Hi. I haven't had an accident since I was six, but I've seen many other people have accidents. In my expierience, lots of accidents happen in the swimming pool. Once, when I was twelve (I'm sixteen now) I was part of a group of girls who were all best friends. I was friendly with one or two of the popular girls, though. I HATED the rest of the popular girls.

One day, we were at the local swimming pool with my middle school. Oh gosh, I don't remember all of what we did, but one of the events was diving for cones, and another was water polo and another was races (involving two people), and they went on and on.

So, for my race, I got partnered with Sabrina. I hated Sabrina, even though she was a fast swimmer. I hated her for the way she acted, the way she dressed, and just...for being her! That day, she was wearing a red and orange flowery bikini. The bikini was very showy--even for a bikini--exposing most of her breasts, and just barely covering her pubic hair. I was furious that i got partnered with her! BUT, I don't like to complain, and therefore I didn't ask to be switched or anything...not that they would have switched me! Well, it got to my turn to race. I asked sabrina as nicely as I could if she would like to start the race. She said no, and although i thought it strange, i didn't ask why. I'm a very fast swimmer--faster than her--and i thought that i could get a good lead. SO, the race started, and I was leading by a length! I was very happy! Then, Sabrina dived in, and I noticed that she wasn't swimming as fast or as gracefully as she normally did. We won the race, but not by as much as I thought we could have if Sabrina had swam her best. Each team did lots of races, but since we went first, we got to wade around in the smaller pool until it was our turn again. We were in the smaller pool by ourselves for a while, but since Sabrina was so popular, everybody was looking at her! Then, i noticed that while I was diving and playing around, and having fun, Sabrina was just standing there, holding her stomach and groaning. Now, when I was in seventh grade and twelve years old, it wasn't very cool to say that you needed to use the bathroom, so Sabrina just kept standing there, holding her stomach. Finally, I came up from the water after diving in the smaller pool, and saw Sabrina there clutching her belly. She was biting her lip, and looked like hell. Being polite, and a bit worried, I went up to Sabrina. "Are you okay?" I asked. Sabrina looked at me, and whispered, "Don't tell anyone, but i gotta shit...I gotta go diarrhea bad!" "Oh, why don't you go to the bathroom then?" I asked practically. "I can hold it!" Sabrina said stubbornly. "Okay," I said. It really wasn't any of my buisness if Sabrina had to shit diarrhea or not, and if she could hold it or not. After talking to me, Sabrina started swimming around as if she felt just fine. I knew it was an act so that people wouldn't suspect what she had to do, but I didn't say anything. Suddenly, I knoticed that she stopped swimming, and was standing there, with her butt completely clentched, and with one hand she was holding her stomach and groaning, and with the other she was holding her ass and pinching her butt checks together. I'm a pretty nice person, actually, so even though i didn't like Sabrina I had her best intrests at heart. "You sure you can hold it?" I said to her quietly. "I farted and feel a bit better now," she said. I hung around near her summersaulting for a minute. Finally, I realized that she was biting her lip again, and was clutching her stomach and groaning. Although i haven't had an accident since i was six, i do have diarrhea quite often, and am constipated quite often as well, and I realized that she was in trouble. "Sabrina, are you okay?" I asked. "No, i gotta shit diarrhea really badly, and i can't hold it!" she said urgently. "Use the bathroom, then!" I told her. "I can't move well, i needa shit so bad! And I don't want diarrhea flowing out of my bikini!" So, being a nice person, I helped her to the girls bathroom. The second Sabrina saw it, she exclaimed, "I won't go in there! It's filthy!" "Fine, don't!" I told her, exasperated by the way she was acting now. You know, for like 2 seconds there i thought that she was perhaps better than i gave her credit for. So, I sat there in a chair, watching her struggle with her bowels. Finally, Sabrina being to stubborn to shit in the "dirty toilets" or in the "gross sink" or in a trash can, she lost it. Warm diarrhea started flowing out of her bikini and down her legs. She started crying, and ran into a bathroom stall, and sat on it, the diarrhea comming out of her butt all to easily. She hadn't closed the door to her stall, so I (having no intrest in seeing Sabrina shit any more than i had to--i'm not turned on by this type of stuff) closed it for her. She said thanx weakly, then bit her lip, groaned let out a little shriek, and had another wave of diarrhea. I didn't want to leave Sabrina there all alone, so I just sat there on the chair, listening to her shit and feeling sorry for her. Finally, after another three diarrhea explosions, she came out, crying. I felt sorry for her, and helped her to clean her bikini bottom of diarrhea. Half way through cleaning it, she exclaimed a curse word I won't post here, and ran into the stall, groaned, and had another diarrhea explosion. The same thing repeated itself five more times, and she was so miserable even I felt bad for her. When she managed to get her bowels under enough control that she could clean her bikini again, she got up, wiped, and started cleaning her bikini bottom. While cleaning, she started groaning again, and I felt VERY sorry for her when all of a sudden she groaned, pushed her abdoman, and pet out a stream of diarrhea. It flowed down her legs, and pooled on the ground. Crying and shitting, she ran into the bathroom stall, and had another three explosions. Then I heard her piss a bit, then have another diarrhea explosion. By the time she came out, she looked terrible. She muttered something about being thirsty, so I got her a cup of water, and she went back to cleaning her bikini bottom of shit. Suddenly, watery looking diarrhea flowed out of her ass, but she didn't do anything, except for jump onto the sink next to her, and shit there. I was amazed that somebody as full of herself as Sabrina would do something like that! Finally, when she was done, shitting and finished cleaning the bikini without any more accidents, Sabrina said that she would go back into the pool. "Oh no, you won't! The pool water will make you want to shit worse, and you haven't been having great luck controling your bowels!" I told her. As if to prove my point, Sabrina ran into a stall, pulled her bikini down, groaned, and shit diarrhea into the toilet. "Okay, fine. I'll do that!" she announced when that series of diarrhea explosions and waves were over with. SO, I walked to the head gym teacher with Sabrina and told her that Sabrina was feeling a bit sick to her stomach and feels a bit like she's going to have diarrhea, so can she sit in the nurses' office for the rest of the day?" "Sure," the gym teacher said. Then she added, "Would you like to take somebody with you, Sabrina?" AND TO MY SURPRISE, SABRINA SAID, "Can Catherine come with me please?" "Sure," the gym teacher said, as surprised as me. So, we went to the nurse's office, and the nurse made her drink a lot of water, which made Sabrina have worse diarrhea, but the nurse said that Sabrina needed to stay hydrated. Sabrina was soo sick. She wasn't in school for the rest of the week (it was monday, so she was out for 4 days).

To my amazement, ever since that day, Sabrina and i have been best friends! Sabrina stopped being in the popular croud (more or less) to hang out with me! So, Sabrina and i are now best friends. Sabrina gets sick very easily (that's why i've seen so many accidents) so I have many more stories to tell! I'll tell some more laterz!

I ate some chilli and about 8 slices of pizza yesterday for dinner and around 8pm I had the worst cramps ever. I just thought it was a stomachache so i ignored it then I got the urge to take a huge dump NOW! I ran (and I mean ran) down the hall to the bathroom and started to have the worst diahrrea ever. I was on the toilet for 32 minutes the first time and had diahrrea all night. One time i had a poop that was about 2 feet long. THatsa big poop considering that I only weigh 110 pounds. My stomach is still hurting from such a big dump.

Okay, so i said i haven't soiled my pants since i was 6...with poop, i mean. I've wet them, though. Here is a story of me wetting my pants.

It was this year over spring vacation. My family went to London. We ate in some fancy restraunt, and I drank alot! I mean a ton!!! I had four glasses of water, two sodas, two cups of tea, and a hot chocolate! Then, to finish it all off, i had another two cups of water. (i had burned my toung...) SO, anyways, I needed to pee at the restruant, but I thought I could hold it. The second I got outside, I realized I needed to piss. my parents gave me the hotel keys, and told me to go to the hotel, while they went to Tower Records (i think that's where they went anyway). They gave me some long boring instructions, but I needed to pee so badly I wasn't really listening. I walked for a bit in what I thought was the right direction, but managed to get myself very, very lost! Finally I found a hotel, but I was told that the restrooms were only for guests...grrrr! So, I walked out of the hotel, and walked around for some more trying to find a bathroom or my hotel. By now I needed to go so badly that i could feel the pee slushing around in me as I moved. I went into a store and asked if i could use the bathroom, but they said no, that they were for employies only. I left the store, and walked around some more. Finally i walked into some sort of big store. I figured that I could find the bathrooms and leave. So, I walked into the store. I was doing the pee dance, and crossing my legs, and squirming, and jumping up and down. I asked a sales person where the bathrooms were, and she gave me some long directions. Basically, it was up three flights of stairs, and across the building. So, i followed those directions, and I got to the bathrooms...only, they were closed for cleaning. I needed to pee so badly now, that i could feal it about to come out. I ran into the ladies bathroom anyway, but I was greated by some lady who told me, "Closed for cleaning. Come back later." I explained that I needed to go badly, and she said, "CLOSED FOR CLEANING!" and escorted me out of the bathroom! Well, I needed to go somewhere soon, but for now i just needed to sit down and cross my legs. So, I found a seat, and sat down. I crossed my legs, and that did some good, but not enough. I needed to pee NOW!! I concidered crouching on the ground in a corner and pissing, but there were to many people around, and i always need to be in private to use the bathroom! So, I walked out of the store, doing the pee dance, and putting my hand over my crotch. I would walk every 5 steps and then have to cross my legs again. Once I had to go so badly that I had to crouch down, and rock with my legs crossed! After ages of doing that, I finally got into another hotel. I walked to the bathrooms, but some security person stopped me and said, "the restrooms are only for hotel guests!" I said, "I need to go bad! like, REAL BAD!" and the guard tells me, "Not here you don't. Find another place to pee!" So, i walk around for a bit in the hotel. Suddenly I feel it start to come out, and I quickly sit down on a hard seat, cross my legs, and concentrate on not releasing! Suddenly, a long warm flow of pee started flowing down my leg. I wasn't wearing pants, so it was visable. Quickly i stopped the flow. I thought about hiding behind some plant or something and pissing, but once again there were to many people around. Suddenly, I saw an elevator. I jumped in, and had the doors close. I didn't press any button, and just sat there, on the floor of the elevator, trying not to piss. I thought if there was any place near where i could pee, but there wasn't. Suddenly the elevator doors opened, and a majestic looking person came into the elevator. she glared at me, but I couldn't get up if i didn't want to pee! Finally, she got out of the elevator, and the doors didn't open. I realized that I had to pee there in the elevator, not only because it was the only place where i had privacy, but because warm piss had started comming down my leg again!I pulled my dress up (it was short) and didn't bother to pull my underpants off because they were already soaked. I pissed for about 2 minutes--my all time record high. Actually, it was 2.34.05 (two minutes, thirty four seconds and 5 miliseconds). I timed it! When i was done, i was so soaked, and the whole elevator floor was a mess. I stood up and let myself drip dry, and then stopped at the bottom floor and ran out of the hotel. nobody ever knew i pissed in their elevator! After that i was very lost, but I managed to find a taxi to take me to the hotel even though i had no money! I was so happy, 'cause i needed to piss again! Unforctunantly, as a way to thank the kind driver, while going over a bump, i started peeing again...oops! the driver said it was okay, and that he had kids my age, and they had had accidents too. I then ran upstairs, took off my clothes, and disposed of my underwear, and my parents have never been the wiser!!

Emmorton P. Tudball
The last few mornings, I've accompanied the alarm with some very satisfying farting. I don't mean little, subtle "pfffft" puffs of gas; I'm talking about blatts that sound like a truck working the jake brakes. That's a great way to start the day, especially if it's a prelude to a good thorough crap later on, like the one I had this morning: at least one 18" log, followed by a number of lesser ones.

Great Story Bryan...and a perfect reason why women should never crash a men's room. Can you imagine you, your dad and your uncle all sitting there, pants down, pinching loaves and stinking and farting, and in strolls your sister ? too embarrasing for me.

Hi everyone. I've just been lurking for a while, so I just thought I'd pop in and answer some surveys and stuff.

CD- Whenever I get into the situation where I've just passed gas, I still wipe once without even thinking about it usually.

. Are you male or female? male
2. How often did you pee outside when you were younger? Occasionally in secluded parts of our yard. Mostly in the winter because then I could see it steam. Most of the time I did it was when my family and I were out camping.
3. Compare that to how often you do now. I do it more often now. I have made it a point to pee off every apartment I've had's balcony at least once.
4. How morally acceptable is peeing outside where you live (optional[not that any of these are required!]: post where you live) I live in the US, where I think it's not as accepted in Europe, but well, my family's Swiss, so I've got a more liberal attitude towards it.
5. Do you think it's more acceptable for boys, girls, men or women to pee outside? Put them in order, and explain why you think so. Everyone needs to do it, so I don't think the genders should be ranked differently, but maybe it's more acceptable for children since they don' t always have the best judgement on when they should go before they need to and are close to a toilet.
6. What are your views on peeing outside? It's fun!
7. Do you prefer peeing outside to in a toilet? Yes. There is something "different" about it, which makes it attractive.

Kelly- You should tell him. If he's going to dump you for something like telling him that, you're better off without him.

outdoorpee- A friend of mine had really rude neighbors that did all kinds of nasty things to my friend's family. We came back to his house after being out drinking one night, and feeling a bit emboldened, I peed on their front door.

Have you ever seen a 12 year old boy have an accident? Well I did, it is pretty dramatic. My cousin is 12 and he was visiting for the weekend, we went to a carnival to ride the rides, one ride had a huge line and my cousin and I got in it. I had noticed he was holding himself with both hands through his pockets, trying to not be noticable. He was crossing legs and crouching several times when finally he pulled his hands out of the pockets and grabbed his penis from the front, he was making the biggest show, moving very wildly and jumping and pulling and tugging on the front of his pants. I could see the stream of pee start to run down his legs and he was trying to stop going and was wiping the wet pee from his legs with his hands, was pretty funny to watch. Felt sorry for him though cause he knew I saw him and he turned around and said he didnt want to go on the ride anymore. We left the line and he wispered in my ear that he had an accident. I said yeah I know. I told him to go to the toilet and splash more water on him so it doesnt look obvious that he peed.

Lone Ranger,
witing for more "greece" pee stories from you....



After a few days of constipation I managed to have a good poo on Sunday night (which was rather explosive) and another good one followed yesterday (Monday). Needless to say the feeling was great. There are few things worse than feeling bunged up.

Brian and Maureen. Hi, I'm another UK poster. I've enjoyed your post so far enormously and look forward to hearing more of your experiences. Although they haven't posted recently, two middle aged cousins called Robby and Annie have recounted experiences similar to yours, especially with regard to buddy dumping. If you look through the archives you may enjoy reading about their expoeriences and identify with them.

jj. I've heard it claimed that women can pass bigger and thicker motions than men and I think it's sometimes true. Overall output though I think is very much an individual thing.

Louise. Hi! Liked your latest post.

Best wishes to everyone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

JJ, I side with those posters (see Old Posts were there is quite a debate on this subject), who say that females have wider rectums,(back passages), than males and thus do fatter turds with all other matters being equal to those passed by men.

I have seen a lot of jobbies over many years and the really fat ones that is 3 inches in diameter and even thicker have all been done by females, my mother and my sister Maureen being two of many and I have only very occasionally done one that fat myself, my usual turds being nice big ones 12" long and 2.5 " thick. Having looked at many medical books with anatomical pictures and diagrams the female rectum does appear to be wider than the male so I imagine it could accomodate fatter fecal masses or as most people would say, turds, than men's back passages.

I have seen some interesting shapes of turds over the years, both done by myself, by other blokes and of most interest to me by women and girls.

The common types, carrot (bullet, naval shell) shaped jobbies with pointed ends, blunt ended logs, big curved sausages, banana and cucumber shaped turds Ive have seen a lot of, but I have also seen really long easy smooth poos which have had an "S" shape, others which have curved round in a "U" shape and even sometimes a big brown ring which curved round in a circle in the pan. Another interesting one was done by a woman where I work which was "J" shaped, a big solid fudge brown 14 incher and about 2.5 inches fat but which was smoother for the last 4 inches or so which has curved back to form the "J" , as I thought to myself "J for Jobbie". I have seen a turd which instead of tapering at the end as it neared being finished , actually got fatter like a club and the woman doing it really had to try hard to pass it with a tremendous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" Another interesting motion consisted of a load of fat balls held together with what looked like mucus, just like a string of onions or garlic bulbs. When my mother and Maureen were constipated they sometimes passed a load of separate big fat balls, like potatoes and the "KER-PLOONK!" KUR-PLONK!" sounds were quite something to hear and seeing these in the pan afterwards it looked like a load of potatoes. Once when Maureen was a teenager she had an accident in her pants in the way home from school and did a big jobbie in her knickers. It was sold and didnt squash but when I helped her get changed in the bathroom at home I saw that her white cotton knickers were bulged out at the back as if by a tent pole. When she stepped out of them we saw that the big turd was almost undamaged but flattened at the start where it had pressed against the seat of her knickers and it looked like a big brown nail. There was a wide round brown stain in the seat of her briefs. My mother when very constipated did a short 6 inch long turd which was very fat in the middle but tapered at both ends and looked like an easter egg and in contrast I have passed an easy motion which came out as three 8 inch long and 2.5 inch fat cigars, separate jobbies not a big one which broke in three as it came out, as the turds had defined not ragged ends and all three tapered to a point.

Has anyone else stories of unusual shaped turds to relate?

Hello, my name is Sara and I have had my fair share of accidents.

First I have to set this up. My trip to school (university)is a rather long one. I have a 10 minute walk to the bus stop, a 20 minute bus ride to the LRT (train station), a 40 minute train ride followed by another 15 minute walk from the my stop on the LRT to school.

Well, when I first left my apartment, I was feeling okay. I was expecting my period to start at any moment so I had with me all my personal neccesities, maxi pads specifically, but wasn't wearing one yet.

Anyway, as the bus was approaching I started to get a little cramping in my lower abdomen, and I thought, "well, my peroid must be starting soon". The cramps got worse and to my horror I realized that I had to get to a bathroom right away. Unfortunatley there are no ladies rooms at any of the train stations along the way to school and no were to even run to.

As the bus pulled into the train station I new that I was in trouble. The cramps that I was feeling was the common diarrhea symptoms. As I started walking towards the train I could feel the diarrhea ooze into my pink cotton panties. I was trying my hardest to clench my butt cheeks, but to no avail. Once I had gotten to the train I had almost completely loaded my pants.

I did not sit down on the train. I was able to find a spot up against one of the walls so nobody could look at the back of my jeans. I had the urge to go a few more times on the train and basically repeated what had already happened.

When I finally got to school, one of my friends saw me rush into the bathroon and followed me in. She caught up to me before I could make it to one of the toilets and asked if I was alright. I told her that I was sick and she asked me if I needed to throw up. I told her that I was sick in my pants and she felt horrible because there was nothing that she could do to help me.

So when I got into the stall, I pulled down my jeans and my panties and they were a wreck. I tried to clean myself up as best as I could when I realized that another horrible thing had happened. I got my period! It hadn't leaked throuh my pants yet because of the diarrhea that had already filled my panties.

Now, I can't use tampons. I find that they are uncomfortable and they have made me sick in the past. So, since my period had also started, I had to put a maxi pad in my diarrhea filled panties. When I was finished cleaning myself up the best I could, I pulled my underwear and jeans back on which was a strange feeling now that I had to wear a maxi pad with my pants loaded with diarrhea.

If I hadn't of had an exam to write, I would have went home right away. But I was forced to sit in my diarrhea and maxi pad filled panties all day long. I had a few more diarrhea accidents that day as well which at one point caused my pad to leak through my jeans. What a day!

This has also happened to me while playing softball, going on hikes and while white water rafting. It's not fun having the runs and having your period while white water rafting, let me tell you. When I went rafting with my friends, I was wearing an orange one-piece bathing suit. I ended up getting my period halfway through the first day of our three day trip. No body had any shorts for me to put over my bathing suit, so I was forced to wear a pad where everyone could see the stains and bulk.

I do have other stories, but for a later time.

Thank you

Hello everybody! I found this websight through a google search, and it looks pretty cool!

Josh - like your daughter, i can't hold my "water" very long. My parents have a bucket for me to piss into as well--they say it'd take to long if every time i needed to piss or take a crap, they had to stop. One time, they left the bucket at home... We were going on a 3 hour car ride to some fancy birthday dinner for my aunt's 50th b-day. I was wearing a really short, spegetti strapped dress, underpants, and panty hose, and sandles. About an hour in, I said that i needed to piss, and my parents asked me if i could wait (we were by a restroom) and i said i could wait. So, to pass the time, I went to sleep, as i often do on car rides...riding in a car always makes me sooo tired!! A bit later, I woke up, and the urge to go was tremendous! I told my parents that i had to piss terribly, and I pulled down my panty hose, and started holding my pussy. I started reaching for the bucket, but it wasn't there! I screamed to my parents to pull over so i could piss on the side of the road! But we were on an interstate highway, and there was no place to stop...and the back seat windows in my car don't open all of the way! I clutched my pussy, and pulled my legs as close together as I could. My parents yelled at me to stop pissing in my pants, that i was 14 years old, and that i should be able to control my bladdar by now! but, i couldn't, and just then, we went over a bump. That made me start pissing, though not nearly at full force. With one hand (the one not clutching my crotch) I pushed my dress up to my breasts, my undies and panty hose down to my ankles, and grabbed an empty doritoes bag. I pushed it as close as i could to my crotch, and tried to hold on to my urine. My dad said that he had found a place to pull over, and I was filled with hope. Piss was still coming out, but hardly any, and for myself, i was controlling myself VERY well! Then, he went over a bump while pulling over, and my bowels lost it! I started pissing full force into a doritoes bag! only, i have no aim what-so-ever, so my piss started getting all over the car! By now, my dad had stopped the car, and I pushed the door open, and ran out, half-way undressed, and still pissing, onto the side of the road. There was no shelter, so I just pissed there infront of all of the passing cars. When I was done, I sat there, and dripped until most of the piss was off, and then pulled up my underpants, and panty hose, and pulled down my dress, and got back into the car like nothing had happened. My parents (of corse) promised not to tell my aunt what had happened, and so did my little sister. I thought I was 100% clear, until my aunt came up to me, and asked me "Did you soil yourself? Because you have a giant spot of yellow piss on the front of your dress where your crotch is!" I was so embaressed, and i ran to the bathroom, and washed my dress. I came out very wet, but nobody could tell that I had pissed in my pants anymore!

This morning I was sitting at the computer, surfing the net, when I felt the urge to poop. I hadn't had breakfast yet and my poos are always easier to push out after Ive eaten breakfast. So I got my cereal ready and ate it but I decided to wait a while before I sat on the toilet. After about half an hour, the urge was getting stronger and I could feel a decent sized load moving down so I went into the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat down. I did a small wee first, then I pushed and a small poop came out quite easily. I could still feel more turds up there but I really needed to get ready to go out and I didn't have time to push them out. I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. That was about three hours ago, Im back at home and I can feel a turd sitting just above my ring. Its ready to come out but I want to wait a bit longer. Im enjoying the feeling of this turd as its so close to coming out.

I will come back later and let you know how my dump was.

yesterday, i had a huge shit in my underwear. I was wearing a short skirt, so i decided to take off my pink panties. During recess,I had to shit once more. As the shit was coming out a gust of wind came and blew my skirt upwards so everyone could see my ass and pussy and my 17 inch long shit falling on my shoes. I got detention for about 5 years, literally. keep up the shit stories! :.)

To Caroline M: That was quite an interesting story you posted the other day. I was sorry to hear about your big accident at school the other day. Even though you didn't make it to the toilet in time it still must have felt really good to get all that out. Also, in regards to your question, I think it is better to puke into the trash can and poop into the toilet. You are likely to have a smaller mess that way at least in my opinion. I look forward to reading any more stories you have in the future.

To Sarah: I think it's kinda cool that you like to watch yourself poop with a mirror. I myself have done it at least once before.

To Susan: I liked your story about pooping by the nature trail.

To Kelly: In response to your questoin, in my opinion, I personally wouldn't mind it at all if you told me you had accidents on occassion. In regards to your boyfriend being accepting of it, it is a mixed gamble. But I think that as long as you approach telling him about it in a "mild" way and he cares about you and your feelings, you should be able to confront him with the issue.

To Jennie: I liked the story you posted the other day. If you have any more like that I'd be glad to read them.

To Brian: I think it's great that you and Maureen are so comfortable with watching each other taking a poop. I only wish I had that kind of fortune, but hopefully someday that may change. Great story you posted the other day. I look forward to the next one.

To poo queen: I kind of feel the same way you do when it comes to pooping. I like talking about it but not many of my friends do. Also, I am not into the scat or watersports stuff either. I think those go way over the line, at least in my opinion. I never remember having a gray poop before but I have had poop that was green once or twice.

Once again, great pooping stories posted by all of you. Until next time!

Yours truly,


Hi everyone.It's been a long time since my last post.Nice story Jennie.To anwser your survey.I'm somewhat of a shameful dumper around anyone but girlfriends unless it's a desperate situation.To describe myself I'm 5'8", 41yr Black male,med build.
I had a embarasing moment when I was spending a weekend at my best friend and his wife's house.I woke up up early on a Sunday morning after drinking and eating and when I say eating I mean EATING.It was the typical southern food,ham,turkey,fried chicken,collard greens,yams,etc..I was letting off stinky poof farts which signaled things were about to get moving.I used one of the two bathrooms on the far side of the trailer so I was sure to have some privacy.So upon entering the bathroom there was a nice breeze blowing through the window with the sounds of birds chirping.This was the perfect atmosphere for a nice dump.Sitting down my but sunk into the seat.It was one of those soft foam toilet seats.Feeling the presure build I relaxed and let nature take its coarse.There was very little pushing it just started sliding out on its own.It felt so good coming out as I leaned forward.I didn't hear any ploping just a slight crackling sound.This turd just kept coming and coming.The cabbage and collards really did its job.Upon finishing I let out another fart and wiped.When I looked I was amazed at the amount.It was a light tan and green mound that rose above the water line.The toilet was one of those low water flush types.I prayed that it would all flush down but when I did the water just rose up and stopped and there was no plunger!I stood there a minute to think of my next move.There was no choice but to go to my friend on the other side of the house and ask to use the plunger.After I washed my hands I scraped up enough nerve and knocked on their bedroom door.I could hear they were already up.I heard his wife answer inside.I asked if I could use the plunger and in turn she told him what I needed.I guess he was in their bathroom.At first it sounded as though she was going to go plunge the toilet herself to keep him from stopping what he was doing.I much rather take care of my own business.He told her he would take care of it.THANK GOD!.I was already embarassed enough without her seeing the huge pitchers mound I left in her guess bathroom toilet.When he came back from unclogging the toilet he struck up some small conversation.I guess he knew I would feel uncomfortable with what he just seen.Later.Keep up female poop stories.

I just underwent a flexible sigmoidoscopy and let me tell you, the prep for it is all about pooping. During the procedure, the doctor sticks a lighted scope with a tiny camera at the end, up yer bum. He goes in about 24 inches and can look at the decending colon and rectum on a tv monitor. I had to take various laxatives leading up to the procedure. First I drank Citrate of Magnesium and took 2 Dulcolax tablets. That pretty much cleaned me out for the next 7 hours. In the morning I had to give myself 2 enemas, and that finished flushing me out pretty good. The doc was a handsome guy, probably early 30's, and he had a female assistant. They stuck this scope into me and pumped me full of air, to open up the colon. It felt like I had to take a dump, but of course, I was already empty. It is pretty uncomfortable, but tolerable. At one point I could feel the scope moving through my colon. It isn't painful, because there aren't any pain receptors in the colon. A few times I was able to look up at the screen and actually see what my insides look like. That was pretty amazing. Fortunately, everything looked OK. Being in my 30's, I was probably the youngest person the doc had seen in a while. Most patients are 50+.

Now I just have to fart for the next 24 hours or so, to expel the air. Hope that wasn't too graphic for y'all! Happy pooping.

My family went shopping last weekend at the mall. We were in JC Penney's and we decided we ALL needed potty breaks, so my mom and my sister Bryanna went to the ladies room, while my dad, me and my Uncle Tim hit the mens room. We were all surprised tat none of the stalls had any doors for privacy, but they were all occupied, since weall had to crap badly, we waited in front of the stalls so nobody would cut in front of us. One of the men on the toilet was the optomotrist who sold my dad his glasses earlier that day. He and the other two men really stunk up the whole men's room, but they all finished, wiped and we all sat down and did our business. We stunk up the room pretty bad too, by this time my sister was growing impatient, and opened the outer door a bit and yelled in "Hey you guys ever coming out" My dad snapped back "DO NOT come in here Bry, there are NO DOORS on the stalls" She and my mom laughed, and when we finally finished up, my sister didn't believe there were NO DOORS and wanted to sneak a peek, but my dad said for here to "keep walkin and grow up" Even my mom was mortified that we were sitting on toilets and pooping with no doors in front of strangers. Strange shopping experience.

gas - n. 1. any air like substance (i.e. not solid or liquid) moving freely to fill any space available. 2. such a substance (esp. found naturally extracted from coal) used as fuel. 3. nitrous oxide or other gas as an anaesthetic. 4. poisonous gas used in war. 5. U.S. collq. for petrol, gasoline. 6. slang idle talk; boasting. 7. slang enjoyable or amusing thing or person.

Funny... My Oxford dictionary has all that, but doesn't directly mention gas in relation to flatulence! It should, given how many people (like myself) who are lactose intolerant! Thursday was especially 'windy', with 'gusts' every 30 minutes or so. But it wasn't totally unexpected. Last night I had a couple of slices of department store, ready-made pizza and the cheese topping has really shown me what it can do!
Not that I farted that frequently sitting at my office chair though... I managed to hold everything in pretty effectively but my gut was making enough noise to alert just about all coworkers immediately adjacent to my cubical!! Once every hour or two, I would head to the Men's room and go into my usual toilet cubical. I pulled my pants down, then my blue y-fronts, and sat as if I was going to drop a load. Of course, the only pooping I made was the wind coming out. One loud, sustained "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!" echoed around the walls & floor for several seconds. No odour at all came out... Just a BIG breeze.
After I was sure I was done (for another hour or two anyway...), I yanked back up my underware & pants and strolled back to my desk.

I was wondering something though... I usually don't wipe my bum for those gas 'events' but I do wash my hands out of habit. When you're on the throne and just pass a big but otherwise odourless dry fart, do you wipe up anyway or simply get up and go like I do??

Just curious!

Well, talk to you all soon!!!


I'm a long time reader, first time poster. My name is Melody, I'm 23 years old, African American, 5'2 and weigh about 105 lb. I've had a sexual preoccupation with watching people go to the bathroom since I was about 15 or so. I haven't been lucky enough to actually watch anyone go personally but I do have loads of scat porn on my computer that I enjoy indulging in from time to time. Anyway, I just took a dump a few minutes ago and thought I would post about it. I shit every 3 or 4 days and my dumps are usually medium sized, occasionally big. I hardly ever get the runs, usually I shit out semi soft logs. I felt kind of gassy a bit ago and knew I was going to need the bathroom but decided to surf the web until it got a little more urgent. After about 10 minutes of surfing, I decided it was time and I grabbed a book and headed to my bathroom. I'm wearing a white tank top and a pair of black bikini panties (almost 90 degrees here today) so I just had to pull my panties down and sit. I peed first and sat there for a minute, waiting for my shit to start moving. I farted first, a long squeaky sounding one and then I felt my first log starting to move down. It was kind of noisy coming out of my shit usually crackles and it almost always smells. The first piece plopped into the toilet with a nice little splash and then the second piece slid out just as easily with a good bit of noise, and a smaller plop. I looked between my legs and there were two small, light brown logs floating in the water. The first one was about 5 inches long, maybe a couple of inches around. The second piece was about 3 inches long and a little skinnier. It looked like it was supposed to be one long turd but had broken off into two small pieces on the way out. I wiped and my tissue was dirty the first time. Folded it over, wiped again. A little cleaner. Wiped a third time and there were still some little marks on the tissue but I pulled my panties up anyway. It'll come off in the shower lol. I flushed and watched my shit go down, leaving no skid marks. I feel much better. I'll post again after my next dump.

shy pooper
TO JAKE: I am also real shy about pooping around others. And I have the same feelings. I am not attracted to men at all, but knowing a guy needs to poop bad is exciting. Its even more exciting if he is to shy to say anything. I think it has to do with being shy about going in public, I could be wrong though.

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