poo queen
i am an 18 year old female. i love pooping. i am not a big fan of peeing, although sometimes i pee in the tub when im taking a bath, but i think its more out of laziness. its sort of neat to watch the yellow stream mix with the water. i want to talk to my boyfriend while hes pooping, not because it arouses me but because i think it is normal and comfortable. i am disgusted by scat and watersports and any other kind of pee and poo pornography. but i looove talking about my poo with my friends... although sadly not very many people i know are as interested as i am.

i usually poo every day to every other day. my poos are usually long and sometimes thick. my favorite poos are the ones where theres nothing there when you wipe!

has anyone ever had a gray poop before? that was the ... weirdest ever.

This morning i got up for school, and i'm usually the first one up and i go to wake up my younger sister Kayla who is 14. This morning when i opened her door to wake her up, i saw her already awake and sitting up in bed with a horrified look, and she just yelled at me to leave...well, it didn't take much effort for me to figure out what the problem was, because when i opened her door i got a wiff of poop. i kind of went back in my room, but didn't shut the door all the way and watched out toward her door. a few minutes later, it slowly opened, and out she waddled toward the bathroom, quickly and quietly not to be seen. the back of her underwear was filled with poop. i couldn't believe it, my 14 year old sister crapped her panties in bed.

Caroline M.
I was just wondering...when you throw up and hvae diarrhea at the same you sit on the toilet and puke into a trash can, or throw up into a toilet and poop into a trash bag? I do the first one, but i know someone who does the second. what do you do?

Is anyone here a strict vegetarian or vegan?

What are your poops usually like?


This is a cool site, there should be more like this. I've always thought it was fun to go potty, especially taking a big ol' stinky dump and now I know other people do too! I chat with my girlfriend Camilla about it sometimes, but no one else knows I like to talk about it.

Gregg's survey:

1a) five foot, eight inches
1a) One hundred fifteen pounds
2) African-American
3) Yes, and it probably has something to do with playing basketball in high school (I'm a senior)
4) About a foot long, and pretty big around, like about three inches wide (diameter). I usually do two or three.

Curious's survey:

I mostly wipe sitting down, from the back, front to back.

The other day, I was talking to Camilla about this one bathroom we have in our school that's always closed off because this one girl has some kind of diarrhea in it almost every day, so no one wants to use it. A few nights ago I had to go use it after school and this girl came in, I guess she was staying after for some club that goes on, there's all sorts of clubs after school. But anyway, we went in about the same time and I didn't know it was her, but once I sat down, ready to let everything go, nice and easy, I heard her start to moan, all soft, like she didn't want me to hear her, but it didn't matter because I'd be smelling her in a moment. I went ahead and shifted around on the seat so that I'd get all opened up and stuff when I heard this loud "BORMP!" coming from the other stall (there's only two stalls in this bathroom, it's kind of small). Then it gets quiet, then the girl starts whimpering again, then she lays another "BORMP!" This place was starting to get all nasty, and I hadn't even started yet. And then my girlfriend Camilla walks up to the bathroom, because I told her I was going to be there, and she calls, "Hey Jennie, you in there?" and I say, "Yeah, just laying some out." That's how I say pooping, and Camilla knows that since we've been friends for a while. Then I guess she smelled this other girl, because she said, "Damn, girl! Is that you?" and I said, "No, it's not me. Haven't even started yet." Then Camilla said, "Hurry up. I gotta go too, and I had some of that chicken pizza at lunch." I leaned forward a bit and pushed a little, and pretty soon a big boy started making its way on out of me. It felt pretty good getting that thing going, and then I snipped it off. "You done yet?" Camilla asked. "Not yet, just wait your turn, girl," I said. "Well, let me in so I can go when you're done," Camilla said, coming into the bathroom. When she said that, the other girl made that moaning sound again. I let Camilla in and locked the door, and then the other girl moaned again and then we heard another loud "BORMP!" We started laughing quietly and then she just let loose with all that stuff in her stomach. It sounded like a bunch of oatmeal being poured into the water. And she didn't let up for a while. Meanwhile, I was laying out another thicky, and then I was done. I wiped up, and asked Camilla, as a joke, "All clean?" She smacked my shoulder, and said, "Yeah, so move your clean ass outta the way." She hiked up her skirt and pulled down her thong panties. Once she sat down, a softie came oozing on out of her hole, all sticky and squishy, like toothpaste. She cut a couple of farts herself, and they mixed with the already bad smell of the room. The other girl was still at it, with the moans and the wet sloppy sounds and stuff. Camilla cut another fart, then squeezed on out another load of gooey stuff, then she was done. "Have fun with that wipe job," I joked, and she slapped my arm again. "Hey, I need that arm, that's my scoring arm," I said. "Yeah, well score this," Camilla said, and kept wiping, it took a little more until she was done. That other girl was wiping while Camilla was wiping, and she was about done when Camilla was, but she didn't flush or anything when Camilla flushed and put her clothes back together, which probably meant she was waiting for us to leave, which we did, since we didn't really want to stay in that stinky bathroom too long. We washed our hands and got out of there quickly.

I have a question for other people though, when you're laying one out, and someone else is in there, do you try to make it quieter, louder, or not care? I'm somewhere around not caring and making it louder, how about you?

Hey, I feel for ya. A similar thing happened to me. I was a cheerleader for my highschool football team. Before one of our home games, we ate at a local Taco Bell. I had a few burritos and a large coke. I usually take care of my body's functions before a game, but I didn't feel like I needed to go, so I didn't. About half way through the second quater I started to feel pressure on my bowel and bladder. I thought I'd be able to hold it, but the pressure just kept building. At the two minute warning I couldn't hold it anymore. I explained my situation to the coach and luckily she let me go.

Instead of going to the locker room toilets(I didn't want anyone coming in one me) I headed for the school. I got about halfway there when my intestine cramped tightly. I hunched over and squeezed my ass with both hand, but it was useless. Soft poop started oozing out of my ass. I fought it, but I knew I couldn't win and I had already started peeing my pants. I gave up. A quick rush of really soft, mushy shit poured into my paintes. It could have passed as diarrhea, but since I only went that once I don't think I'd call it that. It only lasted about a second and I could feel my paintes sagging, but luckily they held it all in.

I was embarassed and I spent the next thirty minutes cleaning crap out of my pants and off my ass. The coach asked what took so long and I lied and said I had diarrhea. She bought it.

Also, once I got the runs while singing for soundmasters. I'll tell that story later if anyone is interested.

again since there are a lot of kelly's, to verify myself i'm the kelly who pooped myself in the car and in bed, and i posted these stories fairly recently, should be within the last 10, perhaps 5. well, i had another accident today lol. i got on the phone with my boyfriend at around 8, and we usually talk for hours. i don't like to get off the phone with him before 12 or so, but around 11:15 i had to poop really bad. i kept thinking about just going to poop while i was on the phone, but i was scared he might here it, and even if he didn't it would be impossible for him to not hear me flush the toilet, and i just didn't want him to know iwas using the toilet while on the phone. i didn't want my family to know either, the bathroom is in the middle of the hallway and they would hear me talking while i was in there and i was also weird about what they might think of me taking the phone in the bathroom. so i kept squirming around in my chair and holding my butt just trying my best to hold it in until at least 11:45, but at around 11:30 i just couldn't hold it anymore. i needed a fast excuse to get off the phone, so i told him "oh no my phone just beeped that means the battery is about to die. i think i better be going now anyway, it's getting late." by this point i was standing up a couple feet away from my door bent at my knees with my hand on my butt and iwas kind of bouncing up and down. i had to go SO bad! i was trying to rush the whole goodbye routine as much as i could without sounding liek i really wanted to get off the phone, but i did! it almost worked out, but just as i was hanging up the phone i ripped a wild fart which sent a mushy blob of poop into my panties. i rushed out of my room, but i couldn't get down the hallway without stopping every couple of seconds and walking with my legs all rigid because i was pooping my pants the whole time. by the time i got to the bathroom i had already finished pooping in my pants :\....i felt like a huge baby, but whatever, it's not like i have a good track record for keeping my panties clean..i'm pretty sure i've pooped my pants more than a lot of teenage girls. i don't know any other people in person my age who have pooped their pants at this age. by in person i mean the stories i've read here don't count. it's pretty embarrassing because despite how ashamed i am of pooping my pants every once in a while, i usually really feel like telling my friend, but as far as i know she's never pooped her pants before and i don't think she'll understand...i wonder if i should ever tell my you guys think it's a bad idea if i tell my boyfriend that there's a likely chance that he'll see me accidently poop my pants sometime? i mean on one hand, that saves me a lot of humilation and saves him a lot of discomfort and shock if he knows that i have a much greater chance than most people of pooping my pants, but on the other hand it might just gross him out and he'd want to break up with me...what do you think?

I've been reading posts here for awhile and had a situation which I can share. Actually, I was suprised to see some similar posts recently (mountain hike and also horseback riding); this happened before I read the posts but I find it interesting that I'm not the only one who has to go when out with nature.

I am one of the volunteer leaders in a community youth group. My co-worker Amy planned a nature trail hike at a park about 45 minutes away. She had been there before, so I let her lead this event and I went along as chaperone. We had a group of 10 girls and we started on Saturday in the van and got there at about 11 am. We all brought our lunch for a picnic and had a fun time. Fortunately the rest-room facilities were adjacent to where we had lunch, and Amy said we all had to use the restrooms because we would be out on the trail for awhile. So I went a peed. We took off hiking in the woods on this really nice trail with lots of scenic stops. They had various stops with leaf and tree identification and animal track identification. It was really laid out well. Since we were taking our time at the various id stations, it turned out to be a pretty long hike. We were about an hour into the hike when I really began to feel uncomfortable and then I realized why. I've heard that being out with nature tends to make nature call. Well, in a way it was good, because I had been constipated for at least the last two days, probably going on three, and I just got this incredibly strong urge to have a BM. I knew we had been out on the trail for awhile already and so were probably quite some distance from the restrooms. I nudged Amy and asked how far are we from the restrooms. She said that we were about midway through the trail and that it would curve back around up at the top of the hill. She asked if I had to go and I said I did. She said that was why we had stopped at the restrooms before the walk. I told her that I had been constipated and that nature was now calling. She said unless I could wait for another hour that I should do a pit stop behind a tree, but that we needed to ask the others if there were any other bathroom needs that were pressing. I stopped the group and announced that I had to take a bathroom pitstop and asked if anybody else needed to go but wouldn't be able to wait until we got back to the picnic area. I was hoping that there wouldn't be anyone else because, honestly, I wanted a little privacy, but there was one 12 yr old girl who said she really needed to go. We had seen several people besides ourselves on the trail, and the area that we were in was mainly trees (no bushes), so the two of us went aways into the woods for some seclusion. I had asked Lauren if she needed to pee or poop and she said pee. We found a nice area and told Lauren to go first. I turned around to give her some privacy, so she took a leak. When she was done I told her my situation with being constipated and that I really had to go pretty bad and that's why I couldn't hold it in until we got to the picnic area. And gosh was I needing to go right then and there. The anticipation of relieving myself was so strong that I could feel my bowels pushing and squeezing. I told Lauren that it would likely take me a few minutes to go and that I would probably be pushing a lot. I began to pull down my pants and Lauren turned around to give me some privacy. When she turned around I realized that she was just a few feet away from me. Gosh I really wanted to be a lot further away, but I figured she knew what I was going to do anyhow, and gosh I had to go so bad that I didn't really mind that much. I pulled down my pants and stood with my butt out in the air a bit and I just really had to push right then and there. I pushed quietly at first, but then I couldn't help it any longer and I just bared down and pushed it out. It took me almost 5 minutes of pretty firm pushing to drop a stool, gosh it was rock-hard and thick as could be. I was worried that Lauren would turn around as I was pooping, but she didn't. I did two smaller pieces and gave out a sigh of relief. When I was done, Lauren did want to see the pile because she said it sounded like it was a big one, and indeed it was. I don't think she ever saw such a large BM before, her eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. I told her that I usually don't do such large bowel movements, its just that I hadn't gone in three days. We joined the others at the next nature id station where they were waiting for us. That was embarrasing, but what are you supposed to do you know?

Katie G.
Hi! This is my first post on this looks cool! Anyway, I have a story to tell you! It happened today...i was on the busride back from a 4 night sleepaway school trip. the food was disgusting, so i drank only water. I drank soooo much water, and then got on the bus. It was about fourty minutes into the ride when I realized that I needed to piss really badly!
I went to the teacher, and told her that i needed to piss, but she said that we were running late, and that the next bathroom stop would be in two hours.
I said okay, and asked if i could have the whole row to myself. She said fine, so i had two seats to myself. I decided to sleep, 'cause i was pretty tired, so i went to sleep.
About 25 minutes later, I woke up. I needed to piss SOO badly, and i ran to the back of the bus to see if there was a bathroom there. BUT, of course there wasn't, so i ran back to my seat, and sat there for 10 more minutes.
I started squirming alot suddenly, and I clutched my crotch , and concentrated on not releasing the pee. Then, suddenly I started going in my pants. i couldn't stop it. The teacher turned to me, and told me, "You have to stop peeing in your pants! It'll make the buss smell terrible, and you're fifteen! You should be able to not piss in your pants by now!"
But, i couldn't stop it, and continued to pee for minutes!! Finally, I was able to stop (but i wasn't done peeing!) and i looked down at myself. There was a wet smelly spot reaching from my crotch to my knees, and people were laughing at me!
I started crying, so the teacher stopped the bus by the side of the road. I ran out of the bus, ran into the bushes, and peed alot more. Finally, I got back on the bus. The teacher handed me a blanket to rap myself in, and let me change my seat to the back of the bus, so people would stop staring at me.
I put the blanket around my legs, and went to sleep. I woke up again, about four hours later, and I needed to go badly again! This time it was so painful, it took all of my will not to scream! But, i didn't want to draw attention to myself, so I crouched on the floor under the seat, took off my pants, and pissed. It was so loud that everyone looked at me, but i didn't care any more.
I then put the towel around all of my bottom, and just sat there. I was so sick that through out the 9 hour bus ride, i continued to just go in the blanket.
When i got home, it turned out that I had a urinary tract infection. I got medication, and now i'm feeling great!

Hello everyone. I am brand new to this forum, in fact i am new to computers so i hope i dont make a mistake.
I have always been fascinated by watching myself shit. This morning i put a hand mirror between my legs and watched it as it slid out. It was about 7inches long and an inch wide.
Does anyone else watch themselves when they shit? Have you watched anyone else shit? Bye now...:-)

Good morning. My first (so far only) poop today came out in three fairly short pieces. Yesterday I had my pre-breakfast movement; much bigger, dark brown, the main piece being well over a foot long, an inch thick, partly doubled on itself, with several smaller turds around it. Very nice. Later yesterday I was in a shopping center for a quick bite to eat, then had to poop. I entered the men's room, to find that it had been completely renovated and vastly improved. The old one had been dirty, smelly, uninviting; the new version was clean, bright, and very nice. I sat in the middle of the three stalls and felt my poop slide down into position; then I pushed slowly, relaxed my anus, and felt the thick piece ease on out. It broke as it fell, making four loud plunks. As the last one came out, a man was coming in; he took the stall to my left. There was a nice gap behind the partition; taking advantage of reflective tile, I was able to see him sit partway forward on the seat. Immediately a thick turd slid silently out; it looked maybe 6-8" long; hard to tell. It landed with a slight splash; then silence. He sat for a couple of minutes, farted softly, and sent out another, softer turd, probably another 6" one, which slid out silently and plopped softly into the water. Then he wiped, flushed, and left. I, too, wiped, flushed, and left. A nice sighting. Happy pooping, everyone!


yesterday I was very angry of my neighbours so I went to their garden and first I peed all of their flowers. Then I pooped a big shit on their lawn. It was very very much and the green lawn now was very brown. It felt very good.

Do you have ever done something like that when you were angry?


When I was ten, my family and I were having a picnic in the woods in a park near our house. I started feeling sick, and wanted to go home, but my sisters and my parents just told me to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, and there were two toilets completely in full view. No stall or door or barrier. I really, really had to shit, so I worked up my courage and went in. I pulled my pants and underwear down just far enough and had a really nasty case of diarrhea. A couple of other boys and older men came in to pee. Either they didn't notice me or were being polite, because no one seemed to look at me. But then I saw that there wasn't any toilet paper. My butt was very sticky and dirty. I was too bashful to ask anyone for some, so I just pulled up my pants and left the bathroom. I spent the rest of the day with a dirty butt.

Hey guys.
Had a somewhat stubborn poo today. Here is what happened.

For about an hour today, I could feel a poo coming. It was coming, that's it. It never reached the point where it was pushing to come out. Well, when it was as close to wanting to come out as I thought it would, I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. I then started to push. I peed as I pushed. After about 3 pushes, a nice poo was poking out of my butt, but it still was reluctant. So, I kept pushing. After another 2 pushes, a nice firm 5 inch poo splashed into the toilet.

Well, that's all for now. I feel another poo coming as I sit here farting. Time to pull down my pants, sit on the toilet and drop another poo!

Keep up the farts, crackles, and the plops of poo!

Take care guys.

Caroline M.
I've gotten over the stomach part of my illness, but clearly the other part is not done. Well, that's what i thought anyway. Today, I went to school anyway, despite the feeling in my butt. During my first period class, the pressure started to build, and I asked if i could go to the bathroom. The teacher said no, and i figured that I could wait until the end of class. I could wait, and after class, I ran to the girls bathroom, but there was a line! I still had my books for my classes, even though it was clear that I wouldn't be going to any more this day (I felt that bad) and I was in such pain that I couldn't do much. I dropped my books, and started clutching my crotch. I needed to pee and poo alot! The line was long, and not progressing fast. I asked if I could go to the front of the line, but everyone said no. I thought about going to another bathroom, but I really couldn't walk. Finally, I croutched down on the floor, and started holding my crotch, and with all of my might holding the poop in.

Finally, I announced that I was going to go in my pants if I couldn't go now, but the people infront of me said that they needed to go pretty badly, and that I couldn't go infront of them. I debated wether I should use the garbage can or the sink, but I can't go infront of people like that. So, i decided to hold on and pray that I wouldn't go in my pants. I was mainly concentrating on my poo, but suddenly I needed to pee soooo badly! I hung on and concentrated on holding my pee, but then I needed to poo bad! I had stood up trying to make myself feel better, but now I knew that that was not the answer. There was only one person infront of me now, and I was willing myself to hold it. Finally that person goes into a stall. "I'm next!" I think to myself.

Suddenly, I know I can't hold it any longer. I crouch on the floor, and concentrate as hard as I can not to pee and poo in my pants. Suddenly, I start peeing. Everyone is staring at me, and I start crying, but I still can't stop going! Luckily, I was able to get my bladder under control before not too much happened. AND THEN, the most wonderful thing in the whole world happened! A STALL OPENED! I tried to get up, and rush in, but appearently somebody else had the same idea! This kid, a year older than me I'd guess, runs in as fast as she can, spins around, pulls the toilet seet up, and starts puking her guts out! Between pukes, she tells us that she has a stomach bug, and that she'd be in there for a while...she never even bothered to close the door to the stall!

Normally I have a really weak stomach, and seeing somebody puke will set me off...but, luckily, this time I was to busy concentrating on holding the forces that be in. No stalls are opening, and I'm getting desperate. 5 minutes are seeming like years to me!! And then, accidentally, somebody touches my butt with their foot. And, I can't hold it. I start peeing nonstop, and I feel something hard, and long, coming out of my rear end. People are staring at me, and laughing, and I'm crying even harder than I was before, and I can't stop it at all! Suddenly a stall opens, and I manage to get in it, and close the door. Luckily, my school has stalls that completely cover you--no feet showing, or anything...anyways, this was lucky because I couldn't seem to pull down my pants! I was pissing to hard, and my tight jeans were to tight, and to wet and sticky, and my butt was pressing to hard to get a log of poo out, that I couldn't get my pants down!

Hot tears streaming down your face, I struggled with my pants for a minute more, and the pee was still going! Same with the poo, although I was very constipated, so not much had come out...anyways, I finally decided to sit on the floor, and let nature do its buisness. I figured that I could clean it up later, anyway. I sat on the floor, and pretty soon there was a large puddle of pee on the floor infront of me...and then the bell rang for the next class. It was clear I wouldn't be able to make it, so i didn't even try, I just sat there, still peeing. Finally, I was able to control the pee long enough to try and push the door closed with my foot--the lock was broken, and the door was kind of open now. Everyone had left the bathroom anyway, but I felt more confortable in the privacy of my stall.

I locked the door, and desperatly tried to stop the poo, which i couldn't stop before. It wouldn't stop, and I was even more desperate than before to get my pants off. But i couldn't, for my hands were weak and shivery, my stomach kept contracting to push the poo out, and in my effort, the pee had started again. So, i decided that I would sit on the floor again.

I sat on the floor again, and peed solid for minutes. Finally it stopped, and although I did not feel done peeing, the pressure was much, much less. So, peeing under control, I decided to stop the pooping. I just couldn't, though! My stomach kept contracting, and I felt this giant log comming out, only I couldn't push it out, or be in more comfort because I couldn't get my pants off. So, I decided to push the log out, and then no matter what, get my pants off. I grunted, I squeezed, I screamed, I pushed, but I just couldn't get the log out. Finally, I decided that I'd try pushing on my abdoman as hard as I could. I did, and screamed in pain. Luckily, though, it did the trick, and the log popped out.

Oh, was I releaved...but I also knew now I was in trouble, because now that that log was out, I felt that i needed to go diarrhea real bad. I stood up, and the peeing stopped again, but I managed to get my tight pants off me. Oh, that felt good. I completely disgarded them...threw them in a pile in the corner of the stall. Then, I sat on the toilet. Suddenly, I felt liquid poor out of my butt, but I was surprized when i didn't hear any splash or anything. Then i realized my haste, I had forgotten to take off my underwear!!!

I was sick, and was stupid, and just stood up while mid diarrhea, and pulled my underwear off, and threw them in the other corner. The diarrhea then poored out of my anus onto the floor. Then, I quickly sat down, and finished my diarrhea. Finally, relief! Or so I thought. But anyway, I was to embarrased to join class late, and I had only 15 minutes of class left anyway, so I just sat on the one un poopy, not pee covered spot of the stall. Remember, I wasn't wearing any undies. BOY, was I lucky! All of a sudden, with no warning, I exploded again, and hopped back on the toilet for wave two.

After wave too was done, I could have sworn I was done. I got up, wiped, flushed (it went down in one flush, luckily! probebly because it was diarrhea...) and then went to examine my pants. Boy, were they soiled! I had a giant log of poo in them! It was rock hard, so instead of trying to flush it down, i stuck it in the garbage! But, my pants didn't escape so luckily...I had peed all over them. So, they smelled bad...and my undies, they were in no state to ever be worn again...i threw them out in the garbage. I then washed my pants out completely--soaked them in the sink--and they looked kinda fine, just wet. Then, I cleaned up the stall as best as I could, and by that time, the bell had just rang!

I felt lucky now, because I had just pooped my guts out, and I didn't believe I had anything else left in my intestines. So, I went to the next class. And the next. And the next. And, during the next class (the one before lunch) my guts started to feel queezy again. I asked if i could go the bathroom--i said i hadn't been feeling well earlier--but she just wouldn't let me go at all! The urge got worse and worse--and suddenly it all dissapeared! So, i, being stupid, went to lunch, and ate some mac and cheese.

BAD MISTAKE! The second I ate that, I knew I had made a giant mistake. I started farting, and my stomach contracted, and I bit my lip to stop the pain. I asked my best friend, Sarah, if she would come with me to the bathroom. She said sure, and asked me if we wanted to go to the nearest bathroom. I said no (it was the one i had had an accident in earlier) and said we should go to the one by the assembly hall. The assembly hall is 2 floors below ground, and the cafateria is on the ninth floor. Of corse we couldn't take the we ran! I don't know exactly how, but i managed to not go on the stairs! We got to the bathroom, and it is a one stall bathroom. My friend said she'd wait outside, but I asked her to stay. We're in highschool, and i've helped her out in situations like this before--it was her turn to help me now!

So, I pulled down my pants, and she was HORRIFIED to find out that I didn't have underwear on, but she didn't say anything. I walked halfway across the bathroom to the toilet, and lost it. Poop went everywhere! Into my pants, into my socks, into my shoes, on my shirt--everywhere. Sarah tried to help me to the toilet, but I couldn't make it. I sat down on the floor, and crying, releaved my butt. Ah, the pressure gone, the amount of diarrhea great! Then it stopped, and I got onto the toilet--I was going to play it safe this time! I had a giant cramp now, and to make it worse, my stomach wasn't feeling great either--kind of bubbily. I got nauseated, and sat on the toilet feeling sick to my stomach and having my my abdoman be on fire.

Finally, my friend offered to rub my stomach. I agreed readily, and she rubbed it. She only had to rub it once, before my butt gave way, and pooped out everything i had eaten within the last few days. I felt wonderful on that end! Now, to contend with the other!

I slowly wiped, and Sarah--being a saint--and run and gotten me another pair of pants. They were her pants, and she is larger than me, so they were large, but i thought that would mean that they would be easier to pull down if i needed to pull them down!

I put them on, stood up, and promptly spun around, dropped to my knees, and puked out the mac and cheese. Seeing this, Sarah--who also has a weak stomach--grabbed the garbage can, and puked herself. Now, as I said, I have a weak stomach as well, and seeing her puke, made me puke some more, and the other way around. We both puked until we had nothing left in our stomachs. Then we decided that we should both go home.

We told the attendance lady that we had both gotten sick, and that we were going home. She said sure, and that she hoped we felt better soon. We both went home, and she had a great time at home, because she wasn't really sick. I felt terrible, and the second i got home, i had a third and fourth diarrhea explosion. I'm feeling better now, and i think i'm over it for good now.

Curious. My answers to your survey are:
What is you gender? Male
What is your age? Fortysomething
Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? Standing up.
Do you wipe in front or behind your back? Not quite sure what you mean.
Do you wipe front to back or back to front? Usually front to back.

Christine. Reading your post, I would advise you to not be too hard on yourself and learn the lessons of experience. Perhaps you were a little harsh in the way you responded to your daughter's accident. Maybe there was a little 'poetic justice' in the accident you had whilst out riding a few days later - if that's how you want to see it. However, accidents happen and practically everyone has them at some point in adult life. For some it may be a daily occurence whilst for others it may happen only once in fifty years. The people who post here and admit that they've shit themselves are only a tiny but very brave minority of the population. Most people do it some time or other but few have the courage or candour to admit it. I wouldn't worry unduly about messing yourself again whilst out riding as the statistical odds against it happening are quite substantial, especially if you pay a careful visit to the toilet beforehand. Even if it does happen, it's a minor nuisance - hardly the end of the world. If anyone judges you for it, I'd say they had a lot of growing up to do!

Best wishes to everyone!

Hi, Christine. I'm actually glad you had that experience. I know it must have been awful, but now you know: an accident is not some horrible thing a child evilly does, it is called an *accident* for a reason and can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Dig through the old posts, and see how many children and teens and adults it's happened to. Consider how many times the situations can have been reproduced out there with people who just don't talk about such things in places like this.

(This more in general, not necessarily referring to *you*) It's never made any sense to me, the stories I've read of parents going overboard when a child/teen has an accident. What makes such a thing the ultimate horrid awful thing to do? Especially something uncontrollable. A child can *willingly and purposely* do all manner of things and different parents have different punishments but it's not unreasonable when it comes to your average parent. But let him or her have the misfortune to wind up in any of a thousand and one situations in which the need to go does not coincide with bathroom availability, and the punishments I've seen for something that is never purposely (and causes no harm to anyone even when it is. Around here there are people who have 'accidents' for fun or waiting too long when they know better. Extreme disaster has yet to ensue because of this.) tread the line between punishment and abuse... and others tread the line between abuse and torture. That is not exaggeration. Why do you (or anyone) think this is?

To Andy from Indianappolis. In Lethal weapon one or two, I can't remember which, but there's a scene where the cop is stuck sitting down on a toilet taking a dump with his pants down around his knees, but he can't get up because there's a motion sensitive bomb strapped under the seat. It really is a pretty comical scene, and since both Lethal Weapon One and Lethal Weapon Two are both good anyway, it'd be worth buying the two of them just to get that scene! Kelly

Turd Dropper
Hi, I'm new here. I'm a 20 year old white male, about 5'10, and a little overweight, but nothing bad. Today I was getting ready to go to my college algebra class, and as I got ready to step into the shower I noticed I needed to poop. It wasn't really urgent or anything, but I felt something in my butt, like a small mass. I could have easily ignored it, but I figured that since I was already naked and in the bathroom, that I'd go ahead and poop it out.

At first I sat on the toilet normally and began to push, but nothing came out. I decided to try and squat on the toilet, because I heard that it helps you crap, and so I stood and got on top of the toilet seat and crouched down. My cheeks were spread pretty wide and my anus was directly over the bowl, and instantly I felt a greater urge to poop. I pushed pretty hard, and a couple of tiny, rock-hard turds dropped into the water. They were the size of pebbles, and they sank right to the bottom. Only a couple came out, and I still felt like I had to poop, so I pushed some more, and another few plopped out. The process continued like this, with me taking a breath and bearing down, and each time I did, another few small turds dropped. Soon there was a small pile of tiny raisin turds at the bottom of the toilet, but now I felt like I had something huge in my ass. I pushed, and could feel a fairly decent-sized turd start to come out, but it was rock hard and knobbly, and small pieces dropped off of it as I pushed. I kept pushing, but it barely came out. I reached under my ass and pressed a couple of fingers right next to my anus, and took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could. After about five seconds of pushing, the large turd finally it came out and splashed into the water. I pushed some more, and another rain of tiny pebbles dropped out. Finally, another large piece dropped out, and I was done.

I looked in the toilet and saw a bunch of small rock-hard turds just lying there at the very bottom, along with two larger ones. They weren't THAT large, though. Only about the size of a golf ball, but it certainly felt kinda big. I then wiped my ass and flushed, and stepped into the shower.

Emmorton P. Tudball
I had an interesting go-round recently as a result of a stomach virus.

The virus didn't cause diarrhea in the classic sense, fortunately. However, poop chute traffic stopped for about three days, after which time the urge was not to be denied. When I sat on the hopper, the first prouduct was a blast of gas, followed by a rush of both solid and liquid. I couldn't tell the proportions by the feel, but when I looked in the bowl, it looked like something that came from a lagoon at a Superfund site: the bowl was loaded with brown water, and a large numer of blobs of tan solids were floating. It's also a good thing nobody lit a match in the can at that point; there's no question the gases were flammable (probably an equal mixture of hydrogen sulfide--rotten egg gas--and methane).

That same toxic waste dump happened a second time maybe 24 hours later--and that was followed by what I thought was a normal dump. However, that dump wasn't the usual brown, but a weird sort of tan. Another 24 hours later, another tan dump followed, and by now I'm wondering if there's some sort of gall bladder problem going on.

In retrospect, whatever caused the toxic waste dump and /or tan dump was transient, because everything's back to normal: garden hose-diameter logs maybe 18" long, dark brown in color.

Jake M.
Hi, I came upon this website after doing a Google search. I have always been shy about bodily functions and I have had a few experiences recently that I'm a little confused about so I'd though I'd share them on this forum. My story has to do with coworker of mine named Alan. Alan started at my company about 4 months ago and we work pretty closely together. After a month or so we became friendly and we got to talking about sports and we both play Squash so he asked me if I wanted to go over to his Sports Club as his guest and have a game. So one day after work we did. Afterwards I was just about to take a shower and I was in the boathroom at the urinal taking a piss. Alan comes walking in and stands at the urinal next to me. This made me a little uncomfortable because we re both naked and the urinals are really close together and I'm a little shy when I pee. So Alan starts to piss and then suddenly I heard this really loud sound that at first I couldn't identify. It sounded like a loud low note of some big wind instrument. It kept going on and I realized with astonishment that it was Alan farting! Now guys, I'm a guy and I've heard other guys fart before, especially while pissing, but they were always small short ones with not much volume. But honestly, I had never heard anyone fart that outrageously in public and as a matter of fact, I'd never heard anyone fart like that in my entire life. Maybe I'm sheltered. So right when Alan's fart started to fizzle out, he looked over at me, then up at the ceiling and he hooted loudy. The conversation, which is burned into my mind went exactly like this:

Guy at the urinal at the far end: (loudly): Ya don't f????n' say!!"
Alan: (Grunts loudly)
Me: That sounded like a bassoon!
Alan: (chuckles): What d'ya think guys, 7.0 on the ricter?
Guy at the urinal: (crosses to sink where Alan is and pats him on the shoulder): Dude, that one was off the f???in' ricter.
Lots of laughter.

I tried my best to finish peeing and then I started walking back to my locker. I was shaking a little and I realized that for some bizarre reason I was turned on by what happened. I'm not homophobic at all and I'm not gay. I'm married and have fantastic sex with my wife. But for some reason I found what Alan did to be a very bold and audacious macho display and I enjoyed it.

I was kind of freaked out after that so I didn't see much of Alan. The next time I saw him, was once again in the bathroom, this time at work. I quickly took a stall because I didn't want to stand next to him at a urinal but it turned out that he needed a stall too and took the one right next to me even though there were two more that were farther away.

Without really thinking I put down paper and sat while I took a piss. While I pissed I could hear Alan putting his paper down and unbuckling his pants. I couldn't believe I was about to listen to him take a shit so I started to get up but at that moment he hit the toilet seat and I heard the most nasty wet fart explode from his asshole. It echoed loudly throughout the bathroom and got louder and nastier before it trailed off. I heard him grunt audibly and then have an extremely loud bowel movement. I heard several turds explode from his ass hitting the water pretty hard with two loud splashes really close in a row. I heard him take in a deep breath and he issued a small grunt which kicked off a distinct crackling sound that ended in a gaseous "SCHLUMP" sound. Another intake of breath and three more turds shot out of his asshole followed by a wave of soft-sounding shit that sounded like is was oozing very quickly out of his hole. That ended with another wet fart with a bit of shit spray on it's tail. Alan groaned loudly and it seemed like the show was over.

I pretended to wipe when Alan wiped and we came out of the stalls at the same time. The room smelled of his shit and it wasn't really really bad, but it was pretty strong. Another conversation I'll never forget:
Alan (catching my eye in the mirror): (chuckles) That was
Me: (not knowing what to say): (Smiling) Right on.
Alan (on his way out): One for the books, ay. (Good natured laughter).

I don't know why I find this so exciting. Maybe I'm gay and in denial but I'm not attracted to men. But there's no mistake that I find myself very aroused by Alan's antics. Anyone other straight male or females have any similar feelings about guys farting and shitting? I never knew that I had this fetish. Is that unusual ya think? Just thought I'd get some comments. Thanks for listening.

shy dumper
this post is about "shy dumper" continue on. I used this name in some of my early posts, ( 1111) , THIS WAS ALONG TIME AGO. Since stories about poop go on and I didn't post any in awhile, your welcome to use this "handle", I did not post in long time, and you deserve the name - not me. If you want to post more stories, please do. I do not have any interesting stories to post, and like you I can tell anyone, I was once a shy dumper in the past, but now I shit when I need to. I am totally ok with shittting, esp. in public. I shit in public at college and other places with no problem, esp. diarrhea - it happens. sorry to offend you or anybody else. Peace, any happy dumping

I have to tell you this one. I was walking into my gym yesterday afternoon about five o'clock. I parked my car and happened to overhear these two dudes talking about something funny that happened to this guy a few minutes ago. I know who this dude is his name is Joe and hes a little well built Italian dude. He and his friend were laughing because apparently when Joe was finshing his workout he went into the bathroom and accidentally opened the stall door on some kid who was taking a shit. Joe was making fun of the guys reaction, he said to his friend laughing the entire time, Yea and the door opened and the guy goes Oh, Oh, OH , oh ,uh, uh, uh, no no no dont open the door!!!!!! They were hysterical . I wished i could have been there ten minutes earlier. I went into the gym and sure enough there was someone in the middle stall but there was no way I could be sure if it was the same dude. I knocked oon the wall and asked him if he knew what time it was and he said almost in an incoherent voice, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAbout fuh five UUUHHH! That loud grunt at the end did it for me. I was glad I went!

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