Hey everyone, i've been reading this site for a while. i just turned 16, i'm blonde, fairly tall. I was really really sick a few weeks ago, now i'm hardly ever sick i mean ever, but when i do, it's not pleaseant. Well, there had been the flu going around school, and of course my older brother got it (he's 18). Well we all did the best we could to stay away from him, but to no avail. i caught the flu. So me and him are sitting on the couch, watching Mad TV, when suddenl;y i fell the urge to crap, diareah of course. So i get up to go, but all of a sudden Nick(my bro) runs to the bathroom and pukes. Great, i wait outside the bathroom for a good 1o min, al the while listening to nick puke. Well by this time i have to go so bad that i open the door and go in. Did i mention seeing someone else puke, makes me kinda natious?? Well Nick apparntly couldn't move from the toilete, so i deceided to poop in the bathtub. Not pleasant to clean up let me tell you. Now Nick is done puking and finally relizes i;m in the bathroom. He looks at me pooping in the toilete. "what are you doing?" he asks weakly. "what does it look like smart ass" i snap back. "pooping in the bathtub" "good guess, are you done with the toilete?" i ask. " i think so" so i move to the toiliet and poop for another 20 min. Now it has been about 3 weeks since then, and evertime Nick sees me going into the bathroom he laughs.
I know, boering story, but it's late, and i'm tired, i have a good third grade story to tell, later!!


I have so many stories that I want to share, but I will start with a question... Do you ever eat corn and it never fully digests?? Why is it that corn can make it all the way thru you system and end up in the bowl uneffected by your body> ? I currenly am on antibiotics and have been drinking a great deal of Kool-Aid (red) and tomatoes- and for some reason- the corn on the cob i had yesterday is tinted red>!! Why,?? I have no idea!
I think that my poop varies. I sometimes can go two or three times a day or not go at all for a few days. It is either hard and firm, and floats a bit or in a big pile of cement looking waste in the bowl.
I used to love sitting on the toilet and having to go so bad and starting ans stopping the flow of urine. I would get such a powerfull tingly feeling- 'downthere' that I looked forward to peeing.
Has anyone ever had medicines change the color of their poop or noticed the color change in stuff that came out- like corn??
glad to have found this site!! ill post again.

Punk Rock Girl
Randi: Thanks for the info on the high colonic. Who knows, maybe I'll try it someday.

I took a dump outside over the weekend. It was so beautiful Sunday, Colin and I went for a walk in the woods. After a couple of hours, my bowels were crying to be emptied. I stepped a few yards off the path, behind some bushes, dropped my shorts and underpants to my knees and squatted. I pushed out a big solid load, followed by some mushy poop. I didn't have any TP, so I had to wait until we got back to where there were some porta-potties.

Ah, butt mud when you're miles away from toilet paper. Fun. I have not dared wipe my ass with leaves ever since I was ten and accidentally wiped with a handful of poison ivy. My hands, my buns, my anus, my rectum, my inner thighs and my vagina ALL got raw and itchy for almost two weeks. I had to squirt lotion up my ass. Every bowel movement was absolute torture. It was horrible.

Well, see you all later!



Does anyone there ever poop in bed when you don't feel like getting up? How was it. Let anyone know. Thank-you

hi everyone, today on the way home from school i had to take a crap... since nobody is home i decided to do it in my pants. so i pushed a bit and a large very mushy load went into my cotton white panties... it feels really good... now i think i am going to sit down...hmm.. it all mushed up my cracked and some escaped the panties.... well this is quite the mess i think im going to go clean off now.. thanks for reading...

P>baldy boy
Catherine you should write alot more about your peeing experinces.

Dave, enjoyed your post and wanted to respond and say hello to my friends here. I too am waiting for suppositories to kick in as I write this. I have used them for constipation since I was about 14. In the beginning I was too embarrassed to buy my own so would take one or two at a time from my grandparents bathroom. Would save them for use when my constipation was really bad. Later I discovered an old bulb syringe and started using it. In college I bought my own suppositories for the first time. Used them alot. I kept them hidden in my underwear drawer and never told anyone I was using them. I often wondered if other guys in the dorm were using laxatives like I was. I did hear a couple of the guys complain of being constipated. Sometimes I would insert a couple of suppositories then go to the library to study and wait for them to work. I liked using the mensroom in the library especially if there was someone in the next stalls. I still have to strain and grunt a lot to go even with the suppositories. I really liked having someone in the next stall also having to work to take a dump. Hope these suppositories work soon, its been a few days since my last dump!
Hello to Carlos, Brent C. Fernando, Drew, Jacob G., Me, Bryian, Concerned Dad, Brad, Daniel, Zip, Eli and others. Love the guy stories and have not heard from some of you for a long time. Hope to hear from some of you! Thom

Hi Im soooooo glad other people have poop problems too. I am constantly pooping all day. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? Sometimes I am soooo constipated that i have to pull my buttcheeks appart and dig. groooooosssss. Then other times the diarriah wont stop running. I think if I just stop eating it would be better. Yesterday I had diarriah sooooo bad and there was no toilet paper so I got up to find some and poop dribbled down my leg in complete water form. So I just got into the shower cause I couldnt find any paper. My stomach hurts right now just thinking about the next time I have to poop!!! I am always bloated and I cant lose weight cause I have dirriah so bad that I poop out something as big as a 3rd world country then after that Im soooo hungry that I eat everything in sight, then the whole cycle starts all over again. HELP WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!

toilet girl
Hey guys... Im new here, and i love this site. I just wish there was more stories about men pooping. i really enjoy hearing about men going to the bathroom, maybe because im a girl and im curious. Keep them coming... please :)

The Poop Lover

After a year of not posting, I'm back.

Once time I had homemade tacos, and my stomach decided not to take the spices in the meet. I went to the bathroom to let out my diarrhea. My stomach was hurting. It poured out as I sat there. It was like Niagra Falls. It made fart sounds as it came out. It took a few minutes to finish. I went back to my plate to continue eating. One minute later, I had diarrhea. It came out the same way. It was very brown and stinky.
After finishing, I wanted to eat some more, but 30 seconds later I had more diarrhea. When I finished that time, I finally got to finish eating. Ten minutes later I had diarrhea the last time. It felt so good coming out. I love how good it feels being relieved.

Mister Peeper. I enjoyed your account of some of your Aunt Nancy's trips to the loo and her frank openness about her BM's. Although I haven't been privileged in quite the same way as you, much of what you wrote certainly struck a chord with me. Were there ever any occasions when she did a lot of pre-poo farting or ended up having an accident? You wrote about her sometimes reading a magazine on the loo. It sounds to me as though she regarded time on the pot as one for pleasure and unhurried relaxation.

Brian. Enjoyed your latest post and look forward ti hearing more about Maureen's and your experiences.

PRG. How are things going post-enema?

Best wishes

Mr. Kenny-Dude
Ok one afternoon right after school I come home and I sit in my computer chair and i start playing EverQuest. I get this really cool idea about making alot of platinum in really short time, so I start thinking to my self, hmm naw that takes a "log" time. . . BOOM BOOM BOOM then it struck me "LOG TIME" all of a sudden this creepingly slow poo starts forming through my large intestien and i run to the bath room i sit on the toilet almost falling in, I look at the door and then I start thinking about making platinum, Boom the surge hit my poop hole and i look at the mirror i see my self i squint my eyes and i yell "BOMBS AWAY"!!!!! the SPLASH a big turd hits the water, the water splashes on my butt cheeks and i yell HOLY S??T THATS A SHIT FROM HELL! And im only 14 my mom obiously screams WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY???? I just yelled back HOLY S??T! then she started laughing and i came out. . . that whole side of the house is officially closed! Then went back and made about 30k platinum in 3hours!

I'm gonna write about something that happened yesterday. I was at my friends house she had to go to the store to get something told me to wait at her house. So I did and after a while I had the urge to pee but I held it. A few mins later maby 15 or 20 the urge was stronger and I knew I would need to go to the bathroom in a few mins but I still held it. A half an hour later I really had to go but I still wanted to hold it. an hour later she still wasn't back but now I had to go soooo bad that I knew I needed to go right then. But I couldn't remember where her bathroom was. So I sat on the couch with my knees as tight as I could get them and waited. Another hour later she got back. She walked in and said sorry she was late and then asked what was wrong. I told her I had forgotten where her bathroom was and I had held it for two hours. She told me where it was and since I had to go so bad it hurt, she helped me there. As soon as I got there I raced to a stall and didn't even shut the door I just yanked off my pants and peed. She came in the stall with and locked the door. I didn't care if it shut let alone locked I just wanted to emty my bladder. Half a hour later I was finished. She onlocked the door and we went back to her room. I was never so close to wetting myself.

JW: Sure, in fact, the story I'll tell here will be about being constipated.

Okay, so all of last week I was terribly constipated! I'd feel kind of bloated, and there would be pains in my abdoman, but whenever i tried to poo, nothing would come out. So, i went on without being able to poo for five days. It was really bad. Then, last friday, I needed to shit. I didn't shit during school, though, because it was going to stink up the bathroom. plus, i'm shy about shitting and peeing, and also, i didn't want to take the chance that somebody would see me, or something! that's not cool! (at least in my opinion.) So, I waited until i got home, and then I sat on the toilet. I strained, but somehow I couldn't get of this poop out! So, I decided to eat some objects that normally give me diarrhea, in hopes that my poo would soften that way. So, i ate lots of corn, and drank lots of warm water, and ate some dorritoes. Twenty minutes later, I felt like i could poop. I sat on the toilet, and pushed and strained. Ten minutes later, a giant log popped out of my butt. It was 3 inches thick, and 14 inches long!! I sighed, and pushed out another 4 smaller logs without to much trouble. I was sitting on the toilet, trying to push out another log, when I felt my stomach bubbling. Then it went down into my bowels. DARN IT! i thought. Now i'm going to have diarrhea! I let go of my bowels, and out shot two long muchy loose logs. Then, when i thought i was clear, I farted, and loads of liquid poo came out of my butt. Luckily, it only lasted for like 5 minutes, and then i was done! It's strange for me, though. Generally when i get really constipated, even if i don't eat things that give me diarrhea, my end of my poo is generally very liquidy....

When you're constipated, having a BM is a slow & usually painful adventure. Luckily, I haven't had one of those REALLY tough bouts in some time. The longest I've gone without clearing out the pipes was about 5 or 6 days. On the final day, I walked to the local public clinic to see if any Dr. could give me something or at least some advice about how I can get back to normal. The doc. seemed unmoved by my pleas and I ended up going home - still bloated & nauseated. For whatever reason, it was an hour or two after I stepped through my door that I felt the call of the bog and took a seat.
I can't recall how big the logs were, but I can recall the pounding my anus made after it was all over.

What was the longest anyone here has taken to pass ONE turd during a single trip to the bathroom? (A stool of any particular size.)
I'd like to hear some stories about experiences of life in the 'slow-lane.'

I remember one story in the Old Posts of a lady who had a husband good enough to get his finger in her rectum & dig troublesome pieces out of her when necessary. (I believe she said he always kept the fingernail on the one digit clipped & clean so he could always be ready when the time came.) Does anyone here go 'a-digging' themselves when something seems stuck in their bum?


Hi everyone.In answer to Jennie's question.I like the big cloggers because it makes me feel like I accomplished something.The small ones are like a waste of time to me.I've had turds so big that I would start to grunt and sweat.When it finally drops I breathe a sigh of relief and sometimes feel lightheaded.

Once, my constipation got so bad, that i had to have an enema. I was in so much pain that i was screaming, and biting my lip not to scream. I told my parents it was just constipation, but they took me to the emergancy room anyway. The people there told me that they would need to give men an enema. I was really upset, but I was convinced that that was the right way. So, i lay down, and they inserted warm water into my butt. The nurse told me to try and hold the poo in as long as possible. I did that, but after a couple minutes, I couldn't hold it! I ran to the toilet, and sat down. Then, i screamed in pain, as a wave of warm diarrhea pushed itself painfully out of my ass. This was the most poop i've ever seen come out of me, and for ten minutes, i gushed diarrhea at full force! When it was over i felt better, but i will NEVER EVER have another enema again! It was not worth it for those ten minutes of agony and tons of diarrhea.

To Ash,

Yes, some of us did miss you =)

Happy pooping!


I'm 13 and I was wondering if any of you have gotten an enema and what are they like? My mom says I'm going to have to get one if I don't poop today. It's been 3 days and I can feel it up there.

A lot of times I poop but it's like only half the turd comes out. If I'm running late or just don't feel like straining for half an hour I'll just clean up and try again later. But then I'll probably come home with skid-marked panties.

My mom's taken quite an interest in my pooping habits lately. She already puts me in diapers at night because I wet the bed. That's been going on for the past 6 months.

Since she puts a diaper on me every night she gets a good view of me "down there", and she's decided I don't do a very good job of cleaning myself up. The pooped panties don't help either. I'm worried I'm going to wind up in diapers in day if I can't keep my underwear clean.

So, will an enema help with any of this? Any one with experience or advice, please?

Hey guys.

To Dave,
I sure did miss sitting on the toilet and crackling out a poo during that 5 day period. But my bowels keep me guessing on how often I go, so 5 days between poo is rare, but normal for me. I usually poo every other day. But, I am not familliar with suppositories Dave. What are they? As for sitting on the toilet when I don't have to poo, I prefer to wait so I don't leave the toilet empty!

I am sure you who saw my last post remember my having to poo badly. Well, let me share what happened. Well, after submitting my post, I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I immediatly farted, which was loud, and lasted for 4 seconds. Then 4 small pieces of poo came out of my butt. Right after the fourth piece, my butt crackled open wide, and a big, fat poo came out. It was really big. I then was done. A small fart followed my big poo. I flushed, wiped, then left.
In short: FART, plop...plop,plop,plop..crackle-crackle...SPLAH, fart.

That poo really felt good!

Well, I have to go poo now. Tell me how your poo went Dave.

Take care guys.

i am a kindergarten teacher and there was a bathroom joining my classroom and the one next door. now as a kindergarten teacher ive seen my share of accidents. one was when a kid came up to me and said my ???? hurts i need to do diarrhea. so i responded so go. he took it the wrong way and stood there for a sec then removed his pants and underware .i heard a fart and diarrhea started to gush out of him. it landed on the floor and wave after wave of liquid diarrhea kept coming. this was right after lunch and so one girl started to gag. i saw it and immediately put the garbage can next to her. she puked 3 times. now the kid that was shitting said im done. i was like yea go to the nurse.
another accident happened to a girl. she always said her ???? hurt just so she can go home. so one day she said it and i didnt believe her. well i should have. she was wearing a skirt that day. now the teachers at my school are responsible for wiping the children if they poop. so she said can i go to the bathroom. i let her go. my desk is right next to the bathroom door so i can hear every thing (and let me tell you EVERYTHING) i hear farts and splashing coming from her stall. she calls me in about 5 minutes later and says i dont feel good can you give me the pail so i can throw-- she sto[[ed and a wave of vomit came out of her and onto tyhe floor in front of me. then i hear diarreah and farts in the bowl.
one kid once pissed her self and shitted herself in her chair and sat there the whole day

To Ash D: It's great to read another post from you after so long. I abolutely loved every bit of it. Be sure to keep us all updated on your all your greatest poop stories.

To all you other poop story posters out there, keep the great stories coming. I really enjoy reading them.

Yours truly,


I have been lurking at this site for awhile. Anyone have experiences
with the drug Xenical. I have been taking it for a couple of years and
it produces some memorable experiences. It does work at weight loss and
related benefits.


I went to a wedding last week in someone's house with a reception in the garden afterwards. For weeks I've been planning a "public" pee and this seemed like just the place. I wore a long skirt and bought a nylon three quarter slip and left off my panties. I hate nylon but I wanted some protection in case my pee arched (as someone put it so well the other day)and nylon would be a good barrier I thought. When I got to the house I was nearly ready to go. Weddings make me weepy and tears make me pee so when we got outside I was more than ready to go. Just this side of desperate! I don't believe there's a patron saint of pee-ers because I've had such agonising experiences. But if there is, she (she?) was on duty this day. There was a low wall and in front of it a bench. Seated on the bench was a girl I've seen in the ladies room in the past and a guy I really like. I lent on the wall and we had a three-way conversation. I started to pee and the sensation of doing this without them having any idea was absolutely thrilling. I managed to position my crotch so that the stream went more or less straight down. I've been told that my face goes very red when I'm aroused and I don't know what my expression was like. The girl said, "hey, are you ok, you look like you're seeing a vision." If only she knew... I finished and looked down. Nothing showing on my skirt, but a huge pool around my
feet. I felt quite faint with excitement and soon after made my excuses and went home. Why is doing the forbidden so intoxicating? Or is it just stupid me? love you all Anthea

Hello everyone,
I've been reading the posts in here for a while and wondered if you might like to hear about an incident which happened to me one day when i was a nursing student.
I had finished my shift and was sitting in my room when i had a terrible stomach cramp, so I went and sat on the toilet but was so constipated that i couldn't get any poo to come out. The pain was intense but despite straining nothing would budge. Just then i heard a fellow student knock my door and walk in. i called out that i was on the toilet and to my surprise she came into the bathroom, saw me sitting there and said "god you look awful" I explained that i was trying to poo but was constipated. What happened then was a total shock. She asked me if i trusted her. I said of course, we are friends. She knelt down in front of me and asked me to open my legs for her. I was surprised but did so. She then ran her finger under the tap before putting her hand between my legs and locating my bottom. She then proceeded to insert her wet finger into my bottom and massage it a little. I was quite embarrased at this stage but admit that it did feel nice and then i got this feeling of urgency, and as she removed her finger, i felt my poo sliding out of my botom after it. She eagerly watched the poo as it fell into the water and said "yep, works every time". As i was squeezing the poo out from my bottom i started to wee. She looked at my vagina as the wee gushed out and asked if i was embarrased and if i objected to her watching. I told her i was a little embarrased as i had never been watched having a wee or poo before but it was the least i could do as she had helped me out. After i had finished i wiped my bottom and vagina before pulling my knickers back up and flushing. A little later i was rewarded with a similar show


Dora (The Explorer)'s Evil Twin:

1. How old are you? 44
2. What gender are you? F
3. How often do you normally pee?
4. How much do you normally pee? from a medium to large amounts.
5. What's your record holding time? hours when I was younger.
6. What's the strangest place you've ever peed? up on a mountain, when I was eight.
7. Have you ever seen somone else pee their pants? too many times
Do you have a story? see my earliest posts.
8. Have you ever peed your pants? yes
Do you have a story? see my earliest posts.

eli: I have two college library stories for you. I was in 8th grade, 13y/o and my father was teaching night class. So, I left the classroom to go to the women's toilet to move my bowels. It was 7:30PM. I took a stall. A girl was in the next stall. Her blue jeans and yellow panties were at her ankles. She was a big one, from my father's class. I recongnized her shoes. In another stall was a skinny black girl with her skirt and petticoat up around her waist and her pantyhose and white panties at her knees. Both were talking and shitting at the same time. They were talking about boys. I pulled up my green plaid school uniform dress and white slip to my waist, pulled down my white panties to sit down. I pushed a little and my bowels released five large brown logs. They hit the water hard. I sat because my ???? was full and there was more to come. The skinny black girl said, "Did you hear that? Some girl just made 5 pieces of doo-doo." The the big fat one continued talking about her boyfriend. I was getting excited hearing about her escpades. Then, she urinated and farted. I then felt a pressure and 2 medium
pieces released and I farted and urinated. The skinny one passed gas and sputtered a soft release.and said, "My bowels have been loose all day. This is the 9th time that I made #2." Then the fat one said, "Those shoes look like a little girl." I told them who I was while sitting in the stall. So we talked for awhile. The fat one said, "You are the instructor's daughter." Then, I wiped myself pulled up my panties, let down my clothes, flushed the toilet and left them in there.

Then in when college, an average lanky blonde girl and I were studying in the library. I had to urinate only. The girl and I went to the bathroom. She and I took adjacent stalls. I lifted my denim skirt and white slip to my waist, pulled down my pink panties to my knees and I urinated for about 30 seconds. The blonde girl unsnapped her jeans and let them down with her white panties. I heard a series of small plops. There were six. She was straining with each one. I sat to listen for anymore. Then she urinated. I wiped my vagina and flushed. I left the stall and she was in there. When she arrived back at the table and resumed studying.

I spend a lot of time driving on the road. And just like others, get caught in traffic, with a turtles head popping out of my ass. I often thought about shiiting in a bag (this is what the travelers, gypsies, knackers do here) and then getting rid of the bag. Only problem is the wee!

But my real story, is when i was at a hotel for lunch, I was burting for a poo. I headed of in search of the toilets, by which time, I was afraid it was just going to slid out, I found them, went into a stall, and let it out. Just then someone came in, sat in next stall, and by the sound of the footsteps it was a woman. Boy do you girls pee at some pressure! She cleaned up and left, and two came in, one each side, but the one on my left, farted, so I pushed again, and popped another nice sausage, she then grunted as she was talking to her friend, and i could hear a big splash. I was getting turned on, knowing a girl was shitting, two feet to my left, I could smell the warm smell of her shit. She had it hard cause she was forcing alot and still nattering to her friend about the weekend! Anyway, they finished and left. I cleaned up, and tried to leave, without getting caught, as I must have used the wrong loo, in my diar need! Just as i put my hand to the door, a gorgeous girl walked in, both of us shocked, I told her my situation, and she smiled.

I reckon we should share toilets. What have we to hide? Why is it some people think its such a taboo, and that it should be divided? Anyway, girls, you lot have way nicer loos, and they don't smell as bad either. Do you think you might share in future?

pisser- guy
is there any women who have interesting stories about taking a piss write back plz. i'm new here i'm 17 year old male. i have story about taking shit when i was about 6 we were in the car and i asked to go to the bathroom but there was no rest areas for a while then all sunden i couldnt hold it anymore and it all came out right into my underware. I like to read stories about women pissing so you ladies have any story about pissing plz write them.


To Mister Peeper:

I really loved your story about your Aunt Nancy. How old were you when she took you into the Ladies room? When she was home alone with you and you passed by the bathroom and saw her pooping, did you ever go into the bathroom and talk to her? Did she ever invite you in? If you got into the bathroom at home with her, did you see the poop? Please answer as I think your story is great.


If anyone wants to know a good way to poop in large quantities, I found out how! All you need to do is have a balanced diet, but after dinner have a half glass of orange juice with a level teaspoon of psyllium husk wheat powder in it. You can get it at the market. Try taking it once per day like this and after about 3 days of doing this everyday you will have a really healthy bowel movement. I mean like 12" long and 2-3" thick. The wheat powder adds bulk to the poop and helps to clean out your intestines also. Its good for you according to my doctor that recommeneded this once a day.

On an average day, I've probably eaten as much as the average person. I also take alot of vitamins so that could help also.


Thursday, June 03, 2004

To Jennie:

I didn't know a girl could poo so much.

Several of my ex-gfs used to let me watch them poop --- and they never pooped like you. They ate tons of food too. Were you always able to push out big logs?

"I'm glad I eat like I do, because it feels like you're done when you do a big one, instead of feeling kinda finished if you just put out a small turd, not knowing if you're gonna need to come back or not. How about the rest of you? Do you like it better when you do a big one, like a real clogger, or do you like the smaller ones better that take less work?"

To answer your question, I prefer a real clogger although my bowels never allow me to poop very big logs.

Hello! I'm new here. I'm 24 5'9" 130 lbs for those of you who want to know. I frequently have accidents and "accidents". I was hanging out over at my friend mike's house. I drank to cans of coke and was dying to pee before i left. I thought i could hold it until i got home. I finall ymade it home but just outside the resroom by bldder released. The piss completley soaked my purple panties and jeans. My roomie Jolynn came out of her room and saw the puddle beneath me. Jolynn felt so sorry 4 me the she did what me and her call a "Sympathy pee" She pulled the front of her cute pink skirt I saw the front of her red panties get wet and then the pee ran down her leg. we got all cleaned up and went on with the rest of the day. That night in bed my hand rubbed up against something warm and lumpy. i opened my eyes and saw Jolynn lying there asleep with a footlong piece of crap hanging out of her cute little ass. Since she was wearing a thong it landed on the bed. I let her sleep. Hope you liked Courtney
P.S Catherine- great story about u and ur friend Catlin

Canadian Guy: I'm 115 pounds, 5 feet 6 inches tall, fair skinned, with light brown hair with red highlites (natural ones, not dyed), blue eyes, some freckles, um...what else? Sabrina is 5 foot 8 inches, 120 pounds, fair skinned, hardly any freckles, brown eyes, blond hair, really thin looking, and probebly one of the top 10 looking girls in my grade. Caitlin is fair skinned, with coal black hair, really dark brown eyes, probebly 105 pounds, 5 foot 3 inches.

Okay, so, i have a bad history of going to school when i'm sick if i have a test, exam, final, mid-term, or whatever. This particular story happened to me this year during my spanish mid-term. My spanish teacher hates me, so even though i felt horrible that morning, I went to school anyway. Now, when i say horrible I mean my stomach was hurting and felt gross, and my bowels felt yucky and liquidy. But i figured that spanish is pretty early in the day -- 4 period -- so I'd be able to go, take the spanish mid-term, and then if i needed to go home, i'd go home! Now, don't ask me how i managed to forget that there was a bad case of the stomach flu going around my school. So, i made it through the first four periods barely. I mean, i felt really sick, but i didn't actually get sick from either end. Then, there was spanish. Part of the midterm was written, and half spoken. I made it through the written part, because i'd studdied really hard, but i tried not to move because i felt sicker on both ends when i moved. Finally it was my turn to do the spoken part. I walk slowly to the room where you take the spoken part. The teacher was quizzing me on all sorts of stuff, when suddenly i felt the urge to throw up! "can i go to the bathroom?!" i asked suddenly. My teacher, thinking that that was my answer to the question, says, "wrong." "not the answer!" i exclaim. "I'm going to get sick!" Then, I start to heave. I swallow down the vomit. The teacher, seeing that i am going to get sick, says, "Run!" to me. I do exactly that. I run to the bathroom. I get sick in the toilet. and, once i'm done getting sick, i feel the need to poop! I quickly pull down my pants, and sit on the toilet. I get this one constipated poo, and then the rest comes out completely liquid! and it flows for minutes! when it stopped, i wiped, and then needed to go again! this happened for a while. When i was done, I decided that i'd take the spanish midterm later, and just went home. I did have the stomach flu, but when i get the stomach flu, i always get diarrhea as well, so i had 2 days of vomiting, and 3 more after that of diarrhea. UGH! it was terrible!

Once, all to recently for my comfort, I needed to pee. I didn't pee at school, though, because the bathrooms were dirty and gross, and some person had had a diarrhea explosion in the bathroom closest to me. So, i walked to the bus stop, and got on. The ride was a fourty five minute drive always, and today we got stuck in traffic. About fifteen minutes in, i realized i should have used the bathroom. I was sitting with the guy i have a crush on. I needed to keep from pissing in my pants, so i tried to talk to him so that i'd stop concentrating on the pressure. Ten minutes later we were in the middle of a discussion, when we went over a bump! I felt my bowels almost open, and I crossed my legs tightly, and started holding my crotch. My crush looked at me and said, "are you okay?" normally i would have said, "yeah, i'm fine," but this time i was in to much discomfort. "I'm going to piss in my pants," I said. My crush looked at me with sympathy, and said, "Oh, i'm sorry. I'd say you could get off and go at my house, but my house is farther than yours." I gave a weak smile, and crossed my legs tighter against the flow. The bus was taking forever, and lots of people were loading and unloading from the bus at every stop. Finally i had to stand up, cross my legs, and do the pee dance. Then, at the next stop, most of the people got off the bus. "Can you hurry to my stop?" i called to the bus driver, "I'm about to pee in my pants!" The bus driver grunts, but doesn't do anything to help me. Suddenly we go over a giant bump, and I feel a bit of pee start to dribble out of my crotch, but I managed to get a hold on it before it actually got out. I had been sitting again, and now I got up crossed my legs, and stood. The pressure had gotten so bad that now I doubled over in pain. Finally, my crush offered me a container of some sort to piss into, but i declined. I didn't want to piss into my crushes stuff! So, I stood there, doubled up in pain, clutching my crotch. Then, we went over another bump, and I felt a little bit of pee excape from me, and dribble down my leg. I was wearing a miniskirt, so everybody could see it. Lots of people started laughing at me, and saying, "a 16 year old is going to wet her pants!" and stuff. I was really upset, but more importantly i really needed to piss now! Two more stops, i told myself. One more stop, I told myself. MY STOP! I thought, as we came up at my stop! With speed i never knew i had, i said bye to my crush, and sprinted the four blocks from the bus stop to my house! I ran up the front lawn, and got my keys out of my purse, opened the door, closed it, and ran upstairs to my bathroom! Finally, in the bathroom, I felt relieved. SO RELIEVED, that i let go of my bladder! I swore, realizing that piss was escaping from me, and doubled over in pain. I couldn't make it to the toilet across my bathroom! SO close--perhaps 7 steps--but i couldn't make it! Using most of my effort not used on holding back the offending pee, I pulled off my miniskirt. Then for my underwear! But, the second i touched that part of my body to get the underwear off, i knew it was useless! I managed to run the last seven steps to the toilet, but somehow couldn't turn around to piss in it! Then, i felt like i had enough energy, and I quickly uncrossed my legs, and turned around! Only, while uncrossing my legs, I leg go of my pee! I was peeing so hard i couldn't move, even though i was infront of the toilet! The pee gushed out of my legs so fast, that it arched! Luckily and amazingly, it arched into the toilet! Talk about amazing! So, even though i had an accident, i didn't get anything wet, and managed to not have to clean the floor or anything! Talk about great! Finally i was able to let up the peeing long enough to sit on the toilet, where i finished the peeing! It's my top record...I peed for 4 minutes and fourty seconds at full force! Later that day, my crush called me, asking if i was okay, and wondering if i had made it home. I told him the truth--that i had made it home but not to the toilet, but it went into the toilet miracously--and he laughed so hard that he claimed he pissed in his pants! After that, we started dating! He's really great, and doesn't care if i piss on myself! Not that either of us like it, but he understands that every once and a while accidents happen!

To Mike,
sorry to hear about your not going for 5 days, you must heve missed siting on the toilet during that time or did you try to go during that period. I make sure that I sit on the toilet daily wether I go or not, in fact as I write this I am waiting for my suppository to kick in. Have you ever tried suppositories for when you are constipated. It sure makes the whole toilet experience worth while. Well its time to go sit on the toilet now, I am looking forward to sitting there for a while tonite, better take some good reading materials with me for this one.
Take care

Catherine: in a recent post you wrote:

Although i haven't had an accident since i was six, i do have diarrhea quite often, and am constipated quite often as well, and I realized that she was in trouble.

When I was a teenager I alos had lots of constipation problems. Could to tell us some stories about ocnstipation please?- JW

Trekkie's post reminded me about an episode of SouthPark I saw a long time ago when Kenny's dad was getting sick and using a trashcan for both things. First he would pull down his pants and shit in the trashcan and then he would get up and puke, was funny.


Jeremy V.
Wow! I've been gone to St. Loius for a couple of days and missed some great stories! I've seen a lot of people who say they aren't turned on by "Toilet Activity", and that makes me feel like a perv. I was born with it, not my choice but it's what i'm into! Anyways I was kinda surprised after all the driving i did on the interstates that I didn't see any accidents on the side of the road! I also just rented the underground comedy movie, and was disappointed as the scene with "supermodels taking a dump" was so fake and short! I was expecting more but oh well! I've noticed that recently within the last coulpla years there haven't been many female bathroom scenes. I think it still is a little taboo for hollywood, but secretly I think most guys are turned on by females in the bathroom, but are afraid to express it in fear of rejection or being labeled as a "freak". Also I got a question for the ladies. When you are in a bathroom that is somewhat busy and it has no doors and/or stalls, do you use it or hold it? Just Wonderin'


P.S. Good luck PRG with the enemas!

Hey Guys!

Long time, no post. Sorry for the long time between postings, hope ya missed me. Latlet i have been really busy with school(exams) and I've been sick, computer hasn't been working, had nothing much to post ate my homework etc. etc.

Anyway, I've got some spare time now and had a pretty good dump the other night.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning(about 3am, I guess) Instinctivly i got up and walked to the toilet. I pulled my night time thong down and tinkled. I sat there half asleep, eyes hardly open. But i was soon awoken and surprised when i accidentally let rip a huge fart that echoed loudly into the bowl. My eyes were wide open, but i still wasnt sure what was going on. I farted again and realised i was on the toilet and that i had an urge to take a shit.

I wiggled around on the seat to get my butt cheeks spread open. I did some more little farts, i then exhaled, groaned and got ready to dump. I pushed a little and my asshole crackled as it opened. The head of a fat, firm, but smooth turd was soon poking out of my butthole. I tried to get things moving, but the turd was stuck. I leaned forward to spread my ass cheeks even further open. I inhaled a deep breath and groaned and strained. Some little farts escaped past my turd as it started slowly moving out. It moved out a steady speed and eventually plummeted from my ass into the water below and got my little ass wet. I pushed and got some strained farts out and bit of pee. I sat there and waited for some movement. I sat impatiently for about 5 minutes, until my sister came in half asleep and asked if she could take a pee. I stood up and she pissed onto my fat log. she didnt even wipe, just got up and stumbled back to her room. That small amount of movement got my bowels going again. I had a turd pressing on my asshole, i didnt even wait to sit down to relax my hole. I had a turd moving out of me quite easily before i hit the seat. I sat down and let my turd finish coming out. It felt quite soft, but still firm. It seemed to come out for ages and i was quite enjoying the sensation. It lasted forever, but sadly it finally dropped out of me. I was done, i wiped, but before i put the paper in the toilet i stood up and looked in the bowl, there was a dark fat turd on the bottom, about 10" long and a thick snake (not typical of me) on top that was too big to estimate size. I was happy and felt great, i flushed the toilet and went to bed. I couldnt sleep for a little while.

The End

Hopefully i will have some good posts for you guys soon.



Eric in Chicago
David: people really vary in how their GI systems are affected by sugar alcohols (of which maltitol is one). Some are hardlly affected at all; others get the runs after consuming very little. In high school, a couple friends who were on the wrestling team used to use sugarless candy to make them blow mud if they needed to lose a pound or two. I tried it a few times myself, using sorbitol-based candy (sorbitol is more laxative than maltitol) and after about an hour and a half I'd cut a few big farts, fifteen to thirty minutes later I'd get stomach cramps, and then after another half hour I couldn't hold it and I'd have to make a big pile of mud and then everything would be all watery and really gushing out for a few hours. A couple times I'd eat a bunch of sugarless candy, go out into my back yard, wait until the cramps got really bad, and then blow mud in my gym shorts. It was pretty cool
I tried it again, after a decade or two, a couple times and this time the results were a little different. After about 45 minutes I'd cut a couple good ones, and then I'd get the "my butt's gotta spit" feeling about 15 minutes later, with no cramps to speak of. I'd squat over a bucket and my shit would be brown water, but the diarrhea would stop after about an hour. This was still with sorbitol-based candy. I guess I've gotten a bit more "tolerant" of it over time, though it definitely still gives me the shits. I sort of miss the prolonged farting and cramping.

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