackle out. He pushed again and took a deep breath in and then exhaled and I heard his turd fall with a loud plop into the water. The bathroom started to stink at that point and Jason said: "Hey dude, sorry to stink up your bathroom." We both laughed. He started speaking again about general stuff and then after a while, he started to strain again and I saw his face grimace and he grunted. I heard another log crackling out and then plop loudly into the pot. He started to talk to me again. Then he pushed again and I saw his belly tense up and then lots more shit came out, much looser and smellier now. He waited another minute, then he farted again and relaxed. Some loose shit dropped into the water. "Whew" he sighed and smiled at me. He then began to tear the TP off the roll. He lifted his butt off the seat a bit, reached under and stuffed the TP into his crack and did a good wipe. He looked at the TP and I could see it was real smeared with shit. So he kept on wiping, looking at the TP after each wipe. After about eight wipes, he finally stood up and then he pulled up his boxers and shorts. I got a quick look into the bowl before he flushed but could just see a lot of soiled TP. He washed his hands and said: "Hey thanks dude." He then went back to join his Dad's crew on the roof. I thought it was real cool that he was so relaxed about taking a dump while I was there and just talked to me real naturally all the time while he took a shit.

To Shortskirt Girl:
I really believe God was looking down at you during your presentation and didn't want to embarrass you? What a great guy!!!
Anyway, Your log would've sucked back up into your rectum and colon and accumulated, making a nice big log for later! Please Write soon and tell how big this compacted poo was?

I just started sailing class yesterday and we were on the boat. I needed to pee bad but I still held it. 4 hours later I had to go soooooooooo badly! My friend asked what was wrong and I said I had to pee. She asked how bad and I said I gotta go now! She told me to just go 'cause we were on a ship. I told her no way I wasn't peeing on the ship! So I held it. A pretty long while and I wasn't going to be able to hold it another min. I told my friend that I needed to go right then and that I couldn't hold it even long enough to get to the bathroom. She told me to pee where I was and finnally I agreed. I was so releaved. I was bursting. It felt so good!


I read your story about the shrink incident. Personally I think its very simple. You are not a lesbian, you are Bi-Sexual with a poop and fart fetish. Nothing at all to be ashamed of, people are simply wired differently than others. We ALL have our likes and dislikes, but MOST people are so afraid to admit they have something strange that turns them on, that they keep it all inside and never are able to really be free to enjoy themselves as a person. I think your fetish is fun for you as it is me, but I think maybe your ex boyfriend might have been so against pee and poop, that you simply did this to spite him while bringing enjoyment to yourself.

I think by you smearing your poop all over his stuff (Im sure you did it bare handed0 brought you a LOT of relief both mentally and physically... hehe you had to take a shit.. LOL. I was the same way with my poop growing up, doing the whole fishing thing. Be happy with who you are. If you dont know who you are yet, you will very shortly and you will figure out that the things that YOU like (fetishes and other) will be all you need that keeps you grounded and happy. Now go take that nice huge shit and go play with it!!! Smell it one time for me....... or more than once for me. heh.


Da Guy
I have a pretty good poop story to share, so here goes;

My teacher is pretty hot. She's about 29-35 years old and has an absolutely huge ass. During one lesson I noticed she was rubbing her ass a lot as if it were sore or something. When we were filing out after the lesson, I noticed that she'd popped into the teacher's toilet. Now, by now I was quite aroused so I saddled up to the door and had a little listen. I heard tons and tons of plops! Plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop! Then I heard the toilet flushing so I had to run off.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

ShortSkirt Girl
For Eric In Chicago

Eric, I love your posts - you always seem very knowledgble about these topics, do you have a medical background or maybe one in nutrition sciences?

Anyway, a quick question for you, (and anyone else who might know the answer). The other day I really had a strong BM, the sort of feeling you don't argue with and I felt sure I was going to go in my pants. Because I was actually with clients at the time, I couldn't excuse myself even though I swear I felt a turd move down to my ass opening. I became very involved in the presentation I was giving, and to my surprise, the feeling dissapaited and within a few minutes I felt totally fine again without needing to poo. When I got back to my hotel room, because I'd had such a close call, I sat on the toilet and tried to 'strain' my poop out. But after 15-20 minutes, no result. So here's my question; why is it that sometimes we all need to desperately go and then the feeling can leave us? And where does that all that poop go that felt close before? Does it somehow travel back up our system until the next urge to go?

To Ash D,

Hey, I love your stories. Could you possibly explain what happened when you had diarreah later that one night? Thanks alot.

Punk Rock Girl-

I too, have had two high colonics and I can tell you, they are a very relaxing experience. The system I used was very simple, I laid on a contoured table with only about a pencil-eraser sized length of tube in my butt while warm water flowed into me at a slow rate, really filling my bowels, then I let it out while laying there (the system is designed so the user's butt is over a drain) and what comes out can be viewed through a clear tube on the topside of the system, this process repeats itsself for about 45 minutes. It was awesome, and I plan to go back again when I have the time. They're much cleaner and easier than enemas, and more far-reaching. It's easier to hold the water as you can release it right there without having to run to the bathroom and fear leakage on the way (unless you purchase diapers or a bedpan, which I have done before, I find it easier to expel a bag-and-hose style enema into a bedpan while seated on the bedpan on the floor with my legs crossed Indian-style.) The colonic also released lots of built-up gas and for 24-hours following I was releasing long and deep farts that I could tell were coming from deep inside, stimulated by the warm water. I suggest it to anyone even if they're not constipated, the effects of bowel-cleansing are not to be underestimated. Strange enough, coming from a 21-year old guy, but hey, whatever works.


Mysterious Man
Just this past week, while in my first period class, which is Gym. I saw this girl ask our classes' (because there's at least two or three more in the gym in one period.) Teacher something about pooping, then this one girl, who not half bad looking (sorry if I sound mean, I think every girl is equally pretty, but I don't get stunned by everyone) She says she poops, I was surprised about this, that they would openly talk about this in school. Though when I was in the eigth grade, during math, the same girl took the pass, then came back and talked about "swimmers" and "Big fat swimmers" and "jumped in and splashed water" She was obviously talking about taking a dump, though one boy I know, who even says this sort of thing today, said she's talking about pooping. What I mean to say about him is that, in my history class, this asian girl, like clockwork, always takes the pass before the glass really starts, and several times he said "Kendra went to take a poop." And this one girl he's friends with, he teased her about being constipated on account she was grouchy once in a while. She even joked back. I'm glad to see that there are girls who don't mind kidding around when it comes to the subject of pooping.

Well, that's all for now.

See ya all later!

The Shadow
blueboy--great story about listening to the massively constipated Emglish girl! By any chance did you see her exit the bathroom? If so was her face red? Did her job flush down? I picture it as one of those large baking potato-shaped turds with lots of knobs.

CD--the longest I've spent going is about 30 minutes plus of sheer effort. I hadn't gone in several days and I felt like I was going to have diarrhea. Instead, this monster turd pressed me open but wouldn't come out. I took a deep breath and bore down. It wouldn't move.

"Oh no!" I said, voiced tinged with panic. I shifted around and bore down even harder, my face contorted in effort. It moved an inch every couple of minutes of straining. Gripping the toilet paper roll, I was straining so hard my entire body was trembling. A few times I grunted and moaned from the sheer effort, and I never make noise passing big ones! I felt embarrassed grunting even though I was alone. Thank goodness I wan't in a public restroom.

This one just didn't want to budge, so it was taking extra extra effort. When it finally exited my stretched hole it was a massive release of pressure that sent chills down my spine. I moaned with the release it gave me.

I remember as a kid(about age 10 or 11) I got very constipated and tried for two days to go. Finally on the third day I was terrified of dying because my poop hadn't come out. But I was too scared to tell anyone. I remember sitting there straining and contorting my body in a massive effort to release this monster turd. Tears were coming down my cheeks as it came out.

Upatate Dave
Hello to all.
I have not posted in awhile but have been keeping up reading everone elses. Many great posts. Well me and my wife went to the market the other day. It is in walking distance. We always take a shortcut which there is a trail that cuts through a woodlot. We hit the woodlot and I had to piss so I told J my wife that I had to go and hold on a minute.
There is plenty of cover in this woodlot so I unzipped and pulled out my penis and started to piss. I had a good hard stream going and it was pushing little stones all over the ground. J seeing me go said she had to go so she pulled down her jeans and panties and squated down. She started off with a slow thin stream and then the flow picked up with a hiss. I finished going and zipped back up. She was still hissing away and then let out a long low fart.
She asked me to get some tssues out of her pocketbook because she felt like she had to poop too. Her pee stream slowed back down to a dribble and a tip of a light brown knobby poop emerged from her hole. She started to push and the turd grew much larger in diameter as it slowly lengthened. She stopped pushing and took a break. She started pushing again and the knbby monster started moving again. Her pee stream shot out in a loud hissing burst with this push. Her pee reached where mine a few moments ago had tricked down the trail.
Meanwhile her poop started moving a little faster and she lifted her butt up a little higher so that the poop hung straight down ovger 12". Some air escaped as it started to narrow down rapidly. Then it just dropped off with a soft flop. She peed a short hard burst and stoped. I handed her some tissues and she wiped her front and then her backside. She spread her cheeks and asked if she was clean. I told her she was fine. She stood up pulled her panties and jeans up and we went on our way to the market. Upatate Dave

Hey guys.
To Dave.
Thanks for letting me know what suppositories are. Sounds like, as you say, they make the bathroom experience a lot better. They don't make you have diarreah do they? Diarreah sucks! You are like me when it comes to having to poo after reading/posting on this site. I often have to pull down my pants and sit on the toilet to poo after posting! It is great! What is the most you have gone poo in the shortest amount of time Dave? I remember one day, I went for 8 poos in 1 hour and a half. I wasn't sick, or on laxitives or anything. Just good natural poo! Each poo was at least 5 inches long. The longest was the third poo (20 minutes after my first poo). It was about a foot long, and was nice and firm. What a great poo filled 2 hours! Best time of my life when it comes to going poo!

Love your posts by the way Dave. Keep them up! That goes for everyone else too!

Well, that's it for today.

Keep sitting on the toilet, farting, crackling, and plopping poo!

Take care guys.

To Ash D: That was an absolutely amazing story you posted the other day about you and Amy watching each other poop. I hope you have more to come.

To the rest of you, great poop stories. Keep them coming!

Yours truly,


Michael M.
Michael M

A few weeks ago I went to my sons birthday party with all the other
children and cousins and wives and so on. It was a pretty big party, lots to eat and drink. Well, having been reading here for a long time
over and over, I read this stories about Mexican food and having the shits afterwards. I avoid this sort of thing and usually dont like hot
or spicy food anyhow. This time, they had Mexican for a buffet and it wasnt real bad. I had some, it was homemande and not real hot. It was ok, thought nothing of it.

Then we left for home, about an hours ride. We get about halfway home and I got this rumbling in my belly like I might have to shit soon.
This is really unusual, so I ignore it and we drive on. We come up n
a grocery store, a chain we usually shop at and stopped for a few items.
I go in and walk around and I get this stomach pains like I got to shit, -now. I looked for a restroom, they usually have one, but there
was none in sight. I finally spotted a stockworker and asked him if
they had one, " ya its inthe back left thru a pair of doors" (just like o the one at home, I should have known.)
I went in and there were employess back there in a break room nearby and I thought, oh boy, this is goona be a loud one.
I dropped my pants and hit the pot and exploded and crapped for about
15 minutes. I was like out of sight, so my wife calls me on the cell
phone, her being in the store, like, "where are you?" Im shitting my
brains out, that$%$#%@*&%$%# Mexican stuff! No more, ever! Now
I know what all the peeps here have been writing about.
After about 20 minutes in all, it felt safe and I got up and got cleaned up and washed my hands and went out the door. Here all some of
those employees over there all grinning. Musta been a noisy show for them.
Anyhow we made it home and without incident.
Ya well now I know for sure that Mexican fare doesnt like me much.

Megna-- I too have had many enemas. They are really not that bad and are such a relief when you can finally sit on the toilet, push, and get stuff out. Let your Mom give you can be a real bonding experience. Ask her if she ever had one, you may learn things about her you never knew.- JW

pantypooping girl
I would like to see more posts from people who like to poo their undies.

I was taking a shower and I needed to pee so I sat down on the bathtub floor and relaxed. It was kinda cool to watch the yellow water go down the drain. Then i needed to poo, so i spread my legs a little, leaned back while sitting and pushed and a log came out! It was too big to go down the drain, so i took a washcloth, picked it up and dumped it in the toilet. I smeared soap all over the bathtub and rinsed to clean it out.

@ me:

please tell more about your lawn-peeing!!!
I love storys by peeing on the lawn or other public places

Mister Peeper
To Adrian and NJBB: I was about eight years old I guess. She would always let some gassy pre-poop farts and even though she was sitting on the toilet, she would always raise her butt up a bit to do so. At home she sat on the toilet reading and sometimes smoking for about thirty minutes which seems to me a long time since most women I've known take very little time to poop so I think she enjoyed it very much. When I would walk past the bathroom door she would always look up and smile at me and sometimes I would go in without her inviting me and ask her what she was reading. I would always do anything to get in there with her and most of the time she would put the magazine down and talk to me while she finished pooping would make me turn around after she wiped so she could pull her pants up and adjust herself and I could always see into the toilet at her usually long turds. Her turds were blunt on one end and pointed on the other with a light brown color and always made huge skid marks when she flushed.

Andrew--I actually did mesure that one. I don't noramlly--normally i guess--but that one was so large for me, that i mesured it. Also, they are usually quite a bit smaller--as i said before, this one was amazing for me! Also, i really only post my good poo stories here, so even if it sounds like i'm always pooing giant turds, it's just because they are the most memerable ones.

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