I have another couple stories to post. First of all, two days ago a friend and me drove to the nearest Mexican restaurant, and had lots of food. I had chicken, so I wasn't in bad shape, but my friend, Elizabeth, had lots of refried beans, chicken, some weird soda drink, guacamole, chips, and loads of other stuff. She was driving, because she was 2 years older than me, and had a driver's license. We were talking, when suddenly I saw her bite her lip, and her face got all scrunched up. Suddenly, the car started to smell. "Are you okay?" I asked Elizabeth. "Yeah, I'm fine." she said, and continued driving. About two minutes later she was groaning, and started farting. "You sure you're feeling okay?" I asked. "I got to shit really badly!" Elizabeth said. "You want to stop at that gas station and go there?" I asked. "No, I'll hold it." Elizabeth said. Ten minutes later, her face was totally distorted, and she was biting her lip. I could see her ass was tensed, so I said, "You want to pull over and go in the woods?" Elizabeth said no, so we continued driving. Two minutes or so later, Elizabeth said, "I can't hold it any longer. I'm going to pull over and go in the woods." Elizabeth pulled over immediately, and I got out of the car. "Why haven't you gotten out?" I asked.

"I'll shit my pants if I move," she said. "Well, you're going to shit them if you stay there too, so try your hardest not to shit, and run into the woods!" She slowly pulled herself out of the seat, and instantly pulled up her miniskirt. Elizabeth tried to move to the woods, but she was squirming, and said that she was in too much pain. I told her to lean on me, and I'll help her. She leaned on me, and I tried to help her move to the woods. She was trying so hard no to shit, that she was biting her lip until it was bleeding, her butt was completely tensed, and she was groaning. Finally, we were in the woods. Elizabeth was just standing there, and I looked at her. She managed to whisper, "I'm in to much pain to pull down my panties, and I think that if I touch that area to try and pull them down, I'll crap in my pants." I offered to help her pull her underwear down, and she agreed. I pulled her underpants down. She looked slightly happier, but she was still in a lot of pain. "Why don't you shit now?" I asked. "I need to crouch down, and I'm in to much pain to move!" Elizabeth said frantically. She was still trying not to shit, but I could see a large end of a turd poking out of her ass.

"On the count of three, you are going to crouch down...ONE, TWO, THREE!" I said. Elizabeth crouched down, releasing a half groan, half scream in agony. She sat down there, muscles cramped, trying to poop. I could tell that she was very constipated, and she wanted privacy, so I walked a bit away, and turned my back to her. She kept groaning and farting, but nothing was coming out of her! Finally she asked me, "Will you come here? I want to squeeze your hand…sometimes that helps me shit." I reluctantly agreed, and she grabbed my hand. Instantly, it was squeezed with a pressure so intense it was all I could do not to scream. I watched as a giant piece of shit-about two inches wide-emerged from her ass. Elizabeth kept on pushing this monster out, and pretty soon it was 11 or so inches long! I was amazed! Then, Elizabeth finishes pooping this piece of shit out, and proceeds to let out another log like 8 inches long and probably an inch and a half wide! Finally, when I thought that she couldn't possibly have to go anymore, she started pissing. Ah, she's done, I thought.

Then, Elizabeth let rip an amazing stinky fart, and I looked down at her to see if she was okay. Then, as if in slow motion, I see diarrhea fountain out of her ass, and pool on the floor that she was crouching on. It went on for an amazingly long time, and when it finally stopped, I asked her if she was okay now. "I'm much better now. Lets get in the car and go to your house like planned…and please don't tell anyone about this, okay?" I promised, and we got back into the car. About ten minutes later, I realized that Elizabeth was farting, and squirming again. "You okay?" I asked. "Nope, I've got to shit real bad!" "Oh, you want to pull over again, or do you think that you can make it to my house?" I asked politely. Personally, I hoped that she could make it to my house. Unfortunately, Elizabeth said, "No. I'm going to shit in the car now if I can't get out soon!" Elizabeth then, while pulling over, managed to go over a bump. The bump started her pooping into her panties, but she caught it soon, and was out of the car quickly and into the bushes. I came outside to see if she was okay, and she said that she was glad for the company.

She had diarrhea explosions in the bushes for about 20 minutes, before being able to stand up without shitting. I told her to let it all drain here, but she said that she needed to get to my house before she got any sicker and couldn't drive the car. I said fine, and we got into her car. Oh gosh, within minutes Elizabeth was squirming, and suddenly she said, "I can't hold it any longer, I'm going to shit in my car!" and she started crying. I managed to produce a towel from the back seat, and she sat on it. She was still driving, and she still hadn't shit yet. She kept getting increasingly weird, and then suddenly her whole body contracted, and her ass exploded with shit. The shit filled the towel, and started flowing onto the seat. She was crying, but by that time we were almost at my house. Suddenly she started pissing too, and she was in hysterics. When we got to my house, Elizabeth parked the car, and tried to stand up without smearing the shit all over her car.

My parents were gone for the weekend, so Elizabeth didn't feel as awkward. We were walking up the pathway to my house-I was carrying all of Elizabeth's belongings-when suddenly she, while standing up, started shitting in front of my house door. I unlocked the door, and once she was done shitting, she ran to my bathroom, and continued to shit there. I left her alone because that was what she wanted, but when she had been in there for over two hours, I started to get worried. I went into the bathroom, and she was still shitting! I asked her if it had gotten solid, and she said that it went between rock hard, and diarrhea. I told her that I was really sorry, and she said that it's okay. An hour later, she got out of the bathroom, put on pajamas, and by that time it was midnight, so we both went to bed.

Two or three hours later, some terrible smell woke me up. I looked around, and realized that in her sleep, Elizabeth had shit in her sleeping bag! She was still asleep, but the smell was so bad that I tapped her. "Elizabeth, you shit in your sleeping bag!" I told her. She sat up, grunted, and puked all over herself. The puke was beans, and chicken, and everything that she had eaten for dinner. Then she started apologizing, "OMG, I'm so sorry, Cassie! I really didn't mean to cause you so much trouble…" I told her not to worry, and gave her an extra pair of pajamas. We both went back to sleep, except for now she was sleeping in my spare bed, because the sleeping bag was COMPLETELY soiled!

Around seven o'clock, I woke up. Elizabeth was still asleep, so I let her sleep. I fixed a breakfast of toast and eggs and bacon. It smelled really good. I had just sat down to eat breakfast, when Elizabeth stumbled into the room. She said that she didn't feel good, but that she thought that it might be because she was hungry. So, she ate a large breakfast. We were going to go to an amusement park that day, but it was clear that Elizabeth didn't feel up to it, so we just hang around. We were both reading, when Elizabeth cried, "I think I'm going to be sick!" She dry heaved a couple of times, but nothing came out. "You're going to be fine!" I told her. She said she hoped so, and that she was going to sit in the bathroom and read. She said that it would make her feel better if I went with her, so I went with her to the bathroom! We were talking because she said that she said that that made her feel better, when suddenly she said, "Sorry!" turned around, and puked in my toilet! She stopped puking, and we talked for another twenty minutes before she announced, "I'm going to hurl!" and turned her back to me and puked!

While puking, though, she seemed to let go of her bowels, and diarrhea started streaming out of her ass! She was crying, and hurling and shitting all at the same time! This continued for about 4 hours (with pauses, of course, although she never completely stopped shitting…). Finally, there was nothing left in her system, so even though she'd heave, only mucus and stomach junk would come out. So, as it turned out, we spent all of Saturday and into early Sunday morning in the bathroom.

Finally, I looked into food poisoning. From her symptoms, she had an extreme case of food poisoning, and wouldn't be completely well until Monday evening. But, by Saturday afternoon she had stopped puking, and only had a bad case of the runs. So, we went to the amusement park, and one of the fast rides upset her stomach, but she hadn't eaten anything, so she puked mucus all over me, and then proceeded to have bad diarrhea in the seat. Unfortunate.

Anyways, on Tuesday when she was at home, she apologized to me, and I promised to never tell anyone the story. IN some ways, this made us closer friends! WOW!

For those who choose to take a seat,
bless your neat and tidy soul!
But for those who choose to take a stand,
stop reading, and watch the bowl!

If often you feel tired and beat
drink lots of water to keep you healthy and fit!
But if often the potty is your #1 seat,
maybe lay off on the water a bit.

Sit a child on the potty
and you relieve her for an hour.
Potty train a child
and you relieve her for her lifetime.

When I use the shower I like to piss in the drain or my pants gbefore using it!!! Someday I want to try yo poop them!!

Canadian guy
Hi I'm a Canadian guy eh and I'm 20/m from Vancouver BC if you want to know. I'm also around 6' 1" and about 180 Lbs. Oh yeah, I'm white, if that seems to help your image of myself.

Well anyways I have always been fascinated by toilets and bathroom functions since I was young. I don't tell my family (lol) but it is there. (I also love hockey. Ice hockey that is, for you Brits, and military history, but that's anothr subject for another time.)I have a very long story to tell as to how I developed my fascination (NOT obsession) with females and diarrhea.

Anyways I remember when I was nine years old in elementrary school I developed this crush on this other girl in my class. I kept it a secret throughout the schoolyear but was always secretly thrilled whenever she noticed my existence. She had a very cute face and had siny long brown hair and dimples. Anyways on to the story.

We went swimming in the local swimming pool one time as a field trip and we had eaten lunch before we went into the water. We all got assigned random partners to keep tabs on each other in the pools (it was and still is a large rec. centre) and to my secret delight this girl I liked was assigned to me at random. She and I went around the centre, swam, played "water-basketball" (A mix b/w water polo and b-ball) and went on the ropes and the diving boards and such. She was wearing a yellow "kid's bikini" ( for lack of a better term... technically it wasnt a bikini but it exposed her ????). I remember thinking her flat and soft ???? was very cute as well. However, all this would be drastically altered within 20 mins of swimming. We were getting along swimmingly (pardon the pun) when her expression changed to a desperate looking-frown. She also started bending over at the waist and groaning. (we were in shallow water.) I asked her if anything was wrong and she said she was fine, just that her ???? wasn't feeling too well. I had my share of stomachaches as a kid so i thought it was no big deal. All of a sudden she shut her eyes and bent deeper at the waist. She groaned again and said that her ???? was hurting her real bad. I asked if she had to use a bathroom and she said yes and fast because she was having a diarrhea attack. I couldn't believe my ears. Being naive as I was, I thought that diarrhea was the preserve of boys like me, not perfect girls like her. Then, just as suddenly, she heaved a sigh of relief and stood back up. I asked her if she still had diarrhea. She said that it was gone and she felt a bit better. We went back onto the pool deck and we were just talking about something else when her expression changed again. Once again she heaved out a weak "ugh!", bent over at the waist, and this time she was grabbing her bare ???? with her right hand. It was obvious that she was paying the price for not getting rid of her diarrhea earlier when she held it in. Without further ado I helped her to the ladie's bathroom but it was unfortunately out of order. She was getting really desperate and she put both her hands on her now-quivering ????. I took her to the guy's bathroom but she refused to go in. I said that she had no choice and better go in now or never. Finally her bowels won over her dignity and she dashed into the guy's bathroom, thankfully it was totally empty at the time. I told her not to come out until it was empty again because as soon as she shut the stall a few men came in to use the urinals. Even from outside I could hear her releasing waves of diarrhea into the toilet. I felt disgusted yet strangely turned on by this experience, as I found out that girls get real sick too. When she finally came out she looked very weak and was still bent over and rubbing her ????. I asked if she was ok and she said she was, but her expression said otherwise. Suddenly she heaved "ugh" and grabbed her bare belly and dashed into the stall again. This time she was clearly peeing out of her butt. The smell was horrendous. Thanfully the bathroom was empty except for us. Again I felt gross but also turned on. She finally came out after another three or four waves of watery poo, each accompanied by a sharp groan in her high-pitched voice. She looked even weaker and her ???? was visibly sagging and contracting within seconds of each other. I took her to the nurse's office and explained that she was sick with diarrhea, but she gave me this look that pleaded with me not to tell this embarasing secret. However by th time she did I already told them so it was too late. They let her lie down, wet and all, onto a cot and put a hot water bottle on her ????. She started to relax and i left her alone so she could rest while I went out to report to the teacher and tell her that my partner was very sick and asked if I could swim with my other (all boys) friends. She said ok and I played with them the rest of the full afternoon field trip. On the way back to school the girl I had a crush on was still feeling queasy and we had to stop once at a gas station on the way home so she could run like a maniac towards the bathroom while holding her (now covered of course) ????. Once back at school everyone went straight home including myself. Later on I found out that she was sick for five days before coming back to school. I felt sympathetic, but also "erotic", imagining her helpless on the toilet. From then on I was always interested in female diarrhea stories. (but I'm NOT a pervert thank goodness)

BTW I know that the movies "Held Up" and "Two Weeks Notice" have f/diarrhea scenes in them (saw them both at friend's houses). Does anyone know of any others I should notice? Also the manga "Love Hina" has an episode where the female lead gets "Montezuma's Revenge" in the airport, and that the Anime "Chibi Maruko Chan" has an episode dedicated entirely to their little elementrary school heroine getting the runs. (euphemistically called "Maruko has Belly Pain" online)That's all I know for now. Thanks for bearing with me it was a long story I know.

Lone Ranger
Hey Chili, and I thought I was the only guy in town who cared about that...
Well, 2 days ago I had a weird day. Around 7:30 in the morning I was on my way to university. When I got on the tramway I suddenly saw the driver coming out of the small public toilet just across the sidewalk of the stop. Guess he really needed to take a pit stop...
Further along my way I had to pass Karlsplatz, a long filthy subway passage, well-known place for drug dealers... Coming out of the subway passage I came into a small park, lots of homeless and drug addicts gathering in groups. Suddenly I saw a woman with a little girl maybe 4 years old at the edge of one of the lawns. She was holding the girl over the lawn in the classic toddler girl pose, knees pulled up to chest and bottom sticking out. Most obviously the kid was peeing in plain view of all people. When the kid was done the woman shook her bottom a bit and put her down to pull her jeans and panties back up. I was a bit surprised she'd let the kid pee that openly, because sometimes parents get caught by the police doing that. I think it's cited littering public grounds (whereas letting your dog crap all over the sidewalk is usually not persecuted at all ;-))

Last summer I spent a week in Greece (High school graduation trip, most people regard it as the main target to remain as drunk as possible all day long). We had several parties in remote areas, so even the most shy girls had to resort to peeing in the bushes. One night I decided to go to a nice secluded beach with a girl I had a crush on, and suddenly said: "Wait a second, i gotta take a piss!" (she actually said "Warte, ich muß pinkeln!"), which is in my experience pretty uncommon for girls. They mostly use euphemisms). She ducked behind a bush, not 2m away from me (and thinking back I guess her butt must have been clearly visible for anyone passing by in a car, the bush was very close to the street) and I heard her clothes rustle, then her pee hitting the ground. More clothes rustling and out she came. In never actually got to watch her though.

Stay tuned for more Greece stories.

This is in response to Raziel. I'm a strict vegan, so I'll answer your questions,

Length? It varies, anywhere from 3" to 15"
Width? Always very thin, usually no thicker than an inch
Texture? Really soft, and extremely easy and fast to pass
Smell? It only smells really bad when you eat lots of beans or garlic, lol
Color? Very light brown (#11 on the table of colors)

A vegatarian or vegan diet keeps you very relugal (no constipation.. ever), and loads are very easy to pass (it feels great too, compared to before I had this diet). You also go alot more too, depending on the level of fibre you take in. Hope that answered your questions.

To Jake M.:
Just read your entry about your buddy Alan. I'm not gay either, but, I've also been turned on by the going-ons in the can. I think it's cool that your co-worker is really comfortable around you, and you should probably be the same. I think that's probably why you're turned on. The fact that, something so personal, that's usually done in private, was shared with you. It's almost voyeuristic. I don't think you're weird. I think there's alot more of that happening than most people let on. Remember, most people can't choose what turns them on. They can only choose how they react to it. C

I have a bad history with soiling myself, and I want to tell some of them now, so that they will stop haunting me. Oh yeah...also, I get sick really easily...motion sick, car sick, sea sick, and like sick with an illness. First of all, last year i was taking a jog around central park (i live in NYC) and suddenly i felt the need to crap really bad! I started running faster, because i can never hold both crap and pee for long. The pressure quickly built, and i was at a full sprint through central park to try and get to my house--pretty far away from central park--in time. So, i got out of the park, and was running down broadway, when suddenly, I felt my stomach muscled contract. While running, I grunted, and started running faster. Then, suddenly, I felt a long hard turd comming out of my anus. I was in so much pain, that I ran into a little alley, and doubled over. I started rubbing my stomach, and suddenly, i guess i rubbed it to hard, and the hard chunk of poo came out. I smiled, because It was rock hard, and wasn't going to soil my new tight jeans. Then, I felt another stronger push, and diarrhea poured out of my butt at an alarming rate. I doubled over once more, and ended up crouching on the sidewalk, pooing in my pants. i thought that I was sheltered, but when I finally looked up from soiling myself, there were people pointing at me, and laughing. I had a giant spot of brown all over my jeans. I ran the rest of the way home, completely humiliated. Once I got home, I sat on the toilet, and had another fit of diarrhea.

Another story was this year (I'm 16 now) I was working at a shoe store. I got their early, and since i didn't feel the need to take my normal morning crap, I didn't. About an hour into the job, i got the urge. Since I normally poop diarrhea or super runny/mushy poop, I got really worried. I asked if I could take a quick break, but the store was busy, and I was told no. So, I walked around for a while, helping people try on shoes. But then, I realized that if i wanted to remain clean, i'd half to stop moving. I asked the person at the cash register if I could do that instead...I said i was feeling sick to my stomach. The person said sure, so i sat down. For a while that worked, until i started to feel something warm leak into my underpants. I started squirming terribly, sat up straighter, and one hand was tightly clamping my butt cheeks together. My boss comes up to me and asks if I'm feeling okay. Normally i'd say yes, and just hope for the best, but I was in to much pain. "I feel like I'm going to be sick!" I croaked, and then felt another great leakage of poo slide out into my pants. He told me to run to the nearest garbage can, puke, and come back, because today was very busy. I said fine, and ran outside. There is no bathroom where I worked, and i was dying. I was to far away from my house to go home, I couldn't hold my poo for much longer, and i couldn't poo in a public trash can. I ran into barns and nobles, and ran up 3 flights of stairs into the bathroom. The stalls were all full, so I asked if anyone would be out soon. I was greated with a sound of somebody puking, one of somebody letting out a large poo, and another of a kid crying that she was going to be sick, and then puking. Well, I wouldn't be going into any of the stalls now! So, I pulled down my jeans and underwear, jumped onto the counter, stood on it, and crouched over the sink, and crapped a whole load of poo into it. Nobody had come out of the stalls yet, and i was anxious that nobody see my poo, so I ran out. I wasn't completely done pooing, but i figured that I'd be able to make it through the day. So, i ran back to the store, and even though my pants looked funny, I managed to be able to be at the cashregister, so nobody knew. About an hour later, though, I felt nature make it's call again. Warm, diarrhea leaked out of my butt. I started biting my lip, trying to get it to stop, but i couldn't. I ran up to my boss, said that i was going to get rid of my breakfast right now, if i didn't go puke now! He said "Can you make it to a store or trash can outside?" I said "No! I can bearly hold it now!" I faked an "i'm going to be sick now--the puke is coming up" jesture, and my boss promptly gives me a giant trash can, and tells me to go into the farthest back room with the shoes. I did that so quickly, and he closed the door for my privacy. I turned on the light, and felt another flow of warm diarrhea flow into my pants. I quickly pulled off my pants, and positioned my butt over the trash can my boss had given me. I'm a pretty loud pooper, even if it is only diarrhea, so I tried to controll my flow. But, I couldn't, and soon I realized that. Then, I let rip. I produced an amazing fart, and started going diarrhea in the trash can, and on it...i don't have good aim. Then, something un anticipated happened. I started pissing. My pants by my ankles got completely soaked. I finally thought i was done, stood up, and started letting rip diarrhea again. This continued for an hour and a half, until my boss knocked on the door to ask if everything was all right. I said yes, but i still felt queazy. He said stay there for a bit, then come out and work. I stayed there, sitting on the trash can, for a while. I was feeling SO much better, that I threw off my underpants, my pants weren't dirty, and walked back in the store. My boss was a real b****, and he wouldn't let me go home, even though he believed that I had gotten sick twice! So, i worked there for a while more, until suddenly, while bending down, I got the urge terribly! I said sorry, and ran into the back room, grabbed the trash can, and just pooped into it, with my pants on, because i was going to violently to take them off. When I was done, my pants were a mess, I was soaked in diarrhea, and it was still five hours before i was allowed to go home! I was so desperate to go home, and i'm not scared of puking in front of people, that I was willing to try anything. I went to the little kitchen in the back of the store, and grabbed a container of milk. I am lactoce intolerent, so I soon started to feel very sick. I drank another three cups of milk, and then ate some doritoes for good mesure. Then, I walked out back into the store, and sat down at the cash register. It had been an hour, and normally i get sick from milk sooner than this, so i was starting to dispair, because my anus was about to have another explosion of diarrhea. Then, suddenly, I got the warning in my stomach. I stood up, frantically walked halfway across the room, looking for something to puke into, and then started puking on the floor. My puke was full of mucas, and milk, and was orange, with little lumps in it. Then, halfway through my puke, my butt let loose a GIANT explosion of diarrhea. It actually shot out of my pants, and pooled on the floor. When I had stopped showing my breakfast, and having diarrhea explosions on the floor, my boss grudgingly let me go home. I took a taxi, and the ride was bumpy, so I shit myself again, and puked on myself. I looked like hell, but when I finally got upstairs to my apartment, I felt much better. After putting on comfy clothes, I decided to take a shower. Warm water has always done something for me, so the second i got into the shower, i started to shit. OOPS! I don't want to talk about the rest of my day, because it involves lots of shit and puke, and cleaning the whole house of my shit, so that's all for now!

I took a laxative for constipation one eve but it didn't work. Took another the next, to no avail. Next morning my fiance and I went to breakfast then to IKEA. It hit me there. Bad. Found a bathroom but both mens and womens are closed for cleaning! Locked. So I ask for another and they direct me. Anyone who has been to an IKEA store knows, it is a maze and you have to tracel the whole huge store to get anywhere! So between the maze and the long line when I arrive, I lost it. I actually made in my pants in IKEA! I am a 29 year old female! I lost some of it while walking, I stopeed due to a cramp and let some go, then while in line. It was a huge mess but I wore black pants. I threw out my underwear in the bathroom and cleaned up best I could, with others waiting. I think my fiancee knew but he acted as if he didn't. Good boy!

Louise (from France)
My answer to Vapeur's survey:
. Are you male or female? F
2. How often did you pee outside when you were younger? very often. expeicaly in the good season, when I peed outdoor almost dayly
3. Compare that to how often you do now. I pee a lot outdoor still know, but being adoult I have to do it more discretely, so not so much as when I was a kid
4. How morally acceptable is peeing outside where you live (optional[not that any of these are required!]: post where you live) Here in France peeing outddor is quite a well accepted thing, expecially in the outdoor or in particular circumstances. Mostly men pee roadside, but many women accept to do it on emergencies
5. Do you think it's more acceptable for boys, girls, men or women to pee outside? Put them in order, and explain why you think so. For me it is acceptable for everybody of every ages. Being a bit maniac about higenyc condition I prefer to let the young children, bot sexes, peeing outddor instead of using dirty public toilets, full of potential infections....I was taught to do it from my mum, and I did the same with my children..
6. What are your views on peeing outside? I like to do it
7. Do you prefer peeing outside to in a toilet? obviously outside, I pee in toilet only out of home, intead at my house (and at my sister's and some dear friend's) I prefer to pee in the bidet instead of using the toilet

Curiosity: How many girls there have peed in a bidet? How often do you happen to do it?

Pleasa write more about peeing, it is all pooping storeis on thie board atthe moment!!


He there!

I'm so glad to see that theres more than just me into this poop stuff! I often wish i had a third eye attached just above my bum so i could see myself shit. So until my wish comes true, i use mirrors, or digital camera, but I'm terrified of a nasty splash doing some damage!

I always had one big question,ARE GIRLS/WOMENS BUM THE SAME AS GUYS? I mean i can do a pretty fat long shit? but can a gal do as fat and as long? my fattest is as wide as a lynx deo can, and 12 inches long.

Another idea was that toilets should have a unisex option for those that would like to poo with the opposite sex, in those small stalls that allow others appreciate the lovely noise and smells that only a true poo can make!

Happy pooing




Your turds are monstrous! I bet you're the type of girl that eat a lot and not gain an ounce. I've noticed that slim women with high metabolism are the biggest poopers. Do your logs slide out easy?

To answer your question, I try to be quieter.

Oh, share more stories about your long and thick logs.

Now that its summer I will have to tell gym stories instead of college library stories !! Today I woke up late and had some Capn Crunch cereal with my mom before she went food shopping. After she left I headed for the gym and got there about 11AM. I went into the gyms bathroom which has three stalls with reflective white tile walls and mirror like stall doors like the ones you find in airports. By the way anyone have any airport stories? Anyway I went into the middle stall and exploded from my coffee. Wow it was like a tidal wave of crap. I felt like Krakatoa had just erupted. I had to flush immediately so as not to scare anyone off!!! After about five minutes, this very well built bodybuilder came into the stall next to me and locked the door. He got naked and sat down very comfortably on the toilet. I of course could see the entire thing on the reflected wall through the partition. His body was magnificent, probably had a 29 waist or so and a large v shaped torso with a perfect round formed muscular bubble butt. This was like watching a movie. He looked up at the ceiling then closed his eyes and began to turn red. I then began to smell something awful as he started moaning and making faces. Then I heard a super long crackling noise as the guy leaned forward then jerked back with his eyes closed going AAAAWWWWWWWWW! The dude began talking to me, he said in a strained voice, "OOOH GOD, I Gotta stop taking so much creatine! Its killing my insides." I said, yea buddy I know what you mean the same thing happens to me.! Then he began shitting in earnest again and I saw him perpendicular to the floor with his entire ass in view on the pot, I could see how big his hole was opened as this humongous log slowly inched its way out while this poor dude suffered and turned almost purple. His entire body was purple, if this was a movie the next scene would have had him literally exploding in there. Finally he sat up and caught his breath, wiped and left. How could anybody lift weights after a dump like that. I would have to lie down, but he was back out there doing his routine!!! He did not know it was me and about an hour later I saw him at the juice bar so I went over and started a conversation. We just talked about our workouts and what we do, then I casually asked him if he takes any supplements. He told me that supplements can have an effect on your digestive system and I thought to myself, THEY SURE DO!!!!!! I witnessed it firsthand! We said so long and I will probably catch him next time. Hopefully in more places than one if you know what I mean!!!!!

Maureen has given me the answers to Gregg's Survey.

1. What's your height & weight? Answer 5 ft 5 inches , 230 pounds
2. What's your ethnicity? Answer W.A.S.P.
3. Do you eat tons of food and not gain an ounce (high metabolism)? Answer I eat a lot but have stayed at this weight for a few years now.
4. How WIDE and LONG are your typical logs? (inches). Answer. 12 to 16 inches long for the biggest log, sometimes accompanied by a shorter jobbie of 6 inches long or some fat balls. 2.5 inches fat but if Im really constipated I can pass a 3 inch thick turd.

Although Greg asked for women's answers for those who may like to know here are mine.

1 5 ft 8 inches, 230 pounds, same weight as my big sister.
2 W.A.S.P. like Maureen of course.
3 Also tend to put on weight, but cycle in the good weather and play golf.
4 Same size as Maureen's jobbies but I have only rarely passed one 3 inches fat, but Maureen does them that thick quite often just like my Mother.

Poo Queen, I have seen a grey stool. It was solid and formed and was passed by someone who had had a tooth removed and had swallowed the blood. Now this would usually result in their motion being black but this person, a lad at my school had a condition which meant that he secreted less bile than most people and his jobbies were usually light khaki putty coloured, I saw quite a few of them, big light tan coloured turds. On this occasion he actually mentioned it to myself and some other lads and we went into the Boys Toilet at school to have a look. Sure enough in the pan there was a big fat log but it was coloured steel grey like an ingot of metal. It also had a very strong smell!

This brings me on to the colours of turds I have seen over the years, from black to white and many shades in between. The black ones were done by a lady friend who likes to eat very rare steak etc and thus her motions are usually black, the other black stools were when my Mum was taking Iron tablets for anaemia and she did a huge black jobbie a few days later, the Iron tablets making her constipated, which was so big it stuck in the pan to my great delight when I saw it, an 18 inch long log which was 3 inches fat at the start and tapered down to 2.5 inches then to a point for its last 3 inches. 6 inches stuck up out of the water and it sure stunk from the Hydrogen Sulphide. When I myself took Iron tablets a few years later I did a similar big black jobbie.

The white turds were the ones passed by the bloke I mentioned above and by Maureen when she had jaundice as a teenager. This also made her wee wee very dark and it was strange to see her big fat white turd in the pan with almost black water. The other notable white one was done by a woman co-worker who had a barium meal for a suspected stomach ulcer. She passed a big white jobbie in the Ladies Toilet where I was working then and as I was working late alone I went into the ladies after all the others had left and had a look at the big white lump sunk to the bottom of the pan. Most of the turds I have seen over the years have been some form of brown, from light tan to the brown of dark (plain) chocolate. I have seen a solid green jobbie, not that usual as green stools are usually loose or diarrhea, but have not as yet seen a blue one. I believe some people eat or drink blue food colouring to pass these on purpose?

In another post I will detail some of the different shapes of jobbies I have seen and done.

BTW can anyone tell me how to get a copy of the short film "Boomerang" about the woman who does a big floater in her boyfriend's toilet and removes it when it wont flush away puts it her handbag which is then stolen. I dont mind paying for it, or if it can be downloaded?

I walked into the ladys bathroom at a local race track and went into the stall and screamed HOLY ????. There was a turd atleast 5 inches in diameter no shit and a foot long. It was well bigger then the hole where the toilet drains by probably twice the size, it was kind of lodged in the opening and came out of the water and was resting on the opening in the front of the toilet where the seat is cut out. I don't understand how anyone could drop a turd like this. Its seems impossible for your ass to open up this big. I assume the chick that dropped this off was in a great deal of pain and it probably took quite a while of some serious grunting. I figured to see blood, but didn't see any... the chick hadn't even wiped or didn't leave tp behind if she did. Well i was just astounded on how anyone could shit that big but i got to get to bed my boyfriend is getting mad... laters

Yesterday i went to this party...i ended up drinking a little. I had strawberry daquri's...Well i come home and went to bed at 11:30. Around 2:30 i started dreaming i was in a store and i had to keep finding the bathroom...or running to the bathroom, something of that nature. Well all that comotion woke me up to find out i had a stomach ache/discomfort possibly from the little alchol i had, im not a big drinker. Well i get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I must have sat a good bit and i dropped some small soft little 3" turds and some balls too. I felt like i was gonna have diahreaha but i never did. I noticed nuts in my turds, i had consumed nuts the day before. And when i wiped there were chunks of nuts on the paper. After wiping i went back to bed. I decided to flush in the morning for some reason...usally i flush right away unless im in public...well g2g bye

C in FLA
Hello fellow potty heads! I'm a long-time lurker/first-time poster For the purpose of introducing myself, this may be a litte long-winded; I promise to be more story-oriented in future posts.
I stumbled across this site about three years ago, one day at work when I was bored shitless plugging in raunchy phrases in ***search. Talk about tailor-made! I have always gotten a huge emotional charge whenever a female customer is desperate enough to ask to use the bathroom--which happens to be right behind my desk, with a paper-thin door. Seriously, from my vantage of about 15 feet away, I could hear the difference between a sitting, hovering or standing pee! That's right, standing: A gorgeous sales rep who came by 2 or 3 times a month always went into the bathroom, pulled down her pants, straddled the toilet facing foward, and fired away. I swear she must have been taking diet pills for her figure, because she would piss louder and longer than I would after the better part of a six pack.
I have also been priviledged, in the nine years I had that job, with female coworkers who would percieve, understand, and eventually indulge my interest in their bodily functions. Often, in the middle of a conversation, one of them would go into the bathroom and just continue talking with me through the door, knowing full well I was listening as she sat bare-assed on the bowl. And I've lost count of the number of times my female coworkers would cut loose a loud and nasty fart while I was practically right next to them--some sort of bonding ritual, no doubt.
Unfortunately, I've moved on to a different job, where not only is there no unisex single-seater; there's no chance to check my favorite web site, since every time I toggle between the company web and internet explorer, I have to reenter my login name. So instead of being an eavesdropper at work, I've found a way to be an eavesdrop-ee at home.
My bathroom window, like the apts above and below me, faces an open catwalk staircase which acts as an echo chamber: I can hear every conversation up and down the hallway, while anyone on the stairs can hear me take a leak or drop a load. I thought of a situation where I could surprise someone: since I don't get home from work until after 1:30 AM, I'm usually still awake when the morning newspaper is delivered by a young latina lady. So a few weeks ago, when I heard her van pull up, I went into the bathroom, and when I heard her on the stairs, I started peeing, leaving the light off so I could look out the window. Unfortunately, my stream was not too strong, and she must not of heard me. A few nights later, as she walked by my window, I flushed the toilet, and she stopped for a second and looked up, then walked away. OK, the echo chamber is working. I waited a week or so to try again, but I couldn't get my stream started until she has passed my window; if she heard anything, I couldnt see her reaction. That was two nights ago; last night I went for broke. As soon as I thought she was kinda close to my window, I turned on the light and, standing sideways to the toilet so I could look out the window, started a monster piss which I had been holding at work all day.When I finally trickled to a stop, I turned out the light just in time to see her walking away and laughing into her cell phone! Looks like she got my message...I hope she knows that if she ever gets caught short, she can come and knock on my door. Some of those delivery routes can take over five hours, and with no fast foods and very few gas stations open, whats a girl to do?

[BTW...I am not a flasher/perv...the window in question is a very high up jalousie type, looking in you can only see the ceiling]

I have a lot more direct pissing and crapping sightings and experiences
I promise less exposition, more action next time...just ask!

Sunday morning poos are the best. Too much food on a Saturday with a curry followed by 8 pints of lager Saturday evening means my Sunday morning poo is the pan splattering highlight of the week. I love Sunday.

hey ppl
this is my first post, but i have read a good bit of the posts here and it has finally made me realize that im not some kind of freak for enjoying see members of the opposite sex (female, ima guy) go to the bathroom. Thanks for that subtle reassurance. Im a shy kind of guy, so i have not seen many expiences of your calibre, but i do take advantage every once in a while. I guess i would just like to show my support to this site by submitting a post and by encouraging some of the posters.
Speaking of that, I utterly enjoy many of FAT WOMANs posts about her mother specificly, and many others that i cant name now (its my short term memory...), but anyway, i love to hear your posts, and sorry if im not very active in the posting, i have a very busy schedule as a sheriffs deputy. keep up the posts!

P.S.-TK-421 is the name of a stormtrooper in Star Wars for the curious ones...

Sunday, May 23, 2004

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