Samantha C
I don't know if you all will want to read this stupid stuff, but I have had a very weird shitting experience that's just too ironic.

Ok, so I went to my roommate's therapist two months ago. This was after my ex-boyfriend had repeatedly tried to get my roommate to sleep with him, and she finally told me. Since my roommate is a lesbian, that aspect of it was funny -- proof my ex was an idiot. But my roommate is very pretty and femme, so he couldn't believe she wouldn't want to fool around with a guy. Anyway. You might recall from back then I posted about going over to his place and using my key to get in. Then I got out his big plastic bin boxes full of his precious old baseball cards, and shit all over them and smeared the poop around. When I told my roommate about it, she was sad and asked me to get some help. I know what I did wasn't normal at all, and I'm not really sure why I always involve shit in anything I do that I feel strongly about. So, long story short, I went and saw her shrink.

The psychologist was this woman about fifty years old. First question I get is whether or not I'm a lesbian like Jennifer, my roomie, and whether or not we're lovers. I'm like, no, and then she's like, well, do you fantasize about her? Blah blah blah blah. It was all this stuff from her about sex, like I'm there because I have feelings for my roommate! Finally, I'm like, lady, I took a big stinking SHIT on my boyfriend's most precious possessions! I want to know if I'm a psycho or what!

Meanwhile, since I'd come straight from work, I was missing my usual time to get home and sit on the toilet and have a nice big shit and piss. There was a little cramping here and there as we talked, but I didn't fart much, and I don't think they were all that smelly. Really, I was putting it into the back of my mind, since I didn't want to get up in the middle of the conversation about shit to go take a shit. I figured the lady would call the funny farm people and have me locked up right away. So I just held it with an iron ass and did the whole "mind over matter" thing.

So we got to talking about my shit experiences for a long time. I had to go back through my life's story, basically, and catalog for her all the times I could remember when I had "abnormal" poop experiences. Well. I was super embarassed because I had a lot of stories to tell her. It's been a thing for me since forever. I would fish my turds out of the toilet ever since I was a girl, and I would hold them and feel how heavy and slimy they were, and I'd squish them in my hands and stuff. It's a big thing for me to try to smell the farts and the bad odors of people around me after they shit big loads. I like going into the bathroom immediately after anybody I'm around has had a big bowel movement, and a lot of times I will sit right down on that warm toilet seat and crap, too, and have a nice sloppy orgasm. And on and on and on went like that, with me telling her basically what a pervert I am. We moved on and discussed what I liked when it came to sex, how many boyfriends I'd had, what weird things we might have done. We talked a lot about whether or not my parents had been mean to me or abused me, or if there was some relative or neighborhood person who might've been doing wrong things with me as a little girl and I was too young to remember. Yada yada yada! I was in there for almost three hours -- you won't believe how much that lady charged me! It was like the end of the day, I'd come straight from work, and we ended up talking about my stupid life until almost nine o'clock. I'd done pretty good ignoring the urge to move my poop, but gravity and time and the pretzels I'd eaten in the car on the way over were starting to really make me miserable. But I held on tight. A bit of turd was spreading my ring a little bit now and then, but I'd try to very discretely squirm and push it back up in with my ass cheeks, and that was working OK.

Then the shrink lady ends it all by going right back to the lesbian thing again! She got all into questions about experimenting with other girls and did I ever have a sexual relationship with another girl and did I fantasize about it and all that. So I had to go into how I had fooled around with this girl or that girl on the softball team and on the soccer team in high school and college, and all my sad trips to the lesbian bar when I'm really hating guys sometimes. And I'm starting to think I'm just purely insane, because this lady's not making any comments, you know, she's just listening to me, watching me, asking me questions. I'm dying to take a piss and a huge dump by the end, and I'm squirming -- like my own body is making fun of me by torturing me! There I was trying to get a grip on why I'm so obsessed with shit, and by the end all I want to do is to get up and run to the nearest toilet and blow this huge pile out of my ass.

So finally the lady says the old line about "my, look at the time", and she stands up and holds out her hand for a shake. I stand up to shake her hand and --- ooops --- this huge fart just rips out of me, and half a turd rushes out into my panties before I can grind my ass and pinch it off. I sort of double over and groan and hold my stomach, and the shrink lady just stands there and puts her hands on her hips. Are you trying to be funny, she says. I'm dying, you know? Like embarassed and in pain and just really freaking out. Pissed off, now, but just then I was wanting to get out of there without getting locked up or sued or something. I was scared!

The lady walked over to her office door and opens it pointed out, told me where I could find a bathroom down the hall. She said she didn't know whether or not she was going to keep seeing me. She went on about being very disturbed by my behavior and that psychiatry was not some kind of joke to be laughed at and that I did have a "few issues" that I needed to address. But I'm out the door before she finished, and I stumbled down to that lovely doctor's office bathroom with the nice wallpaper and the expensive toilet paper and the air freshener. The half-turd is smushing badly inside my panties as I'm going down the hall, and I'm crying, just absolutely dying, you know?

I get in there and rip my pants and panties down, and whooosh! plop!, the shit just burst out of me in a bunch of heavy loads. The water splashed up against my ass and I was all sloppy and sick down there. The turd in my panties was just a gooey paste, and I had streaks going down the insides of my thighs from being so hasty when I pulled them down. But, my savior, Cottonelle moistened towelette wipes! They had them on the counter next to me, so I knew I could clean up OK.

Just as my huge torrent of piss began to flood out of me, the shrink lady gently knocks on the bathroom door and said she'd wait for me in her office when I'm done, and that I could leave my dirty panties in the trash can if I wanted to throw them away, she'd make sure she took care of it and all that. I'm like hell no lady, but I just said "OK" out loud. So like twenty minutes later I was all cleaned up and my panties were in the little trash can. I walked out of that bathroom and went straight out the office door, found the stairwell, and I got down to the parking garage as fast as I could. The lady yelled something after me, all angry, but I wasn't about to stick around and get lectured. No fricking way. I'd had enough psychiatry.

But then I had to go home and hear my roommate ask me how it went, so I had to tell her. It would be hard not to be honest with her since she knew me so well. Jennifer didn't really say anything until I started crying, but then she just hugged me for a long time and rubbed my back and said it would be OK, that I wasnt' crazy and all that. Then she took me out to her favorite lesbian bar and got me really drunk on margaritas, and that seemed to get me over it better. Even though the next day at work was a killer.

So I thought I was "over it" for good, but then the shrink sent me an email this Friday afternoon. I'd put it down on the patient information form. She said she was sorry for the problems in our first meeting, she blamed herself for not letting us take a break, etc. She apologized like crazy and said she really would like me to come back and start regular sessions with her. I showed the email to Jennifer and she of course was like you should do it Sammie and all that. But I don't know. I'm still trying to decide.

No matter what, though, from now on I'm taking a nice full shit BEFORE I ever go into a shrink's office again.

(Sorry this was so long!)


shy public pooper
Hey Thom and Dave,
Thanks for the suppository stories. I have used all types for years. I like the feeling when they melt. I have really taken some good dumps after using Dulcolax supps especially. I hope to hear more stories from guys about suppositories and enemas.

has anyone ever had that feeling in your gut where you you don't know whether you you need to poop or if you're hungry, and if you if you poop and the feeling is a hungry feeling you'll be that much hungrier so you don't poop?

Anyway, I was riding around on my scooter the other day in the rain and was soaking wet. I had to pee real bad sitting at an intersection and since I was wet anyway, I let go and tried to be inconspicuous. The pee felt all warm and great puddling up under my balls on the scooter seat, and I couldn't quit going. It was quite arousing until it spilled over the edge of the seat and hit the hot motor. The pee gave a cloud of steam suddenly and the hot pee stench was overwhelming throughout the whole intersection. I got embarrassed and left in a hurry.

To Linda:
Thank you for your wonderful account! I don't remember the last time I sat on a can for more than 1 hour. For me, 30 - 45 minutes seems to be the limit of my patience. If my bowels simply refuse to get moving after about 30 minutes, I usually just give up and wait until the urge becomes more pronounced.

Any other stories out there about life in the 'slow lane'?

To poo queen:

Grey poop? I've had it, but only once in a blue moon... In fact, I can't recall exactly the last time I passed a grey stool. It must be at least 6 years I think.

For me the weirdest poop I've ever passed was one 4 years ago. I went into the bathroom feeling a bit bloated with my stomach aching - providing no small amount of urgency for me. I expected to drop some logs perhaps a bit larger than my usual creations, but after I was done I turned around to give my usual inspection and one of them genuinely shocked me! The 'body' of the turd was a normal, if slightly lighter than average, brown. The stunning bit was a contrasting white attachment on one end of the turd! It was like I had eaten a big glob of fat, which didn't digest at all and conglomerated on one turd. Where that white matter came from & what exactly it was remains a mystery to me to this day...

The monitors of this site do a marvelous job to keep conversations within the proper boundaries, so I don't know if my next account will be permitted. Still, it was so significant to me that I knew I just had to share it with all of you.:

For me, a bit of good fortune occurred this weekend. Finally, I got to see my girlfriend taking a pee on the throne! She's a lovely lady & it has been a long wish of mine to see and hear her doing her #1.
At the time, we had just finished having some 'fun' and then both went to the washroom to clean up. While we were there, she sat down on the loo and promptly began peeing with me standing right beside her. for me, that was rather shocking (but very exciting) since she had previously shown a definite reluctance for allowing me that privilege. We had spent the previous few hours in intimate contact so I was 'spent'. Otherwise, my excitement would *definitely* have been visible - if you get my drift.
It wasn't a lot, only peeing around 10 or 15 seconds worth, but very pleasing for me to see her whole process - especially the now yellowed water & pieces of toilet paper in the loo, right before I flushed it all away.

Well... Here's hoping she'll let me accompany her when she decides to do a BIG #2 one day!

-To our American friends, I wish to give my condolences on the death of your former president, Regan, on Saturday afternoon. (I was NEVER a fan of the man, but I think it's only appropriate.)


Hey Catherine;
Maybe you don't like it but I bet ya 20 bucks he loves it; regardless of what he tells you.

curious george
hey courtney L, that's interesting about your friend doing the sympothy pee. do you have any other stories about that? i like pee stories...keep em coming!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Eric in Chicago
Jayda: Corn kernels are made of a soft (at least when cooked) starchy center surrounded by a cellulose husk. It's the husk that's yellow. The husk has a weak spot, and when you chomp down on a corn kernel the weak spot breaks and the starchy part pops out of the husk, which is otherwise intact. When you then swallow, the starchy part gets digested (it actually turns into sugar and then gets absorbed into your bloodstream). The husk, being made of cellulose which is a form of insoluble fiber, can't be digested, so it eventually come out the other end, filled with shit that accumulated inside it in the colon. That makes it *look* the same as it did going in, even though the orginal "filling" is gone.

If you chew corn really thoroughly, you can tear the husks up into tiny little pieces that won't be noticeable in your shit, but that doesn't mean you're digesting the husks. In particular, you don't gain any nutritional benefit from such thorough chewing. You'd have to swallow the kernels whole in order not to gain nutrition from them. A kid in a corn-eating contest at a county fair is going to shit out most of what he ate unchanged since he doesn't have time to chew, but otherwise even minimal chewing extracts all the food value from corn.

Emily W.
hey, i used to read here a long time ago, never posted much, but i haven't been here in a long time but i have a story to share now..for the first time. well, they say everyone is bound to have an accident sooner or later, but since i got to the age of 18 without ever having an accident (besides maybe like wetting myself once or twice like shortly after i got out of diapers) i was pretty confident that i had good control and wouldn't have an accident ever. there have been times where i really needed to pee or poop and got very afriad i wasn't going to make it to a toilet, but i was always okay, so after awhile i kind of convinced myself that i could never have an accident because i've always made it in desperate situations.

well, on this day, 14 days after my 18th birthday...i had an accident. and i never cried harder, lol, but now that the ordeal is over i feel okay, so i'll tell you all about it. (if you want to know about me, i'm 5'6", 114 lbs, green eyes and long straight auburn hair. i'm also fairly tanned and i have some freckles.)

i woke up running late today for school, and normally i just take my time anyway because i'm not a fan of rushing and i just show up to school late, but it's my last week and i have finals so i couldn't be late. (no this is not another story about an accident during an exam, for those of you who may think those stories are monotonous, that's just coincidental.) anyway, i felt pressure in the pit of my ???? as i was hurrying to get ready to get to my exam. i debated going to the toilet real quick, but it felt like it would take a while and i was already crunched for time, so since i would only be at school until 11 i decided just to wait until i got home. when i got dressed i put on just regular white panties and a pair of pink capri pants and a white t shirt with a flower on it, and sandals. i got to school and took the 2 exams i had today and all that, and at the end i had to poop REALLY REALLY BAD! i kept making these teeny tiny quiet farts throughout the exam, some because i wanted to relieve pressure and some i couldn't control. i had to poop so bad i felt the pressure in my butt and my butt even felt tingly. i rushed downstairs and made a b-line for my car in the parking lot. i opened the door and jumped in and a bigger and louder fart escaped that i couldn't hold in, and this wave of terror came over me and i just thought "oh my god... i think i'm gonna poop in my pants." i had to go so badly i sat all the way on the edge of my seat and i kept alternating which hand was on the steering wheel and which one i was holding my butt with as i raced home! as i was coming up to an intersection, the light turned red on me when I was just 2 car lengths away, and i felt my eyes glaze over because i was just absolutely ready to cry from having to poop so bad. i did three more big farts that i couldn't hold in , they came out within seconds of each other and after the last one i felt that sort of feeling when it came out that there was a huge poop right behind it. there was no way i was gonna make it home and for a second i thought about giving up since i was the only person in the car anyway and only my dad was at home but he'd probably be asleep and not see that i pooped my pants, but i just did NOT want to go in my pants! when the light turned green i turned right into the Acme parking lot. I didn't care that it was a grocery store, i just needed a place with a toilet!!!!! i rushed in trying not to make it obvious that i had to poop, but it was impossible for me to walk without leaning slightly forward and bending slightly at my knees. i wanted so badly to put my hands over my butt, but i was too embarrassed to do that. before i got in the doorway, i made another really big fart and right at the end of it i felt poop starting to come out. i stopped dead in my tracks and immediately put my hand over my butt. it took me a second to get a hold on it, but i didn't let that poop out. at that point i didn't care how obvious it was, i just wanted to get to the toilet. i hobbled in with my right hand firmly on my butt and went to the first clerk i saw and just practically shouted "Excuse me where is your restroom???" This guy who couldn't have been much older than me turns around and gets a nice look at me standing there biting my lip and holding my butt like a 4 year old and tries to hide his smile, before giving me HORRIBLE directions to where the bathroom was. he said "it's right down that way and to the left, then straight through a set of double doors" as he just aimlessly pointed off in no particular direction. i just rushed off with the best of my judgment as to where he was pointing and prayed i'd see another, more helpful clerk. i went all the way through one aisle and got to the back end of the store, and looked to my left. there were no double doors to be seen. i looked around in other directions, and i saw one set of double doors but it was at the butcher shop and i could see hanging meat through the small windows on it, so i was sure it wasn't the way to the bathroom. i turned around and started to head back down the aisle, but suddenly i felt like another uncontrollable fart was about to come out, and it felt like a balloon inflated or something in my butthole, and my stomach clenched up. i bent over and my whole body tingled as a huge solid poop just pushed out into my underwear with a crackle and tears immediatley started pouring from my eyes. my hand had still been on my butt and i felt the bulge form very quickly and get very big. i crouched down and with the same full body tingling sensation and feeling of chills up my back, i uncontrollably pushed 3 more huge solid poops out into my underwear. Then i peed my pants..and as i crouched there i looked down at myself and i could actually see my pants hanging down because of all the poop in them. they were stained a good brown all the way through too, since my underwear was white and my pants were pink..i stood up slowly and i could just feel this enormous warm mass of poop all over my butt. i stood there for a minute and tried to wipe my tears so i could see better, but tears just kept coming. i rushed out of the store without looking around to see if anyone saw me. i thought i heard the guy i asked aboutt he bathroom shout and ask if i had found it okay, but i think i might've been hearing things because i'm sure it was obvious i didn't seeing as i was in tears and had an enormous brown bulge in the seat of my pants...i don't know it was an emotional moment. i hated the feeling of it entirely. every step i made i just felt this big warm mass mushing around on my butt, and the seat of my pants felt heavy. when i got in my car i tried to sit on the edge of my seat like kind of on the backs of my thighs so my butt wasn't touching, but it didn't work out at all and i wound up sitting down in my load anyway. feeling it smoosh under my butt made me cry even more. i got home eventually and went straight up to my bathroom, still bawling. i spent probably 25 minutes alone pulling my underwear down..i got my pants off right away but then i didn't even want to tackle getting my panties off and i just stood in my soiled panties and continued crying. i couldn't believe i couldn't stop crying, it wasn't like anyone significant to me saw me poop my pants. after awhile i had stopped crying and managed to get my panties off and i dumped them in the toilet. i took one look at my underwear and just put them right in the waste basket and took the bag out and tied it shut. they were white and filled with poop..there was no saving them. i then showered for probably an hour....afterward i put on a pair of light blue panties and a big t shirt i use to sleep in, took the bag with my dirty panties in them to the trash, put my pants in the washer then took a nap. i woke up again around 7, and my dad asked me what was the matter, since i'd been sleeping all day and i had come home crying and gone straight upstairs. he must have been awake when i got in. it was really hard to tell him what happened, and i couldn't really do it..i teared up a little again and he put his hand on my shoulder and said "look, sweetie, you came home crying and showered for an hour, and i saw your pants in the wash by them self, so i don't need you to tell me what happened...don't worry about it sweetie, accidents can't be avoided sometimes, and you've gotten yourself cleaned up so it's okay. just forget about it." i didn't say anything, i just kind of tried to smile weakly at him, but i was extremely embarrassed. he left the room and i just hung out in my room for a little while.

what a way to have an accident for the first time...most HORRIBLE experience of my life! the good news is, i think i'm off the hook..i never go in to the Acme for one thing, i don't remember seeing anyone i know, even though i wasn't look too hard, and get this..early tonight i heard my dad telling my mom about it....and he said that i accidentally PEED my pants on my way home from school! i mean it's still really embarrassing that my parents think i peed my pants and i'm 18 years old....well actually yeah i peed my pants, but at least they don't know that i pooped my pants even worse..

so...that's the story of my lifetime, lol. thanks for reading!
love Emily

PS: interesting side note took me so long to write this that i had to stop to take a pee break at one point, and for some reason even though i wasn't very desperate i just had this fear that i was going to start wetting my panties on the way to the i've typed enough, bye everyone!

Baldy Boy-Okay, this story will be about peeing.

Once (a long time ago, in a far-off land...just kidding. my brother was watching shrek, and it starts somewhat like that) when i was 12, i often didn't know that i needed to pee until about two seconds until i was going to pee in my pants. So, once when I was in 7th grade, I didn't use the bathroom all day. Then suddenly, about 10 minutes into Latin, I needed to pee...really, really, really badly! So, I walked up the front of the room, and said to the latin teacher, "May i please go to the bathroom!" he said, "write in in latin!" i said, "I'm sorry, but i can't, and may i please use the bathroom?" he goes, "not unless you can write it in latin" so, i sat down. Probebly 5 minutes later, I was going to explode! I started squirming in my seat, and started clutching my abdoman, doing a version of the pee dance while sitting down. "grrrrrrr" i thought "i'm going to go in my pants!" Finally, my latin teacher looks at me and says, "Fine, you may go!" I ran down the hall, but knew i couldn't make it to the bathroom. On the verge of tears, ran as fast as i could to the bathroom. But, it was up all the way across the floor, and i knew i couldn't make it. Then, a miracle happened! No, i didn't make it to the bathroom...this isn't a farie tale. Instead, i saw a cleaning bucket! The pee had already started comming into my jeans. I could see a small puddle start to appear...but then, I managed to pull down my pants, and squat on the bucket! I peed really fast and hard, but it felt wonderful! I pulled my pants up, and found out that the puddle was pretty large, but you really couldn't see it, because my jeans were very dark. I was so happy! I went back to latin, and (hopefully) nobody was the wiser.

Yesterday i came down with strep throat. SO, i'm taking amoxicyllian (or however you spell it). well, one of the side effects is "mild diarrhea", so i was eating dinner, and i felt my stomach roll! I ran to the bathroom, dropped my jeans, and started shitting diarrhea! It continued all night, but it's gone now, and i went to sschool and took my history and science tests with out any problem. kind of boring, i know.

Hi. I'm a 29 year old guy who's been reading this board for ages!! I had a great shit at a local mall right after work! It was after work, I went into the Men's room to release what I had been holding for a couple hours? I sat on a toilet and pushed, as one small chunk came out. Then the snake slowly slid out and into the toilet-hole, but I was not done!! A thick greenish-brown snake ended up resting up against the bowl and porceline at about 14 inches long, and 2" or so, thick!!!! It almost touched the rim from inside the toilet-hole!!! I wiped about 10 times. I then went home. I hope someone enjoyed this?

Hey, I'm a 24yo male and I was wondering if any girls here go without panties so it's quicker to go to the toilet?

The story about Aunt Nancy reminded me of this one time when my mom, me, and my aunt Julie went on vacation for a few days in the summer. This happened several years ago, I had summer vacation from school (8th grade). My mom was visiting a college friend on this day so my aunt and I stayed at the hotel. We were hanging out poolside enjoying the nice weather and reading and talking. I got bored after awhile so I went back to the room and watched tv. About a half-hour later, my Aunt (she was about 40 years old) comes back to the room and says she needs to use the toilet. As she puts here things down on the table, she lets a few loud farts go which suprised me because I don't think I ever heard my aunt fart before. She apologizes and says she better take the book she was reading in with her. She closes the bathroom door and within seconds I hear more loud farts, she must have been standing right at the door because they were loud. I didn't have the tv on that loud, but I lowered it because I wanted to hear what she was doing in there. She was definitely straining a lot, I could hear her grunting and groaning for sure. She was in there almost 10 minutes. She wiped and then flushed, and then flushed again. She came out and said there was a problem with the toilet; she had clogged the toilet and it wasn't flushing down. She said she was going to go to the front desk and let them know and see if they could send somebody down to fix it. She left the room and I said to myself I have to see what she did in there. I opened the bathroom door and boy did it smell. My aunt had left the light / fan on because of the smell. I lifted the lid on the toilet and wow, what a whopper! It was one huge turd, thicker than my wrist and long, and it was very solid. A part of it was sticking out of the water and it really smelled because of that. I just stared at it for like 2 minutes and then closed the lid and closed the bathroom door and waited in the room. My aunt came back a few minutes later and said they were going to send one of the maids down. I told my aunt that I took a quick pee in the toilet and I saw how it was clogged. My aunt was embarrased and she said that she wished I hadn't seen it. She said she hadn't gone in several days and she really had the urge to have a bowel movement. The maid arrived about then and my aunt and I went into the bathroom with her. The maid said that for clogged toilets like this its easiest to put on gloves and reach in and break it up, and thats what she did. My aunt apologized and the maid washed up and left. My aunt was so embarrased that the maid had to stick her hand in the bowl and break up her turd and she was embarrased that I had seen it the first time and also watched the maid. My aunt said her butt was really sore from trying to push and pass such a hard thick stool (I'm not suprised).

Canadian Guy
I have another story to tell you.

I have a female friend named Janice. She is not my girlfriend, and never has been, but we went to the same schools throughout elementrary and high school and knew each other rather well because we also go to the same church. She is pretty decent looking, with shiny blond hair and blue eyes, and a very "british" nose. I don't know why, I always think of her as British. She tells me she's 100% Canadian but I kid her about the time she went bananas over Prince William back in 9th Grade and also the time we went to GM Place to see the Queen drop the puck between the (San jose) Sharks and the (Vancouver) Canucks. (Rhymes too!) Not only that, she cheered wildly for the Queen and she was in full UK Parnephenalia (sp?) Union Jacks everywhere. I remind her of that time and she would still deny that she's British. Whatever. Oh, BTW she is about 5'4" and about 105 LBs, mainly because she's a good swimmer.

Well this time a few months ago we went to the local sports pub to watch the Vancouver Canucks play the Phoenix Coyotes. Since it was on Pay-per-view, we decided to go to the bar and munch on some 10 cent chicken wings and down a cold one. The first half of the game passed without much incident as the hometown Canucks took a comfortable 3-0 lead against the hapless Coyotes. All of the guys ordered about 30 chicken wings of various types and a Beer. (some got Kokannee, others got Molson. I had Molson.) Janice, being a non-drinker (and probably a better Christian than me lol) decided to try out a funky soba drink. We were laughing and hooting it up because as the game progressed it became clear that the Canucks were just bulldozing the Coyotes into submission as they racked up a 5-0 lead. For a while Janice continued to laugh with us even though she's not a huge hockey fan. Then it happened. She stopped laughing and started having a distressed look on her face. "Omigosh I have to go to the bathroom!" She announced as she flew towards the ladies room holding her stomach. It seemed that the culprit was the soba drink because no one else was sick. When she came out 15 minutes later she looked a lot paler than normal. A friend asked if she was ok and she said that she had had diarrhea and had threw up as well, but now felt a lot better. However, she seemed to be much quieter after that and seemed a little queasy when the Canucks scored again to make it 6-0. We were just clapping by this point because we had worn our voices out cheering the decisive goals (ie, the first 2)and pretty much just applauding the garbage ones. (ie, the last 4) When Phoenix came back on the very next shift to salvage some pride with a weird goal, (6-1 now) Janice's mouth filled and she ran to the bathroom again. She came out another 15 minutes later during which the game had ended 6-1 for the Canucks. She was bent over at the waist and was still rubbing her sore stomach. I asked if she was ok, and this time she said she wasn't and wanted to go home. Thankfully for us we were ready to leave anyways so I drove her home. On the way she said "IhavetogotothebathroomAHH!" really fast and I understood. Not wanting to embarrass this poor girl I tried to find a gas station or restaurant but there weren't any open by this time. In desperation she groaned repeatedly, and I heard her swallowing vomit, so I grabbed a paper bag from the back seat and gave it to her. She hurled like she never hurled before. I had been with her to quite a few kid's camps and such, and she was rather sickly throughout her childhood, but this surpassed those various episodes. I wanted to pat her to comfort her, but as I wasn't her boyfriend I decided not to and just sat quietly as she vomited into that paper bag. The smell was atrocious despite the open windows. When she was finally done, I threw the bag out the window. It was 11 at night so the street was fairly quiet. Janice was still crying when suddenly she clutched her stomach with a fury and asked if there was any way I could find a bathroom. I asked if she had to throw up again, but she said no this time it's the runs and that it feels like someone is stabbing her gut repeatedly. I knew this time that we were in trouble. I could always grab paper bags for throwing up, but diarrhea will get all over the seat. At a loss, I decided to ask her to open the car doors and go on the side of the road. She looked at me like I was crazy but I told her it was either that or the car seat because there are no bathrooms around here. Finally, her bowels defeating her dignity, she went outside. Thankfully it was nighttime so she was hardly visible in the dark. I stood behind her just in case someone came. I heard her groan and cry as I could hear and smell the runny stuff come out of her butt. She was really humiliated and I feld sorry for her but there was nothing I could have done. Finally she was done and I drove her home without further incident. The next day she messaged everyone on MSN saying that she got poisoned by the soba drink.

I'm not a pervert or a sex maniac by any means, but I was again a little aroused by her getting sick. It was gross, but I felt adrenaline going through myself. I definitely do not wish anyone to get sick, but if its a pretty girl like Janice then I think it is....erotic? I don't want to come accross as a guy with a fetish, because I don't.

BTW Janice has since recovered and is her normal bubbly self again.

To Catherine:

That was a huge log you passed. Did you actually measure it? Do you pass large turds like that often or are they usually a lot smaller?


Loked the dressed pantyless pee, did u pee in other public locations?




Just a quick survey , I've tried to get this published before, but for some reason it hasn't made it. Oh well third time lucky as they say!!
1. How many of you out there in poopland have been in the middle of doing something important, something that you couldn't leave but were interuppted by the urge to poop. The descision to poop in your pants was outweighed by the task you were undertaking at the time. I was painting a cupboard in the shed the other day when I had the urge to poop. I knew it was going to be a solid turd as I could feeel the turtles head move in & out of my hole, so I just spread my legs slightly let an 8 incher into my undies. Then finished painting the cupboard.

2. How many of you have been out say in a shopping centre or park the need to shit has come upon you, you've gone to the toilets & found there is no paper at all. What do you do (a) hold on & hope you don't shit yourself, (b) have a shit & do not wipe then suffer sticky bum syndrome for the rest of the day (c) use your finger to wipe your hole then wipe it on the wall, then wash in the basins?????????
Here is a tip since spying on a relative of mine (see previous posts) I have often used her technique for havinf a poop. That is I stand up, bend my kness just slightly spred my cheeks with my hands & the turds just slide out of their own accord with very little residual mess around my hole.

3. Prior to adopting the above mentioned shitting position I often used to get poop on my hands, how many of you have been in that situation??????Consequently the skid marks on my undies were very noticeable!!!!!!!!!
Happy pooping & peeing all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twice Shy
Touching off another blast

Driving in this morning in the traffic jam in Northern VA, I realized that my series of insistent fart-eruptions was the precusor to some sort of dump, to take place in the near-offing, only my anal discipline has only rarely resulted in the inadvertent release of actual poo while I've been in the driver's seat.

I got to work and plopped down at my desk, when lo, here was the anticipated event. I suppose I'm describing it the way women said "honey, it's time" when they were having babies in the sitcoms of the 1950's and 60's. I scurried on down to the men's room here on the 4th floor, lowered trou', and blew an explosive load of liquid-phase waste, all suspensate and hardly any chunks. Then, almost as soon as I'd arrived, I wiped what remnant graced my butt-hole and came back to work.

I'm thinking that, in the evolutionary view of things, the paleolithic humans who could hold their bungholes were probably favored in the survival scheme. Imagine a cave-man who was prone to such diarrheal outbursts, only could not delay the event until positioned away from the cave. Sitting around the fire, munching on fresh-killed zebra or cape buffalo, the destined-for-extinction variant of our ancestors would have leaned to one side and made a huge mess, in which case the fellow cave-dwellers would have to run. After that, none of the females would go near him, but the one with the anus of iron would be able to get clear of the cave and let it loose, harmlessly into the ravine on the other side of the ridge.

Thus have I been pondering the anus.

question for the girls

when you pee into the toilet bowl, does your pee make bubbles or foam?

if it does when? and why?

and how much foam or, bubbles?

The Poop Lover

I love how you are able to poop such long, wide logs. It's interesting how you work your way through constipation. Please tell us about your bouts of vomiting. I hope they let you do that. Please post more stories. You are my favorite poster right now.

One time I saw my cousin in his diaper when he was a baby. He started doodooing. He kept running around and stopping to push. He grunted each time he pushed. Wen it finally came out, he made a similar sound, but I could tell it came out because he sounded pleased.

It feels good being relieved after finishing.

I have more stories to tell, but I will do it some other time.

Oh brother! I went to the gym today after breakfast and all the way there I felt like I was gonna fart my brains out. I kept farting in the car and driving faster but to no avail, the urge just remained. As soon as I got in the gym I practically ran to the mens locker room to find perch myself on the pot and let loose!! I went into the middle stall which was open and lowered my shorts, hiked up my tshirt and pushed with all my might. It sounded like Hiroshima! The dude in the next stall suddenly burst into hysterical laughter and asked me if I was allright. At that point I could not respond and commenced a crackling turd that could have come out of Godzillas ass. Oh God was it painful and wretched, I moaned in sheer agony meanwhile this guy is laughing at me in the next stall. I really did not care because I felt so miserable. Finally after ten minutes my stomach felt better and I cleaned up and opened the stall door and washed my hands. The guy in the other stall came out and it was a friend of mine named Mike who I always talk to when I am on the treadmill or the stepper. He looked at me and cracked up, then I cracked up and said to him, "Never eat Mexican!" He said, he knows it happens everytime he overeats guacamole.
But Oh The PAIN!

I went for a drink in a club near work yesterday, and called into the toilet for a quck pee. I haven't been in this toilet before, and noticed, whist I was peeing, the acoustics in the two cublicles sounded excellemt.

I could hear KERSPLUNKS echoing for the two occupants.

I will be paying the toilets a visit again next week, this time when I want a shit.

Hopefully there will be someone else in for me too listen to, and to listen to me.

I'll report back !

your name whizzer
to toilet girl"

here goes:

I normally poop once a day and it is fairly hard so it does not take much paper. Also I like going outsede in a coffee can or plastic sack early in the morning . As to pooping I do not always go every day so when the urge hits I have to find a pot. quickly!!!!!!

hope this helps,

more later


I'm 15 and my mother has given me enemas for the same reason..I get really clogged up and after three days of not having a BM my stomack kills..They really work and they are not all that bad...My mother gave me one with a red bag and I took it all very slowly...You feel warm inside and you get cramps which go away if you gently rub your stomach..My mother has me hold it five minutes after I have taken as much as I can...You get the sudden urge to go to the toilet and then you have about fifteen minutes of watery bm...When it over you will fell much better and very relieved.....Go for it...They are not all that bad and they really clean you out....


Hey everybody!

I had a very exciting experience the other day.

I got to see one of my friends take a dump, up close in very graphic detail and she got to see me,it was a great experience!

We were on the way home for school, on the bus, when my friend, amy, who i was sitting next to, clutched her stomach and moaned. I looked at her oddly and she says to me "I gotta take a dump real's poking out, I've been waiting all day." My heart started to race, half because an attractive friend just told me a turd was poking out of her ass and half because my ass was sweating so bad because i had a turd poking out of my ass. It wasnt too far until we got to out stop, so i wasn't worried, I am able to hold if i need to, but apparantley amy isnt so good at holding and was moaning and sweating when we got off the bus.

While we were walking amy continued to moan, hold her stomach and put her hand on her ass. She told me she couldnt stop it poking out. I suggested we sit down. We both sat down and a hard wooden park bench. Amy put the edge of the seat between her butt cheeks to push the turd in. We sat for about 2 minutes and amy said she felt better and could hold a little longer. We continued walking.

My house was coming up soon, but amy's is about another mile away. We came to my house and amy asked if she could please take a dump at my place because she didnt want to risk walking all the way to her place. I was happy to let her, but i told her i needed to go too, she looked up at me excited and i knew straight away what that look meant, she wanted to see me poop. She said "We cant both hold it, so why dont we... do it on the floor, and maybe we could watch each other." she now looked very sheepish. I said "Yeh, good idea." and she smiled.

We got to the bathroom and she said that she sould go first. She got fully nude and then got on all fours on the floor. She had a pretty chubby ass for a skinny girl, but it was a nice shape. I knelt behind her as she spread her cheeks and revealed her asshole, that had a dirty brown ring around it. She pushed and her asshole pulsed and and a tight fart escaped and her hole immediatley started opening up as a fat, dark turd emerged from her. She moaned and strained and the turd started moving out quickly even though it was so fat, her asshole stretched really easily. The turd got lighter at about half way. It was very firm, it was hanging out very long, but wasnt bending much or breaking. It started to hang a bit as it slowed down. She strained at the end and the fat turd popped out and slapped on the floor. She sighed in relief and let out a loose fart and said she was done. It was a very big turd, 14" long and 3" wide and very firm. It was dark at the start and got lighter towards the end.

It was my turn now and i was getting pretty desperate. I stood up and the turd was poking out. Before i could pull my pants down the turd started moving out. I quickly ripped my pants down and squatted, the turd continuously moved out, touched the ground and broke off, hitting the floor, i moaned. I looked down at my pants and there were a few marks on them. The next turd was softer and oozed out and dropped into a pile ontop of my first turd. I pushed and some sticky, tight farts came out, followed by some soft, sticky mush. I was surprised to push out soft poop (later than night i had diarreah) I farted some more then stood up. Amy was very impressed, but it wasnt a very good dump copared to some of my other ones. A 10" log with 2 piles of soft poop ontop of it, that smelt real bad.

We both wiped, picked out poop up with toilet paper, dumped it in the toilet and flushed.

I'll keep you posted on Amy.

The End.
Love Ash.D

Hey Everyone, some great posts on contipation, keep them up. To Mike, suppositories are great for going poo when your system is sluggish, you buy them in a drug store and insert them in your rectum and hold them as long as possible.. For me its anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. The resulting poo is wonderful and you leave the bathroom feeling great especially if your clogged up. As for my last story, I did go poo when the suppository kicked in, it was about half an hour and I got off the computer and went into the bathroom grabbing a magazine. I knew this was going to be a long sit. I took off my bikini briefs and sat down on the toilet. By this time I felt like I was going to explode, which I did upon sitting down. Several farts, crackles and soft poo came during a 20 minute period. It felt great. I ended up spending about 35 minutes sitting that night but it was well worth it and I continued to poo the following day on my own. Thom, loved your sotry on suppositories, keep writing.Take care its time to go sit on the toilet. This site always makes me go poo. Love it.

I pee outside on the lawn all the time

To toilet girl..........

You want to hear from the guys eh???

Well the other day I was going to the shopping centre (mall) & had this dire need to have a shit, I mean I could feel it almost it headbutting my really wanted to escape. As I was walking to the toilets I happen to run into an old family friend that I hadn't seen for ages. This woman was so excited to see me, she gave me a big hug & started to ask me a million questions,,,,,you know how it is when you haven't seen someone for a long time. As we stood talking I was having difficulty stopping the turd from escaping from my anus into my jox, I knew I was fighting a loosing battle. I made the mistake of clenching my cheeks to prevent me shitting my pants in front of this woman. We had been walking slowly toward the toilets, but I don't think she was actually going to the toilet herself. I then heard my ???? rumble, it must have been very loud because Marney said haven't you eaten today yet, then I squeezed my cheeks so hard but it was too late. This huge log just forced its way out, it felt like I was giving birth to a salami sauage. Bacause I had cleched my cheeks so hard it sqeezed all up & down my bum crack. Marney smiled & said did you just do a fart, she must have caught a wiff of the odour. I said I wish it was that simple,she surprised me by saying she knows how it feels to follow through when u fart . Marney said go & clean yourself then we'll have a coffee. Moral of the story is do not clench you r cheeks if you know you're gonna poop your pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have other stories too...........Happy pooping Aussierod

i am 12 years old and i am male and i have 2 brothers and a sister.they are 5 years old and sometimes like to invite their friends to trips. one day we were in a cabin of my uncle with 2 of their friends of the same age. i was watching them when my brother ricky said that he needed to go to the toilet. his friend and my sister said they had to go too so i asked my other brther if he needed to go and my sister's friend Lucy and they said yes. i took them to the nearest washroom that was like 200 meters from the cabin.when we got there i went to the mens room with all the kids. there were 3 toilets no stalls. i asked them how urgent it was for each one of them and ricky said it was very urgent fr him to poop, my sister said that too. then my other brother nick said that he needed to pee but it was not urgent, then i asked lucy and she sais that she had to poop but it was not urgent and finally my brothers friend told me he had to pee bad. so i took ricky on the first toilet to poop and then i realized that the other toilets were with sskid marks so i thought i just could wipe the sit and i did. ricky pulled down his shorts to his tighs and farted. then he groaned and pushed and a thick huge poop went out. he said it was soft. then hile he was pooping my sister sat down and pooped 6 medium sized logs and wiped. my brothers friend peed and nick sat down to pee. ricky was still pooping so i looked him and he said that another log was just coming out. nick was done and lucy sat down where nick was. my sister was done befre nick but lucy wanted to sat down where nick was. she groaned and pushed and her face was red . finally i heard an splash sound. ricky and lucy finished at the same time and wiped. i flushed each one of the toilets and i took them to the cabin.

You must get constipated quite often to take suppositories. It must be bad if you still have to strain and grunt to push your loads out, even with a suppository. How long do you go without taking a dump?? What has been the biggest turd that you have squeezed out?? I bet your dumps are long and labourous. Please share some of your constipation stories with us, I love reading about people pushing out big poos, especailly the ones that take lots of time and effort, the ones that are extra wide and rock solid.

I hardly ever get constipated these days but when I was about 6 or 7, I suffered badly from a very severe case of constipation. I was constipated on and off for months. After that bout cleared up, I had constipation about 6 or 7 times up until the age of 15. I can remember always having to take a laxative but I still had to work really hard to push the turds out and they were always extremely wide and rock hard. Just another quick question, how often do you get constipated??


I also love the turds that take lots of effort to push out. At times Ive had to squeeze out logs that were so wide that I had to hold my breath and push. I remember a few years back, I hadn't been able to poop for three days (I usually go once a day, sometimes twice a day) and when I finally felt the urge to go, I had to push so hard that I thought my ear drums were going to burst. I like the feeling I get in my anus as Im pushing out a big turd. I try to make it last for longer but not squeezing so much and just letting the log slide out by itself.

I had a very memorable pooping experience about three years ago. It was probably the longest dump Ive ever done in my life. I hadn't been able to take a dump for four days (since the Wednesday morning) and I hadn't been feeling the urge to go either. Finally, on the Saturday night, I could feel a gigantic turd slowly moving down towards my anus. I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat down (I also closed the toilet door). For 20 minutes I felt nothing, I didn't even try to strain or push. Then the montorous log started moving as slowly as ever towards my anus. I just let it slide down, without pushing, squeezing or grunting. This took a while, in fact by now I had been on the toilet for close to an hour. Then the real marathon began. The turd was sitting in my ring and it was stretching my anus. It was burning but I had to get it out.I had to push so hard that my ears went funny and I couldn't hear anything for a few seconds. This helped the turd along slightly but I had to do that a few more times. By now the log was about half way out so I held my breath, planted my hands firmly on the toilet seat and pushed as hard as I could. I felt the poo slide out a bit more and after one final push (I had to hold my breath again) the entire log came out. It felt like very long and rock solid. I peed as the log came out and plopped into the toilet. I hadn't finished pooping because I pushed again and several smaller pieces of poo shot out of my arse. These ones were much softer and heaps easier to squeeze out. Then I did another big wee, followed by a small, hard turd and another shorter wee. I wiped my bum but there was nothing on the TP. Before I put the TP into the toilet, I had a look at my big job. It was HUGE, probably close to 30 centremetres long and nearly as wide as my arm. It had come out it in one long piece that was almost black.


Saturday, June 05, 2004

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